Bridget I do and today I will talk about the IELTS speaking exam and how not to be nervous in your exam. I have a lot of people listening, but I'll just wait for a couple of seconds more. Hi, everyone will talk about how not to be nervous in your else exam and I'll just start in a couple of seconds. I share tips with you on what you can do before the exam and on the exam day so that when you go there for the real test, you're very confident and you're not nervous. So I need to take your calls in the middle of the talk. And before I start. I just let you know that you can visit my profile and see the website link and I also have the phone number that you can use to call and opt for our online classes. Alright, so today I'll talk about the speaking test. But you can also use these tips for other parts of the exam or any other exam for that factor. And I'll tell you how not to be nervous while taking the test. so for more students, I think the speaking test is probably one of the hardest sections of all because you are required to have a one-on-one interaction or interview with the examiner and I realized that that can be pretty daunting and scary and a lot of us are comfortable in speaking to each other over phone or in a group but when it comes to interviews or public Speaking and when we are supposed to be at the center of the stage and just speak alone. Then we tend to lose our confidence and we often go blank while speaking. I'm sure a lot of us have faced this issue that when we are talking to somebody we want to say and express our ideas, but we just don't know how and somehow we go blank it and yes, of course the aisles. Is an exam and like any other exam you are being checked on certain criteria was and that makes you nervous. So if I would just start with the fact that everyone feels nervous. even if you have been in situations where you were supposed to speak or you have spoken to a lot of people or taken a lot of interviews, even then the nerves get the better of us and we often get the that anxiety attack or we get nervous and we lose all our confidence and in the aisles exam specifically because we are non-native speakers of English who have to speak to a native speaker and also show our speaking provis. We do get nervous and there's always that thing in the back of our mind that whether I'm going right and what should I say exactly to impress The Examiner and all that, so I'll give you tips which you can use for all the four sections. Actually not just speaking and if you Follow my advice and you practice. Well, then you should feel more confident and you are most likely to make less mistakes. You will speak better if you are confident and you will sound better so confidence is actually the key. And I'll tell you how to gain that confidence. So the first thing is that you need to just relax. Yeah, yes. I'm good. I would come to that how to handle nervousness while appearing for an interview. So the first thing is that you need to just relax. If you get too nervous, you will surely come it a lot of mistakes. You might miss if I talk particularly about the eyes exam. So you might miss the answers in your listening section or you'll write the wrong spellings or miss out on a part of the Sunset in writing in the Reading part. You could miss out on not reading the instructions and not able to find the answers in the passage and particularly in speaking. You could just go blank or say something which is irrelevant to the question. So just chill. Okay, just relax don't take a lot of pressure. It's all about how you handle your mind. Okay trick your mind. and into thinking that you've got this Pink in that manner and just take the test as an interaction with somebody you have just met right which if you see technically that is what it is. You meet the examiner on the exam day and you just stop you have a conversation, you know, but if you take a lot of pressure, then you'll definitely feel a little nervous. So Suraj To answer your question. We are talking about the aisles exam. It's the international English language testing system. So if you want to go abroad for higher studies, or if you want to go for work, then you have to take this exam. Okay, because you being a non-native speaker of English you are going to a country where the native language or the mother tongue is English. So you need to show that you have a particular standard of English. That is why you take the aisles exam. And this exam tests your reading writing speaking and listening skills, and we are talking about how not to be nervous while taking this exam. Okay. So as I was saying don't think of it as a test as Pearl just think of it as a conversation like you have with your friends everyday or your colleagues or your family. And the best way to not feel that pressure is by preparing yourself, right? So before you take the real exam be prepared be well-prepared and practice. And of course you can do that. with the leverage that you caused and make sure you know everything about the structure of the exam. What kind of questions come in the exam. What is the timing of it? And how exactly are you scored by The Examiner? What are the areas that you need to work on is one of the most important things that you should be aware of you should know what are your weaknesses and what are your strengths? And if you just prepare yourself well before the exam then you are definitely bound to feel a lot more confident. And if you're confident enough, then you will take the exam pretty easily. You won't face any problem in it. Okay, I'm going through the questions. Okay, so somebody is asking me about the correct pronunciation. Yes, there is a lot of stuff over the internet. And the Cambridge English dictionary will help you in getting your pronunciation. Correct? As you say you don't know what exactly people do from the root level you could use that online and it shows you both the British and American accent. What do the words mean? How are they used in the sentence? So That's one good way of correcting your pronunciation. It also has an audio section. So you can press the button and listen to how the words are pronounced. And there are a lot of things in pronunciation. So the word stress was sentence stress. Intonation that covers everything so you can do that. Okay. Alright Sly is asking what kind of questions they ask in the speaking test. So there are three Paths of the speaking test in the first part. They would ask you questions about yourself and the topics which are very close to you or familiar to you. For example about your work about your study about your home family your hobbies your friends. Sports that you play fashion music all these kinds of things then in the second part of the test. They would ask you a question on a cue card again something related to your experiences or your opinions and you have to speak on that topic for about one to two minutes. And in the last part they asked broader questions or questions based on abstract ideas. And if you want a detail of all these you can listen to all my previous podcasts on my profile. Or if you want to know exactly the questions common questions, which are asked and what exactly to say to them. You can join our live sessions. Call upon the number given in my profile and I'll tell you I'll give you the details. Okay, so when we talk about particularly the speaking exam you are child on for criterias, right? So there is translation fluency grammar and vocabulary and all of them account for the 25% of the total marks. You will get so one another way to be less nervous is by focusing on all these and preparing yourself accordingly. So Like somebody here said that they don't know how to organize your ideas. Well, right. Yeah, so that means that you need to focus more on your fluency and coherence. So see what exactly the examiner is going to ask you and check you on out of these four criterias and whatever you are lacking in or whatever. You need to gain more confidence on just practice that part. A little more than others. So if you think your pronunciation can be made better than work on it and it's the Cambridge online dictionary since this test is also conducted by the Cambridge University. So you can use that dictionary. That's the first choice that you can have. So whatever area you think you are lacking in try and work on it. And again, like I said, if you are better prepared, then you'll be way less nose and you will you never know what exactly the examiner is going to ask right, there are various topics that they cover and they don't have a set pattern late. So a lot of things Are there which can be asked we can't prepare ourselves with everything but yes, there are certain topics which are common and we can prepare some vocabulary or phrases that can be used or like idioms which can be used for that particular topic. So for example, you can prepare some phrases or idioms on say say friends or traveling right? So this way you are better prepared for when you face the situation. And of course one thing is to be careful of that when you're preparing don't memorize your answers. Okay, because when you're giving the speaking test and you giving the answer and you memorize it you just learn it and pour it out over there The Examiner is going to know that you have learnt it and that you're not speaking naturally trust me. They would know that trained for all these Things they always know so don't memorize your answers. What you can do is think of certain phrases or like I said vocabulary which you can use in that context and about that topic when you're talking and when you do that when you prepare a list of this these words or phrases, then you would practice them and you'll be better prepared. You would know what to say and how to say it. Okay, so the best way that you can take a hold of your nerves is to prepare. Well talk to your friends talk to your colleagues or talk to your family or talk to me here and leverage I do and you will know how to answer. Okay, and another thing is not to think of it even as a test, right? It's just about Do your uses a sorry usage of English. So just try to speak and Converse in English like you do with your friends. Okay have for example, you could talk to your friends about the weather or a movie that you recently watched. And that's how you will talk to the examiner as well. Of course on a different topic or even this topic if you get it, but my point is just don't think of vit and take a lot of pressure thinking that it's a an exam think of it as a conversation with somebody you've just met because you need to be familiar with the environment where you will express yourself in English Okay, so if you practice well and just make it a habit of talking to people in English and expressing yourself, then you'd be Very comfortable in expressing your views and using that vocabulary. When you enter the room where in you will have the test just be comfortable. Okay, don't think about the technicalities of it. Don't think about which tenses you have to use or what grammar you learned yesterday and you have to say so when you practice all of this before the exam this will actually come naturally to you. So you would become habitual of using those who capillary or using the tenses that you want to in your exam. Right? Don't think a lot about it. Otherwise, you would just mess it up. And before the real exam you can do everything as a practice. just and if you know if there are ways to calm down you're nervous even after all this practice and learning everything and just talking to your friends and people, you know, you are not able to relax then just take a deep breath. Okay that actually works or do something that would calm you down right like before the exam. You could listen to your favorite music or talk to a friend or just take a long walk. Don't think about what is going to Happened in the exam. What are you going to say all that you would have already done before while you are preparing for the exam on the exam day just before the exam take a good night's sleep relax and think in your mind and just imagine what that day would be like if you visualize what you will do on the exam day and how your exam is going to to go then that is what is going to happen actually. So before the exam visualize that you know, you're going to enter very confidently and you'll talk to the examiner very confidently, you will give all the correct answers and use the vocabulary give appropriate answers talk for the appropriate time limit and all those things the once you do that once you visualize it imagine it that is what is going to happen to you actually Okay, so just try to relax actually take deep breaths calm yourself get a hold of yourself and think that you've got this this is just a conversation that you need to have with somebody of course in English, but you know that you've practiced. Well you've prepared. Well, you're just going there to have a word with somebody and that too. Leave for like 11 to 14 minutes. And just remember that the examiner is not there to like he's not sitting there and trying to reduce your marks or try to catch hold of what you're doing wrong. Okay, they don't think of it in that manner. Just take it easy and try to make it as natural as possible. Okay, so Yeah, I think it's I'm trying to connect now. I take your calls sign Vishal. I'm trying to connect to you. Hello. Hi Sy. Hello. Am I pronouncing your name correctly? Yeah, yeah. All right. So yes, I can so when you planning to take the test. Yeah, I am basically I am pursuing my bachelor's degree in computer application. I'm in second year. So I am planning my masters in abroad so okay. Wow. I'm flying to write miles examine a flyer 5th semester. So before you actually finish your degree, you'll take the exam. Yeah, because after completing my graduation immediately want to go for a bra so clearly okay. Yeah, I don't have any basic idea but the dish so that is the reason why okay so side that's what I said for the basic idea. You could listen to my first talk open Talk, which I had it. Tell you all about the aisles test. Basically, it's just to test your English skills. So we are reading writing speaking and listening. There are various kinds of questions that come up in the exam and we all know how the structure is and what exactly is the timing how it is scored so it would be easy for you to take the exam. Okay. So I it like they will be like any Filbert's to study or like A basic English now is actually sends an English test. So there is no prescribed slippers as such but like I said, there are some common topics which The Examiner is going to talk to you about so those we can prepare okay, if we can so also the vocabulary where whichever question you are asked you can use that vocabulary O'Kane speaking tastes like someone told me that Speaking is there will be some topics we have to prepare before going to exam or the examiner asks only the topics. No, no see the examiner might ask you anything. Okay? Okay. We don't know what exactly the question is going to be. What we can do is based on the past experiences. We just see what is most likely to come. So for example the exam. Runner can ask you about your work or your family or your hobbies things that you like to do or don't like to your hometown. Okay. We just whether the examiner can ask this or not, but we're never short of what will come in your exam. So yes based on these common topics, we prepare certain vocabulary or phrases that you can use if you get that topic you can be asked any Take before I like I Want To Make a Score 7.0 bands overall. All right, because I want to apply for my in universities. Yeah, so see for every University the minimum requirement is different. Okay. So when you're saying you want to seven Banks core have you checked the requirement? Yeah, I'll check some universities. They are asking for one point zero six point five. And also I'm not switch like I am I am just plan because like a list of colleges. I want to go for like what I want to do post graduation also, so I'm very confused in that but I have to write exam right for everything like so yeah. And the old Heil certificate is valid for two years only right? Yes, it's valid for two years, but there is no limit on the attempts you can take so supposing you take the LSAT exam and you don't get your desired score. So immediately on the next day you can take on the next date whatever you get you can take the exam and then you can use that score for your University to apply So, yeah. Thank you for information. Okay and side, we also provide counseling for universities and Herod leverage. I do we can provide you with the dream University also the course so if you are a little confused about all those things you can call us here and People you can help you out any branches in Hyderabad. We are very soon planning to open it up in Hyderabad because I am from Hyderabad so I can't come to like a Yeah, I know. I know. So that's what I'm saying. Right now. We are at Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore and very soon. We are planning to open up in Hyderabad and antibodies so that can come later. But if you want to get a rough idea, then you can call and get the details. Okay. Thank you. Thank you for the information. Okay. All right. Okay, Ashok. I'm trying to connect to you. Hello, how are you? Hello, ma'am. Good evening. Good evening. How are you? I'm good, man. Thanks for watching. And what about you? I'm good, too. Thank you. So I choked you are planning to take the idols test. So, what did you do? Yeah, continue. Please like that. Yeah, I'm pressing my graduation in the second year after my mechanical engineering. Okay, so you want to So you want to pursue your masters from it's them? All right, right. Now you said you are in which year second year second year of my graduation whole semester. Okay. So when are you planning to take the test after your graduation or before no man before before the graduation? I am I'm planning to take in 6th semester since the next year. Okay. So do you have issues related to it? Oh Ma'am, I don't know much about it. But I had it a human few days before one of my relatives said about this exam. So I don't know much about it. I want to know bye to you. Ok, so she look like I said this test it's conducted to check your English skills. Okay, and there are various. There's a proper format and structure. And timings in the test and you can get to know all about it through my first open talk. Okay? Okay, and you can also call up on the number which I have given in my profile and I'll give you the details. Okay, man, you're late. Okay. Remember how many times have we can have this exam per year? Yeah, so there's no limit on the number of times. times that you can attempt Okay. No ma'am. Is this exam conducted only once in a year? Oh no happens all the time. So I think 48 times throughout the year and you have to check when it happens in your particular City. So for example in New Delhi, it happens twice in a month. Okay, ma'am. So for example, if you take it on the 15th, let's say that I wanted lamb. If I wanted this exam in Hyderabad when it will be yeah, you have to check it online. When is the next date available? Okay, but keeps happening every month. Okay, so it's not a date. Thank you and the news. How did this make what do you want to follow books either they want to read the novel book that we want to go through the grammar books. We should follow see Ashok. If you want to improve your general English, then of course, you can read read a lot of things newspapers books magazines and you can listen to YouTube videos watch them and see or listen to podcasts. Just watch movies. Okay. This is what general English which will of course help you in your is exam as well. But if you want particular tips and strategies, then you need to listen to my podcasts regularly or you can join our online classes and wherein we give you the strategies and tips mock this and questions common questions or the recent questions, which come in the aisles exam and we prepare you accordingly. What lived through what medium we can connect you? That means you are you having any application error. You will be teaching in our YouTube channel Yeah Yeah. We actually I'll take online live sessions. So once you register with us, No, we have a separate platform for it. So you can go you can give us a call at the number which I have in my profile or even I can give it to you now call us up and you can schedule the sessions with us. Okay, thank you, and it's going to be online so you can stay in Hyderabad. I'll stay here and then we can contact each other and practice. Okay. Okay, man, okay. Give you the number is 100. So it's double 8 to 6 number like 6 to double zero. two double zero to nine three Oh nine three. Yeah, so you can call get all the details and get yourself registered and enrolled in the classes. - I'm okay. It's a double late to fix to double zero to nine three. Okay. Thanks. Ash Oak after this exam up to what level we should have a bank balance to attend for foreign countries. Yeah. I choked all these details also and we also help you with your profile your applications sending you to your dream University, although Those things you can call on this number and find out all the information that you want. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Thank you.