So hello guys, welcome you all in this new podcast where I will teach you how to speak English faster, right? If you want to speak English faster as I am spinning right now, you have to be mindful of vision that you have to think all the water. I am going to teach you right here. So speaking English faster as faster as I am. But if you break the sentences in some kind of stuffing and some kind of agave that the People that fold and the people did not understand the meaning is unclear if the conversation is unclear. So it's it's not a meaningful conversation. Right? It's so so it doesn't mean that you are not required as speak English fast. If you don't know the exact fluency, right? If you don't know the exact vocabulary exact mechanism that make the scenario work. Okay. So let's have a proper look that how you can cover up all the things that you really required to know. In order to speak faster, right? If you really required to speak faster, you will be fascinating about what other things that pyrolytic by to know. You are really required to know other few basic things that you have a word power. You have overcome the power so that you are in run out of your words like so the next thing you you can do that fact, it's like as practice as much as you can right just to listen to the podcast to in the open talk or any kind of scenario that you can build for me with your imagination and just start practicing all the words that you know, Because these kind of words can bring an incident huge change in your subconscious mind which can lead to development and the thinking and thought process that you have and exactly build a formula for your success. Right? So these are the things that you can help you a lot in order to speak English faster. So the next thing that you can follow up is just digging note, right so you will think that how can I speak faster, but just taking a note just take a note cool again affect your subconscious mind how Wow, when you write something Jubilee directing eyes instruction to your brain that this is what I want. This is what I want. This is I what I want. So this kind of instruction goes to your mind because you can control mine with the physical world. So it's control with the emotions it controlled with the engagement it control which your activity that you do. Surrender all those things with all this and you have to be very curious about the things that you want to do, right? You have to be very curious and once you do an apply the things that you really want to do you will be able to speak English faster. So 2/3 and the major thing that makes you comfortable and filled with the confidence and make you think fast make your English spake as faster as you want them to be. So in that case what you have to do you have To take the topic of your Niche, right? You have to select the topic of your knees so that you can speak as faster as one whatever you want to do. Whatever you want to say, whatever you want to make the people to be understood what your conversations are about going to be. So in that case you are you have to do is you have to speak English faster. If you have speaking if you are speaking with the niche or the area that you love to speak right? So these are the few bizarre things that I said, so if You loved listening my podcast if you do love please do comment. So that is really inspire me to make more forecast for your guys to motivate you and to make you learn better and that's some kind of living in this world with right so you can like my podcast. That's really motivate me to make one more and one more and speak for right? You can follow me. You can go and search for educators. You can just click on the profile visit the profile and click on the follow button so that you can request me a call. All so that I can talk to you this kind of things that matter to all and have a good day.