You now started up with Havstruck tell us how how did that happen, the story behind that? Okay. So basically as I said that entrepreneurship is was that something I always wanted to do & it was always with two of my very good friend from school. We would always sit together and brainstorm on what we can do what we can't do etc and this we have been doing we had been doing since 4th year of my Undergraduation, so 4-5 years now and one of my partners Sandeep, he had a business of his own, he had a factory of his own in Bangalore and he realized that there is some big lacunae in the way logistics happen in our country. He came, he felt that if we can come up with a technological solution for this problem a lot of inefficiencies in the entire supply chain of how our industrial economy works can be resolved. So all of us sat together and it was I think in September in October 2015 that we sat together and after that we spent around 4-5 months researching the market speaking to various people, we would actually go to truck stands and speak toas to what are the problems they are facing and what our assumptions about the problems are, are they true or not and eventually in March, we all put down our papers we decided that we will work on this full time and I have been working on this since. Wow. I think you have taken the right approach by talking to all the truck owners or all truckers about their challenges. So I think one important thing here is that entrepreneurship is all about passion but at the same time it has to be very sensible and you should evaluate everything before you jump into it and be very clear on it... Why you want to do what you want to do? Yeah. That's what I say as well and that's what I figured it hard way. It's not always about passion. You have to do the sensible thing. You have to see what the opportunity is and how scalable it is and other things as well. Yeah, absolutely. So before you put down your papers, tell us what was going on your mind and where you always did you always want to start up? Did you always want to do something and that's what you said as well you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? So what I mean what what leads you, I mean what was that moment like right, this is the time and I’ll do my own thing. Okay, so so when Sandeep pitched that idea to three of us and we are basically four partners and Sandeep came up with the idea and we discuss this once. At that time, we were all okay, we can probably persuade but we were not completely sold on it, but I remembered it was the first time that I spoke to somebody in from industry who had a small factory in Bangalore, who was not able to get trucks on time, that I was completely sold on the idea and I felt that you know, this is something that we can really do. Plus, okay now just before putting down my papers the thoughts going through my mind were in one single word...fear. I was at that time by think that was the scariest time of my life because I was really enjoying what I was doing at my job. I had some amazing, I was doing some amazing work intellectually and learning a lot interacting with some of the finest people in that I could think of and starting up was a big risk that I took and I am very glad that I took that risk. They are it's something that I would go back and do it again, but it was still a scary dream. As I say, “If you are afraid just go through it. It doesn’t really matter.” Awesome. Fear, so that's the only thing you had in your mind. So, what did you tell yourself? How did you overcome that fear that was there in the head? I asked myself what do I really want to... five years down the line, what is it that I would want? What was it that I wanted myself to do at that time and the answer that came back to me was that, you know, just give it a shot, just give it a shot to your own venture. Just try doing something on your own just and if you and I really believed in the problem. I really believe that if I get into it, I can actually solve something that has been plaguing the industry a lot. And that was something that kicked me to get into it. I was really excited about the program that was there and that helped me come over my fear. Absolutely. What you want to do in five years time and give it a shot. That's the most important thing, right? Yeah. You want to do something and you don't know whether it works or not and your fear of failure and your fear of your neighbors or your relatives or whatever, you know what people might say about your failure, but after after few years time, you must be, you will think about it and you will regret why didn't I give it a shot? You know, just... yeah. One more thing that I would like to mention here is that for all of us our families have been very supportive of the startup. You mentioned that fear of the neighbors guy and all that somehow by our parents were at more excited than us that when you said that we are getting into our own venture and that has been something that we are very thankful for. Absolutely. I mean if we have the family support, that's great. And most people do have a family support. It's like I said, what your son is doing? Why did he leave the job at Bain & Company? He was earning lakhs and whatever, you know? But India is growing up. If my father would have tried entrepreneurship when he was young, I don't think my mom would have encouraged him that much but she has encouraged me a lot. So that is something that is happening. Awesome, that’s the ecosystem, the mindset is changing. That's brilliant. So how did you know Sandeep then? You guys are other co-founders are friends, yeah? Yeah. So basically 4 of us, Vishal, Anirudh & I did our high school together and Sandeep is close relative of Vishal’s and he's slightly older to us. He has more experience than all of us and he came up with this idea and he was looking for tech people and digital people and it was the first meeting that we had and we thought okay, this can be done. Alright, so he was the veteran. So I know all three of them since last 10 years, so that is something that is we are very confident of. The bonding that we have in our team is immense. Okay. Now I'm going to ask you a little bit more detailed question or a question but looking for more detail answer, right? People on the other side of this conversation have ideas, still thinking, haven't started up, haven't done anything yet. Like I said, they may want to give it a shot. But tell us how did you went from that that idea stage to create a business or to create that website or create that you know the thing there? Tell us. Okay. Step by step. Yeah, okay. From the idea stage, so once we had this idea and we figured out okay, this is something that we want. This is an industry that you want to play into. The next question that we had was what is it that we actually want to do and at that time we really did not have any answer to that. So we said to ourselves, all four of us will go to the market, start interacting with truckers, start interacting with potential customers and figure out what are the problems they are actually facing because our assumptions might be something, but the result what they are actually facing might be something else. We spent close to 5-6 months in the field everyday. We would come back everyday, document what our findings for the day were, discuss them thoroughly, go back the next day, do the same thing, even though we felt that okay, there is something that we're getting to you. We ratified it and clarified it multiple times to be sure that we are actually solving the problem that our customers are facing. Once we figured that out, then the two of us start work on the tech part of it basically developing the app and website and other two of us started getting commitments from customers and partners and other vendors that we’ll be impacting within the supply chain like our insurance providers etc. So step by step my recommendation for anyone who is at the idea stage you may the ideas are always very nice and very inspiring but it they should really solve some problem of your customer because eventually somebody has to pay you for your business to be successful, that is if you're building a business. Otherwise if you're building something else, that's fine, but business is always about being able to generate returns for investors, being able to generate profits etc and and creating meaningful value, meaningful economic value for your customers and partners. Absolutely, business is all about creating meaningful economic value for the parties involved and also like the way how you went about it. You tested your assumptions, you double-checked that it was a right problem you're solving and you have distributed duties or responsibilities among your co-founders as well. That's awesome.