Hello. Yes. Hi everyone. Welcome to the show of digital update show one. Hi, thank you Asta. So the latest update for the Today's Show is that Google has recently confirmed the local search update the latest local source of date. So I would be telling you what is this update about the update is related to Google making use of neural matching as a part of process of generating local search. There are so many local ranking changes because changed because of this update during the past month. So put I can you tell me something about what is Newell matching. Okay. So new re-enacting is an AI based system. That is an artificial intelligence based system that Google began using in 2018. They did that primarily to understand how words are related to Oops, it's like a soup Sinha system. So synonyms words that are closely related right to other words. Okay. So according to you and I'm going to update with Google has released a new rule matching. If I say in a shot as AI base Google and it's based at it to us and super sinanan words The Words which are closely related to each other. Yes and a use of neural matching means that Google Do a better job at finding results, like it can go beyond the exact words in business name or description to understand how it really works and it will be really helpful for people. I feel okay. So I'm now we can see what the new visual matching in local search has been completely rolled out, even they are the results and the results can change as there are smaller updates that that Happen all the time as well the constant as well as the content also keeps on changing for everyone based on the what is the business requirement for the other people doing it? No, there is one point which I noticed a poor body this use of neural mad thing in local search doesn't require any changes on the behalf means any changes should not be done on the business side. It's all depends upon how the Google search is working it out here. Yes on the business side like a businessman. They don't have to make any changes. Okay. So this release this release what Google have made it for the neural matching and the Locust is realer reserves is basically the global release they have done it which is what the Google is saying. It's just not for the u.s. Region. It is for all the countries and languages that Google is available in so, can you tell me something about Out the rankbrain algorithm helps this noodle matching to for the Google to improve their query match a mapping to the results though. It differs in some function. But how this ring brain algorithm Works can explain it a little bit of this. Okay. So this new rule matching is very similar to rank rain algorithms like neural matching helps Google improve the query mapping to result like we may type some query which has synonym. Sorry, which has a word but it will take us in on him and maybe show us the results better. So now we have clear evidence that Google has made it better and Google's advice here. The same as before, there should be relevance one point they should be prominence and distance. These are the keys to ranking well in the local area. So here I see a pariah very important factor in the SRP Reservoir that is a search engine results page. We can see based on this new rural matching and the rankbrain algorithm like before it was based more on the rankbrain or algorithm how the SRP in the SRP the rankings for all the websites have been made. Okay, but because of this a neutral matching they would take of course the consideration of the content and the information inside it in the relevance and how useful that information as for the users based on ruler of neural matching. They will use more of a how the super synonym contest comes into the picture, right? Yes. Yes, that's true. So So here's the Android digital update of the day. So let's meet again. See you again on the next episode of digital update. Okay by a pool where it was nice talking to you. Thank you so much. Bye. Bye.