You should be here. I recently heard your garage Brothers on your Instagram. Can you call? Oh hello. sob Hello, can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. Yeah - I can hear you too. How are you? Yeah, I'm good. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. Well, I recently heard your garage Brothers on your Instagram channel. Can you play that for me? Sure. Sure. So before paying, you know, this is one of my very favorite song and I really love like the music which comes from Pakistan has really good. What do you call a musicality and it's very rich musically and this is one of those songs which people have heard for like now decayed now and it's very powerful very very emotional and very like very very very what about energetic to play so I would love to play play this for you. So it is it starts with D minor chord which goes something like this. Juber assistance on again Love is all that I do but I need a manager. Y'all yes, I am. Do you wanna get it that I do but I took that was amazing hearing you playing line and have you ever performed it as well? Oh, yes. This is yeah. So I performed it in college. There is a specific version of this from cook Studio Pakistan and which you know, the Junoon band collaborated with the great chart for silicon and it's a it's almost a nine minute long version and I think that version is much better than the original one obviously original was one was no less but the fusion they made in Coke Studio with our silicon and the entire like the bank was such an amazing. It to your here's that when when when our band in college listen to that for the first time we decided instantly that this is wrong we want to perform and I performed it in college many times and you know still I love to perform this song. Well, that's that's actually great and I think to the audience here if we would like to have any song requests for the next time they can just type it here. Yeah. Definitely. Otherwise, thanks everyone and looking forward to have more conversation on. Thanks a lot will be thanks a lot. It was good to talk to you. Thank you. Bye. Bye.