Hello listeners, how are you old? I hope you must be doing well in your life. So have you read the title of this conversation how to waste the life. So after reading this title, you must be thinking that what we are going to talk about this like it sounds really quirky, but believe me this conversation is going to be really really meaningful and very deep. So without any further Ado, let's start this conversation with a multi-talented person are with Krishna. Let's welcome our guest or with Krishna High Urban. How are you? Yeah. Hi boo tender. I am doing really good Merry Christmas to you and to all our listeners out there. Absolutely, Merry Christmas Arvin hand. Thank you for reminding me. I was forget to wish that to you. Yeah, it happens sometimes. Yeah, because I was very, you know, I was very lean in the topic that today's topic it was it sounds Reno quirky, but the conversation we are going to have wind I think it will show a great effect on the listeners. Yeah, yeah, and even I'm really fascinated at the wave redeemed decided this topic because it's a little bit different the approach that we take right and I am sure that our audience is will love this as well. So shall I uh, shall we get into it exactly our win without any delay? Let's start the topic how to waste the life. Don't take this title negatively. Just listen to this very carefully okay, or when you may start. Okay, so first part to speak to a few Words about the title now how to waste their life the title that we've given a sarcastic. So what I am going to be basically covering are a few things that you can do wrong in your life. So these are the things that you should not be to it. So from a sarcastic standpoint, I'm going to tell you some other things that you should not be doing. These are actually counterproductive. So we take a pre-emptive approach. So usually what people do is they will make a list of the good things or a good habits that they should be doing and that is what they follow them. Right? So In this approach, but you're doing is you're going to No Doubt a few negative things so that when we come across these things we will we will not indulge in the more we will not involve ourselves in this happens because they called the productive and I will be going on I've made a list of six habits six bad habits that even I have some of them of their habits I have as well. So we're going to cover these six bad habits, and these things will be wasting time in your life. So these have these habits that you that we all should be Breaky so we will cover That in the minutes tick up exactly are we so to make it more clear? We will have some points and urban. Maybe we'll talk about those. So here comes the first point in wasting your life is TV and news. Ya Allah, I don't know the reason we say the TV is bad is not because you know TV has a lot of potential in communicating with the people, but the problem is even though it is good to spread information there is a lot of misinformation which is also spread so it is not good to be misinformed because if we look at television and you know the mainstream media, we have a lot of people spreading lots of information some of which are also wrong so having the wrong kind of information is not Food for a good way to explain this is commercial CDC RTD and you see a lot of channels that are in support of certain political viewpoints or you know certain you know, the way they portray a certain characters or the way, they portray a certain incidents are totally different across multiple platforms, right? So you can see that these information the information give it to us is given in the way that the person wants to tell how they were, you know, the media involved is convenient so it could be wrong it could be right. Right, but it's better than the it's better than not knowing anything terribly misinformed. But problem for this is it is better to staff then to consume poison, right? If you're hungry is better if you starve rather than you consume poison to kill yourself don't be misinformed is good to be informed but don't be misinformed. So that is why TV is bad because a lot of misinformation spreads and this can affect your decisions as well. Quick example is PC sometimes in the news. We see a lot of negative news incidents, but I remember this one It's a little bit funny. But in Kerala Kerala is my native. So in Kerala that there was this incident of a coconut falling down from the tree onto a person's head and then that that person passed away and this idea come into the news and there was a lot of TV channels that were covering it they were like, okay this person was working under this coconut tree and then the coconut fell down and then I fed on said and then he expired and then a lot of people who are now confused and they were entries we were all scared because we have a lot of coconut trees. Akela, right? So everybody was scared. Everybody was looking up there's like, oh my God is a coconut gonna fall on me. But the truth of the matter is that this coconut falling on a person is an incident that has a very low probability of happening. So it may see maybe it will happen to some point something percentage of the total population. So it does not affect a lot of people's So yeah, the media will you know show this to some Grand your device would like is the issue that's because that's part of their job as well. Right? So even though the it seem like a big issue the truth is that it is not a big issue and then we should not start considering you should not start thinking that is going to happen to you is because it has happened to somebody because you know, the numbers are exaggerated. So the probability is not is in your favor that it won't happen. So you should not let these things let's say affect our judgment or artists. Vision so like just because you heard of a plane crash in the newspaper doesn't mean that planes are unsafe. It just means that something is Crash but playing the seem pretty safe, right? Exactly exactly Irwin the example you give was very fantastic. And for a also fact, let me tell all the listeners that a person who watches TV more than one are can ruin his critical thinking and as well as an IT analytical thinking Yeah, in fact, if you notice a lot of most of the successful people if you were if you listen to interviews with the of the successful people, they will admit that they do not watch a lot of TV. In fact, there was lesser than an hour if they even there are some there are a lot of rich people there are a billion a lot of talented professionals who admit that they do not turn on TV at all. Then took that says zero percentage and then they that hasn't stopped them from being successful. So that goes to show you that it is a half. I do can stop and it does not affect your success because a lot of successful people do not watch TV, right exactly exactly Irwin and the hair comes the next point to waste your life. So to waste your life start being a nice guy. Yeah, I guess that this is the one that hits too close to home because I am used to being a nice Korea on and off but I'm not that bad to do and I'll tell you why because see a Pearl like the first thing that you need to do like to be successful in anything as you need a value your own time, you need that your time is valuable and you need to know how we're gonna spend agree to have a have all of these things prioritized. So what happens is if you are a nice guy if you're always helping others like the minute somebody. Ask you for a favor Auto help you immediately say yes, and then you push apart your time as it creates a lot of problems in your life sometimes because if you're always helping others, then you won't have enough time to help yourself or you won't have enough time to help help. You're somebody who really need Jack or you won't be having that time to create something that you've been working on for the past few months of the any project that I've been working on. You'll be wasting a lot of This Time by helping others. So you should not say yes to everyone. Who needs your help by everybody who ask for it, but you can help you out. That is not wrong. But make sure that's not the only thing you're doing because you have to do things for yourself as well. So you have to be a little bit selfish because Ali and that is how you achieve something that you need to put the work in on your own effort to achieve something so you could have time. Exactly Irene well said that please start giving values to your own goals. Don't be so cold and nice guy so that everybody will start taking advantages advantage of you and they will ruin everything. So here comes the next pointer wind to waste somebody's life is start worrying about everything. Yeah, this is actually the biggest factor that the biggest waves of Pride that we face today because I am pretty sure that me and you as well they all know a lot of people who worry on a daily basis, right? There are people who are worrying about the traffic. They're worrying about that life goes every about that relationship goals are worried about. Oh my God, I do not have enough money. I you know, I'm having a lot of problems. I'm not able to do this. I'm not finding time to do that. You see everybody worried a lot, but what they don't And is burying itself takes time and whirring keeps you occupied whirring feels bad because when you are worrying you are in the state of panic and you are you're really confused anything bad and this also has a bad impact on your body because your body releases stress hormones. You stop feeling good used. You don't you don't feel as much energy when you're worrying all the time, right? So worrying never gives you anything good, but it has a lot of bad things off of each not worry buddy does not change anything. So do not worry about things it's not like worrying is going to make it better. It's only going to make it worse if anything, so don't make things worse. If is the bottom line, so don't worry because whirring makes everything worse, that's it. Definitely. I've been so listeners start leaving stop worrying and for a fact let me tell all the listeners that in a study it was found. He is 80% of the time 80% of the time people's worry are meaningless and they don't they deserve And all the worries they don't have anything to do with their personal life. Yeah, yeah. Yeah that is very precise. Actually, you know, we have this thing, you know, the sky is falling there are some people who just you know blow things out of proportion as in there and even if they're in a small situation of stress, they start Imagining the impossible things also the start Imagining the weirdest things have taken they start worrying about that. They start worrying about things that are not even related to the current circumstances are like, oh my God, what if the stock market crashes or if my God what if you know UFO comes in after sphere so, you know things that don't even Have been are things that some people worry about I in fact a lot of us worry about this. We are think we overthink things is what I'm trying to say. So do not overthink even if you want if you are going to worry about something big will happen first. Don't make it up in your head because you want to save a lot of time if you don't worry about things that haven't happened yet. So at least let it happen. Don't imagine exactly definitely I've been so let's make let's waste your life more deeply So here comes the next Point Jack of all master of none. Where are we and everybody wants to become old rounder in their life and at the end of it they ruin their life. Yeah. Yeah, that is very correct and especially in this day and age of Technology, right good like a good way to look at this. If you look at the average youth of today, right they have so many so many things that we can do on our phones and using technology. Like I can go to tick tock I can create a video I can go to Spotify I could start. I cast I can study YouTube channels are singing or you know, start making comedy videos. I can start writing books. I can publish it on Google Books available. So there are so many options which are very easily accessible to everybody and then to get overwhelmed like you want to do everything suddenly because you see sir, you see a favorite comedian on Youtube and suddenly like, oh I am. I also want to do this. I also love start making comedy videos and then you see your favorite singer performing on a season. You're like, okay. I also want to see but what happens? Is in the end you want to do so many things that you don't do any of it. So it's like, you know, if you put all your if like if you put all of your effort into one specific place, then you'll be able to achieve something. But if you divide your effort by so many variables that the division is insignificant. That means you not achieve anything, right? So instead of fun instead of focusing on a lot of things concentrate on just one thing so that you become a specialist or a master in that so being Jack of all trades in life is actually useless because you won't achieve a lot being a jack-of-all-trades. Actually. If you look at all of these great, you know, great entrepreneurs are these great industrialists. They have always focused on their domain of expertise. They made themselves Masters in that domain and then they just, you know, they just did their thing like whether it's you know, Bill Gates with Microsoft or whether it was Steve Jobs with apple or like a basically anything even the leaders of the rewrite the focus on what they're good at and we go for it and they do not waste that time with distractions that they do not focus on multiple things because then in the end their efficiency comes down and they know this very very well, which is why they cannot indulge in them. He and a good way to even express. This is Mark Zuckerberg who is a creator of Facebook does not spend much time on Facebook. I know it's fine kind of funny at first but he does not spend time on because he knows that there are there are a thousand distractions there and what he wants to do it. He wants to concentrate and do his thing right definitely our win and if if Bill Gates had done so many multiple things. He would not have made the Microsoft this much successful. Yeah. Yeah, that is correct. And the same goes for everybody in their own industries that even even an actor if he hadn't put all of his effort into acting he wouldn't have been that good of an actor, right if he was distracted if you was doing like 10 things, then he would have been good. To attend things but he still wouldn't have been as good as an actor as he would have been if you put his full time and effort into that. So yeah being special Administration lysing is very important because that is how you can you can achieve a lot of things without without you no distracting yourself with a bunch of things with basic at I'm talking about being perfect Irwin sometime people takes it very negatively. They start thinking that this is the era of being old rounder or multi-talented guy, but let's make it more clear Irwin. Like don't sometime people. What do they think that we will become perfect at a thing. Then we will start taking action where for example if any work which is supposed to be done in within a week where people start making themselves perfect in and it takes more than a year and still it is pending. So what will you say about it? Yeah. That is the thing is the when you want to do something with perfection. And just that fact alone is very overwhelming because then you can't afford to go wrong. If you want something to be perfect. You put so much time and effort and strength into that just to plan it right that you do not do forget about doing a work at all. It's like you spend most of your time in planning and you do not do not contribute to whatever it is that you want to achieve and in the end you do not achieve it. That is what happens. So a good way of say a good mentality that Perfection is 1/2, which is actually not one. We should follow So what happens is he thinks like okay. I'm going to build the Taj Mahal and it should be perfect. And this is what he thinks in his head. So he spends his time running around Gathering the resources like finding the right people getting the right permissions. He spends all of his time making sure everything is perfect. But the truth is if you look at the Taj Mahal itself, it was built over a lot of years worth of hard work. It was built by thousands of people it took it took a lot of people a lot of time and a lot of effort and I'm pretty sure a lot of people made this steaks as well. So it wasn't perfect. So the Taj makris it wasn't perfect it became perfect over the course of time. I'm pretty sure even the even the Taj Mahal had, you know, first repaired at least one or two lines here is exactly so it is all Progressive, you know Perfection. Rome wasn't built in a day if you see right so you cannot make something that is perfect out of thin air. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes hard work and you start from the ground and you have to build your way from the ground up. So that is how it is that Not team, that is just like you. Definitely. So I let me remind all the people that if you want to waste your life, please follow these points that watch everyday TV more than one hour start being so much nice guy and start worry everything about too much and start of all and master of none and the last point to waste your life very deeply and successfully. Don't be Don't be perfect and stacked action start doing opposite of it. Yeah, yeah exactly. It's like you have to get started if you want to win the race you have to actually start so if you don't even start then you never so that is the yeah definitely the points which I have just told everybody if you are following them already congratulations, your life is being ruined by yourself and the listeners who are not following these things. Congratulations to them also because somewhere they are taking efforts to make their life successful. Yeah, it is great. It is actually very nice to see that all of these people are you know listening in that way to make positive changes in their life and I'm pretty sure it's going well for most of us then it's nice, you know to see everybody come together and do we sort of you know, very developmental things. So yeah, I'm happy to be here and do this with you on the show. So thanks again. Thank you so much. I will it was very lovely effective and very informative. T talk and every time I just taking you on this conversation on open-top, believe me or with it shows very magical conversation. Yeah, thank you. I'm so glad you feel that way. But before we end this called there was actually this one other thing that I wanted to talk about which I seem to have forgot. So would you mind if I just take my five minutes like I wanted to talk about social media because that's also a bad habit that a lot of new apps. Yeah, so so, okay. So social media is Only the worst habit that everybody this generation have everybody uses social media. I don't know a single person who does not use social media to be like even my mother uses it so social media. I'm not calling social media there is bad but social media is a tool. So basically how it works is cool gives you the ability to do something. But how do you do it and what you do with it depends on you? It's like a matchbox or a lighter, right? So if I give if I give Somebody Matchbox I've giving him the ability to create fire so he can use it for good or for bad. He can use that fire to light a candle. You can use a cable to spread light around and help others and then he can use the same Matchbox. You light his kitchen stove and for cooking which is also good. He can use the same as box to life a secret which is bad for him. You can't smoke that he can use the same promise box with light and explosive the which can cause some damage which is also a misuse, right? So the point This I can use tools correctly and I can also misuse tubes. So the same similar to the matchbox example, like social media is a tool which allows me to communicate with millions of people across the world, but the problem is I can also misuse it because there is a lot of misinformation that spreads on you know, Facebook or Instagram or a lot of social medias, especially in the recent days. You can see that a lot of misinformation regarding the CAA the citizenship Amendment Act Right. A lot of misinformation has been Reading regarding that and people do not know what to believe. There are some people who do not even know what is going on. But just because they've been set from they are being, you know part of the protest. I don't know if you've seen this but there are some videos where protesters don't know why they're protesting but they still so there is a whole wide spread misinformation for multiple things on this is just an example. So my point is in social media. We need to stay away from misinformation because that is a bad habit. Do not involve with our love. Not indulge in that use it as a good, you know, as I said, it's a is the tool right? You can use it in a positive way. So use it to reach out to your friends use it to actually communicate use it to be productive and don't do anything else and don't you know misuse it. So yeah, I just wanted to add that. So thank you so much for having me. And yeah, I think we've covered everything is just something that I you think I should add to this open the well our when there are so many things to waste and someone's life. But definitely we covered almost points and thank you so much for adding this layer the point you added in the at the end of it because people must know that and then the news and the whatever is going around you you should be aware of it and you should think about it that the thing which is going is it right or wrong? Don't follow anything blindly because after all social media is just a tool and it's up to you. How do you use it? Yeah, exactly. So social media gives everybody gives thousands of people the ability to speak but it also it also means that you'll be very careful as to whom you are listening so that everybody can speak you have to choose carefully whom you listen to because there are a lot of people who are so yeah. We need to be very aware of that. Definitely. Definitely. Thank you so much again arvind forgive her shopping. She has time to this Urban talk and I hope listeners have found it. So meaningful. And let me tell all the people at the soon you will have going to have a special show from the when Krishna. Yeah, actually I are planning to have a show here on open talk and thank you so much for your making the big relief bouquet and exactly. Okay, so here is going it is going to be a big opening from your side. And so I was supposed to tell everybody because you speak every time very informative Irwin. So I think You know your it is I should tell everybody. Yeah. Okay, I thank you so much, you know, it feels really good to get this appreciation for you because you know, I've seen I've seen all of the work that you've been doing all the Talking you yourself have been, you know, giving a lot of valuable content to the listless and prepared all thank you for it. So coming from you to get a compliment from you is also a you know, it's a very big deal for me. So thank you for that. Thank you so much again. Okay. Yeah, sure. Okay. Thank you. I'll see you next time. I'm okay.