Hagen hello, welcome to the open talk and today I am glad to have you so guys The Listener of open Talk of my this conversation. I would like to tell everyone that today. I have one of my great friend Doug anmuth are with us who is an artist and I would like him to share his opinions his travel Journeys detail where he have been latest lie to so as we all know that I always come Some interesting and exciting topic about the travel Journeys today. My conversation will be on travel to the Himalayas which includes the idea to explore in a different genre because as we all know that we keep on planning for certain location certain Journeys and we always get some kind of a glimpse that yes, we will be going here. We start searching the Google Maps and all such locations are on our mind and we are very excited whenever We used to travel to certain place. But sometimes we also forget how to reach to the particular destination. So this journey this conversation entirely will going to be on the same sogn. I would firstly like to ask have you recently been to some places? Yeah, I yeah, I haven't okay. The architectural things. Okay. So your journey to embrace her is like all across about the jallianwala bagh and we all know guys that in Amritsar the golden temple is one of the major attraction. So, how was your experience cousin being to Golden Temple? My amazing my journey was amazing because I recently when I Eva I have been on this Earth, I think so, I am 15 or 20 years ago. Okay. So after 15 and 20 years you are visiting this place. So in this era, I believe that in every day. There is something new coming up or everything is changing in a minute. Then you are visiting to this place after 15 to 20 years. So that will be a tremendous experience for you. I believe but Google and I just joined with you because I would love to tell you about a different places as well a few of our friends told us that you never been to different places. You hate being out of your home until unless Yes, you travel with your family members. So this will be the exciting journey to know that where you can be to explore you can have peace and also like you mentioned that Amritsar was in your recent traveling book The Traveling guide. So guys, I am going to tell you about the Himalayas and the golden temple and also the nature in the spirituality. So these are the kind of places which you can choose while you'll be visiting. Places like a Manali code garage Shimla casali Chandigarh and dharamsala. So this road is the ideal for people wanting to experience a little bit of the spirituality where you can explore the both the rooms where you can be to The Monuments where you can be little historic and also the places like like Buddha temple and monasteries and churches are the famous attractions to the Himalayas and as we always I know that being to the Himalayas is always little bit spiritual because there are some temples where we used to visit for example in any thought there is Naina Devi and in haridwar, we all know ganga Revo rishikesh is also all about the ganga yamuna. So just like this the Himalayan trip will be a little bit spiritual gonna be so Himalayas from its foot still in the Himachal Pradesh is the region which is filled with Gwen and Beautiful Will. As in cities and if I'm going to talk about few then it will be a pleasure for me. And otherwise, I'll keep on counting on fingers and my journey will be ended. Let us talk about the Embrace or at the very first broken. Would you like to share some of the glimpses that how one can reach to embrace or easily? Because all of the journeys to Himalayas begins with the Amritsar other places like Chandigarh, I would like to start your trip. Easily apply to train and Road visit to the golden temple immersive Sikhism yourself Sikhism a religious religion that gives further the architecture and tank on the humble longer. Yeah, the purse can unite rest as fumble fabulous host cells and a call residency form for some privacy and Other thing I'll add up if you have some some room for spending from the country and the suits if you are if you are looking for more luxury State the floss floss or something is funny. Okay, you can catch a bus or event-driven that amount 4,000 years old for pretty much all connections in the Yes, and okay. So ultimately I understand that if if anyone will be reaching to the Embrace or they can just take their flight strain road, which will be the comfortable one for them. And after that definitely if someone is visiting to the golden temple, nobody can come out without having the longer and if you have plans to see in Golden Temple or in Amritsar, then you can have the like room. According to your convenience be the luxurious one be the normal one. Every kind of facility is available and furthermore. If you are planning to move to the Himalayas, the nearby ones be Italy Shimla casali or whatever you have planned for here. You can minimum Lee start your journey with rupees 4000 which is very cheap. I believe these days the 4000 rupees. I guess people. Are you choose to spend it in a day? So from this I Just remember one thing that in April I went to umrah sir. We're not much I can explore but yes, it was the tremendous end peaceful and meditating Journey for me. But also last year gun. I have been to the Harem Shala and met Lord Ganesh. Have you ever been to these places? Yeah, I have been I think so. But in 2015, maybe more. Okay. Yeah, my journey was in 2017. So this will be very amazing for people to know who want to visit the Harem Shala and method gunch that you can plan your trip accordingly from Delhi to Chandigarh Chandigarh to Ambrosia then Amritsar to dharamsala and McLeod ganj every spot at every destination. You can say it for a while and you will enjoy entirely or journey in a great way and in a great sense. So here are some locations. I would like to describe about that. If you are reaching to the dharamsala, so the only option you can pick up is via Chandigarh or via Amritsar. It's strongly recommended hiring a driver both because the roads are tricky for darling to the dharamsala and for few of us is unfamiliar when I have been to adversity not much risk. Although because we have planned are they journey in other ways and also for some reasons. So this was the different one and being to the Rams Allah was all about the Dalai Lama. The McLeod ganj is all about the booth monks and tanks and also there is a box on a temple today. Also, I was discussing this the same thing with my brother. He was planning his trip to the Nationals. I was guiding him. him So I had also I would like to add if Backpackers are traveling to the room Shala. They can hold up to the Pink House those looking for a little more comfort and try to connote house. There is a rare treat hair for the artistically inclined called The Mirage and this is the kind of a Homestay that doubles as an artist Retreat even having a pottery wheel for your try. And then if from dharamsala you are planning to go to Manali or instead you are. Shopping dharamsala and McLeod ganj in between you can directly visit to the Manali by a researcher, which is the next stop in Himachal Pradesh. Do you love slogan? Yeah, okay. I remember your trip to luck. Doc. You got stuck there? Yeah, that was the dangerous one. So here I would like to add a few things like guys. If you are traveling to Himalayan places where there is snow all around then you need to take care of yourself because it's very harmful and difficult to get. Get rid of this situation. My friend gargan got stuck once I guess last year. It was the heavy snowfall where at least they are thundered up and got stuck in the what we can say the moat each other of birth. This was very harsh less and people were very scared. The our team. Our official team was very difficult phase. That was they were going through And yeah, these guys were five days and so hats off that day. You were like having the patience and you came out and I still remember your our company give you the reward of a lifetime serious. What was that? I don't remember exactly much even toward something. If someone was if someone wants to like dieting or something that his partner and also lose my weight almost 5 or 6 kg. So everyone to lose weight, then you can get stuck in the snow. You mean to say that no, let's not make fun of it. It was a serious and like imaginary condition. I can't even just spell it in a word. Well if you guys are traveling to Manali as I mentioned that from a Melissa, you can rip off to the Himachal Pradesh in Manali, which is another most famous foothills of the Himalayas. You can blow off some steam just relaxing hippie style and then satiate your munchies at the numerous little adorable cafes here. There will be the clubhouse in the Manali, then you can travel to the mall roads. I remember easily that in Manali. There are many cottages and Resorts that are spell bounded the first time. I have been to it was my trip with the family members, you know gun, there was a view from window itself where there is a Hills covered with the snow and there on the top. It was the sunrise that was adding the charm to the snow and the cottage we were staying in in the next door. There was Preity Zinta had that time. I still remember. Yeah. Oh and after that girl. I remember I have been to the clubhouse then to few of the castles where there is a natural park a beautiful castle Resorts that won't disappoint anyone and then I would recommend to be willing to visit so long valley Niagara Falls and much more is there in Manali to explore then also you can go for the Banjara Camp if you are staying in Manali for a few days then if the option is for court. God then also you can plan your destination via Chandigarh where the buses are easily available from Chandigarh sector 17 and on the 43, I guess actor 43 then for GE is nationally known for it apples and widespread Apple orchids. If you are the big fan of Apple, then you can visit these kind of results and open Farms where you will have the endless. Joyful experience you can Just chill away some apples and you can have it but yes people do punish you for stealing stuff Have you ever steal something from somewhere? Mommy Nia cheesy quesadilla. So let's talk about the Shimla. Shimla is the largest city in the Himachal Pradesh in the major attraction. Those who Let's talk about the Himachal Pradesh or Himalaya. The first thing that comes in their mind is the Shimla which is the spontaneous and the usually picked up location where people want to visit. So would you like to add some point about the Shimla bargain? I have heard that people use. Yep. I'm saying that I have heard that Shimla is good to visit in summers. Yeah, is it? Okay. So guys if you are planning your trip to Shimla then majorly you can prefer for the summer days because according to the information that has been provided to me. It is a summer capital of the British Raj This Charming Resort town has a strong British colonial present. If you are very much into the historic events, you love knowing the history. You love knowing the pass you want to explore the architects of that. Out of the British time then Shimla is a place where you can be too. And yes as gun mentioned here that people are more often visiting to the Shimla these days so better is to plan for McLeod ganj. Dharamsala because you have number able places to visit their the other pick points will be there the tea garden box wanna lick the temple and much more will be there in dharamsala and McLaughlin's together. But Shimla is the Happy Birds kind of a place where you can have experience with your French to get escaped in the Heat. And then if you want to enjoy the very first snow of the Season than also it is a place because from Delhi to her Iana if you will travel and then to Chandigarh to Shimla Chandigarh tekapo could be has a slow mobilization in Malaga, but I'm amazed that just after 10 feets of the distance there comes The snow this is very exciting and the different thing to know that why snowfall doesn't happen in Ludhiana or in Delhi. It really amazed me. Okay? Okay, just turn that snowfall. Yeah. No, I haven't lost city of the water, but I haven't heard of that place nearby to Rogers High the mount Abu right? So there it can happen but I can't think of the snowfall in Rajasthan. That was really new for me. Thank you for adding some information to my journey. Well, thank you again for having this time and for sharing some important information with me and being the part of this conversation today. I am really thrilled to know a few of the things from you which are new for me and informative for Or other people's those who are listening us life. Thanks. Thanks for having me. Yeah, it is always a pleasure. Bye. Bye. Take care.