Hi guys, my name is Misha de agua. And I am your host and Ferb toast for this live session. So the topic that we're going to be discussing is how to use Instagram to earn money. And now before we start I want to tell you why I am the person you should be listening to why should you listen to my podcast and what my background is. So basically I run a company known as engage back. Wait, and we work with influences and Brands and we had them grow bigger Lots kill larger and you know just reach new audiences new markets and on a hell lot of money. So that's something that you're interested in definitely tune into this live session and I'm going to be telling you all the tricks that work in 2020 in making a your Instagram account work for you. Now let's talk. Shall we? Now the first thing that I want you to know is that I'm sorry Instagram use cutting. I mean some ecopod ikey how to use Instagram how to download the application but now most of us just do not know what is Since I did it and how we can use it to its full potential. So let me just quickly mention all the things that you could be doing on its direction the for example, you could be doing stories. You could be doing posts. You could be doing videos as an IG TV content. You could be doing paper motions. You could be doing sales in the DMS. You could also be, you know, promoting your new book your new service you new business and so on. And so forth you can also sell on Instagram now some homes up with you two, but I get bored easily download case I go to Instagram follow the secretary actors and actresses scope and how do we go on and over about it? Right? But I am sure most of you out here in my audience do not know how we can really monitize Instagram how we can Read it I am going to be sharing with you right away. So first off. What is your core service or what is your product or better? Let me ask you this question. What is your skill set now? If you're pretty much clueless about all of these questions, let me just ask you something very simply. What are you very passionate about or which thing or what solution do you think Yari hana-chan sabbatini here? And I really hope key solution with atomic tourism the your better rotary. This is the exact solution or the product that you can be selling to your audience. Now, how do you go on and on about it? So once you have your product your service or your idea ready? What you really need to do is you need to create content about it regarding it something in here that can help. Help your users your followers understand. and since children Instagram page they range from everything to everything. So you have bran influences who are into Beauty Wonder Fitness. There are people like actresses who may be afraid have been featured in Netflix movies or in YouTube series. Then we have people who are Seekers motivational speakers, then one more new trend is entrepreneurs people who have ideas for make applications or To start their businesses. So I am one of them. I am a YouTuber. I am a counselor and I run my own company which is known as engage better. If you want to know more about the company make sure that you vote for my Instagram which is at the rate engaged or better as spell it out for you, which is at the rate Eng. AG e dot b ET ER and What we basically do is that we work with Brands and influencers and we help them increasing their reach the right kind of audience. Now now that you know, what kind of people are already available on the platform, of course, your writers authors poets stand-up comedians people who draw any skill in definitely be he found out on Instagram and that is the beauty about the application. Now you must be thinking they Shoulda well Instagram is an old Trend. It's all about picked up right now. And you're very much right about that. Instagram is actually a very saturated platform and it's everything about ticked off right now, but still if you bring in one of make one-on-one clients on Instagram that is what this podcast is all about in another podcast. I can definitely talk about how to use tick tock definitely large enough to scale up your Has so once you know quiaca product. Yeah, once you Nokia charger, this is what I want to sell. This is my content regarding it. Now one thing that you definitely need to understand is key Instagram only promotes those pieces of content organically just be engagement other now, you must be thinking when I shoulda what is engagement engagement is when basically somebody likes comments There's or bookmarks your content. So these four things are somebody's doing then that means Instagram will definitely organically push out your content to your places. Okay, any of these four things, right? So the know so the more number of comments that you have Instagram will push up your content to newer places right. Now. This is all about making posts and what you actually should be doing but what kind of posts you be making well, There's only one answer to this you you need to be making posts that are regarding your Niche and at the same time which is providing value to the consumer. Now, we know came from Instagram pic. You doubt them the Instagram bizarre there to only to consume content. There is no other reason why we go on Instagram, right we go on Instagram to only consume content to see what takes your attention. What attracts us. Hey great. So we need to make this kind of information to local personality. But at the same time it should very much be directly related to our work to our business. Now. This was all about how to make content what kind of content you should be making and of course the huge huge part that has tax play that the right time Peter pozharsky that plays so there are a lot of things that all of these things play right? So you need to put out your content at the right time. Into the Instagram space and the best time to do that is either when people are off from work, which is the evening time 6 p.m. To 10 p.m. That is like the highest ranging of a super early morning with a 7 a.m. 8 in which people are just waking up and they're always on their phone just literally scrolling down. So do the 2 times when people are very active on Instagram and you should definitely be taking full advantage of that. Okay moving on. Moving forward now. This was all about making posts and bringing awareness. Now. Let me just tell you one very simple and very clear thing and that is there's a difference between there's a very very very big difference between and spreading your offer. Okay, you can spread awareness about your business. Okay, but not make any money out of it or you can be putting A lot of awareness and at the same time the only money from it. Now a lot of people make this mistake that they just do not know how to make money from Instagram or how to make money at all. And the reason they're not able to make money is because they just don't have that kind of mindset. Once you are on the highest frequency only then can you make money once you know that your service can be sold once you know that you can do it only then can you Really really just go and like just go all in and do really really good in great things, right? But the issue with us. And with the majority of people is that they just don't know how to sell on Instagram and that is where we come in so our company engaged but better we run of course known as the engagement Academy where and how we teach people how to make money from Instagram. So let me just shower you with some amazing tips on how you can learn from Instagram and definitely then you can go check out my profile which is a great G & G A G E dot bet eer which is engaged or better and you can find me there and we can book a session for you. So bringing you back to the question and that is how to use Instagram to make money. Now the way that you can use Instagram to make money is by helping other people out now, it could be calculus ex-servicemen and that could be monetized. For example, if you are an artist and you can draw you can sell your paintings and that is how you can make money. Or if you are a tattoo artist, you can make people kill it R2 and that's how you can earn money or if move or a mica powders. You can do know bokum eekum. And that is how you can earn money. This is the first way the second way is that you can help people make money. For example, you can teach people how to use Instagram the correct manner in the connect correct manner ducky. Whoa caught up now business expenses. Okay. This is the second method of using a gram in the correct way. So number one who was cookie service number two, what's your key service number three is working with Brands and helping them Skiller. So for example, you have a big audience. Let's say you have 10,000 followers on Instagram and you can then and you are influencer then what you can do is that you can partner with Brands you can ask Brands to partner with you and you can help their products be Sword. It's literally Marketing in 2020. Right and that's how it goes forward. Right? So if that's something you want to you should definitely definitely definitely dive into that. Right if you're a beauty influencer, there's a huge opportunity for you. Even with a small following the something known as micro influences that are that is the concept is really really coming out very well brands are only looking for or a Michael the reason I want to work with My conferences so that is something very big. You should definitely the reason why you're not able to sell on Instagram is because you don't know these four things and I mean just be very Frank and open about this and let me just tell this no key number one reason number one. You do not does the customer really really need it. Can you make can you make the customers realized you could delete already is product either Italian. I just Second does the customer even know does? The customer even his service Point number three is who makes the decision on the customer side qcs service legally any liquor for example, if the customer really wants to take the service and he or she has the money okay pudding. You think on the customer side will take that decision? Who do you really really really think we'll do that. If you're able to figure this out only then can you ever sell to a person and point number four is what is the risk Jew customer Collective old era when he is investing in your service or your product. So if you can answer these four questions, you can definitely sell to anyone now. moving on to the next point A lot of people are not able to make sales. one instant gram That is because the just don't know how to present their offer in front of of their consumers or their users or their follow her. So, for example, I am working before my mentorship from all because to you. She does she has literally doubled her business and the and the mindset shift that she has gotten Working under me has been so Grand has been so great that she is signing up deals and clients every single day and she's so very happy about it. Right? So if you don't know how to literally pitch if you don't know what your product is, if you don't your own self, then you will never ever ever ever be able to make a sales and that That is the thing that is. The truth is you're not sure about how to sell. If you're not sure about your product. If you really are not determined enough. If you're not patient enough, if you do not know how to make relationships. Well, then you will never be ever ever ever be able to sell and that's the idea of it off. Now how you can present your Norm?