Hello master. Yes, hello to all listeners. This is our my talk show would gasm. We are going to talk about local foods with people belonging to that particular area today for our first part. We have mrs. Asked upon David has hello master Welcome to our show. Yes. Hi, Abby. She it's good to talk on open chalk. So I it's a privilege talking here. So I would tell about how the local food in how the local food inspire you to it's at Is to get it in the local food the kind of the spices the kind of the way it was it's made it's very amazing. So I had a very good experience with the local food when I travel in and around the country or outside the country I make sure to have the local food over there and enjoy the taste of it because the way it's made in the in their own origin places that taste and the way it's made it's completely different you can't match those. That tastes with other places. All right. So as the I have a question for you, yes, please tell us about your recent experience about the local food that you had in your local place recently. So recently some some days back I have been visited to Amritsar. So Amritsar is a place which is near to Chandigarh and it's famous. The place is famous for specially the local food over there. So the I number is famous for the Golden Temple. So there are the there I had local food like lessee & kulcha the way the lessee is being served the class size and the amount of Less in a big glass. Its it looks so tenting for a you for a customer to have it means going in America and not having a lessee means you're missing out something and I'm Reza and the culture is and they have the cool change the serve. It's amazing the tastes that taste I have been to other places also in India, but that Taste of that cool chenla. See you can't match it from Amritsar to any other place. Alright. So after you are telling me about to Lassie, so can you tell me is there any place any place else where one can find the alternative for that lossy experience? So if you go especially in the north side of India the especially the Amritsar Punjab side and even if you go to Delhi side, it's a culture of the people having less. That the big fast. So let's see for Less is basically a yogurt or the curd which is being served and which is being very much used in the Indian Indian subcontinent incontinent and then continue akan Indian country because especially during the Summers because it's it's it helps you to cool your body and and helps you to be away and to keep yourself away from the stroke and the Heat and the The in the Sun during the Summers so specially during the Summers if you see it's more of you is the the amount of curd being used in India as so much especially in all the seasons people are used to have in Los Angeles. He's one of very good healthy food item. It's being prepared from milk and it's a it's a sweetened curd prepared from the milk unless he's and their form of sweetened curd. So it's a good for Drink to have it after after an email. You can have it. It's good all through the season but specially in summers it helps you to soothe your body and skin to keep yourself away from the Heat and the Sun and the stroke. All right, I'll stir so you have answered my question to the alternative we can have for the last see that is from North India. And you have also answered the next question there is what is lossy. And what is it? It's great significance to the local. Ation, okay. Now I have the second quote question, which is what I have best recommended recommendation from your side that you can have part from lasse culture. Okay for the food items in the local places of India you are you mean to say? Yeah, so I have been state for a coiled good amount of time around I would say my in my life have spaced stayed around eight to ten years in Delhi NCR. So the taste of food, especially the Punjabi food, I am a big I am being more so much motivated and inspired and I love I have a very good a varied have a good taste of pain. Abby food to the the kind of Punjabi food, which is being served in the NCR path. It's so the restaurants even if you go to any restaurant over there, are they for the North Indian food the way it's made the weight is being served. It's actually the actual taste you get it in India the Punjabi food and I've been in bangle Force quite a few times for quite a few years, but I didn't find that t is the Taste can't be compared with what is being served in the north part of that Punjabi. The food so I would request all my listeners to have and try the Punjabi food whenever they are in Delhi NCR. All right, so I'm sure that all our listeners will be tempted to have that lessee and along with that. Let's see part. Can you also tell us the benefits of the drinking lessee for the listeners who have not drink tequila yet? So as I mentioned earlier also a basic the lassi is good for your health, especially. During the Summers. It keeps you away from the heat the stroke and it's it cools your body and it's especially good during the summer. So you can have should have less see throughout the season throughout the year, but during the summer. It's very good and lessees any anyways prepared from milk. So it's anyway the form of calcium, which is being you're having in your body. All right. Okay, after that was all from my side. Thank you so much for tuning in with us at talk show. That is foodgasm or two one. Okay, obviously, it was nice talking to you, too. Thank you, Austin.