Hi and welcome dies do this podcast episode. I am spoke about your host and those and I will be sharing some amazing tips on how you can sell on Instagram and what you can really really really do to have that Authority and literally just go big on Instagram. So let's start shall we Now the first thing that you need to know to sell on Instagram is to have the correct kind of mindset because mindset is everything mindset is completely everything if you're not having the right kind of mindset. Well, then you do not mean you cannot just make any sales. So this is the kind of mindset that you should definitely definitely have in that is repeat after me. I am worthy. I am capable. I am successful. I am smart. I am unique I am abundant and I am secure and if you have this kind of mindset, well, then let me tell you that you can go really really really big and then you will be really able to Earl you will be able to sell on Instagram and just not. Graham on every other website or on any other places. Well, as long as you have the correct kind of mindset now a lot of times I get this question key a Chinese DOTA. We have a product. This is a price for the product. But how do we tell people that this is the prize and this is what they need to give and this is the kind of output that we can give them and the issue comes when people just don't know how trust there do not try past the production of and here I am to tell you that you have to trust your product before you go out there and sell it. If you do not trust your product. If you do not feel like a chore. This is my product. This is good. This is worth it. Then it will never be worth it and you will always be stuck with the wrong kind of mindset able to tell nothing. Absolutely. Nothing at all. So how do you bring the kind of awareness that you definitely will be needing to make Thief has and the answer is quite simple. You need to give massive amount of value to people before something salesy to them. Now. How do you think Maggie became the kind of? Brand that Maggie became the other day. I went to this Fest horn Ok please and one half pages because they wanted a new flavor of Maggie to go viral. They were giving out free packets of Maggie. Can you believe it three packets of Maggie just because they wanted to beat our test their new absolutely new. verdict now, how can you make sales or how can you give out your service or your product to the right person in the right kind of way. Well, the process is quite simple and I will be breaking down the process for you. And before I break down the process to you. I can definitely definitely tell you where you can find me and that is you can find me. Instagram I go by the name at the rate engaged or better which is at the rate he at Eng AG e dot b ET D ER, which is Eng AG e dot b ET D ER which is engaged better. Engaged better. Where an I give out massive amount of value massive tips on how you can be taking your Instagram to the absolute Next Level and how you can make it big on how your value can reach to people how your service can do big huge things in people life and how you can change people's life by your idea. Right? I also give a one-on-one coaching. So I have a lot of experience with all of this and I've been doing it for quite a long time now, so I will just tell you the process to sell on Instagram and here is the process for you firstly you need to have a product or a valuable service. Your service could be that you demand the artist your service could be that you can make sales for bigger companies. Your service could be that you're an amazing singer so you could sing at people's birthday parties. He's or bachelorettes or weddings or maybe you're a musician or maybe you're a band or artist or maybe your laundry service or maybe you know how to cook good food. No matter what ever service you can provide for whatever thing that you can give to people definitely go all in it and definitely definitely Make content about it firstly what you really need to do is make massive massive massive massive massive amount of content about about the thing that you're very passionate about. So, for example, you very passionate about doing x y z thing make sure that you talk about XYZ cleaning and you bring value and awareness around it. If you don't tell people that are I am amazing at doing this as the senses you will never be able to sell them the decision. Is so it all comes down to firstly telling people secondly bringing value to them thirdly. Bringing massive massive massive value to them fourthly. You need to have a kind of a connection a kind of a trust with them. If you if they cannot trust you if they don't really know you if they are not interested in you they will never stop by you they will never talk to you or they will never buy your products. So if that is something that you want then don't use Instagram and second. It's already tough like people with good intentions win, but if your intention is to sell your service if your intention is to make people's life better if your intention is to bring value to platform definitely go all in in your passion and definitely don't forget to follow engaged or better which is Eng AG e dot bede or definitely always go all in it and Most important trick marketing trick that people just don't talk about these days is that you need to make a relationship with your audience. You need to treat them. Well, if you need to talk to them, if you need to provide them value, it's almost like you need to give them diamonds for them or to ever trust you that's the case trust is the most important thing that you can ever learn from a person and if they do not trust you. Believe me, they will never invest in you if they never invest in you you are a flop business already. What are you waiting for? So if you want to take your business Instagram if you want to be an influencer want to be the next big business person definitely do contact me on engage better, which is e n GA g e dot bede are now moving on to the next question and that is what and how can I be the unique one on Instagram and why will people buy what I have to give to them and the answer is quite simple again, people will buy your services people will take Your services people will invest in you only and only if you provide them with massive value prior to do that only if you are an expert and to prove to them that you were an expert you have to show them testimonials now, you're like no Shota get made out of it be product of eaten a burger. So where do I win the testimonies from? Well, it's very easy. Why don't you ask some of your friends to buy your product give them the service for free get the extra extra benefits and then make them a right the testimonial for you today. I earn so much because I know how to make the sales in the correct manner. I work with brown Anson influencers. I talk to them and make relationships with them. I take them on a All and I treat them with the respect love care, but mostly they trust me so much that they're ready to put in their money in me because I put in diamonds in the kind of quality that I give them, right? So that is how you definitely know Kettle. You should be doing this and you should not be doing what you are doing. The three simple steps to making any sales happen and this is the most important segment of the entire podcast section. So make sure that you're hearing it with complete and utmost seriousness. And the Pod is the that you need these three important steps. It's a three-part process to making any sales is that you'll ever make Your entire life and the process is one know II like in third fussed Palapa Jonna have set up concupiscence and thirdly they have to trust you if they know you and they like you and they trust you these three things. They will definitely definitely invest in you they will definitely definitely buy from you and I really want you to understand why these three things are so important if They don't know you they can never investing if they don't like you. Why will they buy you if you'd only Domino's Pizza? Why will you ever by Domino's Pizza? And if you don't trust dominoes, you will never buy from Dominus. You'll go to Pizza Hut, so if you want to be the dominoes here, make sure that you do the following things firstly, you know them make people aware about your brand First Step make them know about you spread awareness you Sports you story is used Instagram. He videos use shoutouts. Try doing all of these different different things second make them like like you make them like you. Oh Lord, very very very very much become like you super super much and the third point is make them trust you if you can do these three things that you can make them know you like you and trust you then definitely the sales is done. And that's it for this episode. I will definitely catch up with you in another one until next time. This is me pleasantly mild signing out and you can definitely check out my Instagram profile which is engaged or better Eng. AG e dot b ET ER you can also find me on YouTube I go by the name presently mine, which is PR e SE and TL y Mi any you can also find me on Instagram I go by the name presently mine, which is p r e SE n TL y My any and I will see you guys tomorrow morning. So bye guys.