Hello everyone. Hope you are doing good in your life. And I am asked her. I'm a self health coach and I help people to improve their social skills and run their life more smoothly. Just message me if you need any help from my side and DM me on Instagram. So today so today's topic is how to stay motivated by using Auto suggestion. Let me tell you autosuggestion is. Something when we suggest when we suggest something to ourselves. Okay. So today I am going to allow elaborate this topic more and more. So you all can easily understand why we need motivation. What is motivation? What is the motive of motivation? And what is how can we stay motivated all the time? Because we all know that motivation is important in our life. So today I'm going to talk about only about me. Nation so let's start from why we need motivation. Okay, sometimes in our lives we get distracted by other things just take example of study most most people nowadays most youth for watching motivational videos on YouTube related to how to study how to study to eight hours how to study 14 hours just like that, but they don't have any they don't they don't Want to study the reason is they don't want to study so they are craving for some motivation that will help them to study more but they don't know. Yeah, I think they also know that that it's not gonna work for forever still they are watching this because of some temporary motivation. Yeah, we can say that because they are they are watching such kind of motivational videos just because of temporary motivation, so, And it's not okay. It's about study and now I'm going to talk about in our life in our life why we want motivation when we get distracted by other saying like social media and something bad happened with us like anything again. Okay Teague am not going to give you an example, but you can easily relate why you get distracted by our little problems and you find then you find something. To motivate you in life and you know that motivation is something we need on a daily basis. Okay, but I suggest you instead of motivation focus on inspiration because motivation you can see Jesus do approximation support Nature by gamesa licking inspiration other appear under Shake hardly go inspirational theater debt will help you for forever. Okay motivation is temporary but inspiration is permanent. A little piece of cheese inspired with you just like Infuse your mom and he's your dad look just like their teachers doctors like that. So other opponents and Spiro, they will inspire a province-wide court hearing about motivation YouTube videos. They care motivational videos they K so I don't think that's too much helpful for you guys. So next thing maxing is job her motivation really crave for them. Two for the little bit of time the seek total time Kelly a motivation to play Let Them charge depositing them say and then we start working more hard. We get charged up by watching motivational videos and we will start working as hard as you can so just so these kind of motivational videos on YouTube can charge you for just like for two hours or three hours maybe for one day or two days. The others are the one week Sadako video kamnikar name Allah, so just start focus on inspiration. Okay, because inspiration is always be there for you and there is one more thing about motivation is motivation. I don't think motivation does equally as a cheese exist at the edge of permanently remain key motivator exactly as a postcard but motivation of course reasons image. Has a year because just just take example of is our studies. So, um parietal cortex. I don't think anyone likes studies. Okay, and it's a fact no one liked to study when you self-help books are other thing most people like reading other kind of self-help books reading fictions, but a school time I'm talking about this. Education system. Okay. So no one likes to do is study, but we have to okay, but we have to study so usually you study got them. No reason Oh Donna we have to pass out 12 then we have to take a graduation degree. That is why we are studying but most of the time in research. Thank a degree 2 Milli Rania like result to avoid I gotta doesn't matter but still deep in Side, we know that these marks matter. Okay deep inside. We know that somewhere these matters maybe in our parents eyes, maybe in our society. So we have that desire deep desire that we have to study. So we are continue pushing our cells but nothing seems to work. Okay, because we don't have strong reason to study. Okay, we have if if you want to study if you want to do anything in your life you have to And the reason and not that not that not that reason for two or three minutes just wind strong reason a lifetime reason. So just you can do this thing because other apgar reason in a strong yoga top, so to get that for this just as only for this Skippy not become who Supply the stop doing this. So if you are thinking like that now as so anything is not going to work in this case, but Agar, aapke paas equal strong reason hygge just Kaylee our bootcamp curio suppose. If you want to do something great in your life like that. You want to help others you want to you want to do something something like you want to be an entrepreneur in your life or something like that. So you have that strong reason now why you want to become an entrepreneur in your life so that you wanted to become an entrepreneur just because of that you want to help others. You wanna help. Manatee who want to help more and more people in this world even to innovate something in life and you want to be more creative. That's why you're doing this. Okay. So there's a request. Okay. Okay. That's why you're doing doing this whatever you're doing to become an entrepreneur. So I think it's a perfect example so that we have we just have to find the strong reason to do something in our life because I don't think and when I reason gay you up consistent repel Gizzy jeez, man, so and let's go on the Sorting about motivation and that is inspiration. That is I just say that K inspiration is better than motivation and how inspiration is better than motivation because agar just take and entrepreneurs example, if the answers take like that things like that if you want to be an entrepreneur you have In Spanish in you you have your inspiration in this world just like there are all there are more mood. There are some batters there are some great entrepreneurs in this world that will inspires you for forever. Okay there we have some great examples. That's why that is why the inspires us you want to be you want to be like you want to be like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates like entrepreneur like that. Then you have an inspiration. Okay, and that will inspire you for forever. Okay, you're so that will inspire you forever. But I got up just don't give you the key motivation in authority to I don't think it's possible. So now I'm going to discuss very important point. I just focus on it dies. It's really important. I am going to talk about Auto suggestion. We heared about Auto suggestions before that your auto suggestions first. I would like to explain this as better as I can or what is auto suggestion or two suggestion. When we give suggestion to ourselves hung them up the a couch potato and at is called Auto suggestion and we take suggestion and when we take suggestions from others that is called hetero suggestion or taking suggestions is really bad thing taking some Since from others is really bad thing, even if a plane take one of the broadcast, I have explained this why taking suggestions is really bad thing. If you are curious about it the school and listen. Listen after that. You're discussing with yourself. No. I'm after explaining autosuggestion. I will receive your call who will name so in the yes, okay after is after. Okay, let me finish autosuggestion than then I will accept your call. So Auto suggestion has a power to change your whole life or to suggestion. I told you about Association is something when you gave suggestion to yourself. Okay, so just I am going to receive a call from surrender saying maybe we both can elaborate this topic more. So just stay connected guys. Hello. Hello, how are you? Hey, I'm fine. How you surrender? What's your name? He is awesome. Yeah, and I'm from you pecan poor. That's a good very good topic. Yeah, that's how I chose this topic. I think it's really important because in today's world look barsy motivation to learn over zones to inspire. No one wants to inspire ourselves by watching others to Jesus want to do they were still want to listen to motivational podcast or videos and just be charged for some time. Yeah. We are watching anyway motivational video. We we will motivate 410. 220 million only for two and three days after that we are on same condition. Yeah, there's to me how we can take permanent motivation. If you have set an example, please share with me. I also Maritime demotivated. Then I was the video of em demotivational Sunday. May is very and many people's okay. Okay. Okay. I just I just tell you. Can you wait for just just a minute? I have some washers. Who's just a minute. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Brute is note. Hello. Hello. Yeah, you can start now. Okay, okay. Okay. I asked you like that. I many times I go to the motivational after that. Okay, just let me tell you one thing. If you are not comfortable in English. Just let me know in India. Tell you because I can also speak Hindi so does if you're not comfortable in this I will tell you thank you motivational videos. I think I can help you and by mediacorp motivation here for the name, okay? The times with most of the pupils, so I just explained that motivation you look up but yet Apopka Pasco is strong reason new tag. So you when you just once you have a strong reason for doing study, maybe just your hybrid reason. Okay, I don't know. Let me tell you one thing focus on some Auto suggestions. Okay. Organizations are just so today. I am talking about associations, but other most and that is Schism up now cuckoo sums are designed to do one thing just be up Martha partner. Mario yamasaki egdon memories of you can for us lot in one time just divide it into some parts. Okay. Now it's something related to time management also. Okay. Okay you so you just have to focus on Diet also, so just divide your studies and take if you are not so much good at studies and do it for one hour then sometimes break then again do it for one hour that break. Continuously. Here's another question. Just wait a minute surrender. I will tell you. Here is another question from Sauron is that motivational videos works for everyone? Sometimes I feel I see motivational videos I get motivated after getting paid. Okay, so they also have same problems as you. Yeah, I think I think is a key problem. And because when whenever I go on YouTube and just check cookie, huh? I also have the same problem that So I choose this topic because it's up to my name in the book read key and the power of subconscious mind and in this book, I have read about Auto suggestions. And after that I use the technique technique I explain myself my reason for doing the studies for doing whatever I'm doing. I used to explain myself for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Then I get charged up and I think that motivation is something other arm Carneros got a booty booty vation be roasted. Something that inspires us. Okay, we have to okay, there is another request. Sorry. I can't accept your request now, but I will do it tomorrow. Okay, so I'm talking about k a good body good. Yes. Yes. Mine is like machine. We all know minded like machine and you have to be charged up lingering it and why we should accept more from our minds. So just do one thing sit down for five minutes before studying. Yeah, you should do that after get getting up in morning. No, don't do this if you are a lazy person because when you get up and start talking Out yourself and morning. I just beg that you will never sleep again. Good body. I never sleep again. Okay, so it's okay then it's good for you. So then do they do this to use this drapes just sit for five minutes and meditative position and do one thing is start explaining yourself. What is your main route reason first? And what you have to do and just convince your mind because other hamare mind a girl named Barney my to convince Korea so mind is like a child if we explain it all the things like why should we do not eat chocolate. So that's kurobuta something like that if you explained in that manner, so our mind can easily understand. I understand after reading the book. I realized that in Three Idiots movie. Aamir Khan is talking about that that that's something dialogue is like this cousins are correct material back to the hotel like something our subconscious mind is like a child. Yeah, so we have two minds and one is conscious mind. Okay. So over conscious mind is something jokey Hammond, Joe deep to be daily activities, kurobuta. Toby I'm coach weaker attentive you are my key worker or the bus subconscious mind is something juice cookie. I'm going Barbara roses the honey then upper thigh Jessica so name, my name is Bradley anime or heart pump Caribou you sorry functions. They chi chi chi hung a brush guard Roc Kanani PARTA. You are a medical student. No, I'm come as a student, but I line. You're very good knowledge of the material Department. No, I read all this in my books. I actually I love reading books. I think no matter what singing but we can say that I have two Hobbies. I have more than to have hobbies. Okay? Okay. Okay. I had two obvious playing chess and covered death. Okay, but I can say that hobby was a hurdle a parakeet. He's kind of person just like reading bolts writing poetry's or something like that. I I think we got distracted from topic. Okay, just to come on topic known could you speak in English so that every listener able to understand? Yes, sir, and I will try to speak in English now. I'm not going so we are talking about motivation so that Full the I just tell you or trip that I think that will help you because I'm trying this trick since three months past three months and that will help me darling. I also tried many tricks in my life, but I feel I don't do that one. I don't do this with my mother is no I will not do but I don't know. OK Google, it seems like an another problem. I take the oath are many times. I take the oath I will not do this work at any condition, but I don't know why I do. Okay, so you are not too much emotionally strong and you who have less self-control. Okay stupid there's a line. There is a line in Holy Scripture Gita that you must not dance on the tune of your senses. I will explain you in Hindi that is up go up. My senses per week will be our cabina senses kit through Lincoln has a use your senses let not your senses use. You okay go on never mind is Li the IQ can harm us to use curves again. Ducky mind. Go home dear. I NK lower body or screw you screw you guys. Tell me one thing your sound quality is not clear. So can you do something for this? Okay. Well not now I would with you hi clear now so complicated. So just do one thing. There's a link in my bio to my Paige asked a star just go on my Instagram. I and DME I will help you in brief. Okay? Okay. Sorry, but I don't have any Facebook ID. I don't use a Instagram so I can ignore you message me just just message me here. I will I will help you here also. So let's back on the topic. I will start in again. Okay, that's one thing. That's one thing. I want to elaborate that is hydro suggestion about a Guerrero's other Auto suggestion, sir. Oh, here's a positing also and that is hydro suggestions. Chitina autosuggestion Somali fruitful fruitful with I open a hydro suggestion of negative worker tablet you can you do one thing. I send you my mail ID. And we made on when you ladies you are. Okay? Okay. Okay, I will do that. So can we disconnect this call long? Because I want to elaborate this topic more. Yeah. Yeah, I'll send you my melody, please you write down my media email and you will suggest me on the okay T. I will do that. Okay. You can message me here. I will send you mail. Thank you and welcome welcome, so I'm back guys and we are could use how to join. So shine asking how to join. Just press tight request to join button. Okay, so I just want to Duke. I just want to give you a conclusion to that topic that I takes too much debt is about Auto suggestion. I have mentioned a trick here. I have mentioned a trick here that is use this trick go to a when you wake up in morning just Wow. When you wake up in the morning, just one thing do one thing try to explain your mind what you are what you're going to do why you are doing this I think reason is most important. So just explain yourself directories are not now post reason but screen career to keep we have to convince your mind unless until we can't do anything. So I'm going to end this now just remember three things. Guys motivation is not temporary up motivational videos. They can hamasaki motivated near as at a and the second thing is for cons focus on inspiration and third and very important thing is inspiration focus on inspiration. So that's it. If you have any queries related to that topic Just J. DM me on Instagram, and I would love to help so sorry man owed I should Did accept your request tomorrow and shorty Sean I okay. So be happy stay connected. Thank you for listening.