Go back to thank you very much for that collaboration. Yeah, I'm always open to collaborations hurry and thank you for having me on your podcast. I guess it is. It is something which I also feel good about when people asked me to collaborate with them and it is like an honor. Okay. So if somebody is really asking you can you do a collab with me. It's a very nice thing so so yeah, a lot of people think they're actually apart from that. We are really lucky you, you know, because a star person never give a chance to a pole normal person. You know, I see some ID. Yeah, I think when somebody is on a particular platform and they are at a particular level. Okay. They should they should help. I think they should be open to learning C. We are all here for learning hurry. Is it good? It's not that I'm very smart in something. It's not that way. Okay. I might be good at particular thing. I might not be very good at something else. But learning is what matter is. Okay, and we if we are open to learning in whatever level of life we are. I think we can achieve and while we achieve if we are helping people I think we will be better in whatever skill we are doing it only adds up to the betterment of ourselves. Okay. So I think yeah when people ask me for collaborations, I think it is something where I I learned personally rather than learning I'm learning a lot. So I think that is a great opportunity to learn. So thank you again for over really you are really made a wonderful point. I will tell you one thing according to this point. I have done so many things if a person is suppose if a person is very intelligent are very Normal person also you can observe so many things some are more personal. So I am very intelligent person. Also I will tell you one example of a person is very aggressive poor person. Are you don't know anything. You don't have any business he can we can love each other we can observe something from them like how to maintain a family without having money on stuff. I mean, absolutely. Absolutely I do so I totally agree on this if You observe Gary highly qualified require qualification, Qualified I'm very much having money like the beginning you can observe something that how to deal with money how to have to start a new business like that. You can observe so here no one is wish to no one is perfect yet all our business. Yeah. So so shall we enter into our topic how to do this? Definitely let's enter into it and I think we already have listeners listening. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah it is. So I think you should introduce. It's about it. And then we start this question. First of all. Hi guys, this is Hari Krishna and all our guests to Belize live. So we are here to discuss about how to reduce the fear of language. So now first of all language is the most important thing to introduce ourselves and you can elaborate your sin because of your language only if you have a good accent and group language skills, you can easily exactly one person this one and we are most One thing is English is most important about from our language because English is a global language. So if you know English particular perfect is we can easily communicate with any person. So yeah, first of all, sir is calling ma'am. Can we can we take call of course? Why not? Let's take this call. I think that's Meenakshi. Let's take it. Yeah, and people are just coming down surgeries there. Jaime dark time in high on his podcast. I really wanted to talk to her and that you joined. It's really about me. Go, I mean actually meal of earnest and luckily for are like best friends you suppose that's that's really nice and it's a surprise. I didn't know see I met her yesterday only. Okay. So yeah, so yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Your topic is regarding English. But yeah, we can do a general talk sometimes in between. Okay, of course we can. Okay, so it's the second day of Bigg Boss house. Absolutely. I think it's the third day and who is the big boss in your house? Okay, we need firstly I introduced myself and Meenakshi. I'm from Mumbai. But my native place is inundated. Okay? Okay, you're so you're from Maharashtra completely. Yes. I'm completely my yes. I'm Murat eager. So I'm married. I have two kids. Okay. Okay, so I was working as a professor but I left my job after my marriage. Okay? Okay. So here as a student. Oh, you're learning what I'm learning. I'm coming too. Waiting yes, I'm making friends. Okay, I think you should ask Monocacy what she's learning and then we start bursting out myths about any learning right now. Yeah, so Meenakshi have you yet how you improve your English? I know what you are following in love. What is the mystery behind? You know, what happened with me when I was a professor in a Like that time I can teach the subjects visited the electronics and telecommunication related subject. But when there is this General topic when we talk with our curly takes or with our students in a normal way that can that time. I feel very fair because in Maharashtra very few times. We are speaking in English. So that's my problem. So I want the general talk with our friends colleagues with our kids, so I want to learn that things. Okay, that sounds good. How do you so basically what we understand here is she says that since people talk Less in modulus English. OK the native language is Marathi and the environment. I think I read this is one point which we have to highlight here. Like, you know why people are afraid of speaking one particular languages. First of all the environment it effects a lot. Yes. Yes is because there is no way to communication because when we are with speaking with my Emily we use Marathi language the other friends we use Hindi language and even in a college also when we explain the Hindi language is okay, everyone has understood so that kind of problem we face is absolutely so here actually Meenakshi. My question is for you. However, improve your English. I know however, reduce your fear when you're talking with your stranger. No, no, I'm started reading books some of English books, then I'm watching movies, but rather Other than that communication is very effective. I think that these open top is a really good platform because there are number of topics and we can go there visit there and speak on that topic. So I automatically our thought process in our mind is in English. So it's good. Absolutely a very important thing hurry. Like I have always said in all my podcast that whenever you think okay. It is important that You start working on your thought process in that particular language, which you want to speak or communicate into because what happens is with lots of people they think in a in their native language and they start converting it. Okay, they start translating it to English and that's where all the fear and problem begins. Okay. Yeah. I will tell 1.2 here. Yeah, she'd of thinking about what the people are thinking about my English just try to speak if it is. Yeah, I will I will give you I'll give you one example now suppose now. We are I am going to write a examination. It should it's tough going to write examination. I think it was a good pass the examination absolutely not. So first of all, you should try to give the examination then we will become will become it will be fast. You are negative. That is a second among the first of all you must revive the example. Totally. Yeah, he totally and mine actually. Yeah hurry it like I totally agree with what he's saying because if you are just thinking about the result. Okay, we'll have the fear in your mind obviously. So I think he says, you know, you should concentrate on the process first and then result is second with you for whatever the result is going to be it a secondary. Alright, and if you missed a call, so then it's fine. You can learn from it. My dad and we read or write something that time. We have a time to think on that but when we speak we don't have a time it's immediate reaction. So the communication is different thing rather than reading or writing. Yeah, that is why people find it a little bit difficult. Okay, because when you would write things you deliver the message differently. It adds up with everything like how your voice is going and how you're talking. Okay, so everything all right, my people fear a lot like see the same sentence if it is used in a different tone may sound me give a different meaning. Absolutely, correct. Okay, like even if you're asking a question and you just ask it like a plain sentence, the other person wouldn't know that it's a question or not. Mmm-hmm, right? You know, there are a lot of differences when it comes to theoretical. Theoretically, I mean in the literature and communication right like this with any other language. All right, so I guess that is that one point is highlighted your hurry Meenakshi has highlighted that point like the difference of the return just one more point also. Laughing in front of them. So people will totally be motivated. I am telling you one point brother if you are trying to make anything no possibility. This is the fact this is the fact that start if you are if you are going to build up a business suppose. No one is help you because brother in this world in this in this nation, all people are silk. People I will tell you this so very less people are there they can help you but very less people are there so I will tell you suppose the person is laughing at you at one point to just focus on that one. What y was laughing you just take it is like a funny but you don't take like Hispanic like go some people are things like the people are laughing at me. I don't want to speak again and again, so you cannot you cannot learn anything. So what am I if you the people are loving are you okay? You just make it like fun because you can learn the language in a funny way. No problem. What's the problem? Absolutely, correct? Harry actually, yeah. I have a question that when someone is in front of us who is good in English communication or any other language communication at that time. We have a fair and we have a hesitation to speak in front of them. But the someone is it's okay. Is English is not too good like us then we can speak with them. Very nice way. This is the difference feel you relate to that person. Like you think okay. The other person also does not know. Well English and even I don't know so it's okay that we can understand like we are at one particular level, but whenever you find someone speaking very well in front of you the Consciousness comes in there you that insecurity like I shouldn't make any mistakes in front of this person or that person. I think that is very natural. Okay, it is very natural. So cute. Yeah, I think when you talk to someone who is good at a particular language, you should observe how that person speaks and learn. Okay, even if you're making mistakes, you ignore them you ignore your mistakes at that particular time? Okay while you're nothing, but when you go back when you have the time when Have free time you think about them? Like, how did I you know, where did I go wrong? And then you will start learning like how that person put his sentences in proper way. So you learn that technique you follow it. Okay. Yes, yes. Yes. Okay Winnie hurry. Thank you so much. I connect with you again. I'm listening you. Okay. I have some work with you. For someone who's better at a communication. Okay, there is fear. Okay, and when you talk with someone who is like so so in communication and then you start relating and you get comfortable now, this is a matter of comfort zone like, you know, it is in the mind. Everything is in the mind like if the other person is speaking good English, maybe I may make mistakes. We are already assuming that we are going to make mistakes. It is already there in the mind. Okay, and I think that is why we make mistakes. Not because we don't know the language. Just you're like ma'am. So hello, Holly calling. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hello. Hello. Yeah, this is a lie. How are you? Yeah wonderful. Fantastic weather. What about you? Even though it is Coronavirus around everybody? You are wonderful. Great. Yeah, brother if I put if I think about the karunakaran or I will die before I give you before So, I guess I want to let because Corona the kind of condition they're in. Correct. Actually, I will tell you the truth brother because of how do I don't have any classes about the great exhibition. I really enjoy like the my life. Now, of course somebody is enjoying the life, but to the some most of the you know, India is a totally different, you know, we have different people set of people, you know, poor people are you know dying because of hunger and course Rich send the superclass rich won't have any problem with that, you know, Sabrina is comprising of most of the middle class and lower middle class. They're facing lot of trouble with this job brother butter so much families. Also rest of the thing a girl. Let me tell you that if you panic about the situation but is also not correct so much take the precautions. That song is enough to yes it is this enough brother you can take the precautions, but you don't panic about anything. You know because of social media in a lot of panic has been created every individual is posting their own message in the world precautions and that has created a lot of problems in the society right now. Yeah social media so you can follow social media. Yeah. Just don't follow blindly social media because social media is also very useful for nowadays is they can so many persons are district. Hitting songs hearing very wrong information on social media. They're sending their own opinions individual opinions, you know, instead of following wh or Indian medical association's guidelines. They're giving their own opinions. Yeah, you are right that is the real problem in Vegas were in in India right. Now. Most of the people are gasps leaping into depression right now. Yes. Okay, bro, actually if you want to talk about coronavirus really worried about That because just because you said, you know, it's wonderful, you know, of course that's fantastic. Whew, what is your topic right now? Just so you yeah how to come our fear when you are learning any language. So you have any points whether you want to add you can add. Yeah, of course every new suppose if it is, not your mother tongue. You always have a problem with the new language so If you are really interested know you have created you have to create such an atmosphere and don't fear about speaking to people because we are new to that, you know, obviously we will have a problem with that and somebody is very good at the language. We pick up certain words and you know sentences from them obviously will feel comfortable after some time. It doesn't happen overnight. So obviously you have to work through you have to work a little bit and proceed according to that if We are you know, you should not fear anything. You know fear is like death. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you are correct group fear is like it Vinnie Ari there. Yeah. I'm here. I'm listening. So what you will give brother you have any suggestions because people are really Panic about to learning any language. So any largest just spoken it is not about mistakes and rights, you know, you have to communicate know the communication. But is very important as far as I am concerned. No suppose. If you are dealing with this topic, you know, the fears of the people should have the content to speak, you know, it's normal that you know, every labor has certain things are not very repetitive things. That is okay. If you are taking up a certain Topic in any in any language, you should have some kind of Base contents so that you can speak over that content and you can you know, elaborate upon elaborate on that. So content I feel is a very important things. I know you can acquire those content through the books of the different mediums. When you have this enriched content, you know, you feel comfortable with that content and you know, you can debate over you can talk over certain people. So this is vast the kind of a, you know, knowledge oriented contained I think of the people who acquire this content they feel comfortable with this with the conversation. Hello. Are you there? Yeah, but that I am here. I am listening your I think when as far as and one more thing in the books will help you a great deal. Like they're somebody who can good reader he can pick up a lot of vocabulary from that and you know, every book is experience of some it will have a different dimensions of life. So I think it doesn't happen overnight. You have to continuously Bring yourself if you are into that phase. I think that's what I believe in it. Hello. Yeah, brother. I am the what you will suggest you the new Learners as far as English is concerned, you know, it is not a mother tongue. Everybody knows that you know, we are not born in them, you know after Britain or America and it is of course it's a business language. So we have to realize that you know, it's important as far as the students are concerned were looking for jobs and it is important for us. You know, learn Arabic why this language I have to ascertain proficiency level and depends upon the know if they want to excel their proficiency. There is no other options if I have to work it really hard to get get up to that Excellency. So so it is important that we they have to create an environment and this is wonderful application, you know, they can come they can join this application and also speak to the people improve their communication skills. There is no other but to speak Why don't you use my son? My question is something different module here kills are not interested to speak with the person, you know, yeah plus facing the same problem now here 54 people are listening whether but two people are just right to connecting me like you I am the in action before color is Meenakshi. So why why 54 people of people are listening, but two people are competitive because of fear so how to appear Yeah, it is the question. That is the fear in their minds. You know, I can't help you know, they have to come out of the fear. They don't they don't have to worry about the people and no slowly. They have to start speaking little bit. Well for 2 minutes 3 minutes, probably they get acquainted with the people natural. Every beginning has a trouble so only thing that we can get rid of that enough practicing that trouble and overcoming the trouble it's better. And also they can say little bit of their views on a particular topic. So this is the only way don't they have nothing to worry about the mistakes I feel so but whether you are not getting my point on so now also you are not getting to the actual. My point is actually my point. Yeah, he will take some time to learn any language. Yeah much time but how to talk with this. Say that because he has so many because so many people are here really about with a lie. I feel like a part of something. So how to reduce that lack of confidence. Is there any tips are is there any ways to reduce our lack of confidence? I'm asking them if you have any suggestions because now you are a good speaker how you learn? This this much of language like it is much of language and not delivered bigger animal so learner. Yeah, but I will tell you one thing in this world. No one is perfect in English to a hundred to two hundred ones are adding to our world these studies. So I think about it for according to my knowledge. No one is perfect in English till now whatever it is. You should not be perfect. If once you get perfect, you know, you will get bored of Life. Yes. Yes. So if you do but I will ask you one question now you came speak with us, but why these people are not coming because you're 65 people are came within 25 minutes, but two people are cut to speak with the person because So many people are having fear. I have taken a topic about fear, but the people are really fear about the topic. So why that is my question. Probably some a visitation is as you said of communication speaking with the strangest. Definitely one tip. I think I would like to give so whatever they want to speak. They have little bit practice before they are connecting the corner the call. So if they can speak speak on that particular topic for few minutes, I think they can reduce their fears. These are the one of the tips and The no other thing that you can say to you know, sit back and listen only if you're really want to speak and improve upon your communication. You have to start speaking and you start connecting with people. Yeah, but there but you are not getting my point go. Okay, maybe you know, so you're not getting the part. You're just cutting used to telling one thing only just try to speak speak speak worker whether but how to speak with a Angel, you are not giving that point. Do the singer, huh? Now you are a stranger, but you are talking with me. Well the per family pick, you know, the the fear of speaking so you have a copy so you are no more a stranger. So you have come up with a topic. So if they have some sentences to speak upon I think they can connect. No, brother been a canoe. Are you there? Yeah. I'm here. I'm here. I'm listening and I'm telling that whatever you want to speak. If you're prepared on that particular topic if you throw that particular topic it is easier for you to communicate. Okay? Yes. Yes, how can you overcome the fear which is Same what he's telling but you guys are putting it in two different ways. Okay. So Harry actually your question is how can you come out of the fear of speaking the okay. This case is who come out of that fear. You have to be prepared. Okay, if you do your work, okay, so if you talk to a person it's not just want to be randomly. You meet someone and you start talking that is not going to happen. Okay? I will tell you one best example to you growth within just give me the answer after completion of my btech. I got a very wonderful opportunity to join into mlc company. I Viking word a lot because I am the topper of my class, of course, so I prepared a lot in my according to support according to the company and I prepared very well, but when I enter into the interview before going to end. The Ascension I'm full of confidence, you know because I know all things about the company and I know about thinking but when I enter into the interview section, there is a lady if I see after seeing that woman just my mind is I don't have any words to speak and this stays you went blank. Yeah. That is the pure so much people are having here. So how can these two things are totally different? Okay. See you are talking about About the fear of getting the okay. Yeah. Okay and hurry is talking about the fear of particular communication. And sorry SK is talking about a particular communication. Okay. Now your question here is how can you overcome the fear of talking to a stranger which is totally different? Okay. It has nothing to do with your communication. Chuck I'm going to get you this much if you want to speak with the person there is a complication of number you will want to know how to overcome that thing. I am asking that thing on because if you know that thing you can easily speak with any person you can easily improve your communication skills. Also, I think I think re see the fear of talking to strangers is totally different when it comes to fear of communicating. Okay, see if you have to talk to a stranger eventually you will use The language which you know perfectly okay and in a scenario where you have to use only English, that's when you get scared because you don't know what that particular person is thinking at that particular time. Okay, which is completely natural. Okay at such a point of time. What you have to do is first calm yourself. Okay, take that five ten minutes. Okay, no matter what that other person thinks just tell that person. Let me just you know gather the things what I'm going to talk and that's okay. We get into a fix we get into a blank space often. It happens to all the humans. Okay. So take that time just gather the courage and think what you want to talk. Okay. And even if the stranger is right there it's not going to be that she's going to sit there and stare blanket you definitely if she's your interviewer. She's going to ask you a few questions. Yeah, isn't it? She's going to say some things. Okay, if you're going blank it is out of nervousness. It is not because you are Afraid of your communication you are nervous because a lot of things are running into your mind at that particular time. So come down and short your fears. Your fear is not for communication there. Okay, your fear of communication comes into the picture somebody speaking a particular language drastically very actually and they start getting insecure. Like if I speak anything from that person might you know, laugh or might get I must have managed. Okay these What will be different? Okay, I totally agree with Vinny what she said and moreover, you know different situations throwing different challenges. I think functional events you if you want to overcome those listen you need to practice and you need to face those situation often. You know, that will give you confidence. Okay? Yeah. Absolutely. I lie. And I think these things these points matter a lot. Okay A lot of times what happens is people eventually get into such situations that they go blank and they eventually what happens is they think it is all because of miscommunication or lack of communication, but that's not true other factors also add up to it a lot of times. Okay. So yeah. Thank you very much for joining me and allow me to speak also. So thanks Allie. Thank you very much Alan. You are given such a good point. Also, thank you very much for joining. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Take care. Okay, thank you. So hurry, like you were saying okay, if you are into an interview and you go blank, what do you do at a particular time? Okay, see when you are in it in an interview. They might give you a few topics. There are gue topics and stuff which you can talk. Okay, they ask you questions. So, once that thing is there in your head like, you know, you know what topic you can talk of. About then you can start working on it. Okay, it's not going to happen that somebody is going to take you and put you into a situation where you have to you were given a topic and you have to talk to a stranger. No see you interviews is a totally different scenario. Okay, so because it here why are you doing this question? Absolutely, if you know how to participate in there so it can easily deal with the interviewer also because yeah, if you are going to interview we can prepare a little bit because that is a hint. W so we must be quicker about the zil hurry. Okay, when you talk to normal people you don't have a fear of getting rejected. Okay. Yes, when you are talking to an interviewer what is running into your mind is whether or not he'll get this job. Okay. So these two fears are totally different. I mean the scenario see if you yeah, actually mom my point what I'm thinking is if you know very well how to speak with a stranger. So it will be helps to communicate with interviewer. Also, according I am thinking like that is current naugahyde. It is not the case. We even if you're talking 200 strangers every day when you are into an interview scenario. It is very obvious that you get nervous because you see most of the time when we are in to interview you want a particular job badly. We really want it. Okay, and then we are trying all hard and we are. Going to get the job. So that little fear in mind is going to be there and you're going to fumble and get blank. That is okay. Okay, but what is important is how you overcome that? I think you just read you wait you breathe you think about it and then you go ahead. Okay. Yes. Yes, ma'am. You really clear my point now. I'm going to be divvied confusion about the fight. I think I'm gonna go like, you know, so while we take the can tell us like how what is the thing? Hello, German. Hi. Hi guys. Hello. Good morning. Good morning. How many I think this is the first time I'm talking to. Yeah, you are right. Can I help but says it's intimate. Okay, that's that's a very nice point. I think yeah hurry. I think you should start asking your questions to a woman or a man. If you have any questions you change that asking God if you want to share anything you can share. I think we can you know overcome our fear, you know by meditation or through meditation because it helped us to be strong from inside. You know. Yeah the stores you weren't a hurry is going through hurry. I think this is what I was talking about. So meditation is motion for them and I'm not most important like the fear and interview what you're talking I think. Meditation will give you your thoughts your thoughts. So yeah, man, please go ahead because you're our our concept conscious mind is not in control, you know earlier in life. Our subconscious mind is not in control, you know, we came we came in this world through our senses, you know in a earlier our childhood. We depend on our senses, you know. So just like, you know an after after age of 5, we develop our subconscious mind and later in our teenager. We have a some sense of you know conscious mind. So if we if we do meditation that will help us, you know to become stronger inner, you know have a yes, but it will eventually help us to conquer our fears of Angora conquer ourselves. Yeah, it is included in time. Absolutely. That's a very nice point that is put up. Thank you and through meditation we can yes. Yeah through meditation. We can develop dearness confident patients, you know more self-doubt, you know, just like delighted through kitchen it took seven years. For Buddha to turning into a good thing, you know from Saddam. All right. So yeah, I'm and I think that that is something which is very important and you have food. Well, thank you and I think that helps hurry hurry. Does that help you right now? Yeah, definitely. I will follow yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay, ma'am. Can we take a couple other colors? Are you want to ask I think hurry. There is a question in the comment section. I'm well, thank you for fingers and One message till we take is yeah, definitely. We will take a call but let me just answer this one question of ninja are Tori. Okay. He says my English and my communication skills are not good. Okay, and so beautiful English. Hello. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Okay, my question is my English and my community. And skills are not good. So multiple English version of the Han Dynasty. Yeah communication skills. They don't know me fear hair don't know kidney knowledge nihito confidentially. Nahi it not opal a conscious Hikaru and he says that please answer in Hindi if you pick my question ninja huh, Tony G, but as he had the communication boards are hey, we language speak Navajo our apis Kolkata be Jan guys are sick. Rather up directly communication Pig and danish Rookery and side-by-side up Joe heck it'll be fairly litigated qk. Yeah. I don't know Chef a disturbance in the background. Hello. Hi, can you hear me? Yeah, yes. Yeah, okay. I don't know your name. So can you tell me your names John? My name is Hari Krishna. And one more person is Vinny. Okay. Okay. Okay by them is bamboo Sabe from Islamabad Pakistan. I did my PhD in English literature from International University you so much. Are you busy? No. No, I'm not busy. You don't hear me? Yeah, I'm hearing you but something disturbance is there whether you understand is coming. Reconnect with a clear background, please ma'am. Standing water interrupting. Yeah, I don't we are not able to hear you. What did you just read your second? Let me check. Okay, I tell that my name is Mimosa p and I did my PhD from International sobbing. He was just um, but Pakistan, so I am a teacher. I am a teacher in eye-to-eye teacher. Feminism and postcolonial language apart from English teacher. I did was study in Psychology and education and history so I can't talk about English literature psychology education and history. It is your choice. Whatever you want. You can ask be free. I will talk and I will try to answer your question. Yeah, brother actually when we are Lack of confidence. I know how to introduce to I could not get you a question kind of you repeat you mean that you have a lack of confidence. Yeah. Now I don't have like a fungus. So, how do is the lack of confidence like a okay? Yeah, it sure would find her and this is question is engrossed by managed by students in University and College. Dear keep in mind one thing that whenever you want to learn some words language. So the first thing you hear you should have knowledge if you have knowledge or then there is no need of visitation and you will have confidence but if you don't have knowledge, so you will face confidence you can be confident. Period okay brother. So how to get the now? Yeah. Okay, but this is also one of the good point we want to get some knowledge about the topic to what happened to I think he's lost an action hurry and yeah. Yeah, so where does the I think I lost her. So yeah, I was just speaking to Ninja Hattori. Okay. Let me just give this answer and then we get back. Okay, okay ninja 30 Kita began with love coffee. Woman Nicole that was what a difference have TK. Or a be just a hurry nishikawa. Hurry, Kentucky. Whoa, no communication improve care to I think hurry say app called Jana Charlie. I think hurry, if you can guide him like, you know, how you got talking speaking. Well because did you just go through the books or you started also communicating till now I did a single book River so I have practiced a lot. Begin lonely. I have taken some good card. First of all, I will tell you madam my how I grew my English are very much passionate about the great smell of debates on the world of you to improve your English within this very short amount of period I will tell you the example Madam because if you are in the debate or so your mind will be thinking a very speed speed known as media in a rapid Pace. Yeah. Absolutely. We started to learn English. Each other moment I enter into any person forecast in a debate mode only I'm just asking too much questions. I'm asking too much questions and I'm giving some different answers like that way I improve myself and I've come back with two very tough fish topics in our first of all, I will tell you madam. I have taken some very efficient public like this new science AI no indication system. I said, I don't know why Association happening but I take it that type of topics then because of the topic Something like house are just so many parameters stuff and I speak about the topic so that I have improved my English ma'am because I didn't have followed in a book till now but now it is and followed after improving little bit English now so much people are given some good ideas suggestions to follow some books. So now I am following that books good good. So yeah ninja see like hairy cell hurry has started speaking there. Italy will bad Carnival. Oh, no, shook our diet. Our debates were garage oinker key and Whiskey Bar The Panini disco improve cognition Leo nuñez, Kita be referred Shruti. I think that is the easiest way. Okay, if you follow sorry. Okay suppose if your started a book Suppose, there are so many books. Are there like one one good author normal lives. I think you know what the rather Normal normal is Marvin Lewis. Sorry, I think you know about other he's a very good English author. Yeah, I have matured that book before starting this applicant before starting to speak with the person but I didn't understand I think single word how to use the book and how can I finish after practicing my English some days now I'm able to I am now have following the book. Look, it is very interesting to me. Now. I'm easily understanding the concept and I'm easily following that what they are given what she was mentioned in the book like the word for made easy. So according to me may not only according to my perception. I follow like this one the first of all I practice little bit and I improve some of some English some knowledge about the English then I practicing now books. I'm following now books. Book newspaper like videos like that. I think it is not about the father's know. I don't know but it was a it is a it is very much time for me. Okay? Yeah, because when you hear every person is not are all persons are not equal. So some person are different thinking so I cannot suggest you all the persons to follow this method only but it is the very better. Way to improve your English short period of time. Okay. Yeah because I lot of reality allotment up if I think if you seem 25 this before me, I don't I'm not able to speak a single word. Yes fact. Yeah, you have learned whatever you have learned in 25 days, right? So guys Africans to talk so well and with all the confidence in 25 days, I think anybody should anybody can okay do it. It's just that he doesn't fear getting embarrassed and I think that is the best thing to do. Yeah, I've Ben Jordan turning into because of that only debates ma'am. That is the only answer I can because of debates only I got this information. Only debates. Nothing is there. Okay, I like so much. Actually, I don't want to agree with the 1.2 million sometimes so I will try to prove my point of view in that time. I am I speak so much louder very high big sentence is because of that only I improve my age. Okay, so you are like staunch on your tree or beliefs like okay. This is the thing and make sure that you want people to understand your point or you want to make sure that point I'm not saying like a I cannot agree with the whole person point or suppose you given me suppose something expression about communication skills and out with Ricky in the interview. So yeah, I agree with you. But yeah, if I don't know about the part, I agree, but if I know I will try to improve my point in that manner. I improve my English. Absolutely. I think practice makes perfect and when you start taking up challenges like, you know debating and stuff. I think they're you challenge yourself, you know, you want to make your Point in a place where people are already good at that particular communication. They are discussing. They have their points and in such a scenario you try to put up your point with all the courage and everything, and I think that is helping you hundred. It's just, you know upgrading your that's great job, so I think there's someone and you should take this call and let's see how rocky if you want to call you can just use in their call requestable. I will take your call negative. Next Bobby. Yeah, but yeah, hi. Okay. Hello. Hello. Yeah. And stop moving. Yeah, okay to move my headphones now it is, okay. Yeah, Sao Paulo. Hello. Yeah, can I know where both are you from? Yeah, but that I am from Hyderabad so is about that. I am a student so you can just come into the point with it then what should I talk now? I was not listening your last conversation for what you are talking about. So you can listen again. Now, there is one person is there. Mr. Shafi in the line is a literature is a teacher so you can listen and you can come back again. Okay, bro. So do I have to listen your conversation to talk to you? So if you have any thoughts on it, you can kindly share. Yeah. Hello. Are you there? Oh my God. We will go to mr. Sophina. Hello. Hello, how are you buddy? Yeah, but now it's okay. Okay, okay. Cadets for the idea that if you have knowledge you have command over your subject or your topic you can talk without without any stage. You will kiss. Hello, German. Bobby I think so. Yeah see people tend to college from places where there is lot of bankrupt background noise. We can't help it, you know after all they they are taking the time to talk to also thank you. Hi Rocky. Hi weenie. Hurry Hi, how are you? Both of you? Okay. So weenie. I have a question. You yes, please. I have a 1:00 p.m. As I mentioned in comment section, but But yeah, you had that like human to treat them but sometimes it's a not happen, but you is breaking is it is it just me or yeah, same problem. Hello? No, it's clear. Hello. No, it's clear. We need a hurry. How can hear yes? Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay. Yeah, that's all right. Sure. Yeah. Just want to ask you in here. I have a 1 Cache. Okay, and yeah, and whenever it comes to time like no talk with her and that time wherever I go no front of her and that time I feel totally learn because in height I think a lot of things and to talk I will go and And, you know save say with her, but suddenly total forget front of her. So, how can I mean some talk with her? So please could you have any please suggestion, please? Yeah, see you're talking about fear of talking to females exactly exactly fear. Yeah, you can call fear because I have a fear so that's why you can't speak front of her and I totally forget your like they are also humans in the way you talk to boys you can talk to girls also, but not all know anybody like especially front of her. Okay. See that is a total different question Rocky. You see it's not about communication. Okay. It's about your nervousness. You are nervous about something and that's really you are not able to talk to a particular person you are so I think you find out why you are afraid so state that time. Okay, and why why are you scared of talking to that person who has made you feel that person will make fun of you or is it a fear of rejection you That person might think that you will feel bad. Absolutely, right? Hmm. Is there a fear that you might just lose that person if you say something and you know that person might just miss misjudge you over something. So just find out what the exact problem is and work out on that roof. Okay, other than just taking it in your mind that I cannot talk to any female show that shouldn't be the case. If you live in a global world. You have a lot of people. Yeah, it's all in your mind. Okay, just yeah, I got it. I got it and whatever you mentioned and I totally agree with you because there is a lot of fear and daughter lot of things. So, okay. Yeah, I understood and I totally understood and totally agree with you your question and sorry, I'm sure yeah, thank you so much we need and to I'm definitely I will find that type of fear, where where I will you know, I'm doing mistake. Yeah, okay. Chad take your time. Okay, don't give you actually did you just listen my question track. I think it is very helpful to you actually. Okay one more question to you be okay over there. Okay. Okay. Oh, how do you like I said, okay. There are lot of things. Okay. So like USA I heard it was saying that when you are in an interview, you are fearing the interviewer. Okay, but you were afraid that you shouldn't be lose your job. Just because if you miss communicate, okay, exactly. Yeah. Okay. It is different. He fears a particular person. I don't know why I don't know who the person is. If she's your friend. You might be hearing that you don't want to lose a friend or something, you know that particular relationship so that fear has We found out the root of that fear. Okay, and then you it and you work on it. Okay hurry. Yes. Yes. Absolutely something there's some Network issue and that is why. So Rocky you can come again brother. I think your voice is exactly I hope that sure sure sure. I really and another thing is that also a weenie. I am I want to share with you sometimes this time. Another gal Sal Soul because you know before I mean, so I mean so many days ago and I wanted to who owned it Rocky. I think you have to find a better Network and connect back to us because your voice keeps going into the void hurricane you are you able to know Nucky. I'm also getting the same. Oh my God, what happened to network brother? Hello? Hello. Hello, same network issue. Whether you can also come again. Maybe hello Irene her feelings. Are you? Okay? We have next caller. Let's let's just check. Hello. Hello. Hi Winnie higher education. How are you guys? I thought we were talking about the fear that we all face whenever whenever we are speaking. Yes. Is it the fear of public speaking or in general any kind of fear while speaking and I actually did some network issues. I'm not able to hear you guys and let's just try and yeah, we should be have to bear with it. We have to wait. Watch whether it gets better or not. Absolutely. Yeah, you know what people are staying home and internet social media is the only source of entertainment nowadays. I guess they're quite there is a load on its the network traffic your that is causing the net so we have to deal with it. Okay? No, never mind. So do you want me to say something about the fear or what? Of course, it would be great if you can say something about it and I think we all are discussing here. It's an open discussion. So yeah. Yeah, actually, I think it's a significant thing and it's not directly related to your knowledge of the your knowledge of the language. I don't think absolutely is it a if you don't know the language of obviously you cannot speak that language, but as you mentioned there are people who are good at the language, but still they are not able to To their potential when it comes to the public speakings. I think the the basic and most important reason behind it is that people are so much aware of what will happen. If somebody, you know doesn't get their point or somebody will laugh at them. They are very much conscious about, you know, people are much more concentrating on the result rather than the Actual process. Yeah, actually, yeah, that's right. And it comes it's not it's not a thing that can be removed in a day because it's not the thing which is caused in a day because it depends upon how you are up how your upbringing is because from the beginning we are told that you know, if you do something wrong people will laugh at you. What will they say? What will people say what will people do this fear that what will people say if you do something wrong is the basic reason? If people don't, you know get to their potential not in just public speaking in any field if you make a mistake and people don't allow you to make mistake don't encourage you to make mistakes. I think you just don't go towards your potential you end up being a mediocre guy or a mediocre. You know, what for Mike but whatever is there and then you don't try to explore more just because of the fear of rejection or embarrassment. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's true. And we should all that being a listener being an audience. It's our duty. Also if somebody is fumbling is somebody is not a making his point clear. We should not directly reject him. We should always think that his this performance is not up to the mark. It doesn't mean he won't do a good performance in future also, so failure is what weather is just I step towards your success if you take it, you know. in that way Hello. Can you hear me for a moment? I thought I am just speaking and nobody's listening to me no more because you are given such a good beautiful point. So that's I'm just listening website. No, but I am well therapy that you come up with you know for very so much interesting topics or which are really helpful. I think I keep losing on The Voice. Is it no, no. I think something that were fishing with you. Yeah, the same thing is happening with me also. I'm also I'm also losing your voice is in between. Yeah, I think this is the peak time where people actually use internet a lot and I want to ask you what question whether before listener before connector was asked a question because you are a boy so you can give a good answer. Okay? Okay. I'm going to ask a question. Yes, you can ask me any good. Yeah, actually before caller was ask her one question because he was told he was speaking with Particular one lady so he was very much fear about the lady because something he was said like is that person is is Crush. Okay. So, how do you welcome back to lack of condors in front of the lady? Can you suggest because you are a boy so you can easily suggest to that person so okay. Okay. I okay. Let me answer this question. If you are feeling, you know, very anxious while talking to your crush, it's not Not a very abnormal thing every will face that even if you are expressing yourself in your native language or in a foreign language the English, you will feel a little bit of you know anxious and you know normal that's a that's a normal thing. But if you want to gain confidence, then you have to believe in yourself first, you have to think that I am deserving candidate. I deserve that girl my love or whatever your friendship is pure and I think there Most if you value those emotions more than your language then you will be confident. Okay, and I also believe that the other person will also rate your love and your friendship more than your knowledge of your language. So be confident, you know confidence is something that shows in your body language you try to show it or not it shows and if you are confident and if you know that your feelings are more important if you if you yourself feel value. More feel emotions more valuable than the knowledge of language then it's not going to be a problem man. Except do you know what the one thing before Improvement is just to accept what you like first you accept. I like this. Then you work on them. Then you will improve if you don't accept if you think I'm good good good. Then you want Improvement. There is always a scope of improvement. I understand. I understand that he is anxious in front of that lady because he wants to be with that lady forever. So he thinks that if I make a mistake, then the lady will reject him, but it's not the case man you are going to make mistakes, but not not any girl is going to reject you for. Your knowledge of your language, even if she rejects you for that. She's not a deserving girl stop, you know, I stopping stop following that girl it is as simple as that get the answer lucky. Yes. Thank you very much whether you are really cleared. The question is I think very well you have put that thing. Yeah, three to if you guys are chasing the wrong people because the right people will support you no matter what your language is. How you be? Yeah. Yeah. This is the I think I'm telling you if a girl is not liking you because of your knowledge of language. I think she is not the right girl for you, man. You cannot be good at everything. You know, there are more people in this world who are who knows only one language if you are trying to learn another language you are doing better than those people. Yeah. It's not a big deal exactly. Talking to crash. I think a lot of guys here who would find that abuse. So my one more question to you as if you don't mean I can okay. Okay, you can ask me anything actually when the people are speaking with boys suppose me. Also it is speaking boy. I am so much confident I can speak in a very fluently. But since it's sort of lady, I don't at least I can ask Speak that much of cotton. I just using my compass. Not only can you suggest something? How about how yeah, yeah. Yeah, I can suggest you I can suggest you. Okay, you know the answer by yourself you said when I'm talking to boys, I'm good and fluent and confident. It means there is no problem in your knowledge of language. You have the knowledge because you speak knowledge you speak the language in front of boys. It means your knowledge is on point. Where do you lack? In you lack in your confidence. Why because you always try to perform and I always try to get selected life is not about performing man. It's all about expressing yourself when you are in front of girl. Don't try to perform the language. No, you are not there for a performance and she's not going to give you marks for that. Okay, so just be relaxed value yourself more than anything else. You think if I'm less confident even then I am value myself. And gradually if you you know, if you put yourself in those, you know, uncomfortable situation for one or two times third time, you will become confident. So if you are sitting there on your couch in your house, you are not going to be confident go phase and comfortable and be comfortable with the uncomfortable gradually, you will become competent. It is not easy. Not until you know until you get embarrassed for one or two times. You won't get too confident. I have to tell you go and be embarrassed for one or two times third time. You will improve I cannot guarantee that on the your first go you will be very confident. But you have to take that chance Beyond be comfortable with the uncomfortable try uncomfortable things. Then you can only become comfortable. Yeah, absolutely. I think that's a great point. It's really nice. Yeah, I never expected this dancers weather and the Rockies asking some good questions and really very informative stuff. I am dealing with because of decision. Oh my God, Mom, and I just want to tell you one thing you are a good guy. Your soul is very pure and your intentions are very good. Why are you less confident value yourself Jews should I do I will tell you brother. I don't have any lot of condos in front of any boys in develop because brother I have studied in my school in from boys school in my school. Only after that to I have started intermediate for two years with the co-education. I don't know I have so much fear after that. I have started to protect from mechanical engineering. So I think mechanical you have you are Lex Lex less exposed to girls. I get your point. Yeah, but Tell you what, I told you I will tell you in front of me. I know you're I let me tell you one honest thing. You are less confident in front front of girls because you want to win their hearts and don't they always try to win every girl's heart. Okay, don't perform. Mother that I don't want I have not feeling about everything after everything but especially when you are trying to speak then only we getting the fear how will get down girls are you know, you know, I tell you one thing girls are more kind than boys if you make a mistake boys can make for your fun, but girls won't make your fun girls are more open for mistakes and they will forgive they will forget your mistakes even faster than boys. I I've seen this girls are not looking for a perfect boy girls are looking for a boy who can care for them. Not a perfect boy. No girl is looking for a perfect boy man. Girls are looking for the boy who is very simple and can care for them. You know, that is the truth. Yeah, you know one thing about something you are not then maybe my God something thin. We are into into inder you tell people are failed in the interview because of all there is no black that is the reason why I'm asking again and again because not only you brother. So many persons are reviewed care about this person. This big one that they are so much notice. Yeah. I don't know. Yeah, I will deliver. The situation is similar sessions also in front of my principles all the scars and very very loud. People are there. I was invited to thousand Are they in the seminar a Viper in the Public's with like the member colleges? Yeah, I can easily speak in front of single lady have field not only me something 10 to 15 people feel. You know, who that is the the fact of whether a face with my sister in my life. I'm the person that's the reason why I'm asking again and again same question deputy. Yeah, I was losing your voice man, so I could not understand what your question is. We need you know, I think can you explain it? Yeah, when he's not speaking anything weenie. Can you say something to you guys? I'm really amused. It's fun. It's fun actually listening to you guys talk about don't you think the headache is nice left confident in front of girls because he is try to win their hearts all the time. No, no, no. I think like you know, you know what when boys when boys are talking to boys they are just expressing and what was that? Absolutely and I thought you two girls. They're performing good to go. Absolutely true. I should I agree on that and I think Harry is not under pressure when he talks to us I think is really open and I think whatever I have observed. I don't know why I tell you my example before my marriage whenever I have I met my wife because we dated for four years. I was I was keeping myself very clean and I was wearing good shirts speaking very gently and you know for treating myself as a perfect person. But after marriage, I don't even bath for two days. I just you know, I just stick my finger in my nose in front of I don't care what I know now, I don't perform and so just be relaxed because you already Listen, I think if there is any person who for whom what kind of language you speak or your presentation skills are important. I think they are just someone they are not there cannot make a good couple with you. You are never going to happen. Yeah. So always look for someone who can accept your mistakes your you know, what code should I call whatever you lack? You should find a person who can accept you with that. Don't show that you are good at everything. Don't you know because we all have some some, you know deficiencies we all have some loopholes, but we can work on them. But we need people who can accept us with them with the yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, that's very important only then your life will be smooth. Otherwise, you will be complaining to each other. You showed that your this but you are not doing this. It's like showing your salary 2 lakh rupees with where you are doing 20,000 rupees what will and after marriage you will have fights so don't show something exaggerated so what them the truth hello hello hello can you hear me yes I can hear you guys so when they are you there I think Vinny is trying to take someone is willing to take someone else's call and I think that's the right thing named Winnie do you do you want to take someone else on your podcast yeah I think we'll be in then by Night mr. K yeah I think you I think you should give them the equal amount of time and the opportunity because everyone is trying to be the part of your great podcast and I want to let them down so yeah really thank you very much though actually I expected something Thank you. Yandex petition circuit. Okay. Thank you guys for being so generous towards me. Thank you very much. Bye thank you. So yeah. Yeah really weenie. I didn't expected this much of answers, you know, I experienced something but here beyond the explorations it was coming from my god really wonderful session in thank you very much for that. Thanks Harry. I think one hour and I think how much how much time is it one or 20 minutes and I You colors. So yeah there. Mr. Kay Hi, how are you? I'm good. How are you guys? And hurry, how are you doing? Wonderful, brother. I think you deserve by continuously. And do anything that one thinks it's just just tell me one thing do girls look scary to you why we think that you're not good enough to talk to them. We're just talking about first of all how scary about the perceptron is at least listen. Listen. Yeah, they look like normal humans, right? They're not have a scary face there. They don't look different. They're just another human being so you just treat them human beings rather than treating them, you know separately certain like you'd think that there another species. I think that's why you know scared, you know, one thing brother when I come to window podcast. Also, I just to pray to God, please God. She's like, you know, nobody should fear talking to Vinny. Yeah. Well, well, I think you know, it's not just about Spinny or any other girl here. I'm just saying that if you are willing to talk to someone it's about talking not impressing her impressing. Someone is difficult. But when you're talking about having a conversation with someone, it's quite simple. You just say hi and to start the conversation. Absolutely or you have some you have something in your mind. That's another case like you you want to date a girl is straight. Like hey, oh you do want to go out if you have said that. Kind of mentality in your mind that on the first meeting you're going to decide where you will go tomorrow. It's going to be the really the true God talking is difficult. Yeah. See that is a question in the comment section. Okay by Frank Lobo. He says that I talk I speak too fast. Okay, and how do I control it to be? I think you should write him a little bit on that. So you can record yourself and listen it if you find that you speak really fast and you don't pronounce words correctly, or if it don't get you know, like sometimes they are a lot of people who speak really fast. If you talk about Hindi they speaks literally so fast, but one can understand them. So it depends upon how clear you are. It doesn't matter whether you speak faster slow, but it should be extendable Okay. Yeah absolutely talking fast or slow is I think when you are more nervous about a particular thing you tend to speak faster and only one more thing. Actually, I have one question you both. Can I ask my question is? Is it possible is it important to become a good speaker? If we are speaking in a fast manner only they know the people will get like we had a good speaker. Our it is not mandatory to speak asked. Have you ever seen at her video? Did you ever see dead videos? Okay, so speaking in the fast man that is not important to become. Yeah. Yes, not the pace doesn't matter. Actually I think people should understand what you're talking and if you are speaking slowly people are tied up to your conversation. I think they are they are indulging in your conversation to look at our prime minister when he starts speaking. He speaks very slow. Absolutely. Yeah. Like maybe day before yesterday. He was he came on the TV again with its page or you know board 21 days this thing. So he was just like MIT throw like he takes pauses so often It makes the audience curious like yeah, because they're waiting what he's going to say next. So if we taken that much of bosses, it will be very boring. Now weenie. I love mr. K. So how you say that it will take some time off work to the first of all man. It's all about conveying the message. It's not like, you know, like motive Oslo. Somebody people know Kobe some people okay, the people who come up on stage and talk. It is important for them to take a pause and talk and everything. But when Talk no anomaly like you and all of us are talking right now. So I don't think we are taking long pauses and trying to be poetic and you know, very what do I say to speak like an orator or something? Okay. I think we're doing we have we are having a conversation. So it's going to be at our comfortable space. Sure, brother. I want to ask you one question with it how you're speaking in a very good manner with the really you are promising in a very good way come on the accent. He's talking about your I started learning English without knowing grammar and I learn. Started speaking English with foreigners not within are you from India are for Andrew? I am a barge a parabolic Arc be a by after bottle of cheap vodka. You are speaking like a native speaker. I'm right. Come on as he also says you always want to be to talk in Hindi lot of times. I have even said I haven't requested him like, you know, mr. Cookie, please speak clearly and be like hey, how are you? Do you think my Hindi sounds different? Yeah mind is also grow and eventually what happens is when they speak Hindi. You speak Hindi like with the English accent like am IA Korea? Who so that is where it gets irritating. Okay, that that is not the case. And if you can speak both the languages with the proper accent, I think that that should be great. You know our answer like Carrie Fisher man. It depends on the go like like if you if you if you have a goal to improve your accent or if you want to settle down in another country or you have to deal with foreign. Ants, then you should think about changing or improving your accent. But if this is not a goal that I would just suggest you to improve your fluency improve your vocab and please be confident. I think you you're good, but you don't know how good you are. But uh, yeah, I know but that I can do the I will tell you one one more time. I guess we could. Revival available, but I can speak it again. That is the reason you asked me to podcast with you and very well and you have guts to ask her and I couldn't even ask her her real name down and I saw cool we could because we don't embarrass me now. We're just giving him a hint. So please give some. Anunciacion and how to improve our accent please give because you are speaking like a native speaker, but you are Indian. I'm really surprised by USB key to please blow which lay eggs all separate English neighborly. Just think Hindi nidhi English English Hindi Tamil deal. He ball down. It's so good to hear you speak Hindi. Yeah. Something different whether I think when I speak in the people, they are like they are laughs large trucks obvious. You have that under accent in your Hindi. So it's obvious people lose eventually if you keep talking isn't it? Of course practice is the key. Yeah. And then tell me how to improve our extent like your native speaker. Give me some tips. But I think I do you think how do you should do a podcast with who be about accented everything like that guy his Gotham? Yeah. But I can guide you. I mean he's doing it's his job and I have a collaboration with already Guru growth of like accent Communications position like that. But if he's busy, okay, so well changing your accent is is really tough because it's something that you are not. Like it's out of your comfortable Zone. Even for me. It is really tough to go back normal. Like I want to speak like what are you doing? How are you bro? Like I was trying to get back but it is really impossible because this is the way I train my tongue and my mind to talk in this manner. So you have to change your habit, which is really tough. But if you if you if you are persistent and you just keep practicing on a daily basis, I think you can improve it. There are plenty of channels on YouTube. One of them is for a child like Rachel's English. That's really great. Yeah, I think Rachel's English is great. Even I've gone through it someone you are also watching the English from us. You are already good speaker, and we're also how do you see it's not about being a good speaker. Like we have to keep upgrading I guess and because in my field we don't communicate a lot. You know, we don't speak a lot. So when should you what happens is if the I just lies there it just rushed. So it's very important that a job needs to be a No-No again. Another thing. I would just suggest you to understand other accent. It'll be for learning anything new. You should understand them, you know other speakers like it's really tough for Indians to listen a British guys because they pronounce words that are difficult accent is beautiful. I know I don't have to British accent. It's great Americans. Also, I think they are a little bit asked when we talk. Okay, but British like they have a Poise, you know, when they talk. Okay, there is the pronunciation and their voice toning really love it ja but Americans are expressing in a beautiful manner, I think because I have speaker is a photo three conversations with American people in this application only they are looking like other expressing different something different. We like to finish making that person even is seem to be like hi Ru Krishna. How are you? Oh my God, like you something because they are familiar bro. There are many there are many Indians in America. That's why they're welcoming everybody because America is all about, you know welcoming every culture from different part, but when it come to you know, this United Kingdom, they're there they speak differently and they have some you know this thing they colonize our country to they it's kind of like a different mindset. They're having Absolutely. I think British etiquettes and the talking way also is really beautiful. I mean talk the sarcasm also is totally different if you compare it to Americans also, okay, absolutely there there it's all about class when it's come to bring yeah. So if you compare like the Australian English, okay, it's totally different. Yeah, although they using the same British vocab. But then the the way of talking is totally different. Yeah, it's all about you know did if you go to the southern part of India their neighboring state jobs guy like to to me, maybe I can say this is same Malala Telugu Tamil Tabu, like everything is same but if you ask a guy from their reason, like from that region, they will easily said no man, the humans are different. Absolutely. Yeah actually mr. K sorry brother one person's gender missed it after how many Sorry, guys. Come on, man. I'm gonna be okay. Just allow him. Okay. Oh my God. Thanks. Thanks. If I get a chance, I would love to listen to that podcast. How to message that is my real name what we need is my real name. Okay to our kayaks up to that ask you later when there is no one around. Okay, real good very soon. All right. Okay. What was the YouTube channel he mentioned it is Rachel's. It's okay. It's Rachel's just go and check that out. It's good. Hello. No, is it possible to block someone who's known as you people doing broadcast daily? So may you can block crucially it's not actually it's not possible to certain people from commenting. You can report the accompany. You just hold that particular comment button and then you get another person he cannot come to your coworkers. But we cannot block the person completely. Okay, you can block. Yeah person is trying to misbehaving or any bad comments in your forecast. We can block the person after the poor cause you can tell them I'm such a father for so sorry to keep you waiting on she apologized for it and Bait that you have joined us and okay. It doesn't matter guys. So add-on. Which matter you are discussing. Hello. Yes. Can you yes, I'm asking that what's your matter about discussing? Sorry, you've been waiting for so long I have yes. Yes Yes. Actually, I don't know the actual matter. Yeah, I actually like that. You are just listen. Okay? Okay. Okay, you're entertaining you are funny person him right? No no, no, no. English or any other language? So yes, yes, bro. I'm telling you that if you want to speak better English than you have to only think in English don't think in India like we are using Hindi language. So we think an indie so we can is taking the what we will think in Hindi everything sorry in English than we can improve your English as if there is a mistake if there is a difficulty coming in such a vocab. In such a difficult words, then you have to write them in your diary or click their meaning and then use them in sentence or in your own language. Then you will be able to improve your English. Okay. So this is one more point where you got I got now, so don't do you don't try to transform the language Hindi to English. I'm right. Yes, you are. Right. Don't don't try to convert that as I am. Telling you that if you'll first of all if you will think in India after that, you will convert that thing so you will face difficulties, but if you will think in English like I am doing I don't think about Hindi every time so I'm trying to actually I own my 12th class exam. So one month ago, and now I'm preparing for some defense jobs like NBA, so I am trying to improve my English because they're there is a required or requirement of English in India SSB interview. there Hello. Hello. Yes, who is that Willie? Are you there? Okay road so you can talk to me if they have been a is not there. He can also give some good points. But that's the reason why I'm asking we named our son. Yeah, tell me brother. Yeah, actually he is she not a very good luck Center and that's the reason why I'm falling behind. Okay, okay. So so yes for us to go tell me what's your profession bro? Because I will concentrate committed on that. I have completed my btech from mechanical engineering and now I am preparing for gate examination. That's great. Have you bro? Have you think I have you think any time to join Indian army have pink? Butter butter a little bit too lazy to run. So animals are too lazy row, but I am not going through open birthday. I told you that I go through NDA. I try to go through NDA You Know Have you listened and time about ND? Yeah indeed. I know brother National Defence Academy. This is one of the yes. Hello, you can speak a lot brother. You can be some English videos, which you get onto. Okay, you can see English movies. It's okay. Yeah, you can list them and right you can read the books to see, you know, try to move. I like to take the feelings of that. You know, I'm involved in their feelings. So I forgot that you would I was learning what I was getting vocab for her English language. Yeah, brother what I'm saying you that thing only you just had to just watch the movie brother continuously watching English movie. You can observe some words. You can easily learn know what it what is moving in front of you. What is going on. Okay. What? In the movie so he can understand I am you can easily learn English also from but yeah, it is not that much easy to learn English for police, but it it can help you to learn another language how they are easily understand The Language by simply native speakers. So the that person that accent is something very difficult to understand for the time. So if We'll listen if you still come in a movie. So if you see movies like that, so yeah, how do you can easily understand the language English language and you know, bro, I am telling you something that if if you are talking to some foreign years then they go to a very quickly that we are from India. Yeah, you know, what's the reason? What is the exam is because of our accent? Yes, our excellent. That's there is an X. That is the one thing I said. Important because most of the things you can't say. This is our lack of confidence and they are not saying me that I am speaking bad. They are saying me only that you are from India. I said, yes, I'm from India. Okay, then. Yes, we bought it because your offer speaking of Your Action, you know mostly is here about accessibility. Yes state. Yes, yes. Yes. Okay. So I think we need is busy in the comment section. I don't know a lady. Are you are only changing Vinnie? I'm here bro. Talk to me. Yeah, we will talk brother, but that's the reason why I'm asking okay, okay. Chicken will be very mail account compared to me. Okay, bro. Tell me how much time we have to discuss spot 15 minutes on have to go there now or I have a you know, you have I think you have also some others who are is requesting to join. I'm right now there is no person before okay. Okay, so, okay. So let's continue. Okay, bro. So yes, we are talking on the improving skills of English language, okay. Actually, I'm using that I'm using the app bodytalk from about approximate four or five days. So after then I think I got something Implement in my English speaking because of I'm telling you bro, as I am from estate board you pay board. I have given my exams from UK board after then I try to speak in front of guys, you know, there is nobody who try to speak only I can And I tried. Hello. Yeah, bro. What happened to you? No, no, nothing bro. I know it will not come. Hello. Yeah, brother. It's okay now, I'm sorry, bro. I'm not getting your waste properly. What's happening? I think your voice is vibrating your sound so Call your buddy. Who's that weenie. Cold your body. I want to talk to her. We need I think she's out of available. Okay? Okay, it doesn't even matter go. Okay. Okay, as long as RAM, I'm talking to you soon. There is no sign of Life loudspeaker here ha ha. There is no option of loudspeaker are loudspeaker. Yes. I don't know brother. I'm not getting your point what you're saying? Okay, just leave it. Okay, so I think you don't have any matter to discuss true talk actually. Oh my God, what's happened? What happened to guineas in the comment section only what you say what you say what you said it was the only comment section you are. There are something I don't know. Okay. Okay, brother and I'm asking I'm going to ask something to you and you have given so lonely in one minute. Okay? Okay, tell me and if I have these qualities of yourself tell me any five discs qualities of your this qualities here. It's called days and hurry up bro your time your time is going on and you have only one minute. Yeah, brother my first it is called these I don't know how to speak with the lady. First okay. I'm not active always live up to in some particular situation, but I'm not a situation. Okay? Bro, you're aware is not here know where your voice is not coming properly after then I am I'm guessing that two votes. Are you saying that I'm doing? Okay? Okay. Oh my God, what happened to your network whether you are? No natural. There's no problem in network grow. There's no problem after that. I don't think actually I had not heard the earphones brother. You are not are not seeing you. I think what's happened, you are not seeing in my case screen. Okay. So what's happened to network? Actually, let me brother. What is your fight this qualities? They okay and too talkative person. I can irritate anybody's by my talk. Okay. The second thing is that I am too fond of using phone to my third dish qualities. I can't wake up in the morning. No, I can't say I don't wake up in the morning. Okay my for this quality is that I don't do exercises. And my fifth disc quality is sometimes I got angry. I don't know what's happened to me. But sometimes I got angry in little things. You know, these are my five discs qualities. Okay, bro. Okay. Yeah phone is also one of my disk all together. I destroy your phone is one of my okay, so can you can you please repeat what you said bro? Yeah. Yeah, you said another something four or five discs qualities in the discourses phone is one of my this quality better. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay using too much foam sometimes. Yes, my best holiday. Hello. Yeah, brother. Yes, okay. Yeah, I know. It's okay with me in the comment box. Now it's okay, brother. I am. Hello, can you hear me? Hello? Hello? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, it's okay. So if anyone is there brother you can just send you a request we have. Having me can you give a clear idea lat? Yeah, you can give a Okay. Okay. Hello, can you hear me? Yeah, yeah, I'm here. So really we need you are given such a beautiful opportunity and I learned so many things from this thing and now I'm really confident. actually, I yeah, but The real thing is I never expected this much of answers from some people but really some good people are connected to us like a sheesh I missed Asahi. Yeah, so something something very crucial points. I got from that also. Thank you very much into because of you and this is how things I think Hello. Thank you very much. Yeah, I will see if there is any good topic is there I will try to send a request to you again, okay? Hello, Willie. Are you there? Yeah, now, you know when we actually I am glad to see here because if you're not given me this chance, so I think these people will not come into my podcast because you are the star that's why these people are came other way. Okay. Yo, Kevin. No, no. Yeah, I actually give me one more thing. I'm expecting something very seriousness. But really they are citizens. Also there I am some fun. He's also happened really very much good to conversation. I never expected this. Shh. Exactly exactly. I'm also see. Yeah. If you taken a serious topic suppose is suicides you are making fun. What is the sense of yeah so is yeah, so it is very serious topics because so much people are happening because of suicide something so it's not corrected. Yeah. I've also selects I like you when I take a serious topic I will mix Is only Winner Takes funny like this. This is not a party. This is not too serious. I'm right. This is not the end on top. Yeah, so really so yeah. No you don't say thanks because you are really here because I Yeah, thank you very much Whitney and I will meet you with another topic. Thank you very much. And really I've happy okay with that. I think we have only 20 seconds left. Hi guys. Thank you very much for your support. I am so much guys are there and Yeah got 10 seconds 9 the I-70.