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Hello. Hello. Good evening, everyone. Welcome to my so today. I'm with Abhishek. Welcome Abby shit. Thank you so much for inviting me to your show. The Seeker is working for in a startup. Okay of the sick now, let's start our talk on Gandhi institute for technology. Absolutely. Absolutely Patricia. I'm going to talk about Gandhi Institute of Technology and management. It's based in the boonies for this institute was established in 2008, which makes it and Year-old Institute as of now. It is a spread in an area of 30 acres to change who cheated close to the capital city of Odessa. So producer, please tell me some more thing about your University like you passed out of it or you're just still a part of it. I'm just a part of it now. I'm pursuing my btech first year. They're all right. So you have Friday about the ambience around that campus and how's that stuff? All the staff members are good and well qualified some of the Mi 4i I T's like a from IIT Bombay IIT Madras and if you have forms and it raipur and it them set put all right, that's very amusing. So I just do a header in an overview over this University which is which is Gandhi Institute of Technology book measure more than hinder more than 90% of placements are there for the eligible candidates and I think that is a very good score for a university that is there been almost for 11 years. So many of the your our listeners will be thinking that why guitar guitar me. That's all. Abbreviation for Gandhi Institute of Technology and management. This University is surrounded with 30 Acres of greenery, which lets the students breathe in all fresh knowledge into their hearts. So that's very important for me as well. So belonging to our city of dehradun, I would really like to express my views on this like if you are in a very good good Ambience or very good surrounding you have the best experience of your life of studying and meeting with friends extra. So coming back to the university. We are talking about it's a very good University overall. There are regular seminars are being conducted also workshops symposia nor simple him on current issues are also being there in spots of infrastructure is Also, very good like high standard air-conditioned laboratory is out there so that the average student can nurture all the details or all the topics which are they're taught to yes. Yeah. It's all about that. This University includes many high-end courses that includes a to my knowledge. They are computer science engineering electrical engineering nari electrical and electronics engineering mechanical engineering and civil engineering. So tell me a producer or which category do you belong to in this? I'm Longing To computer science engineering. All right, so, can you give any highlight to all our listeners? Like how much benefiting is it for your job placement or in your current career? Yes, our college is giving us some skin pull skills on this computer engineering. They also provide good faculties for this for our skill development. Correct. Always there is some seminars and workshops are held for our mode. I mean to say that achievement to achieve the Higher Goals, correct, correct, correct. So from my point of view press Usha, the college part of your life is very crucial for your career path. So I have graduated from IMS Unison University dehradun and I would like to say that it was a very crucial part of life for me because I had many practical experiences and many good mentors in my life. So because from that I have been able to achieve this position today. I am at so from dehradun to Bangalore. It's been a very quite exciting Journey for me. So how would you describe your experience like How it can elevate your career as a whole. After completing my 12. I got this college. It is all full of blessed with knowledge and it give us everything what we wear what we dream of after the 12th. Correct, correct? So we provide me whatever. I want everything now. So you mean to say that this college is providing you with all the resources that you need as a student to explore potential or you all your skills that you might need in your future career, right? So we should also tell our listeners that getting into this University will also Help you in growing your potential talents to our level and I would like to stay some more facilities, which I came across with like this university has a very good transport facility for day Scholars. You can use buses. Even after 11 years of college. Yes, very good. So as of now, they have nine buses, I guess with each buses at 52 seats per purpose, right? Yeah. Oh you're right. So this is a very good college. I should recommend our listeners to guarantee. So this University also deals gym facilities. That's very separated gym for the girls and boys. Correct. So please tell me producer do you who go to the gym has well, no, not yet started. Okay, so you're still planning to go to gym. Yeah. Yeah. I'm uh still recommend you to go to gym because it can help you mentally as well as physically fit as well for your day-to-day routine. And so the image full of good equipment. It's all type of equipments provide. That's a very unique thing. Like you said just said that they have a unique set of gym for both male and female. Yeah, that's a very good thing apart from that. I think the most important thing is the what is mission and vision of the University from what I took in an overview was that too? At the power of engineering by creating a better everyday life for many livelihoods. It's a very deep May tip thought which the university content writers have given to it. Yeah apart from that the mission to bring inspiration and Innovation among every Engineers aspiring student in India as if you have a mind then try to be an engineer and if you choose engineering then be a Guitar mean it means determine is a sort abbreviation for the students who pass out from Gandhi Institute of Technology and management. Yeah. So apart from this. Can you tell us any more such thing which can attract our listeners to consider this University. Yeah, unless go and let God three-time best college award even in this year. Also. It got best college among odisha and our principal also got a best principal of the Year. All right. Yeah for this award was the overall India or just specific part of arisia or usable part of erisa. It's among vets. Already saw all right. All right. All right, that seems relevant and apart from that. I would like to tell our listeners that if there are there are any interested applicants who wants to apply for the admission. They can visit the site at geetam Guitar. I am dot AC Dot N. Yeah, so we can fill out online forms easily and we can apply for that missions as well. Anyone can apply it by online giving Damon's exam, correct? So you have to clear out your jae-min exams so you can get in this University. Yeah, correct. Okay, okay, okay. Okay. I'll be sick. Thank you to be with me. Okay. Thank you so much producer for inviting me to your show and let me share my views on your prestigious University that you have in Bolognese for Gandhi Institute of Technology and management. Yeah, thank you. Thank you.