Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello hi Abhishek. So hello to all this is Abhishek. Welcome to my talk show who cares mm here. We talk about local food experience with the local individuals of the area today. We have mrs. Azkaban David has a man with episode of wood gas. Hello master. Hello every Chic. So toaster tell me what your recent experience about local food you have in your This so recently. I had a local food called Sir su casa I had this food recently. When I went to the north India. It is basically more popular in north and they are the Northern parts of India because it is found more and in the vegetables which includes our so the SAG has got which is mainly found over the northern place. It is basically grown over there. Hmm, so I said I will first tell me about The experience you have. Okay, the experience I had first was in I had it for suspense at my home on itself because I'm mom used to prepare when we were in school days are some Casa but later after sometimes when I move for Delhi NCR long ago, it was in 2011 somewhere during the time when I visited the local the local restaurants of NCR and all you especially during the winters time. I see the restaurant servings are so Side with Mikey d rho d and it was very much popular. So I tried it their the taste of what is being prepared the Earth and what is being prepared with the peoples of the north India, especially when you go to Delhi NCR side and the job site is being prepared so well and it's completely made of with butter. This is Uncle sagas. All right, so I say you tell me that your first experience was that when your mother made it for you. Yes, I'm sure that it was a great experience because the food from your hands of your mother. It's always the best. Yes, of course. Okay, so can you tell me something about this? So the sog how is it prepared? What is it? Basically to sell sodas are is basically sad prepared out of for leafy vegetables at the spinach, which is Pollock in Hindi mathe, which is fenugreek in English. And there is a but wha and there is cells on the common acceleration, which is a muster and Is the combination of all this for prepared with the spices and it's mainly made with the butter to the main ingredient of the sauce on the side, which I feel is the butter the more the butter the more it tastes will till the point of saturation, I guess another all but the very important formative that they are four key ingredients but along with that we can put some spices tour. Tips. Yes spicy. You can add based on your taste and requirement. Okay. So what would you recommend to our you the listeners? Like if they had not had experience of saw the sog where they can get it apart from your local place where you had it before so I would recommend my listeners. So whenever in then the north Paths of India, especially during Windows, they should visit any of the local residents. They will get it in almost every restaurant. Have this is on the Saga and it's mainly served with Market the routine the main ingredient to the main food item to eat along a surface a gizmo karate and if even I stay at as as of now when I'm staying in Bangladesh, I even see some of the restaurants in Bangalore the Punjabi restaurants like William racer Punjabi Rosary. They also even solve certain the saganaki wrote it during the winters and it's a good every people should try it. I hope everyone would love its taste. Okay stir. So just now I noticed that you told me told us about your winter experience of having sir, sir. Is there any significance of having Circle talk in winter? It's not it's not about just a significance of having it inventor see the size. So especially the leaves of Sir. So that is the Mustard Leaf. You get it during the winter season on the other Seasons. It's not available and other leaves other. You said anyway is available in all over the season. So it's a good time to have it because another season you won't find it. Okay, so it's most benefiting when it's in winter winter like carrot carrot is available most with benefits and window. NE years cat has got his benefit in winter, but carrot is available throughout the season not the seasonal carrot. It's the OT carrot what we get it mostly that the audience I look at it Versailles. Also on the leaf is basically or it's anyways any leafy vegetable you consume it's good for your body and it's good for your health over. The more consumption of leafy vegetables is mainly during the winters because it it is a time when it grows really well and it's being supplied in the market in a very fresh as very fresh. It's being supplied in the market during this time open just like your own thing. Work stress it's already taken my mind towards having it the next time I get busy can have it one day in one of course and hope you enjoy it. Yeah. So my last question was that what were your recommendation long with the source of the sock and you already answered the question that you can have K Ki Roti, which is which is the corn flour. So, how can we prepare it along with so the salt? Who said so the SAG is a separate recipe which is being prepared. And then in the market the Roti, which is the corn flour mixed with the wheat flour and the chapatis are made up at are made up of and you can have the cells on the sand. But anyways, you can have cells on the side with any of the chapatis, but it goes well with Marty rotates with its being a combination is McCarthy wrote the answers on the sog what its actual combination. So this is a good recommendation. She and I were to give an you can have anyways, alright. Alright, so there's a mixture of wheat flour and corn flour. Yes. All right. All right, so it sounds very delicious. I am sure that our listeners are gonna eat a have it when they get the chance. Yeah sure. They should go and have enjoy and relish their time with such so I'm to just going and leaving this show after this. I'm going to have some so that's a yes. I wish you should really run now. After the show and go and have it. Okay. Thank you so much as look for being with us Hank service take it was a pleasure talking to you about the show. Thank you guys. Bye. Bye.