green light All right, great to be back after a week session. Right? So the top is one requested. So for those who are listening if you can let us know if there's any difficulty listening the only time you can be great because last time we did encounter difficulty. Like today we are going to talk about how to deal I think managers or bad managers but discussion one thing that I would like to highlight here that do the topic is how toxic managers that we are not implying like any challenged and you can correct other we are not in life. Only matters that you will have toxic team members, right? Oh, absolutely. And so just one second before before we proceed on our conversation. We get a thumbs up from people listening if if they are if you are Audible and you know, there are no challenges in listening. Can we get any message from people who are listening that we are Audible? And stand wrong this colleague Rahul. We will get back to you. Just give us a moment will start. Okay great. So sorry about that. Yeah, and then on can talk more breath. Thanks, I would and I don't question if you if you have any specific question. So great. Thanks, sir. We can I think we can get going on topic to hear us properly. So yeah. and I will also have those toxic at times but because we are taking one today are we had to that maybe for toxic team members we have from what we have today or another one of the managers of is because of the fact that and when I say they leave organizational studies show that it's not that people leave the organization many a times people do not leave the organization. They leave the manager. Oh, yeah. I'm TC service very bold statement and the statement was made. I don't know whom this is superior to but they say I cannot leave companies. They leave managers. They think managers. So yeah, you're pointing a harsh. One of the reasons that we have chosen this topic also from our experiences. We have also seen and come across people, you know, maybe we know some might have been he does not know 50% of have felt. Come up did yours and Pregnant some time or other in their life? They have been in managers. Done and there's no understand that no toxic man. We know that they are toxic the Stroop so the kind of in an organization, but waiting to lat the argument organization. Handling so many different people of different kind at different points of their career. Yeah, that's that more to do with the background of what we wanted to discuss today. So next sure yeah before we get into the symptoms and the part of the conversation so From my experience many of the organization and support I have work for people that I have interacted with our managers are who aspire to be managed as well, which I have seen I have my limitation is here till to the people in India is that when they talk about any of them and one of the things that they give that the group has have been there for managing. Well, one of the things interview Mike is that not necessarily be true. But again that's a drive team great, but it's not easy and ask any comes along with it managing people see more their feelings their leaves their, you know their targets. What are the challenges that they're facing all of it comes along with it? So here we'll have to is a very challenging. We have two great things as if you are. initial job becomes difficult Is there something else the people attribute minear many other things to do that? Okay, something may be wrong with me. That's that during this part of me. So, you know, that's the reason this person is between is so hard. So, you know, we attribute things that are not going the way we are treated by a manager to ourselves. Right, right. The behavior. Oh, yeah, right that's not know if symptoms you can look at and then come to a conclusion that okay with it. For a manager or something is always something else. Is that you think about what you meant more than your work yourself? That's one of the one of another symptom to work every day every morning going to every every night in Cuba to sleep when you realize that the more money have to go to when you get up in the morning and he ends I get you drag yourself to work. There's something is wrong. You might be working on manager. And how you can if I'm wrong red going to hand the primary symptoms that I dread going to work primary reason. I'm doing work. Is that my what I do? but symptom fun is that if you or your family members friends close friends your family and you that I think State statements medium feedback when there is a product, you know, okay, you know, you may be leading over but optic manager. That's the symptoms to look anyone can either going to be the last one especially constantly you're thinking. one of the things that happen Business was created with the way. Yeah, that's what I have a relationship because there's so many maybe you're only working member of the family to take care of your other family members your parents your siblings your nose education. in terms of symptoms Let's go are looking for to editing. My manager is one is if you know a lot about your manager to give lie to your friends family members if it is in truth when Wendell and will be also a symptom that before and you know, you spend a lot of time talking about. And then you dribble and I because we any other reasons but that you have to face and you manage your face you may spend time with them with him. These are these are for a long time maybe said to the good amount of time if you're having that feeling for two three months time to think. Okay you my manager. Certain fine. I think people want their other so they're both life there is activity to an extent that That's true. That is true. Absolutely. You know when when we were preparing for this conversation get so we went through what does the word was a redefinition and many of these symptoms are not disconnected. Definition causing you a lot of coffee and unhappy for a long time. So that is what you are spending hours of living then if you are you having a feeling of happiness. Is that your email? Topical issue even a manager and team member is a relationship so much of thinking so much offended will spend some relief. Yeah, absolutely. No, but of course, so we're also thinking so some of the things first that came to our the Cape Cod for our position is manager might have Toxic by Loosely speaking design. The person's personality takes, you know, we politically correct. Let's take that are not you know, you don't push people who are not put we do not find good would not like to work in general, you know, they're not a good people to be around with maybe. More yeah, we have, you know, we would more so it won't vibrating any further. Thank you for that. Yeah, try to love anybody. Police which was clearly meant that point. We were working to go while I was drinking that kind of workplace will be is almost like human quite difficult. And as I imagined should not be providing a kind of loosely for anybody and expects us good results to cut the long. What is that it was That's kind of that really hit me know if you have that are absolutely not. It's time for my lifelong our team on their feet for 10-12 hours of Sun or if it is gold whatever the condition so that's where the you will raise that concern if we can make there were conditions like you better and that's what this person really embraced. The fact is people like such to exist and this is we have For people how do we deal with come to that in a moment? So we were coming people who who are toxic exist because of her personality. It's system that they have this possibility is happen to be is that they may have a they don't As we know mentioned in conversation. Yeah, let you marry that person would have Steam and you know have not got trained on how to manage how to manage team group and and then whatever that the person has learned have learnt from seeing someone else or how his or her manager have treated him during the past is the which this person would have imbibed some of those, you know going What person thinks is right so them have a lighter no rice that was indifferent as to get better. If a person has a blind spot. It's it's something that he's doing but they are not aware of. The intentions right processes will give you that. There is no question that it seems they do change that change that behavior. Do I do not know but as we said earlier other toxic manager may not even agree understand except that they are married and you know either because of the reason that the personalities such or if the agree to it, you know if my chance and they want to give it a try too. It would we agree on that idea that I have to capture started more toxic manager true. Absolutely top now. We share that the difference Y in y and B, we will when we talk about someone wants to get better as a manager do a self. So many a times, you know, there's so many methods. You know, how can you buy for having a breast cancer? There is a method which is all mention our You that symptoms that you're having a if they are below toxic managers some of the questions of our free will that look at if you have in your team help your symptoms. What if There is hired the team. That's that's one one. And I think we have absolutely leaving frequently. And another should be looking at is many of the team members that are the team members that you have to agree with. Whatever you see. And they argue have built a system or a team which are which is a team of Yes, Men or yes women. Whatever may be the case against me. You have no one challenges is your thoughts agrees with your odds are you know, except ever use if that is happening again. Take a hard look in the mirror. I also feel that when some Venom back is seen as a toxin or whatever. We hear a lot of people except it doesn't really matter. Yes, your I get moving when we are abandoned. Yeah, I think so look for another hit and so lack of knew I'd offer you suggestions coming from your team members lacquer finish. It it come from your team members, you know, it can always be debated if you know the team member is wrong. That's why the person is is not showing initiative. But again as we said in the beginning that that's a different one. You has a as a manager. If you think that you get people lot of ugly or other views. So in this respect is not You will definitely not respected directly with managers what I have what I could from what I'm seeing in my experience. Is that of making such a from not only to abuse? Respect so and and and and and if you feel that you respected if you think that people talk bad about you in your bath, you will be might be happening. First of all, you will have nobody. So now, you know, it's check on me, too. Up assessment or summarization so symptoms that as a team member that you should be looking at that and tell that okay my if I am working for 20 years we talked about that talked about what are the reasons that manager or the individual may be a toxic one is no probably by Design. The person's personality is such thinking maybe just just the person we have a blind spot by Chance. The person doesn't have experience or doesn't have a tree and then we talk how I imagine you can look at self check yourself check on some of the symptoms to identify if toxic manager. So now let's get to the core topic of this course up no matter of this discussion, which is you know, how do we deal with this part? This is it Like most I think this is another thing that it does come with a lot of thanks again for me to assume that. introspection in my life Um, I tell myself is money went towards my goal on. What is it based on what I do complaining about my Mannix toxic. My revenge is toxic is that you feel that? So much discounting the fact that they have a while, but at the same time I will very quickly jump to the money. It's only why you are in that relationship. Right? Amateur is by no means do I design ability has to be 1 Yeah, that's because you're good. I do you say that no matter what and if that's the that Life is about the end of the day. I will be account identification who will be held at right so I have to sew. Now one of the temple every bird is sitting sitting there like a I can still fly he heard so yeah, so that's one of the reasons people Bob down. toxic managers and discounting that fact that will happen to anybody difficult relationship deal with but one of the reasons that take the fact that somewhere God believing that is the master of my destiny right we have That's true. I think you hit the nail on his head crushed by saying this I think many a times we attribute a lot of importance to what a manager was a lot of internal control, you know, you kind of projects that you get the kind of person who signed the agreement that you get large extent of instant is that you may get they of course are not looking that good, but do they control my because jobs Who ordered is efficient ship it is possible having it is moving out of absolutely. Then you have a recipe for failure The Recipe for Disaster and that's the main thing accounting people consciously do that. But unconscious do you develop themselves? Oh my God, what will happen but at the world working out. So what are the things that we were trying to make a point is that we shouldn't be eating too much of the first manager. So that is one of the things be clear with our growth goes that's what you know, hush is saying, you know, if our goal is to achieve something, you know that certain certain good product and a toxic manager. And that exists at academic last option first, whatever it may be but that's an option that we have or the best medicine is a choice given absolute you and I are different very quickly. Again, that can be done such kind of when when you working. Kasich manager is first is that one accept and acknowledge that you may be working or you are working for a toxic manager? That's a many a times B. That's the reason we what the symptoms to look for to identify if you are when you accept it. And another thing to do, you know? It'll be good to a bit of an analysis of work. A lot of in relationships usually immediately in a data rate is the step and become someone else economy analyze. Can I do something or is there something that I'm missing out? Is there someone else who is doing better things have to have been better? If not, probably help of India built this man. Psi4 touching my life then what you do is again make your vote Paramount that you okay. This is important. And this is one of the roadblocks and have deal with and you know one another we're dealing with support within the organization beauty of people people from different departments different functions. You can go and top how you know, what are their views if this person is working for a considerate about given amount of time. We need organization people might have fine. I found out a great work. So you may work with this person decided to stay in that relationship. I think it is useful. So we can again it's some has some pushing it and in the build some muscles true. So. the department possibilities that exist if anybody that exists or a faux fur changing the transfer, I think there is a question that I think will come to that. You can just yeah, we'll continue our conversation. Sonny will come to that will certainly answer that question you an enemy will come compute at that. You know, why we'll just cover some of these points. I had one thing that I wanted to be there regardless. That was you start and as a result your image of exactly why so, you know, there is a fight with manager. I hope that there are hard discussion discussion, so could not be winds that happen. Make sure that you have learned certain. Professional powerful way of responding without you know, making it look like foolish people like my singing or other. So don't let that show in your mirror display that behavior. Sure, I've seen a manager is such a power tell me the reason and that is sort of the sector of relationship thinking what he or she will. But those others are listening to these shoots in it. I'm having a tough conversation from our second of others are listening to this have something positive. That's the best harsh would have done. He never stood dumb things like that. Yeah that also keeps you here. We are having it so that doesn't say that. To the T to the negative or toxicity. So someone you know is I need you to say bad about you. Your manager is rolling you not let that happen. You have to take instead and do it very assertively and very and very professional, you know. You don't talk to that person's level. They believe button again to stop is someone you know is funny Ames is someone is you know, if your manager is abusing you allow that to happen you can stand and say that hey that would work with me, you know, and you know, you cannot talk to me in that manner and think so. Yeah, so take a stand and Powerful. When I say powerful respond to someone without a cure without know that's something that you can always learn from some sort of diversity with videos of activity and all that. It could be something as simple as saying that I'm really so glad you feel that way about What exactly has happened that makes you feel that way but I will only request use that word of against me because it just doesn't sound professional and you're really letting me down in front of others. I'm really not okay with that. You can raise your complain in a more professional way so somehow so I will only talk direct you to learn some of the tricks from acitivity training in a security programs that people attend can also find these things on YouTube. But yeah, just one of those but yeah. Don't let your professional image get hurt, but don't also treat people like no do let you let people treat you like a doormat true truth has a right very good words. Another thing is is, you know about explore other opportunities within that organization. Another thing that you can do is, you know, when you have to work her working with decide to work for whatever period of time with that manager makes specific request what exactly you want from that manager because again toxic manager typically doesn't take feedback. So time giving the person feedback in our experience. It hasn't worked people toxic managers do not take feedback. That is the reason that they become toxic that is one of the reasons that they are toxic. So make very specific. What exactly do you want from them? You want any help any support you say, you know, hey, you know to to my work to perform my work you asked me to do or whatever. It may be this is what I want. My system is not working or I need a click clear direction as to what exactly you know, what end of a output you want from me and so forth and so on get clarity on that that's you know and make so the point is that, you know, make requests to get clarity as to what is expected from the manager. Yeah, one of the things that they will let you have it. Toxic behavior. Let's draws you into is getting you also getting toxic. So sort of have a good day. They will draw you into a lot of especially in communication. They will draw you into a lot of emotional conversations name-calling blaming accusing in all of that. If the best thing that I have seen is that you still stick to facts or someone called you lately. I'm really sorry you might feel that I'm lazy, but it will be really healthy and I'm just make me understand. What is it? Exactly that you want me to do and what is the timeline? So I proportionally the emotional aspect of that I say, okay, let's talk on facts and figures rather than it needs to. Yeah, but what hurts that he's not he's very easy to say it's easier said than done. So so we have to be you know conscious and consciously practice this mean is sometimes we will be able to do that many of times we may not be able to do that and the situations may change that many of times we will Able to do maintain and come and you know have a rational conversation. And in my opinion, I don't think there is anything wrong in, you know, giving it back to the manager if it requires if it comes to your own self esteem, if it comes to your own your own self respect my opinion, I I won't hesitate to give it back to the manager. But again by still maintaining professional professional professionalism and managing and using the right word. Yeah, that's right. And I think that you know, honestly speaking we are sort of close we are present something or sort of like this game, but I would like to be we are making all his presentation based on the experiences that we have. You will be the best chili pepper. Absolutely the best chance so don't go with what someone else has then you are the best judge of what to say. We are giving you some guidelines you can follow that you don't have to really stick to what I have me and saying you will be the best judge. Of weather which better have you should take at that that's in your judgment will be the best diet and I completely agree with hello. Don't put to yourself under too much of pressure that I have to be right there will be times. You will make mistakes if that you shouldn't have them but those are the best teach you that's how we all learn. Yeah growth. The best method not to learn is to decide never to make mistakes is again considered a chart I mean But again, that's one of the things that you should definitely definitely do whether whether you may have a very poor opinion about the HR or the HR may have a very poor image internally or they may have a very strong image internally. Whatever may be the case. Does it matter? It's our duty before taking any call we must must reach out to people and as I said, you know earlier in that, okay reaching out to different support network creating a support network reaching out to different people. This also includes reaching out to their child. And I think this is something that I would like to highlight here the moment you join a new team or a new company. One of the things that will be not mentioned in your job description is go and build relationships. And that's one thing that you all must do that which is build relationships. And I do understand all of us. Then we should respect the fact that we all are different personalities. Someone are very outgoing. Someone is introvert, but that doesn't mean that you cannot make relationship. Relationship some of us can make a bigger circles and will have smaller surface depending on our whatever the kind is as long as you have good relationships. You can rely on conduct because we all need support. So and then the last point and I lost option which we mentioned right in the beginning was we got that choice is always with us this always this always out there. So some of the things again to reiterate some of the options that we have as an individual when we come across when you're working for a for a toxic manager is one first first step is to check for the symptoms and acknowledge and accept that okay. I'll mind or I am actually working for For a Cossack manager and only then the next steps will start to so acknowledging that one second is that you know, look for the goal. What exactly is your goal what you want to achieve and second? Okay, you know if I wanted to go and build my career in a certain way and I have to come across a toxic manager. How do I deal in how do I know come address this roadblock? How do I navigate this roadblock? Do not give over importance to to the to your manager than then actually is deserve. Of that relationship deserves don't make that that you know manager Center of your Universe don't give the you know control completely and make that okay that person that manager decides your destiny. That's not going to happen. That's not happening. So that's another good point that you know giving too much of weight is important to the manager of the things that the person controls third is believe the total Network doctor reaching to people from different function between within that department itself. People who have been in the system calls for some time seeking help from them seeking advice from them how to deal with in such in such kind of a case or such kind of situation fourth point would be definitely reaching out to the Russia or the Americas manager as well. And then, you know getting a support asking for some support some direction from then and and the point of course, we all have choice of moving or that we can do when we decide having said that you know, when We move out there certain things that we need to keep in mind. It has to be done very easily and it has to be planned or very well right or soap. You know, you have somebody that's had some important points there. So yeah like to share you know, how do you transition back? How do you make that choice? So first the bad don't I this is what not happens, like first point of people give too much importance to this relationship and they make the the disk toxic. The center of the universe feeling that everything depends on them because they sense of security depends on them. The self-esteem depends on them. So what as a result of that mentality that we unconsciously develop in our mind what happens is people tend to stretch this removal relation to this relationship and this role until the very end when it comes to a Breaking Point and then suddenly breaks and mostly breaks in the form of the person leaving God. And the saddest part of this to pushing it Beyond almost beyond the breaking point is the fact that the decision that happens is always a history decision. This is one day when you realize suddenly now, I cannot take it any group, right and you almost break down and you just step out of this relationship without securing your future, right? So very important that you acknowledge the identify check whether you An adult subsequent relationships when you feel that you are in a toxic relationship. You are you try your best to talk to many people you give yourself some time and get for two or three months. I'm going to try right and see if I can do something positive in this relation. If you join us for some time, and after that time you have to say one at one point looks like I cannot do anything. So that is your decision when you say that you know, really I have tried my best somebody They could have see manage, but I'm not that somebody right? I am me and I do anything about it. So you decide on that day that I have to leave the job or I have to change the team then again, you give yourself four months based on how much can you take and how confident are you? Okay, you know laying the groundwork for your futures of greeting the bridged to the next to the top transition to a new rule or a new team or a new company. Give yourself some. Time is very very pragmatically done and within that time I have to start looking for looking out to build that bridge so that you don't have to ultimately take the DraStic step of leaving the organization and putting yourself and everyone who is dependent on you in a difficult situation. Yeah. So the first thing is, you know, getting the word out to tell you decided that you are going to move on position start searching for a job take it is that do not give a proper notice. If it is a one month's notice given one month's notice. If we too must notice prepare for that. Do not go and accept a job in second. No, you have to join in 15 days time. This is a lock-picking ranjith if that was a question, so I'll get back to you and you just give us a few minutes four minutes, and we'll just another five years or so. We'll close this call. And I were talking will answer some of the questions which are there give a girl a proper notice third point is that not your manager or do not bad mouth in an unprofessional Manner and crib and complain about it. No organization wants to hear that kind of question people with consider you because interview is for when you're going for an interview interview May last for 30 minutes to an hour more or less maybe so that may not give the best. The Judgment of you or a good reflection of you, you know, if you are bad-mouthing your manager or not or you're focusing a lot of you're focusing a lot on the conversation on manager. So, you know plan your exit start searching quickly plan for you know, give complete notice do the complete transition plan for the complete transition and then do not badmouth your matter. These are some of the things you know, you would suggest, you know to take care when you're when you have decided to move. We are when I just just very last point. I think I would absolutely agree on it. Please make sure that you're in a anger or in in a panic an organization without getting the documents without following the process. It becomes a sort of a very long-term pain free. Yeah, so you have to make sure that you don't let that manages so much of control that he can also impact your future in. Yeah, that's true. So we can I think we call yeah, and you know the will just mention few few points. You know, this is what we talked about. What you as an individual can do when you deal with, you know, come across with the toxic manager very quickly. If you point that we'll share that what organizations can do to deal with such manager. So one of the things is that when when an arrest comes across such managers they when they get to know, you know, such managers exist in the organization the system quickly. Talk to those people and make them aware of it. Give them a free tan tell that you know, we have learned certain, you know, these things. You know, what you have learned about them. Give them the collective Collective actions quickly take that acts decisions very quickly. And when if decision has been taken is a feedback has been given to the Malaysian communicate it to the rest of the team as well because many times what happens the action might have been taken but the communication doesn't go to the team and team feels That okay, you know this organization whatever feedback you give nothing, you know is taken and no action happens. So it's very important for the organization to take the communicate. Also, whatever decision has been taken and you know, of course it's not by broadcasting and sending out on a male but do it, you know to it quite separately, you know in a smaller group small of forum and so forth and so on and another thing that our nation must do is, you know chain chain the managers if the Morneau property Dude how to deal with different kind of such people different kind of situations and also a lot on the lines of sensitized sensitizing they do business as well. So these are the things that Tina organizations can do to to correct. We're we're toxic managers may may may be going wrong. So this is where probably will we will wrap up just to you know, summarize some of the things that we talked about is and again, we'll definitely going to take take questions. Some questions that have been put up on message one is we talked we talked about, you know, again all no toxic manager knows that they are toxic one toxic managers. There are not only toxic managers. There are there may be toxic team members. There's a different topic, you know, we may talk about it some on some other session toxic managers, maybe you know that there's multiple reasons for you know, someone may be showing the string the behavior. Boxing manager someone maybe a by Design Loosely speaking. That is a person person himself or herself is a bad person and that person may be bad because of their background their environment their belief system is so fun. And so on the other possibility is because of Timmy have a blind spot when we have a lack of experience. They may have a lack of training. These are some of the reasons that a person may be, you know, toxic manager we talked about what are the symptoms to look for if you are if you are as a t remember if you are going to identify my if I am working for a toxic manager and then we talked about self check for a topic manner that if you know, what are the things that you can if as a manager if you are a manager then what are the things that you can look for a manager and we talked about how to deal with toxic manager. We spoke, you know for almost double. Yeah for 35 minutes on that and Yeah, Randy will come there. And then the last point we talked about what organizations can do about will take up over the get to know about toxic managers. So first date and we just connect with you. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear us yes races. It's actually you know, when I install this app, so the first challenge it that time. I follow you and I have seen your profile you have chatting with so many things that is concerned with the corporate field. So I have one question for you. I mean if you can I mean solve my problem because was that is question that I have been counted to two years ago. So may I may I would go for that? Yes Ranjit. I'll just Apologize. I'm not able to hear you very clearly, but I will try my best to so two years ago two years ago. I I got a placement in a company. Okay, so I have cleared and second round and wind when it comes to third round. So it is known and this is a very good lady. So C is going to take my interview so I have given here in February. But the last question that see ask that if suppose that if I am your HR manager if I am your manager and you are working under under me and somehow you is some kind of things that is not ethical that that is unethical and you have to confront with me. So how can you deal with that situation either you can fight with me or either you can go against With Me or Either you have to talk. You have to be my all kind of decision about whether it is ethical or not. So how I because at the time I don't have Have that kind of right answer but I just respond that answer but and I would note select in that interview. So may I know what is right we'll use the question. Okay, so then it can you hear me? I just yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I just kind understand your question you're saying that in the third round of the interview. Yeah, the manager said that if I tell you that I did something unethical about you. I'm doing any project and if that would it help to so you will go with your eyes on mindset or you have to follow my my decisions. Maybe my decision will will be unethical from your contacts cuando. So you can't tell me that or either. I think you've got a yeah, I got the coin Transit. So I assumed she was saying that you will will you go with your work on a project? Will you go with your? Will you go with my decision even if my decision is unethical, right? Yes, the thing that I think what they what what from an organizational perspective I'll answer that question. The right answer will be that if it if the demand is unethical, I'm really sorry. I will not be able to go ahead. Right because no organization. I think we whether this is an organized collection modes or not, but integrity and ethics law of sine of M Prime importance for any organizations anyone who will agree to do anything unethical I tell you as I can't think of any organization who will like to hire them. But you know at the same time she also told me that because you are York in the company and everybody looking for a looking to get a job. So you and whatever you are responding. We do, you know, it is just actually ideal situation. But whenever we Face a real situation these kind of simple note actually in the everybody have different kind of mindset and the people will wear some imply working there now, sometimes they are. They are good with baby. And sometimes they are not good with behavior. Yeah, go ahead. If I go against the against the decisions of manager or I mean my boss so I will fired from my job. So because boss because boss is going to take my complain on the very upper level and maybe some some video of that people will be fired. For my job. So maybe on that situation I will lose my job. So at the same time I also have to obey the decisions. I also have to say my jobs to our definitions of social. I know that I'm not sure but one is one thing is which is very much in Universal in any organization or you specially if you check with the HR, is that unethical if someone closes Someone does someone's consent. The managers concerned with some seniors consent is taken very seriously. So as you just click let's take a hypothetical situation. Okay, you manual heart project manager is giving you some job. She has clearly told he or she only told you that no matter what I ask how did when they meet a demand which is unethical right? And you do it like a manager might be happy. Right and I'm giving rightly situation. They might not come play in it. So you are you probably might think that your job is secure because if I'm in is happy, but anybody raises that complaint in organization, you will be fired manager was not to testify. All right, but this time I'm talking about real situations maybe in some places it happens. But if you really want to keep and how it impacted it does for saving your job. You did something unethical that organization if you're working for the enemy. I'm electrical organization real organization. Now, then that organization will fire you more importantly if you go to any other place and if it starts showing on your papers that you were fired for something unethical. It will become very difficult for you to get a job. Just to please one person you might be putting yourself under too much of stress and just to add you know, Reggie, you know situations are look speaking. This is valid speaking and and I think we all have a choice most of the time we have the choice whether we agree to do anything cool, which has been demanded by a manager for whatever reasons. We didn't have a choice whether to do or not to do so make that choice very very judiciously and very carefully. That's all I would suggest you will be the best person to judge at that point. I'm what was right for you? If you will be able to defend it, you know, if you you know, if you are in if you are being say question and so forth and so on if you feel so great, you know, if not, then you know again it will be your career your life it that will get impacted. So be be very and conscious about it. That's all we talk about. It will move close this color Ajit. And you know, there's anything else we can take it up maybe later, you know on chat somewhere else and some of these things just rips and some of the conversation appoints will also be there on the on on on create a document that we shared as well. So Not even work for the shorter period directly someone can complain and you know, it becomes very difficult for you to handle and at that moment you on HR will allow your manager who gave you the unethical made that request is not given that by okay, Sarah Millican. Don't put yourself into that mine. So again, I think the advising you that you will be the best person to make the choice. But if you have if you ask me if and if I am your friend, I will say that no don't take that choice. You have another organization better people to work with don't get into a proper situation where tomorrow is your future will be affected. Sometimes if there is something unethical on your resume your on your documents and papers. It becomes very difficult to take it off your resume. And in fact in a very long run dick. I mean I want to take at least one minute just more if you have some time. Yes, just one hour. So let's take is one very last bit. And then we will have to we have to leave at that only challenge me I go for that. Yeah, so, you know right now I am trying to ask question that same question in a very different way in a very basic effective ways. So cold that I will tell you. In Hindi both the support in both breasts are ma'am. Because we do not increase food. They do you know, do you feel somebody will discuss it later? Okay, so he bought her courageous Army here or is there a Murray deportation Kabuki? So if the money goes you cool if a cookie dough a little bit Cortana egg number colleague detach in America or the and above board. Ranjit honestly speaking in real life. It may not be possible. If you think it is possible you go ahead with it. But I think in organizations and companies who Tagalog you have to follow the process there is everything is laid out. Did you check with your manager? And after I was it ethical all these things are laid out if you have a middle way very which is as smart as this voided, please go ahead. Go ahead, but be careful about with your choice is yours, whatever choice you make there will be an outcome. There will be a consequence. You have to be ready. It will cut this call now. I mean, you know, you still may have questions and question might not have gotten answers up early. We can take its sometime later on the offline and I'm some other way to connect with you and then you know come to the problem is from the last few weeks. So I am really eager to talk to her so quickly, so it's very good to you. So I think what disconnected we have question from Sunny so Sunny has asked, you know, he joined later and he said that you know, what is the definition of offer toxic manager Phil? Is it okay to run it? I'm really sorry. I look like a de Gaulle disconnect. So they need I'll I'll connect with you. I will connect with your friends. What is it? May I know what is it? Seek manager definition economy. So this is to Sonny's question and you know and thing that we were mentioning a writing the beginning was that in a dictionary where we are preparing for this conversation for this talk. We were looking at the dictionary definition of toxic and one of the dictionary definition of camels the dictionary defines it causing you a lot of Harmony and happiness over a longer period of time if your manager is That to you if you're the manager is causing a lot of harm and happiness. Then the manager is being toxic as simple as that if a manager is, you know, if you are thinking a lot about a lot of not about your manager then you know how to deal with manager what to do know what to say what not to say than how to know then about your work itself then, you know, you are in a toxic relationship. You have a toxic manager. We talked we had talked about some other symptoms in so if you talk to your friends and family members about how bad your manager manager is, you know how the person is making your life for difficult your work difficult. Then you probably you then you have a bad manager if you you know dread going to office and you know for the reason that you have to go and interact with your managers your manager listen to his words see his face and all the stuff. It means that you have a you have a bad manager. So these are some of the things that Some of the things to people that you know to identify that you are a bad manager and one more question that you have. Was something about to is impaired history. Okay. We're just reading your question how to deal with a manager who is a great influencer and have good rapport with higher management, but who does not know how to balance and manage conflict and always do nepotism to his favorable employees. I don't want to go to HR and leave job. Is it okay that I have a good rapport with time management, but who does not know how to balance and manage conflict? See in that in that context you will say how it is impacting, you know, if nepotism with a person is favoring his has favorites and is Distributing his get someone from his previous team of previous organization and more favorable to such kind of people you have to question that you have to ask is how it is impacting you if it is basically I would also say that this is from Sonia. Yeah. Okay, so Are sending I think puzzle is awaiting. So father I will come to you are sending to your just to answer your question about how to deal with managers will get influenza. But sort of is inclined to favor. Some people that he knows that what kinda stood the thing is, you know again because is yours, but the something that is of crime that should be a prime importance to you is your goal. It's your life and I know I when I say this, it sounds selfish, but it's a reality all of us are working towards our goal all of us. I want to be something want to earn something want to achieve something as long as you think that this is a point in your life where you can manage or you can live with this. It's perfectly. All right is there is somebody who thinks that they will rather go with something which is which can help them prepare their future of you know, accelerate their future for them. It's their choice of choice is yours, but the thing that I will only methodology or the only thing that I would request you will look at is Is it impacting your goal? Because ultimately we all are working towards this goal our goals. We also have to have a go situation some sort of understanding between our goals and alignment with team goes well, if you think it is still not hurting you much go ahead and stay with the team and whenever you decide just be a conscious about your goals, you know, you can actually and you can take whatever choice you want to make of so, I'll take the call from puzzle. High fashion father Can You Hear Me Yeah, I can hear you. You had a question. No question, but first time joining, so I said I send a request. Absolutely. No question. Sorry. No problem at all times. all right, so I think we have answered or with you and I will try and answer questions and I think I have been if I connect with you separately will be easy for me to spend some more time. So again, sorry for that was Esther for all the others who are listening. Thank you very much for listening. It's great. I think I'm question from Kobe who is speaking right now. It's hard Could you teach me how to speaking Yeah, so thank you very much for listening. It has been longer than what we expected to see. And on this wall, but it's amazing. So many people over 200 people listening to the call last before we leave alok and I both are available on LinkedIn if you have questions because you can connect I think we also keep sharing a lot of other posts and materials on LinkedIn so you can follow us there and let's leave this relationship as long as it's so thank you very much great time spending with you. We will speak we will come back with another topic. We will announce it in advance. As possible and connect with all of you and try and answer as many questions as possible. Thanks a lot. It was it was great talking to you know, having you know having open talk with such such audience 200 205 people plus so it's really interesting and exciting and Aryan time for question time for participating in this conversation. And you know, by the way, this is a look speaking just for could be that that's the questions that we asked for her. She's is it was it's Alec now and You know, if you have any suggestion with the topic that you would want to want us to talk about you can certainly leave that to know. I don't know if you can leave a message here on open talk or something like that. You can you can do that and we'll see, you know in the future we can talk take up some of those topics as well. Okay, and I think I'll have to apologize with you sonny. I'm really sorry, but it is Way Beyond what we were expecting and have something else to take care of have to go really sorry. Thanks. Thank you everyone. Thank you.