Good morning, everyone. I hope you are a quarantining well. Don't get upset with these 21 days of long log down already. We are down we have spent three to four days. So today we are going to talk about friendship at giving space in Friendship. Why is it important? Why is it important to give space? And what does what does it mean by giving space? First of all, you should understand There are five stages of friendship. So first stage is of a stranger. Second of an acquaintance then to a casual friend then to a close friend then to an intimate friend. Sometimes that intimate friend becomes your partner life partner. So why is it important to seize giving space is very necessary for any relationship in case of friendship? It is necessary to have a healthy friendship to have a healthy friendship. You need to give space why? See it also depends. First of all, you should many many a times. We we reach the Casual friend stage and we say that we know each other very well. But we forget but we forget that the other person is also an individual every each one of us specially in when you when you are adults each one of us has his or her repair mechanism self repair mechanism. I am talking about the emotional quotient here when you are when you are feeling low, some people have a self repair mechanism. Many a times it happens that you talk to your friend on a daily basis, but then there is a gap of two days. It is that gap of 2 days which tests which level of friendship you are in the two days. Is is a self repair mechanism for your friend. You should not you should be aware of that. You should be aware of that and do not disturb your friend at that time. and if you know and if you know, so I would I would say why it is why it creates a healthy relationship it helps in growing building Trust. See we might be friends. We might know each other very well. But at the end of the day you are in your own house. The friend is in the friends house your you have your you have your own set of problems your friend has your own set of problems. So how does giving space? How does giving space help in? How does giving space builds Trust? see giving space just imagine a conversation where there is only one person who is talking all the time. And the other one is only listening. Do you think it is a fair? It is a fair equation. Where are you? Where are you developing the connection? Because you are so busy talking. It is as it is similar to one speaking to himself or herself. You should you should appreciate that. The person is a listener. Yes, but you should also contribute. It is a two-way communication. You might call call me old-fashioned, but I will tell you I'll tell you if you are aware about. your friends presence and you give space in the right way, you will develop trust see when you are talking to your friend or when you when you are developing that idea of friendship. You are exchanging Energies. If someone gives space to you, do you feel the energy within you? Can you give the same energy? Can you give the same energy? If you are aware if you are aware and mindful about your friends presence. You will be there. We will be developing a strong connection. and sometimes sometimes we we create we have unrealistic expectations from friendships. Many a times it Shahrukh Khan has said in one of the movies there is no sorry. No, thanks between friends. But that happens with the close friends not with casual friends. So you should first before before uttering the is dialogue. No, sorry. No, thanks between friends first see what is the level of your friendship and then then use the dialogue. See friends do talk a lot. But the really good ones know when to listen and when to ask the right questions if you are if if you are a good friend of somebody. You will also observe the nonverbal expressions. The tone of the voice you will know when your when your friend is happy or sad by the tone of The Voice. Shahrukh wants to join the call Shahrukh you can send requests. so I would also say that 10 things There are there are different stages of friendship. And it also the age factor is also there when we are when we are in Kinder like when we are child we are very as children. We say everybody is our friend. Everybody is our friend. Okay stunning wants to join the call. Everybody is our friend the definition of a friend changes when we are in the 20s. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. So what do you want to say about about this topic? Okay. Well, first of all, please tell me what's your name? Actually they weaker. Yeah. I am not used to pseudo name like yours. I've used my real name only. Okay what you have written author that we come means if you are a writer to Of any book. Yes, if you have changed if you check out my profile you will see that I have also mentioned my author website it is it is authored a week or.com. So I am I am the author of three books and one of the books has become a national bestseller and it is going to do the London Market soon. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Nice. Nice. Okay. Well, I'm a student and okay. What about friendship? Okay, I want to share my one of the things that your friends are very important in our life because if we are having some difficulty or something we want to share and we cannot share with anyone. So it's I are our secrets especially so we we can share with our friends and the if but friend should be like it should be A real friend. Okay. And yeah, sometimes it happens that like every person with whom we are interacting infecting. They are not our friends. How do you differentiate between a real friend and who is a genuine friend and who is not how do you doubt it your differentiate that yeah, like it comes you like like with the experience I thing and the time passing with you and like time tells us. Okay. Yes, and the Situation's tells us situation tells us in what situation he or she would with us or not how he is behaving with us in that situation. When I am I was in the difficulty how she interacts she helped us. She helped me at that moment or not. In this way, we can realize and you know, yeah, you can tell me and I was missing that you were you said that I am having 10 points about friendship. So I wanted to know hello they Rica. There we go. Hello, you clearly? Yes. So I request you to get off the call and listen to my listen to my speech here means after when I am disconnecting this call. So then you will speak on that. Yes, because I am already speaking on the 10-point see her, okay. Each day. Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much for connecting. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Bye. So I would I would like to start with the list of ten things that friendship that helps in developing a healthy healthy friendship it is okay. It is okay if some friendships do not graduate bit beyond the Casual stage and do not go into the close friendship stage, but that does not mean that you do not respect the friend when what happens is give respect give respect. Act 2 to a friend even if if they you have a breakup even then we there were some time that use you spend to create good memories. So give that respect to that friend don't don't him or her. Yeah, next is acceptance difference of opinion differences in Outlook is something that each individual each human being has differences are the wonderful. Awful parts of Being Human no person is same but when we become good friends, we accept the person with all the differences. You may not have you may not agree every time you may not agree every time but that does not mean that I break my friendship with you just because you don't agree to my opinion. Get good at listening. listening is when you listen to your friend when the friend is sharing his or her insecurities fears. Rather than interjecting with your opinion everywhere at every chance. Space is good and necessary. Space is necessary for four people four friends to develop themselves. As a person space alleviates tension personal obstacles stress and helps and gives your time frame gives your friend the time to work out things on their own see many a times we do the mistake of becoming Baisakhi some basic even Gotta Have nanoscale EA that we we will solve all your problems. It is better that you make your friend strong to fight their own problems. I'm not saying you have to you have to not support her or give that emotional support but don't make him or her dependent on you. Don't do that. Say what you mean? Not what you think two true friends. Two true friends will always be with you geographical distances. Do not matter. And they never they never intend to maliciously hurt hurt your feelings. They will not sugarcoat words. And they will not tell friends friends don't want to hear sugar-coated stuff. They don't they don't want you to be dishonest in the relationship if two true friends understand that being honest is always a better option than lying. Garner gather the friends trust that even if you tell even you if you tell an honest, even if you share an honest opinion the friend will respect you. I will request all of you to please listen to my talk first and then send request for joining the call don't compare their friends to your friendship. See all of us are individuals and we should not think that I am the only friend my friend has. There are a lot of people that your friend also knows you are one of them. You are one of them don't tell your friend not to mix around with other people. Why don't be jealous or don't compare your friendship with the ones that the with other friends of your friend. I'll I'll give you an example. Suppose my friend is X x has on other 5 frames. Should I feel insecure? Why why should I feel insecure X has other Fri friends but X also values your importance my in my importance in his or her life, then it's okay. No X has six friends including me. Let's let's go out together. Let's go out together. Have fun together. Make time for one another. Only sending text messages over WhatsApp does not does not build build strong friendships nowadays. Sadly. We believe more in texting rather than meeting meeting her friends. Both are busy. Both are busy you and your friend both are busy, but when you make out make time for each other and you put that effort. To meet your friend will love and reciprocate well with you. It's okay to call. suppose say your best friend is in a in a bad mood. Okay. Let them know let them know just just call them and say don't you don't try to pacify you just say that you are there suppose suppose a friend has fought with you. It's okay if they have crossed the line or treated you badly. It's okay. It's okay. Let the let the matter settle down show your displeasure or show why you were show why at what point did they did the friend cross the line or in what way they did they treat you badly. Be honest with each other see sometimes we make mistakes in in friendships in casual friendships. We make mistakes and we we just say stuff. randomly We just say talk randomly. Some people might not like it. Sometimes we intrude some sometimes we even know this is this is in respect to jokes that we crack. Sometimes we cross the line and do not respect the person's value systems or do not respect the palaver persons. in nature Next is never never stop learning about each other. See even if you are friends for 20 years, even if you are friends for 20 years or even a few months, it is never that, you know, your friend completely. Never because humans evolved humans evolved over time with time their mindset changes due to experiences. As I said, you have your own set of problems your friend has their own set of problems. So the way they deal with it helps them evolve. You might be you might be friends since school time or even even childhood friends. I have seen many people. I have seen many people. They say your job with a tub toys along with a viola Google. Because you evolve as a person. See find new things about finding new things about your friends is a it is exciting. It helps you connect in a better way it helps you engage in a new conversation. So stay curious. And grow your friendship. One person says boy and boy to Friend's Girl and girls really good friend girl and boy exceptions. I don't know. What is what is the I don't know. What is the logic behind it. Are you are you making a stereotypical statement or you have any logic to prove this? Yeah. So one one more thing I would say why giving space is important is You your support should make your friend stronger a stronger individual. If you yes, it is good to lend your shoulder to give give your shoulder to to your friend to cry on the show The friend should have that much of faith that okay confidence that okay. I have a shoulder to cry on. but if it becomes a dependency Then I'm sorry it is. It is not a healthy. It will it will not result in a healthy healthy relationship. Friends, I have friends. Who are not who are based abroad who are based in abroad who are staying abroad for work on shifted abroad for work purposes. And I must say we are much closer because of the time we have spent knowing each other geographical distances. Do not matter for us whenever we pick up the phone and call each other it is as if the person is with me next to me. I think first of all we have a misnomer about about having too many friends. There are only few friends two or three close friends. You can't have everybody as a close friend. I will take hurry, Krishna. Hello, Madam. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? How are you? I'm fine. So what do you have to say about friendship the actually Madam I'd friendship. I don't want to discuss about friendship, but I want to ask you one question. Hmm. So Madam actually when we are in the love, our a person is trying to become like a love like that Crush, you know Madam Crush. Hmm. Your boys are Think about a lady like she's my trust. I want her like that. So in that moment, they will entering into depression Madam because the person sometimes they like they don't like so what do you suggest Madam see? First of all, first of all, the definition of love that we we are adopting right now is not true. Love true. Love comes out of respect for the other person. What there are there are three stages of love the if you see the it is attraction. The infatuation and love so first I will what you said is when you when you see a girl and when even when somebody when a boy sees a girl and things that she is my my type that is attraction. Yeah that that is attraction that is not love love love happens when you know each other fully will and when when you when you when you build that trust and give that space because what happens is giving space means that you You are allowing yourself and her to develop as a person you you are giving that trust to her that she can rely on you. She can share with you. She can share things with you. So first of all, I think I think the definition of love has been maybe because of movies or anything but the but the basic when you when you see when you read stories of he runs away and all there are Romeo Yet they gave their lives they sacrifice their life for for their love. So so tell me tell me in the more in modern times of love how many people how many couples can do that? Tell me first. That is there is no low. I do I never seen a love poem in this like Madame before II will say I will say that I have seen couples in true love even even in today's age because they are not in Killed about their relationship. They allow they allow their partner to I have seen I have seen people in true love they have been and they have been into true love and they they don't allow the insecurities of any kind to bother their relationship. Yeah germanium. I agree with you but might be playing insecurities, but they always have a healthy communication about it. Yeah. Yeah. But um, but I in my view mom is now I'm 24, but I never seen any love my true love really protects. You you wait you wait for her for the for the girl who will love you if there is no there is no right age as I say there is no right age to fall in love. Yeah love can happen. Any day love can happen anytime. It is better. It is better that You you understand the relationship and you be be honest. Both of you. Both of you be honest and work towards a stronger relationship. Yeah, so love is different here. We are talking about friendship not about romantic relationship. So I would I would like you to stick to the topic and tell who is your best friend the middle pin my child. The hood there is one field is dimmer is name is Gary and one more person is Cybermen Saga is done by Night native Place Gary's mum is in Hyderabad gonna restore my friend. Not a French Madame. We are like brothers More Than Brothers he can see because when I will tell you not only we are not a friend's mom when we enter into his family also at the night of three o'clock also if I just To call her mom and his sister also, they will give us face to leave until clean the individual at the time of trivial three o'clock. Also the morning the type of bonding is there in between me and my family members like that. Very nice. There is no of the moment. I'd done any mistake. Also I can share with that person. I cannot share with my family, but I can deal with that person's he that is that is what is the real meaning to they are close friends? They are close friends. That is what I was talking about. So there are five stages of friendship. First is a stranger second is acquaintance third is casual friend fourth is fourth is close friend and V is V is Partners - you're right. So thank you for joining the call. So I'll continue with my talk. Thank you so much. Mommy will take a session ma'am. True love I will not comment on it. I have I have very guy. I would love I won't like to comment on it. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you ma'am, and have a nice day. Bye Mama. I will have pre weekend and stay safe. Okay. So in nineteen I ask is to love doesn't exist true love is divine. If you find true love you don't need anything else in your life true love will be your strength to pursue your life. True love become stronger with as the days passed and whatever happens you will accept the truth and you will your soul purpose will be to make life happy with With your friend that that is that is the power of true love but do we know how to so see love is a very complicated thing. Yeah. Love is a very complicated thing to understand because sometimes we confuse attraction with love. But today we are talking about friends friendship friendship also requires love and respect. What do you do? Yes, definitely and I are one loyal friend is worth than a thousand fake friends. And to develop and to develop that kind of friendship. It takes a lot of time what I would say is before So what before you understand or before you judge your friend? As a human being first, please consider. What is the level of your friendship? So like I would tell you as I said, the first stage of friendship is stranger as a stranger. You select. A person to you select a person you select a person. Okay, you want to talk to that person? Why do you want to talk to that person? There is something you liked about that person and you think you think you can become friends that is that is like if I say as a child as a child we are we are only exposed to our family then we go to school. Our first public exposure is school where we meet people of different kinds but some people we have some people are there who are like-minded and we think that okay, we can become friends with that person to the idea of friendship comes when we are in school. Now who is an acquaintance there is a difference between a casual friend and an acquaintance. Both both kinds of people, you know, very little about them. You don't know everything and it is it is not a one-way thing in as an acquaintance both know about each other very less. If either it is a person whom you have met through school or college or on a bill in a business stating or inner or in a What do you say? Or or in at your workplace, that is an acquaintance. So first step is acquaintance becoming an acquaintance because you want to talk people people humans are social animals. Okay. Unsure three. Hello. Yes, ma'am. How are you? I'm fine. So how what is your definition of friendship? And why do you think we should give space in a special friendship approval? No. No, it's not necessary to give space inoffensive. Okay. Okay, you know friendship Is God gifted the person is the person is very lucky who has true friends because everybody has not true friends. Okay, and it's a good gift. And as I have told you usually that is very lucky as I actually at this time. My friends are not near to me. They are not in Michael. They are not in my connection because because of something disturbance between us and because of the connections and yes, I am failing that the lack of friends the lack of friends that For us I think yes, it is. It is true that we are how many real friends true friends do we have we have it is a self check that we should have we should do do it on ourselves that how many real friends do we have and it it it is something we should ask ourselves now and I would like to tell you that in this world in this currently as the generation is going it's hard to find true friends because you will find friends a lot, but it's hard. To it's hard to find true friends because true friends are not more in our generation because yes and it may be the that maybe their education. I don't know what they're going but it's hard to find true friends are you know, correct? So in amongst two friends true friends, you might not require space because they understand you in and out and they understand when when you should be left alone and when they should talk So that is that is the that is the method of that is the recipe for true friends. But today in today's world what we consider as friend what we term the term is used for casual friendship. Also, the term friends is used. So what happens is in casual friends, obviously the space is necessary. Listen to me. I'm listening. Please be polite. Yes. Yes. Yes people like people like maintenance man. I'm a busy guy. I'm doing something bad for you. No not see you see listen to me is not a real not the way I am giving you a chance to speak. So do you should not use that term? Okay. So do you think so please please? Can you tell me what what's the word? Can I say? No, you don't I am I am listening. Do you have given you a chance to speak right? Please? Do not debate more on this and please tell your point. Yeah. Yes. I'm telling my point. I think true friend. Is that who helps us in a critical condition? Who is who are always about to help us who are always about to you know, about to take our agreements about anything and Who is his only that? This is my point of view that true friends. Are that who else us who who will understand what what are our failings? What are we thinking who will understand that Circle true friends and that's are called friends because friends are a lot but all the friends are not thinking or feelings, you know, all the friends are not able to understand what we want what we wanna that things. Thank you for your views on show we will take the next caller. Thank you so much. Okay, let's go, okay. Sadly Ahmad. We are joining by sudden. We are joined by Saudi Emmett. Hello? Hello. Hi. How are you doing? I'm fine. And you I'm also did well, so please what are your thoughts and printed? Sorry. What are you think? What are your thoughts on friend? Actually, I have some Network issue. Please repeat it. What are your thoughts about the topic? Okay giving space in Friendship. This is your topic Yes, actually, I'm actually I want to speak English. I want to learn English. But so sorry. I'm not good speaker of the English. So please don't laugh at me whenever I will be wrong. So I will just Frank Miller. Ernest sure sure. Nobody will make fun of you. Yeah, please forgiving spacing friendship actually in space friendship in space. So it is a little bit of difficult for me learning about it because you're about your topic. Okay. Okay. What do you want? What do you think when when your friend is in a bad mood? What you should do what you should do? Yeah, okay. Okay when my friend will be in a better mood than I will try my level best to give him happiness. So because our friend who is very near to me then my target will be there too. He will be happy in any way then I will can do. Anything for him? Okay, and what is your definition of friendship? Friendship means lots of actually they are the kind of punishment. For example, some friends are very close that loss of the you can say that the types of trends that are many but the real thing is a friend a friend in need is a friend indeed. So I think so that I believe in this kind of a friendship and do you think in today modern times? We sometimes use this Term friendship when a very casual Manner and take advantage of a friend. Yes, yes. Sure. How please repeat how how do you think that we use it very casually and we use it. We don't we don't mean the term consciously. Yeah. That's a golden that you're seeing that but I already told you that actually there are no sincere friendship these days. You know that there are many many what I wanted to ask you. What do you boy? Why do you think do you think we are Bihar we are sincere friends today or not? Yes. I think that there is not that is not. Okay. Yes. Thank you so much for giving your views will take the next caller. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. So we are joining the Via joined Frank logo. Hello. Hey, good morning, ma'am. Good morning. How are you doing? Yeah, I'm fine. Okay, come on to your to your point. I think so. I made so many friends in my life and not here and in India also have a Solo Traveler. I made a lot of friends in in Middle East and I have seen I have never given distance to my friend. I always been closer to Them because because I need because you can detect that friend is friend in need friend friend eat it. So this is what I also follow them and I've gone through them like, you know, not only Indians I have gone through other nationalities also like in South Africa and Pakistan is an old I lived with them in sectors. Also I live lived with them and I've seen them mentality their mentality similar like, you know, we are friends like we don't see that you are from different country. I am from India. He's from other countries know we have lived together to like Pakistan like Pakistan is a neighboring country. But even though we will leave I had lived with them together like, you know as a as a brother and I didn't see any distance in them and some when when the weather money matter like, you know, we should we should keep a distance in money. Like, you know, we should not call funny or in love matter or anything. In friendship like this is what to say. We have to keep the space in Friendship. Okay, if you if you like if suppose example, I am in difficulty and my friend want to help me like in money matter like it's okay. I give you this amount you you you you solve your problem. Okay, I see okay give your money back. So this is what you know, how you treat how you treat one friend to another friend. This is what you know for activities. Different different mentally friends having different different mentality some friends. They cheat sometimes they cheat also some friends that you'd also be pathetic money gets you. Okay. Are you are my friend you are my brother and they take money or anything like, you know, and they they go away like, you know go away from our life. So when it hurts for us that time that woman time and that time, you know, we feel like, you know, we have to keep distance of sometimes. Yeah, so where you have Um, so I would like to I would like to tell you what does giving space means many many people think it is giving space means distancing yourself for some time and leaving your friend alone for some time to get ahold of get ahold of that situation. Like when when I will talk about I will talk about if there is a disagreement. Okay, if you have an argument with your friend happens is we ask a lot of questions. Why did the friend do this? Why did the friend do that? If you are have had an argument heated argument give some space from you also need some space to understand. Why did you have that argument? You also need some time to get back to the healthy mode of friendship, correct too late too late to that let that argument settle down let that bad blood settle down you also Some space the other person also need some space it is it is it is not bad to ask to ask for space see sometimes what happens is we hesitate and we don't we think we think what will our friend feel if we ask them to give space. What happens is you don't hesitate because if your friend is a to true friend he or she will understand that. Okay, you are having some conflict self conflict, which you want to resolve. L've fixed would be given that much space should be yeah II would also I would also like to ask you about one thing that I have observed very due to texting and everything if suppose person X does not receive a text from a friend like they are texting daily. Okay, but if Claire is but if there is a two-day Gap, what does it mean? What does it mean? He might be having some difficulty like, you know, I didn't come on like maybe he has some work busy CID less. He don't come and message me. How will I come to know whether what happened to him? Like I'd be worried about OK Google. What happens is what generally happens is when you are worried you ask so many questions that you are not giving the person time to do. Sort out their own problems and come back to you. Correct. It is his mistake that he didn't inform you. See what sometimes we can also think about we can also think about in it is think in a positive way that that see. Okay, I will pray I will pray for my friend that okay, whatever is the problem. Whatever is the problem that gets sorted out problem easily easily at that much that much trust should be there in the in the friendship that even if the friend is not messaging for your to you for two days. After in the third day, the person will come back to you. If if that if that trust is not there if that trust if the person comes back on third day and tells you pours your heart pours his or her out to you and is that this was really great. But it because we have we have bothered the friend so much when he or she was having so much a problem. Why do you want to why do you want a drink create that read it? That is my medical mile out. That is my Outlook. Yeah, we bring negative thought, you know, we bring negative thought in your mind why he didn't inform me where he went and did negative thought Kim comes in your mind and that negative thought and that negative thought builds us builds and uncertain Authority on your friend. Is that right? Is that right? We try to losing a friend like, you know, losing something like, you know, we keep Like, you know Unfaithful like, you know, we think like oh why he didn't answer. Yeah we go. Well the negative moment we go if we trust what what I see it as like see you don't many people do not agree with me, but I think it is not necessary to text or call your friend every day. This is wrong. This is this notion at least at least I have told all my friends that That for me. This does not work. Yeah. Okay. Let me tell you one thing. Like, you know, I'm using this broadcast from last one month and I have seen so many friends, you know, so many friends in this book and I don't know some friends and I never seen them. I don't know but I have feeling I have feeling for them. You know when I see I don't know you also but still I like you has my friend because you know, you are giving me some knowledge and Curry collecting some knowledge on book. I prefer water. So I'm thinking you are my friend. And I know how to treat with you how to send a message to you and how to make friendship with you so like that, you know, I've made so many friends in the broadcast, but I never I never know who are they but I thinking from heart feeling it is coming like, you know, he's a he's a good boy. He's a good man because he's is keep in touch with me. He's always say I human like the actress this is tough for me that how you treat one friend treat to another friend like Incorrect and correct. It all depends on what is the level of your friendship like these like you said you have a lot of friends on on open talk you because you are connected to them you argue feel connected you feel connected to them. But you also respect the other friend, correct? You are also getting the due respect. But what happens is many a times. We don't give due respect to our friend only would like to say no everyone like, you know, don't we should give Ship only only friendship like, you know as a friend not you should not involve any money matter or any love matter in this huddle defense befriend only befriend be not need to be a romantic relationship Bubba if n is need and friend indeed. That's it. That's our one more thing. I want to ask one more thing regarding space only permission. Do you need do do you need permission when you are friends? If if he's very close friend like, you know, he's my childhood friend. He's my childhood friend like my neighbor my side never liked and he is my neighbor like, you know, I'm keeping in touch with him or because he's my neighbor's our childhood friend. We have born together like, you know, and we have grouped together. So we have we can take permission we can take permission if if if suppose now unknown friend like I'm like like I would have trouble Out of the country like and they are unknown friend are not my childhood friend. So yeah, you can keep distance. You can keep distance with them because you don't know them yet. They might eat you they might eat you also like example, I have some money I kept inside my car, but you can't trust you. You will say, oh my you want friend but God knows he might in my still the money Asia and then you regret? Oh my God, I trust him and then she know what he did for me. So this is the childhood friend you can trust Get him you can keep you can take permission from like has a pressure. So that is what like we use the term friend very casually, we don't realize the meaning of the word. Sometimes we confuse acquaintance with friend acquaintance is basically like you said you do you travel and meet good people like-minded people. They will be your acquaintances. They will not be your friend. They're not my friends. They are yeah. They are acquaintances strangers strangers and acquaintances. So yeah, so I took her and and how important is it like suppose if people have this insecurity many a times they have this insecurity that if I hurt my friend my friend, I will lose a friend is is this a reality being over a big overall? Obsessed being over obsessed about your friend. Yes, of course because you know, sometimes it happens, you know, if I if example if I have a friend I have a very good plan and if he's insulting in front of other people also like you know, you are anything he abuse abuse me, of course we keep enemity. Yeah, because you are my friend, right? You are my good friend. And if you say anything to me face-to-face that is different case if you are if you are in the group, like, you know, if you are some my relatives or friends Anyone is there and use abused me that woman time you say something like, you know, BC which I will not like I will keep distance for me for for some time because why then I will add that I will keep on negative thought you know why he said this for me? Why why what did I did wrong for him? I'm being good with him. He's not being good with this negative thought Community, you know my camera. Thank you so much for thank you very much. Thank you very much. God bless. so like I said Like I said, first of all, you must realize that you can't control anybody's decision. If you truly want to know how to give someone space without losing them. You have to let go you don't have a choice in this matter. You can't hold on to someone who doesn't want to be held on to if somebody does not want to be your friend. You can't you can't cling on to it if you look at. If you look at it as a decision. Then you put a lot of bonus lot of owners and blue and you keep blaming yourself. You are not giving you blame yourself that you gave up. It is it is not giving up. You are making it easy for them because they wanted a way out and you have given the way. Only true two friends do that. Only two friends do that. I would I would also say I would also say that. Do Your Own Thing see you might have a friend who is a close friend for you but realize your individuality of also You sometimes there is no need to tell that the person needs space. Sometimes you feel the non verbal. Nonverbal actions Behavior will tell you will tell you that when the person is come feeling comfortable in your company and not feeling comfortable in your company. It is it is a signal that you get instead of worrying about. Losing them take time to focus on what you want out of the relationship. What does he the friend mean to you? Do all things do all the things that you gave up since you began your relationship what happens is we are sometimes too involved and we forget ourselves that we are also human being we have our own individual needs. Yes, it is a it is a single soul in two lives, but that does not mean that that trait of that eternity of friendship is very rare to see nowadays. Make decisions for yourself. You when you stand on your feet and have your own space. It helps you make stronger decisions for yourself without worrying about repercussions about what anybody else is going to say or think. Some decisions have to be your own. Decision making is powerful when you decide something and it is solely your decision. You will feel the strength and power. So so here is connecting. I will take another two collars. Hello. Hello sahir? No, I don't worry. Yeah, I'm good. So what do you have to say about friendship friendship? Who do you want to listen for our friendship friendship if you stick to the topic if I hope you have seen the topic. I hope I've seen the topic. Yes indeed. So what happens is? Why are we why are we so obsessed about our friend and why can't we we be friends without having an authority over them? And one more thing one more thing. I would like I would like to say that when you are meeting your friend don't have any other distractions. First of all give that spend quality time with your friend how many how many of us do that? If that friend really matters in your life don't check your WhatsApp messages or don't don't pick up calls when you are meeting a friend. That is all so you are you are not you are not giving you are not welcoming your friend. in her in a respectful manner so We have when so like I said as our friendship evolves and passes through different stages of friendship, which is the stranger to acquaintance too casual too close to intimate or Partners as as it goes as it passes through these stages. We know know something more about our friends the person as a person we start knowing the person. We know what are his or her dislikes likes what puts her of what puts him of what are the behavior he or she dislikes? What are the kinds of like whether whether what is the kind of language to be used? You you you come to know the nitty-gritty is of a person. As you evolve in the stages of friendship. As so they shot him and says as we know when we spend a lot of time with anyone it will be important in our life. It's a nature. Kiara says friend should be crazy. Yes, but so So friendship, as I said true friends two or three in life. They are your world. You don't need you don't need a room full of people to be your friend. Just the two or three close friends and your world will be a happy world. So try to build those friendships. And try to be a good friend. There is also different between difference between a good friend and a best friend. I hope you will realize with time. Yeah. Thank you so much for listening. Listening to me. There are about $1.99 to or 200 people who are listening. Thank you so much for taking up time and listening to me. If you want to know more about about my books. Please visit my profile. My website is given or you can connect connect me to on Instagram connect me on Instagram author. They vika is my Instagram handle you may connect. Me with their thank you so much.