Let's kick off the conversation with a favorite quote of yours. So my favorite quote is something that stuck with me since my childhood when I read A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s biography. It is that you know, you have to dream because your dreams can come true. So that has been something that I've been following. So it's important that you dream before you can really achieve anything. We have to dream before your deem dream comes true. That's awesome. Great quote. The only problem with that is my wife says same thing and she says I'm at a first stage now. Let me dream. You have to work hard to execute your dream too. Yeah. Well, that's what she says. I’m at the first stage now, let me dream and then I'll work hard. So she sleeps. So, well I’m only joking. She's awesome. Yeah, so tell us a little bit more, man. What do you do and where you come from? What's the story? Okay, so I was born in this very small town called Kanwar in Madhya Pradesh and my luckily or unluckily my parents were in a transferable job. So I have been traveling across India when I was a kid. A significant part of my schooling the you know, the schooling that we all remember of the high school was in Bangalore and that has been a city that I've always loved and I always come back to kind of thing. I didn't go to IT Roorkee for my graduation. I did my graduation in civil engineering which I learned by the way, but then somehow I decided to get into management and join IIM Bangalore for post graduate diploma. In both the places, I was enthusiastic about a lot of things and something that I was great really enjoyed was acting and you know interacting with as many entrepreneurs as possible. Entrepreneurship bug was always there in me. I really wanted to do something of my own since my third year of under graduation, I remember, but then chance never came up. Then after my MBA I joined Bain & Company, they are a management consultancy firm and I was working there with some of the top notch clients in the country and that exposure was really really helpful. I mean, I learned a lot of things when I was at work. So it's one thing that I want to highlight here is that being an entrepreneur is something very important, but the experience that you get by working for somebody else, by being responsible for some, by being responsive to somebody else in a job is also amazing. So that is something that people should not leave behind. So basically I started Havstruck with my school friends, people I did the high school with. We'll talk about that in a minute. So yeah, so that's your background. Yeah. Wow, so you came from Kanwar in Madhya Pradesh. That’s fine. So, how did you, how come you're so clever? How did you manage IIT and IIM? I don't know, probably the almonds that my mom gave me. So in my house one of the things that my family has always been focused on is on education. And so they so they always believed in a holistic development. I was always encouraged to do sports and acting or music or etc... But their focus on education was unflinching and I think that has that has led me on to get into some of the premier institutes of the country. Wow. Awesome. Wow. First of all, that’s a great achievement man. Thanks. Brilliant.