Hello Pratik. Welcome on Opentalk. Hey Sumit Thank you. Pleasure is all mine. So thanks for joining in and as you work with Nexus Venture Partners, which is India's leading Venture Capital fund. I want to understand from you today that how does Nexus choose to invest or not invest in a particular company. I'm sure you would be getting lot of pitches from entrepreneurs. But what is your framework? So very good question Sumit. And we get to asked this question a lot from entrepreneurs. So Nexus is a 14 year old fund. We manage around 1.6 Billion Dollar of assets. Our current fund size is around 400 Million Dollars. So the three things that we look at when we look at entrepreneurs for potential investment. One is Market corresponding with the fund size that we have for us to return Capital while peas and and multiples of that. It's important for us that we return At least a order of magnitude of the fund size. So it's important for us that are successful companies are valued at least in multiples of hundreds of millions of dollars. And and for that to happen Market size become very becomes very very important. We sometimes say that everything can change the company but Market sides does not so Market is one very very important parameter when we look at when we reevaluate entrepreneurs and and it's sometimes unfortunate because the when I meet entrepreneurs what In good businesses and and and and would almost surely be successful. But sometimes they are not they are never they're not they're not fit for us because of Market size and I sometimes say that not all good businesses. Are we see wonderful for this reason, right the second parameter that we look at is see again team is team is very important and and it's not just it's not just the main founder but about the chemistry of the team. It's about the in some spaces for relevance of the team for the first version space experience might be needed in some spaces. It might be that whether the team understands. What are the what are the what are the gaps in there in the team and and can they fill it with the team will survive during the tough times? What's the what's the motivation for building? Potential investment it's t and the third is approach. This is more. This is software. This is this is less difficult to Define and articulate it's more about it's more about understanding whether whether the approach that entrepreneur is ticking for the problem. Is it is we have conviction that that that the problem is that the approach is the right approach to solve the problem and and is a differentiated. Is it is it is it at some level? Is it edgy enough to fix the problem? So three things that will get Market team and approach and in my mind personally, at least it's team greater than Market rather than approach in terms of priority. Nice. So when you say approach you largely mean like a solution or the strategy or write the market is largely the problem you're solving the Target customer you're catering to and the model and stuff like that and a team is obviously who's doing it in the approach is largely. Solution because sometimes they might be getting too big Market, but what they're trying to do is really not going to disrupt anything. Yeah, and you know, that's that's that's very that's that there is no right or wrong answer to Is it's more about it's more about meeting of the minds. Sometimes sometimes the entrepreneur we have. We have passed many entrepreneurs have been successful because we could not agree or understand the approach he's taking but but eventually they want autographs figure out there is So there's no right or wrong answer to the approach. But that's why I said it's more it's less binary as compared to he meant Market. Yeah, and I think that's true. It's not about that. You are in the business of funding every entrepreneur or every entrepreneur should raise funding from excess, right? It's a matchmaking and that's the beauty of the whole Market ecosystem is that and that you don't have to really sell your product to every investor and every knows to doesn't have to invest in every company. It's and idea is to find the chemistry. And and probably a marriage of ideologies and the conviction. Yeah. I think that very youthful pretty thanks for joining us on open talk today and we look forward to having more open touch with you feature will get to thank you. This was my first dog. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much.