Hello guys and a very good evening to all my listeners here. I'm dr. Amy and I'm here with one more podcast you have shop with dr. Amy today. We don't have any specific topic. So I thought to end this Sunday with some chitchat with my listeners. So that is the reason we have this podcast here. Let's see if I'm able to get hold of your listeners and we can have to talk with them. And then we'll be moving on to the next thing. I think today's Sunday and I can feel that many of the broadcasters are live. And that is the reason I might not be getting any listeners. That's a wonderful thing anyway. Expecting the unexpected things might happen in any way who can say? Yes and who can say no, let's wait for a couple of minutes. Let's see if anyone joins us to have a word otherwise like will be moving on to the next thing. So guys have a very good evening to all my listeners and I'm waiting for some people to speak with me if anyone has any queries anything regarding anything you want to speak with me. You can speak with me gupchup with dr. Amy. You can ask me anything. It could be queried could be entertainment it could you find it could be singing. Like these but don't ask me to sing but still guys. I'm hoping to listen from you. Come on. Let's get this show started. We have on and here wow mahal kita Anand. Hello. And how are you? I'm good you I'm doing great. So, how was your Sunday? Sunday was great. Yeah, obviously what happened wait for you thinking about your crush talking about your crash singing songs for her. Yeah, where did you got that? What in how you got how you know that I was singing song progress? Hey, I'm dr. I'm dr. Of Life issues. I can expect how a guy would be behaving once you start to have a crash. It's not a rocket science. It's not a good sign. So yeah, I hope that I had to can get few crash here. That would be great. But what to do. I have no crash here and no one has a crush on me. Seriously. Yeah for me. Yeah for being with me just yesterday some Salve on Imgur were saying that you have a crush on you. Oh, no. She was kidding. I was kidding. No, no, no, no don't don't look convinced and okay every why should I be innocent? I am innocent. I don't have to act innocent. I am innocent. No you acting like in a sense everyone know that every single girls on open Talk. How crush on you it's not like that? Yeah, you can you can ask any girl any girl in the entire open-topped it and I did ever dr. Amy flirt with you first, dr. Him in our throats with anyone because I don't know how to flirt. I am very innocent. It's not about flirting then just like you can only have crush on someone if he's flirting. That's definitely why not. No. No, it's not about writing a I mean the like you Because of your talent because then why don't I have any Crush here? Well, why don't any girls have crush on me here in open top? Seriously, man. There are so many. I mean just wait for 10 minutes and ask girls when when listeners will come. I think maybe five six seven can say yeah. I have a crush on you me see today. So many people are busy. I got only three listeners now. Maybe it's Sunday. That's why I'm a bit and they know maybe not maybe because it is Sunday. Everyone has started the live podcast with a different topics, but I have come with something like shop without really because normally I don't do topics like these it's something new that's why I joined because it's not about something you know, which is you can just talk on anything. Yeah. That is the thing. I think that is the reason you joined me. Otherwise you wouldn't have joined is a devil. No, no, no not in miles. Wildest dreams. I can't really seriously even when you come and come and and I just get scared t-this is a reason you are a boy and you're getting Square scared with are scared of me and think about girls they are scared too. So no girl has a crush on him they have Who is that? Tell me let me know seriously image last night. You were with me and Sabah was likes outing. I like Jimmy. I like in me. I have crossed when you have crush on you everyone everyone knows that she was getting she was joking. No, she's not. How can you say that? How are you? So sure haven't sorna II don't I don't know. No, I don't want any kind of I know you very well. I think you went sabar friends. We love our con. I have yet deliver. Can you have to enough precious man? You have done of precious? Why don't you join the dog did our maybe we maybe if you come here to talk maybe girls will also come along with you. Girls already there. Hello Mary Jane Where Are You by not sending any requests? Don't you like sticking with me anymore? I don't know what happened to him. Yeah. Anyway these days he's very much busy in his own podcast. That's wonderful thing. He's doing some good content and very busy he spit change now. Is it that the lover anymore? Is it is it true that our did you change whatever hearing here? Is not that innocent and I don't know what happened to him. What am I listening Devourer? Is it true? Are you still here come and man? I don't know. Maybe he's gone. Yeah, I might have been gone. You just came here to just say I have so and now you tell me how how to have a crush because you have already had a crash you even propose to your crush saying that I have a crush on you and you even made a podcast on about crashing feelings now tell me what should I do to have crush on someone or maybe what can I do some work? No, no. See the Lavery saying we love dr. Amin olds not true. Yes delivered. That's what I think about it. But what I'm hearing about you that you are changed and do not talking what happened right? I'm here to help you ask me anything. No, so the creamy yeah. I know. No don't do that. Now. Come on tell me how to have a crush on open top. Let's do a topic on this one is seriously, you're asking me. Yes, I'm asking you because I don't have any question. No, but have crush on me. We love our country our kind of has done of brushes. I'm like so many girls have a crush on him and you have a crush on someone else and someone has someone else as a crush. What about me? I'm single still on no pressure at all. You will not they are so many. So many at least tell me about one you're saying so many I told you I give examples about last night. Sachi was just kidding everybody everyone. No that no. No she was not kidding. psychosocial mind game but you still didn't old. I thought by saying that she will not say her Crush name and I can escape. Yeah, so you're that's why that's why and so since he's because I told her cause I told her name she just played with my name saying my name it doesn't mean that she has a crush on me. She was she was saying the truth. What about that? I can exist is just I I'm feeling like CRC was telling the truth that time that time it was really what I think I think Sabah is your friend. That's why you are saying there's no I don't know her voice. How's he sounds like Come on deal of our now you two. Don't start. Sabha was asking about you Doctor Ami will our syllabi. You shouldn't you shouldn't lie. Okay, you shouldn't lie. You should support me here in Virginia during even see when you are when you are on her podcast. See don't accept anyone else. Can you tell me why did the podcast someone ever did for scalp podcast about now cheering? Jen you didn't yeah, when you are on the podcast don't accept anyone else, you know, why another reason why because you have a crush on you no knowledge in doesn't have any cash on me. She just likes to talk with me. No. No, I can tell I can tell you more. Okay tell let me see Jehan. Oh, come on. Doesn't have any crush on me today was the first day. He spoke. Yeah and got impressed by you after two days. He will know I'm impressed with her. She she prays a lot to Allah. I mean like that was the thing I was impressed and I told her that I'm really impressed that you are so much into Allah. That is it. We we did had anything more than that. And they she she Johan is allways like a broad minded girl. She doesn't have a crush on me. That's for sure. No, That's not true. Now you said jr. In she doesn't have any cash on me. I proved it Jehan John also doesn't have any cash on me. I proved it. You know, what else is left? Let me tell you you can even prove imagine anything in reality. So I don't want any kind of discussion with you. Uh-huh. The lovers easy is easy is the crush of are not not be and we have only a couple of times chatting and talking nothing else. Does that he might have person I think the way workers is what she said for crashes and she said about the different criterias, but she never said that it was me or like my something like me. She said about some manly why is good in English. That is the thing. She did you are in good English you have manly voice you have talented. It is like getting hit with a tiger. So if she's a describing a tiger, you're currently that I got with me. This is not going to work. No. No, it's working. It's working. She might have crush on you. Who knows? I don't know but I would love to have someone having a crush on me. But whenever I speak with anyone they are saying like, dr. Amy. I'm scared of you. If someone is scared of him, I would be have any shot at this. Roll down that you have a crush on the friendly. If anyone is here and have crush on, dr. Images wrote down comment section. Come on, we are have only 14 people listening to us right now, and I'm sure there is no girl in this 14 people. Okay c p Let the girls come once even if they come this is going they're scared of me. Even if you want to see you can see some of us we have five sided all but inside, you know, whenever I go in a any girls podcast there is just about Doctrine me. This is this is over. I mean, this is over. This is literally over they have their own topics and you're saying that they're discussing about me. What do you think? I want me to have a cauliflower in my ear whenever you go Any podcast is just about you. There are so many people why you know, why? See, what do they say? They say that wall doubt. Dr. Image a good guy. He talks about so many things that is it. Look Lord is also saying we have crush on not criminals told that the lava. What are you saying, man? You should support me which girl tell you which call told you tell me tell me which girl told you there are so many terrifying results don't decide which is why girls are not telling that to dr. Amy that they have crush on me. That's a really nice way to me. You're trying to get some girls who can expose getting Express is about like I'm not to be scared of me farting. I don't know that no one will be having a crush on me, but at least they shouldn't be scared off me. You know if it's like they're not scared. It's just a rumor going on that I can't have been people talk to dr. A me they get it scary. He's you know, so that's why. Some people I can see I can still have our you are flying all those hearts deliver your flying all those hearts. I can see that and it's happened because me, you know why I started like I got scared by. Dr. Amer got scared and now there is a rumor solid rumor. Yeah, is everybody scared of dr. Amin is like why Amy's trying to give you some content. Mm. He's trying to teach you something. He means trying to learn something from you. Mm. He's trying to be friendly with you. It means trying to be good with you miss coming with like fun content, but still you are scared of me why that's because of me because everywhere I just like I just always told like I get scared by. Dr. Amy. Is it? Yeah. I don't think so. No, it's not like that. It's just like everyone also think you know because of maybe because of your English. Everyone everyone is learner here and when you speak and yeah. So that's why maybe I'm not sure. Okay, and also you have so much knowledge about everything. So anyone get scared to come and talk with talk about that topic with you. Okay, that's what I think the reason why but I do know that why girls are scared of me is if they even if they don't have any crush on me, it's okay. I'm happy but still they shouldn't be scared of me. I want to know that why why Doctor Is In Me? I think you should ask the girls this thing. Who are ya? I told you my reason why why and why why I'm always scared when I talk to you. Okay, so If any girl is here can tell doctor mui, they get scared. And also can't always tell if anyone have crush on doctor in me. Yes girls do tell me that why you scared of me. First of all, I'll try to remove your fear from your heart of dr. Amy and second thing. If you do have a crush on me then do let me know about it. I also feel happy about it because having crush is a very normal thing and I will also feel happy that okay. Come on guys. Okay, someone having a crush on me. That's a good thing. But if you don't have a crush on me, I'm happy for that too. Because I think I'm not desirable that enough so that I can have a brush off any girl on we so it's okay. I'm a positive addict everything positively. Yeah girls. Come on do it. Did I know if anyone is here? Maybe they are just listening. You do comment. See see see how you are covering everything you're saying that they're scared of commenting and just get out doing this, huh? You're literally you're literally covering your concept of so many girls having to crush on dr. Lee me and when I asked to comment and you are saying like no, they're scared of you what I need. What a brilliant idea by Anna. You know, the Lord is also saying server was asking about Doctrine me girls don't like that. Dr. Amy goes told that they have crush on you he does. Okay. Okay. Don't be Maybe. I'm Wrong, whatever the lover. The lover is just joking. He's like my bro. So here I think he's joking about it because when the lover is around Y in your girl would look to look towards me. Come again, sir. I said when the lava is around why would any girl look at me? Oh, really? I don't think so because whenever I see. Okeydoke. Tell me how to go about this one. Dr. Amy. That's how some captcha let's speak about something. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on, guys. Come on. Let's have a word today. We are you don't have any topic. Till our come online put a request. Let's talk. Hello. Hello. Deliver Me By Request let's talk Yeah. Oh come on the Lover. Now you two started this thing you're afraid stop kidding. Blankets. Hello, Jaime - Kurt Come on Deliver. Come online. Fast fast fast. I'm waiting for you. She too is offering from you. Yeah, none see if we've ended our is afraid of me than now. What about the girls are also afraid of me. If you're scared of a person then you won't be having a crush on him. That's for true. So it is hands it is proved that no girls have any crush on. Dr. Amin. Guys, if anyone want to come online and speak with me, you can come on and speak today. We don't have any topic. It's just simple and funny gupchup with dr. Amy. I mean like why does it always have to be a general topic while I'm speaking when I say gupchup? Why don't anyone wants to join with me why so scared of me? Come on guys. Is there a bar here or deliver went to Delhi? And then this is 0-1 bhandari, hahaha. So guys this is how you are reacting to me when I'm talking about crashing everything. This is not good. This is not good. This is not good. This is not working out like this. Come on guys. Come on line. Let's have a word about it. Let's discuss something come on fast. Hello. Is anyone there? Is anyone speak with me? Okay, we have Jordan here. Let's have a word with Jordan. Yeah, we are connecting with Jordan. Dilawar, you didn't come online, right? Okay. Hi Jordan, how are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Yeah, inaudible crystal clear. So what's the topic you guys are talking in English something special or just no nothing special. I mean like this is my first time I didn't take any good topic and we are just doing sculpture for the temperature like this is my first time I'm doing some gum. Because normally I would come with some content some educational content aggregation some some you always come with some themes. So yes, you are ready to enter math. Thank you. Thank you so much. I wanna thank you so much be proud on you or you know, thank you. Yeah. Yeah. I'm proud of my parents. I'm proud of my parents so parents proud of you. So you both promise. Yeah because there is there is me like this and I'm like This because of them so I'm proud of my parents for the foraging me up like this with we not an introvert but being an extra word. Exactly and okay and what kind of you know, are you worried? That's why I say you come on you are something about as always you you bring some new lot of things you bring among the people. So please you you are very, you know, initiative kind of person so All something because when we come in front of you so we get some nervous, you know, you are. Oh my God, I'm gone. Please you two. Don't say that. I'm like everybody's saying this word like whenever they want to speak with me. Dr. Amy. I'm nervous. Dr. Amy. I'm afraid. Dr. Amy. I'm scared. Come on. I try to be as friendly as possible. We shouldn't be saying that you are nervous Jordan. This is not fair man is coming to India might be heard about or do you follow a little bit politics or not? No, you don't follow it. No, I don't like follow politics at all you okay, then that's why we ask you now. What is your taste common say something about like a Cop Shop kind of anything anything you can talk about anything, you know becoming has been, you know solving by the movie channel movies or like so many, you know, nowadays what that another dust. Channel or Z different kind of the web series. So a lot of what a lot of things things we are watching T. It is very simple to understand when in the beginning when the movie era started in India. It was most meant for art. It was more more meant for like public based. It was more meant for like letting them know something but nowadays money-making is only the theme of movie industry. You have to be commercialized. Yeah, that is we don't mind it. We are welcome. He welcomes and of things Duffy everyone he'll return money, but that our generation we are we are Eastern culture people, you know, we are pretty far away from the Western culture. We are outside other action of the western culture, but nowadays, you know in our movies, you know, we almost we are forgetting our moral ethics. We are forgetting our all whatever we gathered up from our ancestors. Do you believe this is the right thing? The thing is that forgetting about what we are carrying from. Our ancestors is one part but modernization of the city and modernization of the people and the lifestyle also creates an impact in a different way. So we can't this directly blame onto the film industry for that because they are trying to bring up the content which public or more expecting from them to bring so it is a it is like customer-based one whatever the customer are trying to get it so the movie decision to give them that so that is the reason these kind of movies are still working and the movies with some messages and some content on like only doing we are able to live up to the life we have seen. Still we have no some blushing kind of things or we feel very shame in front of you know, when sister or because they people of Western culture. They're very modernized people. They are really open up each other very and they know what is sexuality kind of things. They they actually they kids are you know taught by the teacher in the school, but we are we we don't go through such kind of things so they are so I somewhere we feel you know, shame, you know in front of the eye. That's why I'm asking. You know, is it is it all right thing but it is not at all and I think because when it comes to movie Industries, it has to be like a family Entertainer in the same way. You are you having some exotic scenes in that just to make some money is like a thing, which we can be expect and you can see that we have Netflix and other online Series 2 and they too are trying to get up the concepts like gandi baat and lipstick under my burka williger. What what do you want to give the message to the society by doing these kind of things exactly? And it even we know the Helen Bindu in their in their era they are such a fabulous ladies and definitely they believe in kind of the Cabaret kind of that is really that is Janam kind of thing. But nowadays, you know without any reason any girl any any celebrity any girl clothes or struggle or any boy actor or actress stragglers talk about the struggling actor vectors into they are really there. So the Duvall job in front of anyone and they don't share Poonam Pandey kind of girls are in, you know was Sunny Leone any such kind of girl they are they are not actually the come from like an a we can to say they come from like an oval of they can't they're welcome from like in a very good families, but they have our own personal perceptions, you know, so they how can you do like some kind of thing, you know, you can you come from your porno movies for no word and you are now because what kind of people they write an essay to our you know our kids so we think these people should These people showed the I have seen or read one news in like a few years back the porno porno actress. She opened an account in particular Bank in it. I was talking welcome Western culture and the bank she got a bank account and after that the banks and in the nursery and I send an email and they stopped their account because of that so you come from this in that category come from this world. So you are not acceptable in our economy and in our bank, That is Injustice. That is Injustice a person of girl having her own career of living is completely different thing from having a bank account. So that is Injustice completely. I mean I shouldn't be I will I shouldn't done no one should accept or agree this because if a person is doing something to live, whatever it could be it could be pornography. It could be like any sort of things but they are making a living without hurting the society. That means they have enough and equal rights all the other human beings having in a society. All they commuted love lot of what we call to the right word for what we were the film before releasing the film what the film the film media kind of they watch the movie kind of things here in here people really restored they and any kind of the content. You can't get it on like an and what we call in Western culture. Do you can't they are really they are very clear rules. They know about the law and law and conditions everything but here in India, you know. So definitely we should we are falling but our our system administrator over it justice will not that much fast that they don't there's Justice hasn't that much swiftness. So now if some work to do, you know, trap device such kind of things so he can't get justice. So that's why I reckon such kind of things are really very vulnerable very dangerous for our society. Now tell me one thing. I'll tell you one thing about this movie cultures. Let me put a word on you then we have this you a certification, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, that's uh, don't forget exactly how the songs was about films. Yeah, the so-called stupid morons the group of people who decide that what is good for a movie. What is good for the society and they how can they approve the movies which has some exotic seems which are not meant for family to sit together and see watch it. Now when we have been the film industry is doing this kind of activities just so that they can have some income Source from that side and they are like bribed of the u.s. U.s. Certification to come like what is the use of having a Was certification if you're not certifying and judging the movie properly before it's released. Exactly. So people they all come from the same stream and they have a very I don't know exactly but mostly the panel, you know, they come from like a not only the same category and maybe some like in a government kind of the you know, bureaucrats kind of people they are part of this core tree but somewhere you know, but you might be you have seen in like an investor in culture, you know, whatever if the action movie they mentioned this is a 15 plus movie or 16 plus or 18 plus movie there in that movie. Games are are not acceptable kids are not allowed to watch this movie. But in here in India, we carry our kids along with us any kind of even the that movie belongs to some e-learning or maybe it was that movie belongs to a lot of you know, War kind of seemed like an a lot of assassination different kind of the what we call to some mascara kind of so, we don't care in our society. We don't care about our kids what the impact goes to our kids brain or mine. So we always you know, okay, let's go to watch. We you know, and because the last movie like in a war between the movie guy, you know hritik Roshan and other guy forgot. Yeah, so I got shot Tiger Shroff. So it's kind of a lot of action movies, you know, a lot of you know, the Bloodshed kind of masks are kind of thing. So but that's turned out that they are everything they have classified here in India. We didn't classify these kind of thing. Anybody can watch such kind of moving on Biggs agree so easy because Hollywood is already as All you need is already a state of art filmmaking. So they follow the guidelines very strictly, but when it comes to Bollywood somewhat Indian things it's still at like emerging stage. I mean like when we try to do some experimental movies, we see a drastic failure in them. So still economic conditions that's based on importance in Bollywood industry. It's not like that. It's fundamentally stable enough so that it can come up with some experimental movies or can follow the guidelines strictly. They have to evade some rules so that they can come up with some exotic action and like a hyper. So that they can make some are good output from the movie itself so that they can make it a blockbuster so they can make money out of that thing. So now what I am saying is that Bollywood film industry right now is completely focused on commercializing exactly. Yeah. Not actors or producers whatever and this is a this is a this is a this is a massive cell lavishing game, you know, so there is that becomes doesn't that is there become a right, you know, look at the South Indian movies there people are really very diagonal. I really appreciate I we watched the like a dub movies of these from that culture that move whatever movie has been inducted why in this origin, but they people are really look at they they have very, you know, look up there, you know ideas look at They are also commercial people but they whatever they are serving, you know, whatever. They are offering us. We definitely we shaped it and day out there behind so many reasons, you know, and in our Hindi movies, we we I don't know you know, what are they? What are they trying to be, you know showing their people get out the ticket people actually see if it comes to Bollywood every second day. You will get a new movie to be released and they don't even have time to compose a new song. They are taking the old Melodies Andre mixing them and creating a new song or out of that. Items on there making out of the atoms are what the you are doing. You want to Bollywood invest in if you can't come up with a new song for yourself take time create the content. That is what your creativity is. All about. Right filmmaking is a creative art and you're literally trying to copy and dump the song which are between the old Melodies and you literally destroying the ethnicity of that thing and you're even trying to disrupt your own movie just by so that you can innovate time of creating something new. Absolutely. Sorry I got in your daughter. But we are talking on the right topic or audience are really enjoying or we can change it if you like, you know, I don't know no see see first of all, the first of all I would say like what I would like to say one thing Jordan it's about like if you are discussing the topic of something which can be learned from an understood from and could be off like some help to the society. Then we shouldn't change the topic at any cost. If the audience are interested in listening to the topic. They will listen to it. Otherwise they will at they have other podcasts to they can join. To because they have the free will to understand what they want to learn and what they don't want to learn. So so we are supposed to going on the right track or I can yes. Okay. So I even I will you know lot of within this industry or might be you know that Casting Couch kind of a lot of happening happened in the past or like might be like, uh, normally still happening it is still happening and then you should read the thought that lady you know, she she Sue on mr. Nanoparticle kind of very mature Act. ER and nanoparticle, he's one of the prestigious at a celebrated actor and so many Anu Malik, he's the music a lot of girls, you know, they raise their voice against these these eminent or prestigious or you know, why we call the celebrator personalities so such kind of things really but the government but the the our code our law is really do you know is very sluggish kind of law we have so they are why not the take any action gain such kind of EDF. Why would they do that when you can shut their mouths with some enough amount of money. Why would they do anything against it because see when the public is not reacting towards something then why they why is there any need of taking an action but if a public power the public is going through all these things and they are not taking any action on they're not raising their voice for something because they are relatively enjoying and having fun out of that one. If the no one is Raising was then it is much easier to cover up whatever the concentration what are the costs are going on. So as Look at their responsibility to take a stand about the things which are not going in a good way and we are going in a wrong way if public start taking a stand about like what how and what kind of movies that should be coming up. Then that will be coming up in such a way and that will be commercialized and that will also bring the property of Bollywood industry but no one is looking towards that we have seen the public so many time public actually take a stand against these these these people those who make a kind of perpetrators or like a delicate kind of people but the actually media is looking such kind of that. Elation kind of the news they believe such kind of and they are giving the hype those people are making a mysterious. Those people are making a wrong things. Actually. Yeah. Why not? Why not? Why not knock down only let us gaily. Let us get this point in a day in a different way when the dostana movie was raised of Abhishek and John John Abraham and people create such an idiotic High product literally such an idiotic hyper that when Grand Masti Grand Masti to came which has like five teammate and jokes in it. No one opened. 2D Mouse I mean like that was the hero we wakey maybe there is literally saying about milk factories. He's literally or taunting directly with to her saying build factories and no one is defending that one and she's placing a point out that and she's exposing and the points are bouncing off and like what kind of jokes are these and why are the public entering these things? Because they enjoy that this movie got it. I have no idea. I have no idea. So if you have any like an a certificate like an adult movie certificate, then you can you can use kind of vulgarity kind of the dialogue. But when the movie was is there were no there was no a certificate or one of the Lord took a stand that it could have a certificate and even the film industry against it saying that that movie is not vulgar. This is the basic thing which you can have in a movie. Mentality, they have they having you're such a kind of like no just whatever people money is everything for those people as compared to, you know, they don't have any their moral values. So actually we are final moral value somewhere, but they are you told me they are stable even commercialism lat if they do you're right somewhere, you know, this is my point of view. So therefore we shouldn't we shouldn't you look at their parties Rave parties or like my even currently Holds Barred a and some other nowadays, you know the day people even what they think about the Quran or Krishna, they all girls, you know, they go to the parties and so many times we have seen only on YouTube videos and look at their dresses and whatever they are. They they are what kind of the substance that they can party like a exotic X tasty kind of songs I have substance has been taken by them or during the party. So they taking a drugs kind of the speed drug kind of stuff they take it whether so that's why We can't expect such kind of people that they have some moral values kind of what do you reckon? Yeah, you're right. Okay, Jordan are let me give some time to her equation. Also, he has some questions to ask me. So I think I can just cut it out. And again, we will continue our discussion. So we thank you very much. Have a great weekend. Have a great weekend for you to thank you Jordan. Yeah. Thank you. Bye. Okay. So let's have a word with Hari Krishna here gulp shop with dr. Amy. Thank you, Gloria. You are a very funny speaker. Is it thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah, how are you? No know how to Christian understand one thing when you're asking me a question. That means you are letting me also learn something new so don't think like that ask admit it. So actually I can because my one of my friend was asking it's the same question. So okay I want to do is the point actually what happens bro, when we are talking with the person we feel our voice is not that much good. We are not producing any word document in a good manner. So we feel very shy we are talking about a person is opposite person is speaking in a voice is very nice high and we feel very shy how to overcome that the feelings. I want to know about them see Hari Krishna as I said to overcome shy feeling or anything. You have to be like very sure about the things like how confident you are. Why you are speaking with the person you don't have to be shy to speak with a person until unless you have a crush on that person. It's not shy it's anxiety. You have social anxiety that you feel scared that you might sound wrong or you like you or you're not a social enough to make it with new people at fast. Hello. Hello dog. Hello, sir. How are you Yes Hari, Krishna. So, how can we overcome that will be okay, even if you're feeling shy let's take some bold actions now now let's let's think that you are going to a new person you're speaking with him, but you're still feeling shy what you have to do. Is that keep your file shy filling inside your heart. Okay, do it as a date. They have a big smile on your face go to that person and say hello. How are You okay? So once you want to do this, what happens is that literally that person will reply. Okay, then you can ask him something else slowly while speaking with him you will you will not even recognize your shyness will disappear. Yeah. Okay shine because of approach you are that your approach might be rejected. You are scared that your approach might be wrong. So that is the reason first of all, even if you're feeling shy these are fading anxiety keep at it. Inside your heart go to that person smile will have a nice smile on your face. Say hello. Say hi. See, how are you see? The first one was it will start responding your fear your anxiety your shyness. Everything will disappear. Yeah. Okay, so I understood you have same a great point. And if or if I'm if I'm talking in that phone with a new person, so at the time, okay, is there any other tips because we Important now we can smile in the phone. I mean like our voice. Yeah, otherwise completed your first if I'm smiling and talking that has a different turning if I'm dull and I'm talking that has a different touring so you should be happy while you're speaking with someone new if I'm say like hi harikrishna how you can see that painting happy while speaking with you if I say that yeah, I had a Krishna. How are you you can see the difference in both the things it gives the Positive Vibes in the persons within the tone itself. You don't have to show you a smile to the person who's out to the other end of the phone. Just have to be happy inside so that you can able to translate that happiness through your tone. Yes, I am. But I want to ask you one more question. Yes, we are not good at pronunciation. Actually, the pulsation will take more import most important role in our communication. So okay tips to improve your pronunciation. See as I said, if to pronounce something you have to go to YouTube and start any of the Hollywood movies and I suggested many movies. Okay in my previous podcast, you can see that movies to learn English I have suggested. You have to go there. Yeah, so that and you and you have to decrease the speed of the movie. Okay, you can put it at 0.5 x the speed and then when the dialog comes you have to speak along with the dialogue first time you listen to the see maybe a 15 or 20 seconds of seem they listen to it. Once again third time you try to pick along with the dialog. Okay. What happened is that you are trying to sink the dialogue. It will not sink in the first time. You have to try to two to three times. But while you're trying to sink it you are literally listening. You literally reading and you're literally practicing at the same time. This will help with the pronunciation faster quickly. Thank you, sir. Thank you for just a second have to be sure to those also giving you a tip. Let's have it even on call also keep your presence of Mind. Once you make the other person feel you are listening to him or her they themselves will make you feel comfortable with the call. That's a wonderful point. So thank you so much. Are you Christian? I hope you got that point from sugar to yeah. The find I Endure thank you soda. Thank you very much to given me that good point and I will try to implement on that. I will come back to in your organization. Yeah, definitely definitely had a Krishna you can come at any time and don't think that you are disturbing me. Okay? No one is disturbing me. If you're asking me questions. That means you're literally helping me learn something never having like that whizzing across 55 fire hydrants. Following from five days but more I think you shouldn't feel like anything. You shouldn't feel like anything. Did I ever say anything about asking questions? In fact, I ask my colleagues to join me and then as them to ask me questions, in fact, that is it what we can do much better to learn from someone if I'm explaining you to something that means that literally try and repeating the same things to myself and I'm running that again and again, I am doing thank you very much, so that he was also given me one more tip slow and steady work on that picture. Thank you. Thank you very much soda, and I will try my best and I will come back to afternoon decision. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to ask too many questions. Thank you, honey. Have a wonderful day. Thank you so much. So guys we had a wonderful talk with her aggression on solving few doubts and I am really thankful and grateful to so the for helping me out with a few few motives, which he has she has given here and guys if you like if you like the session of gupchup a doctoral me do hit the heart icon, which you can see near you texting column that will motivate me to come up with some new and interesting content. So we have here Vicky Kumar. So let's try to have some gupchup with Vicky Kumar before we move into the next caller. We are trying to connect with Vicky Kumar here Vicky Kumar. I think your network is not stable because I can see that you are deeply icon is blinking. That means your network is not stable. So we got disconnected with Ricky Kumar. We have Gloria Achi here. So let's try to have a word with Gloria Archie. Hello, Gloria. No problem is normal. It's not my I forgot. I'm not a celebrity now. I'm not a celebrity like you that you keep people waiting. No anyway, no, no, no celebrity. Yeah what I'm Gloria from Nigeria. Yeah. I know you're from Nigeria because I saw in you I saw you in general spot cast and you said your name and you said your place I remember you. Okay? Okay, and you are laughing you guys are laughing our Our hearts me yesterday. No problem. We'll know I don't know how to speak good English. I'm just trying my best. So, how are you? I am Indian. Yeah, I'm am Indian. Okay, Namaste Namaste Gloria Namaste. Yeah. I also don't know. Yeah. How was your day today? God bless God is okay episode me. Today is Sunday. So it's a weekend so it's okay. Okay. So how did you had fun today? I just talked to a few people on the on the site. So it was really fun talking to people. I don't know that in some cultures are different from them. Okay, son sunny. I want to talk to Sonny if I talk to Sonia. For my damages keeping you waiting. Oh my God keeping you waiting since yesterday and he said he's a little present. I like me and keeping me awake. Oh is it? Yes. It's okay Gloria because open talk is a new podcast here. So many of them are don't get enough time to give all the time to the stalkers and all the time to the laser. So we have to understand from their own point. We offer you also that they have is with everyone and we cannot just disconnect the call right other person. I feel like everything is going well, Gloria everything is going well. Okay, I like Indian, but I don't actually know your culture. I don't know what to drink. I love to know you more and get to know the person I'm talking to because I listen to like you or for your different topic and it's so so interesting that I have been wanting to talk to you. He's supposed to be a motivational speaker. Yeah, I'm a motivational speaker. But supposed to be one because I really really good in it and I'm really happy. I really appreciate talking to you. It's not it's not easy and it's not it's not it's time unlimited that makes people make friends and very grateful. I am your friend and I will get to know you more if you don't mind me asking. I didn't understand a Gloria. Can you repeat what you said? I said I'll get to know I would love to know you more this year my Indian friend. I'll get to know you. I want to know you more. I want to know the doctor who I'm talking to so I will talk more on that side. But this side I'm not a little bit. The soda has written some lovely comments for you on this is complimenting you. Can you read that? I love the way Nigerian woman beer their headgear. All right and vibrant colors and patterns still scoffs there Jesus. Thank you. I didn't know I was not actually reading I was talking to you. So that is the reason I did it for you. Okay? Okay. No problem. Stacy like Nigerian women. Okay. Let me like my an indium and it's Norma. Yes it is. Is this so don't worry about me. I'm an English tutor. I'm a motivational speaker and I'm an author of a book called as or understanding women is easy in India. I'm living in a part of Bangalore and okay. I was born in Maharashtra why I was brought up in Telangana then I'm right Amin Karnataka and I'm in a different state now. So okay, that is about me I cannot hear To do some more podcasts on different topic by possible to - can I ask you a quick question? If you don't mind do you Bob this platform you are using not do you do General a platform like WhatsApp Snapchat? I know that was your lady slots for my body. Talk to you only I didn't come again. Ozzy this platform you are using us to talk to me. Is there is it the only social platform he used to talk to people or you are doing some platform or you have some Snapchat platform or you have there but you know, I do have them but I'm using those for like other official purposes are not using those for friends, but it's okay friends. Yeah, I don't use water for friends because most of my contacts are everything regarding business. I work so most of the time this is the most social platform, which I'm using right now. Okay? No problem. Do you want to give me one? What? No, I was talking to you. I'm talking to my kid brother. Okay. Okay. No problem. I've talked to you so I'm okay. I'm free now. So I want to allow you talk to other people that are waiting to talk to you. Yeah. Definitely talk to you again. Definitely definitely. Yeah, definitely. I would like to talk. What's up, some of that time? If you don't mind. God bless you. Keep you and stay out of trouble Namaste. Yeah, Namaste. Thank you, Gloria. Have a wonderful day. You too. So guys we had a wonderful day here. We spoke with many. Can I do that for you? Ami purple piece. How do you know my number in any way? Okay guys, so that's it. We had a chart text with glorious back again. So let's see what Gloria has to say again. We are trying to connect with Gloria. Oh Gloria. I think there's a network error to come on. Hello, Gloria. Did you call me back? No, I didn't I'd also you call me back now. So I was wondering no, I was I was I was thanking you for being part of my podcast. Okay. Sorry about that. Let me allow you talk to you. Yeah, sure. Thank you. So guys if anyone wants to come with me and have some chitchat Gap shop Doctor, dr. Amy, you can come here and we can have a word and purpose purple piece. Cannot do that for you Amino. Thank you purple piece. If you want you can do that for yourself. And then you guys if anyone wants to have some gaps up with me and I'm still here live alive around in front of you. So come on guys. Let's have some words. We have show your bra. No, let's have a word with show your brother. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? Hello me pretty good. And you what should we do? It's very hard for me. It's dr. Ami. Yes, it is great. Great, so Tell me a little about yourself. You are a really detector. No, I'm not really a doctor. I'm a doctor of Life issues. Okay? Life issues mean you you're a motivational speaker. I think there is yes. I am you say we just before that's why I know and I feel some doubt mean you lied on your profile doctory me and then as you say I'm a motivational speaker and English teacher Sorry about that. Yeah, it's okay. You shouldn't be sorry for asking questions. You should never be sorry for asking questions. In fact, you should never use the word story because if you're trying to ask something that means you're like literally try to get some information for which you shouldn't be using the word. Sorry. Okay. So do you have any questions? Let's talk about your questions then should I tell about yourself? I'm a student of BS electrical engineer from you till her, you know about the whole is very famous city of Pakistan. Yes, okay. Yes and my sixth message is going after my graduation. I want to go abroad for higher education. That's very prepay my eyelids exam there. So that's why install this are deaf. And yes, that's why I talked with challenges people. You also very you have em in your English is very good. That's why I want to talk with you. That's why thank you. Thank you, and thank you accept my request. The pleasure is all mine show. I mean, I love to speak with people. So that is a reason I'm always looking forward to look to look with the to talk with people to understand them to learn some of them. So it's a wonderful opportunity because wonderful platform for me. Okay? Yes. I know just started to to day or go install this app. And I think you are very famous on this have because you spent a lot of time on the on the sap. Maybe maybe our to today's Sunday - so you use More than from other days. I not know because it's just two days ago install this app. And you know, I'm not I'm only using this app from like a couple of weeks. I'm not that same as there are some other people who are much famous they can give you much information to so it's just a learning that Rama came here to learn from others and the teach them what I know. Okay. So how many people are listen us me only one C and 120. So if you don't mind I give some tips to people I would share - - what back? Okay, so let's talk about my English career. When I start my English career. I feel also manifest problem also faced many problems like Bigler people. So first of all, I give you one tip. So if you want to learn English, then write some words in your notebook with the their meanings and Kempton and those word into sentenced to three or four. And also practice with with friends and if you not have any friends then come to on this app many people are also waiting issue. Then one is more tips for your beginner. If you type on YouTube for about learning English and any video or come there which teach to about English how to learn. In English, for example, if YouTuber give you five tastes tips and do you follow five tasted but after a few days you feel boring to five tapes. What's this reason? If you want to if we use you say want to say something here. No. No. Why do you okay I can do so, it's not me you feel boring from English. It means that you We'll only borrowing from their tips. So just not to give up the a English carrier. Do you just give up the five tips? You just change the you just change the method not a give up the English. So, please don't mean or give up the English carrier. You just change the method and continue our Gary English career if you Never give up then one day you will success definitely. That's wonderful tips, which you are giving to you our listeners here. I mean like guys let me repeat whatsoever has said he's asking you to write down few words English words along with their meanings and use them in the sentences and try to repeat those sentences that will help you to memorize the words and that will help you to come up with the sentences and that will help you to practice a lot then what you can do is they never consider the fighttips. Okay, these fight it might be boring after a few days but keep on practicing and that will help you in your future and your learning for sure MRI exam. Yes, yes. Yes, very good. Very good. Your English is and also want if I remember just now. Okay. Okay, if you are a beginner like me, we also be glad if you are a beginner then don't prefer to call with same level people mean if you are beginner and your friend also bigger than you not get em get em Improvement easily mean then you say if after some time you be talk to upper-level pay some with someone then you feel dictation mean then not you feel relaxed. If you should just let me comment of sewer. So they are making issue emotion. That's the only way I have learned English and try to exciting to excel in it. Wonderful to the that's a wonderful tip here. So guys today saying that you should connect with English with your emotions that will help you to learn English. Stir and add to show up that you should drop in speak with higher level of people so that you can have this understanding and you should have this inspirational yourself. You have to break up with Phil mean more comfortable after people after and the girl then you feel more comfortable. Yes. Yes. Yes. It sure is exactly right here. So guys try to speak with the people who had some higher level of English, which you think that because that will help you to break your barriers break your fears make your doubts and Problems which are facing and that will help you to go to Next Level by speaking again. And again more and more. So practice is the yes, I need to the substance and don't think like that mean people how think about us. So don't feel hesitation and also not feel yes. Thank you. Sure. Those are some wonderful tips given to you by our listeners here. Give it a given by you to our listeners. That's a wonderful thing. I really appreciate it a lot and the guys do follow this tip is not just about listening to the tapes. You have to use them everyday because listening yes expected quotes Okay learning is a spectator sport listening to the spectator sports until unless you apply them in your real life. You have led the way in your ear how to practice them every single day. No lie. You'll be able to finish. Whenever you feel from boring from everything, then you watch movie with English movie and also follow the subtitles just very helpful for anyone for beginner mostly and also here is so I hadn't song mean which you like Justin Bieber and I don't know more so it's very helpful mean follow the English. Aish songs and English subtitles and everything related to English if you want learn English then keep struggle and more than more because English is not easy for everyone. If you face challenges, then you get anything if you not face telling then you not get proper mean not Valuable things you not every man in world face challenging to the job our destiny, you know? Yeah, thank you. Thank you for being part of our podcast here. Thank you for giving you a valuable tips to all of our listeners here. So I hope that we have and they have understood it and I really expect that. They are literally after they should apply their life and they should learn English in a better way. They should communicate in a better way. I wish you are very all the best guys for understanding and for learning from this problem doc podcast and this is a wonderful platform for learning. So do learn and help learn to every single day. Oh, yeah. Let me have a word with him then I'll get back to you. Okay, but just I want to say one thing. Yeah. Sure. Sure, please. Yes, actively, you know, mostly people have been a beginner. What I say mostly people on this on this app mean beginner and not have a lot of knowledge about English. So please you speak it gradually. Yeah, speak gradually guys, it will slowly study was paid and you will be learning in no time. Okay. Thank you Chef Donna. Thank you so much for joining. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback to your listeners regarding English in the tips. I really value that do come to my podcast regularly and do hit the heart icon, which you can see. You're texting column that will help you to motivate a lot to come up with some interesting content. Okay. Thank you for a wonderful day road trip. Okay, I after this stalkery follow you and you also follow me definitely definitely have a wonderful day. Thank you. Take care. So let's have a word with Rajesh Sharma here. Oh my god. Look who's here? Eric Hi man. How are you? Yeah, I'm glad what about you, by the way, first of all good evening, very good. Good evening to you too. So rajeshwar you from I'm from I'm calling from the diesel basically, but my daddy places Bihar. Oh, you're my native place should be here. Yeah, but not as a mesh density scale in studying purpose. You can say okay. Yeah. So yeah. Mr. Emil, can I call you miss? Dr. Emil? Right. You can call me image. You can call me. Dr. You can call me. Dr. Jimmy. What are you wish to okay. Okay a doctor game is good. Okay. So first of all, I would like to tell you one thing because I am beginner here. And yeah if I would make mistake then don't don't don't mind please OK it's ok Rajesh. We are all Learners here's and we can make mistakes mistakes are the steps. Success - exactly. Okay. Yeah. Yeah this because you yeah you giving me such a wonderful feedbacks and definitely I will talk. Okay. So yeah, could you tell me Equity ask me then after that? I will give you answer then definitely Rochester a tell us about yourself. Okay. So yeah, if you talk about myself so your first of all I would like to tell you. Yeah, I'm glad ESP game. I'm from shot this gal and here not as I'm studying of clash 12th. Yeah, and nowadays. I'm preparing my final examination because my final exam essays is so near and the next month and yeah, so it's going very well and yeah, that's it. And what are your hobbies? Okay. So yeah, if you talk about my hobbies, so my hobby is not much more much. But yeah, whenever I get free time I much prefer to play cricket. And yeah, I love Cricket. What do you love Cricket? Who's your favorite Cricket player? Yeah. Yeah, if you talk about favorite Cricket player, so all all all Indian cricketer is my favorite. But yeah, if you topmost most like so yeah that colleague Brad Carl is my favorite. And corn is your favorite. Okay, that's good. That's good. Yeah, and yeah few days ago Henderson, Tony. Hello. Are you there? Radish? Yeah, I'm here. I'm listening a wish. Yeah adding the second inauguration a murder that dr. Amy. Not Lambie. Yeah, I think fun with yeah so rubbish. What do you want to suggest about learning is how do you feel about this platform? Tell us exactly? Yeah. I want to share my story check me because I have been using bodytalk app for two months. Okay, and and their my level is achieved like 9/11, but but I'm not satisfied. But yesterday one of my friend I was I was like, you know what it's a exactly conversation with with him. Then he suggested me. And after that install this app FM this app and yeah and today today I am talking with you hear someone here. So here I'm feeling very good because here because hear my voice is can deletion many people here. And yeah, I am feeling very good and you happiness good. That's good. That's good. The now make sure that you make the most out of this platform and learn a lot from this. Yeah, right, right. there are wonderful podcasters here the we had some awesome content. So make sure that you're part of everything and learn every every concept. They just don't focus on English Focus for you should be a main thing, but you can still focus on other important concept but others are trying to change. So yeah, I'm going to say could you give me some suggestion like yeah this how is my Englishman will I ever be able to speak like you one days or not, please? Definitely, in fact in future. You'll be speak much better than me. But okay. Okay. Okay. So how will I have to do please you have you practice every single day you have to practice every single day that Delta way of practicing now, you should make this every single day. First of all, first of all, you should do better practice second numerator practice. Okay, a lot of reading reading out loud eating out loud at answer tongue muscles to understand and The words properly which type of book I have already created a podcast on like what kind of books can be helpful for us to read so you can go to my profile. You can check out those recorded podcast where have suggested many books and you can go through those books, which book is most suitable for you. I have even given the small review about the book that what the book will be teaching you is not about just English. It's also about some life values. Okay? Sure. Definitely. I will I will see your I will watch your videos next. I'm and definitely and and another way. Your first of all you have to take a step first one. So I just let me explain you get simple concept that first. We sow a seed in the ground, isn't it? Hmm, then we water it some so in some content. Okay? Okay. Now I understand one thing very clearly that if you tried to make it plant in one day it's not possible. So you have two in the same the same way you have to be steady no and learning and be careful while you're learning so follow a few steps for few days. Then when you can notice some change in your language when you can so notice that today is a some enhancement in your language then try Father did it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Electric you correct dr. Lee me because you know when I started talking over over there buddy talk and before two months ago. I was not able to speak like even one single line sentences in English. But yeah nowadays. My English is being improved little bit not more much but yeah and nowadays I can speak and I can understand. What are you saying here? Yeah, I can understand. So I think yeah, I think by little as we have to practice every single day in once you feel the enhancement in the Next level then you can think about some Advanced tips. Hmm. I think right you're absolutely right. Thank you so much for thank you so much doc time. You gave me your wonderful time to me and it's not like that Rogers. I'm always here to help you and I'm always here to take help from others to because it's a learning platform. We all should be learning together and we should be growing together. That is the reason we are here isn't it? Exactly so Thank you, and it wasn't very nice conversation and I learned a lot of here. Okay, so Yeah, thank you. Rajesh. Have a wonderful day and I is there anything else would you like to ask me? Sorry, is there anything else? Which would you like to ask me? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I would like to ask you one thing Hugo's not whenever whenever I talk Kevin ever I talk long conversation and I know everything about like grammars every part of grammar. I know everything yeah, but while conversation and that time I go to a stack and sometime I forget. It's really not forget that you're scared of speaking. The reason is that you're scared of in a wrong way. The reason is that you're thinking that you might be wrong or you might be using some wrong words. That is the reason your brain is stopping you from talking. So what you have to think about this one is that you should take courage and you should do middle practice a lot mirror participial develop your confidence and will help you a break tongue muscles to open up while speaking English. I think it may be like, you know every time My mind is only translate to my native language. I think Hindi to English Hindi Hindi to English. So I think yeah whenever I start to talk that have first time I think Hindi and after that I convert the English, so that's why I think it may be my problem. Or is it? Yeah. I think II don't know see I will give you one more tip, which could be like a simply of used to you think in English. Whenever you have free time think in English. That is also one kind of practice to make your brain easily understandable about English and how you can like a you don't have to think when you're speaking because we are already thinking in English that we become a habit. Okay. So Judy much easier for you to create sentences while you're speaking. So always try to think in English whenever you have free time think in English whenever you are traveling think in English, so use that time to practice your brain internally. It's such a wonderful suggestion and definitely sure sure. I will follow your suggestion next time. Definitely I and I and I understood and I feel very very good. I feel very Happy you know, so yeah, thank you so much. Stop telling me and Yeah, so I would like to go. Yeah, thank you Rajesh. Have a wonderful day and coming here. You can ask me out whenever you want to every week. I'll be like an online after 7 p.m. So you can take it with me. We are definitely different. I will catch you tomorrow. And yeah, and may I know this broadcasting will I listen tomorrow? This brought this broadcast? You can see once this broadcast is done. It will be recorded and will be available on my profile. You can listen to it. Once again, okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I will go there and I listen because now I can find what is my problem exactly. They are? Okay. Okay. So yeah, I would like to go and this time is my dinner time, you know, okay, so go and have a happy dinner. Yeah. Thank you. And yeah, I think Could go at least know I have a few more my listeners to speak with than once I finish that then I'll go for dinner. Okay? Okay, okay. Okay, bye-bye. I have a wonderful day. Take care. So should I why don't you join me join with me here so that we can have a word you have some excellent points here when you consume all the muscles of your mind with English drinking automatically comes out here so that you are absolutely right. Let's have a word with our K Eric. He's one of my favorite band has here in Auburn talk really inspiring guy. Hello. Hello. Eric to put you go Beetle cafeteria to put you don't have been even a cup. Tom died Polly every but some a Soju Soju not come down by perlier past the mini-chopper hood. So to not Pam died perlier passing manageable. Is it her the other day? Hello doctor, how are you? Eric? My man Excellent Man X. That was awesome. Superb superb superb of yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much cheesy. See what should I saying? Eric Baba Ki Jai Ho ho ho. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, that was really great Eric. I'm like it was kind of surprised. Really. Yeah, you just started with the singing I in fact, I was thought I was thinking that I will be talking with you then. I can ask you to sing but you started singing immediately. I'm like you surprise me man. Love you. Excellent. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. I was watching the platforms and that because I have newly learned this song. So that's why I was thinking about that. It would be good if I will come on the broadcast of doctor a me and I will send thank you for coming to my board vodka. Something a wonderful song man. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. So today you made my day today. You made my day you you made my day. That's what I'm saying. You made you made my day to day. Okay? Okay, that's that's means a lot doctor. Yeah, and it just a second Satish you saying sir - she's very bad Satish understand one thing very clearly. Nobody's English is bad. You are just beginning. That's it. Okay sooner or later you will you will you will become to an intermediate and you will Doing higher level of speaking. No English is bad English. You're just started learning it. That's it. This try to understand it as like an alphabet when you have first went to Nursery or when he first went to Al kg or like a kindergarten you try to write alphabets right now. You can write all the words. Why because you have practice it all your life in the same way English is the same thing, which you have to learn. It's not bad. You're just beginning. Yes, exactly. Exactly. Dr. Mac because whenever we start something it seems to be very difficult and after that it seems to be messy but it is gorgeous at the end. Yeah, definitely you start you start at a point and it because you don't know that so you feel bad about it. But if you keep working on that, it will be fantastic. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely like and the thing you have mentioned is such a great thing that if we are we should never give up if yes, we should. I give up if the other part of something that we have to do, so if you will put a dedication towards the things that we want to do exactly then we can do yes. Yes, of course. So archaic one more song You're Gonna open it. Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay. Let me let me prepare myself. Okay. So Manos tell me some chips. Yeah, most definitely. I'll tell you some tips. Simple but it no no just love but the whole game they could they could that be a joke. Emily should they be looking for but again, I'm support your mama, but Dickey D Vonnegut joke, but the butcher paper Casey Kaka be Joe but the food today today Casey Kaka be loved but I could baby. Yeah, how was it? That was fantastic? Yeah, thank you doctor. Thank you. That was really fantastic. I mean like come on man. You have really a relieve the stress which I had a bit of it maybe bit of it but still you relieve the stress and I'm really feeling really relaxed and the thank you so much for the song See Rajesh is also saying I literally I enjoying your singing that's that's really good one man. That's really good one keep brushing your skills of saying a you will be a good singer one day now to you're seeing very good will be the best. Yes. Yes exactly exactly. And thanks for the appreciation that I can see so many comments that has game and thanks. Yeah soon as also saying mesmerizing. And colorings killer in singing. Yeah doctor, you know, I have recently started to learn guitar and all and do Sinking previously. I need to focus. Okay, so I was prepared previously. I was busy in doing way boats and all because my hobby is you know, I'm very sporty kind of person who'd want. Yeah, let's play basketball and all I like playing basketball doing wave board swimming in these. Names of things. I like the most Wonderful, Eric. Wonderful guys. Do hit the heart icon for Eric to say wonderful singing here. That will be really great and helping me to oh my God, that's really good. So Eric, what else what else you got? The u.s. Leaves two surprises more? Okay, I will reveal in the next podcast that definitely I'll be I'll be eagerly waiting for that. Yes, because I need a preparation for that in order to do something means to surprise everyone because yeah things with I want to present it should be appropriate inappropriate Manner and I do believe in the planning system. I like your voice is breaking. So whenever I should I sing you play Yesterday saying you play basketball. Wow. Me too Delta basketball player Eric Eric, Eric. Rajesh is awesome for any English song. What can you repeat it again doctor, there is an advocacy, I think. Rajesh you saying for English song English song? I don't know about the English song Sorry. I'm not prepared for this. Anyway, I just don't worry. Don't worry IR carry can surprise us at any time. So next time he'll be coming up with some like this path Seto. No not as possible. You can come up with like shape of you and sharing that will be great if I will get the chance and if I will get the time to prepare that song definitely ended that's a good idea that you gave me that I should also prepare. This song also but I need proof in order to pronounce that kind of song. No, don't go don't go don't go into grammar or don't want to grammar. See what should I saying? He's Pandora of talents. He has to the he's definitely a Pandora of talents and he's really wonderful guy yesterday you do our wonderful guy and I definitely say that he's one of my let's hear an open top and that's really great to hear from him. And so next. So Eric do come up with some English songs, and that will be helping you to develop your English, too. I made a pot only guy made a podcast on that one too that songs which can help you to learn English movies that can help you to learn English. Okay. Thank you so much for letting me know. Thank you so much. Thank you so much Eric, so guys have a wonderful time. And I really love listening to our ache if anyone wants to join along with me. You can join Eric share some tips about like today's golf shop with. Dr. Amy generally capture Bullseye. Come on. Okay, which kind of guy I'm trying to not come up with any content today is it's really hard for me that I shouldn't be choosing any content still. I'm trying to focus on nothing just one cup shop today. I so don't ask for like any what kind of Cop Shop any gumption? Okay. Okay. Okay. So so I want to tell you about my day that in what sense I have met. I have a utilize my day. Like I told you before that I was busy in creating something my I was decorating my house. So I have I have bought something from the market also and the things which I have told you before and lightning, you know. Lightning is very important. Actually. I want to play with the lights and all so that is why I have used different kinds of different UV light or black light red. Yellow green. I have bought such lights in order to refund the full wonderful Eric soda is asking to that asking what do you enjoy more with drinking tea or coffee? Coffee coffee I am good maker of coffee. Actually. I'm a very good in that section. We can cooking section. I'm very expert. I can even I can make Amity and all with my own hand. I don't need a help of anyone. That's really great as you have a wonderful, Talent Derek. Yes, I am that you know, I have learned all those things from the internet and the kind of the neighborhood because many of my friends who who belongs to the different family have a great knowledge about how to cook food and they have their sometimes. They also tells me and let me dance Eric I to learn cooking from internet internet was a boon to me at that time. I mean like when I was like staying in hostels PT salad some other rooms when we shifted to room it was like more difficult for us to cook. And my chapati is used to be the shape of amoeba. in the beginning Okay. So now I'm pretty much sure that I cook very well and my in in future my wife will be more than happy that her husband knows to cook so which would you can cook a well very well means in which direction you are expert. Non veg based you name it? Okay, I can make three chapatis at a time means I have one unique suggestion to everyone who cooks chapathis because it takes a lot of time to cook something and what they can do like I can't express such things in English language because you know, there will be a communication gap, so I want to speak in Hindi. Okay, sure. Sure. Sure. So what do you add what you can do is if you means let me tie in English first try try but never with I want excellent, excellent. Excellent, excellent the dough you need and after rolling three of the roles After Rolling 3 of the rules what you can do you can put the some refined oil on it on the upper surface. Not on the very upper surface like first Missing between oil can be added after that. You can get this Bela Scoville K XR teen wrote. Yeah, they are 16. I have tried my best to speak continue in English. Only doctor. Yeah, because you tried that's a wonderful thing. First of all, you try that's it. So come on Rajesh. I anyway I'm going to end this podcast soon enough. So let's have one more song from you before we end the podcast and make it a wonderful ending of the podcast. What do you think? Let me think of the song. Already about the bunch of an eating disorder, but don't come to me to guard the copani but not even know Mary Elise us would hardly call a me bunny the biggest don't love me. Meaty great honey bigger. It could be the monetary unit. Dude, you could be anything but it is just a mock-up beat a buggy for fear. This little cubby. It'll only be covered. Go down gotta my favorite people Uncle I'll take it up in Edina tombs of an eye. Most of my golly my mind if it is Barcelona committed Godly me. What if it is bus honeycomb are good people. Eddie Money bullying because they belong but he said, yeah. Yugi but it's a to make a moon like a to it come on like a to me but he but to me Uncle you must could Anna God's a pool guy called Telugu Virgil made it kind of my pay Mmm doctor thank you so much that was axle and marvelous fantastic fantabulous. I love that. I love that. I can even say that many of them our lasers all the listeners who are listening right now are like mesmerised with it. Excellent one actually mashup, excellent really great. I love it. I love it. It's also digesting you that you should I think you have to do English songs Mashup to that's a wonderful challenge for you Eric. So we'll be looking forward towards that you will be coming up with some English songs my ship to sooner or later. That will be really great registering Soviet Affair Phil cigar dir apply. It not really amazing. Watch brother. You have see Eric. You are really awesome. That's really great. I love you man. Loved you first that so much. So John if you Expected comment that I am listening. No. No, he should be the expected comments because you have wonderful grip over the music you have you're doing excellent. I mean like you did lose the toning while you're doing that mashup. You did a wonderful job Eric. You should be proud of that one accept it you should be part of that. Come on sake Eric saade. I'm proud of it. Once I do what can I say say that you are proud of it say I'm proud of it. I'm proud of it. Say it louder I am proud of it. No not enough said louder. I'm proud of it. That's a that's a that's a that's a sticky Banerjee. Hi guys. That's really awesome and guys if you want to join me now, and because I'm hyped up now, I'm really feeling energetic. So if anyone wants to join you can yeah wonderful. Come here. Come on, Jon Jon. Come on. Let's have about come on John. Jehan so guys. Let's go on guys. Welcome to your hand here. She is also wonderful speaker. I really love the love talking with her to today. We had a wonderful talk. So Ghana with AMI zahana? Okay, Rick. Thank you so much. John is here. So let's have a vote in Jahan and thank you so much for your wonderful song. Love you, man. Keep up the great work. Love you. Thank you. Yeah, so let's have a word with Jahan. Hello. Hi John. How are you? What about you? I'm doing great as usual and I'm hyped up after listing some wonderful songs here. Yeah, there's that guy is really awesome. Yeah, I got acute it in my show, but he came out he came over like he said he did three songs here three songs. Yeah, it's really good. I want to learn something from him if he is listening if you listen if he's in right now, I wanted I request you to please loan me this give me some tips so that I can I can make some measure. Come on. Come on Erik. Come on, Erik give some tips to your honey. I want to because I love to I love to sing the title song My measure but I don't I can't actually so Eric. Can you please give me some tips? Definitely he will he's a wonderful person Jean. So today is my topic is no topic only just gupchup with doctoral me. First time. I have tried this one because it is very difficult. For me to not to come up with a topic. Yeah, because I was still start telling ya I was still satellite. I'm not doing the topic but the the way that us so I atopic got here with dr. Amy. I mean really is it real doctor? So today is Sunday. I was like tons of topics were taught popping up in my mind I can do on this I can do on that but like no no. No, I'm not at least one day at least at least one day. You can't do it a topic like soapy be quiet for today one day just have some cough syrup. So today is your today. You take off. Yeah, okay. I'm still trying not to talk to any topic. But still that is it is with new to me, but still good. I really feel good to be dug up something here. But that's why I call you Doctor. You can call me Amy. Okay, if you want to know my name, my name is Muhammad Imran call you call me moron, too. Okay. No, it was right in his good. No, see I asked some I ask something to Eric. I don't know why he don't give me any response. No, no, maybe maybe he went into some other podcast he's doing this thing like a really great and I think is a person who replies instantly. Okay, if it is not depend. That means is not here now. All right. Yeah. Don't worry John. I'll put about two Eric when I once I find him again. John Monson tip tip from you is hiding the mashups on the songs, which are doing it. It's a wonderful job. Okay, so I'll make sure that I'll do this for you are yeah, thank you. Yeah, Eric is yeah. I didn't get your point. I like she want some tips from you about thinking about mashup. I can you give me some tips that he will he will he's a wonderful person. He will give you tips. Don't worry about that. He's a he's a really good guy here in like only few people which of whom I admire a lot. So Eric is one of them. He takes three tutions. He takes mutations tickets in his colony and he do some experiments with his light room decorations. He sing songs. He comes up with like some motivational content is really great. Did he I mean, does he play guitar also? Yeah, he played guitar today. He's still learning. That's what he said. Okay, actually, I love to hear those people who who who know how to play guitar are there in that case? I don't know how to play guitar. I am so I'm still learning but I'm not going to play any way on the top of podcast. Yeah, that's why Any kind of a just send me because I love to hear those voices of each other. I don't know. I haven't this is so I'm not I'm not getting any classes for guitars all I can learn from his like internet Youtube and some apps which I have in my mobile. So I'm using those abs to get habituated with the strings and everything. So, let's see why later on today. I might be playing guitar but not on opened up for sure. I don't like guitarist, but I like singers purple peach, so you Two reasons here first reason you shouldn't be liking Eric because he plays guitar second reason you should love Eric because it sings. So you have no option here so you should love him. That's it. Yeah, you're right. So that's it. Oh God why I call you? Mr. And dr. So Amy had your dinner you had your dinner? No, I did it. I'll have it later. Okay, it seems that you take it down after 10:00 it is I do because I stay up late night. So I feel hungry in the middle of the night can't help it. Okay, so I have I did not like after 10:00 then Allah. Him or him, but you can't ignore him so that I didn't get you. Jehan yes, the it's a weekend. It's a Sunday and Sunday is about to end and we all are having a wonderful day here and you can see that today's topic is gupchup with. Dr. Amy. So I was thinking Yeah, I was thinking that I was all from you me you don't ya. What kind of song you want to hear on John? If you sing the song Eric is also here. He might give you some more tips on that one too, right? Yeah, that's right. You see that that works like that. So better using a song. Oh, come on. Okay, I'll try. Toy song every time that I see any any any anything anything you would you like to sing? Okay. Okay, I tell you this. Though he midi and son is a baby tiger. You say channel the debate. They are getting it is evil, but y'all got going being on Eternal. Could you be lucky to go the minute the minute? I forgot my God what happened? Ladies come look at the League what I forgot the lyrics. Okay, you forgot the lyrics. Okay, let's hide. Yeah, let's try with another one. How do you think you can sing Hollywood song If you know any that will you much better for us I can but you know, I am not that much good at see you. Okay is appreciating you John. Yeah. Yeah, see the appreciating you. Come on. You can sing once again. Okay? Okay, I tried. Okay, I actually do you like old song. Yeah, I do. In fact, I can only think about like one old song which I know. Heat loud sound what does it mean Kate loud side? Maybe he's not able to hear you properly. Okay, there's some natural gatien wife on my side. So that's why a majority below Jean. Come on sing it. Okay points. Has anyone asked me for some anyone asked me so I was thinking I actually forgot the lyrics that's the problem. Be loud and bold. Okay. I'll try. Okay, actually, this is my fav this song so I can sing the song if you don't have any problem with that. We don't have any problem. You don't think about that. You just say I can be loved that much because there's my mom in my room. So that's why it's okay. We'll manage. Come on. Johnny what disconnected John not fair come back. Let's try to connect with Habib at least. Guys, I have a request here, but I think it's got stuck. I can't see the request name and I can't accept it, too. hopeful peaches me, Saba Habibi I'm trying to accept your request it's not connecting. So guys we have last time it and I'm desperately trying to connect with Habib here. How do you do one think ancillary question send me back. Once again, I think there is some error here. I'm unable to connect if you're listening to me Habib cancel the request and send me back once again. There's no one on the line. So this cancel the request and send me back again. Have you? Thank you hubby. Okay, guys, we are trying to connect with Habib here. I hope the connections stay study. Hello. Hi Habib. Hi. Good evening, boo. Yeah, very good evening to you too. How are you? This fine grained? What about you? I'm doing great too. And we have last eight and a half minutes before the podcast ends automatically. So what do you want to say? Have you taught yourself? Yeah, just here. I want to say something. I will participate with you this Connection, huh, babe. You're welcome. You're welcome. And sorry I was trying to connect with you, but the network was not supporting a properly but you are your sound your position is a good bow. Thank you participate with you and discuss about generally something but actually I'm probably gonna stand I'm studying here in India MBA MBA student MBA Okay. And what else tell about yourself? Yeah, another dimension. Actually, I'm from Afghanistan dead. But is studying in India I came for studying. Yeah. Imma need that in India is your education. What is your education? Tell about yourself M studying MBA. This is - I know you are studying MBA. I heard you clearly tell about yourself. That means what do you like? What do you don't like, what are your hobbies? Yeah, my hope is that like in like every person has some weakness and some strengths not and their life of we are also has some weakness in the some stagnation. I came here. I learned more things like specially how can we participate with people? So, how can we participate with like some like official appears in here? India this is I hope believe on myself or to increase my self confidence. So day by day. I like like specially in India Biryani. That's why because if a little separated in depressive between between all around to other countries, there's my okay. And what else? And what would you like to sing a song? sound better than the here is a little problem with the like language problem that we know to you're not is no we are not sound the sound but we are not compatible specially in India that the handy there's a little problem press OK it's ok sing the song which you know I think you did. I will try I will try my best. Okay, okay, okay. Brenda is saying doctor image amazing. Thank you. Very endure. There's probably waste time you're coming life in this F waste time you coming online every day evening after seven. on Sunday On Sunday. I'm available all day all day. Okay. Okay, that's great the internet. I don't think well breaks in the middle for breakfast and for some other activities, but Sunday's I'm available like all the time. I'm listening to other podcasters. I'm listening to others and I'm doing some podcasts to so Sunday. I'm available most of the time. There's did but after that we also participate with you in that have yeah, we have four minutes left guys if I have you to thank you so much for commenting with us. If anyone else would like to connect you can connect up. I will be continuing here with Habib Habib. Thank you so much for chatting with us. It's a wonderful time. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you to accept our yeah, the pleasure is all mine happy. Thank you. The podcast will be ending anytime. So that is the reason I have to end it a bit earlier so that I can speak with others to okay? Okay. Thank you. You have a wonderful night. So guys this will be the end of the podcast and I don't know. What is this happening purple. Come on come back, please. What happened? I mean like I wanted to end with some song John you're also disconnected. This is not good and a purple. Oh my god really back. But purple I know only one song is it? Okay the same song? Do something the podcast is about to end. I know only one song will I be okay? I wish I will think that for you. purple dedicate a song for Jahan but John is not here you're here. And Jean never asked me to sing a song. purple see the time is running out. Okay, guys, I'm not good at singing. I'm Not Eric. I'm not Jahan and I'm not some other good singers, but still I try to manage P words. It's about to end in two minutes. So I dedicate this to purple peach here. The same one which I know. I'm gonna be okay Jody Reed a key shall be able to my love what you call I'll need a you're gonna be okay your 30-day key shall be in the last time. I love magical omitted. Don't summon my mama she can earn her guy and still be midi property. That's weird. It doesn't hold the water dripping - bifida. So guys. Thank you so much for being part of my podcast. I really love you all. Take care. Have a wonderful night. I love you all. I love your purple peach. I love you, Eric. I love you brother. Come on. Have a wonderful night signing off. Dr. Amy sayonara. Take care.