So hello guys. So in this in this poll cast we were discussing about how to lose weight or how to gain weight. Right sports car named come basically Focus Gonna Wanna geek is because some weight gain concept idea for weight loss doesn't take a logo problem with a health-related her part or Yi Chi Barbosa. The CAC has a turkey bother his skills at their life like vintage. Workers at Ike's precursor Geographic await Bachata come to a problem was a pathetic have job under age group manager to maximum BMI. on the ticket So let's directly send straightforwardly talk about all those facts and figure that what all we have to take care in in order to lose fat or in order to gain weight. Right? First of all, we will talk about lose weight. Right why we want to lose weight or why we want to gain metric into new chisel comparatively so much that they Quijote cat again. That is just go somewhere now up. Uh, but I gotta schedule lose weight Criterion is my map. Nobody Kuwait do body weight. That the apparent weight mass of thick muscle muscle that you get to Joe. Wait muscles combo company everybody say Nike muscle Moscow ticket Muscle Man's healthy weight attached to my body so that he can do package addressed to unwanted weight with a bomber has a fat storage and a package is over sobota the body weight can the ticket in sorry criteria focus on the preggers pakia patches a Apna gobhi brahmacharya. Subscribe below to important day tip be sure what you eat right after weight cut on acharya vedpal harness our internal criteria MH is both commoner Hosea Ki aapke posture and a protege of Chaka Khan Academy, right for example protein to protein and protein. Global a book my ticket about came up with other hand if rooty-tooty Boutique items maybe protein commander of the Neo time Bobby socio-economic on our side are the key proteins. Oh, nobody knows his name we can kiss. The cargo protein is a protein to be browser types with a ticket to keep record of protein denouement votes other differentiate credit. I have to bottom Okay, seriously affect her nobility of canonical thumb protein layer living Java protein essential Hammer body main character required hear your name ticket to insert a metal Point very much on the balance is about to tell me something. Abby's video coli case of this podcast you liked this episode. You have to check out how much you consume per day. Whatever you are eating how much you are consuming the Cavalry the calorie amount. You have to calculate cap gonna convert career. A push because you had a cheesecake with every calorie calorie count an equivalent product leadership to subpoena by energy use product bocanegra quick affordable can avoid objective energy. Shell Imahara was comparable dedicated to computer or tablet catches can catch the same instant an example of a key. Of course be discouraged as you scan the protein odegard wiretap facts so that five wrote a horrible sight is suited to each other each has a minute charge to the carbohydrate and freshly baked cod Roe. Carbohydrate fat protein and fiber ticket charge is other means that the Kissimmee Mill collating in a poor diet. Kvitko suggest capital in each other. That is a cabbage major cash register data, which I am personally key to calculate Carnival. Especially a Katara boss ARA sa Sai a Pattaya Google web search cassata cake banana converted calorie. Okay. Even Anna Kendrick come see come on Grandma down to 110 UFC 180 gram Gallery owners chios met him. Sorry Gary Graham. Mcalary Community. Romney is actually so it's not cake albiona Chi taken to energy eigenvalues of food silithus go calorie car that has unitary etiquette. Actually. Everything is just so so much then yes, I could afford a calorie calculator. SMI healthy fire or a boss Kappa Google translator, they will be food production. Only Theo skeleton key is a key. Banana Calvary Samosa calorie past the calorie to basically the next arrested accused Cadre has a new Subs analyzed can easily afford a kilogram healthy healthy conscious. He cannot kind of hint. I've Googled to separate acne can appear healthy product Connecticut. Healthy up having another child weight gain can acharya weight loss concerning up the only car buying a ticket. How absurd showing him a bouquet assume that of a upheld the camera camera covering up the weight loss weight gain me so you can spray Consular. It's a kind of a Metallica healthy chronograph limit mechanical Body by essentially required l- o up like normal body weight maintain their fine. Unwanted fat upper body is a challenging is coming obviously emotional weight loss carjacking or apology proper egg normal physical therapy obscure stability when applying the saico-tek gain weight right to gain weight. Click Eric Isabel de carne asada. Kanye to obviously gained during a weight or who's gaining weight makowiecki up healthy protein healthy fiber and the different different usage of to Dominic carbohydrates have fi fats xhosa argument has the factory was the types of a saturated fats. Unsaturated. Adds to the user because of the co-chairs fats Health equation. Now you take which sonar report to vasari types a bizarre scientific reasoning within search is a double spin with no detail leader of about basic just basic Technologies in their own sake Beach mahuta chaotic next display of them were exercised up to exercise connects you to exercise the whole tiger RPG gonna be calm just maybe types of things are they were here with every type of scenario. She's healthy youth has McCabe. But unhealthy She's a Beauty so and I which is so tight. Excuse me chappie of conical theocracy, which attendants when workers do so some is some people who take a killer exercise katusa Regina be unhealthy cheesy who are exercising currently healthy May convert or negative. Is it etiquette the you sorry about that possibility it was important to exercise both of important disconnection disconnection who cannot hear you scum are appoint a do meditation or yoga or meditation career yoga Korea s economic also important to queue up case subconscious mind go is Table Rock the subconscious mind can they offer guidance that I give what you have to do and what you'd have to not right? So you have to properly guide Korea Kappa Korea Korea qiu organic and shadowy. Sorry. Criteria is our differentiation gives Eh, I'll be faster exactly kerr-mcgee Up Click has a or calculated to chaos. Kalka time a primary key of the boss Arias look sufficient. Anyone to might not be suitable Afghan hrk areas case subset to get the average of a meditation you were cutting it. Ideas and tips Milling is give us subject conversion or hit a curb ing camera catches a child camera shot and he is a motivational videos like a donkey a motivational videos. They can absolutely done which clip and a motivational videos definitely together. You have my bow down key motivation video signature. Hoga Ki Jaya. Madhava distance event project your videos a massive weight loss. So they got your homework out. Naked you'll be my point up with around 500. Be sure what you eat check out your calorie per they eat healthy to emphasize do meditation. Yoga was motivation video here search is a Canon GA to sucess Connected is something obvious G sub matrices correlated again up cqms curve Another Castle Kappa properly Kappa body function takes an aggressive Corsica gettin a headache just got maximum and minimum level of that. He grew up in Chattanooga Podium maximum level. I'm very top highest ratio Porsche to Scaly. Opco ETA come Karma Yoga a big screaming snake or something like man, I woke up watched motivation video the motivation video. So jota casually is bad Cosmopolitan motivation video. So calculative of motivation videos. They tend to smoke a keeper, huh? Sorry Joe. Of course Wiki the cap. I've now supposed to give it a little when you update that I can even click it in a little bit Cantonese. I love it in kind of weight loss of weight loss kind of challenge to be similarity life, of course other surgery here. Another similarity near I got to ask you professional Camilla gonna up - a chisel work function job gonna chat ammonia carbon negative 3. Sorry shizuka for no discernible time to his arrest usable. Booty Bay evoke emperor penguin chicks car essentially discuss such men necessary afterlife Moscow properly follow carping about the octopus request request message. Without something to be up K problems and solutions which about Persona of cookies good eye for feedback to please comment Curry or is a podcast called like kuretake Amado Guevara when I'm a Sea of Galilee podcast, but not from a tea party share culture or otherwise damaged a podcast shape and gonna break up a Blog cook will be solution. Your previous question is octopus Nagisa tops topics related weight loss of Ed gein's leader a cookie semester but very effective. Which is a Jew India market refaced projects, which is rated the game, but all may occur then it's all talking maximum foreign a quick hike request is a good job. I got a barn codec Telugu. Hello. Hello beautiful. Hello. Hi. Hi. Thank you for calling. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. So yeah, I saw your profile and your profile picture showing to me you put it optic that is more important for me because I want to gain myself because every time I going to do And after Jim, I taking my calories through fruits, but I don't get any gaining effect. So, can you give me some tips or tricks tricks for gaining week? Okay, they want to go nine muscles. Yeah. Okay. So you are saying you are you regularly go Jay? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay, you are regular but even though you are eating a lot but you are you fail to accomplish the desired result as you want right you To grow your muscle as you want to grow but you fail to grow it, right? Yes master. Okay. So let me tell you this is the very common fact and figure that everyone notice that you have two very clear with the mindset that you have to go regularly write whatever exercise and whatever the diet you take you have to take it in in a regular basis, right you you can't miss a single day. Okay. This is the factual thing and now come here. Practical thing is that I must tell you the science behind building a muscles. Are you interested in knowing that? Hello. Are you there prayerful? Hello. referral I think it's a network issue icon here, man. Hello. Hello. Are you there? Hello. Hello? Hello. Yeah, now you can hear my voice. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay. Okay, because you know bro I doing a gym but I my weight is still not increasing so that's the main reason I okay. Let me explain you one thing the full you have to calculate the hard work level right what I mean by this you have to create a balance between How much you eat and how much you do your hard work right? How much you do your exercise, right? There's a three main criteria to build a help build. The muscles is eat work sleep right? This grip factors are important. You have to eat more right eat as much as you can and eat in a proper balanced diet. Okay. Next thing is that you have to lower the amount of exercise. As much as you are consuming calculate, let me explain you one thing. If you are in if you are doing exercise and in duration, if you do one our exercise to our exercise and in that one to our you are using your 500 calorie or 1000 calorie, okay, so you have to be be sure that how much calories you are using during during your exercise. You have to eat more than that. Got my point. You have to eat more than what you are utilizing. Right? Yes, and then you got to take a proper sleep so that so that your muscles can recover and they can they can build up right? Okay. Okay. Well, you know, okay. So some topics related to gaming in the YouTube. They also ask your voice. That wasn't not so claimant. Can you speak louder? Yeah. Okay now, it's good. Yeah, okay, okay. Actually, I already searching that thing in the YouTube. They always showing some kind of product like sell Gainer as it is protein. I think that uh protein also pull but I don't think so because before at 33 protein boxes, but I never backed on my body. Okay? Yes. Okay. Let me tell you whatever the body figure your body coasters you have Have it's a natural right? It's a natural and in order to break the nature rule in order to break the your genetic in order to break. Whatever the postage you have. You have to work hard. You have what you have in that and for all these things you have to join Jim and and if you want to get the result you want to see the conversion. You have to follow the whatever your trainer said. Okay, so according to them and you have to be very sure what you eat, right? These are the three main things and if you believe that you one thing I must clear here that if you are not you are must not rely on this products, right Mass Gainer and a sector because if you are not in a proper body posture I if you're not in a book proper body poster this kind of things will not work in your body. Okay, so they are natural natural drinks. They are natural smoothies, which you can make in your home, which will definitely Definitely help you out, right you can take the you can mix a banana with milk with peanut butter, right? Eat these things these things will really far better than a helpful and it's a it will be available in a cheap rate. Okay, so what I mean to say eat more than how much you exercise. Okay what my point? If you will follow my point that I'm saying to you eat more eat more than because as much as you work, you required a calorie right you will you will be burning a calorie and if you require if you acquire less amount of food material, okay in your body. So what happened you won't be able to complete the calorie level of your body. So definitely you won't be able to grow your muscles. Okay. So what I mean push hard worker Well, okay. Hello, so, thank you to attending my call. I have to go now. Thank you. Okay. Thank you. Thank you for calling. Hello guys, if anybody wants okay again or summer, okay. I think it's a network problem. It's and I do people are busy. Hello. Hello summer. Hello. Thank you for calling or summer. Yeah, yeah. I'm good. And what question you want to ask? How I doing I think that you discuss a topic about you know, how we gain weight loss with ya all I want to gain a week. Okay? Okay, I can can you take me the way I that I feel? Okay. So you must know the other three basic things as I already said you have to eat good and you have to exercise and you have to take slip If you will. Okay, it's like Network issue and the problem is still going on. Okay, if anybody else has a question is already subby equation take it I will push it push the air out to gain weight with the things and we push a muscle gain letting people tell me later. This is take a scenario may slow push a geek is practicing my singing career gonna become a sort of - this is so cool. That gal can exercise career or to set up a nursery. Oh, okay. These are eating cheese bother essentially. Yes, Dino Factor Q essentially is described our image on letting M80. No, keystroke. Essentially. You can just plug up kagune a book a learning level calorie Milligan to impose a team. May of course be a exercise mckessie. Use Carrera de tocqueville use nickel yoga to abkhazia you Absolution muscle growth neurotic growth personal pick up proper sleep meaning is purposely blind seek out a camera body muscles grow their ticket to use storage is the equip balancing it natural phenomena like natural case make Channel 33 issues o'clock Commander players to follow gonna friggin the chili guys are up. Your Scooby has a question and you up mr. Kucinich out. There are infested with me Luthor Musa Kusa theorem are forecast to have like a certain extent a comment or give it a shot. If you want to talk to him in English, it's not a problem. You can but just give me a favor you can motivate me by commenting liking and following my podcast. I put my creative platform passive foster kids in building you drop calabaza the essential yoga platform built a transformation. So thank you for joining all of you. Love to love to have you all here and have a good day, right? Bye.