So hello guys welcome you all again and our new podcast that is about how to earn money by speaking English. What? What is this real? Can I earn money with speaking English? Yes. Yes my dear. It's really you can earn a tons of money by speaking English and how it's going to be possible. That's all I'm going to tell you in this forecast. So let's begin it. The simple thing Senator terminology that you are required to be understood is that you can earn money with anything that you are desired when there is required to things right? You required a customer the first major thing occurs chamber, which can pay you for that site and second thing is a valuable service any kind of thing that you want to give your customer. Is that a service if you have amazing service a mind-blowing service at the service? That a customer deserve it needed and you provide the customer that one so the customer is equally wanted and so his occur ready to pay the money, right? So in this way you can monetize any kind of business that you wanted to write. So how does things work? So in order to make these things work you have to be a good in English, right? If you want money you if you want to create a money at a time some money from speaking English just by speaking English you must you know how to speak English how to pronounce it how to modulate your voice and how to engage people audience attention how to interact and how to manage your communication skills this other some things that you really quite to know and by knowing all the things you can teach whatever you have learnt the people and even you can monetize it by mean you can charge and by the charge you can earn money right so you might be We think that how can I learn the terms of money out of the money from just by learning English? So I must tell you that a lot of business classes there lots of English classes. There are lots of different types of classes going on which gives our English course our English-speaking course. I did you enroll in those courses and teach the people in that film either you start your own one, right? You can start your own speaking English speaking agency or Carmi orian stood any kind of thing that that you willing and you think that could be beneficial and you proud of yourself, right? Because being a proud for yourself with the first in the middle thing before you earn anything, right? Even if you are earning respect Market, if you are earning money in the market and the kind of thing that you want to own the first one is the thing is the commitment right? You have to commit yourself that yes, I want to do that as my passion and I want to follow my passion. Nobody else. I'm going to see I just want to see my passion that if you have such kind of judgment, right if you have this kind of thinking you will probably be able to hit it. You will probably be able to make it possible right this The few strategy cool things that you can make possible in your life. You have to put all these things for granted, right? So these are the basic things which will be requiring you to make money for Buzz. Just knowing from English any kind of things that you want to know any kind of things that you want to learn learn any kind of things just message me just follow my podcast as Vicki Creator just type of Vicki research and follow me you can request Miko All just like my podcast comment in there so that I can create a search more content because your comments your valuable feedback really motivates me a lot and this really really really be beneficial for me and other people to be understood what's going on. So, let's have a break. So goodbye and wait for the next podcast the goodbye.