For the people who might not be very familiar with social apps or vernacular buys data important like a very basic question Give an example. What do you mean by data? If you if you want today want to understand what Facebook does or if you want to understand what Instagram does you can very well go to the platform go through what the people are doing go through the content and get a very close to realistic sense of what the platform would be trying to achieve. But when the audience the way they behave becomes very different from how you as an individual behave it becomes very difficult. to correlate the two if you start consuming if you start using a Chinese app, for instance and you start seeing certain behaviors on Chinese apps and you see that these apps are thriving. Sometimes you'll find a disconnect as to why is this platform doing so well in China if it is doing so, well, it means that a lot of users who are like to say to your liking it, but I'm not able to connect to it. I'm not able to like it. Why should it grow? And this is this is the Same problem statement with the vernacular audience. These users have come on the internet in the last three four years and they will keep coming for the next five years, but the other folks people like you and me and supposedly people who will be hearing the podcast. They have been in on the internet for 10 years plus like I've been on the internet for 18 years now, and I'm sure you would have been on for 20 years plus. I don't want to age my When when you do not know anything about an audience, but you do know that you want to work with that audience. And that's how your Mass Audio is going to behave. The only thing the best thing you can do is find data build experiments let you know run those experiments on that audience and keep getting more insight so that you can create a create attributes and create a Persona in your mind around who are you building this? for what are the challenges in their life? What are the good things about their life? What do they want to experience more? What are their aspirations? What are the constraints and what are the general behaviors? And if you're able to get as close to that as possible, you will be and and model that person if you're if you're able to model that person you will be able to understand why a platform like a weibo or choir show in China does so well. And the same thing has not happened india why a Twitter is so so important in the US and why in India, it is restricted only to the elite people. When when you do this, you will understand why the vernacular audience is so different. What's their no one's is what's the differences in things like that? And you're having a data LED product management approach? Yes, but you're letting the audience tell you what they like what they don't like. Yeah, right. So and then you're doing it. Or millions of people. So yes, you need the experimentation platform as well. Exactly. That's that's beautiful. That's great.