Hello everyone. So today we are having a conversation with Meghna. Meghna is this super awesome fitness trainer at cult, and she's had this amazing journey to Fitness which we would love to know more about and Meghna would like to share her insights into fitness, how she got started with it and what would she advise anybody who's starting their journey now. So welcome Meghna. Thank you so much for taking this time out and talking to us. Perfect. Goodness, same here. So let's dive in magma. So why don't we start with you know, I just you taking us back to your journey that I get. How did you get into this? What where did the motivation comes from? So just you know, feel free to share whatever you think got you started in this journey. Absolutely. Integrated in some ways. I started my fitness journey of quite unhealthy lie. I would say with lots and lots and lots of cardio just cardio the treadmill with my best friend, uh-huh more than that. My diet was questionable. Like I just hit a binge eat digestive biscuits can kind of call it a day. Okay. okay, and I'm sorry. In terms of strength, but but then but then we know what what actually inspired you to that. See there are a lot of teenagers or people who want to get fit. But what was the Zeal in you to you know be better or even go to a point where you saw that you need a trainer. Great. Okay. So the thirteenth juror who II didn't I never thought I needed a change. Yeah, and the reason I was motivated to go to the gym was different as a child has expired. Either way. I wouldn't call myself like extremely obese for definitely like that puppy class and I was very determined to lose it when old people are actually yeah, you know, they'll go in with a lot of motivation and it's that motivation Fizzles out. I will tell you Well, yeah, but for me, I think like once my motivation present. Did you going to the gym? Hmm my first to go for two months eventually once motivations phase-out you denying habit is a simple example coordination cannot last forever. Absolutely. Absolutely true. Yeah and for me and we could personal trainer. I didn't really ever think I needed one because I never wanted to lift weights. Yeah. Believe me five years ago. If you told me that, you know, you'd be this girl with muscles and be taking class. I would never ever ever even want to believe nice. Hmm. So that's the way it resists all that stigma around. So make them this very interesting point. I should do very interesting points. You made one was your motivation or building a habit to ensure that your motivation doesn't fizzle out. I think that's a great point. You made there. And did you realize this? Did you realize this by trying things out or you actually, you know, you you knew this or somebody had a media where that this is how this is the only way for you to know if you really want to stay motivated to push yourself Right, I am. I didn't know that. I will because I think I am. Is going on course, it wasn't even a point of contention for me. It was just that I want to go to the gym because spies main goal in life was taking if I lose weight. My life will be green. Absolutely. Absolutely - my life is negative. I'm going to be there. And I went hard at the gym and then I definitely pain-free that I didn't enjoy it. I like the fat. It sells like I was accomplishing something new. I didn't enjoy it. I kind of still wet because like I said that notification once this is out of this and used to going for the time Flores the chorus will I do I don't want to be no liar and watch TV and I are doing great for that. I've never been to the gym and I give myself a nice nice and then the second point that you made about was the to whatever what is the point in time in your journey when you realize that okay, I've given it all what I can but I still maybe there's something missing in the routine and that's when probably would have realize it. Okay. Let me just try it out for a couple of months with the trainer and maybe probably that was the instance when you would have said that. Okay, let me Go go with the trainer and see how it turns out. So how so how long was that Association? How long did you you know really work on your Fitness with the trainer as well? Right. So I think at this point in time I was about maybe two years into working out. So when I think about it is a lot of cardio and I used to do a lot of group classes. Okay, you noticed a lot of high intensity cardio classes this semester and at the time I was doing my masters in the in case, okay, and we have a very big dream culture their solar energy is ready normal and group classes were great way to meet people as a single. A lot of tools and then I was just attached to the gmask that I just loved everything about it. Okay, when I came back in here, I didn't feel the same Vibe. So I joined the gym. Hmm what I have no idea what that's one kind of therapy side. I think I need to invest in our personal trainer and I will tell you that is the best decision I've made in dated because of that personal trainer. I know today no other way about Wow, well now that Magnus of I didn't want to touch upon this but now that you've highlighted the importance of the trainer in your journey. So if there is somebody if they're our listeners out there who are contemplating of working out with the trainer or or taking help from trainers. Is there anything that you would is there any two three tips that you would want to give them at this point which is how should they choose a trainer or how should they find somebody whom they can work around with or the trainer can work around. How should they find? Note that absolute fit because I'm assuming that you really have to you know, gel or really have to understand the trainer as well and vice versa to so, how would how would they yeah, yeah. See that's a little bit of a tough one because night in life. You can't just find the right person. You could use that fact that I actually had something to get lucky. So a lot of people wanted their first thought is let me see how well for the fight. It is vital that makes a difference. Yes. Hmm, you can have all the certifications in the world. But if you don't do anything with them, if you don't like I like to call it update your personal fire OS right? Nice. You know what? Yeah. Okay. You're going to be seen this person on days when you don't feel like working out. You rely on the most. Address doesn't take me show you the correct for make sure they're not meeting with all information information, especially as a beginner direct interaction you have with the perpetrator if you seem like you like they're buying their energy their personality. That's a very good sign. If you can be measured board and uninterested. That's probably how they are a trainer expect them to be invested in your goal then we'll bring you see Someone who is enthusiastic and happy to be on the floor will be not giving you information is helping you out. Even when you're not being divided into Mega. The only person is interested in doing what they're doing and that once you know, you have to the energy the up their knowledge. Those are the two important things. I think maybe I will do a child specialist the best way to yeah. Okay. I'll say When you ask the trainer and without any disrespect and a lot of trainers will not pursue Gators will give you that. You know that while also trial session to great. So okay coming back to the coming back to the journey now, so let's say TC 2 years into your into your health regime. That's when you you associated with the trainer. And then when did the shift happened shift off when you when you thought this is what I really want to do as a career as a professional also aware. You must be preparing for a career in some other field or industry and then when did you think that'll get this is what I really want to do with this is what is your true calling? It's So I have this point I was in love with going to the gym. I just love lifting weights and nursing what I'm going to do. Hmm, Jim became my number one priority. I wanted to leave work early. Okay anytime we bought it was all have to do is look at work out. Okay. Of course that this is something I really really really enjoyed. I would mix night out because I would have to make up. Regular guest Rollins actually into digital marketing. Oh fantastic. This is in India. Yeah a job. I would not be stressful job in definitely high demand where there's no single line of working and non-working your kind of all the types in one place. My only thoughts and I'm setting up a laptop. Would you know and I might work and all that stuff, okay. I think I reached. one morning I was Was anybody okay and if I don't cry now? Hmm, if I don't try to shift my theory at this stage in my life, and it's my favorite line as well. If not now when it's not me who well, I always said my says this and it is my favorite favorite favorite Internationals every time I want to tell you. those people every time I am consumed hmm, I ask myself that both commitments in life you have Have you and I made a proper food in Congress. Wow, and it was very very scary for me. Yeah, you know how it is jumping from industry to Industry where II didn't work on Big Bird. I was so scared as a gorgeous and we can working out. What if I start making the journey. Yeah. What if I don't make it It was like a whole bunch of things if you know where I was extremely nervous, but a lot of it had to do with number one crustacean of not really living my passion and doing my job seven four seven three that I was getting paid really well for my back but not eating crappy expecting to hear, you know, ecstatic every day of my life. Hmm. So I thought if one day was I like okay, you know what I want. To do this today. I want to see what I could change today, but when it came to the gym, I just I Wow, that's a fantastic. That's really a fantastic notion. Now there, you know, so a great barometer to judge whether there's something that you really want to do or not. Do lasting. Yeah, very scary and dust what I would like like to reiterate because you know, I yeah, I should I Google chair and I'll do this and Lasting power wasn't thinking so it was just it was just not happening. And I remember I was on my way to work. What a great way to figure this is the so this was the so the question which I was thinking of asking later on that. Okay. How did how did your family take take to this your decision? But you answered it already. Hmm. Yeah, so they go by semi Having me you know, it's there. So proud of me. It's difficult to take his class. Not many people do it people get comfortable and complacent in my lifestyle to through and Below you can see me doing this has changed my life too much in terms of who I am as a person. Correct here. It is not irritable or not snap fitting because untruly doing what I want to do, and I know what's also initiate the richest improve relationship also, Throughout the majority leader standard work should like we should like absolutely absolutely so it's like so then we know when was it let's say so you started two years. So you start you were working on for two years as part of your gym Journey then you started the trainer. So when was it how long Was it when you actually took the plunge to you know become to take this up as a full-time career? So I just thought like okay, I'll go try like what was that enough? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because you and I didn't hear back from them for months because they have 4,000 applications coming in. So I thought okay cool. I didn't get it. But at least I tried for are tech make myself feel better going to call me before you go. Can you come in tomorrow? Awesome. Nice There's that I said, where do you want me to come? I'm not huh? Nice. Nice. Nice. Awesome. Awesome. So yeah, please so you were talking about how you had then jumped into your as a professional and this was a great story that you shared that on your so what happened on your first they are let's see if maybe the first month were you nervous? Were you excited? You know, what because reduces your maybe within a couple of days from being a student and from being, you know getting fit you are actually teaching people. So, how was that? shift it was actually really Under Disability. I just hated documents. Justin betti conscious person, you know, someone is looking at me as being very uncomfortable. Okay, and I consider myself to be flies soft-spoken reading aloud. Okay, and I remember they would be like, okay instructions. Not a you know easy pill to swallow that this is one confident girl. Hmm. He's watching my fault. That's a little scary for them as well. Yeah, I mean, I think it was just time and then the only thing I could tell myself is you know, so yes, I've heard the deep end. No, he's into it. You never gets a 100% correct and now like I promise you I'm not even exaggerating even in my beans and creaming 1 2 3 awesome awesome. How long Very shy timid person. Hmm the being extremely confident talking in front of people number one. Hmm. I've learned how to talk much louder than a to I want anything if like it's a very reassuring factor that okay to get made the right decision. I'm here. I think another coach. I feel like I'm doing well. Hmm. I love what I'm doing. I want to abolish their business. I want to do better. I love my job. Awesome. They are very few people in the world who can actually say that that's super good to hear. Nice. So how long how long has it been meghna for you now, so from the day when you started and today how long has it been as a professional coach and trainer? So I'm just been one and a half years into it. All right, well for one and a half years you're doing amazing. Wow. Yeah, I mean Awesome. Awesome. So summing. Okay. Now as a trainer, what do you what do you recommend or what are some of the things advice or tips that you want to give out to people who are in their fitness journey is or who are maybe starting now or who are thinking about you know, getting fitter version of themselves. What are some of the things from our I think most of the things are probably from a mindset or nutrition perspective, but what would be some of those let's it top three things that you would Recommend or tell anybody if you don't if they come for a serious advice to you. So I have a fabulous. to me Listen to me. Hmm newbie to the gym and I always tell them the same thing. Hmm. You need to first start by stepping small attainable goal if you're going to say and retinal scan pages in one month. Yeah, that means went extremely unrealistic not all with me. I will make it to the gym once a week. For example. Okay, I will definitely I lay out of my gym clothes I put this stuff on and This week I can make it was Jim. I need one family business and he wanted a week small and then building on those small habits because when you spread small attainable goals that feeling of accomplishment will take what we have accomplished a small thing. We can move on to accomplishing regarding you don't jump straight into it. And then you get disappointed. I was not able to be decided today. Nobody in one month. You're definitely is very unlike. Like me that you follow suit because it will according to the point of needing to to I would say starting with small bowl. You can lift 10 kgs, or the first any Community you can give you extremely strong but you know, maybe you can't and it's okay to can't we start small and we just need to be unbelievably patient when it comes to your body. Actually. I think that's a brilliant point. You made me know the second one. How do you how this how does one be patient because you know in this whole world of specially being super connected we are we are tuned for those instant gratification things. You know, they are we as soon as we upload a photo on Instagram we need to see likes or as soon as we do something we need to be rewarded for that. So how does how does one tune their brain? Do you know being patient with it's a process? It's probably not just a Sprint. You need to learn you need to be patient with your body some and how do you instill that as a trainer? See, I think what he said was absolutely right. This instant gratification world that were in I think the social media will also sell it to you. You don't drink this Clementine will be described baby. You know me and people will buy that only because they don't move better and you can't blame them. So first thing I would say is like you can't believe that hmm because there's no shortcut. Unfortunately, I wish there was it said because you know, my mom used to tell me the same thing. She said it was a shortcut. Everybody would be doing everybody. Yeah, everybody, you know, well, I think how you implement patients is by just putting your head down and crying regardless number one. It's just Working without expectation. I know more difficult but these are practices we need to put into place. Correct. I'm not doing this for anything. I'm doing this because I feel like maybe someday days and if it doesn't hurt, that's okay. And the other thing you need to do is really educate yourself because I feel like a lot of times I was expecting, you know to see results very quickly and I want already seated myself about you know, the body in general and Into my body. I think the lawyers are changed for me because I realized that okay. This is actual science subject, you know when you cut like this time right to know cannot so therefore when you have zero knowledge and active paths in front of you cannot expect anything else and a lot of people who said these corporate side this diet, you know five years ago, and I can't think I have some working. Your body is changing too true to its all I really believe that all the things take time. You know, this can be this can be applied and everything embarrasses. You know, I feel like I'm working so hard and working, you know painting at the gym everyday or I'm working so hard at my job. Something are getting a promotion at still not getting there is still not moving with hmm. But the fact of the matter is that you have to be patient with these things. You cannot expect. Influence with us because certain things are just you don't have to go yet go and grow through the process, correct. Any angry against any ëismí actually don't know probably let me just see if I'm big cookie dough still. It's a great thing that I really enjoyed to be expecting is just be aware. This trigger is always impatient. Yeah, you realized that, you know, this is for not worth. It just got patience and support even the nicest people. I really really believe that Absolutely, absolutely. So there's something interesting that you mentioned there about diet. So mingle would you would you do you recommend something that that works or you know, which shows result? Of course there are those Timeless gems like okay eat home-cooked food or eat vegetables more but is there something in particular that you think has stood out for you or for the for the students who are whom you are working with which typically you think you know. These x-rays or brings in that positive mindset. diet it messes with your brain number one. You're dying. What is the diet? The diet is basically what you're eating on a daily basis in your diet. Yeah, just changing that into a storm. That's just so it has to work so hard for you. I do not explain it in any other way. So I would say I have a very simple philosophy on diet and nutrition and that is a little hard to get us the address. Stop asking work of fireworks, you know all this stuff. Yeah. I don't if you're not willing to you know, add app information. You are not going to go anywhere. Number one. I've never ever ever recommend that to anyone at work fairly and simply which is if you want to gain weight to update and calorie Surplus This truly thing more. How do you eat more? You have to speak your brain? Sometimes agree more? I don't think it's ready. It is not easy. That's it. I tried it myself and it was genuinely try Smallville high. Can we drive going on with nutrients and things that work for you to you need to know you need to think about a 70/30 or diverted with 70% You're eating your stuff is getting a great English. Yeah, you're enjoying a I think your success is what we need to have for your name me to make a quick. Oh good point where you're eating broccoli, and I cannot go out. Because they always or the something like ours can be divided rock music and the second is actually kinda you know, well, yes, that's what it should do should enhance your life and not hamper. If you want to lose weight. You need to get on a calorie deficit. That's what is that mean that means you need to eat less calories and burn bucket. How do you do that in simple ways week. I wanna see what I believe. Let's see your face if you have high water. Like we have two three big salad today when I started I mean, I don't like boring stuff with lettuce and sexy Tomatoes. Yeah. I mean like The Stuff Detox is their home your dog salad is just like a bunch of veggies together between eating a lot of vegetables that you look pitiful tired of protein people here important thing for a lot of people think that it's very complicated for me. Extremely simple to bring you down. I think I'm that's the most most exciting most relevant and the easiest piece of advice that you've given us right now. It's fantastic to you know, that it's just eat what you love and don't think too much about it. As long as you're doing it in the right proportion. Perfect. This podcast is not good for your body. And you feel better. Honestly, you need vegetables. You you do feel better. Please be aware of your body to be able to tell the difference is amazing. Fantastic. Okay, - oh one of the last questions from my side. Is there something is there something that I should have asked you which I added missed out. Not really, but I actually like to address if you look nice. Oh absolutely. Would love to hear that. Yes, please. It's just a lot. But I think it's getting better now, but I just want to talk to all the women and all the bones and the gym, I think as a female trainer the question that I had asked the most is I don't want to put on the table and I want to use all my classes and I just need to help break that stigma because I was there is one point set completely empathize. You know, like I said, like if you told me five years back that I'd be a good thing to put on muscle all the time and I would think you were not students. Yeah, but I just think that if we could help all his girls not underestimate their strength, which I see during classes world knows most of always with the 10 kg to the fight scene when they can probably lift and 15 kgs. Well, I think that the state up front that muscles and people Announcer the reefs are not going to make it by see if you have high amounts of skipped off to increasing unreal amount of food. Yes, then maybe like powerless person, but I would give you a 95 or 99 percent guaranteed loser lifting heavier will not make you look muscular, but will make you stronger you feel better you perform better to just overall in life. You just feel great because there is strong person of strong women again, literally figuratively and you just feel good about yourself. So if I can get five movement out of the cardio room and told which creates like it's like that for me, honestly, I feel like my type with so how many has it has it has been till now? Just to Jazz. Well, that's good to hear your teeth team or women away from your life goals. Yeah. I think Ming that was that was really great. And thank you so much for spending this time sharing so many ethnic so many Beautiful Stories interesting interesting tips interesting information for all of us would love to Do you know would love to implement love to acknowledge? Not and Implement some of the things that you mentioned and I hope that anybody who is listening to this would also, you know, at least give up their whole dieting routine rather change things internally and think of things as a process as a long-term thing rather than changing things quickly. I think those were some of the amazing things that you said and really thank you so much for you know taking this time out. Talking to us. We've really learned a lot. I hope that the audience also, yes, so, thank you so much meghna. Thank you. It was my pleasure was great. We talk to you. Removing these remedies absolutely.