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Good morning, everybody. This is everything the house and living to talk about how do you start a conversation with somebody and before that? I would like to play us a song. Hey There Delilah I know times are getting hot pink Hey There Delilah, what's it like in New York City? I'm a thousand miles away. But girl now you look so pretty. X sorry, I'm a little out of practice. We will sing another song. So this is a song that I wrote in my 12th grade 11th. Grade are know some some class. I think first year of college is something you know. To keep hello. Hey, what's up? Great. What about you? Can you speak a little bit louder your voice is very low. Yes, I will order is this perfectly fine? Yeah. How are you doing woman? What about you? I am just trying to pass my time and I thought that I should come and supplication. And hence. It is very own. So the topic of the old conversation is also to how to start a conversation. Yeah. So how would you say? How how how should we start a conversation with anybody? This is basically about stranger, you know about how to start a conversation with a stranger a stranger. I just talked with us to sort of stranger will be like enough if the first time I just asked about the introduction. Okay, so I'll be the I'll be the Uber cab driver and you be Zoe As You Are. So let's start. I'm I'm driving the cabin you're sitting at the back all side are no madam. Meghana. Hello. goodness Give me her kidney stone. Kidney stone weibo to the doctors have work. I committed. I didn't get logical but but I want a I already got some sun in the room bowditch is occur. Take them on key. I read even / medicine singing. I really keep whatever the wide idea or who coach those a team manager continuously data or if the normal or data or for it's a bit hidden beneath the Well Madam little body mm ice Crea you love poker game Adam. This is this is one good way to start a conversation by asking them about themselves. Yeah, you're in human psychology when you do something for somebody of kinda invested your energy in them. So do you want to give you back? Hey, actually, what do you do now? I have a professional model and I'm lucky I play the guitar I sing so I know right you must feel so amazing. I forgot the world. You must feel so obliged. And what are you doing? Nothing? I'm a freelance graphic designer relaunch graphic designer. That is sweet. Yo and same time Solo Traveler and sketch artist. Wow. Yeah, that makes sense. Sketch artist designer and then Solo Traveler because why not that's it. Nothing much freelance. I like freelance like yes be like a free bird. Yeah exactly. There is no obligation. There are no restrictions. You can just blow it one from wherever you want. However you want. Yeah, that's the main thing and this could it also be getting a time when the people is be like in a star. You stayed you don't get anywhere project anything you have to wait for a long. Then the people is be known then you get a whole lot supposing if you want to do you can otherwise you just enjoy your life. Yeah, that is that is such a sweet baby. Enjoy your life. Only one life. You can enjoy a hobby. How can you possible after that? You're just talking her ID or everywhere is be like morning 9:00 to 6:00. I'll be struck and you get a Target. You have to finish that Target bit more and really enjoy with my freelancing. This is exactly why I started modeling and everything and I just travel and chill and Pavel and children actually chilling is basically me working. I don't see well because I just go there and I do my thing and I still make us I don't know a fun and I get paid for it, haha. Okay, a lot of people who are in the corporate sector the about the job with boss the environment the place the office is at Jessica include are they are being forced to of them? How old are you 24? I like your name. Thank you. You put up. A lot of people a lot of podcasts I can see ya. What are you talking about? I know any topic is be like in I go for a general dog. If I'd have had take a series of now. My peoples is become and my friends everyone don't go for a series together. We don't want be a serious talk. But then what do you think that you should do what people would like you to do what you would come down just make him for a fun only when everything had a bodega even I don't speak Hindi. I don't all speak English. I just picking up head up by the language and just enjoying miles the Make things and you know now we'll come back to the topic that you know, I read this book which was how to start the conversation. Hmm, you know how self-help books work like you have to read I don't need lots of like a the power of subconscious mind thing and perhaps thinking positive then believe yourself who will cry when we die the great work of Mahatma Gandhi think positive. So many books either. I'm sorry. I took I also love my miracle. I thought it very less like every like five books in my life. And I'm also verify then what I try to do is that when I read a book I try to incorporate that books lesson I could see that would change would actually brings. You're like people see the smile every day. Like, it's your last could you please pick a header body? Yeah, that guy's be warned. If only I'm just started with a header but no one understood if that had ever the guys. They're not that is very interesting. Hyderabad guys. Yeah, it would be two or three people when we do get the we speak at the head of the language not till good. They'll just be like a sign language and a whole city mother quit that people specifically speaking with Hindi and all those were mixing and the language require different the slang the accent is different. I mean if you know somebody talks in her native language, it kind of feels like they are they So what other things too like somebody telling you speak in either body? Can you say something in either body like a see that see you man? Okay, I just start like only one or two lines. Yeah, Mia Cara Mia. Nice, it's really fun. When the people is deal. Especially the head up at the people's the two members will speak in a Heavenly language that the funny sounds funny sounding very comic guy Mia Mia 40 very common to get ahead of where the language and ask you. How is going your business? I have you say that in a Hindi teacher. Dr. Riya and and I had a body language research software of Korea decal. I think anything they will gather use. Thank you for the SI. Yo me to do look like that if you try had a but if you go ahead up a travel as we enjoy you can enjoy the lots of please. Like like starting with charm, you know that Museum doobage and your garden montipora from a different city. Molecular cyber temporary Asylum is very big order the big dumb the yeah, there is I forgot the name. Wow, that's a lot of things to be in one place because in Jaipur like I stay in right so yeah. Yeah, there is anything but is famous for any three pins for a very famous in a video on you also. I know the weather is crazy and a bangle but a band of whether also good and the NATO also, the people's will be good. You can see that I have ever is very busy. No one give her attention is everyone is be like totally busy the family to use everyone. So for like so how is your family and everything like my dad is Army officer. There's a network engineer working in a bangle. And Mom is be like a whole vibe right now is before us is be a teacher then we say that don't go to so is the right now in the home as they like a house by right now. I'm adding like a freelance graphic designer. And so what's happening in our very eyes. In the next year, I just starting my blocking also and I'm working as my car to know. So well, you have your own cartoon I give you know, we could work together, but you are you into psychology or anything or what? What kind of topics would you like to blog about travel? Yeah, I'm just won't be a traveler is like a blocking what are traveling what the experience everything like that? How how can I travel that pleading and house? The people are get is being directed to everyone. Well, I love Travelers man because traveling really gives you a lot of knowledge. A lot of people you interact with and a lot of crazy knowledge, especially when you yeah, I don't like the crowded area, especially when I see the Cadre I don't see a with especially go for a mountain area not taste is my one of the favorite then I'm not I like Kashmir ladakh module. I'm going to him also. I've been to ladakh ladakh. Enjoy. A lot of places are Heavenly their Legend having awesome places and ladakh and explore everything. I'd go for a horse-riding also and another there is be like has been a year to host I think is the okay. I just tried that things also then and a small hole. I enjoyed the ice skate. I tried and I first arrived all down in of so many times we my hands would be a loss of the thoughts out there after that I go finally I know now this ice skating also. Yeah, that's nice. That's nice. I never tried every one of them tried and especially when we go for a swim in the river now if we like a And you can enjoy a lot here is these really fun is your groups everywhere in there? They enjoy I love travel to sound like not even saw that all do very well. This is like I want to go ahead. My big guy assalamualaikum carried me off. So let's come back to the topic this bot solid. We have talked a lot about us. Yeah, Lucy. What do you want? I'm a person. Yeah, even though I haven't talked to the person. I like talking to people because it's fun. It's actually fun. Hmm. because in general conversations if we're in a group or something, then we would be like only I'm talking and then somebody else is just trying to talk even you know, it's sad but that's fine. Yeah. So how do you start the conversation guys? The only way to start a conversation which I feel is really really effective is just ask questions and open up to the person because not everybody has asked to do with as you are right. So when you give them a chance to open up that is the time when Looking up, right? Yeah, how does Bill everyone's Atop The Other Name? Yeah, I can see the gee I just saw wait a minute after this call. I just check it out your message. Hi Jay. Well, you got so many fans. Yo, no not man's is all are my friend. However, the guy you called me child of God. Yeah me at the moment Chatterbox take T. Which people did to me like, I'm your father and I'm very sad. cute Anand stupid concurrent to bed It was nice talking to you will have another conversation sometime soon. Yeah, sure. It's really nice talking to you. Bye. Bye. Thank you. Bye take care. Keep traveling keep living and let people other other people also know how to live. Yeah, this is the only one like yeah, we can enjoy all of the things. Yes, and that should I say bye man. Take care. Bye. Thank you. You too. Okay, so we have ZZ on the line. We say that that your soul find a strong hearted person suh-weet So yeah, that is that one of the ways that I could say that you can start a conversation. It's fun. It's fun because we are talking to people that you know opens them up and everybody's like a little work. We have three things to say. Hey, what's up ZZ? How are you? Hi, good afternoon. Good afternoon to you too. How are you? Oh, well, I'm great. Thank you for See, how are you doing? I'm always amazing to be honest. But yeah, well, I just pass by here because I saw your topic how to start a conversation and I do a lot to answer that. Yes. He always knows easy. Okay, thank you. How can I say I mean for me when you want to start a conversation? First of all, you have to be you had to initiate and you have to be creative in the conversation how to start and you know asking questions and then I mean a meaningful question because I for me personally I don't like someone at give me some nonsense question and then as much as you can To be honest in your question and you need to give time for a person to answer your question how to listen and understand the way they answer your question. And then when they're asking you some questions give them the time to ask you it's like to give an intake give-and-take in the conversation. Yes, that is very true. And okay. So if if I I if you want start a conversation with me like I'm a total stranger. Okay, and my name is Zeon. So and we are sitting in a coffee shop. Okay, and I'm working on my computer. I'm working on my laptop. So, how would okay, let's go. Okay. Okay, let's let's let us consider you're sitting in a coffee shop and there's many available table. So I mean you're allowing the table. So I mean probably I will go towards you and I'll ask you hey, buddy. Can I would you mind if I sit beside you? So if you said I sure no problem. I don't mind so I will see that I will start to talk to you like Oh, by the way, I'm Z and I'm from the Philippines. Where are you from? Where are you doing here? So I mean it's up to you. How do you answer my question? So that's where the conversation starts? Okay. So nothing. I'm just doing my office work actually because it was I was too late for my office and I missed my cabman and I'm just sitting in the coffee shop trying to get my work done. Damn, okay. That's I mean, that's how people leave but do you have a do you want coffee? Yo, Oldham, I forgot to order my coffee. Are you going could you order one for me? Please? - sure no problem. Okay, so you got your coffee. So yeah, this is we're going to start asking maybe I will ask you some questions like so where are you working? By the way? Are you leaving? Are you leaving nearby like just around here or somewhere else? And then I'd be like day. I realized I just feel like one block away and I walk in sending transcend sentence tricks. Eccentric and City something like that. Yeah. I'm I'm working. I'm working in semantics and I just live a block away where you from ZZ. You sound like an interesting person. I mean, that's a secret. Did you say if you're going to be so mysterious so that drink that coffee sugar and I'm just kidding. Now I'm actually living just near here and the in the other side of the street. You will find my home there and my family so we do smoke weed. Do you want to smoke weed we can do that. I never smoked now that's smoking. But if there is there something that we can do that we can do together. Probably I'm going outside tomorrow. So if you Mike Go with me if you like. Yeah, sure. We'll be very very going. I plant it goes for a tree so I don't I don't know if you like that. But if you like that I can join with you can join with me with my friends. Yeah, that's all fine. No, I have to get back to my book. Can I give you a number because I really have to go and then I get your number and I'll go and it will be a successful for both of us. Yes, that's how it is seeing Spencer me and when you're when you're in a conversation how to be creative, you know, you have to add some fun with it. And yeah you use fun with it. You know, what would I have seen? See now? I'll I'll give you a little take of how I think about it. The thing is that people first of all, you have to stop judging the other person because if you the person then you will start conversing, you know, not to the person but to the image that you have of the person right, but we did we do it. Yeah I said it's really important that we need to show our selves in a good manner, especially in the first conversation because this first impression is very important in a conversation. This is the it will determine whether that We'll talk to you again or not. So for example, if we talk and then you don't like the way I talk to you so probably you will never talk to me again, right but but you don't have to be good or Nice in any manner. Like I feel that you should be like authentic as because you know just be authentic as because you know, when people try to be nice they would just be very nice which would just put somebody off because that is real like nobody acts so nice. So I would say that be authentic but have the intent of love big basically to have a good intent and that dream doesn't include on a piece doesn't it? Yeah, that's right. So, you know, but X I can who the is this the same level that I think it is. What is that mean? No, I have a friend whose name is Rahul and he was texting me or no on another platform and I thought that he came here and buying all over my comments section, but that. That's okay. That's okay. So yeah. Yeah, so that in 10 shows right when you have that intense and and when you open up to the other person that other person would This lie open up in personally. Okay. Hmm. We the scenario because the last one I give it to you. Okay, how you going to start a conversation with me? If I am I want to straight? I am doing my workout like jogging and then like suddenly I find it or I sprained my ankle for example, so, how are you going to start my conversation in that situation? I mean nobody helping me know, how can you help me? Bob to enable a he would happen in you and you would be like you I sprained my ankle. Okay you UVU I'll be like hey, what happened? Are you? Okay? Exactly. Oh, yeah. I mean you just really terrible what happened to me. I didn't expect that. I was playing my uncle but unfortunately nobody with me so I don't know what should I do? Damn? Yo, wait a sec. Let me check it out. This is this look this looks quite bruised or what the fuck. Are you doing you're trying to jump on something or what? Well, I don't know. I haven't seen the road. And yeah, I just know I didn't realize that I fell down there. So I feel sorry about myself, but I just really hold homies just near here so that I can easily go home, but I don't know. What should I do? I think I can just pick you up and take you to your place. I sure is that okay for you? Other people see you and they might feel bad about you. Is that okay? Yeah. Yeah. I don't give a what I could throw you from here. I can do both which will which one would you like? Okay, that's great. Then you're like a superhero today. So I really appreciate that you help me today. Hopefully I can help you and you need me definitely dad is definitely going to happen because I live Jessica. Cross the street. You're my freaking neighbor. Give me some sugar. Okay, so I mean he's so simple when you started conversation, seriously, I mean, I'll how much would you rate me out of ten govern. This was a good one. Yeah, well you say it's perfect son you donut so they have this conversation and let me check the comment section. Why are you using this word just to be cool - not like the way you are thinking. Yeah. you. I don't give a of what you think of me. How does that sound man? Okay. Anyway, I think I gotta go unlike its really nice to talk to you. I just need to do something and to take shower and then do some stuff to my work reading. So nice to talk you nice to talk to you do one thing follow me on Instagram. Follow me my ideas spiritual war Relic. It would be really great. You can check out my card and if you want to petition we can have the right. All right. Okay. Thank you so much. It was very nice talking to you, bye-bye. Stay safe. Okay, so we are back with the conversation. Now, here's something that I would love for all of you baby, you know to tell all of you what the is wrong with my English that you know you Need not say negative things because nobody would listen to negative things. No, you know in general like if once or twice you say it is fine, you know, everybody says things and everything, but if you in general if you're always negative nobody's all listen to you because nobody likes somebody who rants all the time or even for a majority of that. The second one would be to you know, chill a little be authentic man. Just do what you do. Say what you say. You know, you have to not be somebody you have to you because you're unique man. And if somebody doesn't, you know talk to you just because of any reason you shouldn't feel bad about it because you know You even you won't talk to everybody who comes up when everything. I mean you even if you would then you have to understand that not everybody. Would that how this goes in that how you should understand? I have right now. I will not be taking calls. I'm really sorry. I would just be chilling a little because I want to I want to give my own point of view to know so. Yeah. I should go to him earlier show man. Give me the tickets. I will go even money also because I'm broke as fuck. They send me 50,000 box and give me a plane ticket to the nearest place and then I would go by bus and everything else. Okay, I think that that that should complete your thing, man. I mean I could make podcast from there too. And then wherever you say I should go. Go to the heaven will go to the GERD. To you know, go to do Gaga decided on your beds or body. Going to thumb bhaskar's accuracy. Yeah, because you're not able to give your point man when you start talking like I will send you a helicopter if it's okay. Very nice topic. You send me a helicopter show man. I mean there's a huge Road outside my place bring it there. Okay. So when are you going to send your helicopter, bro? It's okay. Pal. Have fun. Era bunny. Okay, so let's not indulge in all this. So yeah. The first point is don't be negative. Second point is you have to be authentic. The third point is that you don't have to be exaggerated if when people exaggerate a lot you will never be able to understand what the person is saying because they will not be saying what the exact truth is exaggeration is also a lie, right and when you liar Or people stopped trusting you that is what that would happen with jokes and pranks. Also, you know somewhere they they would not trust you in that aspect. But then that is fine, you know you if you're saying take and everything, I don't think you know, anybody will have a chance to do to you. But if you pranks somebody all the time, they would never trust you one you with that. and it is to do I'm entrusting mate. Not right now man. All right now right now, I'm trying to figure point trying to have a conversation. I'm trying to you know, get out the message. I understand your point of view then everything. I will be back in. You can always call me man. You can always follow me on spiritual dot Relic on Instagram. You can just chill, you know, just talk to me and I have no problem but not right now right now. I'm not in the mood. I just want to say I want to convey my message right so hey, man. What's up, ROM? What's up, bro? I hope all of your fine though, you know, I hope that you all are doing well because this this pandemic that is there on our heads. And I would want to also add a point that please when this all this ends pressurize your government to make better decisions in you know, living with the natural habitat never living with the nature and making better changes so that our every human on this on this, you know country could develop in a better way the people who are poor listen to me everybody. Anybody who you see as poor is because of you. is because of you it is a failure of a society and because we all greedy and we want everything for ourselves and we are not sharing enough. That is how this thing works fun. Okay, so let's come back to the conversation. The first is not being negative. You do not have to be like, you know, you shouldn't be negative. You should be positive. Nobody wants somebody who craves everybody wants somebody who is positive as because that is what is very rare in this port, right? The second one was to be authentic be yourself be yourself. Don't be anything else be authentic as fuck. Okay. Okay, then third don't be exaggerated to exaggeration is a lie. It's kind of a lie, right? So don't do that forth is of course. Do not lie be a man of your word. Athena he egg of Bolta to skip Factory lockira Nietzsche. Oh, hi, you should not go back or you know step out of your thing because or, you know not fulfill your promise because that is what makes you a man. What makes you a good person and gives you credibility. then again The fifth point would be not to judge anybody because if you judge someone that means that you are, you know, you are imposing your own on them because when you judge you see people from your point of view, you will not see people as a whole, okay? and when you start judging others, you start judging yourself because you are also an empathy in your eyes in your mind. You know, that mono is a person is a character is a person like everybody else if you judge everybody you start judging yourself. Which is vice versa. Also true that when you roll when you try to judge yourself, you will judge others, too. You know. and then again, you have to have a tonality you do not have to be monotone, you know, if if I start speaking like this and every time I say something I just speak like this seat in this also, I had some variation but then if I start talking in this monotone, nobody will want to listen to me because it's boring it is boring to listen to somebody who just talks in One Tone It is annoying and it is not what you want right you Somebody who's expressive who can really Express what you want to say, you know, some people like me. I'm very bad with expressing myself, but I don't care. I mean should have, you know, people who say shirt you will you will judge yourself maybe but it doesn't really matter because that is the truth. That is how I am right now. I am trying to improve now that will happen with you know, time Oh, okay. We need us in to change yourself, you know to rely on the government. Yes. That is very true. ROM. You should not rely on the government ever. You should change yourself make yourself worth when such a pandemic happens, you know these things they will they happen every 50 60 years man and even mother will succumb Bo success. So be very be somebody who others can rely on if you're that kind of a person then you are somebody who who has done quite well. In their lives T. Somebody who can do other people's can rely on, you know, you you should you should be very caring and sharing and you should carry and sharing in the sense that you should be carrying. You share what you have because you have enough bro. You have enough some people don't have that. Why why are you so comfortable with that imbalance? That is not how it should be ROM. Your question is what's what's the observing in charging now? I'll tell you. Observing means that you are looking you're looking at the thing and you're taking in the information, right? That is what observing is not judging comes when you try to apply your previous knowledge. Okay, you know a variable like a panda who has a 40 record of pain kozara, right? This is my home right ma'am effort of a couple of melanoma catch up a little You know, whatever. Know if somebody looks at me and is like a category Baio give a buggy iOS so he observed me and started, you know applying his previous knowledge that he has a furtive Cooperative model of the Reba Reba McClane away, sir, drug addict hours - repeat away covid apne preconceived notions about the ensure that they don't overpay. That is what judging is observing is if somebody would be like risky couple of whatever. But that's it. That is what observing is and you should observe till the time. You don't have a complete knowledge on something. You know your point of view doesn't matter. the totality matters Other metal, May balloon wig Apple popolo. Also Deco or job to newscast support such a so observe Kirk a notice car chaos. Tomato how many of you'll be like, yes, you know. This is what I got. Like I know everything about this apple. Nobody will you know some blow up any other say if I say that how many red or white stripes there on the Apple? How many hair follicles are there underneath? Or you know, what is the circumference or what you know, so there's always something new to learn. You have to just go deeper and for that observing helps. Judgment is basically khac manager example the house Kendrick bandhan in maida made or image of me in his brain and he was describing that image. Whereas the person who's observing was just observing me and would get more information about me. Or you know, so when you observe you gain more knowledge, that is what happens when you judge your basically shutting yourself down and you're like Camille goes up PSI, which is utter nonsense again. So yeah. Coming back to the topic people are my end. I would like to end this conversation right now and I'll come back tonight around 10:00 11:00. We will have another conversation will have more people to talk to right or just wanted to give you this information because a lot of people are not able to talk to people, you know, and that is because yeah, so my point my last point would be that you should know. Be afraid. Actually, I have another point to that would really help you. You should be afraid now, you know when you are afraid what you should do. You should you should keep doing it till the time. You're not afraid. Because you're afraid of something that is just bad knowledge. That is that knowledge, you know, like women are scared of lizards, which is knowledge, which is just somewhere some level of disgust or some level of you know, phobia. It is some that they do which is not cool. Right which is which is wrong somewhere another this is wrong right, so don't be fearful. Just do it you will you may not succeed 10 time? But the one time you will succeed is when you will get the fruit my friend so never look as failure as as you stopping. It's another step towards success keep doing it. Don't be fearful don't live of this and live with happiness now again, You should have a life. Okay. Now my health point is have a life. I have a life. I mean interest develop yourself constantly. When you develop yourself constantly when you talk to a lot of people you will you will understand you will get different you because you are just you're just learning all the time. Now to judge Cully through to you don't want to learn from somebody who you think is the truth here, but then what if that person is not a what if somebody who's suited booted and you think that that person knows does not really know anything. Rather than listening to one person listening to everybody you will have a better knowledge of how to converse and what people want in this and that and everything is in the in the conversation that you have with people. And when you have a life when you are developing yourself all the time, you have new things to talk about new things to discuss about don't talk about people don't talk about Shady stuff that has nothing to do with you talk about things that will make you grow talk about ideas talk about, you know joke around but don't hurt anybody. You know, it's you can do it. You can make jokes without hurting somebody, you know, because that May not take that thing as to die. You have to understand whatever you do has a consequence. Whatever you do has a consequence. So why not do something that is beneficial for you and people who are around you. How about that? My friend is that that is that so hard? Because when you will have a life and you start doing things you start improving you start loving yourself here. And when you start loving yourself the world is your playground. You'll be playing the you know. You'll be playing with people in the sense. That you will not see, you know, a black person or a white person or a Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or or a beggar or or the you know person who has a 30 who sells eggs and you know, everybody will just be a human being for you. And that is how you start you will actually actually understand what this world functions on and this is what is World functions on now, trust me. Whoever's listening to me. Listen to this podcast understand what I'm trying to tell you and you know what I'm trying to make you understand. Yahoo or road and thanks, bro. Thank you so much too little. A little clap from my side bro. You have given me such a good inside. Yes. Be a good listener. If you won't listen to the person who's talking to you then how will you know what to respond and don't give them the basic response or you know, don't try to impress them because that shows Be yourself, listen and understand without put my blood Amara on SE pehle. Listen to them if you want to comprehend if you want to understand better, then you know, say it out loud. They make an era someone I can't understand. Can you say it again? Because the conversation is not about who's right or who's wrong a conversation is about content making even if I act like the biggest fool on this planet. I can impress the other person by accepting their I'm a and chill about it. Don't let things hinder your Vibe. You should have a Vibe, you know. Here the Buckley banana is Yoda. It's easy to gel in the crowd, but it's very hard to look unique. And I'm not saying it's just me and I hope and love you like a love song. Chiodo. You can see it from somebody's eyes how the person is and what the person thinks. Like a lot it's a it's a window to your soul. Okay everybody. So this was the conversations with the end of the podcast. I would love if you people could follow me on spiritual dot Relic on Instagram and also my other page, which is my modeling page Mana Wonder Scott dot I would be absolutely obliged. If you would Pete if you people would follow me and have fun with the content man. I have a lot to offer and I really want everybody to listen to me and understand and And if I bring any value to your lies. And thankful. I am thankful. So, thanks. Hope to see y'all soon on the same application. Goodbye.