Hello higher Boudoir. Welcome to the digital update show of the day. I asked our thank you so much. So, can you tell me about Ava something apart upon? How is the Bollywood shopping campaigns have been prepared during this time. It's how important is the holiday season for the businesses. How are they preparing themselves? How is it prepared plant before? Yeah. Sure. So as an Advertiser the holiday season, In seems abnormally long for us and it's really very important. So it starts somewhere in August and goes up till December or mid of the neck of January the next day of so for small clients, you know holiday season is very important because the majority of the revenue that they will be making in this season. They will be using it for the next year or the coming days. Okay. Okay. So so the prepare themselves from how long do you have any idea from how long they start preparing for this holiday season? You have to start preparing somewhere from media. That is from July. You have to plan out your calendar. That's the main and the basic thing. So with a preparing a calendar helps, you know what you're measuring and how to be careful. With your budget so there are three ways to approach a calendar first. You have to use the historical data all the data that you have access to and all the data that you have of the previous year's will help you do that. You will have a lot of clients, you know, who will be with you from a long time and you will know what their business wants how it works so that data you can use to make the campaign more beneficial or Is full and the next step is to trim it down with a small accounts, you know, you don't have enough money for everything that you want to do. There are three things to keep in mind when you're trimming down your campaigns. You have to keep in mind the budget the capacity of the business that you're going to do and the creative you can use creators of the previous year or you know, or to just make something new every year. You can know plot a new Creator and then you have to chart everything out. You can create a chart. And jot down all the tasks that you want to do during this holiday season. This will help you be prepared and not miss out on anything. Okay. Okay. So can you tell me the how means they prepare the Holiday Camp and as you mentioned based on the based on the historical data, how was their selling? How was the trend of customers buying different based on then? They plan it for the next year the holiday campaign, right? So the next question is apoorva. What is the how do you evaluate the Campion? Okay. So after the campaign is over, you have to evaluate the success of the campaign, right? So when evaluating the success we stick we have to stick to metrics that were used in the previous year in order to evaluate the year-over-year growth like the Matrix that we had used the previous year those same metrics can be used during this year also so that we see how much growth and how much profit we have attained over the last year. This is our biggest. I within the holiday season. So for this you have to look at the overall growth or the revenue increase when compared to the last year and you have to tag and name your campaigns properly to save future to save you a future headache and allow for easier reporting and also you have to keep in mind the audience one of the best ways to ensure that you don't spend all your budget is focusing on smaller. Is that for small businesses? They have a limited budget for the season and you have to focus on remarketing and the email list that you already have. This is very important during the sale periods where customers who know you and have previously engaged with your business are more likely to purchase and then also you should know your best performing days. You will have the historical data from the last season right so you Undetermined the start of your holiday campaign. Like when did the purchase rice and are there any we days of the week or hours of the day that are more profitable. You have to keep in mind all these things to maximize your budget and you have to always, you know, make short you have an idea in mind when to advertise all seven days of the week or five days of the week or twice a week like that base. Time to advertise who walk which audience to advertise. Yeah, it means go to filter out your main audience in which region your product would be more useful for the people because if something is therefore something is there in South if you if you promote it or do the campaigns for not it would not be beneficial for the people who are staying in the South right? Yeah. That's true. Okay and age group also. Yeah God yes age group The Ian's who are interested based on their browsing history on also we can forgive them that we can send them that letter to them. Yeah, and also using the script really helps the final or tip can be that you have to avoid overspending in Google ads this case. I use this can be done by using a budget script. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So, can you give me a short summary of the camp? And what is it? You factors of point should be kept in mind before doing any campaign. Yeah, so to recap all this you have to limit the big sale days to your most qualified audience. And then you have to know what days and times you should be aiming for and you have to have the budget according to that and you have to plan the whole year for this holiday season and you have to click into season traffic and you have to adjust accordingly adjust your budget. Or just your tasks or anything and then the final tip can be to use a script to prevent overspending and control your budget properly. Okay, okay. Okay. Thanks apurv Agarwal. It was nice knowing the digital update of the day. So let's meet for the next episode. Thanks for your time. Sure. Thank you. Bye. Bye.