I don't know how to anger. Dr. Hill. Dr. Anita it was control of emotions and anger and stuff. So yeah psychological fact anger. I focused object houska actually now Carl Marathon. both Good and Evil Jeff let's start the topic today's topic is how to control your anger to before we go ahead and talk. Okay Amer I would like to ask you like, how are you with dealing with anger actually my opinion as far as I'm concerned, you know, if you get angry then you should react after sometime it will be good for you them up for a boy. Immediate hearing a as this mean Bob they are adding in the bathtub Caboose. Absolutely. It is actually temporary button if we do things in Anger know, You know the effects remain forever. Yes North actually acceptable. Well, we'll talk about that. And let's see if we have callers who are connecting your hair just to say hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm too good. We need thanks for asking and hi. Hello. Hello? Hello. How are you? Has been locked out night. So now paste now is they are very planted that bomb sighs. Well, okay, so when the people saw their in a team, so they're just trying to pull the 20% CD single group. Okay, and I've been conducting my message. So that's why I took off to also come right now. I have been there before itself. Okay, and so here you to store topic is how to control anger. Yeah. So that is a good difficulty thing in my life. I try to control my anger. OK, sometimes we cannot able to see we can sorry we cannot able to control anger in all the X. Okay. So if you want we can able to control there are some situations so which I was faced in out of control. Sometimes I feel that you are out of control. So sometimes for small issue. We don't get anger at all. If the issue will be small means We want to become patients and we want to listen to the things and we want to go on if you if if if the situation is little tough. Okay. So on that on the situation you can able to angle that is not the problem from my auntie. Hmm. So can you give an example like sigh so have you ever faced a kind of circumstance where you know a consequences due to anger like and it has it you have faced lost because of it. See here's a first he sometimes what is the customer right? See? I'm just walking in the car what to say customer support. Okay. So what will happen is I will just tell the customer 10 times or 20 times if we ask, okay, so that is not a problem, but People who hold and even tell me that you only told this I've just I've just activated the correct line. Okay, and it will give us Del that sir you will be told me that this is a wrong statement events where you are wrongly taken you get angry. Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. I mean there are a lot of events like, you know a murky lot of times. What happens is we mostly why people get angry. First of all, let us know. Okay undesirable. Okay. Anything goes at least understand where to react angrily and where we need to curtail on our anger part? Okay, because it eventually leads to losses So I would just come down my anger by counting on 200 from my mind itself. I think that is the easiest part and it is very commonly used to be I think was and / you know, absolutely so he was by staying calm one to wondered if you're counting in our are so all the see opposite party is thinking that so I cannot able to do that. That is his wish so he's smushed. I don't have any problem with right. So if you are thinking like that Miss think it's who will They don't think that is your mind so you can work for your and you you think that I was an that was just stupid. I don't have any problems here II myself in my way. I just disconnect by myself. Okay, so in my way, I think that I'm really involved. What do you want dipping? I don't need right? Right, right right more important to me about absolutely that's that's that's really nice to know armor. Do you have to say anything about About it. I'm sorry. Actually, I didn't hear that sigh please. Could you repeat see that's the only grow if you are getting angry means you can count one to wonder from your mind itself. Okay, say the opposite party was fighting with me. If we are sinking that I was a or a stupid no problems. So you go on with your work. So is he saying that you are stupid? I'm not stupid right myself gonna say I'm gonna be painful. Situational so actually if someone if someone is using without any reason someone try to beat you without without any reasons that time you have to show your anger room I see anger is of two types. Rosi the the if you're doing any wrong or else if you are doing any not at all doing any wrong in that situation if you're getting and so we can file for that. There is no reason there will be some of them will be angry. Okay, there will be no reason at all summer. Of them will get anger. Right? So I in that case if you're fighting for anger, that is not a problem. Yes summer. Hi. Yeah. Yeah, please go ahead. What are you saying? See that the totally if you are doing any mistake from your end? Okay, if you are trying to give a resolution to other person and they are not listening at all leave you say by the way, you will get some anger while you will get some frustration if you're if somebody will know don't listen you so you're talking to Docking and somebody will not listen and they will ask you to repeat once again. So if you want you can just repeat so many times to understand the guy. Okay, if you want you can just tell I will tell to my customers nearly 40 50 times a statement see that time. I just won't get any anger at all and they will tell you they will tell that t you told me to do this. I have done this. I've told the thing which you to do. So if you do which sorry will you will try to say that whichever the step 5? I don't tell that you will tell you only told me I've done this. So right now it's not coming. What do you know anything about it? So he will ask questions about me at class. You will come that. You don't know anything regarding the process at that time only I will just come on and see what this car client is like that we have given all the information what double information me. I am. No, I've just given all the information and we will say that you will provide one wrong information to me and even say that This information was provided by you. Yeah, correct any commitment commitment from the so if you want to get going no problem, so there is nothing wrong in this and but my simplest ways to control anger is counting 1 to 10. I think that is the easiest way to control anger and I think most of of the people use it but the problem is say it doesn't work really mad. In the morning bucket, so after getting up 10 minutes of meditation, it will controls or Oliver angriness and it will give some fresh energy to you by doing meditation and the one fiber I fear if you nature like that that you you're getting angry very quickly. And then what should you do? What what you will do see that's what I told you right if suppose in case I am getting angry. Okay. I will just immediately close my eyes and I'll just count one. 210 okay, so I'd lost if I'm not getting anger. Sorry if my anger is not a calm down at Earth. We just immediately walk out from the place where I am immediately walk out. So I don't even want to fight it the guy who is opposing fighting at all. Okay, if I am having anger means if I walked from there, I will get some fresh air up. So after walking out I will go to some friends. So I will just relax myself to get the anchor down. So if I did But if I'm getting any problem, my mom is holding in my house. I was I was fighting with my mom. For example, I will just immediately what I will do. I will just walk out in offered in a situation. Okay, where are my anger goes to an extreme level? So before that I will I will just come out of my house. Take my bike. I will just don't I was just taken right from the bike. Okay. I will just go for a night shot right or else. I will go to my friend's room or else. I will go. To tea shop here. I can have a cup of tea with my friends. So there are also many ways to calm down your anger. Yeah. I know so many people Vinnie a little so many people they can't control their anger L. And I'm also one of them to be honest. Okay, you are yeah, you don't sound like but armor and what situations you get angry that is important when we discuss about anger see lot of people get angry for without Unlike there are few people who are really short temper. Okay, and immediately within seconds they are like, oh my God, they're just, you know angry for no reason and yes, absolutely that to now they will just talk friendly with me. Okay, my friend somebody there is two friends of Me Okay were short temper. See they will talk normally with me. Okay, suddenly what they will get tensed. They will give a shout at me. Hey, what do you do you do? You don't have any brain like that? So we'll just Talk to me as a friend suddenly. I don't know where that anger becomes from. Okay, suddenly what she will raise us. He will raise a voice against me immediately. What I will do I will just walk out from there. So I will just say to him that bro. What give me a minute I will just have a cup of coffee so that I will just work from the place to buy a cup of coffee. Okay. So at the time when I come back to drink a coffee with him, he will say sorry so occasionally say 40 Interacting you I'm sorry. And Krishna is saying when girls say Amor Amor y on open talk shit. I'm going to get angry nothing like that brother. There's nothing like that. I'm not like that guy at all. Don't think like that. Then it actually wynia if someone told me that you are my brother. Yeah, then yeah, you are also my sister. Absolutely. Yeah that way I think yes. Yes. I am. I think krsna's waiting on coal. Yeah. See there that he says Krishna Krishna dating, but I'm doing you about Being a Sci-Fi is a very good person and he's very knowledgeable person weeny little mm Dylan. Absolutely. I have heard sigh a lot of times and he has connected me on my podcast and it has always come out well and he and psyche and discuss I can be baked on any topic. Yeah until a topic we matter nigga. Absolutely. Those a 19 itself. That's why they have been quoted as C vo VI D 19 T OS Chrome now, why are we are use virus and he's disease in 19. It was came in China around that 2019, but we all come to know that Corona has been affected this much in our own Day in 2020 around Edna, March of sugary. I'm right. So in the December month to do you know that Corona there is a core now, you know that they I must have clients who doesn't blogs about it there were news about it, but people didn't stop and went on global because people used to travel to China and people started realizing it only when you know, people went back to their countries and started infecting so that is when people started getting a we're yes, so what actually it was actually one of my friend So is that what's up? It was in lots of pain you it was in Tamil. OK the audio was in trouble. So yes, we said this has been introduced it has been caught to Corona has been inverted of 2019 and the Doctor Who treated the first patient he itself died. So and he said that within three weeks they will be a lodge of impact you huge impact will be there in India. Yeah. And yeah. American people or people that have been invented the medicine right now. The district is going on. So from America to India, so the medicine was to come to India, it will take snow six months or four months. We'll be there the time limit. Okay, so think about that and that to I don't know where it will be going to end and say they've been set in 2019 that the world will be destroyed in 2020, right? No, we heard that it would be destroyed in 2000 while we were in school and we were all year in 2015. They will be the world will be destroyed. So we have succeed that right now is going on 2030 the world is this adequate destroy, but I know for sure this will also we will just face the problem and we lie. I am sure about it. We all will succeed so we will be all in future one day. Okay, great sigh some insights about anger and some inside support Koruna it in wonderful. So, yeah armor if you want to take it ahead. I think we should take the next caller. Okay, if I press add and please brother don't go anywhere. Just stay in the main box. OK I will join you later. We have as humans been really bad people and we have really played along a lot with the nature and it is giving back I guess. So, yeah. I know. Hi Vinny. Hello Mama. Yeah, I wish now, how are you? I'm good you I'm also great thing today. You guys are completely took connection. And then when you guys meet no one any podcast, it's like hi Krishna higher were how are you? Yeah, well, I talked to Lamar on Ravis broadcast lost after that. I just listened to him. He celebrity now as you know, yeah. The person who has she's there all the way around my head. So I am just as normal person like to achieve. That means we need to eat to a copper penny winning a job as a valet. Because I have a star icon will think I'm doing great. No, I'm not doing great. No idea. No jokes apart. You are actually doing great. I'll listen to a lot of your problem. Outkast and no matter what topic it is you express yourself in a very good way and that's what opened. Yes is awesome agree. I'm completely agree with you wish and same goes to you Omar. Come on again again. Yeah. Time when you guys get frustrated like you get irritated on podcast and you don't know what to think we go be hot. Here we go behold the broadcast. He made a pass. Okay, or Busa block. Will they may request a low me requests below what the Barnacle a orphan just like you see a key leader. Ashutosh angry don't even know they were it's a bit annoying. Yeah, they say by see the comments made by Del Theta huh happened with me also and it's not annoying as such but I feel bad like, you know, keep one copy of weight curve and it's very difficult. Kim Koi pond area who is the Barker? Under control. Yeah perfect could be used to breathing May count on a breathing down on you gotta module a module name. That visions and yeah experience. Yeah Escobar anger or Krishna or we need to make it personal children. Jack of government step number 4 Sigma Gamma Delta I think I'm going to do helicopters now, huh? Anger who properly deal weaker number Ichiro their anger Co natural Chaser show which element? Roma whole crab Guru time grab and go Guernica ligaya to be Shikamaru reaction horse momentum. Whoa impulsive immediate or they can escape by Juicy After Effects are there, you know consequences are the hotel spaces. Absolutely. I letter P Affair poetry. okay, so what emotions have already flowed out and You did actually come. Thanks, buddy. Okay, I gotta go Sato control Korea at that moment of time. That is still there. It is saved in your mind. Kaena kahiapo up Commander my hair and Escape sets up a hotel as a trigger to rather obscure beaches are calculated at a very good theory maintaining is one of the greatest way of dealing your emotion many give it up self experience and whenever you write it, it helps us a lot. Okay, too because I carry were Krishna and Dumber because see when you write something on a paper. Okay. Hmm as good as discussing it with someone. Okay, I'm the fifth comparatively lighter light-filled Carpe Diem and to get you carry it or other situations melekhin a coffee a situation. So T is a happy home immediately react occur curtain with a non-kosher. Thank you hungry at now current so in such situations, I think countdown and breathing and stuff like that helps out. Yeah. Krishna Where is Krishna - Nadia I think Krishna me Kolkata. We selling the car the quickest selling the garage. The Beast should be killed as a coach. Yeah. Hi, hi Vinny, and hi Matt Hi, how are you guys doing? Yeah. So yeah, I actually made a bot goods and and important stay. I just wanted to say man. I actually bought that I used to do a lot of anger Muslim Arab Hazara short-tempered. Mr. Love. I used to like could be one other thing. You should I shout or people and all but two things realize one of them is was gay. I was advised key while bleeding or oh idioms Rock job and start bathing counting down backwards and all so I'll move it now for some reason either it was because key if I was still retaining my anger in myself. No say up new members ET en Casa La Rocca cooker job or not able to release your emotions and it's better to channelize it into something. Just as we need to look at the exact we need rides eye on the parallel. I start running or like I start doing some exercise get push-ups colder than Yokel with them. So that way you can and measure anger, but that's very situation. Basically if you're having an argument with someone so then you can do it but for example the separate shootings dreams would I think you're driving on the road and someone comes in, you know knocks your car off my look at home there who stay entangled with the kid can turn violent also. So how do you control the situation? Yeah. It's impulsive anger or take a big Marquee in which you cannot you don't have anything to channelize it into then I feel perspective is really important in that situation. It's in a sense key. You have to see the bigger picture in that scenario. For example, you're with your and you have a fight with her. So you have to tell the faculty that person is a person and not your enemy at the end of the right key to houska Value cat my life man. Is that value greater than The argument which are about to have with that person at that moment of time obviously answer so at that particular time when you realize yourself Key by edit shoot ECT is spread Haggard and that's way smaller than what this person actually means to me then obviously your the reasoning part of your brain will kick in and say Kim - so you can control the situation. You don't need to shout at the situation because arguments and angers come in. These are no the ego take a ego with the other person. Yoga beat me by my correct to my but only one. I'm the superior one. I'm the alpha 1 if you are if you start beating you is equal. So ego points hard the other face and I feel that way you can control the emotions because anger is what it's basically negative emotions, which is Mu accumulating like that at the very moment of time by negative. You don't exaggerate or to suddenly some negative. They can go with me if I get to use my Mota High a to Paris on Sunday subjectively. They acknowledge that Netanyahu who steals cook acetone sudar? Okay, if you can realize if I this person is an equal to me and this person is holds so-and-so position in my life. This person can affect me in so-and-so ways because sometimes specially North India if you fight with the wrong person you can end up dead. Literally what could it be please? What did you say? I said key in North India, especially if you fight with the wrong person you stand by the ego the car the shampoo bottle of gas pump and weenie. These are absolutely right. Yeah, I get that. I win. I have a few friends and then I have heard about situation such situations. Yeah, and Anna will cool a hotel. So I feel like is the SAU. It's all it's all about control key. How do you change your energies? Because life is about energy is colonization eyes in lausanne area that you have to challenge your net income come back to neutral at the time and you know recognize keep is fundamentally important message of Roma tomatoes in the guillotine and customer. Thank you so much. Why do you want to waste time in that right? I feel here. What do you guys think? Absolutely? Here and Amara pupcake another tomato recipes Gary hooligan. I think a man should give some circumstances. Are there instead of seeing Key by a Banda music operation Cobra me ride in karratha. Musica para llegar who says three cases. They Cookie by. Yeah, but the police will help police find American take place. When suited to being a responsible citizen. Let's just keep quiet. Let's just help him in his procedure. And you know, let's just off from this if you see it in that way then why what's the point of being angry at that point right Bible a perspective important? It's almost perfect. If you can give your brain the justification Key by is a history Kasem adequacy do citric acid Echo. He is doing a responsible job where he's doing. So and so yeah, he or she is, you know acting this way because of some particular reason capita map nagar P America a family member A co-worker who had a really bad day. I would much other than so instead of seeing him. I abunda much pqt Laura. Maybe the bars are you know, if you seek by he had a bad day, you know, let's just, you know, try to For Tim slasher who study guess you can control the situation, right the choir practice cassata. Obviously, we can't, you know be perfect at it at once but I have experienced it in my own life. If I bought exponentially affect other because people start treating you differently then because end of the day is how you teach people the teacher will beat the people who take you in the same way. So yeah, I think that yeah we need huh. That is something really great to say and this is Like you said, no, it is not going to happen in a day. I think. Yeah because I have experienced this you can make you know, I have experienced this in my life because I was a very short tempered person and eventually when I started analyzing my anger like keyword finder, you know, you just do something if it's happening. I mean, it's giving you a good effect or bad effect. It doesn't matter after a few hours then there's no point of getting and I'm the most telling things falling modes and spoiling relations. So yeah indicated that way it makes select the people who can control their anger. No, I think they can just conquer anything. They can conquer anybody's person. Yeah. Yeah at the same time being grounded is good. I think you know like you are when the day that you put a thought in your mind kiwi. I am zero. Okay, yeah. I feel that's a very good point because I just want to add case Mana if we have this both in Turkey. You should have a particular image of yourself. And when you have that self realization for world could speak. I don't give a about that because it doesn't get like it's Boys, basically move brother fell in water bars, but it is it has that kind of an effect. So analyze current and someday situation how I think that is all you can do. What is this egg? Obviously like you might feel get recite ya a deep Soaker, but If actinic like in our way that also is written key. If you do something bad then obviously, we'll come back to you and in some shape or form, right? Yeah, so actually what you're hurting the other person did so in some shape or form something will come up to you in the future. So if you look at if you take this approach to absolutely anything in life, you stop being angry at anything because when you realize the fact came by agamotto Caboose Sakura, that means I might have you know hurt him. Eventually, yeah, correct, correct in and if I do it in the same way to him that means K. I'm continuing the chain of hurting myself, right? Okay. There's a memory cannabis agarrado may seem to have a manager heard Kerala permissive up his bow down to Future me feel so you could be the only way to stop these changes to literally not not a one-day only if you look at this perspective, then it's very simple. People to you know Li life without being hurt quite a manual car our emotions easy rule depends. Yeah way to this can be about anything to you know, you're approaching a girl and then Paul says no to you. So who's attacking you pass negative? Oh God. So like this can happen anytime PCB situation was at that so it's all balanced and because end of the day it's all about to make it. No good, correct kitna bad girl bhagwan cake in the oven, right? You know, you have to go up on you. To pay your dues. So it's all about that. You know, you get rejected companies reject Kersey thing so that way it's very easy to deal with such things in failures in general do anger bargaining which can cause you anger. So I like that's what I feel personally and I think anger is one emotion that causes Chain Reaction. Yeah the situation worsens. It keeps going bad to worse. It doesn't get any answers. Yeah, I might water tell me your impressions about NeNe. What do you guys think about Sunshine's related to your Niche humble? Local thank you nature is dependent on whatever zodiac sign is so Scott Campbell because coach Lanka both hot temper at the Kodiak science gun, you found your phone in cookie sale via a short temper type II think I show you how the game goes available. Either you or you or you look stunning. You look terrible. I thought okay. Your fifth is yeah bully Wooly Bully, but even at the lake, we pathani explosive, but some are you talking like the immediate person but when he gets hurt, whatever. Conviction seller may be any gym relative named Cuellar cousin begun to burn a mirror biomed official government of Syria that equilibrium Batman than his sister Mary, but he had to move to him all the time. Love is a Battlefield suppose. I should avoid the media buttons in that way. Yes, I know. I got a plan. hungry They actually can wait a while. And Jackie tell Jack real Mobility. So hard to see but who take you know, I think depending on naturally in a natural actually was on a natural thing. Matt on a personal level Gustav, you think Joe go out of control? So these are typically bar and now King up so you can't handle it only then I get a tree otherwise is like at a hat. He catch a low bow diagram like this, please I give a Latitude I have when it comes in and Yes, actually I think the power to ignore is great. You know, you should have that power because go Samia makkac at the table and we get we get into a I mean we are into control of the anger and eventually ammiraju mool route Behavior have a coda that bony Carnage is gonna need energy G will cool and we make sure what we need real agenda Kumar ji any common kayako Margie, please have a summer summer Jaya Jaya Matt, please. Magi or occasionally a bad girl, please. Don't be a commercial. Please. Send your request - approach an apology. So yes, I could keep their mind up key to be stick happening here because you're my big brother. You're my elder brother. Kumar ji, please send your request. Yeah, who are you? Hello? Hello. Hello? Hello. Hello alarm Jakari lmg. Hi, how are you? Good? How are you? I'm good. So what's your name? Your name is Winnie? Yes. So what are you from? I'm from Bangalore. Okay, so we are talking. Yes. Absolutely. We are talking. No, but anger and I have a friend with me here and his name is Amar. Hi. Hi. Hello. How are you? I'm good with about you and I'm glad today and hello. Yes turkey. Yeah, I'm from okay. I'm I'm rui my I'm from Austin got I'm student list of involved. I have listed once in a strong work. Ethic is some relatively okay good. So and you can visit it. Yeah. I'm from a Sprinkle in Siliguri. Chilly Wonka was quite famous place. Wow, it's really nicely silly Woody. Yes, it's quite famous. Yeah. It's for quite famous. I thought what you doing? Okay for every student. So what you want to say about our topic how to control anger according to you what you want to say about anger. Sorry, okay, according to you. Yes. Yeah how to add like what is the anger? Yeah. I want to know your opinion first. And you're not actually your also actually history. Do you see any kind of anger actually, okay, okay. See, okay. Yes. Yes. Yes normal situations when we get angry. What word are you a student? So, you know we get angry in lot of situation. Sometimes it is emotional. Sometimes it is due to work. Sometimes it is in conditions where it is undesirable. Okay. Yes, they might be situations where anger is Ledyard. But in some situations angers might lie, you know the anger might lead us to huge losses than you know, eventually. Hello Okay can be disastrous to us later on so in such situations, how do we control anger? That is what we are talking about how to control anger. So anger if I'm talking about anger anger is a very good week Point as we are human being yes. Anger is a very weak fund. If you are angry that still you are fulfill a lot of times. That means it isn't it. Then we have to be angry because you up and down situations life. Yeah, we have to be angry. We have to be faced all this situation. We have to angry if we are not angry that is not called human being also. Yeah, and if you are if I am angry in any situations like that, so that is rarely fail Power and yeah, we have to control our anger if we are control our anger then we can control another thing also. And if we're telling how to anger, okay? Yes, yes. Yes. Yeah before if you wants to control anger, so you have to think logically. Yeah, first totally true. Yes, you have to think logically first what's going on? We have to see we have to think like that if your thing like that that is it is like I am good. Okay. I'm trying to talking with a boy, but he is not interested. Then I'm going to anger if I'm thinking why is not in wants to talk with him that is weak want my I'm doing something. Why is why why that is week one? You've emptied logical he's not interested. That is that's why he's not talking with me. So I'm controlling myself is easily. I can forgot something. I can do something like yeah, so we have to think logically first why Y is y so, we have to question mark out that absolute about that. Yes. Yes. Such cases. I think I'm sure you're still a student. So you already are getting trained for all these things, isn't it? I'm going to all be family should telling me like that. Yeah, you can say that but If we will have to think like education we are doing education training is a this is a another thing but we have to learn no while we have to Duke it while learning even theoretically I think you guys are taught how to deal with, you know, undesirable. What do I say situation? Yeah, if you were saying, correct, yeah. And in the Stream is hospitality industry. This means means is customer service and customer service means this is customer service means is like you have to think logically and you have yes, and yeah, there is a module still there is modules. But yeah, but if we were thinking like that we are educated ourselves like educated ourselves we are doing Something education's like do so we can take in every class has like first to last. Okay. Now, this is our correct. You were telling hand what you are telling another thing also right right through here. It is like bit. Thank you for connecting with us and Uh-huh. Okay, so I just hope I will be back very soon and why we are talking about controlling anger and staff Canaria bhardwaj. Okay. Yeah, I think can I you can call and then we can connect and talk about it. Okay, Margie, I think Yammer will be back and then you can connect. and we have A color here, and then we'll talk with them. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hey. Hi. How are you doing? Okay, so let me come to the topic it's better to understand about the anger and all. Okay. So what I believe anger is something it's literally emotions which instant comes through the person to person even it depends on the situation and I believe there are certain there are certain times even anger is also important. Flooded room for determining something or for some sort of important factors in our life, but as from my side, what I believe is I have to control my anger there is like algorithm regarding control and there and all like you have to first of all you have to analyze the stuff and all I mean suppose if I'm a person and I'm going somewhere and someone started to shout at me so that time either I have to have to back or have to go friend if I will go to front. The thing is that okay some somehow there will be a collision might be some sort of miscommunication will literally leads because if someone get anger the first thing which happens is miscommunication communication, absolutely, I agree on that so miscommunication leads frustration irritation and it can it in doubles with more and more anger. So it's better to be back sometime somehow people people feel like okay, I Be back. There is some sort of ego issue but there are certain in which you have to be back the first thing and if I talk about the second thing is the community though the way of your fluency. I'm in the way of your toe either. You have to be soft on me or something either. You have to be soft Corner sometime it literally help you it will literally assist you a lot in some cases of manner and like if I'm having a conversation with someone and who is actually not interested to have a conversation with me. I have to conclude that conversation within a minute. It's better to get more and more like if I'm talking with a person and who is like, okay, what the he is speaking. So it's better to conclude that conversation over there and I can move I can detach that conversation between a minute. So that's even a better choice leading to irritations and on because we are the human being and we have the emotions regarding lots of things as compared to angle Spencer. The first thing is if the if I'm talking with someone and the people is not able to My votes and all again. And again that Lee needs to irritations and irritation is only the reason which creates angerness and all so these are the things which I believe right rightly said Mr. Orito. It is very important to analyze why we could get an anger first. I'm going to get into a situation of anger first and secondly, like you said, if you know when you know that things are happening like, you know, if somebody's Is uninterested or something avoid such situation where you get into a phase of being angry or something? I think that's great and okay. So yeah. Sorry. Continue. No. Yes, please. Go ahead. Oh no my you please No, I was done. You can say like a I think you are. Perception that it's a very Hotel tanker upset against terrorism so much that he took a hidden camera to Alicia battle is pretty short crude Jehova. Rohi this economy. I mean, how's your hard work? Absolutely and I think mr. Orido. It's like most of the times key usage over here Kayla emotion hemodynamic lucky. It's not one, you know self. What do I say self-sustaining? I don't know which word to use there Gustav bought sorry Bucky emotions case Arjuna outer body. Sometimes it's connected with ego. Sometimes it's connected with fear. Okay, sometimes it's also connected with embarrassment. So one emotion, which is very psychological. I think, you know still creates certain circumstances or Just eventually but it rises from simple emotions and then takes us to that place. It's like yeah, like you have to reach to your office. I'm just giving you an example. You have to reach to a particular place on time. Okay, and you are trying our level best to reach there and Then eventually something or the other is happening. Now, you want to reach to that place at a particular time? Because you're always already under pressure or under fear like you want to reach to your office and you are afraid that your manager Joe be here upkeep, you know, they have control over you so you are like a Fred and then you don't want to mess up things and that is why you're trying hard. But if things are not happening one time, then you eventually get irritated and angry. This anger is rising out of fear q key up and as a host of time because you are overthinking a situation as he goes up here and eventually you mess up everything and you get angry. Click it to is a subsidy bought sorry Bucky emotions register gusta Judah who are welcome back. Since career gusta catering will have a miscommunication as a woman with a past isn't an equal share but a mail server root of a meter of them. Are you sorry. Sorry, man, look at that ghetto but he is he is that it is a see him instantly and Sun grab open the closet or Jew. It's up to you. Subhanaka Barnacle tire, and she's also someone who actually has an intellectual. Squirt digest hum could curl a skeleton like Jackie Yemen HSN card. Okay, see somebody but he stays back in the mind and then eventually save us. Were literally been to be like, okay. He's the person who is the victim the I'm in who is the culprit? He's the first is the person who is trying to provoke me provoke is ahead and provoke the circuit elements and intentionally. I think those cheesy Music Theater and channelized karoku Seco up a cheese killer used car. Oh, okay. You keep that anger you analyze that energy. New dose of water to breathe grow or your liquor Let It Go Out find a better way and let it go out a little vinegar of Jackie's you go punch card. You make the choice plus I guess that's to like make sure TC kiss after sounds like a natural. See colors work. Okay, your total embarrassment to use and which apply online or over Clan? I am gorgeous girl those in my anger go Paula and literally take technically - synchronize here to talk about it. She gets a bellyache separately. You can synchronize synchronized form Because they are a part of us. Okay being humans and just then hum anger goes is upset they can assure Carnegie, how may I help you? the people Sunday Kegel thing to hear Mira a creep into his own. Mechana, Kangas Chabad Mira conclusion overcast. So Mira conclusion AK K Bar menu choose the correct key key on behalf of I mean like of knowledge to have miscommunication. But bitter for money damages a bottle of Corona. So yeah, something like that. So that's even I want to tell you like people should have a brief knowledge about it's not a brief. It should be a deep knowledge about something before speaking something right? Absolutely. Absolutely. So be a Tamara would have bought a telegraph 7:30 up key points coffee at Karina. He my questions compliment and Nicky Torres coronavirus to meet Carter hunky upset about coffee. This is the first time I believe it is the best way to explore yourself more and more and people are literally exploding. So I totally agree on that and I believe we have a job you passed it. He looks on ground Gilbert Consulate of cervical neck over expose that I can give you a pass code option equal caregiver has opened. So thank you. Thank you so much once again for giving me the opportunity to have a conversation with you. Stay home. Stay happy and just yeah, thank you so much. Thank you Rita. Thank you. Have a great time. Okay, guys, that was Rita and even is I'm really thankful to Amer for you know having me here in this podcast. I think there have been some great people sharing some great ideas. I think in the most simple way to get that is what we should be. You know, what what do I say noticing or taking care of because Lot lot many times. What happens is we go out and we read huge articles and staff on how to control anger and how to do stuff but you know understanding these things in layman's term or regular, you know times is it gets difficult, but people like these people like the orator and the other people whom we spoke to and discussed these topics there was stages and all others. So these things help us, you know discussion, I guess helps us A lot and I see that armor is not back yet. So yeah, let's just take calls and you know sometimes hey Vinnie added Kumar. Yes. I will definitely add Kumar but he has to call me for that because mushy and so he Bowdoin College hair, let's take that quickly and wait former. I just hope he comes back before the podcast is over. Okay, so yeah, because please join Mom. Hello. Yeah. Hello. I'm inaudible. Yes, you are. Okay. I'm going over you. I'm great other Thea, how are you? Yeah. I'm doing great. Thank you so much. How was your day? It's going really well, I think. This is my third day of quarantine lockdown and I'm just trying and spending as much as time. I can own a talk. So I must say you would like your topics a literally very good which like makes people wouldn't have something to learn something back-to-back great great topics. I'm really humbled. Thank you. Okay, so the topic is how to control anger rate. Yeah, I think this topic is suggested by Umberto tell you I'm not taking credits for it. I'll give it eventually you both like need to get credit for this you both are doing with mutually so credit goes mutually right for the listener. Yes. Okay. So I like this anger is something which is very subjective. First of all life uses thing. I can share what I keep its we can't generalize sub Q / because every human has different thought processes. Yes, they have like different. Will different of E2 reaction to the situation but he called anger is something which eventually like Yahoo up with our keyboard carry his team leg out eventually. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hi. Yeah, he was getting close to us if we make relationship with oh just feel very logically or eventually announced a part of okay. Okay. So we need to understand Ki Jeong Bo Suk about their what Magus talk about. How messed up covering three. Was it better when I'm not about to put my point politely that is simple ideas. Then it's fine other there is a green he gonna borrow that means I'm not able to portray my point clearly. Okay, but I'm goes some of the fungus over the years over the stick is it is call somebody let's take example key if the relationship also mother father brother Gob daughter of God, I was smoking is more negative or let's say a result. Relation Yahoo! Someone registers Bubble Soccer the War important. Yeah promotion important that emotion is something which you can control but do sneaky emotional Co-op Arc control Vector processor like Mega suggest are some jobs that they thought this is what I feel so meditation. Meditation with Abdul of sorry, I interrupted. I was just going through the same point that you said you not keeping your point politely is important like coffee time. I say cheesy OTL ogre behave Karthik, it could particular pattern and then we eventually I mean immediately affect karratha and hunger sahaja and agarose situation Mayhem Loco Dasa patients. And I to come down but it will take some time to develop that kind of a rate that is not something which is impossible. It is very much possible Alberto life Ashanti say parchment. The time code for the week is either bad cake You're Gonna Go Sakura Kabhi Kabhi too. Many can be heard the person who loves you. You need to sort in Assisi copy weaknesses. It calculates object 3D proper yourself daily you okay? Whatever I'm doing why am it is very much important. I think the problems okay emotional problems somehow end up at a bottom line where we don't offer a sense. Okay, we don't sell such as much as long as we start understanding ourselves first, you know understanding we try real humans are so much interested in the world that somewhere we are forgetting ourselves and channelizing not channelize. That sells well, okay. So I think looking into our minds and trying to understand where what are my weaknesses and what are my place is so I think channeling the right kind of energy will you know eventually realize a lot I think first of all David except the problem when we accept the problem or the solution ways to ensure that there are no ghosts are at we need to I need to understand key a color Chooser think other magic denial stage Madan karki are he can make ORS some people take it doesn't know proud way. Your makeup of the board was no time for temple bring to you need to understand kids which is good. And which is bad ever met coach is knocks on car. Wait, I need to talk to myself. This is something which is harming me and my loved ones. I need to introspect myself. subjugation Plus Solution Some of the other way like we have learned it in such a way kiosk. Oh honey. It's always destructive only. Okay, and I mean we have trained ourselves that you know, giving out anger or you know, releasing anger in a destructive way. We have to start working on releasing anger in a positive way. Okay channelized in such a way that Jabbar casaba her I pop Hulk of liquor. Oh, and at the same time. We look son now. This guy likes of such a trigger that you're going to put the sorry. So Abdul Rahman like the pain. Click on econia valiantly loved ones. So I wouldn't suggest hurting yourself lately. It's a quick simple Mantra is that could be kinesiologist same Source there again on this a polycarbonate 0.06 career-wise option can hear from Gathering his program Veronica your boyfriend. They think you're Marie compatibility Catia. He was a way for me if you see me, but let's why not work on that except the problem. This is problem, which is Me so let's find the solution is a great thing, right? You need to accept first. He has a problem here the problem the solution meaning - the denial stage to Facebook, which is a birth. He's angry but these argue or Chef America also included a mortgage of game GG family buddy of key responsibilities whirring e3d to figure out in early stage, right? So, okay we need no, I'm done with my topic on this point. Okay. I know there are a lot of Let's enqueue to keep my baby waiter a coffee. So forget proceed commercial you can take on the next caller. the row hello. Hello. I guess don't know host we would okay. No, no, I'm not on mute. I'm here. Okay, I'm not able to hear. Okay, this is the main problem. Okay. I know I'm a horrible. Yes you are. Okay what I'm thinking I must be there are many colors. Thank you. Click proceed with the followers over time what my points are many who will write dear. I hope you're going to go to them very sorry. Okay, okay. It's very pleasure talking to you. Thank you. Thank you. Great talking. He has shared some amazing points about anger and anger management and how what leads to anger actually, okay, and I think we need to understand what leads to anger before we learn to control anger. And if we know the root cause of that particular kind of situation in which kind of situation that particular emotion that is anger is rising. I think we can stick it under control. And while we are discussing anger. There are a few callers and we are running out of time. So we quickly take calls and I just hope Amber comes back and I'm worried. I'm actually waiting man. So hello. Hi. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. How are you, sir? I'm also fine. Okay. So when you tell me something about yourself in sort so that I can connect to you better in the better way. I'm Vinny and I do podcasts on open talk. I'm a graphic designer by profession and okay. Okay, I'm gonna hear I'm a software developer, you know, and I'm from Rajasthan. Okay, so, you know, we didn't you have a discussion children anger pay to sub look a high-voltage anger crab. He and Barbara hi, you know anger control Guru, but as I think it is very bad thing to control anger. You know, why because you know other up and that job is suppress Kurt a ho apneaapp me to it converts into frustration over. Thinking and these kind of things. Hello. Hello. Hello VD. it looks like we are facing a lot of network issue right there and Repeated repetitively. I think their colors are missing out and I guess Kumar Kumar sir is your I think you should call and connect to us and both because re and Kumar Suresh Kumar, sir are like, you know, a fella called the guy and a black eye. So I think one are 28 minutes you have to cut the moussaka and Amar gibe Hogan and I don't know killer hair. So Monica can get food. Messi and grab connect gonna try to connect cardstock then to high. Hello. Help me. Hello. Hi Hi, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. Thanks for asking. And where is dumber II left? I think he might be left. No, he's on mute. Actually it showing on mute. That's why I'm asking to you. I think he might be left his closing the Vodka see right now. He's on the another broadcast. Is it yeah, is it true? Okay, maybe then maybe that's why I told you okay, you can do broadcast with me if you do broadcast you win then you better. Okay, because you are right and I am I am the poet you are a boy. Yeah, I'm the poet writer and poet Mission under has denied misunderstanding. Okay. They have a they have a good bonding in the I think so. I'm not a full-time writer. I just write and I'm also I'm also not a full-time poet and if you check out my installed and Think you can you'll know what kind of writer I am. So yes, no, I am not using insta but apart from in stock and go little bit Facebook, but Twitter I can use most of the time I don't use Twitter and Facebook. I'm only on Instagram Twitter is the Twitter is the famous things that I am using. I think your Twitter while I was on Twitter, you know, it is to be all about fight. So I Amber why Damn, it is back. I'm sorry. We need I'm very sorry and because brother I think I think any finite and infinite number of the what are you trying to say, man, please explain it. Please I really want to know that what I am explaining you brother. I'm sorry for that. I think you might be move on the broader broker you half and half hour half hour. Actually, I actually ice skating you guys are pulling my leg everywhere. Actually, you guys are pulling my leg abbreviated to understand. We are the best friend to your we had big fan. I'm used to big fan. Then why did you say like that? Yeah, Bob needed. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. That doesn't mean you can't be able to tense. Okay. We have the topic you how to control the anger - right now you can will come to the frustration mod Maru Maru with your wife. Because you got assigned when you are listening to a TV / 280 people listening us and Mike Bargo language. I'm sorry. I lied to you know, 200 people. And I've been a really extremely sorry my upset that's making my appreciation of the other. It's okay. It's okay. It's all right. I understand your feeling. Both nail mortgage and if you feel bad then I'm apologized to myself matter of Kabul Town Joe up curve brawny man. Theo that's why I told to you. Okay, chill chill chill Jamar friend with a new virtual card there. I'ma roll guys you guys take I think hey we need a model to you. Actually I right now right now. I'm so tense because of that key on my we need a fat member coughs Colorado your income mooji main is a income. I'm sorry, Lucas. Right now you are right dance ma'am me no, not at all. I was just like I'm trying to understand why a mother is so upset. I don't think you have to be man. No. No because I Had that's why I didn't gave me attractive came here if I will track it. No, no, we can't because whatever. I am actually I don't think I don't hide anything about myself because we have never in District 3 Who We Are What is the anger then together? It's okay. I think I see how many hands up so you can I clear armor up for Arizona. Beckett Please how to control anger control a job with control. Not that hard copy book page. God speed art So currently water emotional. Don't take Serious a body changed our nobody that we need excitement because we really get my money. Can I send you one things up music broadcast medic to map broadcast Maya. So after your current is broadcast after that by known for Pooja, he will push its original broadcast 40 a map zone of polarizing but I can write the room so that I think it was time, but I'm a part-time writer. So not maybe part temperature recorded at home Pursuit for a moment. This is the thing. I earned anger. We will control much a bodhisattva. Samantabhadra Satya somewhere. I'm really hungry. Hello, Carly. Hello. Because legally because Sega Panama and completely agree with you. Miracle Network How may I help you? I could put my phone down. How can you control how can you put first station to your anger and is how can you control who goes up bullet could be more why would wanna catch a movie later he can. Algo para the time new sister damrell. I used to put all my Uncle Marty both. No Recovery Services like a microsecond to Nevada. We need it. I think it might want to come. I'm not I'm not some we had licking my Abby who commodity I am a moratti to and I think HP Max. Mm. Mm of Vinny Vinny Vinny Vinny Vinny SS I interrupting you. Actually I'm from you Peter. Yes, but now I'm settling my roster. That means what I was saying is, you know, some places. Okay some states or some kind of some bunch of people are born with a lot of anger like in my family. I think most of my family members like we come from the maratti background uncle. Vicky these guys are angry by birth and whether in gusik junio De esta kind of thing. Okay. I'm not I don't know about the other bratty people what I think Justin a model home from War by be humble. But that is scientifically possible proof where could George electric guitar fast? They are tane mahuta. He farted data beer ticket object of scientific scientifically prove. Her juji's massage, every action has an equal and opposite reaction in Newton got turned role of ruler. OK JD up go past the cassata Obagi Agave after the helicopter point five percent with the supply chain guard gonna talk whenever Moosa said or ha Hakuna Matata Hakuna substep helicopter meditation The idea is that that hmm, whatever you say time we met someone. Saldana is come a key Cara opportunity. Yeah, I'm here. It is 1 or 46. Everyone thinks I can cheer you on things. This is the key to doing what I understood because they caii up the hardware friends. You come alive to madtown broadcast Batangas down pull down me as I am or easa yelling about love friendship principal Mathematica. Pseudonymous am misato. Take care, of course China be dictated to bribe people. definitely He made a podcast to pay many apps media baat. Nahi we so definitely I think I will name. That's great. Thank you. Thank you for joining. Thank you so much. Bye bye. Thank you very much. Bye. Yeah, bye. So yeah, I think I dominate but a hammer doc Dominator. Hey, I think Kobe mr. K coffee times await Quran 2 minutes we can talk to him. That's it. Hey Kobe. Hey. Minimum common divisor. Mr. Kay. Yeah. Yes, brother Levi by maybe you peace a home taking with the Lira town with support charcoal. Yeah. I say idea the market, maybe mr. Keema. Somebody ask you something and you don't have answer or you know, you can't answer. So as I'm making it not being a king with no chale jao other than taking a yeah, it must show Telugu or do some the person who was here talking to you and saying, bye. Bye. Bye Ashley Methodist egg is leaving. Okay. Thank you. Abner to live podcast bad life example the deity Han Solo Queenie goes up and you just you know, you just acted what is ideal person act like we just showed how good you are. You didn't say anything bad to anybody because you think that it was your fault because you have no answer. So just telling it he can or do so by Joe carrot of my to be honest neck humbucker. Sympathy Autobot Gorilla Gear Canada with me by tomorrow right now mess with some key is that but be it's not label at Chattanooga Waikiki opposite. She met up with his suggestion there who approved? That would be nice. No go coop set Nicaragua. by the way Oh my gosh was the baddest it? Yeah, but I'm from I live in Delhi, but my roots are from there and you can't even imagine how bad or how dirty I can't be but what's up? What's up? I haven't seen a lot of people from ghaziabad that kind of guy who will just do something bad, but I'm saying that it's not Buddha cumin you don't even need to act in. Certain way that you won't like I got some cases garrido great about this what you might you know be with those mean easy. Absolutely. That's what anger management says you you should know how to act when to act you do something that you don't regret later. That's the best advice now one can give you no matter which we as Muskogee bother me regret robust. Ow. Go ahead. Go ahead. I UPS a hole leaking megiddo. Maybe I'm not hiding something Alec and it's not in the nut cases a day or night and a good stock Arena or not. It's not to Mark the SEC is if agile when and kkkk if your topic with similar men would say manager that will serve us well as a manager or metal mesh. So you would say something when he I'm going to stop it here. Yeah. No, I was just saying my Geneva are many commercial Cabeza body here. Ye angry Isabel quality. Jacobean Lima By Request Today is the day man. And in own a company a beanie with Ikea ghaziabad so lot of info today could be weenie. I eat. Oh my bowl, Maggie, I definitely mr. Kennedy, but bully in key. Mr. Kim was a little much. And I think you both achieve a certainty and it'll boost to be serious. Yeah. So yeah, and would you be mooji be Abie to is a field or a given EG this broadcast about to have committed? Absolute Total how to control anger Come on, let's go. That's that's twice a day. It's not good. But let's jump in and just keep your ego aside. You know, I have I have like a tough guy. Like I have certain certain rules that I don't break Minnesota, Queenie. Come on, let's it's always nice to hear you man. It's always nice. When you join my podcast. I really feel good. And I have told that openly a lot of times. She'd made a podcast pick which blog regularly attend and I both appreciate cartoon. Hope and Kobe is one of them and many egg notice cakey. Maximum are a podcast for jota uncommon. Take are totally able Cooley our my brother Duke you are possible. Bitin, the you pick aha, Minnesota by both committed to build a tomb. To disturb you like in 59 minutes 43 seconds. Alright to beat maker cartoccio be embarrassed and Yamato. But yeah, thank you. Yeah. Thank you Vinny, and thank you on the spooky. Thank you so much guys. Thanks. It's always great.