I can hear you. So hello to all listeners to my talk show. This is my talk show which is the foodgasm here. We are going to talk about local food with individuals who resides in that local area region. So today we have with us a very special guest Mike Mike and he's gonna talk us about Shawarma. So Mike, please tell me something about Shawarma here wish a can hear we won. So swarmers basically a dish. The Middle Eastern cuisine so it consists of meat which is cut into thin slices and it's usually kept in a cone like thing something like a Falafel and this meat has to be well marinated and sometimes it's like the longer your marinated the better it is but ideally it should be marinated for at least 24 hours. All right, and this is very short most very nutritious. So it actually has vitamins a b 6 + C. It also provides magnesium iron sodium potassium and calcium. Okay, and my first part to be noted here is that it's completely non, which yes because it's me to the end of it. So the non with lowers you can have it all by yourself. So Mike, can you tell me about your recent experience that you had about this Shawarma? Sure, I will shake so earlier this afternoon. I actually had Shawarma from this place and koramangala called shwarma ink or swallow it created yesterday. Oh, so I think this is a fairly new restaurant haven't heard of it before today and the Shawarma was very good. It was I could tell he was very well marinated. It was succulent juicy and the mayonnaise it was like a perfect amount of perfec perfect level of sweetness and sourness. Okay. So I really enjoy that Chuan / today Mike you explain it as as Lucy Suriname. I just wondered if I can just lose leave. Talk show and just order something for me. So it was very nice. Can you suggest any alternative places for our listeners? Sure. So apart from schwarmann Ink. I think if you're in Bank glue another place which specializes in shwarma is Empire you have multiple branches over bankroll. So if you're ever in Empire, you should try the Swarm out. It's pretty good and by thinking I think India the Best Shawarma had was replaced called shwarma Factory. All right. Yeah. So Shawarma Factory that that they have the best form of that. Like the juiciest the most Saturn swarm I've ever had in my entire life. Okay, so and that's in Mumbai by the way. Yeah. So Mike this also tells me that you are very happy to love having non-veg food like Shawarma, so I can't live without knowledge. I knew it I knew it. So so what can you tell me about any significance of shawarma or any benefits so that even if if one of our listeners not ever had in the storm, so what can be the can't like Okay. Well as I mentioned earlier it's very rich in nutrients. So when it comes to vitamins you get a B6 c new scene thiamine and folate and when it comes to the minerals it's rich in magnesium ions, sodium potassium and calcium and especially if you're like a gym fitness freak or or gym buff then Shawarma is perfect because it's rich in protein and depending on depending on your dietary needs you could have Small a small me like a snack which would be x 60 calories or even have like you can make sure my entire meal which could be like 600 calories. Okay, and it's sometimes very nutritious at the community. So Mike I'm completely completely entered about your thing about this Shawarma. So two things that I notice here that it's completely non veg and second part is that it's very nutritious. So it is the main question that how Much can a person have involved one serving that how much it's gonna cost to a particular individual. How much would it cost for swarmers pretty inexpensive? So I think for regular roll it could cause any way between 150 to 200 INR on average. Are you serious? Yeah for a regular role which is very I mean it's not a jumper rule but a regular swarmers were 150 to 200. So it's fairly inexpensive for and it's a must-try you recommend. Yes. Definitely a must try if you're a fan of the Arabian Cuisine. All right, so it's a ribbon Cuisine which we have popularized in the Indian region. Yahweh is popular pretty much everywhere, but it's picking up in India. Yes. Okay. So my last question to him I get that is what are your best recommendation, but what we can have along with Shawarma so we can just set up more stars on that this just Okay, so personally whenever I have swarm I have this craving for pita bread and hummus. So this is also in the Arabian Cuisine. All right, so pita bread you can think think of that as say like buffets flatbread basically and it originated in the Middle East. It's the Arab Cuisine again, and you can think of it as like a puffed-up chapathi all Right, so and they have this very special dip which comes along with it. That's hummus. So I love having pita bread and hummus along with the shwarma. And finally, I'd like to end it with a carbonated beverage Coke Sprite, preferably. Oh so Mike. This also tells me that reminds me that you were the best person to have this conversation with that. You are very experienced in having this particular dish. So, thank you so much for having a talk. Sing with us in this show. Thank you for having me. I'll be Shake. Okay. Thank you so much.