Bathrooms one step to leave and I am here to talk about how to set goals. The three crucial steps before smart goals the normally when we talk about goal setting most people think that you know, it is the smart goals, right? They have to be specific. They have to be measurable. They have to be attainable realistic. Eric and they have to be time-bound. Now. This is true. Your goals need to be smart, but there are three crucial steps before the smart goal setting and I'm here to talk about these three crucial steps Step 1. Get clear on what you want. You know getting a promotion has to be your goal and not your boss's goal for you. Getting good marks has to be your goal and not your parents wish for you getting healthy has to be your goal and not something you do because of your health speak French, right? You see what where I'm going with this. Your goal has to be your desire desire is the poor fuel in action. And so if there is no desire, it's going to be very difficult for you. You to even set up a goal and then follow it. In fact, if you don't have the desire for it, you are going to find excuses not to do it. So spent some time in knowing what you want check whether it's an endpoint or an ongoing practice. For example, a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing practice, right? You're not going to stop. Okay once I become healthy, I stopped, you know, it's kind of matter of till you die. So basically you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle excelling at leadership is an ongoing practice. You can say, okay now I'm a leader now. I need to stop we need to keep on adapting to our situations and keep on practicing our leadership skills. So exciting that leadership is again an ongoing practice buying a home now that can be an endpoint which ends with the purchase of your home. You see what I'm trying to say here there are differences. In something which has an endpoint and something just a practice which you need to do for life. So check whether you what you want right now is an endpoint in itself, or is it an ongoing practice that you wish to develop? You know, one of the ways of knowing whether you truly want something is simply kicking if your heart Smiles or get stressed when you think about what you want, for example It is thinking of promotion stresses you out instead of making your heart smile. Then you need to re-evaluate. If you truly want this promotion, you know, if for example losing weight, is it something that is stressing you out or is it making your heart smile and I'm not talking about the process here. I'm talking about the endpoint. Just think about the end point once you get promoted is it? Sounding good for you. Is it making you excited then? Yes, this is your goal. Right? So the first crucial step in setting goals is knowing what you truly want. You have to be absolutely clear on what you want and it has to be something that you want and not what somebody else wants for you moving on to step number two knowing where you currently are, you know the starting point. And I'll tell you why is this important many get delusional about the current reality, you know, your current behavior is your current reality. You know that exercising every day is good for your health, you know that communicating with your team regularly is a good practice. You know that studying regularly with get your good marks. Here's the thing just because you know, it does not mean you're doing it right what you need to ask is how many days of the week. Are you? Exercising with what frequency are you communicating with your team? How many hours do you study every day? The answers to these questions is your starting point. Your starting point is not the knowledge about the ideal that you have. But about what's happening today at Ground Zero being delusional about your starting point will you know underestimate the effort required from your end, so What happens is by the time, you know, you sit down to make your plans in this top actioning under you suddenly start realizing. Oh my God, this is a lot of work and I'm not ready to do it why simply because you're starting point itself is not very clear. Right? So ensure that you are extremely clearly aware about your starting point if this Kauai has for you to have a hard look in the mirror. You need to be completely okay with what you see. Okay, that's your starting point. Remember it's not your end point. It's just starting point. So step number two is no your starting point. Step. Number three. You need to see the Gap, right? You've already determined what you want in Step. Number one and step number two is your current reality. It's definitely you should see the guy. Gap which exists and you should have the desire to bridge the gap now, for example, if you don't accept that there is a gap you're not going to have anything to work on right because the Gap does not exist for you. But if you're able to see that yes, there is a gap and you have the desire to bridge the gap then and then only will you start making efforts to bridge the gap. If you have a gap and you're okay with that Gap, there's no point of moving on to goal setting because you're okay with this Gap. So if you see the Gap and have an intense desire to bridge the gap you understand or you're in a position to understand that that could be temporary discomforts when you're in the process of Bridging the Gap, you know, it could mean that there are sacrifices involved. It could mean that you have to let go of some old habits habits scuse me. It could mean that you know, you have to adopt new habits that will be some pain involved. But because you have the intense desire of the endpoint and you know that you're not at your end point yet. You're in the Gap you'll be willing to work on it. So these are the three crucial steps before you need to set your smart quotes, right? The fourth step is to create a practical plan. This is where the smart Coast. And remember the word is practical plan your practical plan depends on your current time effort energy and other resources, right as you progress, these factors will change and your plan will evolve for example, don't plan to wake up early and go for a walk first try to manage the ours you're awake. So maybe you need to work for 15 minutes before dinner every day then over two weeks. You can increase it to 30 minutes and maybe in a month. Month, you see the results of walking every day and you're like, hey, I want to do this every single day before my day starts. So keep the plants practical depending on what is your current time available energy available and the effort required never underestimate these 3. So this is where your smart goals come in, right? So you have a broad plan to bridge the gap and then you can Get down into tiny smart quotes and the last step number five is get into action and review regularly. No plan at the onset is going to be picture-perfect life is dynamic and we need to keep on incorporating the changes, right? So get into the action with the Practical plan review at regular intervals keep doing what is working for you let go Of what is not working for you be okay to make mistakes, you know celebrate your wins. Try doing the same thing from different angles try different processes. So in many ways, you know, it's that fine balance of not making your plan hardcore, but at the same time not giving up as well. It's this beautiful balance between the two that keeps going and makes you set effective goals and not only Just set goes but you also end up achieving them. So my today's talk was just about this that you know, I wanted to ensure that you're setting goals that you really really want from the bottom of your heart. Once you want that you see a gap that it's not your current reality. There is an intense desire to fill in that Gap and then you have the intense desire. It means that there is pain involved and you are ready to accept that temperature. T-Pain because you know that the endpoint is something that you truly want. Once these three things are done automatically Whenever you set your tiny smart goals, you'll be able to accomplish them because you want to work on it. I hope this has helped you in understanding the three key elements of setting goals, and I wish you all the best in setting goals and going ahead and achieving them. Thank you for joining me. Hope to see you in another open talk or other hope Hope to hope that you hear me on another opened up here by.