Hello, Mike, welcome to the digital update show of the day. So today we have something interesting which many of the people face issues will getting a good ratings for their product or service and how is the content matters like we have been doing the content part from a long time. It's how to make a better content how to improve it how to get a Best SRP ranking as and the and of course the content is the Everywhere you would see that so today's topic is that it's Google search quality guidelines. What are the guidelines? You should follow to have a good ranking rating and the content water how the things matter and how can we improve on it? So my just wanted to have what? What do you wanted to know about this? Well after I've heard that Google actually changed the quality. At evaluator guidelines about two weeks ago where we just highlight some of those changes because I'm totally new to the digital marketing world. So, okay. So the word is though the internet the vast collection of online information and content. So it has got and this huge Universe inventing it have got a lot of information so you searching for a Good restaurant near me so there are some personalized search also being used by Sir that is using I mean near me. Okay, so I'm looking out for some good restaurants near me from my place. You would be looking at from some place. Okay, there would be the other third person who would be looking out good restaurants in koramangala or good restaurants in Bangalore. So the search So, how is the search the search is in a wider form first, you are searching restaurants in India. Then your searches little categorize to searches in Bangalore than your searches against up categorizing searches in particular location of Bangor letters in Ronica. Koramangala exact ra okay. So how this works it wins. So like like a restaurant people searches for many topic for the weather, right? You of the requirement purposes daily needs so different types of searches need very different types of search results. Okay, how we have to come come through this is so it's a very important for this search engine to provide the authoritative and trustworthy information. So that people should not be so the people should not be treated with the misleading content so to come I'm up there. There have been there have been a set of guidelines which has to be followed. So it is very important for you to represent. The people means what is a people looking out? So first thing while the search is made in which language and the location? Okay. So two things to enter this true things the web takes in and based on that it produces its query and fast the On South out of it. So so it how does it happens is for example, what is a user a user is the person trying to find information? So from there can be users from our people from all over the world and a lot of different ages gender race religion. Okay. So offensive content should it's there are offensive content related to some Tick or something, which is related to some people. So those contents by Google have been flagged as inappropriate content or they even Google has the authority to block any of the website if you might be aware or not might be aware. There have been around 10 to 15 websites. I am not exactly remembering the year. It's somewhere in 2000 have block all those websites the reason of blog Those website it was in fact, they were good websites like BBC and the buzz Google itself was blocked by himself. And there was this New York Times and there was some more I am forgetting that name of that company. It was a very famous company. So this was a web size while and the good websites why they were block this reason was and formation what they gave and the content was not proper means it was not very informative from the user perspective. So Google have complete authority of barking animals content. So Google sends a reminder as a mail to the user saying you're pure so-and-so website or so and so blog or anything related to the content on the web is been blocked reason being he gives the reason also and he keeps a timeframe of it on 15 30 days. And ask you to rectify it. If you again go under your have it will not be do you have to write a personalized mail to the Google to get your website and blocked after doing the rectification? So they are little on the content prospective part, which is also very important because the user should not get a wrong information. Okay and the wrong but I do have one follow-up question about that. So I think there's there's actually more to it because who decides whether a piece of information is informative enough or not. I don't think that Google can actually block certain websites just because they don't feel some information is informative enough or not. So how is certainly? Yes. Yes. I don't interrupt you. So how this process works. Mike is like that whenever you Prepare any website or any content or blog to Google. So what happens is like it's a algorithm Google algorithm. He visited all and if you if you say around there are one point for trial trillion pages on the internet. So there is a cross a Google crawler or a web crawler comes to the page cross all the page of our website or anything. It's either your website mine or it it's BBC or it's Times of India any of the websites. So it goes through it completely cross it and based on the information appropriate to the point it index it out key. Okay this other websites which have got the correct information correct require its this information is required for a user it index it out after indexing it out. It gives the ranking of that particular website. Okay. This should rank first this Go to the second page. This is not much informed. So it's not it's blocking also, if sometimes if there is something for example, somebody is having any content regarding or any rate things behind the politicking content for example seems to be an area where Google would like to take its evaluators to keep their personal viewpoints out of it can be a huge huge. He's to like some days back at happened in u.s. When Trump was there and when when the election was there in u.s. you might remember you might you might you might be remembering this news so there can be anything. So this means they can be any such politic related content regarding to any political issues or sometimes if you are a being a person if you are having any medical issue and you are searching for a call, you are searching for the reason why why is And so forth and of mine or anyone of mine or somebody had a higher heart attack, what are the symptoms of heart attack and something for me? If I or the other person have mentioned it wrong means it would be on information from the users Prasad is a very important to have accurate information. Otherwise you me and no one else. Nobody will in this world will trust Google exactly. Yes. That's what what what you think so to summarize I think about from being informative the content being informative to other factors that are very important to Google values is the degree of relevance and The credibility of the information. It has to be from a trustworthy Source. Yes, the source has to be very trustworthy and informative. Okay, and it should not affect anyone's like political issues and like those kind of things also should not be there. So like if you remembered face Book was some days back. It was in the news Facebook was deleting all those pages from its account alike because Facebook is also a type of search engine only not very like Google not big like Google but a type of search engine we can say so he was also hello. Yes. I'm sorry. I think the line is breaking in between 3 repeat the last now it's it's like Google is a bigger change in the face because there's also a small part of it not a very big part sometimes if we want any user information something we go and search in Facebook. Also we tried get some news out of it. Okay small pack certainly not exactly the search engine should be used is how was removing the pages of the but this isn't only because people create this its offensive Pages some glitter to political parties when there was an election also in our country itself. They asked me a member of parliament or any person appearing for the election can't have his or his or her page or if they wander page on the Facebook. They should have a complete proof of it. Okay, if he himself waiting can create it not an issue, but it should be complete proof. No other person from the party can create a page and do the campaigning Champion over there. So there are some of the things which these people this Google Facebook have to keep a track on this there should be nothing going wrong against people beliefs against people's interest political affiliations. Okay. So those are things which people should my minded and the and see the content who is a people consuming the content the content consumption is by of by all by both the genders by all the ages religions, so it should not be it should not hurt anyone's are religion anyone's if any offensive content because a kid is also watching something on the Internet are adult is also watching So the content should be informative useful and to the point. Okay. And I hope Google. Yes, tell me recently Google and Facebook. I think they were they face some accusations of giving bias search results, especially with regard to politics. So what's your viewpoint on that asks, how do you think Google or and Facebook actually tackle these situations these accusations of bias in the search results, Vicki Google and Facebook. They were giving their own suggestions for it was somebody who was Was there some Rising it or somebody political party was doing it even give me something like I'm coming to that point. Okay, I think the okay, for example if you're a Democrat for example, and if you have a democratic point of view, but goo but for Google and maybe even Facebook, they probably they probably Republicans even though you're searching for a particular article or clause which Democrats believe in they deliberately show you articles but published by Republicans. So what do you think is the reason behind that and do you think that they could like filter this political content and actually Be objective about displaying relevant political content based on the so yes. Yes so C. So what I told you is Google is a crawler. So it also works as a back-end. So it's also like a robot walking at the back end. Okay is not somebody from the Google steam identifying reading all the content. So the robot a find some content is useful informative. So he must have given those content at the ranking based on those the rankings. So it is there is no human sitting with reading all the content in ranking and indexing it. So there might be some bird. Okay, but what I didn't understand is the accusation so Google and Facebook both face the same accusation of giving biased search results with regard to political groups. So given the importance of like the degree of relevance The credibility of information the quality of content given that Google values all of that. I'm just wondering how could I Arsenic use Google of bias in search results. I yeah, I completely agree with Pine Point Mike. But the thing is that if this happens so Google it must be not been the knowledge of Google's team. But whatever if the see sometimes is or sometimes what happens is I might feel this content is useful for me you might feel this content is inappropriate. It should not be there. Okay. So there is there is a team of people to whom any one of us can write a mail saying this content is talking about something bias related to some political parties or as bias about something or it's offensive content. You have the complete authority to report that content to the team in both Facebook and Google if you have noticed there is one option Facebook when you whenever you go through any videos or something's you have the option to report it and then you can give the reason also why you want Block this particular content or why you don't want this content should be available on Facebook so that Authority any user have it? Okay. Okay, so so that's why I hope I have I've been clear with you for the update of the day today's. Yes, that's very true. Yes. Yes. Oh, thanks Mike. Have a good time. Thank you for having me on stuff Take It Outside.