Okay, guys, how are you? Happy at noon to 1:00 at all. It's not still afternoon. So let's make it a happy morning. Yeah, I'm your host. Dr. Amy. And today we have this one more nootropic. And today's topic is quite simple how healthy are you there? Yeah these days this topic is very important as we can say that we are facing this epidemic of coronavirus coronavirus with tentacles and everything and go with 19 to so have done a podcast on the it's called our time as today and I got a good response from all my listeners. Thank you so much for that today. We'll get this get into the topic of liquor. How healthy are you Let me ask you to question. How healthy are you? Do you have a healthy diet? I like to exercise regularly. Do you drink at least eight glasses of water a day? Do you get enough sleep every day? Do you live a healthy lifestyle? So these are the questions we should be asking ourselves and then it is a reason we have this topic today. How healthy are you with? Dr. Amy here. So guys I did you want me here and let's have a vote on that one. I'm really happy for that. So we have before we get into the topic. Let's see that if anyone would like to have a word with me. As usual this will be a small topic. Yeah, so I believe that our body is our Temple and we need to take care of it. Do you know that over seventy percent of Indians are either suffering from health issues and overweight issues obese we choose isn't that insane think of your body as your physical shell to take you through life. If you repeatedly abusing it you shall will wreak out quickly. Okay, so a like this beautiful and you don't want to walk yourself down with unnecessary health problems today your vital organs may be working well, but but but they may not be tomorrow. So don't take your health for granted take proper care of your body. Take proper care of your health. Take proper care of your diet. We have saw here. So let's have a word. It's a before we get into picture for the topping. connecting the thumb Yes Herschel. Just give me a couple of minutes. Let me have a word with sad and I'll be having a word with you. Can you hear me right now? Yeah, I can hear you right now sir. But your volume is very low. Can you just hold the mic bit closer to yourself? Yeah inaudible now. Hi sir. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. And sir. What's your name? My name is Okay, I asked you. No, I'm saying I should this one more comments in my comment section. So what do you do sir? Yeah, I'm okay. And where are you from? I'm from Nepal. Okay. Yes for me pain. Well, good. I'm from Hyderabad. India right? Yep, India Okay, so like I mean like that no, yeah, my body is like getting hot right now. It's like I thought of asking you like So sad, let me tell you one thing. I'm not a doctor of like health issues. I'm a doctor of Life issues the problems which you didn't you today life not this is not regarding with your health, but with your life, I'm a motivational speaker in English tutor. Morris specific like what kind of doctor are you see? First of all, dr. Amy is just my nickname and my friends used to call me. Dr. Amy. So when I came to open talk, I thought to have a nickname so I go I have just gone that like, dr. Amy. And yeah. Yeah, I'm not actually doctor but yes, I do hold a PhD in visual effects and filmmaking. Okay, so like I mean People says that let's see depends upon like how you take it. And anyway, if you're feeling if your if your body is failing. Hot a day now what I suggest you do? You should consult the doctor first of all because maybe something else it was so I'll talk about my real life problem. Okay, then. Yeah and what's your life problem is like, you know, I'm not finding a way to go like anywhere. I mean like I'm just east of with something else I am. So sorry, let me tell you one thing. Now. First of all, you should have a purpose in your life. And how are you going to find the purpose in your life first? You have to take self care of yourself and then you have to find a purpose in your life. Now. Let me ask you one simple question. Tell me about yourself. I'm student. Like I'm starting like Bachelors of ID. I just feel like some more sometimes I just feel like, you know, just leave everything and just boost somewhere people where people doesn't know me anywhere like, you know, and just spend like without any connecting with the people then do that for some time. Take a leave. Yeah, I know the present condition and another present situation but when you will life is demanding for something which he's indeed needed in you in your life. Then you should be doing that. See it is an understanding about like how do I know? It is an understanding about like what you need in your life is more important than what others need in your life. That will affect a lot of things. Yes. I'll show you can join and so let me tell you one thing. When I asked you the question like tell me about yourself. You said that I'm a student but I didn't ask that. What are you doing? But you said that I must do didn't see that's not your identification. When I say that when our tell me about yourself you should be having a specific answer about what saw is and what makes him different when compared to other people. So that is the self understanding and I can say that you don't have yourself understanding because you have never evaluated yourself. Think about yourself give yourself some time at what do you want to achieve in your life? And how do you want to get that done? And what will be helping you to satisfy get satisfied in your life? And I'm the I'm not the person to tell you that what you can do in your life to get satisfied, but you are the person who can just think about it and sooner or later you will be able to understand that. What is the purpose of your life once you understand the purpose in your life in that will be much easier for you to understand that what you have to do. Next Once you understand what you have to do next. Then you have to come back to me for having a board. Like, dr. Amy. I have a purpose in my life. Now. What should I do next? That is the thing. Like I mean, I'm not being able to find the purpose because you're not thinking for yourself. It doesn't come like it will come that they had ever tried thinking for yourself. I can bet that you have never tried to think for yourself. Think like what like what I want. Self-care. Have you ever thought about self-care? Have you ever thought about yourself that what so want to do in his life what's on needs in his life? What will make so happy. Have you ever thought about it? I'm not my mother. Like I just thought I would like what people do care about like, I mean, yeah what people can see that is reason what people care is the first thing which we think in our life and we have like so many roles to play. We are a brother we are son. We are a student we have to do a number of things in that situation. Yeah in that situation. How are you giving the time to yourself? If you don't give you time to yourself then how are you going to explore yourself if you're not exploring yourself and how will you be able to find a purpose in your life? Guess I like a list as you like, I found my purpose of this for like for a while, so don't assume it sir. Don't assume it see finding a purpose in life is not that easy. And until purpose you can take the next step. Okay, even if you are assuming that you have a purpose in your life now tell me one thing. What should we take the exemption as because I told you that if you find your purpose in your life, then I will give you the guidance. But if you are assuming in what are we assuming and how can I give you the guidance with just the assumption? Okay, what I assumed like, you know, maybe I like I'm happy with something else. What something else no, no, sorry. You shouldn't be doing like that. It is not about like something else. You have to find the purpose in your life. Give yourself some time to think that what makes so happy what makes him feel fulfilled. So once you understand that what is why is that? Listen here. You hear these what if you didn't even think about it and you're already estimating the result even before thinking for yourself. Give yourself some good time to take a deep breath and sit in a calm place and try to think for yourself that what is your purpose in your life. Think about your past think about your present what makes you happy and how you can connect that with your purpose. It is bit difficult when you start thinking But when you start thinking eventually you will find the purpose everyone will find the purpose. But once you find your purpose Benny's that is the next time where I can help you but just by assumption we can't do that because everyone has their own purposes different way. Why don't you have interest in anything think have you ever have you ever questioned yourself that why don't you have interest in anything? You didn't question yourself because you're not taking the self care of yourself. Okay, you think about it sir? And for today will end this conversation now, but what I need you to do is that thing for the purpose in your life and even if you're not finding the purpose come back to me again and tell me that how you thought about yourself have you took the initiation of thinking for yourself then again? I'll be able to help you. But without taking an initiation I too won't be able to help you in any way in that situation. And as I mentioned never work in life assumptions only work when it is it is about taking a task. And yeah, I'm just like totally just to assume. Yeah, we can't assume will be assuming it's about your life. Isolation I kanishka hi, Rahul Raj cohort Rohit. Hi, Ricky. Hi, DJ. Yeah, have a wonderful day sir, and I am expecting that you will think for yourself you will take some self-care and you will come back to me with the purpose in your life, and I'm really hoping for that. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. What? And guys hit the heart button share your love with me. So let's have a word with Jean. Hello. Hello. Hello, then I'll have a word with her shoe and we'll have a word with Ganesh. Yes. Hello. I so Sean. How are you? A very good afternoon to you. Yes, I would like to say something about nowadays pandemic that coronavirus sure. Yeah, we can deliver in WTO World Health Organization has and declared. It is pandemic and every country should take proper care and as soon as possible develop a vaccine and the diagnostic ticket diagnostic kits and is one of the most important things and so every Every every person do more electric to to the contamination because he has enough for a droplet and by the air it is spreading from one person to another person. So if we give more emphasis how to control it and how to How is the roots to spreading from one person to one another person if you have built to control it? Definitely we may fight with the Corona virus in the esper yesterday modi's announced every that Junta 100% success all over India everywhere and the person's they are not came out. We're home and the stay home and so it is one good and nice nice system that the government had started and so by this roadblock and these steps. It is one kind of factor to control by this method and because that coronavirus that it may live for that virus my life for minimum three to six and eight hour maximum 10 hour if either in stainless steel or plastic in the lifespan is more so it is one kind of a hundred percent. We met we must stop the spread and yesterday says where they and today on one every state they had declared to Stop roadblock and everywhere is going on and they're about 60 70 is CT and more 80 State abortion Over States in 80 districts. There were every person that roadblock has occurred and so it is a good and nice steps of every government and ok. So Sean, let me tell you one thing. You have some wonderful information regarding coronavirus and the even two steps we should be taking so I suggest you one thing and if you don't mind start a podcast now itself I Anna and let our listeners know about your point of views towards Coronavirus. Yes, thank you, sir. Start your own podcast. I know you have some wonderful information with you. Let them discuss with you. Let them have a word with you. You have wonderful information with you. So do share your information with all of our listeners and start your podcast now and if you want to stick around you can stick around once a podcast is - done. You can just start your own podcast regarding the corner wires and the preventive methods which you have come across now that will be helping our listeners to you. You really are doing a wonderful job man. Yes ocean session. Please. Hit the share share your love with me the hot button and I do follow an open-top will be having more conversations becoming future. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining with mr. Sean. So let's have a word with our shoe. and hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? How are you? Hello. Hello. Oops, I should do send me a request once again, so guys we were discussing about like how healthy are you right? So life is beautiful. Let's make it healthy and more beautiful. Good health isn't just about healthy eating and exercise. Okay, it's about having a positive attitude a positive self-image and a healthy lifestyle. So in this podcast, I will try to share a few healthier lifestyle benefits and few tips to so guys, make sure you stick around and make sure you make a note of this one and understand one thing guys learning is a spectator sport until and unless you put that into action if you're learning. In from somewhere and if you're not applying that in your life, then it is of no use. I should do send me a request once again till then I'll be having a word with Javed Hussain. So guys drink more water. I used to tell this to everyone and I'm saying this you again. Hello. Hello, it's okay. I should send me requests. Once again. Let's try to have a word about it. So most of us don't drink enough water every day. What is essential for our bodies to function? Do you know that over 60% of our bodies made up of water? What do you guys needed to carry out body functions? Remove waste carry nutrients oxygen all around our body Hydra will for you. Yes, I'm fine and you I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking David. Yeah, so, where are you from? I'm from Hyderabad and you I'm wrong with that and I Am David. Wow, I heard about him the but never been there. Yeah. Okay. So what do you do? I'm an English tutor motivational speaker and author of Book understanding women is easy or that that's how you get. So how long have you been using this app now? It's been like 45 days till now maybe 45 50 50 days. Okay, let's pull so I mean, what is your purpose behind using this app just to share what I'm learning and just to learn from what others are sharing or desk or you're worried intentions are so clear. So I mean how long I mean how much gold do you attend in one day? Maximum I take all the calls even if it is necessary. I keep my topic aside so that I can have a word with my listeners first. My listeners are the priority well here I am very grateful to you my senses my opportunity to test for you. Pleasure is all mine job at the pleasure is all mine. Okay, so I mean are you only have single or married? No, I'm not married and I'm not single ho ho ho it's realistic. And so do you know about me right now of Quran now is easier which has been become a very big pop bottle. Yeah as today. I had a podcast on that one. I was listening your postcard before me so many peoples are you know, suggesting us that you should do this. You should wash your hand and you should bring as much as water as you can. So, what is the perfect solution in your point of view for the coronavirus? The perfect solution is awareness. Yeah, that's cool. But if the media we are lucky that we are on the second stage of gonna wash this is you know, as compared to China and India will be 1919. Yeah, we're lucky to have only added to Second Stage but it's not it's so on one hand. It's a very good it's a very good thing but on other and it's a bad thing because it will it is going to be spread all over the India one day. So yeah, if you are all aware about the coronaviruses, if you're all aware about the provide preventive steps to be taken if you're all aware and I didn't do to watch these preventive steps and taking care of ourselves. Then we can eradicate this epidemic. Mmm. What? Hello. Javed I'm audible to you. Guys, I can't hear Javed if I'm not able to you, please say yes in comment section Java ayuda. Hello. Are you there inaudible to you? Yes, so why are why somebody some many people that say talking that coconut oil is does not spread through air or biochemistry just read about yes from touching to the people like shaking hands or hugging each other. Yes, Javed coronavirus is a contagious disease. It is not an are spread disease. And when does it is where this is you can call as like if a person is infected with coronavirus. And is that a standing near to you the distance of less than one meter? And if he's sneezing or coughing and that is the only situation when the coroner can come to you even at that time if your hands are clean, if you are covering your face with a mask and if you're using hand sanitizer, you can still be safe from that one. What and are spread one. It's an Corner contagious one is like it's Some touch all the schools I'm means so and I have also heard that by staying in front of direct sunlight. It is good for us because coronavirus get over in the about 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. And see by staying in sunlight is not that easy. Okay. So first of all having sunlight is a good thing, but we don't get 60 to 70 degrees Celsius from son. That's an even burn us. Yeah, you won't bother us or we could we could not do that. So I mean, is there a different solution for our family to stay? I mean get rid of followers, but because in my area right now where I'm sitting, I mean my uncle's house there is no an effective program. Lastly my feet is free of coronavirus. There is no or even a single piece of content. How can you how can you be so sure about that? There is no effect of corner bars in your area. That means you're less about it. You should be conscious about that specific can be can be coming to any any contact. So you should be aware of that you regularly hands with hands and as a and if you're going out because someone standing close to him. You should use your mask. Because we you don't know that this person is infected even the infected person might not be knowing that he's infected. See this is a hello. Hello. Hello. Java can use your voice is breaking something. Is it inaudible now? Am I clear? Yeah. Yeah, so that is a Javed and that is the reason I came up with this today's topic that how healthy are you and what are the prayer steps you can take to be healthy and by doing so that we will be having a strong immune system that will be defending us from this coronavirus to so that is the reason that we should be healthy to should be having healthy have is true throughout our life. And yeah, thank you so much for joining with me Jose. Is there anything else would you like to ask me no no case for your very kind suggestion and very helpful. I will get pulled over my friend. Okay, Javed then do share your love by pressing the heart button and do follow me on open-top? Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Thank you, but I think care and be safe. Yes guys, so we were discussing about let drinking a lot of water right the amount of water. We need is dependent upon a different factors like the humidity and your physical activity your weight. But but in general you should you should be the in taking the water off like a 3 liters to 4 liters per day since we also eat food and it will be contributing like 20% of the water which is necessary to intake then we can at least I should be having like two to three liters of water every day that Nearly 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. And that is one way that the only one way to if you're having enough water in your day-to-day life. Then there is one way to tell that if you're hydrated your urine should be slightly yellowish in color if it is like a dark yellow or even orange you're not getting enough water in your day-to-day life and other symptoms of like you're not having enough water in your day-to-day life is like you will be finding dry lips dry mouth and And little urine so who drink some water first before we continue to the topic? Yeah, definitely drink some water and come back. And the next thing which you would have to suggest to you, is that get enough sleep, but when you don't rest, well you compensate by eating more. So yeah, I want to travel with you then. Are you send a request to draw a she's a very friendly person you can have a podcast with her. She and I she will be helping you to get along with so usually it's junk food, isn't it get enough rest and don't need to snack to stay away. Also dies lack of sleep causes premature aging and you don't want that, isn't it? And just a second guys. Yeah. So next one is that to have find some good sleep. You should even meditate meditation is not that tough. I have already done a podcast on like mindfulness meditation and Transcendental Meditation. So meditation is go to meditation whitens your mind and calms your soul. If you don't know how to meditate then guys have older podcast on that one and you can just go through there and have a look at the podcast and get some tips and tricks for your meditation practice starts then exercise moment in life. This very important increase the activity in your life choose walking over transport for close distances climbed the stairs instead of taking the lift. Join an aerobic class or like a dance class. Okay, because Port of your liking Okay, when you win you decide to exercise then pick exercise that you can enjoy. When you enjoy a sport you naturally want to do it exercise isn't about suffering and pushing yourself. It's about like being healthy and having fun at the same time. So like adding variations in your exercise that will be keeping you like that will be keeping you interested. And yes, definitely. And you can you can work out you should you should be working out on your different parts of your body to do just do cardio key just like jogging give your body a proper workout. The easiest way is to engage in sports. Okay, and that will be working out in a different muscles. So what can we do to have some good sports for like our health benefits can go for trekking hiking trekking hiking up both of my very favorite one and swimming basketball. I don't know swimming and Tennis squash badminton yoga. Frisbee, you can try and number of course to keep yourself. Happy and healthy. Do you do you love arts and crafts work? Actually, I think Joe yard as losartan trihard s loves art and craft. I have seen her doing some good styrofoam planes in her profile picture. So yes, I think she does has area. How about you? Let's have a word with that soul. And guys eat fruits fruits have loads of vitamins and minerals. Do you know that orange offers more health benefits than vitamin C pills. Isn't that interesting? Abdul Majid so like as much as possible consume your vitamins and minerals through diet rather than through some chemical peels. So yeah, I do eat a variety of foods every morning and that will energize me and they are in the judging me so satisfy your palate with these nutritious fruits to because there are so many fruits like banana papaya kiwi strawberries blueberries blackberries raspberries watermelon. rockmelon, honeydew and peaches Apple grapefruit formal Magnum Orange See you have wide range of varieties of foods to choose from. Thank you for Grant. Good Abdul Majid. That's very good that if you are liking fruits, but you should even eat vegetables and the vegetables are like source of many nutrients and minerals. It comes with minerals and nutrients College which I mean K Vitamin A manganese potassium. So there are two types of vegetables. We have to understand that one starchy vegetables which are like potato sweet potato yams pumpkin and non-starchy vegetables like kale arugula spinach. Broccoli brussel sprouts guys. I'm not a big fan of broccoli though Long beans tomato cucumber mushrooms vegetables. There are also type of vegetable. We just slightly starchy. So they fall in the middle category and like corn green peas carrot artichoke beetroot cauliflower beans and I'm a big fan of corn to but it is boy So all this tables are important and they enrich you in your diet. So let's have a word with Javed Hussain. Hello. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah, good afternoon. Good afternoon. How are you? My friend? Yeah, we had a conversation just now Javed you forget about that. Okay, so I all right today. I want to talk to you about health of a teenager which are between 18 to 21 because the teenager who are motivated 21 are being so very weak, you know, the persons who are before the for many years. The children's about 18 to 20 hours was very stamina. Full of Tamia and full of energetic person, but now people can't do work like that they used to do before. What is the solution of these? Can you suggest me? See that is what I am giving the solution here, right? You have to have a healthy lifestyle and you have to have a time management about what you are eating have you're eating how we're spending your time at work could be spending your time at work out ago keeping yourself healthy. How are you focusing towards your goals? Isn't that here today? Hello. So that is the topic were discussing here today. How healthy are you? Yeah, I am a very very much only because I am, you know, I'm a worker right now. I am 20 years old and I am very healthy because I run a small Fast Food center. That's why because I do a lot of hard work even I don't need to do any kind of gym work or work out or anything. I do very hard work on my shop. And so I have a very healthy right now, but I have no really very thin were saying well, that's a very good thing. But I am mentally hello. Hello. Yeah, I am. I was I want to talk about my mental. Hello Hussein. You can check your internet connection once and do send me a request once again, so guys and I suggest you to stop eating processed foods why I'm saying to not eat processed foods processed food is not good. First of all, most of the nutrition values is lost in the creation of these fools and second they add preservatives and they are bad for our health. So many processed foods contain high amount of salt which will be leading to high blood pressure and heart diseases. So cut down on processed foods try to avoid processed foods. and guys try to eat enact grains intact grains over refined grains. the social impact brains intact wings and why am I saying about integrals integrals contain all the essential parts of the brain seeds and like I mean to say that they continue hundred percent of the original kernel which includes the barn the just the germ and the endosperm because these layers are enact the grain will have original Edition profile and When comes with which in addition profiles I would like to talk about the antioxidants the vitamins and the minerals. So what happens is that if you go to refined once all these qualities are lost all these qualities are stripped. Hi, Jean, oh a very good morning. How are you? Let's have a word with such as Kumar. and love yourself. Self-love is a crucial part of life and a healthy life when you have a negative self-image. It naturally based on on your mental Outlook and health. How much do you love yourself on a scale of like 1 to 10. We love yourself. If you do then why? Then how can you love yourself more from starting today? So love yourself take care of yourself and self help which is very important and give yourself some time. Jaanu, I asked how are you now? How is your health? I'm trying to connect with such issue more. Oh my God. John oh, did you had good sleep last night? So we're trying to connect with size of this Kumar and I don't see that the connection is going well. So let's continue with the topic. So the next thing which I would like to give is that walk or like a run Barefoot. Okay, so there are many benefits of like walking and running Barefoot like from having a better posture to less stress of you on your feet joints. So if you are Terrain in your neighborhood is like to shop then we are barefoot shoes. So try to avoid an egg right to avoid some running shoes. Try to run on Barefoot that has much health benefits. incomplete like running with the shoes And Purge negative people from your life literally. Pluck those negative people out of your life and throw them away and it has been positive mental health is also a part of your healthy lifestyle. You don't need toxic people in your life. You don't need the energy vampires in your life you if you feel that a friend is over if you render your friend, if you find that your friend is like overly critical or negative. Let him go let her go don't let them hold and on to you passing the negativity to you. So purge negative people's out. from your life let's have a word with like Abdul Majid and Size of this room are your network is not good. Just please. I told you good morning, sir. Alfred slipped sleepy after hang up. Hello. Good morning. Salad is so good to hear that. You slept well. Dr. Amy optic a purposeful life me. Abdul Majid, how are you? Hello. Hi Abdul majeed. How are you? I am fine, sir. Very good. Very good hear that. Yes, I am big nurse. So I think my English is not well, okey. Okey? Okey Abdul Majid. Let me tell you one thing wonderful. Wonderful said wonderfully said so most so the people when they start English when they come to me, they say that my English is not good. But you said I'm beginner. That's a wonderful Choice. She always use positive words. If you are beginner, that's a wonderful thing. Thank you, sir. This is second module. This is terrible. I'm going not feeling well. Yes Journal take rest and once you still are feeling better. I'll just I am asking that is which sanitizer that we use. For me just a second a good witch sanitizer for you with me. Just as you can. Which sanitizer used for me sir? Abdul Abdul just is going to wait for one second. I'm typing a comment. So Abdul, let me tell you one thing any hand sanitizer will be doing fine. You can even even rub your hands with medical alcohol rubbing alcohol. It is also good. But the thing is that you should know the proper procedure of cleaning your hands properly with the hand sanitizer. Thank you, sir. Yeah, you don't have to worry about It and as I heard you're a big mama and keep practicing and Creek keep talking to a lot of people and you you will not be a beginner anymore and you will be doing very good in English. Thanks. Anything else. Would you like to ask other margin? Nice hat. Thank you. Okay, Abdul Majid. How do you share your love? Press the heart button and do follow your open drop? Okay take rest and be safe. Right. Yeah by check care. So, what did you ever did I say? Yeah, first negative people out of your life, right? So now I even want to say that not only dispersion negative people out of your life. But also you have to put negativity out of your life. You don't need negativity from yourself either that doesn't work like that. So listen to the thoughts that come up and get rid of your negative towards once Malaika how to say this. Yeah, I know the one great way to negativity from your brain is a term like dump your feelings when you're feeling frustrated do some meditation and try to focus. Avoid trigger foods and what are these trigger foods trigger foods are the fools which will make you go hype immediately. Okay, so trigger foods are the foods that make you go like Berserker and like a binge after you eat that so everyone has their own different kind of trigger foods and like when it comes to me pastries are much bigger food and I have avoided them. Yeah, successfully but generally trigger foods are like candy bars chocolates confectionaries chips cookies or anything with a high level of refined sugar salt of Lord. So these food cause a blood sugar imbalances, so guys He's award trigger foods, and if you don't know that what is your trigger for try to identify what your trigger for ease? That will be helping you to avoid them and I know that we are addicted to food. I'm a foodie to so yes avoid trigger foods don't eat chocolates just because if your dough if you're not feeling like I don't want to have lunch you shouldn't be going for like chocolate bars. Don't go for pastries and cakes. That's not good. and breathe deeply Is dr. Amy crazy now, we all are breathing, isn't it? So, why is he talking about breathing? Yes, we do breathe, but do we deep breathe deeply so guys we all know that oxygen is vital for life, isn't it? But you may know how to breathe but are you breathing properly most of us aren't breathing properly. We take shallow breath and like a and the shallow breaths are nothing but only one-third of our lung capacity. Do you know athletes or thought to proper breathing techniques to get their best performance of full breathe is one where your lungs are fully filled with your abdomen also expanded. So that's two days minimum moment in your shoulder. So try to take a deep breath as much as possible through your nostrils that your entire lungs are filled with fresh air. And your abdominal is also like completely stretched expanded and that is the true form of breathing do this while you're doing your meditation your exercise your Rio at will be helping you a lot to in take a lot of oxygen which is like good for many things here to improve your help. So improve your posture have a good posture improve your breathing and like a make you these things will make you look smarter and more attractive. That's definitely for sure. Just imagine that you're standing straight with a good posture and one more person is leaning and his back or his band spinal cord is band now tell me that who will be more attractive when it comes to like appearance. Isn't that the person with the good posture? And yeah, let's continue the topic. I was just receiving a call. Sorry for that. And the yeah, and this basic one more eating habit nowadays, which is quite common in many of the teenagers emotional eating. So this is a one big issue which should be thinking about so it is if you should try to call current deal with this situation, then you are having the issue of emotionality. Do you eat when you feel stressed or like you when you do eat when you feel bored or do you eat when you feel frustrated emotional eating is like eating to feel an emotion rather than real hunger? But but but emotional eating will not will never make you feel happy because you're eat you're trying to fill a wired that has nothing to do with your food who doesn't give you love or happiness. It's just food. So try to avoid emotional eating. And eat small meals choose several small meals over huge males as like even out your energy distribution. It's also better for your stomach as it doesn't overstretch for digesting and a huge volume of food at one time. So take a small portions of food at different intervals and that will be helping you to easily easily digest it and get the most energy out of that food. And yes, so this is one of the Habit which we have like we shouldn't be getting off the table. Once we are done eating we have the seriously dating because others are still eating. So stop eating when you feel full many of us rely on external Clues to tell us that when you have full such as like, for example, yeah, whether everyone has finished eating or not elect whether everyone's plate is empty. So these are irrelevant. You should look at internal clothes not the external Clues just whether you whether your Look feels full and how you feel don't eat because at this food on your plate. So when it comes to me, I stopped when I feel about like 3/4 full if I eat till am totally. And learn what is time to stop? Let's have a word with size of these commodity for we get into the for the topic. I've been trying to convince size that is Kumar couple of times. Sigh Satish Kumar. Are you using your earphones? Yes, I'm using now. Yeah much better. So, how are you sigh? Yes, I'm fine. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. So where you from? Yeah. I am from Hyderabad. I am from Hyderabad to Yet. Okay from which area but don't heal through the button. Okay, imagine ago and I yeah, so you are student what you do? Yes, I recently completed my graduation from - okay. And how long have you been using over top? Yes, just now I'll install its and installed before an hour. So am I the first caller you're calling? Not you are. I can your voice is breaking. Your second call. Okay second call wonderful. So what do you think about this application? Yes, just now I have installed this application. But I think it's a fine to improve my improve English. Yes it is. And what else do you feel benefit from this application? Because you have been using couple of hours. So you might have been seeing some difference in compared to other applications which will be helping us to improve our English, right? Yeah. Yeah, I think that is the best app because speaking is nothing but speaking we need to speak if we speak. Well we can develop. English speaking is not like knowledge. If you read a book or anything we can get if we want to speak every time we need to speak everything. That's if you speak well we can okay. I'm all right. Yes, you're right and we have to speak a lot because I believe that practice is the key to the success and that is the reason I'm to practicing with all my listeners. I'm not speaking with everyone and yeah, yes, if his people he will speak every time we can improve our yes, definitely. Alright sigh yes. Yes. Why name is Muhammad Imran? How many yoga you are from? Okay, so what do you do you woke us an English Tudor motivational speaker. And an author of Book understanding woman has he's great. Okay. Can you ask a question me about yourself? Yeah inside this specific one of your filtering the question. I'm asking the question tell me about yourself. Okay, okay. Yes. I am size of these choir and I have done my graduation from Commerce bad. Not and and I die. My hobbies is coming to playing Cricket listening to music and my future plans is to do my masters in u.s. Okay, so that is a do you think that is the answer to my question? Yeah, I think so. I think I know baby. Let me tell you I asked you the question tell me about yourself and you answer me with the identification terms, which we can Define sighs Satish Kumar. So you told me about your education which I didn't ask you you told me about your goals, which I did ask you why you told me about your hobbies, which I didn't ask you. My question was tell me about yourself suicide is Kumar. I'm not trying to confuse you. I'm trying to ask you a simple thing. Is that do you think for yourself do you? Do you ever think about yourself apart from these things see education? That's your that's what you have done name that your identity place. That's where you live goals that what you do want to do in your future. But who is a Satish Kumar according to him? Did you ever ask this question to yourself? Like what is the purpose of such are what makes him different when compared to others? I used to be front of the mirror of every time and I think I'm the different from anyone and I feel like I don't want to take inspiration by anyone. Okay the inspiration. See yourself motivated. Yes, self-motivated what I am doing and what I want I am the selfish one. Okay, and the selfish for some some something what I want for my education or for my life for my future plans. Everyone has to be selfish in that I okay and everyone is selfish. That's true. Everyone has to be selfish in that things. So sizes, that is the reason I asked to all my listeners tell me about yourself because whenever I ask them. Hello. Truly, I know that what you are doing then how we are you going to find a purpose in your life. If you don't have a purpose in your life then how are you going to focus your life's decision towards the goals and the dreams, which you're having. Yes, there will be everyone has a purpose nothing like so what's your purpose in your life? Yes, it is a general If he if he we need if we if I want I want money. No, no. No. I want you want money you want respect. Those are all secondary. But what is your true purpose in your life? Have you identified your true purpose? I'm not questioning you I'm asking you. Okay. Yes II didn't identify myself that I am the good person. I can help anyone and I am the conflict in every situation and I am I can do anything. Which I fix in my mind. So the show voice breaking hello. Hello? Hello. Hello. Hello. So this my question was did you find the purpose in your life? Purpose to what was your purpose in your life? Purpose in life. Everyone has the first thing to leave no forget. Forget forget about everyone forget about everyone. So dish I'm asking you. Did you find the purpose in your life? No, yeah, so why am I asking this question to everyone because it took me like literally eight months to identify my purpose in my life. Okay, and I was not sure about it. I had like so many questions. It wasn't about career. Was it about money? Was it about success was about having true love in my life. Was it about her health career? So it was it was like not that easy. But when you try to explore yourself that is the time when you will find the purpose in your life and when you find the purpose in your life, trust me, whatever your goals are. They seems very small and easily achievable. And that is the reason I'm asking this question to everyone. Yes, what was said? I can understand you are searching for the purpose of yourself. But you are you are saying that if if we are in a in a small we can achieve anything. Okay, you said that if you don't if let me explain you click next when you a simple way you are standing in front of a mirror and the mirror is clear. Okay, you can see the image very clearly, isn't it? Okay. Yes. Yes. Just imagine that there is for on the mirror. Can you see your image clearly? Because that's what I'm saying, but I'm asking you to find the purpose in your life means I'm asking you to rub that form of your mirror. Yes. Okay. I understand. I think that I feel I believe only that if we if if our vision is correct, if you yes, you know, our vision is in a good in a correct way. We are in a we are in the way of our dreams. If you are running in our in a way of our dreams if our vision has to be good first thing, okay. Evolve in a good way. Automatically your dreams will be fulfilled you don't you there is no need to think anything. Okay, what if us take first thing every person need that what you are doing? Okay what you are doing for your dreams? So is that the purpose? Yes, but you are in you are in the way of your dreams or not first thing you have to think and what you are doing for your dreams and what the work you are doing for the range not dreaming. Like I want to do that I want to do this that is not fine further dreams what you want to do. You need to follow some some way and you our vision has to be clear. I think I feel I believe that and I am eating and focus on what ya did. Asian Focus towards dreams and goals are more than enough to achieve them. But what is the purpose behind achieving those dreams and goals? The purpose is much higher than when compared to the dreams and goals. First thing first first, I want to that the purpose is what you think that I that I want to no purpose is what just tell me that I can answer you. What do you think that purpose is what? Haha, let me tell you one thing very clearly the purpose here. I am stating is that that will make you feel satisfied about what you're going through in your life. And what is the true existence shal reason of Satish Kumar in this planet at and what does he find about himself apart from the identification? Yes iPod iPod from the identification. I am the good person. That is my purpose. You're a good person. That is that it is a purpose that is what you are saying that except identification identification is nothing but size of these that's given by my mom and my father and you are saying that except identification is they will be the dish if you are saying I want to be a good person and help others. That is a person that I want to be a good person. I want to help others. That is the kind of purpose. I'm not saying that I wanted to be there is not my dream. I am the eye of what I am saying that why are you combining purpose and dream? Okay. You say that purpose is easy my dream see my dream when it comes to my dream. I want to become a CEO of a big company, but that's not my purpose. And when you come in comes to my purpose, my purpose is that I should be happy by while doing the things which I'm doing right now. And when I wake up early in the morning the first thought in my mind is that today I have to do something that will make me happy and that happened. I should be continuing towards the purpose towards the goals towards the dreams which are which are having in my future. Did you understand when it comes to like wherever I said I'd found it took me like eight months to find the purpose in my life and it took me like a different Journeys and I'm not sure and purpose can change from time to time. It's not a definite one. Yes, yes because if your heart doesn't play at this age of 23 States, yeah, if your age of 25, it's not definite. It can be changed here and your colors and your comfort is the reason I'm telling don't combine your purpose with your dreams. Okay? Okay. Okay. Papa's is nothing but you're saying now what we are. Doing okay how we are doing at present at present? You won't do that. Hello. Hello. Hello. So the show voice is breaking and just give me one second. Let me have a reply here. So guys, let's continue with the job because you are discussing about the he just proposed into some other topics, but now let's okay and yeah. Live a life of purpose. That's what we are discussing about. So blue zones are the regions of the world where people live the longest and happier life. Why do we have our Bibles in this blue zones? You just Google about this blue zones of life. Then you will understand the like nine shared characteristics of these regions and the one characteristics to is to have a purpose. The okinawa's called is like ikigai and Napoleon's called it as like plan de vida. So are you living a life of meaning? Are you living in line with your purposes today? Like since I have started Living my purpose. I have never been happier and you can experience that too. And yes. Let's continue dropping. So cut down on your deep fried foods Because deep fried foods contain acrylamide and potentially cancer-causing chemical chemical. So guys, don't don't don't eat a deep-fried food. So cut down on your sugar food and soft drinks to because they also have huge amount of sugar and other biological which are which are definitely not good for you. And I when it comes to a sugary Foods, I mean to say candy bars pastries chocolates Cookies Cakes jelly doughnuts, many of them if you're having them occasionally just for the taste of this for the sake of the kind taste then yeah, you're good to go, but you can literally having them like habit then please cut down those habits and don't drink alcohol alcohol is generated. We all know that And did which means it drains water from your body? Not only that but alcohol is repeatedly proven to have negative effects on your body and your health impacting the proper functioning of your brain livers lungs and other major organs, so please avoid alcohol. Guys, please hit the heart button. Share your love with me and do follow me on open talk. I love you all and yeah, let's continue the topic go organic wherever it is possible go organic. I love organic food. And yeah, I know this bit pricey when compared to the other items available Market, but yes when it comes to like if I want to save some money over I prefer to save my health over the money. So it comes to like organic food. Yeah, please do. Organic food because organic food is produced without synthetic inputs such as pesticides or other chemical fertilizers. And yeah day by day the demand for organic food is also increasing. So even thought about it and beware beware of vegetable oils over the years. I began to learn more and more about this healthy and unhealthy food. I learned that many vegetable oils which are basically used in many food products and almost all the restaurants possible and they are toxic the includes all refined oils. It's like 1000 oil rather red cedar oil soybean oil palm oil sunflower oil even olive oil despite the whole so-called heart-healthy branded surrounding vegetable oils oil is not a natural food. Definitely all is not a natural food. It's an extremely processed food stripped of all the nutrients fibers proteins of the original phone many commercial oils are like highly in omega-6, which is poly saturated fat, which is inflammatory. So guys, please avoid vegetable oils. Thank you. Dr. Chandra gender bunching. Thank you so much. And if possible this is what I do a lot. So I suggest you to do this to try to prepare your meals. I prepare my meals like a when you prepare your meals you control what goes into then rather than choosing between substandard options which are given to you in the restaurant. So get quality kitchen equipment. I love spending my money quality kitchen equipment. It's like kind of hobby for me. It will be like your best investment ever. So have a blender and please some fruit juices vegetable juices and have an instant spot on that one. Ah, that's awesome. So learn to say no when you are going to parties when you're going to go meet your friends on outings. Learn to say no. It's okay. Don't just eat because your friends are offering you to eat. Simply say no and say if you're not feeling good to say no didn't say that. You're not hungry. Try to carry a water bottle with you. Whenever you feel thirsty. You can have a water because you have to keep yourself hydrated eat what you need? Okay, it is better to eat less in a line. When you are like according to the needs of your energy rather than eating excessively and work off excess to strain your body. So eat only what you need. And yeah we are This and I'm saying is once again stop smoking if you are smoking stop smoking smoking is detrimental to help. We all know that and it severely increases the risk of lung cancer. Kidney cancer is to figure cancer and heart attack many more smoking even Light cigarettes or light cigarettes. Do not decrease health risk either. Okay, if you're a smoker quit not just for you but for your family too, but if you are not if you don't smoke then stay the out of that way. Yeah. This is going guys. Ricky let's have a word with freaky. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hi, Frankie. Yeah. Hi. How are you? I don't hide the body. What's your name? You can call me Jimmy or a me and my full name is Muhammad Imran. Which place you visit? I just went there for like having some training and enforces it was so boring for me. Okay, you win for Mother's Day for you in process training? Yes. hobo doctor in me First of all, my friends used to call me. Dr. Amy because they find it as like a funny and it came to me and when I came to open talk, I thought to have a nickname and when it comes to the professional values, yes, I do hold a PhD degree in filmmaking and visual effects. Okay with a nice how healthy are you supposed to do? Yes, and anyway, we are about to end the topic so it's been so long. We are discussing. So what do you think Frankie? How healthy are you? Yeah, I think there are two things of Health mental health and physical health Yeah, I am very better in physical but mental health. I am very little I what does a little weak? Yeah, when it comes to mental health, you should try some mindfulness meditation and Transcendental Meditation. I have only done a podcast on that one too. We have incomes like mental health you have we are stressed about many things in our life. Okay, then we can switch over to another topic. Okay. See ya what you are from engineering field. Yes Computer Sciences. Okay. Okay. Yeah didn't say about engineering. How about your college or what you're seeing all the time, but the call is things that was way different than what I am right now. Okay. Yeah. I am also from engineering field here both from engineering City. I'm currently I know preparing for upse government service. I love you. Okay, and you know me you see I can't hear you. I know currently preparing for government service. I don't like what you say engineering asked I placed in placement campus I placed into companies in position essential. In both cases both. Yeah, I do working in essential when I was in Bangalore. But yeah still then was not my kind of it. So it was definitely not my cup of tea. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's also definitely not my cup of tea to actually they hired me and they trained me actually it is very different my engineering field. I studied differently and I work in the different field they are due or they are two different there, too. Like binary opposites like that, so I could measure one. I started to prepare for government service. Okay. So very all the best for your bonnets. That is preparations. And how are the preparations going on? It's very fine actually heard about you Casey. Okay, you you heard about you BAC. Yep, I did. Yeah, it's what to say. It's very interesting we can get to know what what is what you can get to know more elaborately. Okay, science history geography. We will know each and every everything in UPC preparation UPC preparation was very interesting to me. Actually, I like to became I like to be an IPS officer. So I am the police order but one problem is it is very high competitive exam. Yeah, these high competitive exam. So instead of like focusing on how much competition is there. I prefer to for how much I am putting my effort to prepare for it. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Yeah you were right in You're very cordial. I took a long time to myself cordial. I do faced all the situations and the things one day you are will experience. I finish my college 2019 passed out. I'm actually one year when you have been paused. So you are very experienced in we Bennett thumbs like engineering once I'm done with enjoying ibogaine forces at work in essentially evolved in be a pro and life literally started taking out all on me. So I clicked really quit the engineering works and during jobs. Then I started doing the thing of my own so then I went into animation sectors that I did a PhD in animations and filmmaking working few movies, then that was also like not working out for me. So I took a different role I started taking artist. Company and I taught in school that or institutions. So I did a number of jobs and recently I quit my job, which was like a 21st century skill trainer, you know repeated form. So I had a clash with my manager. So I literally said you man. I'm resigning Actually, why did you quit imposes an essential and we follow you don't like it was bought for me. You know when you joined Infosys, you know, it was boring the job is then why are you here Charlie? You know that when I was joining it would be boring. But when I heard that is very reputed and I'll be getting to learn a lot of new things when I joined. It was same old the company kind of thing, so, - he hated it just it for the for the I don't like it was a new environments are not be capable of coping with it. So I was there for like six months. But yeah, then I lost complete in just over it. Now currently are you in any field? Yeah, I love brother pipian about my English tutor. I have written a book on like understanding woman is easy. I'm doing a number of things. Then you have came you have to Something In Flames. I'm sure you haven't did baahubali open oxygen. I worked in a matches over there are so many movies which are located. We'll use your name's Oliver Li one not to while was while I was into I wasn't different place so I was not able to walk into but one in visual effects editor. Okay, how was it feeling? Yeah, we should living in Bali Bali one is a very nice movie each and everything that screenplay visual effects. It was a tough time man. It was a tough time because there were so many artists which we have been bought from like foreign countries to because whatever we having this specification save a not enough and late-night works and drastic changes in animations drastic changes in visual effects - it changed in seems it was very tough time for us to warm but by thick and it was a hit it was like I'm very much proud and happy that okay. I was a small pot of anywhere in that movie to help. Okay. Yeah then okay when we when you realized that I am indifferent feeling this is not fit for me when you replace whenever I feel like completely frustrated. I just give some more time just to see that is this frustration be guarding this job or some other reasons, but when I literally feel frustrated a hundred percent towards the job. I quit immediately. Yeah. Because many people say for the sake of family. for the sake of salary Why should I sacrifice my life to this renewable? I can't do that. Yeah, when I quit my job, they're my friends told me are you a fool boy the it is very difficult present now in a current situation to get a job you are getting a job. Then you are quitting. What is this fear? They asked me I said, it's it's different. What I learned in my college and it's different what I have been working in in the office so I could mean job. I realized where is she and I'm I am started preparing because I'm very interested in this. under Life Goes On Hmm, and actually you you are in sin. If you feel you are going to different location you York in different places share with us. How was that? I like traveling very much. Yeah, I was very much fond of traveling because whenever they had this song shoots, so we used to go to a different locations and thanks to the film industry that I had a lot of experience with like traveling with comes to traveling. I first time I applied for my passport then I was I mean notnot the many of the countries but Malaysia Thailand Paris, it was the hit place which I ever visited thanks to the film industry for that because they were paying for all the expenses and I fell in love with Paris. So all my dreams now are like getting settled in France in Paris future. Yeah. Yeah, actually, I like traveling very much I want for travel. I want some money so I need some backup. After getting a laughter is having a celebrity have the having enough savings. I like travelling very much. I will travel. Hello, can you hear me? Yeah, there's kanishka online. So I would like to have a word with him to people cause I'm about to end the podcast. Thank you so much for joining with me here. Frankie do follow an open talk and do share your love by pressing the heart button. Now you texting column and you can ride with me whenever you feel free. We have a lot of these questions sure. Have a wonderful day, man. Be safe. Take care. You too. You too. Take care. Doctor. Let's let's have a word with Ganesh before we end the podcast. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello doctor, Amy. I am audible to you. Hello. wait Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Yeah, I saw your request in the beginning but later on it was cancelled. Yeah found some work. That's why yep. No problem. So, how are you? Yeah. I am good you tell how are you? I hope you're fine. I'm doing fantastic. I am fantastic as usual. So I see you have like pretty much nicely built your body you're working on. Well. Yeah. Thank you so much that you on profile. Yes. So definitely that man than your favorite than what I think about my son. Yeah, it's really you are in your bit motivation to be so I should start working out more often now exactly. That's the reason why I put this DP because I just want to inspire and motivate others because I think that if I'm fit to India fit, it's my slogan make India great again. Wonderful wonderful nice Logan. So are you doing podcast on these things? Like how do they fit on how do you help them how to work out? I'm not a regular basis. I always try to choose topic like technology and like politics economy and other things okay sometime I Choose Fitness and other things very rarely a Technologies might endure but when comes to like politics and economy, oh my God, I stay away far away from those things. Yeah, but the problem is that most of the people are not willing to listen that what is happening in India across the world. Okay, then Want to listen some good things like jokes and Etc love and Adventures like this. Okay, but I think it's important thing which we need to listen and try to understand because ultimately we are the part of society and if something bad will happen, so we are also responsible for it. So it's also important to understand other things as well as connect. That's wonderful. So whenever you are starting a podcast then do let me know about it. So I'll be part of it and I would love to listen to your point of view because the way you're putting it. Towards the country and Nation. It's wonderful. I love it. Yeah, thank you so much. And I think all listeners who are listening us. They also need to change their mindset because this is an inflection point like covet 19 is it's a crisis for whole world. Okay, and I think it's inflection point when people need to change their mindset few days ago, like Billy diet lots of thing happen in India. Okay, and in not in India across the world lots of thing happening people are totally fill up with haters. They become so ridiculous and Beckett now know everything. It is care. Everyone is caring for their neighbors and others. Okay, and people are respecting the Nature's and they knew what is equality. Okay. So these are the things people are talking about hygiene and cleanliness. Why because there is Crisis. So I think that all crisis give us an opportunity and I think if you fight with this crisis then we learn something. Okay. So these are the things which we need to point out. Definitely connection. I would like to suggest you one thing the way you're putting the words is very inspirational very motivating. So try to do it on a regular basis try to fix the time so that everyone can have a word with Ganesh when he's starting the podcast why am I saying this because you have this niche of take the point straight forward in understanding way. So take it as my humble request. We are right to be more regular on open top and try to share your point of views here and I would love to hear your podcast to yeah. Definitely. I will try my best and Just want to say to our listeners like today's topic is how healthy are you so I think now everybody understand that what is immunity what is health? Because if you are healthy if you are eating very well from past 20 years and 10 years. Then it means yourselves like your WBC have huge stamina to fight with other diseases and others bacterias and viruses. Okay, immunity means it doesn't mean that if you eat today good food, then you have good immunity. No, no, no, if really you want to build your good immunity and you want to be A strong wbc's okay. Then you should eat good foods, like less oil and try to eat vitamins minerals and good carbs good fat good cholesterol. So these are the things which are important and essential now, I think now I observe like in India obesity is common in every person's in every Uncle. Okay, Uncle Auntie. Obesity is comment. They have huge tummy and they never bother about it. They never think about it that it is good or bad but this crisis teach them like India is also considered as a diabetic capital of the world as The rape capital of the world. So these are the point when we need to talk and try to conclude a good concept and good things. Okay. So if we talk and like lots of people are listening as so they think they have some kind of points to think about it and they put their perspective in their view because every person have rational behavior and they have different life and I know that exam question paper is similar, but life question paper is vary from person to person so they need to face it and they always cope up with different. At ease they have different tactics to fight their problem. So if they share and comment box in this what cause then I think that we find some good points that how to tackle such issue and try to spread what is health and try to understand immunity and other things are correlated with each other then you understand that how Indians and how whole world will fight with this code 19 crisis. Yeah, Corvette 19. Yeah, that is also one of the and I believe that because of this crisis we Indians are all again United once again is together. So I really believe that one and you just it's just imagine the few days before there was a Dilly Riot and at that time people are against the like Moscow and other things they are demolishing miscues and they are saying that goalie mauro's all over other things. They are using a lots of nonsense word, but it still right now they are doing clapping and other things. I think it's not Issue people K became unite when they see that there is a crisis and it harms them. Okay, now all Bollywood stars and lots of big celebrities and be quick people's come out in front of Road and they say that we will support and we will play from our balcony, but I think it's not an essential thing right now problem is that we need more ventilators and more ice use and more professionals trained professionals and more masks and other things. Okay. So if really you want to do contribution to our health Care system and health sector, so please put some money and donate some money on who website and in another way. Okay, because these are the things which are essential because everybody know in India inequality so high poverty over classes is so much in number. Okay, and they don't have any way to get some money because they are working for a single division has okay if they get 200 rupees in a day then they spend whole rupees in a single day. They have huge burden of their own family. So just try to contribute and help them. I think these are the best We have the wonderful points on like how can be things taken care of and he has a very good perspective towards politics and economics of the country. So we have a lot to learn from Kadesh. So do support him. And do you follow him on open talk? And we'll be learning a lot from him and do put a point towards the Corona and the covert 19 which you are facing epidemics or try to create the awareness around you and try to help as much as possible. Yeah side, but said you moved to coronavirus kanishka extremely. Sorry. Now I need to come on topic how healthy are you? So if really you want to know that how healthy are use firstly check your body mass index. Okay on Google, you know, what is your weight? You know, what is your height just calculate it then you find that you are overrated underrated and you are normal. Okay. So if you really want to know just check body mass index and apart from this. I just want to give some insights that about nutritionals and fabbs other things. Can I do? Yes, sure. Yeah. Okay. So everybody know that we have only three things through which we get energy like carbs protein and fat. Okay fat give you a nine point one calorie and fat and carbs and protein give you 4.1 and 4.2 calories. So remember there are two types of act like saturated fat and saturated fat. Everything's have to dive like cholesterol is also a prototype like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol Like A low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein. So these are the things I could be in fact, we have omega-3 omega-6. Okay, so the essential things people don't know but the event people when they eat like Samosa and other things like junk food. They think that it's it's the only good thing and we are eating for our pleasure. But remember it's a empty calorie thing. Empty calorie means you are getting only calorie not any nutrition not any minerals and vitamins. So always try to eat good things and common thing in Indians is they always try to eat sweet. They want to eat lots of sweet. No that remember en suite there are three kinds of sugar glucose fructose and the lack of course left toes is available in milk. Okay, it is good for our body and is essential for our body but not so much. Okay, always try to eat. So close. So close is available practice or efectos factors is available in fruit. And I think that sugar is very good for your health and it digest very slowly and it's glycemic index is also very low glycemic index. It's a kind of tool which help you Measured at which boat is best for us if blasphemic index of mango and banana is low. It means that food is very good for you and it's a very refined is glad glycemic index condition. Well on it, just Google on it like you are eating banana. Okay, just Google it. What is glycemic index of banana. Then you find that it's around point point six or sixty. Okay. So you think that it's ok, if any commodity whose glass make index is less than 60 it is good for your health and if it's glycemic index is more than 60 then. N possibilities that it is unhealthy for your health and you are the only person who'll just a second please Shahid kanishka is not insulting science. In fact, he's describing the science in such a way that we can make the most benefit out of it. That's not insulting that's literally sharing the information and I think that these are the normal things which people need to learn because they are investing their time in other things like Instagram and WhatsApp of the other things. So I think these are also important things if you are healthy it means Your surrounding will healthy and if you are surrounding will healthy then ultimately burden of disease and other things on health sector it also reduced and government will invest in capital sector capital expenditure. Will rise it means they infrastructure will improve if the burden on health sector will do so ultimately connect All Points, then you will understand that what I am trying to say so punished. I have one more doubt. What are the kind of home workouts? Which you suggest for the beginners here. I think it depends on their body weight and it depends on their Holy hold a routine. Okay, because it varies from person to person. There are few persons who are working in office on regular basis and they are few persons who are generally a student. Okay, so they are doing the study but still they are facing some kind of Crisis like sometime the visibility of I is reduced and some time here's became so white and hearing power is reduced and joint pain knee pain. These are the problems which are common in Indians. Okay, and they never bother about anything that common but problem is that it depends on your diet. Nutritions that how much are you nurturing your body? Okay from 30 years is very important for a person after 30 years. You're your Remain the past 30 year diet is important and that will happen after 30 year. I mean, I just want to say like if you eat good tight Good Foods in your beginning 30 years then later you will found that you are so healthy and you are much better than others. So that's why I'm in such thing. So you ask that which workout is best for person? Who is who? For average person. I think these don't work out. Yeah. Yeah. I remember all listeners workout is it's not a thing that you need to do for two hours or three hours it is. It's a it's a part of life. Like when you drive a car then oil is very important for that bike or car. Okay, so same thing in life to spend a life exercise is very important. So do it on regular basis not for two hours three hours one hour just do it for 40 minutes. Imminent but on regular basis consistently in a discipline. Okay, then you will get good results and there are lots of person who just want a good physique good physique is not a good task became so healthy because if you healthy then it means your whole Community will become healthy. Okay, and there is very less possibility that you will depend on medicines and other things. So just try to do workout for 40 and 50 minutes on regular basis on daily. Do push-ups do pull-ups and do cardio cardio like jumping jacks and The things there are a lot of workouts which are available on YouTube. There are a lot of Fitness channels which are providing some great insights and some nutritional facts also like Danish. We have a YouTube channel regarding this one. No, I don't have any YouTube channel, even I don't find some sufficient time to do such kind of things. Okay. So the I just see your bod touched about how healthy are you so that's why join it. So I don't have any you two separate YouTube channel. So I think that these are the things which India needs to know and listen all listeners. If I think fifty fifty percent of listeners will change their daily life then definitely my speech will get some appreciation because I just want to change you. Okay. I just want a India who have huge wisdom as compared to Americans and British errs. They are more fit than others. I just want such kind of society. That's why I'm speaking and I am spreading my knowledge to you. Wonderful Carnage. Thank you so much for joining with me here. Then do press the heart button do show your love and and find some time to serve to hit me with a request will do a collab on that one. Yeah. Okay. Thank you so much all listeners for listening me and thank you so much. Dr. Amy for joining me. Thank you for attending my call. Thank you. Have a wonderful day same to you. So guys this is the end of the podcast and Shahed. I am to kidding man. Don't take it seriously and I want that thing seriously in my podcast. It's all for fun. It's all for Joy all for learning. So chillax and I thank you guys. Thank you so much for joining here here and I love you. All please I hit the heart button share your love and yeah to follow me on over top and let's have a wonderful time together learning and sharing and be safe. Take care and make sure that you are healthy. I love you all. Take care. See ya sayonara signing off doc framing.