Hello everyone. So today we have with us Johnny though. She who is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and has a thriving Instagram Channel as well. Whenever you get a chance, you should definitely check out Instagram handle with the same name chanak a douchey. So today we are going to have a conversation with Johnny to understand about her journey and if there is if there's any Inspirations if there is any advices that she would like to share Are with us, that's what we want discuss about today. So, thank you so much on knee and welcome to open Talk. Actors your Computing first of all, thank you. So Johnny, let me quickly start with why don't you start with just you telling a brief about yourself your background your upbringing, you know, maybe just take us through your journey from being things. Understand me. Okay is like she has got some up. And from the time I started we never had too much of awareness of fashion. That was like really care that I want to pursue this as a subject as a profession and my real journey started and I was doing a job in our known brand or desire prank as a visual merchandiser and there we got a designer bag like really expensive. It was something almost like my salary of entire month. Wow, so I chose to buy that. Smoking and taking public transport because I had no money left for my fuel in my scooty of which I had that time and I was like, yeah, I can I can die with style but I cannot live stylist. Wow. That's something very strong. So but one question here, so Charlie coming from coming from a conservative Town. How did you actually you know decide that? Okay. No you want to get Into fashion. And what was your path to that? Did you do your Masters into your Bachelor's in in in fashion technology house and crashing then I did my MBA in design management. Well, I personally believe that if you are going for any creative field your degree is not going to matter at all, right, you know the creativity whatever you have inside you is going to take a better role your jollies. That's about it. Okay, perfect. So, okay, so that's very interesting incident at the shed. So then from there, how did you how did you think about? Okay, let me start something online or a blog or Instagram Channel or how long how come you arrived at that decision in my life? Fashion choices which were like really not acceptable at all. Hmm. I really chose myself and I I just I was like, I want to run away from my house out of my relators only my parents for supporting me and like I don't want to live here in this town because nobody can understand that why I want to wear a red lipstick red lipstick or maybe a studied. Oh my God. Hmm. So I chose to come to Palm Bay. I started walking and after giving like good amount of time to the industry and working as a Fashion Stylist. I realized that no even some walking in a fat or you know, this Bollywood industry people still want to copy and I'm like so many things of my own which I used to keep on challenging like, you know, I used to have sleepless nights that you know, I'm not doing Justice to my passion and henceforth the slogging thing came up nice. Because I wanted to put it across my ideas. I wanted to write about things. I wanted to display things and thanks to Instagram Because by the time YouTube came, I was so busy with my shoots that I never thought of coming in front of the camera, but one fine day. I realized that you have to come in front of the camera to show people that what other things you can do with your own self. It's not subjected to celebrities only. Right? Right, right. Absolutely. So that's Are your journey started on Instagram and all the social media channels? Fantastic and Johnny how when was this man? Which ear would you say this would be maybe it was last year. Wow. Okay. So you started Instagram actively posting on Instagram only last year and you already have October. I launched by glock. The first block was like really special to me because it was just about to losing yourself and I made a choice of choosing myself there. Hmm well and then in one year, how could you build the this fantastic audience and more than the audience? I think the engagement on on your channel is is Splendid. So that's the secret to that. I didn't realize that rather copying somebody or trying to be somebody else. I just gave up my ideas. I was like really lucky that people accepted me at least here. So I was just trying to be authentic and engagement happened on its own. Okay. Well that's is that I think that's a great that's a great point there that it's better to be authentic and just bring your to self out and your users will automatically find you and start loving you. Yeah, fantastic. So so you're saying that okay, and this is one ear Instagram, but your journey from that day when you bought your handbag would be about what four years that's about 50. Yours well what really 15 years. I think I think I have this I have this whole urge to go off the Record and just ask you about how will you are because somehow I look like you just saw a couple of years into your work, okay? I think age is just a number but absolutely no questions about it. So so then this is a very this is a good period of time so tell us about a moment where you really, you know, because you chose you went against your conventional background or thinking or probably like you said your people around you so Would have their have they would have been multiple, you know, tough decisions tough moments where you had to you were you would have felt alone or you had to face a lot of these things alone by yourself. Would you like to talk about one or any one such incident with stood out which made you stronger eventually, but in that moment you really felt weak, but if there's anything that you think is in my life don't get the failures in your hand never be successful. You never get to understand the taste of success. If so, you have never seen failures in your life and Actually taken so many tough decisions. In fact, you know, I have given up on very big projects because you know, I was supposed to copy some International Movie car styling and is really okay doing that. I know that I can deliver something better. You know. I thought that if it is about earning money and taking out your livelihood, you know, even if I'm doing a receptionist job at some desk I can on that like if at all I want to own a true audience where people are following me and getting some difference to this world called fire. Shouldn't I have to fight and I'll have so many failures failures. There's not one incident. I like the next so many and still every day I go to them. Right? Right, right. So your thing that still there are these moments where you feel alone where you feel that you have to you know, step out of your zone of comfort and and take up that fight take up those decisions which may be tough which may set you on a different path altogether, but Right now incident with you. It's like every day I get so many collaboration messages and know people messaging me. So there are photographers who message that, you know, we would like to do shoot on a collaboration you can care model and I am always very adamant on this that I am not a model either. I'm an influenza. I am a blogger in a Creator. I'm creating something I cannot. I'm like a prop or you know, the person was just being displayed either. It has to have a story or otherwise, you know, I actually put my camera on timer and I prefer clicking my own pictures because there I believe I can give better stories my idea. Right? Right, right. So we should rather call you more more more than a more than influencer. You're a Storyteller, right? Yeah. Why not? Yeah, absolutely. And that's what I think that's If you're going back to your point about being authentic on social media, I think storytelling is is the power is the part of that being authentic because if you are authentic has a story of how he is presenting it and by God's grace. We are living in an era where the actually believe in the things what we see be presented and how we see it. Good good good. Absolutely true. Absolutely true. And And just going back to couple more instances Charlie would you say there was any instant which made you feel that that you feel thankful or grateful that you made that choice, you know 10 years back when you actually just decided to move away from everything and be in that fashion industry be in this. Question my parents that you should not allow your daughter to study so much should not allow your daughter to get into such kind of a glamorous field. And you know, your call is going out of your hand better get her married. Yeah. I'm very thankful to everyone who actually tied to Quality back. Okay, that's that's interesting. Okay. Hmm. Yeah, so so let's talk more about Your work now Johnny. So how would you typically describe your typical day? Like basically, how would it start and what you typically do. So if you can you quickly run us through a typical day, like how does it work? and my the choice Okay, and that's it. So I just try to be a better version of myself every day. Hmm and that is how my paper looks like. So, you know when I talk about like let's do a video on video on some certain kind of addressing like I just did a video on how to fess up for your PMS now PMS is again a question where PMs is the thing what every girl is not still ready to talk about an India that moment weeks. Also, I felt like it doesn't need a bit girls can understand that they can either dress up pretty well when they appear as saying and handling their mood swings and comfort know so that is how I build up my own blog spots that what to wear. Well, how can I do it and still I look what so every day is like a ramp for me. If every time that I'm cutting down on my list. It has to be like unto Ingram show and I'll be that's a great that's that's a bit of a shedding every step that you take without tolls taking them up taking them back. Our everyday we are doing a fashion show anyway with or without dolls, right? Absolutely true very well said though, so hmm. So Johnny, what would you say that? What is your style of working? I think we've covered that bits and pieces. So, let me maybe know. Walking is like I am one crazy women Apple ask my assistants and mighty like it's really difficult to work with me because I get like some random daughter to in the night and I'll call everybody that the more on the morning they are shooting. So I'm I'm I'm a person who like, you know, make everybody's life miserable. Okay. It doesn't doesn't look like from a lot of your Instagram Channel photos. But yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I'm absolutely because the kind of the kind of style the kind of content that you are publishing. I'm sure you know an impeccable, you know the strive for excellence or Mastery in what you are doing. What would that kind of focus would definitely require actually let you sleep. So if I'm Sleepless and if I'm thinking about something and I get an idea I can just not pay to implement it actually a basic works. I follow it doesn't matter that you know about maybe some traveling in us or Japan and if I get a good idea I'll just do it immediately. I cannot wait. I'm very impatient. Nice nice. So Johnny, who would you say is your let's say after your parents and your immediate family. Who would you say is your little a partner in crime or somebody who's been all along pushing you motivating you, you know just Just being there or ensuring that you know, when you are down and chips are down, you know, there's somebody you can you know back on or at least I don't have too many friends like just got to to Crazy friends who are absolutely they are criminals awesome. So you say and because you know why I'll just tell you why I asked that question also because you know the whole media and for people who are not from the industry We seen that you know fashion is a very very cruel industry that way at least the way it has been portrayed and shown you know, so you definitely need somebody whom you can trust blindly or who are always there for you and of course family is always there but beyond family, you know, you need a few people who are always there for you and knows and know that that something whatever goes wrong. We are still there with you. So that's why that's where the question actually came from. So I All the industries are a bitch like, you know, we have cut top competition everywhere. You tell me a field where you know, everybody is fair and working with the work ethics and all but your fashion industry is quite you know in the camera and it's like so easily display tattvatah people assume. It's like, you know, it's so bad not every industry is and yeah you are correct acted be really need to have you People are not life on whom you can you know, the close your eyes and Believe on them completely and yeah, I'm really glad that I got like few people in my life. So I really don't like to discuss about the first life on Earth because I really don't want a bun. So once or twice I think I tagged a few people like my personal people in my post and those people like my friends have got like and number of following requests. And after that, are you ever tagged? Trust me. I've gone like through some crazy bad times health-wise and my personal life and she has been always there like like, you know II she was my soul since all week is some. Yeah, I'm pretty lucky and one very important thing to you know, Justin saying to the listeners that it's very important to have correct set of people with you because these are the people who can actually make you to go. Two paces or you know, they are simply going to pull you back. They'll never allow you to you don't have any success in your life. The choosing people is really important. Absolutely. There's very well said also because finally you are what you know, the people who are around you finally. So if there are if you don't have anybody around you will be you'll end up being a lot more lonely and got some kind of ambitions. Online schools can be small or big. It's okay to true true true. I should have some objective in their life and they should be people who know how to motivate. You don't want those people around you who are all you know, who always question in your capabilities, at least. Nobody is capable enough to do something really productive in their rights. You just need a correct motivation. Absolutely true. Absolutely true. Okay, so such a new shift gears now. This is going to be more around sort of a quick fire round, which is basically I'll ask you about your favorite stuff. Your favorite books movies go to things and just reply to you know, if whatever comes to your mind and whichever's are whichever or top of your list things in these cases. All right, perfect. So any favorite movies any favorite books? Oh, yeah. Rabindranath tagore is my all-time favorite. Okay, buddy. Wow, is it do you otherwise read Bengali or is it you've read it in English? No. No, I don't need regarding the English translation of them. Nice. Nice five makeup Essentials that you always carry with you your SPS your bb cream moisturizer makeup cleanser and your face mist. Next time for shopping for you every time I should have seen that coming. I just expected that coming. All right online shopping think I can do it and I want to have it immediately. Yeah, I think I mean that was a wrong but being a guy I think II should have stayed my question of anyhow, okay favorite food. Oh, Mommy, get hot dog Hannah anybody that dish nobody alright, perfect and any favorite cosmetic products that you love letter now it was Mac Studio fix but I am now shifting towards Gnar so I don't know. Okay, perfect. Perfect. All right on the I think I think you've done you've done really well. But yeah, so turning me. Just a few final questions. Is there any advice I know that you've shared a great setup for you know experiences and advice as with our listeners, but is there anything you know, so somebody who's maybe it's still in college or who still thinking out of going the unconventional path or following up in your footsteps and similarly trying out something in fashion. Is there anything couple of things would you like to say to them or mention highlight? Yeah. One thing is nothing called short-term. Success, it does not, you know any of in case if you're trying to start vlogging or blogging you can never get me then followers in a week. You know, I never thought those parts try understanding what is there within you and then try to implement it nevertheless have a foolproof plan that are set of Plan B always. So what was your plan B Johnny that's interesting advice what you Plan B. Because you because it felt like you just went all in and that's the reason why you are so you doing so well today but but like you're saying that's okay. Okay, so people need to have a plan B always ready. Mmm. Yeah. All right, perfect. Perfect. And sorry. Sorry, please continue and always make sure that you are paying your credit card bills on time because it's like Instagram name says that I'm a credit card. My goal is always to have a credit card which has no limit. Oh, well, that's a very interesting goal. So do you have it now or you don't have it yet? Although I am still waiting for my awesome. That's that's super interesting. I think that's that's something very unique. Whatever to be fantastic. And yes, just one final question Johnny. So you know why and I'll tell you why I ask this question also, so, you know people when they reach certain places in life, it gives them a different vantage point, you know, so you've been in this journey for about 15 years and you've reached a certain place, you know, and there are and you your Viewpoint you are things that you look at now, or the way you look at things may be slightly different from somebody who maybe just starting their Journey. So my question to you is that given that you've achieved so much now and maybe and you would want to achieve a lot more. How do you see what would you see yourself, you know doing five years down the line or what? Do you see yourself? Maybe 10 years on the line or or just just how do you think the future is ahead of you? Just You know very philosophical. And that kind of a future where I have a mental peace at the same time like right now when I'm walking I'm doing like so many things still have a mental peace. It's really important to be happy with whatever you have. Hmm. You cannot have it all. Hmm, right and okay. So if I'm doing that for example from doing blocking put it maybe I'm missing on Any times when traveling I'm missing on something else so you cannot have it all you know, you have to be like really happy and even in my future I see myself somewhere like pretty successful with a card which has no limit but still with peace. Absolutely. That's fantastic Journey. Thank you so much for for sharing your candid experiences your advice and you being a super fun super fun interview guests as well.