And happy Holi to each and every one and all the people who have liked followed and supported my page or my profile. This is a big big big. Thank you message for everyone and I'm sorry I wouldn't I couldn't be able to make podcasts yesterday and today and and I will definitely make sure that I make up for this tomorrow and you guys have a great holy and all take care of yourself since corner is really spreading rapidly around India right now. I really urge you guys to take care of yourself maintain hygiene and not just that also help people around you to maintain safety. and moreover be save yourself. Again. Thank you for listening. Thank you for following. Thank you for supporting and I see that I have been trending for a while on the popular list, and that is all because of you guys and thank you again today. I wouldn't be taking any calls and this is just a thank you message for everything. Thank you again. Have a good night guys. I will be back with my podcast tomorrow onwards and it will be at the Time and I'll definitely come up with some wonderful topics that we can all discuss. So you guys have a great night tonight.