Yeah. Hi Richa. Yeah. Hi Aditi. Hi. Hey listeners. I'm a Architect Aditi Gupta and I have done my masters in sustainable architecture and I'm in conversation with Dr. Richa Goel. She's a dentist and a nature lover. So hi. Hello. Hello everybody. Yeah, so hmm. So we are having a conversation about how we can make our homes more eco-friendly. So yeah, since I am a dentist and Aditi is an architect. So I think it's a good blend between both of us. Like I am more on health side how like we can create an environment healthy and ourselves healthy and as it is moron. How we can create our environment hand lead me car home more environment friendly. So we want to share our views with each other so that we can help each other in the the basic in the toe aim of making nature more friendly at home more friendly and making a life more fit. Okay. So yeah, let's start maybe you will start at this. Yeah, I'll start so we both know we've been discussing. I think I do waste waste composting Ki segregate the gist of my kitchen and I do composting I have a garden there is gone. So I have visited by Jean plants with edible plants and fruit trees small low height 7 feet 8 feet and I use that to make the compost and I use it as a fertilizer for my plants. Okay earlier, it was a clumsy tedious process for me, but now Do it now. I do it nicely and it takes around three four months for me to convert my kitchen waste into fertilizer usable, you know, three to four months. Yes, because I don't add any chemicals to it to you know to break to help it break down. I just use a kurd and I use breadcrumbs all these things to you know to initiate the to make the process faster just these two things and I also I have an A on my Terrace, which I have no put in the front or in the you know mon just as you step into my Terrace Garden, you will see the neem tree. So I hid it there because you know the wind flows from that you would operate my house. So just to to keep the space, you know, the air around that area clean and dust and so have that 3 there so idea. Solve that we also I put in my composting mixture and the second thing I do is that I have changed all the lighting in my in my house and you don't dive put more energy efficient bulbs and I whatever it is that I buy I see that they should be five star rating. They should have five star rating. Like they are more energy efficient. They should be more energy efficient. So and so on our bills also, yeah, we can see one of those also and the third thing Is that that I really want to do which I have not done is that are o are wet but the tedious value of the water which we get in my apartment has you know is like 80 only so which is like the permissible limit is way up like 500 so I actually don't need a are. Oh, what I need is just a water purification like aquaguard simple machines chemicals, like chlorine and all these things from the water. Not something to you know arrow is not required for my water quality that I have but I still have it. So I want and it takes a lot of water waste a lot of water. So I replace it sometimes with a simpler machine you have to save on the water also, like the next view new thing in the market, but still I don't know no prob because actually if dirty This venue is way higher for the water that you are getting in your house then only you need an arrow. But what is the thing is that we as a Layman we sometimes don't know that if we need to narrow or blemish in to purify the water in our house. So I just need a coast guard on a not not an RO but a simple machine to purify the water take out the impurities of the water and the water is fit for drinking because you know our oh what our oh does it it's not now after the purification ation of the Water by my uncle that value is almost like five six only and and we should at least have, you know water with DBS value of 30. Otherwise a great tip for everybody for us that if our water is not that much bad and we should not go for Roi Eco guards will also solve our purpose solo purpose exactly. And for thing that I am doing is that I am running Electric car and I've been elected people are doing yeah for like four five years. I've been running on electric car. So that is the fourth thing that I'm doing and these are long list, but I would like to hear from you as well. Okay, so electric car running is not a problem like you because people always think like if I want to go for electrical I will always I will not go because I think it's a hectic and it's very tedious. How will like it's Charging is a problem. So it has not caused you any problems so far. No, no charging is very simple. It runs 400 kilometers in one charge and I put it on charging at night and even the model traffic. No not a problem. Mine is an AC car no problem in traffic. So it is a good for us if you drive. Okay, only like you can't take it outside the city because it only goes 400 kilometers in one charge. So it is good for the CD drive. She's not Yeah, sit inside the city. It is a good drive. Yeah, and small compact car can be powered easily. I like it. Okay, let's nice and become composite. I really lay before me adding to the list. I would really like to ask you on the composite part. Like I also like composite a lot but I think again that I have a small garden. I don't have a big many plants. So can I do for that also and secondly, I have a small waist because my family is very small. It's like nuclear fan. So can I also do a composite wait because it's situational public it is always like it's a very nice equipment and you need a space and otherwise your house will smell so can you give just one paper how small that is true? So composting is to be done when you have you know, some Airy space so that the foul smell that's coming out of the compost. Can you note is not entering into House house. Yeah, it should be kept in a place from where you know, the wind is not coming inside your house because it will be it will be smelling at times. Now, there are electric composed which are coming but they are then again, they are, you know, very expensive and the technology still developing. So I really can't, you know ask you to buy one. But if you have you know some Corner in your you know, balcony or somewhere or maybe now you somewhere Which you do not you know the from there you don't have wind coming inside your house, then you can keep it there because the foul smell definitely is going to be their sickness at sometimes small worms are you know mom's they generate inside it to you know down into soil into fertilizer. So those box they come out of the compost, you know, the dump. Yeah, so So that also can come inside your house. So you should have to open big open space where in the corner you can have it and also the second thing is that rain should not fall on it directly. So that should be you can put some cloth or some some some sort of a you know, something over it or you can create a small shelter above it. So these things have to be taken care and lizards and all these things they do. Attract all these things. So that is an issue there. So if an open space then you can do it. Yeah put it yeah, so just need small container and you can put it in that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Okay. So from my side it's like going on a health part. I was like when we was moving to Singapore then this whole Whole scenario of plastic campaign something was going on in Mumbai and we were like, okay plastic. No plaster you should use so we stop using plastic bags. That is one thing and later. I read more articles in a realize it when I was shifting that most of the stuff like 70% of stuff in our house plastic. If I see my kitchen then I told him all my food in the plastic containers, which is really bad like sometimes you go for the convenient side and but it is like plastic. Okay, it is convenient but it is a hazard both for her health. Yeah. So if you're like really if you Google or if you just go with the Articles and it is true that plastic hamper then it mingles with at hormones and it's a hormone called estrogen hormone in our body, which is a sex-related hormone. So all the like things which girls used to have like, I think Age girls and teenagers we are having these cramps during the administration period And when student Administration life cycle and which my mother or my grandmother you don't they don't have it. So we have no more convenient part what that will mean for our environment and health is to clean your kitchen with all the plastic like low-key plastic containers. I know it is difficult. You can either keep in steel container. Azure in glass containers anything you can keep in but don't keep store your food in the plastic and danis. Yeah, I think I'll let me be clear on this. Yes. Oh it is a big thing like you if you change it, then you will not get the result instantly, but slowly I think you'll definitely at the results and we have more going on. The old is gold category. So it's always better to follow your mother and grandmother footsteps and And second thing list small small things you can do like you can carry your Cutlery while you are going in the restaurant because they use plastic Cutlery. If you're going us all ODP type restaurant and this carrier bag with you to white plastic and most of all don't buy any new plastic whatever old plastic you have and that is in a good condition then keep it for sometime between by at least. Anyway, you can only happen. I am totally You know, I totally understand with you but when I see around when I'm moving in the room and I'm seeing around I see all the plastic in the form of, you know, creams and hair oil. Yes. What I do. One thing one thing I can do with that actually us has started it India and Asia has yet not started it that they I have big big machines and they can refill and people just have to go and to refill so we can maybe wipe big bottles instead of buying smaller bottles are the shower. When decreed the baby greens you can buy big bottle. So at least we are say make something if you're not saving like whatever resources we have we can do best in that so we can always wear big bottle. So it will save on a pocket and also yeah, it will save the plastic and kitchen cleaning will really help your health also so that thing and dryer babies like if you have baby at home, so don't use any any plastic for him or her like don't carry her food in plastic containers. Don't give him plastic bottle water bottle. I know they're very very attractive. I having a really difficult time in Singapore to find a steel bottle with my baby for my baby was in Singapore. They just have one problem the plastic problem and which they're managing quite ok, but in India, we have lots of problem then and like when it comes to the health of my baby, then I don't want to compromise on the fancy thing. I think it's okay if you do. She's not having any fancy think that is okay. But I want her to have healthy life healthy. Yeah, so idea true true true. It will take some effort of yours to find a steel different instead of that attractive Frozen or what are the characters different. But yeah, it's yeah and the plastic. Oh, this is a big house at that for a life and environment to put It true true true agree totally agree with you. So any tips that you would like to you know, give related to like dental hygiene. Is it our toothpastes environment-friendly like Colgate and we use Sensodyne all these are their environment friendly. What is your take about it environment-friendly? Okay. They are like there are coming more local brands also with Still actually in toothpaste. It's like just a small make sure of few chemicals with fluorine. Okay. It's it's actually two toothpaste is not important. This is a great. This is a big myth which people always ask me is that toothpaste is good. Is that toothpaste is good. Is it good? It is environment-friendly. Actually, it doesn't matter with toothpaste you are using because you have to use just a small amount. Yeah less than a pea size so it's okay. Using and they're not that bad for the environment firstly. Okay. Thank you don't have to use it so much. So use it to use a small amount and secondly the method of doing a brushing method is more important then with look to your skin. You should not fall in the pit of the AdWords advertising companies toothpaste with caught charcoal toothpastes all toothpaste any toothpaste which you like and like my daughter don't like the toothpaste Colgate toothpaste. Because it feels very spicy to her. It has a lot of chemicals a lot of things so you can just go with any miswak any flavor you like. Okay, you can even made make your homemade sometimes and like I think most common many different brands are coming with the homemade toothpaste kind of a thing. That's also okay usually in the past people are just doing it with neem and behind us also. Okay, but like practice important. Yeah the knee Named by we cut off the name thing because the pressure is important that mean to be able to go with the in the internet'll spaces the brush is required. So it's like that. Okay. Okay. So the method of pressuring is what is important but more importantly maybe the brushes more important but it's not more important we can choose on the brush and you can change your brush after every 3-4 months which we Indians, okay. How do you don't do that? And you can on the brush, but also I would say aye you can go for the bamboo brush. They are coming in already coming in Via. So what there you can see when the plastic and you can use bamboo branches and they really looks long. Oh, wow. Yeah, I would like to really do this. I'll search if I can find them online. You didn't find them online. Yes easily available now because in India lot of like I think we should promote our Indian local people and that is what our environment and other country. They're doing a lot small small things and we should promote them rather than going on big Brands and everything. Yeah, that is true. And this is something new that I've known today that pace is not what adds more value but toothbrush is and toothbrushes definitely plastic. That is what I know. But as you have told me that, you know bamboo toothbrush are also Market are definitely going to search them and by one and use it and give my reviews on that. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, okay to eat. I think we have had a very interesting conversation we had yeah from you the guys in composite at moment using God. And for what the thing yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yes and I I've learned a lot from you too. And I would yeah, I would I would like to have more conversations like these with your incoming future. Yes, and I would also like to invite my listeners like if you can what are you doing on saving your environment? And what are your tips field love to listen it and if anything you want to know like how to do compositing compositing and what are we doing? Then? You can just message us. And we will get back to you. Okay. Bye. Bye. Bye.