What do you use how do you learn how to keep growing? So yeah, so the learning right? So one of the things I would do to try and get a mentor and some stage of your life, so in my earlier company traveled over there was a gentleman dharmaraj he was phenomenal. So I remember actually since you bring it up. So the way I used to do so what just one example of why that's helpful. Right? So the way I used to do board meetings is I'll have a huge agenda 50 slides and then be a discussion for three hours and you're never in control. Of the discussion, especially when once you have more than one investment, so the Armitage was attended one of these and it said this is nonsense and his view was, you know, all the discussion you need to have has to happen before the board meeting. The board meeting should be one hour you not your hair's get everybody to agree and go that's how a good board meeting sugar. So just that perspective changed the way I thought about things right and it helped a lot. So having somebody to Mentor you how again whether you consider yourself successful or not having an outsider. Look at your problems always makes them feel. Less than what they really are. Cops no questions, no deviations and that is important to do as well. The large last thing I would say is transparency, right? So use tools to kind of publish updates in My Success so that everybody can see again as you grow a lot of things Fall In The Crack people are in different parts. So having kind of this common buying is is super important Gordon. Okay, this is great. So I think I've got most of the things I wanted to cover any other words of advice or thoughts for Same Founders were listening. So I think for those who are thinking about starting up are not one thing. I want to say that you know being a Founder is not about taking risk. It's actually you you do your very best to mitigate risk and find growth. A lot of people are kind of infatuated with this notion that being an entrepreneur is only somebody who can take this can be an entrepreneur. You know what I am not a risk-taking person if you speak to people who really know me, I'm fairly conservative and risk-averse, but I'm super ambitious. And so to just get the notion about you know, you don't have to be a risk-taking person to be a successful entrepreneur. I think is important the gate risk and what what did you say mitigate risk and I'm growth fine growth. Okay. Yeah. The second thing is just ambition. I think you know, it is good to be ambitious. You know, I grew up in a South Indian family and you know ambition was always looked at with moderation, right if more ambitious ambitious you are the less happy you are which kind of is true and this is why the goalposts analogy is important. But for those who are starting up, right don't think of a small art completely thing about a large outcome. Think about solving a big pain point. I think that is super important. Right? So really push yourself killed many times when this happened to me as well when we thought of this business and the India business. It was X the moment we imagined it to be a global business. It is 50x. Yeah, right and we went through this process emotion. This can be bigger than what we can think. If I look at our kind of a plan say five seven years ago. It would have been say 50 million. Revenue in seven years, right and we did more than that in three years after funding so our perspective has changed. So ambition is a good thing. Right? And the last thing I would say is about your success and failure come back to that later the live everybody life wants to look back and think that there is Success. No. Yeah a very clear what that means to you. Yeah, so that when you look back and reflect your sure that you you know, you were went on the right Journey. So the analogy I say is it's good to run fast, but also good to know which direction you want to learn. How do you end up with? The right place. Yeah, you know as it goes posts Nia, that's great on that note. Wish you many many more successes in moving goalposts there along the way so you've already broken barriers you talked about. So wish you Global success in the years to come.