Hello. Hi ready? Hi Lorena, how are you? I'm doing really very good and I hope that you are glad to join this conversation today because I am bringing up something really very interesting on camping how to do camping because I usually talk about traveling Journeys and where to travel how to travel and why to travel sometimes also, so this will be exciting for you to know as well that one can travel Yes, definitely love Lena. I will be glad to know that because I am very much interested in traveling these days and recently I have been to Goa and I explored that City. It was mind-blowing the South part of guava was tremendously exciting. I guess pretty your voice is a little bit down. So is it the effect of temperature or you've been back to Delhi? Yeah, correct, because I have had some beers there. So that's why I might be my throat is not doing so good. But I am happy to join you. So would you like to tell me about camping because I am visiting 2/3. I'm Charla and also to train on the code next week. Definitely it definitely ready. I'll be telling you about this try and conda and what kind of campaigning things you can do. So the very first thing I would like to tell you people is camping is one of the best way to explore the nature and if you are a nature lover then this thing must be done whenever you are visiting any Hill station and you can enjoy an adventurous vacation there but not many of us know that what are the Specific things that we keep in web that we should keep in our mind before going to the camp. The thing is that we enjoy the word camping but not actually we are knowing what it is all about and there are certain knowledge has that lack and whenever we will be reaching to that particular destination, then we will be having certain problems because we are not fully prepared so ready India has a numerous such locations whether in no traffic and weather in Hill stations like Himachal Pradesh and other regions also offer West a northern part of our country. It's quite a few in Himalayan belt where we can go for camping, right and a perfect camping vacation can go horribly wrong. If you do not know how safety rules should be followed and what are the camping safety rules that as a precaution needs to be taken and have some tricks up our sleeves. And so if you are going on a camping Being trip to an idyllic location. There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind before you leave for any campaigning trip. So are you ready to know much about this campaigning thing? Yes. Yes. Definitely. I am listening you very carefully and also I am waiting that when you'll be starting about campaigning tricks hundred and one percent. I am here again to start with the thing actually. Out of the TV usually go on camping to a location that is rural and hence and is far away from most of us at ease and you should take care of the things like nearby hospitals nearby fire station. It's next to Impossible. But you need to take care about these things because emergency can occur anywhere. So what do we do in such kind of a situation? Of course, we prepare a kebab with the medical kit to torchlights antibiotics anti-allergic bill. Antiseptic cream band they drop carbonyl light snacks lighter knife anything else that are essential for the members of your team to safeguard right? Say for example, if someone will spectacles make sure to carry an extra pair because you never know how it can be useful to another person who can forget that it was victim of the season to carry raincoats as they will save you a lot of trouble during your hikes whenever you are tracking you are climbing. In other words the mountains you want to see the Saranac view the beauty and you want to feel like yeah, I am on the top of the world. So of course camping usually involves hiking and walking in the rain can be a real real pain. So I would love you to carry. I would like really guide you to carry some raincoat carrying a walking and also do wear some good sport issues that can have grip on the roads and you will not feel so much pain and that will be more enjoyable. And also I would love to tell you that sports shoes always supports your field. So well so it Puckerman Giardia, which will be very easy for you to have your hiking tracking and whatever you want to do walking without any pain. So the packet of salt should also be kept with with you and your backpack because jungles are usually full of leeches. Especially when it rains so any any insect if they'll bite you then you will have some bad effect on your health. So these can stick to your feet can suck your blood applying salt will help you if you'll apply the salt on feeds immediately. It will help you to get rid of this little creatures. You will not have any kind of disease or any kind of a problem that you might have thought of it apart from. Um this then there should be the tool of Direction here. I would like to mention that whenever you are carrying your phone along make sure you have a map app installed on your phone. If the locations is an offbeat one and does not have a phone connection go to old school way and carry Maps. Yes. I am talking about the handy map that should be there with you. And also I would like to mention a few other things. Selena I would like to know that what are the kind of maps that need to be Garrett. Is that the paper one or we have seen in the race to movie such kind of because when I went to go up we actually lose our connection and we felt very difficult and problematic because the taxi drivers were far away from the beaches and other ways. We lost our way and few of our friends were from Australia. So so would you guide us? Yeah, I would like to guide you and definitely because I guess I am unable to hear you properly. Your connection is getting lost again and again so your voice is coming so slowly slowly. It's a really feeling like the loss of interconnectivity. Well, anyways, I got your question. Yes, you should always carry the handy map like the way you mentioned about the raised to movie the map that they hold in that. Type of thing. So yeah, you can have that kind of a map if you are willing to and also learn how to follow the map because this will help you in other ways as well. The number of steps you need to pop the number of cities you have to cross or jump on so just know and learn the tricks whenever you are visiting such kind of a place is like jungle and campaigning thing and tracking and bond firing. So this will help you now this Can be tricky as we are not using to the paper maps. Are you must learn how to and learn how you can use a string to measure distance on a paper map. This could be very helpful for you all so I would love to mention here that whenever you are going for camping and you are having handy map carry a compass. So you have a sense of direction in case you lost it and better still every member should carry a compass I can say because this will Help you to navigate you and then camping is somewhat thrilled with lots of entertainment musti fun and the time with the friends and the members you are going with so setting up a tent is really a skill. You should learn it because it's really difficult. I have been to only once and there we had camping thing, but we didn't have to install that Ted. It was a way to difficult and hard as I was saying the other guy was doing for us. So it really required a skill. If you are planning for campaigning at the some random places beat Chandigarh be it Shimla or some other spot, which is like favorite to you. Then you must have a practice before you go to the final showdown. You can learn these things from online videos YouTube and can ask some expert hiker friend to teach And then now practice again how long hair and you will learn it one day if you cannot set up a tent properly you will have no place to sleep for the night. Just remember that so you have to be very careful with the maintaining your learning skills and that is not going to go as well as you can imagine hence learn to set up tent and always buy a larger tent so that if another person will be sharing it with you, so it will be comfortable for you as well and whenever you are encountering The wildlife then please have some water sources. And also I would love to tell you that you need to carry some of the things like The Helpful ornaments or the the stuff that will be providing you the light facilities like torch as I mentioned above and also the water bottles so that if you lost some way towards the river in late night or Lake nearby and you are not having any other facility a nearby you so this will help you and then again overall you must remember that it is better to be safe than sorry hate make sure you decide on the location and do enough research on the places wherever you are going and also it is best to inform family and friends about your trip because if you will not be doing this and if you'll be losing your way your connectivity and you're getting lost in some jungle cat. Dove area so if your family members will be knowing about you. They will find you also. It's a very important because these days as we can see the cases are getting much and more like serious one so we can't risk in case of emergency your parents your family members should be around you and just be little careful about the same. Yeah, I actually agree with this and to the listeners of yours on open talk. I would like to mention that I have been to go a recently and we met some people who were foreigners who were tourists there. So they started behaving Miss. Actually, they misbehave with some people because they were drugged and this turned into difficulty for another group. We were in group. Actually. We also were drunk and And few things happen in the night club that was not actually appreciable and we were scared about the same. Yes. That's why I'm saying that we need to take care of such things and instead of being some like stressy or feared whenever you are going to some entertainment place or enjoyment for the enjoyment purpose. You need to be a stress-free and also I would like to mention here with either. You're more than 30 million of Americans are living their comfort homes to sleep in a tent that you will not believe it. We Indians are crazy as well. And also I would like to mention here that the foreign tourists are more dependable on 10th kind of a Services whenever they are coming to India to explore the word be it nearby some the places where the camping service is not available or The other measures they have taken so this module are Mother Nature's have something very exciting experience for you. All in order to have a safe comfortable and exciting experience. Just be in the lap of Mother Nature. Learn the campaigning do's and don't before you gray a get the outdoor trips. I hope people will listen them will understand them and before planning their camping. They will follow these guides and rules. I saw on the next topic. I would like to share about do's and don't value are going to Camping thing. We will be loving to know about the saying I'll be waiting for your next episode. Maybe some other day and if I'll be back good with my throat, then definitely I'll be joining you. Thank you Rudy. Thank you so much, and I wasn't knowing that your throat was not doing good at all. So you should take care of yourself and be blessed and definitely I'll be taking you on another call and open for conversation, but I take care. Bye.