So hello guys, let's start a conversation on how to speak English as you want here in this conversation. I'm going to share tips and tricks that how you can speak English as you want with your wish right? It will be your dream desire that whatever you want to stake. You can speak right? So how you can be so fluent in English. So all the things I am going to discuss in this video in this podcast soul. this started there's a lot of things to be share with you. Always write the first order thing and the basic is you have to be very clear that whatever you use the language, right? Whatever the language, you know, it might be hindered by the Punjab it mine beeping Wall-E any kind of language that you speak right? Just take the condo conversion that take the transcript of all the language, you know into English, right? Just try to convert all the language once you able to convert all the language into your own once you convert All your native language into English, then you it will be more easy you to learning effect. So in this way, you can learn English faster. The second step is to surround the people who already speak English fact, if you sound the people who speak English, so that will be far more more better like this sound the people who speak English with you and all the time practicing English with you. You will get a good command in English and you will also get a fluency in English, right? All this point are very essential and crucial, right? Once you have started speaking English and just make sure that you keep on upgrading your skill set right once you have started your English course or anything that you want to learn. Just keep on upgrading it right once you upgrade it. Make sure you will be comfortable with the people you talk right? And when we are weakened fit comfortable with the people you talk and at that moment at the takt time, you can monetize it. Also what? I mean to former monetization you can earn money from this right you can earn a profitable amount of money from that if we once monetize it right other Mexico Hindu mythology can take proper stage a point P type of business. We are going to be proper state of consciousness. Get if you are if you want to speak like an American right if you want to sound to be like American you have to practice with the S and how they want how them have these American pronounce the word you have to pronounce in the same way. Like for an example. They didn't say water they say water. So in this case, if you just try to try to replace the whole vocabulary how they pronounce you will be able to rectify that how they are. Using a sin if you grab the language if you grab the expression if you grab the mother tongue how they are twisting it and how they make a sound some sound of they produce. So in that case you will be sounding like an American right? But be sure that man key other of American Theater sound curvy ramp is commentary any key app was other sport or chicken to licking up a chest to the American Spirit different things go through Indians language music rock committee so much power is really seeking a banana. Shake up security company, you can see characteristic proper implementation Connecticut after randomly physical questionable know of course cool shops. Ebola object is vodka. Next point is about practicing English yourself, right practicing English at at home how to practice English at home. So there's a lot of people who ask this question to me data, so we can you tell us that how which can practice English at home. So let me tell you the secret the secret is just to stand in front of the mirror and speak whatever, you know, there will be nobody to make joke or no joke out of it. So you are not required to Fred be confident enough to speak right so whatever, you know as as you can translate any anything you can translate them and speak whatever, you know, so in this case, you will be able to gain confidence with able to dip your vocabulary. You will be able to command your vocabulary. So these are the things that you will be able to manage once you do practice this thing. So what I am telling you to do, right, so these are the things so if anybody wants to ask any question, I will be there to answer right if anybody wants to follow us. Guys, you can comment you can like my poor forecast so that it's really helpful for me. And if you comment it will be really helpful. It's motivates me to make more right? It's me help me to make more and it tells me that peoples are people are active and they are active listener. Right? What are the qualities of active listener the listen and the command with a word that I say and they follow to say if I'm telling you to comment you need to comment because it this is the sine of x in this not right. So if you And let me know that what you feel about the the course that I am telling you. So this all the things will be so beneficial for me. And so beneficial for you. If we proceed with the same mindset, right if I know what to what's happening in your mind, that will be great. So Danielle's calling. So let's get a pick up his her call. Hello. Hello. Hi. Thank you for calling hi. What do you want to know? Actually, I called you to talk about anything because I'm big enough. Okay? Not a big deal. So I'm a little nervous. Okay, so just tell me about yourself. Then I will tell you the how to introduce how how to introduce in front of someone. First of all, you tell me about yourself. Okay, I'm Tonya and actually I don't know any whatever, you know, and as you can express it just be relaxed and just say there's no need of hesitation. It's all it's all about you and me, right? Yeah. Okay, I don't hesitate and whatever, you know just say Okay, I'm Daniel. I'm from Bangladesh and I live in taça da capital of Bangladesh and I have graduated my I've completed my graduation so nice communication and journalism, and I've worked as a staff reporter and the News Room editor in a radio station, okay. And then I left my job. And right now I am doing nothing at all. I'm jobless right now. Okay. So so you are a pretty good enough in English. At least you are a beginner right and let me tell you they are so many people who actually don't know English, right, but you are above that line, right? So be congratulate for that yourself. So let me tell you that if when you are introducing Yourself to in front of anyone right? You have to be very confident right when you face the interview when you face the interview and then the person says introduce yourself right tell me about yourself. I want I am interested in knowing your biography. So these are the things that the people asked right. It's the first primary question that ever in every interview. They are straight. All right. So what do you have to do? You have to be active listener. First of all, right, so you have to listen carefully what the person is asking right? And if you get to know can confirm lie that he is asking about your bio-data. I mean to say tell me about yourself to you have to introduce in this way, right? So let me tell you. I will say like for example, I will say as if Okay, so Good morning, sir. My name is Asif. I'm from AP. I'm from rongeur. I have completed my class 12 from a pier somewhere plant. I'm currently graduated from Maui College notchy, and this way you have to start right? Speak speak smoothly. Right? First of all, let me tell you when you say good morning, sir. Okay. First of all, you are to wish the person to whom you are talking if your senior okay. Okay, you have to say good morning, sir. Next thing you have to say your name. Okay, then. Good morning, sir. My name is Tanya. I'm from Bangladesh. I have completed my graduation. I have completed my 12 from this and that okay. Listen that we have to replace the place where you live. Okay from the next part you have to say if you are not sure about how to take the interview or to take the lecture into next level. You are you should not interrupt those conversation in between For example, if you don't know how to introduce a family member if you don't know how to introduce that in that right you you should not try to express that also because it will indirectly interrupt all the conversation, right? So it will be like a monster. I'm Tanya I'm from Bangladesh. I have completed my class 12 from ABC school. I have completed my college from ABC School a it is in this place, right? So after you complete this then you can express I have four years. Of experience. I have three years of experience in - company right understand but in this in this way, you have to say I have this much experience in this company, right? Okay. Okay. All right. So, okay tell me what what I thought I know that I have to stay first about my graduation and then I have to go back not to start from 12th, or Then graduation or and my lesson plan is not a big deal. You can just change the way our change according to your wish right? It's not sentence that you have to speak in this way, right you can change according to your vision as you want. You can speak right? It's not compulsory that you start with a guy Lucien or neither is composite you start without let's write whatever you want to express express it smoothly that the person too. To whom you are speaking would understand each and everything and he will be sure that yes, you are the one to whom he is looking for a long time, right? Yeah. Actually I am a beginner. I told you I'm too much shy and introvert so I didn't talk to anybody like this. I have faced two or three interviews and keep the money. Every time I was I was and I did not get the job. Okay, when it is it happened in my mother tongue in Bangla. I am confident, but when I see that it is in English and I can write it or I can I can read and I can understand but I cannot speak right? So, okay, so it's not just your problem. Um, there are so many people who are facing the same what you have to do you turn are you just have to practice right? And as you said there's nobody else in in your location who can contribute to your thought process, right who can communicate with you in English, right? I agree. So what you can do you can follow us you can follow us in our profile so that whenever you feel like talking to us, we will be there and we will be taking all your calls. Okay? So don't you worry about all this thing? Just one thing you have to do you have to just after this call or any time whenever you feel like just go and take some English class right how it to take English class are you know, are you aware of these things? No, see there's so many things that you have a you can improve your English, right? They can be Ascend vocabulary word power or the more anything right? So first of all, The basic thing you have to do is just go and watch English videos in YouTube English songs and YouTube whether you understand or not. It doesn't matter right? Just give it a try guys. You can like me and comment coming in the podcast so that it can inspire me a lot to speak more right so you can like and comment. I thought yeah, I was saying once you go to Inner YouTube and search The Desire video that you want to learn, right? So what actually exactly happened the first moment you play the video, you might not understand it, right? You might not understand it. But the second time are you comfortable in Hindi shall I speak in Hindi or English? Yes, of course. What do you want? Estella's speaking Hindi or English? I can understand both me what you want me to speak. Hi, Miss English. Okay, okay. Thanks. Now Mark, the Mark is calling so I will be taking your call after Tanner Scholars over. So Tanya I was telling you key. Then lots of videos are available on duty right agree. So what you have to do, you have to choose the videos that suits your Niche that suits your general means the the choice of Interest like you might be interested in watching movies. You might be interested in watching TV shows comedies educational videos write whatever you want you whatever the choice of your interest rate choose according to that and watch it in English, right? What happened actually in the first few days in few months, you might not be able to identify or Rectify. What are what are the things that going on? This video is right. But soon with the time you will be realized each and every word each and every sentence of the videos, right? If you continuously start surround yourself with the English with English words with the English phrases with English sentence, you will start grabbing your brains. Your subconscious brain will start grabbing all all the things that are really essential. Okay. So in this way, you will be not exactly you will start speaking English at first day not in the second third fifth, but but you will write but you will it may take a month, but you will see the progress right? I agree. So in this way, you have to do this. Yeah what I understand the English subtitles. I have no problem. That but only problem is that I cannot speak confidently in front of let me tell you one thing try to practice speech. Okay, try to practice debate right a topic like a topic on social media, right and then start talking about social media social media importance. It is Advantage advantage and everything like understand you have first of all, you just prepare a script just prepare a if you can just go to YouTube and search a social media speech or debate any things such as any kind of this thing's no just search it and after after that write down all the words that that's that's appear in the video. Okay, after that what you have to do just copy down everything and say accordingly. It says in the video, right? You have to copy all the words that says in the video. First of all, you have to copy and the second thing you need to practice third thing. You have to learn all the words you have written. So once you practice all the words start practicing and saying it in front of mirror, okay got my point. So you have to what you have to do. You have to practice speech you have to give a speech right? So give a speech on a different topic on social media on network marketing. Ding or data platform on education Indians Indian education system or Bangladesh use system prime minister Holi Diwali anything what you want, right? Okay plan according to that when you start practicing a speech that will be really beneficial for you. Any other question. No, thank you. Okay. Thank you for calling. Thank you to you to you can follow me so that we can talk, right? Okay. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Bye. Bye. So we're taking call of no Mark. Let's see what he says. Yolanda by we will take your call. Hello. Hello. Thank you for calling us the mark Salam aleikum walekum, Salam. And and by the way, I'm from India and my name is Pico. Your name is be cool. Okay, and I want to share my experience about home. I improving my English, okay? Can I ask him I think that what is a natural impulses? I mean that natural process of learning languages language like this. First of all, I would like to clear one conserve which which has been misunderstood all around right? So what's a misconception the misconception is about learning any kind of language when a child is born the scientifically is able to speak three languages, right? But this time Ding which in which we are living does not allow us to speak that why because our parents speak one kind of language or either too kind of language type the child learn a single kind of language. Okay, you have to be very clear with the mindset that a child when born is similar in a whole world. Okay, but according to the parents mindset whether it's speak English or thermal pengelly or any kind of language Russian. Okay, Japanese Chinese anything how the their mother taught her or him? Okay. So this is an mentality game right is the mental game how it is the mental game because our subconscious mind is attracted with the people with the people. We are surrounded with right. And in this case, the child is surrounded with his mother and father, right? So whatever is father and mother says and speak the child grab it and learn it, right. So this is how the scenario work, right? And you says What is the natural way of learning English right? Yes, so let me answer this question this the natural way of learning any kind of language is to practice, right? Even you have noticed when a child is born he when he says his plotters, right? He is not able to clear speak clear words, right? Yes. You have to break in the sentence. Okay. So whenever the child is pick the other people in the parents and other people. Make a joke may make a joke of that child. Right? But what happened later, he grabbed he get the command over the language, right which is the natural process. Right? The person the child will be getting going to be grabbing the command over the language. Okay. So what you have to do Whatever the people say, just forget that you have you have to be clear with the mindset that you if you want to learn you have to learn right you have to make a strategies. You have to make a plan. You have to make all the points just take out the copy and write it down. Okay, all the points you have to do. Okay. So what are the points the points? Are you have to be loyal with yourself right with your commitment here really want to learn English? You have to be commitment. Is not about just learning English. If you are want to do anything any kind of skill set. You want to earn you have to be committed. Okay, and the second most important thing is putting a deadline. Okay, if you put a deadline that I will be learning this word this sentence this kind of language till the this month or this last week, right? So if you put a deadline, if you if you're dedicated, you will easily be able to accomplish, whatever. You want right? So this is the natural process commitment and dedication is a and deadline is the one you can see the natural process of learning any kind of language. Does it need drama? What I mean, then when you're loading nationally, does it need drama. Are you asking about grammar? Yeah, so let me make it so clear that each and every column accepting most of the case people are asking our grammar and vocabulary, right? So let me tell you it's all depend upon the way you speak right if you speak with heart and soul. Right? What do you mean by his heart and soul if you if Is as speaking and the expression seized in the face, right? It does not require dumb, even it does not cut words if I can give you a very clean example when a child is born and and that time his noticeable because single language right agree is not able to speak a single language, but even though his parents could understand him or her understood the parents are able to understand the child even though his not speaking. Anything how this is possible because of Oppression because of the feeling because of the connectivity, right? You can see our plans subconscious mind and the child comes subconscious minds are connected. They are so connected in such a case that they feel each other right? This is how the conversation begin without even speaking. So this is the natural way of communicating people. And now if you think about grammar in that case, There's no voice. So what is the power of gamma? Right so gamma is nothing. You have to be very sure that whatever you speak speak with a feeling right when you speak with a feeling with the interest. Nobody is going to care about grammar. I make sure of this and if you are really care about grammar there you want to learn grammar. There are so many things that you can do to improve your grammar. The first of the thing is that you have to speak regular. Okay, you have to take regular iron able to understand me. Yes. Yes. Yes, you have to speak in the regular basis, right? Whatever you speak you can as I already mentioned you can start a start a debate you or you can start a speech right? You can write down a any article and you start a speech on that. So that you can easily grab the grammar grammar, right? If you arrange second thing the most important thing that you can do that is once again the second thing that is the most important that you can do is to It's to watch our video right when you watch a video you can get a visualize if visualize understanding of words, right because how the person to whom you are watching is pronouncing and you can see his tongue twisting understand. Yes. Yes, if you can understand if you can learn from them how they are twisting their tongue and how they're pronouncing the language, right? So the basic thing you can do for a grammar is to write down it's like article and make sure that Nicholas grammatically, correct if if you articles not grammatically, correct, you can collect any kind of article from a Google just go and type in Google social media article pollution article on pollution art piece in that article on education, whatever the topic you are interested in. Okay, just typed get the article and start practicing it right and if even if you are not sure about your grammar the way you pronounce then again the second. The most important key factor thing that you can apply and that is just when watch a YouTube video and they are so I can just tell you one named executive channel. That is team Fearless. Okay, just due to chance which team Fearless team Fearless team. Am Fearless. F.E.A.R. Elias has team, okay. But they do they create motivational videos, right? They can motivation videos Jalandhar and bandana. I will take your call after this call, right? So what I am telling you this YouTube creators team failures, they create a motivational videos, right? But this peak is so engagements with so feeling that you will love it. Right if you want to learn English. It's a golden opportunity for you to learn from them. They speak with a golden heart, right? So what do you have to do? Whatever they say whatever the phrase they use just go and copy down it right just make make sure you copy everything and start to announcing the same way. They they say right for example, if they say the world has vegan so fast to you have to pronounce in that variety. You have to pronounce the same way. You can say like what has been so fast. Just try to copy and mug up the words that they say right? You have to be like The world has begun so fast understand. Hello. Hello. The mark hello. Are you there? I think it's a network problem. Hello. Hello. Mnemonic. Hello. Are you there? She is no more. No problem. Hello. Hello. Hello. is inaudible Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Banana. Yeah. Hi. Yeah, I'm banana. Okay, what's the name? Can you again pronounce you like your name? Bundle no, no, no. Okay. Okay. Got it. My name is Asif. What's your name asked if I was here? Okay. Nice sweater from a sip. I'm from jharkhand India. Okay. I'm Tom. Odisha India. Okay, so, okay. Tell me about yourself or any kind of question you have. How can I help you? Yeah, I want to start a conversation going. Well. Okay. Yeah recently speak about how to speak English right in able to yeah, I am. Yeah, I listen to that conversation you and yeah. Yeah any person so yeah, it's great. So you can without any hesitation you can speak. Yes, what kind of topic can I speak whatever topic you like? Whatever you can tell me about. Your hope is what you want to do in your future. What's your career plan? There's a lot more topic. Just just think and say just feel and say don't think and say just feel feel and say right. Yeah. Yeah, whatever you feel like saying just say Okay, we are here to help you out. Okay, thank you. Yeah, I can jump about my hobbies. My friend empty that time I used to play guitar and I do some gardening and Reading Writing. I did this and sometimes stopping most of the my ear most of the time I played guitar when I'm like like UPS offset mode and not like A new work. Yeah anything and I like girls nowadays. I like cooking. I'm interested to learn cook are different types of diseases special only vegetarian not I would not like to interrupt you. But hold on Daniel e is saying have very good thing. No grammar. It's not Grammar. It's come automatically after listing a lots of different. resource that's exactly what I am trying to unmake you all the people understood right grammar when you learn various kind of English language is right now just it's like various kind of English languages when you practice it right when you listen various kind of English languages, maybe it could be videos from videos from audios for movies from any kind of resource and that you have when you learn with that things you will able to get all the kind of ideas and the sounds that Come from inside to outside. But I mean from inside to outside you use that feeling the things that you want to speak right in that case. That is very good. That is really very good. So bananas you can continue. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you talk about grammar. So yeah when we spur conversation grammar is not mandatory to For speaking people can like my podcast so that its release time and speak more. What what is just said? Hello. Banana? Yeah, I can see. Yeah. Good message Wendy. Your audio is not audio. Hello. Hello to you. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Please come. Yeah. What are you guys saying? Hello. I think banana has dropped her call. So let's pick another call and Salander bites. It's time for you. Let's see what he says if he could pick up my call. Okay, so it's like hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Are you able to hear me? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So sorry for all the guys. Gintama called receive nearly buy a ticket mm. Sorry our Museum. Just because you go to a conversation can wake up which go follow concept or privately of requests basic to just give up maps directly Bad Karma ticket adjustments. Maybe I can make a profile by clicking save on paper visit Kirkham you follow. EJ was called like request send you the image who's got my Java person who talks about girl power so it's okay. Good luck. and keep practicing and first on the last thing is that Thank you each and everybody who like my podcast and who supported me with their comments, right? It really inspired. It's very inspired me a lot when you comment right? It's really motivate me a lot. Thank you for all the guys and Jalandhar why I will be back soon so juicy, so you could you push now my job is just follow Collision rate profile pay up kassadin and directly conversation kuruma of Misawa request page 32 with all that. Have a good day and goodbye.