Talking about my journey, I grew up in six different cities went to six different schools by dad used to work in a bank because of this upbringing. I think one thing that came to me which was very unique was I was able to adjust or find new people. Every three years generally had to move forward very very quickly at an early age had to find friends in a learning to gel in with new people quickly adopting and you know improvising think that was something which I got as a bonus point for bearing with just six different schools. Another thing that was unique which I feel today is helping me while building share chat was the fact that in an Indian Muslim household when you grow up you will never speak Arabic or Urdu, but you will end up learning Arabic and Urdu because your grandparents do want you to learn Arabic and Urdu so I knew English and Hindi from school and then Arabic and Urdu happened and then in North Africa India you learn Sanskrit as the third language in school and I got lucky that in the middle while learning Sanskrit. I was my dad got transferred again, and I went to Mumbai where they were teaching French and I learned French. I ended up learning more languages exposing myself to people from various cities. I lived in Bhopal,Delhi, Mumbai by so all of this combined I think allowed me to be more cognizant of differences and commonalities between people of different cultures and different languages and made me more tolerant as a product person to understand the nuances that would come with diversity which is which I think lies at the core of share chat. Yeah. That's awesome from there you went to IITs. How did that happen? Yeah. Oh so, you know how everyone in India goes to a IIT you not everyone wants to go but fear but you prepare for two years you go to coaching class and then you join IIT and few people are lucky enough to know about IIT from the earlier days. I got to know about it in class 11th. So in the middle of my class 11th, I realized okay. So this is something really important. Everyone's preparing for this. I should prefer it to and that's how I ended up at IIT. Like I think I just I followed the path. Most people follow you do your math, you do your physics and you learn your Chemistry how was those four years there. How did that help you to win? When I got to IIT something that happened was that I was in Material Science and Engineering and before you go to IIT. A lot of people tell you that there's a boom in mechanical. There's a boom in civil. There's a boom in computer science. You never hear about a boom in Material Science, so I was a bit depressed at some some level that you know what I am going to place with this new boom, and I hadn't heard about this, you know branch of engineering even before I got through IIT. So it was sort of a peculiar experience when it comes to thinking about what will happen in the future and my parents just wanted me to be in Kanpur because they were Lucknow and they wanted me to be close to them and Kanpur was giving me either civil engineering or Material Science. So I thought I pick up Material Science. Let's explore and see what What happens there to my surprise or not to my surprise Material Science was branch, which was very Niche and did not have as many industry opportunities in India as it should be having like how it has in the US and because of that most people in Material Science are left to figure out on their own what they want to do in life because you end of the day you are not going to have a Rosy life. You have to go beyond. Your skills. So so one thing that I realized early on that maybe I will never be a great Material Science engineer, but I can be a great engineer manned at you know, in the first two years of engineering around 70% of your courses overlap with other department departments as well. So so I think that during that period I learned that the best jobs that were happening in the market were not the core jobs. Except for computer science every other Branch every other department had to either go to Investment Banking or consulting or you know, learn a bit of coding or analytics and join a startup. That was the trend that we saw and one another interesting thing that I saw was that folks in my final like when I was in my first year of college the folks who were in The finally we were like playing Gods when they were at campus as soon as they graduated, you know, their value diminished significantly. because they were yet another IITians out of the IIT set up and figuring their way out in the real world. And the that realization that the real world doesn't value you as much as how you start feeling in the small network of IITians, you know that realization when it struck in I felt that okay, so maybe then we'll have to figure out how do we go to the next platform? And that is where started roaring started figuring out. My dad wanted me to join HBAS or any of the IVY League schools are great MB College post engineering and so I started exploring what kind of people end up there and the three things that finally came as a result after talking to a lot of people was that either you become a consultant or you become an investment banker or you build a startup or the fourth plan is that two plus two program. I didn't want to do the two plus two, so I told my dad about these three things told him that you know, I will try for the investment banking in Consulting internship and try to get myself a placement offer. I will apply for a job after that and let and we'll see from there. So but my action plan internally was that I'll go through the investment banking thing and I'll do my starter. So yeah, so that experience really helped me understand why companies are called good run. Well run companies. Why companies need to have great metrics why Finance controlling your finances why being Frugal why being Scrappy why having strategic knowledge why having specific Insight is so key because whenever we were making decks in in that two month internship here whenever I was making decks the most important parts were these parts how the sum of the parts are, you know greater than the company's valuation how synergies work when two companies combined why a good balance sheet Works better in the public market. What is the difference between a VC PE or a retail investor? Why do emotions play like this why people back certain companies why certain companies become successful? So all these things, you know came in as a crash course to me in that two month period so it's once that happened. I went back to my dad after the internship told him that you know that I got the offer now and you know, if I sit for placements I will get through this as well like and it's going to be all settled so I can take those these two Parts, or you can give me two years and I can do my startup. You give me a permit for two years because you know if I can get through two Opportunities of one of investment banking one of Consulting I can get through five more, you know, that's that just means I am skilled enough to get through it. So why don't you let me try the my third option which I'm most interested in which I want to do and let me start a for two years and maybe we will review it after to you.