Hey, welcome again want to thank you so much. This is my time. Now, let's talk or something very like it and it must be about the traveling and the questions you are going to ask me. So what are you went to plans for future apart from maintaining the health and apart from the dieting and apart from spreading information. So for the people who are lacking with their health status in the mentality. Seeing to the weather that is happening in Delhi. I doesn't feel like going to some other place right now because all such an amazing whether you're also but I would like to know that what are the or places that we can explore and Winters? Yeah. So the is days as I can say the temperature is going as low as 8 degrees Celsius in Delhi, so people are willing or not to move out of there. Own City and they are enjoying their Winters with their family members this time preferably and the tourism this time Li has been reduced by 20% as I can see the record status and also the people who used to visit during winter seasons in other Himalayan ranges or out of countries. So they are migrating to these days into another countries because the weather is unbearable. Well the talking about This December season Monica. It's not three days past that Christmas is on way and then after that New Year's people are planning their vacations for the new year as well as for Christmas. So let's talk about the places where people can plan out their holidays their vacations their trip out with their friends colleagues with their family members to enjoy the same at different Health stations or the cities they have Haven't explored yet or they haven't even heard about it. So any City in mind on your mind that you're thinking about to travel in 2020 or to begin your new year. So well, I'm just looking to some travel thing on channel where I was just having to understand about this place Oli where such an amazing weather weather is there and enjoying a lot because there is no there is amazing view from And so how do you say about that place? Yeah. So Monica if you have mentioned this only thing so let me just tell you that Ali is completely the place which is love and where people are willing to move to enjoy adventurous activities. Say for example, Ice King paragliding and to enjoy the weather out there and also the ceramic views also there. There is a purple orchid where you can explore other parts of it. And also the one famous thing is famous thing about ali is campaigning. So if you are moving to Camp, like only then always prefer campaigning because that gives you the joy that gives you the tremendous experience and it is out-of-the-box Wala moment where you can capture your moments and memories for life time because there will be the bonfire the guitar, so shins are and I would love to tell people about this place that always plan if you are looking for the tracking thing, if you are not willing to track if you are not willing to campaign then this place is going to be the useless one as the main focus about ali is enjoying with the snow adventurous activities tracking in groups and the bonfire the best part is this Yeah, it's sometimes not safe. But majorly I can say yeah, if you are planning something which is always so protective and comparatively according to you. If you are going with some groups, they always will be taking care of you the kind of shoes you have to carry and so you have to be very Take your medications. Your clothes should be very fit and fine according to the weather. Otherwise, you will fall sick. And also if you are preferring only the temperature goes down in the night and evening and only afternoon is safe. Yeah, it's sometimes difficult to track in this snowy season, but the adventure lovers the snow lovers will always managed out of their tough schedule and There they put their heart out to that particular place so I can say yeah, every place has different Aura every place is somewhat different experience that it contains. So people can enjoy Ali is in chamoli District and there are so lot of restaurants. There are numerous spots where you can have the ski and Hill station, which is in North India fought recurrent which is I guess find with the Oak Forest and Nanda Devi Temple and Gnar Gnar power but mountains are there so you can explore a lot of things and without any fear I can say A to just plan my vacation or to Ali but I would also love to know that what are the other places that we can be too? Because if we are not in a mood to take risk of this Winter's because I don't want to get on bed after getting sick or just having more tracking so that I won't be able to join my office back. So what are the other safest places that I can be on this Christmas season or me on New Year's Eve have I want to plan for ya. Why? God is always I like there is no wonder that whenever we visit to some place and we will be coming absolutely like no sickness or the perfect body. We have taken on some vacation there a slightly somewhat change you can feel in yourself either. You'll be having dizziness. You'll having some kind of like, but I can see the place sickness where you have been to you're not feeling you will not be feeling so good after coming back to your city or country. Or state because that place is attracts you the most and the As and the as you have asked about the Christmas and New Year festive. So a myriad of festivals and vacations are lined up in the winter months of India, as you can see in Winters after Christmas after New Year. There is continuously the holy and before that Lori and besant punch me so International Travelers these days are put their pockets empty and used to travel nationally. So the best places to visit in winter. Without feeling about maintaining their health so it can be snow-laden mountain peaks tropical beaches was plain warm desert. Whatever your choice would be. So here I will be mentioning few places where you can pick up as the option for this season the Christmas season as well as which could be a the top choices for 2020 visit places for the winters in India, so it could be this Kerala where in short I will be tab. Telling people where you can go in Kerala. If you are planning guys for Kerala, then always plan in such a way that first day. It should be the moon are then second time. It should be the wire not and the third the state where you'll be covering in Kerala should be alleppey and if you are leaving LLP, so you'll be missing some word something really interesting because the back Waters the new cheer the beauty the beaches there are so mesmerizing and so attractive You can't miss that then secondly in Windows 2020. You can visit to Tamil Nadu and while going to Tamil Nadu don't forget to visit puducherry and then Chennai this should be the root where if you are traveling to Tamil Nadu you should explore because I don't want people to spend extra money. It should be the profit family were pocket friendly one. So at one go you can explore these cities as well these states as well. Then if you want to visit Rajasthan, you might you might have heard that this time there should there is no Fallen Rajasthan as well. It's interesting that it's a desert area, but still that happened. So Rajasthan is also very attractive and interesting place where Jaipur which is known as the pink City. So you can explore that then you can visit the other poor the Lakes there are very attractive and the peaceful moment you can have their then Can move to jodhpur and then just tell me these are the roots that you should follow. You should keep following when you are where you are traveling to one certain place because after that if you are going to plan a again for different destination, then you have to take that much time out for yourself. Then you have to have that much money in your pocket and that that to it will take long go to explore three four places at different three four times. Information today, but how about Kulu Manali? Because one of your listener has mentioned that the northern part of India such as a module Pradesh as a very beautiful I was about to come on on this place. I have already Monica told my listener in last session. I had one conversation with one of my friend who went to umrah sir, and I told them that why I'm ready so you can explore three Roads and three other Hill stations either you can plan your destination from their leech and they got a blister then kulu-manali. Then other option is Delhi Chandigarh Shimla, then other option was Chandigarh Shimla and then Manali. So if you are planning for Manali, you can also go far more the path. It is that I'm Charla and meklord guns. I have also mentioned earlier so and Himachal Pradesh major attractions these days and in this winter also is a Kulu Manali because in rohtang pass there is no fall always above six feet and lot more places are there in Manali Kulu and the bypass region of rohtang pass and La Isla de connectivity. So yeah, it's sort of interesting thing that you can explore and always go to travel in Winters if I love snow. If you love a activities like paragliding if you love activities, like cracking campaigning and also these days river rafting is most common and the most famous one. So that is part of the same Journey Back waters are also there and apart from backwaters. You can also have some skydiving and yeah, but I can say don't forget to explore the the shift Temple there in my Nollie, which is in Solem where Lee and I have been there. I have trekked there for 5 kilometers above which is very tricky and very tiring. But yes, it will give you mesmerised view there and lifetime memory. You'll get when you'll be coming back to Delhi or wherever you live. Yeah, Monica. I also would like to mention here that if you are going to explore some of the places in Winter the the places which one I have told then please do let me know the experiences what you guys are having and that it will be interesting for me to know as well that what kind of different experience you do have the food what now? Let's come to the point that what you can do whenever you are visiting to such places instead of In your vacation on the earlier part of the day like say for example in early morning, then don't do such things planning always the later night like past 12 or past 10 because this will save the whole entire day for you to explore the city or the hilly region where ever you are going. This will save your time. This will save your money because the point here Here is to save your money majorly your bookings in hotel start from 12 p.m. Noon, right? Your check-in times is 12 p.m. And your checkout time is 12:00 p.m. As well. So if you would be booking your room say for example for our 25th December and you are traveling on 25th December the same time then your half they will be missed and your facility is the enjoyment you are going to have in hotel the room musti. You'll be missing for half of the day. So that Love not cause you really good and that will be affecting your budget as well. So you have to plan another day out for the whole exploring thing. And whenever you are visiting such places as say for example, only then always keep in mind that why you are traveling to Ali is there the only purpose you are going to watch a Hills the serenity or the beauty or you literally want to explore Ali I literally want to explore by other. This I mean that the culture the tradition the food the variety of the shopping thing that are available by the low in the local markets and what kind of roots you are going to capture what are some so important and Sir what is so really informative for other people's to visit their that you can tell them start writing blog. This will give you the happiness. Also, don't forget to capture some pictures because that will be Going into the lifetime memory, I believe and without her taking picture of Photography session. Now, wherever you are going to it means nothing to me because these days people need proof that yes. You have been to such place. Yeah, this one Monica will also be helping me for picking up the choosy topic so that I could also know that yes people need to know this thing and posit I key whenever I will be visiting such places or somewhat. I have not been to it's not possible for me to explore the whole word. But yes the cities or the country or the places where I have been to I'm sharing my experiences and the knowledge. I am having about such Is designed to keep doing the same, but whose the Tai Chi which is Emoji Napolitano, and some of the things you have explored. So this will be something knowledgeable for me as well, and I would love to know and I would love to take that kind of information from you all and you all are welcome to share your experiences to share your journey with me. So thank you so much Monica for coming today also and please do let me know where you'll be traveling to this. Christmas and do share me or experience or that I could write the blog on the same and I would love to know what is something new you are coming up for me to gather some more information and more knowledgeable facts.