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Well, hello everyone today. I am back again here. My name is La Vina and I'm a radio jockey by profession and here again on open top and Jessica flowers. Are you okay, but I'm already in the kitchen and I'm cooking few of my dinner meals. So, okay. Let's talk about cooking and let's learn cooking today few of us are aware that what cooking. Is but many of us aren't what happened. Basically when our parents are home. So it's very easy to be dependent on them to let them cook for us for let them make the stuff for us like whatever we want to eat whatever we want to have in dinner and lunch. So basically the thing is that it's very easy to order but it's very difficult to learn cooking but not that difficult at very start its it seems to be difficult task. But later on when you become habitual and it becomes your daily routine, then you find it really very interesting than you learn to do little bit of experience and experiments and you try some of your own recipes some of your initiatives that gets into the like cooking thing. So that brings something different like different Cuisine different flavors fuel of Chinese fuel of Continental fuel of exhale. And if you love pure vegetarian stuff, if you are very interested in making delicious food, like which are the mixed variety of different Cuisines. So it all depends on your taste, but it all depends on your flavor how you want to serve yourself a good meal. It's very important to know your culture. It's very important to know your traditional food many of us are Aren't really aware of what Indian food is all about. We always go for different Cuisines and with keep on trying different flavors like Chinese Italian Continental etcetera like the name. I already mentioned but it's far beyond the the few name mentioned in this conversation. So today I'm going to talk about cocaine entirely. I'm going to talk about cooking for half an hour. Basically, it's not really a tough task. It's really very enjoyable. Very interesting and very good thing because I believe when you cook so you learn to love someone you learn to solve the best of you you learn to just make best of everything walaikum. A'salam Park prints and Baja. Sorry. Sawalha Garoppolo go. Related my definitely I put this up to you because today I am in the kitchen itself and I'm cooking some good varieties good Indian dinner meal for my family. When I first started cooking. It was a difficult task for me because initially I wasn't learning I wasn't interested in doing so I was just doing it for the sake of help of my mom as if she As a sole person who majorly spends her time to serve serve us whenever I used to come back from the school. I still remember how I keep on shouting one more you haven't prepared my favorite food. You haven't prepared stuff like that for me. I have to eat it now, just give me just so me. So my mom seems to be very tired later on like when I grow old I realized it but sooner I realize the more or I got involved into the helping stuff then I learned from my mom that serving food is like serving to God. So always keep yourself very healthy. Keep yourself very clean hygienic before cooking and always wash the vegetables because this all comes songs someone's help. So if you are not well if you are not doing it with good beat so it will not get affected. Or the their stomach will not get filled until unless you will be doing it with all of your heart. So from there, I learned that how important it is to just be very good at her to serve someone because of the pooches me Pyaar mein hoga job the cosmic way emotions nihongi up such a man CQ CQ Hanna killing a goat cheese KCK Guinea. This is what I have learned from my Mom, so these are few of the things that we all need to know about our Indian cooking on any other cooking basically taste depends on the choices, which food is getting attracted to you or what kind of food. You want to eat on your daily basis. If you are an Indian person, you can try any meal you can hum. Look you're there how my grandma Millie Julissa swab half kilo guite to apply. What is on Hotel just gonna go up Lego Chinese? Which Ulta Indian Beach Alta High Italian Beach Ulta hair like Spanish dish featuring Iggy Arabic food be calling a support of language, um diagram, but it entirely depends on the digestive system of one's right. I'll get up vegetarian hand proper vegetarian maybe boja sorry options manage anger. If you are a non vegetarian person, then you will get the Endless Options for or the non vegetarian cooking and your meal for having in dinner or lunch. However, you want to prefer but I realized that one should not eat for The Taste one should eat to have a healthy life because these days I realized that we are more solely dependent on junk food fast food and food that we ordered from The outside from sweetie or from other way because how may I say, I love to hate my name Verity conical me like his father spoke about but let me tell you my friend like not always the food you are getting ordered from outside from the online Food Services. They are not always cooked in the good oil so which is not really very effective to your Help your tummy will not get full and what can I do happy sure even a Healer Giga trust me. This will create you very trouble. So if you are not so much into the cooking thing, let's show make sure that for once in a week. You will help your mom. You learn something new because this is the quote habit hamare culture make ethic in son. If you want to get involved this habit into your gym, so this will be very helpful to you. Say for example, if you are an emergency situation, your mom is not at home. Your cook is not at home. Say if you are rich get spoiled brat or someone. So if you have the habit of getting sued by your cook so say for example for one day or two day. They fall sick. So what you will do. You'll not be able to cook for yourself because you are not really much into the cooking thing. But if you will be trying for yourself for once then you'll be enjoying it took his tunic Ivanka Hirata here Hannah colonic SEO. Thank you. Barbara. Mikulski is a volcano interesting whole satyaki house key important source of kf2 motivation at Ikea bihari cheese Appalachia personal knowledge to Jaggi just like a maniac Obadiah. I started cooking at the age of four seven or eight I guess because my mom used to cook alone and I was very I'm just at my mom that why you always do so late. Then I later realized that she has other work also for the home like to serve my father when he used to visit at his office. So she needs to cook for him first then later on. She used to stop us when he came back from school. So it was not an easy task for her because Masada then busy raised here, right? So SMA Albedo made it cookers energy body put suribachi tasty or Omaha because I am cooking today the pot ago be matter instead of different. For the hottest TV magic Masala dalkey right to see Theresa. I'm trying so there is a story behind the food. Let's learn cooking may give Germans are sulky actual Kathy the many first time putting on a show cat ran at that time. I realized that it's really your tough job. It's not easy firstly you have to prepare every stuck for cooking then later on you have to put like like the tomatoes the onions other players don't like ginger garlic paste everything. You have to like prepare prior before cooking then later on you have to bond on the stove. You have to put the oil into the utensils in which you are going to cook then you have to wait for You have to wait for completely those Masala to get prepared. So it's difficult and quieter a tough job to do it on a regular basis. It's not an easy job for one person who those were have actual that's good. But those who are not it's very like Angry situation irritating situation key Hemlock your courage my mom. I'm tired of cooking thing, but Mom nivola. It came to making positive and when she appreciated my food, so I really got excited. Okay mama, let us try this dish into the new way. So I started cooking all of a sudden but I forgot that yes. I have my show schedule with you guys already. So yeah, I decided then while cooking. I'll be talking with you guys so entirely It's all about cooking say no so there was a story very first when I entered the kitchen before preparing all such tomatoes and onion chopping thing. I started with preparing dough antagonism and issue quiaca and trust me that turn into the Playfield for me. I literally enjoyed a preparing the dough. I was laughing. I was just pushing and pumping in sing with the dough. My mom was laughing at me in the what the hell are you doing? Love? This is not your playground. You have to just prepare the dough so that I can make Georgia parties for everyone. So I was like, oh okay, Mom, let me do so and the red here initially. That was not the good one. I prepared but later on. Yeah, it was the perfect one the clean one the software and when I put it in the bowl the box and wish Mom used to keep it then I Ordered in the my freezer. So it was very good at the end. My mom got happy that at least I tried so Indian cooking is like never before you have everything new every day. You can learn breakfast lunch dinner dishes you have any number of utensils dolls pulses legum in stop Red Chutney solid writer. You can learn it all because These all are the stuff that got prepared with the basic ingredients that you can find in your home easily. No, I'm not a Turkish. Hi Rahul British Raj Kamal dogra, except Asif. Hi, very nice. Topic Hanks. Hi friend. Hello. How are you? All okay. Yeah. I'm doing good. But I have a little problem that when I keep on speaking my voice started getting shivering. So the continuous conversation does trouble me a lot but it's okay when I come from you or for you all then it makes my journey really interesting. So we were talking about cooking. So guys if you are learning cooking just make sure tip number one cooking is nothing without her Cubs without spices without local produce ingredients in every day. So if you are going Going to cook anything like even Maggie you need some basic ingredient. Say for example, if you want to cook Indian style Maggie, you can just put water on the stove. You can boil it for twice or Thrice like 2 or 3 minutes. Then after that you can add Maggie Masala your salt the pinch of red chili and then you can add some coriander leaves. And even coriander powder or was MIA Cara extra pasta Masala yomijima solid a language. So that will add the flavor then if you will ask me what I do. So special in that Maggie. I just add a few chopped onions few chopped coriander leaves then tomatoes and apart from that. I add capsicum the red what bell pepper the green one capsicum. So these are my basic preparation for my tasty healthy Maggie because it water noodles Hotel. So it's very difficult to chew it and just have it all instead of lunch or breakfast thing. So you need to just take care of yourself before you go for entire Maggie thing for your dinner or breakfast because maybe mummy two balls are the Chillicothe he put up with a Hannah just gives megabases Pinnacle geek Job there, so I even learned cooking Maggie in different way. So there is a lake where it's-- or Maggie that are available in market today. Cheese Maggie omelet Maggie chicken Maggie Maggie for Maggie. So it's very difficult to learn everything. But the not that difficult that you can't prepare anything. So the basic thing what you have to do for any dish like Indian cooking I'm talking about you must have Onions, you must have tomatoes you must have garlic ginger ginger paste or garlic ginger roll Raleigh at your hand. And then you should have some basic ingredients like spices just met number for thigh healthy who tmu show tiem to repair the hernia huacachina hookah, or pushkar a masala, whatever you want to have you can have but it all depends key up cut paste Casa Hermosa. Sorry logo here Kaminsky, Kahana hot But major population today used to have like spicy food and they love spicy food because that gives us satisfaction to their taste work. So it's not like that that everybody is into the spicy food things but major population these days are looking forward to have the spicy one the spicy pork or chicken the butter masala the chicken tikka masala Chilli Chicken in etc, etc. So we are looking into that as fact if it's very good to add the raw chilies like green chillies in your meal about our upcoming hunky green chilies heroscape. He find a hotel to pack you can ready-made bizarre sake Order Oscar up night looks on have you kicked of artificial hair or a could you make a backward Factor head draw back hair we get a key what key digestion can be bhi nahi here. So if you will be adding the green chilies the raw green chillies in your food. So you will get you will get many of the benefits for it. First of all, it's very great for a healthy diet. It helps in your digestion completely. And chilies are one of the most used Spice in Indian cooking whether you are cooking vegetarian or non-vegetarian and it's good to know about the green chilies that there is an incredibly diverse range of chilies that are available in our country perhaps varieties here is key. Just Eric is a flora and fauna keyboard where it's-- AOC Terry Casey red chillies blue chillies Chili Pepper in September. I did you say Colleen is halal Mitch Harry Mills. Is it a diverse range of Chili Peppers available here and all of which serve their own individual purpose in the cooking process? Do you know Rajasthan way Chili's key honey. Green made chi chi sub zero even TF our a pussy, hang in a but it's not that difficult. There are numerous types of chilies some different colors. Are there some different countries have different type of level of heat that brings them up in our country. So talking about red. Chili it originally tend to be mellower. Whereas green chilies have a sharper in the hotter. Kick to them. Okay, they're not our German a hurry Miss. Chihaya. Do I know despite that array of amazing flavors smell taste is that we get some chilies in our cooking is something surprisingly a number of incredible incredible health benefits attached. Them many of people think that these children have my phone option for hurt at the edge of yes a Bill Pullman AF which is yummy boja sorry fi there or if I they see the seed already helps you today. We're not a health benefits to hair. So to review in it don't peek at their images in digestion. And from that I would like to tell you that green chili have absolute zero calories making your time. Tight and your spice ingredient perfect for those who are focused on healthy diet instead of red chilli powder. They used to add the green chillies in their karma Jessica ARP many be at currently ahead and they can also speed up your metabolism as much as 50% for up to I guess three hours after eating ensuring a healthy and fit life that so they're going off of me lights made red chili Squad cut the item again ekati. Yep, completely usage for DJ post a replacement your hair which each person could occur exactly like instead of using red chili, which is proportional. Johar actually carved out something completely. Cachaça 50% Costa Rica green chili bean is the markers of their then the second benefit of green chili, which is the basic ingredient of our Indian food is that it also improves your skin, you know the texture of The skin is very sensitive these days in our lifestyle. We usually get the skin problems. So if you are the one who is bored of a regular cooking and you are getting skin problems regularly, so just try this thing instead of using red. Chili just add on some green and roar their cheese just to kill Alma took the a squad car Nicki coach's kitchen. Name it because you have to skin Dilli bahadur cheer up' and re-engineer red chilli. Juho ta any joke, LOL, Minnesota just retired. A lot of they are rich in vitamin C and beta keratin. Sorry. I added some spices in my food. So I got a cough little bit. So tacky, it's me your hand vitamin c bajada cheater Ricky say and also it contains beta keratin and and chili super-thin skin color will help your skin glow a regular basis because it keeps your skin healthy and glowing and in order to ensure your chili with hold the vitamin C. You should ensure that they are stored in a dark and pool area. Don't keep it open. Keep your single girls out there. They're gonna like cut off with language. And if you keep them in a cool area or ski lifespan Joe have a bunch of yourself, like butter from Namibia was uneasy then also, let me tell you that chilies exposed to heat light and area at risk of losing their vitamin C if you'll keep them open so your chillies will get spoiled and schedule vitamin. She have OB OC and there's a Hut amodeo katharina if you will cook your food overly or Scargill basic Hatha Yoga, then yoga your schedule Richmond hair your original yosuke benefits have a billable destroy Hojo angle. Then chilies are also the perfect cure for a stressful week. And if you have a hack taken a tough week and feeling a bit down, then you can add some green chillies to a deli sheer Sarah. Manteca really meaty and you can feel rejuvenated and let me also mention here. The Chiles actually release endorphins that will boost your mood and it's kind of a chemical that got released from your body and this will reduce your pain because kisara concentration whenever their name in lingle Tyga and this will reduce your pain and you will feel happier and healthier later then also chili helps you in lowering your body. Future because green chilies have kept a second in them and is known to lower your body temperature by stimulating the cooling center of the hypothalamus in your brain. So it's the natural source of iron and it also balance the sugar level and whenever you'll visit to the doctor and complaining about your sugar so doctor will recommend you completely that to balance your food sugar level you should potentially Be adding your sugar adding your cheese green chillies into your food variety when you'll be cooking some and also add very first I mentioned already that it improves your immune system. And yeah, it protects the body from all the antioxidants. So these are the benefits of Chile is whenever you are cooking so, it's me how many significant sorority Celia? Hey cookie. Copy copy your hair, um coach setc card. Don't get up, but it's very difficult to just follow them exactly and just get the exact age because you can see those videos and people use to do the um thing, but do you know? Yeah, but they may watch her banana a banana because you haven't tasted it yet. Nope. So whenever you'll be following a recipe don't forget to add because signatures in your dish because that's What makes you different from other there are few easy recipes that you can try cooking if you are the beginner and the new learner all the basic things that you have to do. I already have mentioned kapalbhati calm composure but a Yusuf mansur cooking cornea. Hi. Jenica, the handedness but apart from this you also have to keep your the nice clean the stove clean just but then we have kind of an orange arrow. That should also be clean. Then again, let me tell you Joe BR / Burton is the market. They have one cookie in Connecticut, Hannah Banana boil water. So that next digit above same birth. Luca is Kemal carrots broccoli has on forever. So I gather he bought a cauchy kaneki to boas are a quick dinner ideas to have less Affair according to your mood. You can change your like eating habits. It will become weak out there. He Apple cheese. Okay, lie solely dependent or are they are playing Hardball? Oh Peggy Mojo kill Ian Campbell calling it The King that's not always a good idea. You should eat food of your choice. Poppy Kawasaki hamari Mama, Joe Morelli Conover at the end of a play his abdomen at the in the sense key. Have they met with the client really happening, uh is balcony, which is next week. Come here different than a fun job you guys. Muhammad Ali's, hopefully after Moody's or have oh it just typically Otis. So what you have to do you have to tell someone who is cooking or you have to prepare some things that are that you are willing to have so prepare things according to your mood. So for example, if your mood is little bit happy so you can share yourself with the chicken today. And if you are feeling bitter low, then you can have the Pulses Dal rice to party right up so that your stomach will get a good food and we'll give you a relaxation time. And if you are not really feeling good and not really feeling bad. Then you can serve yourself a good delicious. I can say meet her desert Campus of consequence. So what will happen after you'll be having desert in your first meal? At the dinner time, so this will cheer you up and this will make your body system very appropriate and happy and it will be very convenient for you to just have a few things and according to your mood. So don't always be solely dependent on what your parents are and what your family members are willing to eat Kabhi Kabhi. Happy choices. We might recur Thea so I got a puppy choices for a classic. Jangi. It will be very convenient and the good Option for you and if nobody is willing to cook for you because they already have prepared meal according to themselves then don't panic. Don't worry. It's very easy to cook just up numbers and buttons up. They are archaic PR stop TJ or tomatoes help me chop pigeon hito minimum as a postdoc there for you mean tomato. Keep you re still have available Hui party Masala subdue her pussy and within 15 to 20 minute maximum, Cohiba Canada archaeologist octohatch. That a Fusco prepare Karne KI taraf on time. So that was all today about this cooking things. Jimena pokes bataya that cooking fitna easy or technological hair or Busca a basic ingredient ashram near para. That was green. Chili. How important is that in our meal? So stay tuned with me later on a junkie see a culture dish be Santa Ana. After half an hour, I will be bringing you up some basic knowledge about some interesting dish stay tuned with me only on open talk. We'll be right back and keep waiting with keep waiting for something really very delicious because as I told you I'm already in the kitchen. I'm already cooking something. So what else I am going to prepare for tomorrow morning. I'll give you an idea or the claims about it and if you are fond of cooking and if you are loving it, then definitely you Can share your experience on the same? Bye bye. Take care. See you soon.