So yeah, let's see. Let's wait for a couple of businesses ask them that if I'm not able to them and yeah, and we'll get into the topic today is also a short topic. I'll try to cover everything in this one about how to get out of like I can't do it mindset. Let's wait for a couple of minutes so that we can have a couple of listeners at least to make sure that the ensure that firewall my voice is audible to everyone and then we're getting the talking. Hi everyone. If I'm audible to you, please type. Yes and comment section. I'm waiting for your comments guys. I'm waiting for your comments. I'm waiting for your comments. Yes. Thank you Timbaland Ybarra. Thank you so much for making sure that I'm audible. Thank you so much for the admin guys. I have a million to Welcome to My podcast, please. Press the heart button and do follow me on open Talk. The hot button which is just beside your text in column. Just press that. Okay. So let's get into the topic. Let's not delay anymore without further Ado. Let's get into the topic. Yeah. So what is this? I can't do it mindset when someone says I can't do it. I say to myself. What do you mean you can't do it? Yeah, I have to do you say this one? Maybe you don't want to do it but saying you like can't. Do it is completely different story with right mindset the positive attitude and a Clear Vision of what you want to accomplish. The only thing that is holding you back is yourself. No one else is holding you back. If you are saying that you can't do it then definitely you are creating barrier for yourself first stop and stopping yourself from doing that. Don't do that. So, how are you going to get out of this icon to mindset and we will be discussing on that one. Just couple of seconds guys. I'll be back in one minute. Okay, guys negative Vibes be Melinda Berra. What are you saying about negative vibes? Please guys do be active in comment section share your viewpoints share your doubts and you can just click and have a go too. So yeah, let's get into the topic. So it like the Gant is a terrible word and it has to be taken out of our life by saying you can't do something you are already doubting yourself submitting to defeat and like you're making the barriers around your life tighter. So today right now. We are going to remove this word for good from now on there is nothing we can't do you have to have this mindset and we are going to discuss some points which will be able to help you to remove this word can't life and then you will be saying like I can do everything in my life. So first, let me tell you one important thing, which is very important to remove this can't from your life is attitude. And I believe that attitude is a tattoo. Your attitude is everything it's a reason you are why and how like your facial expressions you are emotions your body language and potentially the end result. Have you approached a an opportunity and the result of it is solely based on you. It's not based on your boss. It's not based on your work workers are like friends. Okay, Lana how Knights take an example. It makes explain with an example. What can we take for an example? We should have relevant example that you can have both the positive and negative ends. mmm Yeah, this example will be good. For example, if you enter a business meeting with us or attitude that negative energy can spread like wildfire and people can also feel it. Maybe like even The Taste the negative Vibes which are passing through yourself having this or attitude. This is not an impression. You want to leave isn't it? You don't want to leave a negative impression in a meeting in a business meeting. So now imagine you entering the same business meeting. Like inconsistency. Yes. Yes. Billy will be vulnerable bearing your right inconsistency. Like if you enter the same meeting business meeting which we are discussing here in the negative X. Now, let's go with a positive attitude that whatever happens in there is going to be your result and it's going to be in your control not someone elses. Of course, you can't always win. Okay so that you have to remember you can't always win. I'm again using the word account which you want to remove, LOL. But even if the outcome is negative your attitude and perception can turn it into a positive. But the question is can you do it and the answer is of course you can because there is nothing in this world. You can't do it. It's much better to be known for your positive attitude your Poise or your energy or the reason why things go so well because you are able to maintain such character a negative attitude in the easy. Definitely it is easy easy to Plain, it's easy to be mad. It's even easier to do nothing to change it. So that is why I say that attitude is an atom is a tattoo. So when I say your attitude is that too it sounds permanent. Yeah tattoos can be removed. But that's not the point. Your attitude is like a tattoo because you wear it. People can see it and sometimes they will judge you on it. If you maintain a negative attitude, then it is permanent until you change it change your attitude and I guarantee the results change as well. And how can we do that? How can we bring the change in our attitude believe you can do it you have to believe that you can do it excuse was. Why am I saying that you have to believe? Do you know why most people say can't and doubt themselves before even trying anything? It's a lack of self-confidence and fear on many different levels. The one thing we have to push from our self is fear fear of like a bad results fear of change fear of denial fear of the loss the fear that makes us very and lose sleep. Worrying is the same as going outside with an umbrella and waiting for rain to hit it stop worrying and move on. Machinery Google doc team is amazing. Thank you so much, Miss Ena. Thank you. And groundbreaking step one that is usually the hardest to take like start telling yourself. Like you can do something anything and you will do it to the best of your ability. Why am I saying this remove your doubts remove your fear and stick with positive energy that will be helping you for sure. Whatever. It may be. It could be a love life. It could be a professional life. It could be like you trying to let a person know about your feelings and emotions which holding for him in your heart towards him It could be anything be positive and believe that you can do it. Don't let the fear overtake you. And you and there are failures. I don't guarantee that if you don't have fear of doing the things you will definitely succeed you will fail for sure because failure is as important as success do not fear fail. You have to embrace the failure do not run away from it face it learn from it grow and take actions and just remember you will never know success if you have never fail either for okay. I'm repeating it again. You will never know success. If you have never failed don't let one simple and ugly word like plague your confidence. You are better and stronger than that start making the change. And to dr. Him you how can we make a change isn't it? I know this question will be popping up in everyone's mind. This is a step-by-step. Like I'm taking like an ascending order to understand in depth, but to actually start the process of change is very challenging. Why is that it could be fear? It could be time don't know how or where like where you from where you have to start. Oh, we have another bead Heather here. Let's have a word with Navid. David Nadine it is much better to point. We are connec allowing white nerdy. Hello. Hello, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking so brother. Yeah, tell me something about you. Yeah about myself. I'm an English tutor motivational speaker. And an author of Book understanding women is easy. And what about you? Brother, as you know that I'm David from Pakistan and professionally I'm photographer mean I cover events like wedding do photo shoots with that. I am also social and political activists. Like I like to help people like specially, you know, the people who are not getting any help from the government department. So, you know, I I like to help, you know needy people like and because it gives me so much satisfaction. No wonder I am so much acted in their social period mashallah. That's really good Nelly. That's really good. So brother like for how long you are just teaching in English or you are just you know in this field as an English tutor. Yeah, when I first came into teaching fill, it was like four years and I started teaching in additions then into the language. Yeah. It was a change you change and I started teaching in universities then in the school's then I started training teachers on different aspects. and the main thing is you are like you are not taking any extent you are just you know, and going with your original X and then there's the most important and that's the most you know, liking thing which I'm just liking in you, you know, some guys here just affect their accent and you know, like I think we should always go with our original things then, you know, we can put like if we go with our own original extent With our vinyl things that definitely we can also, you know, put our concentration on the great like if we just focus on the X and or something like that then we can also lose the grip on our concept vocabulary grammar. So so many things we can lose the grip if we concentrate on other things. Yeah, you are. Also you are great English speaker. And also you are not seeking any extent you are just going with the Reno and a day because I believe that if The Listener is able to understand me. That's more than enough. I don't need any accent very good evening doctor. You may have a higher drop somebody you're great. Thanks. Thanks Ganesh. Yeah, you know you put a title that I can do it there. That one is a great like, you know, even the impossible world is as saying that I am possible. Yes is always we always remain in any kind of situation. We always remain positive. So when we remain positive in any kind of situation, we can also, you know, put the result into the positive way. So I think like with the Mindset we can achieve also the positive outputs on yes. You're right Mary. That is what I believe. That is. The reason I came up with a topic like how to get out of I can't do it mindset. Why do we even have this mindset? Because we have this negative Purge inside of which we have to remove it with some positivity. And once you start believing that yes, you can do it. Then you will start taking steps towards it. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. All right. And yes, once we start taking the steps, it is not guaranteed that you will get good results. But at least you have started taking steps and that will also lead to the failures. So that is the reason I'm taking all step-by-step procedures so that everyone can understand. First of all you want to get rid of I can't do it mindset. So what you have to do, then you have to understand that why do you have this attitude of I can't do it is because of negativity. So what should you do to remove the negativity? You should learn to be a positive attitude. So what you what you can do to do that to have and Ideally, you should have an attitude which is understandable. And how can we do that by holding positivity and trying out the options and believing in ourselves and what will happen if we believe in ourself and take the steps, we will face failures in any of these steps. We shouldn't be scared of like taking the next step. Exactly, exactly. Go right because I don't want because this is also the step of Glory or towards success is also the part of that success and you know most of the time when we get to fill in any kind of field we get so much demoralized and you know, because this Nation we get into the depression or something like that. And in that negative mindset, we think that oh I can do this and right now something like that. So like in human in this in this failure section, we can like we always you know, you know, we always just stand up and then we just get down so fascinating is the most important. This is the most important. Current thing in the process of success, huh? That is what I believe about failures. We should learn from our failures. We should face it learn from it Grow from a take actions towards it and I also used to tell that you will never know success if you have never known failure. Exactly exactly. To if you want to be succeeded, then you should know the failure. You will be if you don't taste the failure. Trust me, you will never be succeeded in that one. Yeah, exactly. And you know in life life is like totally and sometimes you get you know a good time. Sometimes you get bedtime, you know good and bad patches is the light is the part of life. So, you know life is like a cycle cycle as you see that, you know ups and down up and down up and down, you know, like there is a not a constant situation. You can find even the constant line in the life circle. You always find the No not stand down. So I think this is the life. Yeah, because it cannot be avoided and I think this example was given to me by I don't remember the name of the person but he gave a wonderful example comparing life with a video game. If you don't have any challenges in any of the video game wouldn't be interesting to play. No, it won't be any fun. Just imagine there is an empty game line where you are just walking through or running through and you are finishing the game. It is of no fun. You won't make anything out of that one. So in the same way life should have hurdles that will make it a true life if you don't have a And downs in your life, then you can't truly cherish the moments of the life that you're having right now. exactly So like if you bro, it was really a great talking to you. So, you know yesterday, you know on the rocky Port cost, you know, Eddie. Huh? I'd like to ask you questions if you don't mind. Yes. Yes, you can is it true? No, that was only a fun brother. That was all you we were just you know stand between me and bonding between us so that's why we started some fun there because you know whenever You just go on you know, any kind of boat cost any kind of topic because you know, there was a podcast time I think relationship or something like that, which is what we thought that we should also discuss and that I'm that person came on that podcast and we started some fun with that person. Okay net. That's really good talking to you. Thank you so much for joining me here. Then do presents your heart button. Share your love and is it was really one? A full-time having a word with you. Yeah, brother. It was really a great talking to you are doing really a great job job. Like you are just coming here on this application on different kind of you know topics and you're also educated you are just sharing your knowledge sharing your experience with the guys with the youngster with the newcomers. So definitely bro, you're doing really a great job. So we just keep it going and Insha'Allah we will stay in touch. Yeah. Thank you so much Terry. Thank you so much for being part of here. And yeah, I do. Follow me on open talk and do share your love, press the heart button, and we'll be having a lot of content in upcoming future and thank you for your service. Would you like to ask me? Yeah right now I don't have but I think you should go on your topic. So inshallah in future in next coming future. We will talk on different things. Okay? Yeah. Sure. Thank you. Okay, brother. Take care. Good. Have a wonderful day. Okay. Yes guys before we take it to the next caller. Let me just have a word on this one that why do we have what we Face problem when we start to change in order to bring change in ourselves, it's hard because we are doing it like a it's a nun learning your unlearning something not learning and learning what we know we know negativity and we're unlearning it. We are used to do things a certain way and changes are like we have been doing them from years. So we are unlearning that so here so today that is what we are going to discuss in. Like the base I avoid using the word can't and actually that's a step that we have to put forth the for the change that we wish to hope to see in ourselves. I hope you can incorporate that topics which are discussing here into your own life too and make good benefit out of it. So yeah, let's have the next caller. Rocky then we have oh my God, we have so many so so we'll make a call short guys because there are so many on call. Hi donkey, I don't care. How are you? Hello. Okay, can you hear me? Rocky can you hear me guys? If I'm audible, please. Let me know please. Hello Rocky inaudible to you. Just a second guys. Audible Guys, if I'm audible, please type yes in comment section because I am facing this issue and open talk. Sometimes the sound goes on mute. Thank you so much Ganesh. So yeah, so what were we discussing about like? Yeah how to bring the change right? So now what can we do to bring the change? Thank you so much guys, thank you so much and guys do press the heart button. Do share your love. Let's have a word with Uncle. Oh, sorry, knish. Then we have one kit. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hello, by the time you get connected with knecht. Why don't we have a small idea on like how to bring the changes in our self? Yeah. Hello Connie. Hi, I can assure you. I am good. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Yeah, so I want to pose to you back on my eager to talk to you. Yeah, there you are. Wo Crystal Clear. Yeah. So today's topic is How to get out get out of like any depression and anything else okay, and I can just say I cannot do it. Okay. Mine said, yeah, absolutely. It's a problem of our youth okay because that is the reason why they don't want to face any kind of hurdles and obstacles. I think this is the reason because they never want to conquer their mind and that's why they never succeed and never succeed means like they don't have any purpose. Okay, so I consider that man on this planet if they have purpose it means they are these Youngest person on the standard. Yes, one wonderful topic on like having purpose in your life because when I asked everyone the question that tell me about yourself they were telling me about their names their places and their education qualification, but when I asked him that this is your identification, what is your purpose in your life? They were confused. I was so surprised to see that many of the people don't have a purpose in life and they don't even know that what is their purpose? Exactly exactly. It's a common thing and We'll even don't want to understand that. What is the importance why they are on this planet and why why they are different from others. What is this thing? They never want to understand it. This is the I think it's a loophole of our society. Yeah, and I even believe that it is a loophole which of our education system to because there are only educated to get Marx. Yeah, right. It's totally true and it's a bitter true of our society that people don't want to study out of see Neighbors, they just think that if they read this book and they get good marks then that is enough and I think in this Society not in this society and whole world. If really you want to do something then you need to study out of syllabus and you need to do something with Jim majority of people are not doing okay. So that is the thing which which separate you from majority of people. So there are only minority of people who are doing different from others. So I think in engineering sector as same thing also happening like purple, are you studying lots of book but in practical If they don't have any knowledge and and it is kill, okay, so that is the reason why unemployment is also so high and there are some other for care factors also responsible for it. Yes condition. You're absolutely right about that one. What is the word educate mean by educate 40 itself mean by it's a Greek word is still made by to give exact not yet exist. Yeah. Yeah. I want to say like in ancient time many scholars and many philosophers said at like education means What you are studying something because you want to help someone like in present scenario. If we see that there are no people are getting education because they want some kind of job and some kind of employment. They just want to earn money but education doesn't mean money. Okay it never proportional to money. If you are getting any education, it means that you need to spread it. Okay, you need to help someone education is for the welfare not for your own pleasure. Okay, because now people create education it has a business. Okay, but I think Location is not a business. It's a good thing which everybody need to spread like an coronavirus. It's epidemic. It's a pandemic in the world. Okay. Now people need some awareness now. Wh also saying that please wash your hand and do sanitize yourself to sanitize your home don't need to go outside isolation is very pigmented. So these are the information and knowledge and some kind of education which they are providing free of course, and that is the reason why the virus is not spreading as much as that can spread if that information. Mission is not available in public places. So I think education is we like to do welfare and to help someone not for his is going to be first of all, I believe that education has to be modernized modernize doesn't mean by implementing technology in that to T. It is the same content which you have been teaching from like past 20 years. You don't have the same things in the syllabus that you need to learn and stay alive in this present 21st century. It has to be changed into the modern situation to Modern conditions with And development of yes, yeah exactly. The syllabus has to be changed. It has to be modified. Absolutely. Like what is happening in engineering colleges. They are studying like 1990s syllabus and 2000 syllabus. But right now what is the current demand in 21st century demand is like people want to learn machine learning and Quantum Computing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. These are the present need. Okay, and I think that we are still in like lots of private colleges. In private colleges, they are studying lots of old things. Okay. Now I think people need to study in Practical life. What is in a word like they need to do more practical because skill is very important. If anybody know he's able to explain something. It doesn't matter. If you are not able to operate any machine, then you are useless. Yes. Definitely. That's the thing and connects. There's a one or two bitter example in engineering to when it comes to the missionary which they use in practicals are the still the old Machinery, which was like past 20 years still sitting in the Colleges, but when they come into the real life situation, they see something new equipments which they have never faced. Yeah, absolutely. And I think that in India, we have lots of engineering colleges, but still they are not providing such kind of infrastructure and this is the loophole of our society and people are eager to do engineering but they know that after when they get that degree, then they are useless. They consider as a laborer for them. Okay, that's it. That is the reason why we have huge unemployment. Even we don't we have lots of number of Engineers, but they are not Not very skilled there. They don't have any skill. They have only degree. That is enough. That is it. Okay, and I want to share some fat like apple apple is a multinational brand, you know, like iPhone. They just want to come in India. They want to establish their Factory in India. But when observing India, they found that there are lots of Youth in India, but they are not very skilled. So they found that if they invest in India, then they need to provide some skill to India and they also create some Picture and lots of things they need to do so that is the reason why they escaped it. They think that it is useless and input is high in output is that in less? So that is the reason I think skill in India is also not so good and they say that made in India, but I think it's can convert into assemble in India Nothing Is Made in India. Everything is assembled. We import something from China and now we assemble in India the what is the mean level point you can use wonderful Point made by you. I would like to add something to this one. You will see it's very clear now. We have the engineers like 50 lakhs Engineers all over the country and every year we are getting new set of Engineers. But why are they not skill because just understand one thing if you are a sculptor and you are work is to discuss statues and if you're not provided with enough information how to do that and if you're not provided with enough tools exact tools to sculpt a statue. How are you going to do that? Because if you're not provided with good facilities good education and the person who teach in a bell manner, how are you expected to Good engineers in our country. Absolutely and yeah, exactly and I also want to add like sometimes when I do some debate or some kind of discussion with my friends, like they say that we have lots of iits we have lots of Ames. Okay, and another on other hand they say that we want to make a university like Harvard Oxford. So I think Howard and Oxford these are the eminent University in the world and they are only one like in India. We have IIT. Kanpur IIT Bombay IIT Madras it rutila. Lots of IIT we have okay, and we said that we have a good Institute in terms of higher education, like iiiit IM and Ames so we are making another branches of IIT. I think if in India we have only one eminent Institute, then it get more Advantage. I mean like we get more skilled and more knowledgeable Engineers as compared to the if the government really want to open any other substitute of Institute, then they should open an IT and another small Institute. They provide The end up in first you want to open regarding education sector, they should have a standard quality levels chip. First of all before the any education to any of the student because whatever you are delivering that is what they are receiving if whatever they're receiving that is you're applying and after that you're calling them like an incapable of doing the work that is the problem of the institution not the problem of the student. He came there to learn if you are unable to teach him properly, then you don't have any right to say that he's incapable of doing anything except solutely and like what is happening like I just want to do everything privatized and you know that in this crisis we learned a lot of things like like we know what is the importance of government institutes and government hospitals. You know, that government is to do is always work for the welfare of people and private Institute. They were for their own profit. They just want to create a good balance sheet. Their main motive is death. Now the government's just try to make everything is privatized. Like if they want to sell Air India, they want to sell bpcl they want to sell everything like even they want to sell. I see also so in this crisis now everybody know What is the importance of government hospitals, like over people don't have enough money to do a test of this Virus deadly virus. So this time everybody realized like some past 30 years 30 years not a single government willing to invest more money in health sector. So this is the thing which I which we are basically paying right now. Yes gonna sue you made an excellent point there, but definitely and we are now off the topic. So let's bag em back to the type of switch icon Dojo answer and Kanesha. Do you hit me with a request whenever you have some free time? We'll do a collab on this topic is exactly on education system in India. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Definitely. We will cause yeah because 10 minutes of conversation 20 minutes of conversation is not enough to get a clear point of view on this one. We could have an entire podcast on the particular that tapping. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So I think I mean I want to say something on this topic if anybody is not online. So yeah, today's topic is I cannot do it. So listen, I don't Give you any example and anything else just understand and say to yourself guys who are listening as I don't know how many people but please remember just say through to yourself. If you are taking alcohol, if you are smoking something just ask yourself that it is good for your health. Definitely your body will tell you the truth. What is the real truth? They your body never lie you but it requires some courage to fight with yourself. I want to say like if you conquered your mind, then definitely you will conquer this world. You just need to cope up with Your mind because mind is the only thing which is controlling you and then like if you are doing any kind of hard work, okay, so add that time your body gonna you like if you like why are you doing you are not listening to your mind tell you like a don't do such things it gonna pain for you. This movement is so bad woman, but remember that time will become your strength later that became a joyful moment later for you. So just do it. This is the time. This is the moment. So it's a request not a request. It's a suggestion for you all because this time we'll never Come back. Yes connection to the river. That's a wonderful suggestion to all the listeners here and 280 people listening right now. Thank you so much guys, and thank you so much Carnage for the wonderful introduction, which you have given to all our listeners guys understand one thing learning is only a spectator sports until and unless you put that in action. Absolutely. Absolutely bro, absolutely a exact. So thank you so much, and I really like to talk to you. Thank you. I am always eager to talk to you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much condition and connect one. Word one more word yesterday you send the request but I was not able to connect with you. Sorry for that and understand I understand. Yeah, thank you. Okay, no problem. Okay. Thank you so much. Okay, Connie do share you a lot of press the heart and have a wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you - thank you so much. So yeah, before we get into one more call just I need couple of minutes that I can discuss few more pointers, which will be helpful for us. So the one thing which I had in my life to come out of that negative kind of mindset into so kind of mindset to have this positive attitude that attitude tattoo, which we discussed these writing down what you want to change. Yes, I'm not talking about taking a Load Books and start writing that what you want to change bright it on Post-its like a you can post write it on your note cards. Like what makes you more comfortable. So as I mean in a small diary with me always and have some cards affirmation cards are what I want to do in my life something you will always see which always with you. I usually write mine on like post it and put them all over all over my wall all over my computer screen to on my account on my CPU to I have a notice board. They're also paying All the things which are like positive energy passing to out to me from those kind of messages. Even behind of my monitor to I have like so many of them on my refrigerator too. So I write these things which I need to change in myself so that I keep on reading them and I keep on like trying to convince my mind that this is what you need to do in your life. This is how you can do in your life. This is what which is necessary for your life to have a positive take you to bring the change in your life and guys, trust me it works like Morocco. Thank you for yourself. Let's have a word with deep Chaudhary. and a finish can set up on day one important thing at wonderful thing that he discussed with his friends that is part of our topic 2 Hi deep. Yeah. Hi. Hi. Dr. Amy. How are you? Fantastic? Thanks for asking. How are you? Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking and a very very nice topic to you. I can I can't do it mindset see as per my thinking and my knowledge. It's totally depends on our mentality because in our day-to-day life, it's everything is possible. If you if you set up on your mind and everything is everything is possible and to an end and it's totally depends on You if you want to make it if you want to make a change, then definitely you will do it. Right? Yep. I think I think it's AI think it's totally depends on our education sector and and and and our society where whenever whenever we will stay and your and our education's and our mentality and it's totally Tate totally depends on us dude. Definitely totally depends on us. Yeah, but and I think why do we think that conduit mindset inside our hearts? I think I think practicing is most important if you if you want if you want to eager something something learning new the definitely you will you will do do that because because for example, some people are eagerly want to speak in English very fluently then e then easier if you can if you have practicing more and more that definitely they will do that. Just practicing is the most important. Okay deep the way you said. It's very nice Olympic explain the same thing which you said in my own words. The thing is that let's take an example of speaking English. And right now I'm somewhat good while speaking English. I'm still practicing a lot on my English. So when I first made this information that I need to learn English affluent one and I should be able to communicate with everyone and they should admire my English to and they should be like able to understand what I'm speaking. So I I was determined to what as you said that we should be focused on other things. But now what is the reason and unless replace the topic of like learning English with I can't do it attitude. Now, I want to have an attitude of like I can do it. But the journey to taking the step from this to that point like some I conduit to I can do it. We need to break but I don't know how to do it when it comes to learning English. I don't know. I want to learn it. I'm desperate for it. But I don't know how to learn it. Now when I start to learning the things in such a way. That I started experimenting at which is good for me to learn English. What should I do next and other people started giving me pointers on that one. I am trying on those things which is working out which out working out in the same way. Yeah having a positive attitude is a good good thing, but how to have a positive attitude and what is it stopping to have a positive attitude? That is the thing which you are discussing once we need that I can't do it my will be removed out of your contacts in your life. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I totally agreed with you, but but I but I II already told you it's totally depends on the situations. Where do you live? For example, if you if you if you're near is there is some your parents your friends your teachers and whatever your colleagues are totally supported and supporting you definitely you will do that. And and I am definitely you have some lots of positive energy positive energy positive thoughts are coming. If you if you stay with some negative they are people just a store so lots of negativities at the other definitely you you feel some Activity things are there. I think it's a totally depends on your my brain brain worship and brain activities and all my just my thinking and my experience because you are a very very serious in your for me and you are very experienced person. That's why you know very well apart from me, but as per my knowledge and my thinking just I am sharing with you you definitely definitely and I always welcome the points from other. Those two so that I can learn from them to less. I don't worry. Yeah, exactly. That's why we want we want in our in our native place and in our environment, it's a positive environment a positive environment positive atmosphere atmosphere is very very important part in our life in everywhere like in your office in your home in your Society. The for atmosphere is is very important. Hmm. Yeah, they do play an integral role until unless you have a strong determination towards something and you said that surrounding of people it does affect yesterday. Also, I had a conversation with Zulu to he also said that if you want to do something great then surround your yourself with the people who have that kind of mindset the same point right now. Yeah that place very important thing. But first of all to surround yourself with people like those which you want to become you should have a clear understanding what you want to become first. Hmm, you have an understanding here understanding that I want to become this in life. Then I will be trying to focus on people who have such kind of mindset success mindset a good mindset a positive mindset exactly for first-year personal purpose. If you want if you want then the eye I want this type of actives anything then that then people are eagerly two graphs of each and everything, but I already told you it's totally depends on our mentality for Well, as far as I I give you my example if I want anything, I totally I'm totally set up my mind, you know, I achieve that point I achieved that by hook or by crook - yeah that I set up my mind at that time, right? Yeah, once your mindset is fixed, then it's much easier for you to find the people of the same mindset exactly. I am I I never I never mind you whatever whatever other. I'll say oh, this is good. This is bad because negativity positivity is everywhere. Yes. We are every side to people to people. So this is a very good way. It is a very good thing some people don't know they did. There there there. There is there is lots of negativities are there. No there there in future. You will become a very you will become faced by this some problem. So just forget it. If you if you want then you can definitely do that and just focus on On that type of activity statute. Yes, the chakravarthy that's wonderful Point made by you and I really appreciate the effort which output here and really thank you so much for like sharing all point of your waves. Is there anything would you like to add detergent? Chakravarthy? Sorry chakravarthy know right now. I don't have any other points. Thank you so much dear chakravarty for joining here and sharing your points guys. I'm saying it. Once again. Whatever. We are learning here together try to implement that in your life. Then only will be having success and then we'll be having Having a positive mindset. Yes learning is not enough. You have to apply that in your life. Yeah. Thank you so much for joining with me here. I do share your love. Press the heart to follow me an open doc. Let's have some wonderful conversation upcoming future too. Sure. Sure sure, and thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much. So yes guys, we had a wonderful talk with the depth of poverty. I hope you understood the point of views, which was for you're trying to put forth which are like very interesting. You should also understand those things. And yeah, let's get into the topic and we'll discuss further more then we'll be having a one more call. So, I believe that discussing with strength is also very wonderful thing as finished as stated. And yeah, I want to save a vote on that one discussing your goals. Like what you want to change is very effective when you say it out loud and tell another person like other than yourself. Okay. It's almost like you have hey I bet I can do it. Watch me when I do it when you fulfill that goal and tell your friend. It feels rewarding and will motivate you to do it again in a different aspect. Who knows maybe your friend adopts the same mindset as you that the other thing which we discussed with the chakravarthy that we should be surrounded with the people having the mindset of Our Own in a positive way. You can give you a friend an opportunity to adapt to your mindset, which is your positivity and helping him in such a way. Isn't it that a good thing that you are helping your friend in a positive mindset where he can also have I can do it mindset and he will be having a positive lifestyle for himself with a positive mindset. So stop yourself from saying the Forbidden word. Why am I literally considering the word can't as forbidden because yes, we shouldn't be using that in such context and I'm literally against negative words whenever I have a word with my callers when they say that I'm not good like I don't speak good English then I stopped them there then and there itself. I asked them to use some positive words that I'm learning English. I have initiated to learn the language English in such a way because you are you should have positive words, which will be showing some positive impact on your mind. So stop yourself from saying that forbidden word, which is gone. Sometimes I can't control myself in public when I'm with friends. It happens. So I have to be careful with the words. I use so I don't embarrass or insult anyone so treat the word can't as the worst word. You can possibly use when you start hating the word can't then you will start avoiding it. So stop yourself from saying it like mine sentence if you must and turn your whole perspective to towards around it, and yes you can. Like you will do it and nothing is impossible. So like before we discuss further anything into the topic, let's have a word with yeah, we have collars here. Have face Muhammad. I'm trying to connect with Hafiz Muhammad. Hello. Hello. Hello I have is how are you fine? Fine? And you how are you surprised either I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking for dear old was here. I hope Harvest this is the first time you're having a conversation open Talk, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. This is the first time and I appreciate that. Thanks for meeting me. Here me here. Yeah after thank you so much for coming to my podcast. I really appreciate it. Would you like to tell about yourself, please? Yeah. Yeah, I am. From Egypt I am a teacher. Okay. I am 48 that's enough. How is he with the third person? I'm reading from Egypt. That's really great. I am the there's diversion from Egypt. Yeah, I already made to pay to other people who are from Egypt and I don't remember the name a lot. But yet still I do remember that. Yeah. I am. I am lucky to meet you doctor. It's a nice. It's a nice meeting each other. Yeah, that that's really good happens to you happens. What do you think about today's topic that how to get out of my Alec? I can't do it mindset. Thank you Doctor - for coming here. Thank you so much. Wonderful topic a thanks. Thanks a lot. Doctor - I would love to have a conversation that you talk trash. So please send your request if you are free right now. Yes half is yeah. Yeah. I am. Yes. First of all you also you should have a confidence in yourself this This can be done by being this attention to a negative thought try to surround yourself with good be would be would those be one motivate you to do everything. Okay? Yes. Okay. Yes, we can be kind to ourselves. We must accept ourselves. Even if we make mistake. None is perfect or be able to make me see so if you don't a mistake don't be upset, but try to improve yourself. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Also we can zero Army the means that we can take to be positive in all time something like going out and the motivating yourself and inviting your ideas. You can meet the eat this mediation improves your skills and improves your experience. Yeah, are you trying to tell about meditation or mediate? Mediation mediation now. Could you like to elaborate what mediation is? With the ocean is going and looking around at his base looking at Universe looking at trees nature. Yeah. Okay. Got it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah to be able to feel we can also give back to others we can help other we can offer he'll be to them emotionally financially any kind of help. These can improve us and motivate us to do. These things yeah. Okay. We wait. Yes. Yes. And we wanted to tell us that everything is possible. Yeah, and nothing is nothing is too hard to be obtained or to be achieved. Yeah. Okay. I also see that to achieve your goals or you can do things first. You should have a plan in your life. You should make a schedule the Ali and you should follow These things will help you to improve yourself. Okay. Okay. I'll say is that's really good. That's really good. Yeah, yeah. If you want to ask me I am married is here. Yeah, I have to say is thank you so much for sharing all your point of views. And yeah, I had it only doubt on mediation which I got clarified. Thank you so much for letting me understand what this is. I would love to try this mediation once for sure with my surrounding places. Once this Corona goes down because I can't sign anything, right? Yeah. Yeah, we can immediate after that after the Quran will be we can with you. Yeah. Yeah, if I tried to mediate now, Corona will be meditating inside me now, then who knows who knows? We are lovely thing to us all yeah. Okay, I face. Thank you so much for connecting me with me here. And I really love it. Yeah, please hit the like button share your love with me. And yeah, and I have a wonderful day. Nice, ain't it? Would you like to ask me? Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. I want to thank you for this is a nice meeting you. A shared is fruitful and I've been faced with a lot from you. Thank you so much have a phase. And I do follow me on open talk will be having a wonderful conversation stopped coming future to see you details of fear within the Okay, guys, let's continue with the topic which we are discussing about and I have been telling you the pointers like write down what you want to change in yourself like tell a friend and talk about it like and the stop yourself from using that so called forbidden word, which is can't so yes and we'll be discussing few more pointers on that one like but understand one thing guys, this is very important. You think this change will be overnight. No way definitely. No way this show this change will not be like overnight. That's for sure. And this is a practice. Sometimes you're going to do this for like the rest of your life from now until forever. And as I said earlier your unlearning what you know, your unlearning the negativity which you had and you know how easy it is to say that you can't do something but so by unlearning what this easy practice you are self discipline yourself to live without boundaries. So you are unlearning now practice this everyday like a little at a time and before you know, it the world can't like. The words only the word content will not be in your dictionary in anymore your life. So try to make sure that you that word and make it like forbidden the word. I'm trying to be can come up with your own ideas of like not using the word con. But why am I saying forbidden so that I considered it as the most negative word and which will be stopping me from being productive towards my health my belt my personal my professional issues. So yeah you have for what do you have to do this for like repetition repetition repetition, which have been telling you every single time you want to learn something you repetition is the key to unleashing your focus towards the thing when you keep on doing it, it will become a habit. so do anything that can reveal you uncertainity like what you say that when I catch myself saying like I can't do something or like I don't know something looking up informations like on the actions of the subject like doing research educating yourself. Let's release the uncertainty. That's for sure and I keep on trying sometimes I don't understand the things which I'm doing but still I keep on trying that maybe I might be able to find the solution and even today or day after tomorrow, maybe like a month later. I'll find a solution for that thing in a positive and a negative way if it is possible, then I'll be doing on that one. Yeah how much - just a couple of minutes. I'll be counting. Me, too. So we can't we just think that we can't do something because the whole idea of it seems too large we skip the small steps in our head and only focus on the end. Don't do that. Don't skip the small steps in your head before you say like, you can't do something rewind and slow down a little bit focus on what the first step is. Then the next step The Next Step take it in as take a small step at a time. And guys before you know it you will have done something which you previously thought which was not possible. This for sure. So let's have a word with sapiens. It's a Wonderful Name. I have seen him in comment section A couple of times whatever had a word with sapien. You connecting with Sapien here. Hello. Hello High sapiens. How are you? Fantastic? Oh, that's that's a that's a unique name. How do you come up with that name? Actually it goes to when I was a small kid I'll say and and of course 9 stranded we came across this in science. So yes, we've been is something which is void of any relay like religion caste and even so something I thought and I could get more connected with it. Yeah, but that's really interesting name. I saw you in some comment sections, but I never forgot your name because the choice of your work. Like the title went and document is like wonderful. Well, I think my name is good to hook audience. So I think I should start with something new with this name. Yeah, definitely. Why don't you do a podcast on sapiens itself, like having a brief on the topic a sapien discussing about the topic sapiens. Wouldn't it be wonderful? Yeah, so I like to introduce myself. Yes. My name is Tres and I am doing NG Horticulture, and I am a junior researcher. Also. I have all dressed in Psychology and cognitive Sciences. I love reading and I'm very good at extracurriculars. I also interest in sports and I love talking and explore all all-rounder. I love everything because life is so different like I Make from my I'm also very different brain. I say I think things that no one else will think. Oh my God. I love your man. I love you the kind of Nature and the mindset you have I really love you. Yeah, even I Feel so amazed when I see my surrounding and I'm like, oh my God, I live in so wonderful place and wonderful people new new things that they're which I don't know and I actually have passion of knowing them and I love doing that. You have an so like explorers own you want to explore everything? Yeah. Yoda Embrace everything that's really wonderful and the way you explore the things you I don't find any negativity in you were really happy for the having the things around you that this is really a great positive mindset, which I have ever seen on this platform right now, but this wasn't the case before one year. I just I just came out of depression that's last year and I think positive to the core that means he has Risin up himself from a depression. That's for sure. I can understand that but I have been through that. I've been through that. I was a psychologist doctor or something or general physician. First of all, dr. Amy is just a nickname, which I'm using it here. But some people started to often me that why are you using doctor? If you're not a doctor then I have to tell them that I'm a PhD holder in filmmaking and visual effects. So both the cases visual effects. Fix like what is it? Can you please tell me I'm very much interested. Oh, I got it like graphics and designing right? Yes. Yes. Ok. Ok. So just to shut those mouths. I have to say that I hold this PhD so I can officially also have the word doctor in front of with that that'll maybe instead of money. Okay, so I want to talk about the topic now, let's start. Yeah, how was it in just one second. I have this wonderful person. Mr. Orator here just Second place. Yeah, but it's a big on imanakum at the head of this covid gotta homemade ricotta gnocchi Savvy coach or a chase a ho-hum doctors have about shall appear whenever the Liturgy of your hand. Thank you so much. Yes Sapien, please. Okay, so mr. Psycho is saying Sapien likes to read one book is gonna sail I guess I guess you know what mr. Psycho. And dr. Amy. I am I am thinking of writing my book of you know, coming out of my psychological problems. Definitely do that. You should do that. You never thinking about it. Yes, I'll work on it. Thank you for that idea. Yes, I covid. Like understanding woman is easy and I was not sure if but that would be getting published or not, but it was published and I'm happy for that. And yeah, you should you should do that when you have an idea of writing a book take your time and go through all the chapters, which you have completed in your life and explained in such a way that a person will be able to understand and he in his own terms then definitely and you know what my journey was a bit unique because I just was so it was a broke down. Okay at that time and I I took help of doctor very late. So I have explored a lot of things and and it is a lot of experience. So I guess I could be able to write at least not a book but 50 pages something I could pileup I guess if I can. Yeah, and if I work on it, I wonder why the psycho is saying that one book is gonna sail, I guess he's saying that that you love reading books. So you will be buying one of our one of the book which I wrote so he's saying that I'll be getting fail on that one. It's time to be sarcastic. Yeah, of course. I will I will I will I love reading to walk. I don't know why and I will always like search for new people and and I have talked to you so I will be curious that. Okay. So what dr. Amy thinks about what is his thinking so I will definitely buy it. Is it is it available on Amazon? Yeah. It's available both on Amazon and Flipkart. Okay. Okay. What is the titled how to understand women now understanding women is easy. Okay, and decided to give them it is easy. Of course, I'll buy it. Okay? Okay. No you are your guess is right. Your guess is right here. So the Titan says that how to get out of hike I cannot I can't do it my insert. Yes. A doctor it is a very secret thing that is data. I am going to tell you. Okay, definitely, but it won't be a secret anymore want to tell this 678 listening right now. It's probably okay. You know what? Yes. This is a very serious notation and see the fear will acts. Please separate the doers and the not doers. And the ability the person having ability to face that fear. Will actually do it. Okay. So the person who is doing is a kind of Brave person. Okay, okay. And if a brave person do some work, I don't think that work will go down very easily. Yes. I know how much different words. Hello. Hello. Guys, I think we lost connection with sapien. It is let's try to have a word with. Dr. Ashe by the time sapiens and backs his request Sapien. You didn't reveal your secret. That's not fair. We are connecting with dr. Ash. I had once conversation with dr. Ash. He's a wonderful person guys to listen to him the kind of topics he comes along with like the awesome even done a lot of things from them from him. Hello there. Can you hear me? Dr. Amy? Hello. Hello. I can hear you. Dr. Ash loud and clear. Thank you so much for coming. How are you? Okay. Thank you very much. Thank you. I'm good. Thank you very much. Very interesting topic. I've been listening and you know, thank you very much for coming up with such motivation and topics. These are you know, right in demand these days we need to, you know, motivate people get them out of the depression and all those negative thoughts. So you're doing a great work. Thank you very much. Thank you, so Since I joined I think you're the very first person I've you know encountered and Then followed you you've done you've been doing a good job. So please keep it up. Thank thank you so much. Thank you so much. Dr. Ashe and guys. Listen to me carefully. Dr. Ashley the wonderful person. I have been through his topics and he comes with some unique topic which are like great to learn from so we are to follow him and to go to his podcast and you will be learning a lot of things from him. He's a wonderful graph. Doctor, are you there? Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? I think there's a network problem on my side. Can you hear me? Okay, I'm sorry. I'll just take one of your minute and then I'll leave because I think this network problem will create a lot of problems here. So what I would just I would just want to share my views on this I can do it, you know to tell you is I can do it does not exist in my dictionary. I have just wonderful this in my life. So if you keep These kind of things within you then you are definitely not going to do not going to accomplish anything. So you need to remove all those negative things from your life from your library from your dictionary from your books. They should not be the things you should be surrounded with so the more you know, you are surrounded with the positivity the more positive energy you will you know imbibe and embellish and the more you're surrounded with the negativity the Only charge that you will you know cherish and inherit will be the negative thing. So ultimately once you get into those feelings, you just do whatever the feelings are, you know inside you the bill those things which are built inside you so what I would encourage you guys to, you know, just listen to dr. Amy what he's coming up with is that you have to get out of this I can't do it or and you know, what? Let me just share one. Very important situation. There is one doctor there have been you know existed one doctor with the name of dr. Alfred Blalock. So guys, can you hear me please? Yes. Yes. Dr. Rush, please. Continue. Yes. Dr. Rush this Alfred Blalock. He used to work in one of the prestigious institutes in u.s. Is it was John Hopkins Institute and it is still reknowned throughout the world with the lot of you know, fascinating doctors. They come up with a lot of research and Innovation and Discovery is and they do a lot of different stuff which other doctors in the world can't do. So this was one of the doctors who worked at his time in the 1800's. He was working there in John Hopkins Institute. So there was one day Actor who was working in the pediatric department who was with the dealing with the children so she came up with to this doctor and she said that doctor I have seen a few patients in my clinic and they come up where he blew and they just you know live for maybe mostly two months or so and then they will die. And this is to do with this some heart. They have some problem congenital abnormality. Like they are born with some disease in the heart which you know makes them go blue and then they cannot live for more than two to three months. So something needs to be done and he was like, but this is something with the heart and I'm talking about the era of eighteen hundreds when the doctors even the doctors thought that We can't touch the heart. It is something that the God made and if we try to touch it, then we are you know trying to undo or you know, just touch the things which the God has already created and we will end up doing you know more harm than doing something good. So what okay, he did that. He challenged himself and he took up that challenge and he said that I do not agree with that. If God has done something like he has done something that the children are born with this abnormality. Then we are here we have to do something to correct it so he took it the other way. So what did he do that? He then came up with these you know. Corrective surgery then, you know work day and night he worked on the dogs and then he came up with the solution and even for today now it is because of his passion and his interest and enthusiasm and his attitude of that I can do it. He said that I can do it and I will do it and then he came up with the solution. Ocean and up till now all the children who are born with this blue babies. These children are called as internal, you know general term blue babies. So all the babies up till now and for the rest of the life, whoever will be born with this abnormality and they will have this surgery which was discovered and invented by this doctor will be, you know, cherished and you know, the encouragement all the blessings will go back to this doctor, dr. Elmo. That's that's a wonderful. That's a wonderful story talk trash and I'm really eager to learn more about dr. Alfred. I'll just go through online ones and I'll try to find as much information regarding this wonderful person. Thank you so much for sharing your information of trash. Hello that I can with this, you know abnormality. So all I have to say is that you should get out of this I can do with as you are saying so thank you very much. Dr. Amy. I hope that you got what I was saying. Yes. Yes doctor - that's wonderful Bond and I'm so eager to under look more information regarding is dr. Alfred and that's really what a wonderful information which I received from you that's inspiring story. You can just watch Watch a movie. It is like something that the Lord made and this is going to motivate you there are a lot of different lessons to learn from it. So thank you very much. Dr. Amy. I took a lot of your time. There must be allowed on creating didn't you share with us is like really made the time with it and don't trust you so much for joining with me here and do share your love and yeah, I do. Yeah sure cast. I'm really loving it to have a conversation with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Bye bye. Guys, I'm having a bit of network issues. So it's showing on my screen as like please wait. So yeah, let's hear The Secret of former Sapien. I won't let him go until he tell his secret. Hello. Hello doctor me. Hello. Hello doctor, can you hear me? Hello. Thank you for the second chance. Come on, what's wrong with this? Hello? Hello. Yeah, welcome back again Sapien. Thank you so much. Actually, I'm developing nations are going to be developing only because see this is the problem. Yeah. I know you are about to share your right and then boom you're gone. Yeah. I don't know what happened. Actually, I thought you did it, but I was like, okay that my maybe the network issue. Yeah, so what so what I wanted to say is actually what you have Road like I can't do this mindset. Okay. So this actually I wanted to say that this actually creates what we say a barrier for those who are not brave enough to come up and just do that task. Yes. Yes. Yes and I believe that self-confidence and self-esteem this dish to things will I will contribute to I can do much more than anything. Yeah much more than anything I can do anything I can and self-confidence is very important and how we can increase your self-confidence is by doing Simple task and completing it on like a simple task start with very simple task taken 20 21 days talents or learn something new and slowly slowly slowly when you will do two three four five seven, like like this task you will do and slowly your self-confidence will rise. Yes. Yeah, and this will definitely change your can't to I can I am possible. Yes impossible to I am possible. That's what I use on my desktop screen to and yeah, we do DVD discuss about like repetition repetition repetition. Take a small step. Don't just look at the end result. If you look at the end result, you will be scared of that and you will be getting this attitude of I conduit and you know, what one more First Step you can take. Yes, one more thing. I would like to tell you - or even if we say I can do it, okay. Do it used to take action. Yes. Yes. Absolutely personal very personal. This is because even I too I'm a dreamer Qaeda kind of person. I just over pile myself with lot of stuff and actually get get get bored and under that same, you know standards that I keep for myself and somewhere then I feel like I wish my full energy not planning about the stuff and I never take action. Ian's yeah somewhere acts taking action is a very important key to I can do this and I actually did this. Yes. That's why that's why a sapien. I used to tell everyone possibly in every podcast learning is a spectator sport until you put that in action. Yeah, very right very well settles it. Yes, yes. Yes and this yes, what about your secret? I'm still waiting to listen to your secret secret is you know what the people like secret was this thing only the like see the tires are going to try the only planners are going to plan and the not doers are going to not do so do it and the faster you take action and you are going Do it and those who are listening this broad. I'll tell you no one is perfect. So don't think too much about it just started whenever you want. You get the chances wait just give you a hundred percent whatever the result is. If you're bad enough, if you're very bad then also no one will know no one is going to punish you to the death. Yes do it. Yeah. Yeah wonderfully said by Sapien. Thank you so so much for watching been for sharing your waves this really great way just so much actually. It is very difficult to get a second chance. Ants in life and as well, as you know, like this in this situations and I really appreciate it and I really pray for you that you get a very nice life ahead and even all the people those are watching the broad may they be peaceful and very safe in this Corona environment and bend up and healthy and happy life. Yeah Sapien. You're the most positive person I have ever met on this Open Door platform. That's really great. I love you, man. And yeah, I wish you a lot of press the heart and yeah you follow me open talk will be having a lot of conversations. I had in future. Yes, of course. Thank you so much. It was a nice little bit was pleasure for me. Bye. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much for Mississippian. Have a wonderful day. Be safe. Psycho if you can hear me, thank you so much for promoting the book and yeah Homosapien. Don't forget that you said you will be writing a book on your journey. Let's have a word with mr. Kay. Oh hello. Hello, am I audible? Yes, mr. K Audible. And first of all, I would like to say I would like to apologize you to keep on you waiting because I had to finish those conversations. It is. Okay. And how are you doing? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? I'm good. So let's jump right into the topic. So our attitude defines who we are. Yes possible carbon positive life with a negative attitude. So yes, you're right. Unfortunately, you can't do that shit. No. Yes, no matter how many how much? Work you put into it you can do it. So I just suggest, you know, everybody if you want to do something and you you have this fear, you know, you can do it. I just want you to imagine yourself doing it. That's the best you can do. And that's the first in order to get on that road. Some people have fear of you know, they're they feel that they cannot do something that's for me for example for Years ago I was a guy who was afraid to speak English. I was so scared. It's you know to speak any single like I was unable to speak even a single sentence and I was afraid and I started imagining myself as speaking English and then from that day to today, I guess I'm still is speaking and I'm proving it by day. Yes, mr. K that does really wonderful guys as you get here. Mr. K has said that you have to imagine. Didn't that thing which you believe that you can't do it and that will be helping you to do it. Yeah, mister K. That's wonderful Point. Mr. Kay. Would you like to tell us about yourself? Yeah, my name is Kobe and I'm from Delhi and I'm a businessman. And yeah right now I'm in quarantine so I cannot go out. So it's better if we are on here. I am going to be our but most of the time we think that we can do anything, but we think we are exposed to a A lot of ideas which are written in books. So let's read a book a day or maybe in a week. You can read a few chapter or maybe full page on daily basis and you will get a lot of information in a busy day of we think that we are so busy we cannot read books but during this time, we have a plenty of time and we can make a part of that part that we don't do that Reading part. Yes, guys, we have a lot of time right now while we are recording time. So make the best use of it read some books learn something new which will be helping you to be protect you and be positive towards having a positive attitude towards action, which you want to take your life. Yeah, and another thing imagination and second if you want to achieve a goal don't sit there are a lot of things a lot of authors they suggested to keep keep writing that thing, you know, keep it like you have to write it down somewhere. If you'd like to down on the on the wall, maybe just write it on paper and paste it on the on the ball in front of your bag because when you wake up, you see that goal and you will think I can do it and before sleeping you can see it you can do it and I think that that positive mindset for work automatically, you know sub unconscious mind it works beyond your imagination. Yes. Yes. You're absolutely right. Mr. K and yeah subconscious mind works. Definitely in a wonderful way guys. So the idea which is put forth by mr. K that you should have a poster of I can do it attitude poster just in front of your bed when you wake up to look at it. And before you sleep you get it, it will be giving a subliminal message to your subconscious mind that yes, you can do it, you know when it starts when a kid starts walking many people suggest that you can do it you can walk you can even he feels you know, when it takes buses that peoples and he keeps repeating it because everybody's trying You convey the message you can do it you can do it and that's some sort of you know boys come to your head automatically when you see positive things which are which you do for yourself. Nobody Bill. Nobody will be I think get advantage of it or nobody will be you know, nobody will nobody will be luckier than you because it's your life. You're making your life easy by doing something positive instead of thinking about negative things. Because what we do if we think about you know, what when we think of negativity of when we think about negativity or some anything that we think we cannot do it as we think about it, maybe most of the time than our overall talk about overall, you know, yeah pink it will be negative. The outcome is negative. When you think half- have positive then they'll be neutral situation than when you think 75 percent positive and then 25 plus a negative then positive. Be in dominating fashion that group work. Yes, mr. K and the sapien has suggested that the French is the power of your subconscious mind. Yes Sapien. That's a wonderful book by. Dr. Joseph Murphy. Yeah. It's a great book and I've read it and that's why I'm saying some of this stuff and another grow and Rich by Napoleon Hill. Yeah Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That is also wonderful for something that it's the best. It's the really best thing. If you yes, it's the best time because it it takes a lot of thinking, you know, it is not just a fiction book. You can read it like a story. It's a self-help book. You have to be disciplined you have to do certain things that author ask it to to to get maximum benefit out of it. Yes, mr. K. That's wonderful. Mr. K just give me a couple of seconds so that I can read the comment of mr. Psycho here. I can do it. I can do it. I'm like I'll go outside tomorrow we'll call is be like no, you can't man there isn't there's a line between you know how to say why is and stupidity, you know, like you have to use your brain. It's not like you you know that if you fall From the fifth floor you will die. It doesn't mean no matter how many times you imagine that you will be alive. You're fooling yourself. So don't fool yourself with that stupid theories. Yeah, wonderfully said by mr. K. Mr. Gate. Hello. I'm sorry. Eligibility be so would you like to add some more point to the discussion because I have Eric online you long since I had a word with him or next? Okay, I will leave it was really nice talking and I thought to share my views on it. So I came thank you so much for coming up here and giving you ideas to do the like wonderful ideas. Thank you so much for joining here. Yeah. Do share your love press the heart if possible do following open talking to having a lot of conversations I had in future. So let's have a birdbath or Carrick my friend my man. How are you? Okay, so let's start with our caloric by the time we get connected. Let's have a sip of water. Hello doctor, how are you? Yes. Hello. Yes. Hello. Dr. Are you able to get Hi, how are you? My man? Yeah, I'm willing fantastic as usual as I always I talk to you. I feel so blessed and it's so the way you say Eric your voice breaking man. Yes, it's maybe like some Network issue. Now. Are you able to get me now? Yes now you audible you are saying. I like your watch is a joke. Yeah, now we audible happening. Like I was saying like I like that, thank you. Yes. So, how are you doctor? I'm doing fantastic as usual. Thanks for asking. Yes. And Eric, what do you have to say about today's topic? I am eagerly waiting for to hear from you that how to get out of I can't do it mindset. What do you think about that one? Yeah, I can do there is no such thing. Like I can't do but if you will judge a fish by pick like the fish can climb but tree than it would be wrong. But yeah, if yeah, I heard different Stein right that if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree It's live its life rest of the life believing that it's a fool. Wow. Yeah. Yes, and that's the ability. I think it depends on the skill like the skill, which you have decide and reminds, you know, like what you can do in your life and it is more important in order to like your ability you are talking about and the thing which you can do. It depends on your school skills like you are. Our author and you write those books. So it is your ability. Like you can't be a good basketball player International player I am talking about but if he I will give you the work according to your interest and the skills it it would add a glaze like the in in that field you have given us so many years, but that's why you are good in that. Sometimes we think like if I was I was talking about the fish and the fish will think like it is so stupid like it can't climb what tree so that will be a wrong ability depends on the skill and the what the Nature has given us. Okay. This is my perspective. According to what like I am impossible itself says I am possible and is no such thing. Like we cannot do but the matter it matters like what are the abilities do we have? Yes. Yes, that's wonderful. And oh how we are working towards our abilities to enhance them to the next level is also in under our control that will give us the attitude of I can do it mindset. Yes, exactly. So for my man, yes, for example, I was saying like skills and skills really matters when you have a critical thinking to enhance your ability to think and analyze to analyze something to your ability that what you can do in your life. You have to focus we have to focus on a skill. Yes, it matters what the ability do we have and what we can do in the future. This is my perspective. And what do you think doctor? What is your perspective even like the mindset that you think what is it? Yeah, I in every time of life some somewhere somewhere be everyone had felt like I can't do it because when it comes to like when someone says I can't do it. I would be like, what do you mean you can't do it maybe just because you don't want to do it. You are just holding yourself back because you are looking at the end result in the beginning itself. You're not looking at the It towards the things which can put forth to finish the work. So I believe that if you have this mindset of like I can't do it you are holding yourself inside a barrier of negativity just to you have to cross that negativity better that you should be having a positive attitude yourself and I do call here positive attitude as a tattoo because it is seen by others to and people will judge you with the kind of attitude you have if you have a negative attitude, they will be opposing a negative attention towards if you have a positive attitude, they will posing positive ID. Attention towards you so it completely depend upon the kind of attitude you choose the positive or the negative. Once you have that you have to start bringing the change in yourself and bringing change in our self is like unlearning something you have learned negativity in your life. And now you have to unlearn the negativity to learn the positive. Exactly and in one of the podcast I have listened that some girl was saying to you like I am bad in my communication. So you have rectified her and said that you are a beginner in your communication skill and you are learning so it's not such kind of thing that is bad. It is a just a learner or a beginner or intermediate level the level which we like I have started something and I will say like I'm not a good speaker. And I am very bad in that. There's a difference between that like, I am a learner and I am beginner and I am bad in communication. There is no such thing and that positive attitude I have observed and I have noted in my mindset and it is so I was actually listening minutely the point which you mentioned and I have noted down. Thank you. Thank you very thank you so much. And I want to tell you one thing like I make some Diaries in which I write the quality of each person. Like what are the good quality is the person have like, dr. Amy has a positive attitude and whenever he talks he don't even use a negative words. Like there is a difference between empathy and sympathy like sympathies such thing like it is With the feeling and empathy is not connecting with the feeling. It's supposing like I am supposing like a doctor I me and what I will do when I will be at your stage. So I usually know down those things and I want to like a graphs those things. Well, that's wonderful idea. Mr. Eric and I will start doing that too because understand the personalities of people we come across in our life and noting them down so that we can have an understanding of That's a wonderful idea. I have to look into that one. Once thank you for the wonderful idea, right? Yes, and in the morning like day before yesterday, I have started doing my one podcast in which one of the one of the girl has came into my podcast and said that you looks very nice. So I have replied in the positive like you also like the your aura is also very good and the way you talk is so much good. So it's add something like interesting. I have just connected to her and without saying a lot of things and we have a conversation for a long time. So that's a positive attitude that I have developed and these kinds of positive attitude. I have developed from by listening to your podcast or some other podcasters. Also who have these kinds of things. Thank you so much. All right, that means a lot to me. Yes, exactly and you are doing wonderful actually the job and I do listen to your podcast also many times. And and sometime when whenever I feel bored. I just find some of your podcast and I just read those things and listen and no down those things and so really good by hearing those things. We can actually add value in our society and that's fantastic things. Thank you, very thank you so much. That means a lot to me too. And how do you do you know? Yes, I have done it. Yeah, I have to have it because I talked to make this podcast off like one hour but there was some awesome people here. They be discussing the points in such a way giving all the tips to the listeners. I'm really into see as by looking at that one. Definitely. Hi DJ. How are you? I mean if the way they want to put a point towards I can't do it attitude and the way they were giving the ideas mr. K Sapien. Yeah develop doing some awesome guy or something and the So these people have the kind of mines and ability to share it and I am to learning a lot from these guys. So I'm not looking at the time that how much I'm spending it here. Yeah. I can just deliver my dinner a little bit later because I'm getting an opportunity to learn right now. Yes and doing the right thing at the right time is always good when you are doing the right thing at the right time and that is called the punctuality and if we are punctual about our work, then things will never go out all of our hand and that's so appreciable and if you will do an if we will do right thing at the right time. Yes, I think that's really wonderful. And they are these DJ. Thank you so much for coming here. Exactly me to love you. Dr. Amy. Thank you DJ. Love you too, man. And I do share your Labs press the hot button. And yeah guys do follow an open talk will be having such kind of great conversations with great people like Eric Sapien. Mr. K. Yeah, we'll be having a ton of learning in the upcoming future too. And I promise that I'll be coming with most of the learning and education content because I'm not I'm still a Learner in their topics which are like more entertaining and you are good enough for like the way you the level which you achieved like the person who will also you are also giving and learning also and that's when the Stig like I have said thank you sir. Good quality in them. And that that make us crave like many things. I also follow from you and the way you said like you also follow the same and that's so fantastic that if we are sharing those things is actually help the people a lot by learning and giving and these kinds of things that we can just develop these Yeah, thank you so much and DJ saying I'm doing fantastic doctor me. Thanks for asking. How about you wonderful DJ? I love it man. I love it. You have to take the things in such a great way. I really love it. Super BJ superb really appreciable. And Eric, where are you? Yes. What you are talking? Sorry. Can you repeat it again? I said, where are you? And I'm at punch cooler right now is any possibility you can sing a song for us? No, not right. Take your time. And I already good enough because you have just taken them. We are just started and when it comes to like starters level if you have a status level of scale of like 0 to 1, if you're at level 1, that means you are the best at level 1 because we have achieved that one and the next thing is level 2 once you go to level 2, you have cross level 1 and your best level 2 This is how we are learning and it is there is nothing like I'm not good at something. I am learning. I will be there at someday for sure if I stop learning. Yeah, then that is bad when you stop learning that is a bad thing when you keep learning and your keep developing yourself, even if it is slow then trust me you're doing wonderful, you know, you know, I have observed like in one of the podcast somebody was thinking and somebody has commented like this top Edge and busker. Reliable gas something like that. So I felt that it could happen with me also, like I'm not I'm a beginner one. So I am trying my best to represent those things in more batter and fantastic way whenever I will be like I will prepare first and then the thing that I will get wonderful Eric wonderful. Yes, and I have said you already that I am preparing some of the mashups which is related to Hollywood Bollywood deckhand on my own composed song. Also, I will come with that. Thank you so much. I can thank you so much for joining with me here. And yeah, do press the heart and yeah, it's time to end the podcast and thank you so much for joining here. I really love it, man. Yes, you're so inspiring the positive. I really like it. Give me some tips like give me some tips. Like hi, Don whenever I talk. Sorry, sorry for interrupting Eric. But my son is here. So I have to say hi. Yeah, he's got it. Okay. Actually, I forget what I was sorry. Yes, are you asking about tips something you said about tips? Yes. Yes, I was talking about like like you do so many podcast and so how you make conversation and how you are so charismatic person and talks a lot for a long time. Like I can see this podcast is about to end and you are talking for a long time. So how to expand those things. I want to like give me some tips. Only one true pairing conversation. If you love doing that you will forget about the time and your brain will be providing you with immense energy to do that with top-notch energy. You just have to love it and I love coming to open talk and I love sharing my point of views and I love listening to the listeners who want to share their point of view that makes me feel like I'm grabbing Knowledge from everywhere. I'm learning from everyone and that's makes me feel enthusiastic because I love learning and it took me a long time to How to fall in love with learning because when in the beginning I was very introverted later introvert and was a very scared of like doing many things, but when it came to explore the life in such a different way, I have fallen in love with learning when you love something you will keep on doing it. You will keep on playing guitar. If you love learning guitar, then your fingers will be torn and we'll be waiting to heal them just for a couple of hours again, and you will be playing the guitar because you love doing that and you will be getting that energy from inside of you because your Ray knows that this guy Eric loves doing this thing and it's my responsibility as his brain to provide him with all the positivity and energy so that he can do to the Top Notch. Yes. Just love it. Thanks. Thanks. Yes. Thanks for the actually. I will follow it. Thank you so much. All right. And have a wonderful day. Be safe. Yeah. Yes. Definitely at this current time. I am totally made myself that I will not beat anyone and I even I have all the equipment at my home gaming equipment that is and everything I have because I am at my friend's house nowadays and I can can't go at my home and that's so means like I feel like I should go to my But somehow I am following the strict the things which is told by the government and yeah, that's wonderful on the things which you understand and which you think that that will be helpful towards your health and your Consciousness. That's really great Eric your points were to watch it. That's really good quality. And in fact, I was about to end my podcast I have done my conversation with mr. K. But when I saw that Eric was online so definitely I will finish it after having a word with that in C because of jazz that idea of having a word with Derek. He gave me a new idea of noting down the personalities and the things which are observed in people that go down the back. Thank you so much for thank you so much. Yeah, I really admire manual doctor. Thank you. Thanks for your concern doctor. It's really means a lot for me and it's so motivating you always motivate and that's the reason I like those things in you the way you asked when how were you that so energetic the level actually or transfer some of the frequency. Thank you other person. Thank you. I thank you. I will come next time. I will I will come with a great joy and enthusiasm for looking forward to have a new version of our equation me. Okay, right. Thank you so much. So it's time to end the podcast and yep have to go and grab some dinner don't want to be get scolded by Mom because yeah. Okay, okay. Okay. Doctor is bye. Bye and take care Yeah by check out how wonderful day man this year. Okay guys that is it for today. Yeah. Thank you. Okay guys, so that is it for today. Thank you so much for joining. And yeah, this is the end of the podcast. Thank you so much for joining 1087 people listening. Thank you so much for your love. Do head the heart button on Kitt. I'm really sorry man. I have to end this podcast now, please don't mind. I'll be definitely having a word with you next time whenever you come. I'll be having your call First please don't mind about that one because I have already crossed the time limit which I have said to myself. And yeah, so guys have a wonderful day. Be safe don't go out follow the precautions and follow a be aware and try to avoid Us too and yeah, thank you so much. And have a wonderful day sayonara signing off. Dr. Amy.