Hi, Jay. Good morning. Good morning said yeah, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for taking out time. Thank you so much for inviting me. They're great. So good morning to all our listeners. I'm very pleased to have J Alani on the show a warm welcome to him. He's a Paranormal Investigator a podcaster a tedx speaker. And an author author of The Haunted is the founder and CEO of the Paranormal company, which is First paranormal startup and he's also produce Roxy's dark destinations. So very thing of profile Jay. Thank you. Thank you being in Bangalore. We come across so many startups, but most of them are in technology and other spaces. I think this is the first one. Yes, I've heard of being in paranormal space correct it so it's it's it's not only in India if I see closely, it's I can throw Tag it as the worst Purcell mobile startup, which is into the Paranormal space. I believe as far as best of my knowledge. Okay? Yeah, even in fact even I was searching I did not find anybody else who claim to be straight up in this space, I believe so, yes. So what what is this paranormal? What is the simple definition? What a Layman could understand from Paranormal and is it a better word for illusion or hallucination or what is it? What does not budge letter word for illusion or hallucinations or other things? I think that is a very simple anything which cannot be explained to normally la tele frantically can be considered as something which is Paranormal. So is it even the pseudoscience of some sort it is it is it is, you know it is it has been a pseudoscience. But with the time with a solution, it is more of the coming and people are pulling into the mainstream. Okay. So what happens in paranormal what what can be defined as paranormal? So any examples date today? Well, actually if you see I get a lot of calls mostly related to ghosts. Hmm what I come across and what I believe that paranormal is something which doesn't have like I said as a quite clear normal information. For example, you can say there's a valley in awesome. Hmm, which is known for his suicide of birds and other things like that. So everything or a lot of things which are not explainable biological approach including the polar triangle. Also, I personally consider it into the category which falls into the category of car. Number and subject of Investigation. Okay, so that people can look for logic and but it happens at times you don't find logic and times a mystery remains a mystery. Hmm. There are some mysteries in your life. There are some mysteries in your world which you cannot Define which we haven't been able to Define. We have reached Mass but there are a few theories which we cannot actually prove or come across a logical. So good all these theories theories. I believe falls under the category of Parables. Okay. So coming to your first point about ghosts you get lot of queries on ghosts and lot of help people figure upon ghost. So he also said that there are a lot of instruments that can be used to detect the presence of spirits and ghosts in a certain area. Is that true in front of the Murrah yes. Okay and what happens? I don't know what the other paranormal investigators across the world ee hmm that I have no idea and would not like to comment on that as well. But for me personally if you ask personally that what Jay believes hmm, I would say that I don't believe that a machine or a tool or an equipment. Which is which you can buy in seven eight K 10 K 20 K available on I'm has powers to consider the presence of Supernatural or paranormal or it can clearly identify it. Hmm. I personally don't believe all that the most three common tools, which usually what we have seen in India. Hm. The Gators we have seen electromagnetic field, which is K2 meters right have seen electronic voice phenomena a small device which can capture sounds we have seen ghosts meters. I don't think I don't believe I have used these tools. I can I have not I don't use it anymore. I was a time that I will also very much fascinated about these tools whenever I used to it. In a haunted location and these lights used to Blink. I was I used to be on the the cloud nine at oh fuck. I just got the coast hmm gradually with my experience with my the entire exposure the gradually, I started understanding it gradually started the taking paranormal investigation as a serious business not something as an amateurish. I I came to know that I came to Feel that all these tools all these equipments doesn't really help when it comes to presence of paranormal or Supernatural. But I think you made a very solid point about these instruments because if instruments could detect paranormal activities or ghost then it no longer remains a pseudoscience if it can be really cool instruments exactly and I I don't say These equipment doesn't work at all. Hmm. They do help in your investigation. If you are at a haunted location in the night, they do help. You know, these equipment makes your area filtered rather than just, you know, following the entire campus area or the entire big building or the entire Fort these equipment at times can help you to stay at one place. To let you know the direction that these are the places where electromagnetic field signatures are high and you should investigate these locations or these spots maybe so yes these help but I don't think they can ever not now ever capture a presence of Supernatural. I don't think so. So the Common Man links paranormal only two ghosts, but you've also mentioned just now about the Bermuda Triangle and wiliness. Mm. Yeah. Yeah. So what happens in these areas, do you think this the it does not have presence of ghosts is something Beyond goes there. So that is C since we are talking about the common man here. I'll tell you there are a lot of myths into a normal man or a common man or Layman's my paranormal is not about only the ghosts. Hmm. Yes ghosts are a chapter of this entire thing according to me. I mean, I don't say that what I am saying is the last truth on this planet, but what I have Not whatever I have gone through as realize is that ghosts are our up chapter of this entire subject of paranormal pattern. Like I like I said anything which is not normal anything which could not be explained like aliens theories on this planet recently you through see the u.s. Studies all these people who are getting into UFO logy or getting into alien or logy on getting the anomalistic psychology thing, which is done by Professor Chris Brown in u.s. He is the father of this anomalistic psychology. He also says that, you know everything which you see which is not normal, which is not considered as a logical approach or science doesn't have an explanation can be considered a paranormal even if you site and UFO even if dnalien even if you you know notice a Bigfoot in the Too slow. Even if you see a big animal, which you haven't seen in the woods all these things comes under the paranormal thing. So using your platform using this platform, I would like to tell people that paranormal is not just about the ghosts firstly secondly, you know, whenever a haunting happens whenever our approach is wrong how to take a hunting or how consider a haunting because I believe let's say you are sleeping in your room. It's around 3 a.m. Or 2 a.m. To 30 years. You are all alone on your own and suddenly a loud voice breaks to sleep. First approach will come into your mind will be a ghost. Only the second odd can be of trespassing or maybe a and animal or something like that, right? I am saying that that Earth approach that is wrong. Hmm, so I believe that The people who link this entire thing as the Paranormal into ghost, I think they should not. Yes. Like I said, it is a part most are a part of this entire paranormal subject, but not only about ghosts. Okay, so it extends from ghosts to Alias to UFOs anything which is the broad spectrum of acceptable things. Yes. Okay, interesting. That's very interesting. So again one more question, we I recently had a chat with the hypnotherapy expert who spoke a lot about hypnosis and hypnotherapy and going to past life and stuff. So do you think there is a connection between paranormal hypnosis and hypnotherapy because we will see lot of movie showing people getting possessed and then something link to past life and then they undergoing a hypnosis. So what is your take on that? Why take that? So step two therapies and past life regressions and all these things if they are not logically explain then they fall under the category of paranormal firstly. Secondly. I have tried a lot of methods on myself in my ten years. I have been to Baba's and tantrics and have asked them to perform black magic on me. It's fake. I have made stories fake picking up myself. I didn't really my name who actually I am I just approach. It's Ababa. And I said key yet. The Khalifa Hammer is in the email and so goes around. Why don't you do something about it? I have sent someone on my behalf to a black magician to go and roam cast a spell on me maybe so that I can die or something like that same way. I have met a few. People who say or who these people do the hypnosis and hypnotherapy is and past life regressions as well. He but it didn't work on me. Like I didn't got hypnotized. Okay, and I don't know. What's the reason behind it? Maybe since I have been dealing with all these things from past 10 12 years in my life. So my mind Been specially programmed to deal with such situations as far as past life regression is concerned. There is only there has been only one confirmed case in this whole world, which is coming from India. There are lady claimed that she was this and that in her past life and then gandhiji also initiated a special investigation team. Who confirmed each and every single detail about the lady that whatever she is saying is true. Okay, so in the whole world people started considering this entire thing that that was the only proven case of past life, but I don't believe on it. I mean, I think there can be other reasons to where people can remind of you things. Semen brain is a very powerful. What so as far as agnosticism or hypnosis or hypnotherapy or past life regressions are concerned. I believe they are doing really good and it might have worked for few people and it really has that power which people claim but when I have put myself as a rat and that laboratory laboratory, I didn't get get anything so I can only talk about from my Experience so it didn't work on Me Maybe it a lot but I have heard a lot of from a lot of people that it has work from them. There are a lot of people got relief from that a lot of people who were fighting the depression and the other things hypnotherapy and pass light therapies and Applause. If it's not ISM have helped them in some way or the other. Hmm and I believe if something Of any belief system if any therapy if anything, which is helping you out in any way possible. It is good. So this is what I feel about this entire thing interesting. So Jay, what are the other chapters or other areas that come under the purview of paranormal apart from this is something that a common man or let's say somebody in the community or the neighborhood experience people generally come up y as we already discussed about ghosts and stuff apart from that. Are there any typical cases that people bring up the most typical cases which I go through or which I get mostly is that I am she seeing a shadow. Before I am feeling there is something that in my home. Hmm. These are the most common word Words, which I get apart from that I believe that these other like the common things which I get from India. Okay, like what I have recently came up with few cases, which where people have tried to approach me from different parts of the world. Not much five or six. there I have realized that the initial stage of a supposed to haunting like I am feeling something or I think there is someone initially these people deal with all these things on their own. They seek help until unless something goes beyond their capability areas in India. What happens that even if a small thing happens, even if a small thing? A bibliography bacteria or archaea hot say Pawnee glass suitcase. I mean people say oh, yeah, I think there is something I believe that when it comes to mental health problems from when it comes to psychological help health problems. Indium a mental health problem hodza dahi Vada, but people are not taking it seriously. Indian Mental Health Care situation Bazar de Carabas. This is other Joe. Uther Votto is a pair of breakup case of coriander seed pods are the away Bucky's or log have a career or such a society cuff pressure jota that you should do. Well you should do well you should do we'll sketch a caramel vodka mental health. He banned by G per year plus the media and the entire In anywhere you go you watching Netflix you go through internet articles you watch a television news you watch a television channel doesn't matter what kind of platform you are using. There is only negativity all around you you watch Netflix you go through darker web series and all where crime and murders and and all these things happening in a very negative way. You watch news you watch a newspaper. You will only find the negative. Snooze you read the internet article. They are saying how negative your life is. This is the this this has bad happen to people only there is negativity all around you surrounding it and Indians are those Millennials who are highly active on internet highly active. They are consuming all the negative things in their head. And I mean, it is hampering their mental health problem, but nobody is Actually paying a single attention to it. Now these mental health problems are making people feel or see or go through weird things. Paranormal as a subject what we have seen in India so far in the coming time. It is getting to be very much worse. It dumb paranormal problems the Paranormal complaints the hauntings and all these things it will it is going to be worse in near time. You will see a drastic increase in all these complaints and you know reports and coming next 10 years. So you mean many of these cases are also hallucinations for imagine. 99% 99% of the cases what we go through is the figment of their own imagination. That is why I and you know, what is the weird part the weird part I try to I speak to a lot of psychologists or maybe psychiatrist or maybe people who have done something or the other some professional studies or professional courses into the human mind for mental health problems. I speak to a lot of people to I young few experienced. The VAR they're getting trained low. I believe that formula is also not right and there has been no absolutely no major changes in their slavers human mind is something human brain is something which is evolving with time every single day for just to have an example up there who optic garbage I said the sultan age of Quebec chop, Idaho daughter to book as a behave cut off. Her job or I work as a behavior, right? The human mind is something which is evolving each and every single day and I think all these costs will be who are meant to deal with human brain or human mind or the psychology of human should evolve day-by-day 99% of the cases, which I get those are related to them until health problems or otherwise, they don't have a logical approach to explain things. So they think that there is a ghost when it comes to mental health. India is going through a Big Time Crisis. We are sitting on a bomb and nobody is even thinking about it, which I believe is weird. Hmm that also dry is driving people to see sides and other things right and cry a lot a lot of things. You see have you heard about this formula in Black budget called where she currently Yes. That means I think people under your control or something, right? Yeah, you basically you control a person you will see big banner ads on Railway stations big ads on your daily newspapers you go through that ad section. You will find Baba Bengali Baba o baba. Whoa, so protection guarantee cassettes Amazon and all that stuff. Now these people has also acquired internet as well. You will see ads on Google running on Instagram Facebook. Everywhere and when you reach this bobbin and what happens keep our Terrace also purchase alcohol break sot Randy Harper breakup, of course absorbing Heat current a geographic is equal to zero percent which is of course Observer psychologically hit 30. Now these people go to a barber or tantric for Washi current Kamehameha. She current Karana for any lockira or you to correct what zombie conversation I can also send you a few call recordings, which I have gone through. I have recorded by calling these Bowers and all they literally advise you to rape the girl, you know, or maybe somehow or the other control but first establishing a physical relationship with the girl is absolutely the major thing major Point only then they can start the Washi current. Mental health and all these things not only this you see if you go through the case recently a young boy killed his own mother and was her blood when the police entered in Assam. We have found two dead bodies of women visible headed the name of human sacrifice. Hmm. And such cases come every year every year. so I think when it comes to mental health all these paranormal cases most cases are related to the human psychology. And it can be like if we talk about is we now you start talking about it with go through the simple thing. We try to look for logic and all these things. I think it can be situation can be better, right? Okay. So Jay you run a company and I'm sure people approach you for Solutions. So, how do you how do you recommend Solutions or prescribed? Medication or advice? How do you go? I don't prescribe any medication. Okay. The cases I go through the cases. I see I get in most of the cases the person who is complaining. Within the first five minutes, I understand that this person is going through some sort of the other mental crisis and emotional crisis. That's the right word. And I first tried to lend my support to them. The don't be alone. You are not alone in this world because a lot of people I don't know why there is one all the stigma which has been developed which I have seen. I am 30 and I have seen this and a huge rise in past 15 years, Japan Malaysia notice chairman of the chi chi logo Opera emotion share Kearny Mesa Arimathea. That's right. If you are feeling vulnerable agar aapko, Rona rocks, Arabic o hadouken up happening 900. You don't want to share it with the world. I think that is true with bringing up also because we have been taught not to cry. Yeah. I still have a lot of friends not lot my every friend. Throw this Ikea model called retire from natural cubic. Mm-hmm. Even a man goes through a thousands of problems every day. You know emotionally men and women are equal. There's no significant. In fact, I think women are more stronger emotionally, correct, correct. I personally believe so, I think it's liquid summer where many of the capacitors ponderous all over many decades. It has been a major increase a hyperlocal promotions logos and share. My carne asada is a remake a public platform for a bigger maybe above say Vibe and say those to share any carne asada or uh is kind of odd. So WB I get a case like that firstly I try to understand the psychology behind this entire thing behind the case behind the person what is going through their lives and I try to explain them whatever the situation is in a very logical way if they say key that my house is haunted or something which is happening in my house. So then I request them to allow me to be in their house for a couple of days or maybe for a couple of night so that I can see what is happening because until I'm not investigating I won't be able to pass any sort of judgment good or bad or whatever negative on that front. They say most in most of the cases they say, okay. Okay. Yes, we will call you and all that stuff lucky. I don't charge anything for all my investigation people who wants to even using All platform telling you people who want to reach me out or they think they are being halted or they think they have a paranormal Problem by services are absolutely free. So even this idea of Kabul ingapirca any and then after two three days I get their message or call the which is saying yeah, everything is fine. Now if in future we need you, I'll tell you know, so see understand when you try to question cross-examine row of the psychology of Haunting know the cases, you will find the solutions. Hmm that then They're only. So whenever you have been invited to investigate further in case of haunted places and yeah, really found out that the place is really haunted. So, how do we go about giving a solution? How do you solve the problem firstly I have a the upper music both the cow. Hmm. Okay, but yes when I go to a place and I feel that there is something which is fishy about it or maybe which is nanak's not explainable about it. Well, which I cannot explain or maybe I think there is something I if if that is the property belongs to a family or a person I tell them to move ahead with their own belief system now on if I said that okay, there's something some problem attached to it. And I think you should start doing something. So this I suggest them to go with their own belief system. If you are Hindu you can follow your rituals. If you are Muslim, you can follow your rituals because you know religion and religious belief system is so strong, which can change a person I'm not maybe it has Supernatural Powers. I'm not sure about it but religious belief system is so strong that it changes a person. Mmm-hmm. So that is how I try to go help or offer and help the may help to these people. Hmm, but mostly I get I get it my my own mostly 99% of the time I get it by my own that there is no ghost is just this something which is stupid happening. Okay. Okay. So typically where our viewer complaints come from most of the times in which part of India now, there's not certain I can I get calls from bungle I get calls from Maharashtra I get calls from Telangana. Then I get calls from Punjab and haryana as well. So there is no certain area that I'm getting calls from which is good, which is Making my confidence more strong that I believe it the entire country is haunted. Hmm. So there's no certain area. I get calls from everywhere. Okay, and the calls are increasing which is you know, making me believe that I should have two people by now. I am alone. I walk alone. But after we initiated the Paranormal helpline now, like it's these calls and these messages these are increasing day by day. I'm being it has been tough for me, too. Handle the volume. Okay. So Jay, would you like to share some experience of some spooky places that you have visited and found them wanted some experiences. I have I mean I have investigated a lot of places people who follow me or through my work the local net effect. If I ever go through a place which I believe that is there something wrong border. I put it on social media maybe podcast or something like that. But yes, as far as recently is concerned until your recent one. I went to investigate this place called abort Mountain otra Okay jump out with the strict food truck on basically the story is very famous and you will find also that on Internet that there was a doctor who used to his own patients for his own medical experiments during the British so there's a part of that location which has a church an old church which people and a graveyard behind it which people believe that it is haunted by that same Okay, so I think that I tried to investigate the even sort of video and all that stuff and there we we were little we literally heard even cap. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, so this is I think I lost to some let me watch out. Oh, okay. So so Jay typically who will benefit from your Solutions and how do you run the company? You said you don't charge anybody know? So how do you run the company then firstly who will benefit everyone who is a human can benefit? Okay and who is alive? Okay can benefit. Secondly, how do I run my company or how do I want to run my company for the see the pair? The Paranormal company is meant to do business are hardcore. I don't give lectures to people. I want to help the society by all these things and all that loan was to do that. Let's be practical and blunt about it. Jumeirah paid polygamy repeat McConnell's I gotta be made some pasta bar MLB Source power. I believe on that. Hmm. I am not saying that I don't want to help I am helping in my way. I helping light. I am reaching out to people or people are reaching out to meet. I made that entire service free absolutely or low-cost. I am working for people to be cases up in her case combined nuclear particle goes so much Kilgore reply then. Tile work satisfactory job Jo that's not an easy task. But the Paranormal company is meant to do business here at will do business in the future right now. We have not any we do not have any investor. Okay. So right normal company is not working on its full swing. In fact, it is not working. It is just have started maybe incoming future we get an get. Let's say we get an investor or maybe an investment so Maybe then we'll start the Paranormal company to work in a full swing. But the Paranormal company has a lot of things are Noble company has paranormal events, right paranormal company has paranormal tourism it car normal merchandise. And in future if everything goes right and everything comes up with a good investment and all we have also registered the idea of making an income only paranormal news organization, you know, maybe that it has a website it will have a app. It will have a YouTube channel. Then we then the venerable company will also have paranormal content division will also try to initiate paranormal seminars and events throughout the You know country will also try to initiate paranormal story workshops, then paranormal investigation training workshops super merchandise things. So we have a complete plan and model of the business ready with the Paranormal company. Hmm. It comes up with of course experience like mine. You know also the Paranormal companies content division win train the people who are who wants to go into the media industry. This paranormal is a subject which or with which had media always had a paranormal Wing doesn't matter we see directly or not. You see every news channel has a show related to Paranormal things correct? Everything production house has a project or a spy. To have a project into the horror. Every newspaper or media organization want to cover such article on such stories. So people who want to go into the media as well. You know, I think the parable current company can also train them that how to spot how to sense how to go for the Paranormal news, right? So which is more logical and which cannot increase the blind fate of superstition. In fact, cut it down. Hmm. So the Paranormal company has a vision now, it has a vision. Yes. Now in all this paranormal company also offers you are 24 across seven paranormal helpline. Okay, which is absolutely free for people if it requires travel we travel for you it if it requires our attention we give you attention if it requires, you know that your voice should reach to the world it will reach And you don't have to pay anything to us. I think that's a great help you are providing at this stage. I am trying to I'm sad. I'm very much upset that I don't have that much of resources and that much of people that I couldn't do any more but whatever little I can do by my own I am doing it. So so what triggered you to take up this profession say and when did you start? See, I was 17. This is a very common thing which people know about me. I was 17 and I visited a temple in Rajasthan with my parents. And that was the first time when I saw live exhaust system there. Hmm. I mean I saw that few people few priests were dragging few females holding the hair and pulling in pulling them into the entire Wonder area or skip are they started beating them once the RT began? The women were shouting screaming seeking for help. And the people who were there these bucks and devotees. They were praising Lord Hanuman that okay. These people are getting cured. Hmm. That is the standard standard procedure. It still happens today also. Okay, but that day when I came out I was 17. I was with or without hamari generation mistress all my name literally bought suitable to the American exposure name of the shizuka. How many people in your study? So we came back and that entire night. I didn't sleep. I was thinking about it. The visuals were in my mind. I was thinking about it continuously. I was thinking key is a push jota again would love like literally it happens and even if it happens Kyocera Kasota Just Books, So that is the thing which triggered me out. Then I want to do it. But how to do it what to do it no idea. There's no professional courses about it up to the knee Amigos look professional courses initiate Colonel. Again Marais is pay him life the rice per week. Hiki no comment yet. Why don't you start your own you gpg program, correct? So up to put is gonna make a vanilla guy met as a copy machine can make up here ecobee paranormal investigation make degree offered. Got it. Well or not paranormal and you crazy. QQ J impossible haake a concern doozer in Sanko paranormal investigation could agree there. I know how did I have the superpower to let us say consider superliga that now you are the current person to investigate the Paranormal who gave me the superpower. Mmm-hmm. So I'm not going to I'm not very much favorable of these paranormal investigation courses which people you know take up if you want to use a cup. Normal investigation course go to Universal class online website take the paranormal investigation course number 1 0 1 in 70 dollars. They'll also sent you a degree like an online degree that is an online course and after that you can claim yourself that I am a professional Paranormal Investigator professional demonologist and professional blind blood. This is something which comes to you with experience with making people with meeting people with you know, No going through locations and read and read and read and practically you do it. So I started then I started talking to people. I got thousands of story, you know, there was a time where I used to meet people and in the ferns first instance, I used to write Arabic aboutrika read about an American hero and I realized key all these stories have some sort or the other common base. Right, for example, there's a paranormal entity in our mythology called me. She doc Misha mean openness and dark means sound so the sound which comes into the dark that is called Nishida a personal or work Indian cable them in time it may but it is common species entire Army of jungle say erastus Aquila Jerry or who Johnny pajamas and features of kvass the picture more comedic material. Correct. This is the these are the symptoms of mushy duck. Now the duck has the same story in Bihar with a different name. I am originally from Bihar I'm originally from Patna. So I'm very much familiar to but Bihar and jharkhand area. So I see a Carnegie harm is a Carnage Harkin may seem stories. Are there in Rajasthan with a different name? Same stories are there in Kerala some students are there in Telangana? Same stories are there in Lucas Schmidt see the name changes of the Paranormal entity. Mmm-hmm or maybe egged. Oh, she's a bizarre thing. But mostly she's the same regime to gradually got to realize we will get along the bath course a then one night in 2001. I believe I was watching Discovery Channel. Tuvok are valid because it's show RI a haunting. Hmm. The Opera is there was a first time when I saw 2011 so, you know 2001-2011 where I saw two people holding few gadgets entering into a haunted location and investigating right and my mind was blown away with that. Hmm. Please keep blown up days like You know, I was just 20 21 and Mubarak person variety Super Sentai goseiger. Who's then choose rajapaksa Lockheed Joel OG is she's quick career internal HR paranormal investigators term cackles to be able to justify the many nominees another Gabby. Hmm investigator catechist Square. You know, what's the moose a potential oil used in real life my clarity. I hear one day. I want to take up this profession as a but of course. It was very difficult indium as a possible link here. So I had of the rewrite regular life. I did my graduation into mass communication. I am diploma into a lot of programs like RJ in program then writing program then a script writing things and all the stuff and I took my media career only right after working into the different sections of entertainment and news. Is Vidya for like six six years? A couple of years back I decided that I want to take up paranormal investigation as my full-time career. I was doing it I was doing it as a part-time thing. Those are advisor Logan fact many social media. So full-time Lena. So the biggest challenge was he Economist for full time later on to Hal. How will I earn my bread and butter? After I do it, I mean, uh is up coca Mike to the correct. So then I explored the Paranormal content Division. I asked myself and I told myself by not the key issues you do why not two cases you investigate. Just bring out them into a form of a story or podcasts or audio or video or something like that. Hmm. They're my media skills McCrea. My creative skills helped me out. So you see I am a very rare combination. Hmm a person who goes through the darkness and then put it out in a public platform with creative skill and presentation skills as well. Right? So from there it has started. And now I took her it has been around 200 half years. I guess three years maybe have taken this full-time profession. I don't do anything else. I do this only. Fantastic, so I think what I understood from your experience and your thought process is that this is a very experiential kind of learning which cannot be done through our typical colleges and universities where you attend classes and right semester exam see MBA degree 92 Tonio marketing Chelsea Xena, correct? Mbbs degree 92 logo a large Hirata right job after they pass engineering 90s time to look pyramid minority. Hmm. So I think key which which is a good jumper coach courses my life jackets utrom a psychologist. Anyway, getaway perlier for hockey cognac is dunamis. 7.5 billion books. Chrome rain is any part of the gap? Correct. So I think there are few things in your life or few things in the world Joseph experience a he a doctor who operated vehicle son, but I think that's a very interesting point for aspiring paranormal investigators. Whoever is in our listeners now, so the Casey Coburn I have a Paranormal Investigator. The right way to do is get some experienced maybe work with some senior. Investigators. Yeah, I suggest that only I suggest first of all clear your objective in your mind that why you want to take up this profession. Correct? 99% people wants to take it up because it looks cool on camera. Correct. India is the same crazy country. I mean, look who's weaker them. Say Masonic earlier. Hmm up to take talk with caramel again. If you want to take up any career, not only paranormal investigator. Maria problem here. You have low quality quantity boards other produce connection quality Karma party because people aren't sure why they are taking up a career. So if you want to take a paranormal investigations as a career go for it. Call me. I will try to you know help you out in any way possible. But first you should have an objective that why do you want to do it? You should have an ideology before taking up such so first you should sit. Take your time two months three months six months one day whatever time it takes sit down relax and think and think and think and read and read and read and talk to people and talk to people and talk to people and then come up with your own version that why do you want to take a paranormal investigations as a profession once you are sure in your head call me. I'll try to show you some of these. Great. I think that's great piece of advice Jay before before we close. I want to I want I want you to leave it l ever audience our listeners if they can get in touch with you and if yes, how where can you be reached great them reach me up anytime. They want Bob has a super sharp as a tack, Minnesota down a government investigation and around though. other Macabre winning soda number but I easier I have initiated paranormal helpline number with the number says double line double nine. Five one eight six double zero. This is my contact number. I am available on WhatsApp. I am available on calls other app galactic equator Lambie, but cornea commits. You can mail me send me a text on my social media Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn IJ Aulani JQ spelling JY. What up boo Gmail constructing haunt h a UNT halt at Jalan e.com. Just visit. Jeylani.com And you get all this information which have just told you. So I am super connective. I am super easy to reach. Fantastic 1 so J. Once again, thanks a lot for the interesting conversation. I think this is a very off topic from other topics that people come across every day. And we got useful insights into paranormal behavior. And what exactly is Paranormal as we know it and as we thought it used to be and I on behalf of all the listeners wish you all the best for your company. And also may you write more books and It is mostly these very things that almost thank you for this was my first experience of going in an audio lives. I never went on it you gave me this opportunity and I guess I believe that it's a cool and soothing experience has been for me because there I go through a camera interview love office. See who's aligote. They are like all risky for David for David bolo and comedic pod color grading of a particle are adding up numbers look easy. But yeah. The opportunity to speak my heart and I love this experience. Thank you so much. Thank you, Jay, and the unedited version will be live in 15 minutes from now. So no I did was take thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Have a good day.