So we're finally life. Hey guys, this is Eva. This is my first time in on open talk and I am pretty excited to be here. So finally after with intent futile attempts going live and today we're going to talk about how to make great content. So let's talk from I am not in the fact that I'm getting some likes already and we have three people listening right now. Okay. So first of all, yeah, I would like to introduce the founder of open Talk assuming Jen on this conversation. Hey, Mike, can you hear me? I shouldn't either side. I'm so sorry. But let's get to the basic. So I've been a Content writer for about three years now. I started when I was 18 and I was in the second year of college and I started content writing firstly as a means of online money because I've been working my ass off since like second year of college and it's been a pretty good journey so far. The basics of making good content. I think you first need to decide on what you meant. Like you can decide a category it can be on travel can be on food lifestyle with the movies maybe technology anything that you're comfortable with anything that you have. Good knowledgeable for me. I have tried my hand at different things since I wasn't content writing or I was given different kinds of Articles to write by different clients. So I've basically made my mark almost everywhere and I think by now I can say that I'm pretty good at writing stuff on travel on. Related logs on Arch and the list goes on. So if you're someone who's just started Ding I think the first thing I would advise you to do is create your own blog. You can do that by going on WordPress on Blogger. This is something that I did not do and that's one of my major regrets right now because it's been three years since I started over three years. Okay, we have a question how to choose the best medium for Content creation. Thank you Ashley for the question. I'm so sorry that you're not here with me right now talking to me. But yeah, so As for the medium I think for me it's always been writing. I type it out and that is what I'm comfortable with. But you also have videos you also have logs. You also have audio content as we are creating right now we can talk. So the reason I chose to be on open talk today is because of assuming and his brilliant idea of her. In content via audio This Is A New Concept and I think audio is like the best way to communicate because Leslie will how many of you are comfortable talking to someone over call and maybe face-to-face that you are value right or while you are in front of a camera. A lot of us are camera. Shy so like personally sometimes when I use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, I don't like Texting I'm not really a text or I just like getting to the point. So sometimes when my friends are texting me, I send them voice recordings of what I want to say instead of typing because it's easier it's faster. So I think there is a preference for everyone. You know, I enjoy audio. I enjoy writing that is my preference, but I'm not comfortable with video content, right? So I think I should be that answers your question, right? Now coming back to how you can make great content or I just have three years of experience in the industry. Okay. I am not an expert. I might never be I don't think anyone becomes an expert. You know, it's it depends on your experience of depends on how much you write. It depends on how much you learn but you're always learning right? So I think the basic way to start with good content is you decide what you want to to write about say for example, say for example, you like writing on travel related topics, right? So maybe you choose a destination, you know, maybe Mauritius for example, and you want to write about how to take a trip to Mauritius and you know, like create a proper itinerary that would please your audience. This can be in any form of content written audio-visual anything you like. So Before posting for mistake by making content is like nah. Now you have your topic, right? So you create a basic outline of how you want to approach the topic what all needs to be included like a brief intro on, you know, the different destinations that people choose from why should you choose Mauritius then the next thing can we places in Mauritius that you can visit on your trip? Thank you. And then I thank you for your lovely comment. Yeah, so after places and maybe you can talk about the best time to visit Mauritius, you know, next heading could be places to stay at Mauritius then maybe you know means of travelling to Mauritius it can you know where you can get your air tickets from maybe like a trusted website. Where can you get some discounts from so the more engaging your content is I think that is the way you can Target your audience, right and the best way to reach your audience in the quickest way possible is I think writing a Blog having your own blog because if your because if you are a Content writer, I think people get to know you better people appreciate you better if you have your own website to begin to create a website. You can be you can you know open your own website on WordPress through bloggers? Like all of those are free website options for you that you know, you can just customize a few things and make it your own have like an interesting name for your website, you know, and as you keep on posting your articles, you can share them on different mediums Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn LinkedIn definitely because you know as you grow as a professional you can connect with like-minded individuals there. People in your own stream that you would like to connect to and you'll be surprised by how many many things that are to write about like, it's it's an endless Journey. There is so much to learn so much to write on so much to learn about. It's interesting. Okay. I have this question by one another how to build an audience for readership. Alright. Thank you so much. I think as you write you get your audience there see when you write on something. You need to make it engaging. It can't just be like plain information. Like you know, what Mauritius is this Mauritius is that you should go here done and dusted. No, I think the way to attract a good readership is to make the piece Interactive. You know, you can talk in first person like, you know, how you talk to someone maybe a friend or a family member and you advise them on a certain topic that see in style should be incorporated in the way you write that same style should be incorporated in the way your content is written and as you keep on writing the readership gets built like that obviously in the first go it never happens, but like for me it's been three years and I don't have my own blog. I want to make one and I'm gonna make one pretty soon but I am a guest blogger for a few websites abroad and I also do ghostwriting for a few times and readership so far has been amazing, you know, so. You need to just build that up. You need to make like a foundation for yourself that people can you know go back to like and just check your articles your information everything out. And as you progress in your journey, you will see that clients will come to you half of the projects that I work on today are from US based clients, and I did not even make the first move. It just happened because I shared a few things on LinkedIn. Real my connection and that just became great content, you know, so we are 10 minutes across this conversation and I wouldn't want to linger it anymore. But before I end this I would definitely want to mention that I really enjoyed sharing this information with all the 70 people listening right now and I will be doing more open talks in future about content writing digital marketing research and other things and I hope you guys like the conversation and if you have any suggestions on how I could improve and or if you would like some suggestions from me about content, please stay tuned to my open talk and you can definitely text me or you could connect with me on LinkedIn. Them to know what I do for the and once again Ashley, I'm so sad that you're not right here right now. We're not talking in this conversation. But thank you so much for introducing open talk to me. I think this is a brilliant platform and it's been like a wonderful time and it's just communicating to an audience. Thank you guys for all your lovely comments and please stay tuned for more.