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Hello, good evening. Everybody. This is a ever leave the house. Woohoo. And today we're going to talk about how to develop confidence and how to develop that confidence. You know, that that thing that they say that confidence is the key to everything needs confidence is the key confidence is the key to everything and confidence is the key to everything. They're getting me getting me bro. So yeah that kind of confidence, you know where you can talk to people to whatever you want. I mean, you know, what do you think that confidence is like people? What do you all think? What confidence is I think because there's nobody here right now. Oh, there's one listener. So what do you confidence is? It's laser. Nothing. It's an illusion. You know, if you meet somebody for five minutes that person will have a perception about you in those five minutes and it could be anything so it could be it could be an out-of-context, you know movie dialogue that you would be saying they will have an impression that you're that kind of a person and everything. So confidence of two types one that you faked it and one that From internal right? So the first process in which you seek your confidence, you know, it's fine. It's really fine. If you want to fake it, you know, because one day you know, when you say it out loud A lot of times and when you start believing in it, it start become starts becoming true. It becomes Your Truth man, like if I keep saying that I'm amazing. I'm amazing amazing amazing. You know, if I keep on saying that every single day, you know from time to time if I keep saying that to myself that one day I will be amusing, you know, because I'll be like, yes. I am amazing and then I'll have that confidence in me that you know, I can do stuff and before saying all of this I wouldn't have tried to do anything. But now that now I know that I'm amazing. I will try to do something and the probability of that such. Eating, you know, when I try to do something as much greater than when I don't try to do anything if I don't try to do anything it will just be 0 right. So if you're faking it, when would see people do get diluted although, you know, you have a lot of problems when you invite you to have to understand yourself. But you know half knowledge also acts like full knowledge delusion also acts like knowledge. So How do you really have a short way I'm saying. The first process is fine. It's not a problem. But the second process is the one that really kicks because then you don't have to think then it becomes a second nature. Then you you execute confidence, you know just like water just like water it just takes shape of whatever, you know in whatever container you put so the second process in the second process you have. To first see there. There's this realization that you need to have that you have flaws. Okay, you have to understand that you're not perfect. If anybody thinks that they're perfect then they are stupid as like legit. I don't judge people but you know, if somebody says that that is just the most dumbest thing you can say that you know everything. And you have to understand that you have flaws. Now. What floor do you have? If you ask yourself a question, you know, these are the kind of questions that people try to run away from but if you understand you have to ask yourself these questions because these are your questions, you know, nobody else is going to ask them for you. And even if they do you will not be able to answer them properly because you don't have the confidence to show your vulnerability to them. So it's better that you ask yourself this question. You can write it down on a piece of paper. You can talk yourself and you can get to know but you know, everybody sort of knows what the insecurities or all about. So, what are you shortcoming? What are your failures write them down understand that they are your part and understand really see I'm I'll say this real slow. Okay understand that failure is a step towards success. So don't feel bad if you fail, okay. It just learn from it and those learning should be applied afterwards when you're trying to do something new. So those learning should should you know help you avoid mistakes that you would have done if you wouldn't have try to understand your previous situation. Sorry Otto had that humility to please say that you you can be a fool sometimes. Because you can be you know, and it's okay on everybody acts like a fool everybody fails everybody succeeds. It's just a part of life. And what do you what do you people do? What do you people want from Life man? such high expectations man. What do you want? You know people get famous. They get the become normal citizens again people get rich they get for poor gets Rich. It's all about Mental capability, you know, there's nothing that you really deserve on this planet is that you have to earn it. And the sooner you realize has the better man. I mean, you know, if your Basics on clear then your whole stock through characteristic structure is all up man floored. You don't have to be floored when you have to ask these questions to you and it's a process, you know, you keep asking yourself question you keep getting answers. and One day you will reach that point where you will you know, you start loving yourself and when you are loving yourself, you will feel amazing. You'll feel great about yourself. And when you feel you either go to sell you feel confident now getting me how all of this just connects to confidence how you know accepting your flaws understanding. Your reality is would make yourself such a perfect human being you can't you can't really imagine what happiness is because a lot of you know, 90% of people are just living in the reason man. Don't be deluded. Cuckoos always safe with phylogeny you just you just you just making a fool out of yourself, man. You can I man who nominated somebody just be yourself. What confidence is eventually. I'll tell you what confidence is it is just to we that you treat yourself. If you treat yourself with respect and love you will always have confidence in yourself because you know you your actions are Justified, you know what you're doing and why you're doing it when you Leo with your should you'll be able to understand And when you understand you'll have that confidence, man. And it's not theoretical it's not that you have to understand and you know in theory you have to really execute all of this. Execution is the thing. That is the key man. If you feel you're going to just you know, read new things or you know, listen to other people's experience and then you'll understand. No, I mean, it does not happen. That way your experience is going to be so different because you are a person who is different than the other person who has experienced and the situation also wouldn't be the same. How can you learn from somebody else's? Like that, you can take the do's and don'ts but you cannot really know what to do in that situation under unless you were in that situation. so experience you will know how the world works. You know this something that I would really like to explain over here that I talk. I do believe deep-rooted level. It's not the sofas that you have to encounter or have to deal with its. it's the root cause it's the little things that you have to change to bring that bigger change in the bigger picture. But if you can't understand that the devil is in the details, then you cannot do anything about it. I mean, you know, if you look at the bigger picture and try to change a lot of things at once you have up, but if you change little things but you constantly keep doing that, you know a little Ripple a little pebble. Can make infinite ripples in a pool in a thorn in any water body. The few that you can see but then still because of that the the the ripples they go as so many levels just because you can't see that doesn't mean that it will not there. To bring small changes man understand what I'm trying to tell you, you know, whatever. I'm trying to tell you understand that from or totality don't understand from your point of view understand from a very general point of view. Then you'll understand the basic truths the general situation generally low caste. People are people like, you know, children have a lot of fights with their parents and children would do the same thing and the adults would do the same thing expecting different results. But they are not able to see that because they don't try to understand the whole situation, you know from a third-person perspective third-person perspective Muslim a Chasm the from police situation said during hot cues Cody Cody. so to make to Medicaid rules I want kids at the brown Hotel. otherworldly quality Civic organizations other who think ultimately so much by God to pharaoh. the summoning Eiger and trust me, you're smart enough to understand and see patterns because human beings a function in that manner the function on patterns. Your day is a pattern in 24 hours. They are divided into specific things in do miss Lina. So Tomatoes Lupin Djibouti Eritrea. But eventually all just staying in a pattern. So try to understand this you have to break it. You have to bring the pattern to bring a change in yourself. The tortoises change color to the skin the may not look to you have to execute things. But if you do not do that, then nothing can be done about it. You have to change your actions to understand what you know what mental shifts it gives you and also to develop confidence, I think. Having control over your life a little bit, you know not little bit. I mean the things that you can control you should control but it's you know, you have to you have to become a leader. You have to not be ashamed of what you're doing and why you're doing and you have to chase chase understand keep them Joker reverse. I hear or other localities. Be successful thing to do. Okay. Sorry. I did not see the comments. Hey sonali. How are you? Long time no see write and perform go there. Okay prefer. Let's have you in the conversation. Hello. Hello, how are you? And I would like to ask you something about that topic that is confident your show man qualification qualification. If you gonna ask me about my qualification, then I'm a College Dropout. I'm a professional model. I'm a musician and I try to write lyrics I'm also So Into Fitness I am I'm a calisthenics instructor which is basically push-ups and pull-ups plus yoga and and yeah, that's all that's what I do and all and I'm and I'm also into motivational speaking so I try to talk to people I try to talk to a lot of people and discuss about all this like the question that I've asked you how to deal of concern how to develop conference you're the kind of things that we generally the Us about from with individual so I found this platform to I was like nice I can talk to people over here. Just sitting on my home according to your topic that is confidential nowadays many people doing the many mistake in English in everything they do but the recent examination itself. Can you can you speak a little louder because I can't hear you. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I have a I have a confidence. So that's the main reason I speak in trillion see in front of your life. Yeah. Gaming is because I never get my Village when I go to the what your topic is that thing this proved you could summon the sorry, I can't understand you. I forgot the grammar when I told the Cliff of the ground. I mean if you if you talk by gravel, that's perfectly fine, man, you know communication is all about telling people, you know what they're talking about and you should you should just communicate, you know, if your message is conveyed then you cannot then your thing is done and confidence really, you know, the the only thing about confidence what I like I mean, you know, I don't see anything as good or bad. I just see if my work is getting done and I realized that when I'm You know when I have my confidence real high like if I boosted and everything and I'm at the top of my game I can do anything. I can I can literally do any any thing at that point of time. Of course that has to be humanly possible and but then you know in general when I was a little kid when I was in 11th, I used to I couldn't go and talk to you know. Beautiful girls. I don't know why I had this real confidence issue. But then one day one of my friends would like it get number out there. You know, she will me go rejecters activities Cheyenne but jump other other reject nahi Kiya totosai 0 camera so they got me doing this. This is what I like. This is the kind of life. I want to live then you easily try and English you speak. Conversation. Yeah, we'll try that. So that's the try is the main thing when you get up when you want to get a success in any field, but you that is try you just try whenever you travel we have you have a confidence. Otherwise, you'll never have a popular soon ever been to the trash because we give them some days before I am very tired in the nation. I'm very humbling. I will okay. Due to how I can go alone. My friend will not go with you that guy. Okay, my father told me no one can help you. You only want to go to the gym and get a good body. So definitely I will try since 2099 joining the gym and the nowadays. my master Luke beep, um, but not as nice a performance like Wow, this is this is this is a beautiful story. Okay, you went to you did not you went to the gym. Go anywhere like a all Matthew Lonnie don't when your dad was like yet which I got to body wanna nice nice. So so tell me is a question that you want to ask. Actually, I want to ask about my healing lamps or well that according to your shopping. That's the opposite but we will definitely talk after some time in offline session. But you know how long you have been joining the gym, but I will try to connecting this topic but you topic is a difference, but I will ask that thing. When can we ask so Yah, mon, I have no problem. Like you know how long I've been going since it happened that I went from 10th class, too. Call it second wave into the gym then. I had a slip this and then I was at bed rest for around two to three months and then again started so I would say that at very regular thing. I've been going for your nose. Yeah. When I began jamming, I think I used to do one and a half hours of workout sessions in which I should take a break for 15 20 minutes have half a chocolate then I used to resume again. So one muscle I used to do for half an hour and then half an hour 40 minutes and then a little break and then another muscle for another 30 40 minutes in then I used to go home because I had a lot of Enough metal. I feel used to go there and chill and talk to people and really excited about my Calvin any type of food. I will go to the kitchen always. I never worried about my diet. Are there anything else? Oh, that's why my muscle is not perfect right now because due to diet nutrition and but how how how since how long you been going to the gym? And so you're going continuously to Jim since then. Okay. That's okay. You just need to have a Fit Body. I if anybody wants to be successful in life, they should have a Fit Body and you should they should look like a leader or else if you look fat and getting sad and everything to used to be considered good in no 1960s and fifty there. They used to love it if people had two phones. I fighting with my neighborhood and that's why I will haven't any time to go Jim since some days before but right now I do going every time but you know, everyone will be doing fight. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's me. Will not calling, okay? Yeah. Of course professional work professional Vista be a child if it's a cheater. We'll still but I don't know if my gamble, you know plus questions. I give a lot of attention material. I have done my graduation night is filled with my father was growing our crops and in my area in Punjab activity in my area. There is the big big big cows and buffaloes. Yeah, so that's good. No profit. Listen. I have another caller on line. Accepting make all I have yeah. Vo vo, you're most welcome and I hope okay, of course, it could be our secret below to I would be so glad thank you, okay. So we have another caller in mind and her name is not Hello not. Hey knock, what's up? What's up, welcome to the podcast with my can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you fine because there's something wrong with my so I think it's more of a signal problem. Okay, okay. So yes, yeah, so so so we were talking so we were talking about, you know, a step steps to develop confidence in yourself because you know, a lot of people talk about confidence. If you're going to increase your confidence, this is gonna happen and you know, if you're gonna do this then you're going to be confident, but they don't given a Exactly how to do it like, you know, if they are sore smart enough. I think people should figure out the way if you do this this you will be confident. So what do you think? What is the way to do that? Well, yes, there are lots of ways to do that. Usually it has to do something with our fear like or something like that. So, I'm sorry. I can't I can't I'm really sorry to cut you off, but I can't hear you. Your voice is breaking. Try Wi-Fi second accrue by Pfizer. Wife isokinetic Cruz Rodriguez, I'm sorry. I don't speak Hindi. I don't know you can connect to the Wi-Fi you get a better signal. I'm I I'm connected to my Wi-Fi, but I don't know. Sometimes it happens. Like yeah, this app is pretty new. I think the girl that they have real essos. Yeah, so my voice is breaking right? Yeah a little bit. It's good now. Yeah, it's fine. That's fine. If it happens again then yeah, maybe. Be able to come some other time. Damn. Okay, so let's check it out if we could break some not so we're going to start again, but you're not. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, the whole thing is hello not welcome to the podcast. My name is mano dot. I am from India. Okay. This is that noise. I like the place. Really? Have you been? Yeah. No, I have not been there. But my dad has been the my dad teaches you a lot. Yeah. Yeah, he's yeah. Oh, yeah, so my dad basically it is your land. He was in Thailand and everything. So he goes to all these behavioral Philippine and all my daughter's he sucks. So I'm sorry if Philippines and Indonesia rights No, it's another country. These sorry. So where were you when your gravity teacher was teaching the class? Yeah. Maybe I was bonking my stuff. Talent tree. Yeah, so what what what is your native language? It's in the nation, Bahasa Indonesia. Okay. So, how how would I introduce myself in Indonesian? Like my name is man of the thumb. Okay name is Norman tolk if you want to say, my name is Mana then you go. Okay. Now my Sia Sia means me. Okay mine. Not so Maya no, no, no. No Messiah. Yes. We right great. You got something on your well you pass on the first. Well, thank you. I think then I'll be able to get a job in Indonesia. Right? Sure. Sure. Okay. So what what what makes you choose this topic like late what's going on? Like basically, what I believe is that in this world. There are two kinds of people. Okay one who is a follower and one who's a leader people? Always, you know, they have an ideal self in their minds. Like you will always have an ideal self of yours and I will always have an ideal self of mind and I know that I should be like this, you know, and you should be like that. So in those ideals States you think yourself as a leader, right? So subconsciously everybody wants to be a leader and how do you be a leader? You have to have the confidence to be one, right? And confidence does not mean that you have to act cool. We have to be you know, perfect and you have to be amazing. It's it's just about how confident are you in being yourself? So how important is it to have confidence in your opinion? It's it's really important. I mean, even if you know, I practice like I'll give an example if I practice soccer. For a year and I have a tournament and eventually in the tournament. I don't have the confidence to execute my skill set then all of my training went we went to share right. So a confidence is when you have to execute. And in nnn, you know, when you have confidence, then you are then you are not panicking and when you're not panicking you're thinking clearer and when you think clear that yeah, you will intake more information. You'll be able to process it better. You'll be able to make a better decision. You know, where is somebody who's panicking or is worried or has a negative emotion in them at that point of time would not be able to do that because they will be engrossed in that. But confidence would give them that calmness in the chaos. So when my voice was breaking our saying that it has something to do with our fear, like when when we have to learn something then we will feel unconfident doing that thing, but I didn't get you and sorry again. I think it's whatever. Yeah you that it has something to do with our fear. Like are here fear of here. Oh, I feel yeah. Yeah. yeah, I mean your fears because you know people don't do people think they have this, you know, this mindset that about the limitation they think that the limitations are what they think they are but even given you try to execute and why do they think the limitations are our dark much as they think they are because they think after when you exceed, you know more than that, then you're in you know, you can die or you can you know, you will have bad repercussions of it. That is see your base thinking which is this is how everybody functions you know, and that is what you have to break. because actually what what do people do if you are in a group interaction, you know, there's a certain on certain people who will never voice their opinions, you know, why because they fear that somebody will be offended by it or they fear that it won't be given that much recognition agnostic be expecting so it's because they have here on yeah. Yeah, you feel unconfident. They feel inferior. Yeah. Yes, they feel that they are lesser than people lesser than somebody or you know a certain person, you know lack of confidence could really ruin your relationships. It could ruin your professional life as well as overconfidence is this one bag bag anything to say, you know, it's like I'm trying to I'm gonna run this race and I know that I love you like no that is all about confidence has confidence is that I know that I will give my hundred percent and even if I lose I know that I will keep on giving my hundred percent till I come first that is what confidences and overconfidence such a cocky shit. So so what's your level your level my level of confidence out of 10 would be 8. So where did the two I would say lack of lack of experience like ten on ten would be if My celebrity crush is in front of me and I'm smooth as fuck. Okay now that is a ten on ten. So that's question. Who's your celebrity crush Priyanka Chopra? Oh God. She's with Nick Jonas right now. She's such a hearty and I'm Scarlett Jones. Hmm Carly Carls both of them or their I shouldn't say a lot know it was really nice talking to you. Thanks for having me. It was really nice talking to you, too. I hope that you keep listening to my podcast and we keep having good conversations sure come to my podcast as well. If you have time, sometimes I'll follow you right now and everybody who's listening followed that what do you talk about now? Tell me about your podcasts. Let me advertise you here. Oh wow. Yeah, I have a marketing. Okay. Well, I have 1 1 this is really one last question. What is spiritual really actual spiritual Relic is my page on Instagram and it kind of connects to me because I am a spiritual being I think of everything in energy and and really just means an Egyptian artifact which I think what my mindset is so I and you know, the tagline of spiritual Relic is your god. And this is what I believe that every human being is a God if they believe that the I mean, you know, we don't see it in that way anymore because it is so normal for us. But if you understand that human beings can fly go underwater as much as they want to they can legit walk on water. They can, you know clone them say the they can clone animals. They have gone. So in depth that they are changing the course of Nature and who can change the course of nature or God and and you always have the power to change your life too. So that is my whole point if people can bring such crazy changes world. I think you were powerful enough to change yourself, too. So with that I'll be ending this podcast to because yo, thanks again. Thank you so much. Why not? So with this I would like to ask if anybody else has any more questions they can ask me because I'm going to end this podcast in 15 minutes. And yes after on Mom. What's up, long time? No see Joe Howe with the flow whoo-hoo but Conference of manav 11 on 10, of course, man. What is the answers your question the surely you'll have to listen to the whole podcast again, but I'll give you a little review that if you want confidence, you have to be you have to be comfortable with who you are with what you are with your realities in life your flaws. If you're comfortable with that, then you can very easily, you know be confident in any situation. And also one little note I would like to give before I say that Nikita. Yes, you can join call me off and I would like to tell you that. confidence is something that a leader has because in front of him, they are only obstacles but a follower can always walk on a path that has been walked on that is why you need confidence to be a leap. Okay, so we have online and basically yes, you're saying that I want to change but I don't have courage ya see listen. Hello. Yeah, nigga, please. Can you hold for a second? Don't say sorry one. It's okay. It's okay. So basically is if you want to change then change. I can't change City. But how do I change things? You can change, you know, I'll tell you very simple thing. No, it is not a very direct advice. I cannot really, you know, tell you when all lying how to change or how not to change but you have to start doing things differently and you have to start, you know, asking yourself the most basic questions because I can see that you want change and if you want chain, that means that you're not happy my only advice to you that would be that you have to create your own happiness. So you have to really understand what your reality the Really understand what they are what they are because if you don't understand that then you would be diluted and all your decision would be going in vain. They would have no changes in your life. That would only be just a waste of time. So, please understand what the realities are get'em, you know the kind of financial condition. You have the kind of environment you're living in the Kinder rules you have because you're living in somebody else's household. That is your parents. Of course or the other then you to make a co-worker rules multiple times. So these are the kind of reality they have to be you have to understand with the kind of resources you have and don't be scared bro. You know the worst you can ever do is not do it. You will regret it. And that is a very helpless feeling and trust me sadness anger this and that they are all okay, but helplessness that fox you from within. Okay, well surely so I've given you an answer and Nikita. Hey Nick about how are you? How are you? I know I remember my first broadcast. You were the first one to comment on it. Okay, but I don't remember that's fine because you made up what God is like. Encourage. Yeah, did I say something wrong to you? I don't remember. They why do you think a rapist? I was always try to put something like some funny comments on the comments section and some people get offended by that so, how'd it go in here? I'm not that Z keyboards would hurt me. Even if you said something is fine and it's not good for those people. Let's use to do that. Lucy looks adorable double. Don't be so negative. Is there any question that you have or do you want to give any points on the topic of how do you develop confidence? Actually, I have always been like eating to acquire the confidence. I don't know why like confidence saying so what directed to me because whether it is a celebrity or Cool a coolest guy in like in school or college they actually confidence him so attractive and like them I always wanted a confident. You don't know. I like how much courage I had. I had together to join this work fast. Oh, I'm glad I feel I like lots of people are watching me and then I thought if I say something stupid they love and you should love with them. It's a good I can literally get panic attacks when I go and stay then. You feel you don't know Wilson answers before you go on the stage with me Stu like every month I get like some sugar and everything and that'll be on the stage. Right and when I'm on the stage everybody looking at see the alleged every I over there the The people who are looking in the television the people who are surrounding me everybody's looking at me, but that is not been I feel nervous. I seemed always when I'm about to walk on the stage and you know, who else used to feel nervous when they were about to go on the stage. His name is Sachin Tendulkar. I you know, I was listening to his interview once and what he said really astonished me. You know, I felt like an icy mine. Yeah, is it because of the dogs? Yeah, damn. Actually, I have like seven dollars. Denial about five outside the house dogs. Yeah the Box because what is they'll do nothing else to do TV need exceptional which other Yeah, so what I was saying was even Sachin Tendulkar, you know used to feel nervous when used to go on the ground to play but you know, so the whole point of what I'm thinking right now is it don't psych it anybody of yo, you know, no matter how many things you do. How many times you do? You can always feel nervous and you know that nervousness is kind of what Really attracts people to do that thing, you know, you you will always have the power to change the situation and Nikita, you know, I I also once had an anxiety attack. Like I've had I've had like a roundabout three anxiety attacks, which were like egg do Solomon. I've had ten. But again what confident like yeah, that's wicked lie. I did not 11 out of 10 the way you think I mean see that it is you people being modest. I'm just it's not that I'm you know, I am confident. Okay, it's not that I'm not confident. It's just that you know when I had those in xiety attacks I realize that it is of no sense for me to think so much, you know, and when I was having those attacks, I was the only thing that was going on in my mind was all negative thoughts. It was none of them were positive and I realize that if my negative name was up there and in one of those attacks, I changed the whole situation. I changed the whole scenario according to how I wanted it. You know, what happened was I was in a club. Okay now now I was with a friend of mine and she went away. Because you know she was with her other friends were then just ended and she went there and I was standing there for half an hour and suddenly I started having this panicky feeling. My heart beats are releasing. I was you know trying I was trying to breathe but I couldn't breathe and it was a very panicky situation and I sat down and I was there for like half an hour just sitting okay after half an hour. Listen, this is after half an hour. Aye aye. I was like what the am I doing here? And why am I thinking so negative and I was thinking like, oh, she's not interested me. Oh fuck. I look ugly or what? What did I do? Something wrong with this and that and I stood up and I started dancing and I was and I was I know I started dancing they were this little A group of people II went inside the group and I started dancing with them and and before dancing. I did this one very very funny thing Okay Ross tell me they cases of randhir Kapoor courtesy of Newport. I did exactly the same thing. I was like baby cot Saul omalu sorry, but they are too so I'll also I've burned I'll just get in the crowd and I started dancing with All to meditate group of you know from a situation where I was sitting down holding my head and being like a are made to getting up and changing our whole scenario. They cope at a my scooty cigar. Man was Club miss a scooty pep. Say bars are o people of saluting me and here. Are you kidding me? Like I'm not kidding. You may die. Loamy Oklahoma border to Meera Bai Bai to ask me to And you know some of you Nikita. Manipulate a situation change cuz I decided I wanted watching movie right now. I'm glad I'm glad this is why I do the podcast to entertain you all. but your Nikita So should that is the only point to this whole story is that? Don't you believe cartoon on Nikita what the model is such a secret? Yeah. I don't know what I have. I think I have heard somewhere about it. Yeah, so so we sure do with the secret code but This this what I'm trying to tell you, then that thing understand this what I'm trying to tell you that whatever you will believe in will become your truth. I was time to Jamaica who separated over anxiety attack is a I did not do anything. My personal situations a harmonica Bay Area and I let it happen to me. But third time when it happened, I was like this many Sarajevo Judea Masala paneer bhujia food. That's that's because sometimes you get like supporting in water like you were in club and the people with yeah so much supporting they actually join As I could look Lois. It's like people, you know, they join me because yeah to be very honest. I am a very tall good-looking guy. So anybody would be happy to you know dance with me until with me. So that is why I'm not saying Kira environment was Dad, um, yeah you exactly and that what you were thinking on that moment like and you were like you you will getting panic attacks. Yeah. Whilst I'm big you asking what I was thinking. Yeah, like what I was thinking. No, because I'm a professional model in Jaipur. Okay, so I was like Jaromir e is the carriage I give Luke a sumnima kilobyte. Hewwo a Bonito mega church, and she went to you know male friends and I was like in that situation. Only these the thicker agree and make love mithila become. Are they going to say to me, too? Everybody to put out to put out to put them up a cookie the market open either butter, but talked to Peter Laker. I know that demand but what are so beautiful? Should I do what you do man? You tell me one of your stories like when you like, you know how to deal that Tanika tag or anything? Yeah, it was a are quite normal because I didn't do that kind of thing. You did it was quite I remember this when I was in school. I had to present some speech so I was so afraid and yeah when I get like nervous I start stammering like I see like Yeah, I'm doing right now. And yeah, it was a and I actually did sometimes I loved the stage in between the the whole speech. Yeah, I do but and I regret after that it's a quite normal. I didn't do the things you did. That was like very entertaining. Yeah. It's an incident like confronted some condoms situation where I did the way you did one day. I will my friend was throwing a party and I went there and and my few naughty friends handed me a glass of drink and I was I didn't know like they told me like it's a soft. Drink or something. I didn't know that it was something else and I just drink that and I just started dancing. It was like just out of my character. I just went to this stage and I did so yeah just and I started abusing people and yeah some people still I have my videos I did they achieve body body body. Yeah, it's a it's a good thing because that is what makes memories man. Although my say any more luggage is a collective way so to keep but letting go is funnier, but the but the point in a bunker to not to ask me mother. Do you know you have to give to anything which is one chit? Okay, so put it in me. You know kcpt's Kyle or motlow children Queenie kcat scope not up and see mother. Can you literally good at that's what I do? No reason to be sad. There's a reason one more thing the week you call me Nikita. I feel like I'm talking to my friend. Because I am your friend. Yes. Is it that Omnibus pehli baar about career, but I have all good intentions for you and I don't give a about to mainly kottarakara not realize but if this podcast brings any value to you other with the Book of Enoch a he Series in the game a co-ed subhanallah, that is all I want nothing else. Okay, so, you know, I know you have you heard all of my podcasts. No, just it's a second. It's been fun. It's my second podcast listening because I have made only seven podcasts last night. Sorry, sorry. Are you just sorry sorry, buddy. And anybody who's listening Solis? I thought I was doing good. Yeah, so funny. I know that. Thanks. so so anything with one phone call, I have another call on line. I'll have a little conversation with them also, and then I'll be ending the podcast. It was amazing talking to you. And any last words you would like to say to our audience all me. You know, like I'm the best man of your the greatest assembled. It's I have been spending like a cheap I guess on this app. You are coolest guy. I have ever Dog Dance. Thank you. Thank you so much some little talking about to know about me. So really like your hair by the way, thank you so much. Thank you so much. That really means a lot to me. I grew those hair just to get this compliment him a sexy. okay, so I'll be I'm going to pick up somebody else then and hello Somali. What's up? Sona yeah, hi mono. Hey, how are you? Hello. Hello. How are you? Yes, Molly. Yes. Yes my no. I'm doing well. And what about you repent? Be only between what to do. Ebola yoga is to be a successful person is so behind this success. The pasta is also one of the reason yes the both I will delete them because if it shows what it is a very powerful meditation, you should be alert everybody who gets to know about the pasta and the meditation really gets in you know in line. If that meditation because it is very natural which basically bhagwan Neal's gonna be month of a job. Nia is just you and your business and that's it. Leaves it is a bullet or him. I tell the tale and I think was gonna love it. Let's go. I love you too. And when I decided to is nice. Consider the sahir. I didn't do a good job as equipment near two. Very honest job has too many cooks. He's on the silica gel. Bulls out there was a so we personally BSA ogygia art doesn't connect with impunity bohemme Sacandaga little who doesn't Cucuy homie. yeah, yeah could be coconut or ocu to key job maitika to relax and Sleep okay. Yes, it's Leo. Poker Noche que que estaban saw the biological or psychological benefits and that is so sweet. Thank you so much. So do you took up the you up? Okay, take it out. And I'm going to end this podcast with this last call. Thank you. Everybody. You can follow me on Instagram spiritual dot Relic sonali. Any last words you want to give our viewers viewers? Okay listeners would like to suggest to all you guys join mono. Join, Manos join models called and follow you follow my know that because he's very very positive. If I were just gonna magically board who not so definitely new scheme of the bodies are equality only as a movie like that. So you all have to follow man. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much sonali and ha. Yes sahib. Old Yeller key variable readmitted. dude So, okay. So by some ugly and have a great time. How do you expect to do this? Whatever you would okay everybody. So I'll be leaving you can follow me on Instagram spiritual dot Relic and Mana wonders got the If you want to join me for a talk to me about anything you can always be available on this platform school, because I love this platform everybody. God bless you. Hope I brought some value to you, and I love you all. Goodbye. Goodbye. Any much. Love all my workers, but I'll be close by.