I love Lena, how are you? I am doing superbly fine and Metallica equal Pierce a aapke saath open talk to Jordan a kimono Camilla. So I'm feeling really excited. And what is the next topic to discuss about today? All of Lena? First of all, I just want to thank you that on last occasion. You join me for that topic and again a related to some health issues. I am here with you to share my And so on and in know your opinion on the topic of anxiety that is Raising between tease these days, which is that such great to be discussed. And I believe that these days in society is one of the most top reason why people and most probably the parents are facing literally the problems among the their children's and among the society parents are more concerned about their children's and teens Behavior what they are turning into so by very, Nice twice I can say yeah, but I just want to think of it because it gives me a great concern these days because I have seen a group of age people who are into this kind of problem where they're facing this anxiety issue because one of my friend was there and she is just 26 and she said that I have anxiety attacks in the morning because of that work is oh that that give me a great concern to think of it and I I just feel like that. This is a great platform to discuss this thing among people and create awareness. So I thought that you'll be a better person because we also fall in a very same age group so we can easily understand that what kind of pressure we are into these days and what are the problems we are facing and what are the solutions of it? Yes a very true and I just show a great concern regarding the same because as I can also see people among me and among my age group. And around me they are less I can say less bearable these days because whenever parents used to ask something. Where are you going? What are you doing? Nick regular two issues that parents used to put up they get inside at the current stage of movement and they instead of answering very softly smoothly. They just shout at it and they get over I can say bodies are degussa Hosanna and burst out with China. So these kind of issues are regular coming in these kind of age groups. And I guess this is actually the great platform because people are listening is people are more connected to open talk. So yes, we should begin our open Talk regarding the anxiety issue among the youth and teens perfectly that I understand that what the concern is the today the people that are facing the problem that they are facing the teenagers. Particular adulthood group you have a problem, but it's okay. So what do you feel? What are the life events that are taking place care issues here kiss budget similar. What are the reasons behind the scenes it issue among people say what I can find is regular inside. It becomes a disorder when young people have out of proportion responses to things most of the time and I can see also some kids around me because I have the regular interaction among the society. I used to host some events. I used to visit different places. I have such kind of a work where I used to have conversations regularly among the audiences and the viewpoints is very important and feedback is very necessary to take so that we should know what kind of a personality we are interacting with. So what I found as an conclusion that few of us cope up easily with these kind of disorders, but majorly what I have Own that many of the youth and teens are facing these kind of disorder disorders because parents are the major or I can say the key responsible person. Those are not letting their kids grow efficiently as they should be like as body for fooling the like a fulfilling the requirements like nutrition. Tummy full Hosanna and other steps are required for us to grow and the the equal nourishment of the body is important similarly parents concern should be in such kind of a brown that they need proper treatment mentally physically emotionally so that their kids can grow in such kind of an environment where they can understand. What is good. And what is bad for them? I totally agree with you that parents are the key person in their life was just giving them way out to their future and they are seriously creating a lot of pressure on their children these days because it's a competitive word. So the thing is clear. Oh really the the competition that has begun between the particular age group has now led to people and numerous disorders and according to the reports. There is an Reese of 20% in the age group of 15 to 18 years where the anxiety disorder has become very common among people and it adding do you adding to your research data? I would also like to mention Monica that in the past 10 years there has been increasing recognition of anxiety in young people by Healthcare Providers, which includes 17 percent increase in anxiety disorder diagnosis, which is very concerning and we should look After that, the density disorders, which can create more neurological problem and hard problem as well, which should be avoided at the age of age group, which you are telling us that from 17 to 24 it need to get a voided and we need such kind of a calm environment so that we can get indulgent to and solve our issues what actually we are facing and going through. Thank you for the information lovely know that you have given me and that is very true that we have to look into these issues and it became a very major concern for parents as well. As the order of the society is getting into this disorder disorder things. So we have to look into that. So I would like to discuss here get that. What are the causing? What are the reason that are causing rise in these anxiety? Chill between teenagers. So I personally what I feel is that there is lot of expectation and pressure pressure that has been put on children these days to get succeed in everything so know that any true because what happened to her malevich particular or standard you have parents already set called a they have a choke Elia and they don't understand that children can work according to their potential because object comparison has a pressure. Create carnival at the end. So you parents don't understand that what their child potential is whether he or she is able to do it or not. But bomber who pressure to help that puts a child into a situation where they are getting into this ins IT issues. So what do you think what other are the reasons that create anxiety these days? Well majorly my concern is towards more social media, which is getting involved a Day in our daily life and you can also recognize the things and you can maybe you are feeling the same because today whenever we got up we have phone next to us. We at the early morning instead of praying to God that please bless us. Please give us a good day and good vibes. We used to check out our phones what kind of emails and work pressure they are to be are getting beetje. Your child is in school age or college or maybe office going Because these days people at the age of 20 21 are walking right they are born to get employed. They want to earn Vickie's family isn't that much financially supportable towards middle class children's and other than middle-class the upper middle level of the society, like upper-middle people those who are living in the society. They get - support from the parents as well. These it because kids are stubborn the if they want something they want and social media is a concern because today's show And teens are constantly connected to the social media and it's not surprising for me at all that their self-esteem and worldwide view becomes connected to the response to social media post what kind of reactions they are providing to the means the statements that people are uploading or asking the questions about it's hard for them not to compare their life and social connections. So majorly what I feel the anxiety is growing day by day because what they see others posting on social media what they want to do and they are not appreciating and not getting the same response as they has been expecting. So these kind of causes are the major reasons behind the I can say anxiety in kids and apart from this as you also mention about the parents accessions expectations and the higher expectations. I really agree from the point because instead of motivating our child instead of telling the truth letting our child. Is the reality of the world that it's hard I know you can do if it had didn't happen this time. You can take a next move and you can try it again failing is not the only option that our parents are trying to show us as a mirror because this doesn't exist in our option Valley list. They always want us to get succeeded. They want us to get a hundred percent marks and everything. They want people. Don't recognize it child is suffering so much which causes anxiety definitely because they know what they can do. Does connect to this statement of mine? I truly agree with your statement that parents are creating huge pressure on their children as well as these days as you said that social media has become a part of our life and which also led us to the place where we see ourselves among hundreds of people and if we are not getting the same response that is also creating a backlog in our head that why aren't we not At the place where they are and why being from a middle-class why I can't have a lavish like that. The other is having so exactly the things these kind of comparison that they have developed within their self is also a problem and I feel that these reasons besides anxiety you hear ye chronic anxiety, which is turning into major health problems. Also, not exactly inside the it. Is leading to depression it is leading into substance use of different kind of drugs people are getting into having more alcohol or other kinds of things and even there was a raise of percentage in suicide these days. So these are the problems which is leading our youth to a backlog where they cannot grow and Which becomes a major concern where parents definitely needs to understand that what they are up to they need to understand what a child is into they need to understand their emotions. They need to understand their potential. We think is that the the competitive world has put parents also into a place where parents are personally. He competition kind of like a metallic body Colour. So there are numerous reasons where parents are the only person who are playing a major role John Harper hum do here. Okay. He's a pussy cynical or you are the only responsible person who are letting their child getting into these kind of disorders. So there are the people also Who plays a very important role according to me? They can be teachers there can be four friends. There are lot of peer pressure in a group. So yeah talking about the peer pressure Monica. I would just like to throw some light on the currents on like there are also some children who have unexpected and disproportionate reaction to normal development. Like normally what happens we see people growing up in happy. Happy going family where there is no pressure. But since we are in such kind of a culture where peer pressure family pressure is necessary and important I can say because Ben is K. I don't think anything will go smoothly parents used to create pressure at the age of 10 itself. Okay, you have to get involved in this kind of inactivity do some creative work make your hobby. So what I can see is normal going to school person going to a party doing a sleepover or going to a camp. These are the waves which children or I can see the teen or the youth have find the way to get out of there ins I tickle disorder and everyday life activities is quite different from what they should actually do. Like what I do daily on a basis if I get anxiety if I get anger over. Over something so I used to calm myself thinking about same topic again. And again where I went wrong what I had did wrong, but what was the concern of the another potion? What should I do to change my behavior? But these days what child's are doing what kids are doing what teenagers are doing, they are getting involved in drug alcohol and such kind of activities, which is inappropriate as you already earlier mentioned that is that is true that These are the good reasons where youth is getting into numerous number of activities, but here if we are talking about the topic, which is very concerned these days. So what do you think that what should a parent do mother to understand whether their child are into these kind of disorders or they are suffering from certain problem. So, what do you think that what are the signs that we should be aware of? Of to understand this it is not necessary that parents are the only key person as I told you that there are teachers there is lot of peer pressure. There is interaction between numerous people date on day-to-day basis. So we need to understand where the core problem is. So according to me there are certain signs that show us that the person or a child is going through something. So what according to you those are okay, according to me I can say if a teacher or a parent or a friend or someone person is close to the teenager is close to they should notice some particular signal science that sometimes a children's must say that they are anxious about something but other time it's it is less clear, especially when parents want to know the reason behind everything and children is not giving their appropriate answer what What parents want to listen so issue becomes hair and as I may not even realize themselves like by parents. It's not easily recognizable what issues they are facing and instead that they want to be very calm and supportive to their child. They show some anger right in return also on goose. I'm LT and that science can include a recurring fears and worries about routine part of everyday life changes in Behavior such as It has ability then avoiding activities School social interactions. They want to live alone. They don't want to go anywhere. They want to they don't want to hang out and then continuously dropping grades or School avoidance is one of the signature where you can find that your child is going through some anxiety or depression kind of a state or even you can check on the troubling sleeping disorders and concentration problem can be there. If a child is going through the anxiety and also I can mention chronic physical complaints fatigue and headaches and stomachaches continuously. So these can be the concerning points or science which parent should notice if they find their child in some kind of in xiety state or these kind of science if they are if it's visible clearly than parents should show some concern and should talk to them. And maybe there are some other points as well. If you like to mention about something you can please share them as well so that I could also know much more about and the more information. I totally agree with the science that you have told and I would like to mention your that I just feel that talking with the kids about their potential will truly help their parents to understand that what their child is going through as a there are certain child who hide their emotions so well that parents cannot understand that what they are going through so maintaining a communication having That particular topic, but what they feel like would they need to understand their child that what is their daily routine and they should keep an eye on a child that what kind of activities they are in do and while talking they should help them to keep a perspective over a thing that these are the things. These can be the pros and cons of the situation that you are into and you can easily help them to find a way. Way out to cope with that situation. So that positive talk with a child will easily help parents or teachers or anyone else to know whether a child is into something or not. So these there are certain other ways. Also I think key or parents duenna it mindful expectation or direct level set comes with it. That should be a little lower the expectation helps children to grow but expectation. Should be according to their potential. So yeah, the thing which are very unrealistic these days is that parents are set a bar of expectation higher than their potential of their children so that they can achieve that goal. They can have a lot of things around them. They will give give them their these bribed thing that if you'll do this will give you this if you do this will give you this so that is really unnecessary because these days we need to remember that a child needs the time to relax. They need a little time to play. They needs a little time with their friends so that they can understand what the word is all about. And the The crucial thing is that being a as you earlier mentioned about the social media thing that people have their phones in their hand all day. So social media Joanna the supply kit Quezada these days still runs are into these. bad's these phones these gaming things but that physical activities has become lesser these their outdoor activities are shown are we can say humble cooler uncle they are they have turned into 0 and if they are into activities, they are playing games the these there there are numerous games that has been invented these days and that a child does not want to get out of the house and they doesn't want to get into any physical a activity or they believe that p mental and physical health can be achieved through these knowledgeable games on phones, I believe so Kehoe suck that there can be certain games which help you to grow but not in both ways. So it is not as much as physical activity will help you to go and of come out of the inside designs. Right, right. Okay morning. I would just like to throw throw some light on some of the facts and figures which I Found on the internet and this is really this is the basically latest research over the inside T symptoms. So I would like to mention some key points before we end this conversation and I always was very concerned about these things and finally similarly like my concern point every parent is concerned every youth is concerned, but what should be done this is not the way just to discuss on the same level and talk about Out such topics, but as something should be taken as the initiative to end it like we say no OK cubby because sugar problem hair. So we need to find a solution instead of talking on problem. So I would just like to throw some light on same point that yet anxiety symptoms are minimized or ignored as little as 1% of Youth within Society seek treatment in the ear symptoms begin, which means that 99% of the children or youth who are going through the same in xiety. Face or the Insight is own. They aren't getting any treatment and they are suffering and suffering and just feeling pathetic about their life and at some point in society affects 30 portion of the children and adult sins yet 80% never get help which is very crucial stage for those 80% of the people because these kind of children's do not receive any care do not receive any attention. They do not get any concern about Out the similar topic and also let me tell you untreated in xiety disorders are linked to depression, which is also leading to school failures to fold increase in risk for substance use disorders, which can be the alcohol drugs and other kind of substances that can harm the body. So don't you think these are the concerning and the most most discussed topic of the day and which needs Lots of care and after listening this I believe personally if I would having a child I will start pampering my child and we'll go regularly going to ask. Do you need something? Do you need any change in your life? Do you want something which your parents or your brother or sister or your siblings can do for you? First of all Amina the data the information that you have provided has put me in more concern now, so it is very necessary to spread an awareness among these days parents that putting pressure on their children is not a solution to the selection at all. They need to understand that the failure that they have faced in their life cannot be succeeded by their children's we They had their own potential. They had their own dreams. They have their own ways to do. It. Probably every child need a check by their parents, but for sure Juha my block Taki boczkowski's we should we should re very much aware of what a child want firstly. We need to keep in mind that we should ask a child that what he's up to or she is up to what they want in their life and if they are Going on a wrong track. Then parents should work as a guide the not a protector because these days parents are playing a great role of protecting their children from the bad word from the society. But in the other way is dedication instead, they should show the reality what the real word is how cruel this word is how people are going to ditch you demotivate you will harass you and abuse you at certain point of time and every time You will start succeeding every time you will face a field that yes, you are growing you are earning something you are getting some courage. You are getting some more strength for yourself. You're getting good advice motivation from somewhere and then if someone recognize oh this person is growing this person is getting the higher points than me higher grades than me, then they will pull you back. So parents ultimately need to show the mirror. So true so true these days parents don't let their children face their fears. They don't let them understand what the failure is about because in that dictionary failure what does not exist where failure is the only key to who success because I feel like that there if you get failed into something so you learn something from that because there is every every failure gives you a lesson that these are the things that are not to be done because it Already been done and you have not achieved something out of it. So you learn about ways until unless you get fail once in a life. You will never learn anything new that what should be done. And what should not be done. This is good for you. That's not good. I absolutely you'd be a real guy absolutely totally agree on this. So the thing is that like I felt like that there is a lot and end as well as I would suggest here before ending the topic to Children's also if the platform that we have taken today a so discuss these things that children also need to be very open because You are into pressure if you are facing something, so you need to be very open about it. If you feel like that your parents are not the person who can understand you. So you need to find out that person who understands your position where you are. So till the time you won't be exposing your feeling. You won't be telling who what you are going through. So some Neymar abuse could be Napoleon he so much and besides that they can try with this meditation and yoga thing so that this will come yourself. You'll calm yourself down. You'll understand that what you are going through. What are the things that are to be kept in mind? What are the solutions to the problem that they are facing these days so if parents are wrong, so I'll say the children also need to understand the these things. These days that you need to be very open with your parents because I and I feel like that parents are that much educated that much open so that they allow their children to speak what their heart feels. So what they're into if parents are not capable enough to understand. What a child is going through some child needs to be very open to their parents about just like are open right. So you your we do people are sharing our concern these days. So it became very necessary because I feel this is the platform where numerous people are listening us so that we can if one person also we can spread the awareness among people that these are the effective ways out of which you can turn to be a better person or the problem that you're facing these days you can come out of it and these are the solutions. So why not the like if I have a Some like you to share your Insight over the topic every time so I'll be very happy and I will be very open again to be on open talk with used to share my concern and know your Insight on these kind of topics always welcome and whenever you feel like sharing something very concerning and that relates to our life our kids life our society. I will be always there because I just love conversations. I just love talking to people and spreading awareness is one. Of the key duty of the every individual as we always have heard about the change which is the only constant thing and change itself is not the constant one, but the world changes constantly changing our lives. So instead of changing the word first change yourself your mentality your behavior your ins it and then you can expect your child to change their behavior because until unless you are going to do something for your child. They will never ever will be able to develop them. Because they learn from you what they see their parents are doing they always walk on the same Sands footsteps, right? And as we have heard about many things that people usually follow the guidelines of the parents specifically if I talk about the children's where the anxiety issues comes in such kind of a family background. So the major issues are for regular fights between the parents. The child is getting ignored. They are not getting the proper care because parents are too busy invoking other works and getting involved in parties and maintaining their societal image. So once in the life, we should notice that everybody here is from for some purpose, right? You have such kind of a beautiful family. So you need to take care of them and you can't get the same love every time at every specific age group when the child is just born you get some Different kind of warm and closeness and love from your child. But as soon as the child started talking speaking something and telling you about his likes dislikes and going to school meeting some new people and making some friends and getting called friends or boyfriends then their behavior constantly keep on changing and you can stop them but instead of not showing them reality stopping from doing something which is harmful for them. And let them do let them face the reality what kind of a harm that thing can call and that is the only way how one can learn because nobody here in this board is the most knowledgeable person or lumps learns from the mother's warm. They only start learning when they enter to the situation called word. So do I totally agree with your point of view and I hope that people would listen to this and what the concerns be concerned about these things and will spread awareness among people that what are the solutions that we can look into and what are we up to? So these days parents should understand these things. So that was really very helpful from your side to share such an Insight from your end. So I think that we can end this Topic here and we can continue with something new and something again creating awareness among people. So I would definitely love to get back to you on some other topic pleasure pleasure always will be there. And whenever you feel like having an open conversation about something very awareness related to be awareness and I will be always there. Thank you so much for having me again and letting me the part of letting me be the part of this. This conversation talking about the youth and age groups of like us we are also in the same age group. I don't think that I am the professional person to or the right person even to talk about but yeah, I have my own concern. I have my own point of view which people should know and after listening this open door guys. Please do such kind as please take such kind of four measures which will be really helpful for your child. If you are having a child and take care of them spend time with them be the part of their love. And Care and Share and understand them ask them what problems they are going to otherwise, it will really create a problem with the end. Thank you so much. Love Lena will get back to you with some other topic. Yeah, did I will I take your thank you for having me. Good nice.