hi, I am Drew buff from one step to leave and I know it's been a long time since I have actually done an open talk, but it's just been that kind of situation where there is a construction work happening next to it is quite difficult to actually do this open talk when there's so much of drilling noise have Opening anyhow and happy to be back and today's topic is how to work from home efficiently. No surprises why I have chosen this topic with the Corona virus pandemic. Most of us have been forced to work from home. I understand that, you know working from home is not everyone's cup of tea hardly any face-to-face interaction. It can really make you feel less motivator and lethargic, you know, you don't have that fun office banter which keeps it right place lightly. You don't have access to a quick tea or coffee machine for the quick reboot you As to make your own you don't have co-workers to went out to war ideate a challenging work situation. So work from home indeed at times does become difficult but all is not lost and here to share with you some best practices that you can follow to officially efficiently work from home. I've been working from home for the past four years now and have tried and tested a lot of things belief. So what I'm going to do is from all the strident tested things. I'm going to share with you a few things that actually worked. Okay. So number one time you have to maintain a good time discipline. You know, it can't be like, okay now I feel like working I will work nicely like watching TV and watch TV. Now, I feel like you know cooking or you know, it can't be Hazard. You have to maintain good working hours. Your brain has been trained to be productive at sir. Certain times so you know might as well just be productive at that time. See it could happen that you know, it depends on what kind of work you have. If you're involved with research of these work. We're in a good ideas come to you see at seven o'clock in the morning. Might as well do it at 7 o'clock to - right now that you don't have to commute time and you can actually use that time to work efficiently. You will be surprised at how much you I've done just about waking up early. Okay, so if you have been an early riser use it to your advantage and similarly if you have a night owl use it to your advantage right? So number one main theme good time discipline. Each one has its own just do that right number to your work place as far as possible. Try to work in the same group. You create a workspace. Have a proper chair table setup and sure that you know, you're kind of working from that one space. It will just get you into the productive Zone as soon as you go near that's base. It happens. It has happened to me like, you know, don't be working from the dining table one day one day from your bed one day from the sofa the hall as far as possible. Try to maintain good work space ethics as well. It will just help you boost your productivity. Three is how do you dress up for work? Not just because you know, you're working at home is not mean that you have to be in pajamas all the time. Having said that it does not also mean that you know, you have to work in formal clothes because you know, our homes don't have Central conditioning and the Indian weather is quite not suitable to wear formal clothes through the day. So we're good clean clothes. It's amazing how an eye The shirt itself can put you in that practice. All right, so don't be that touching dress up her book for women out there, you know ensure that your head is in place, you know, put a little bit of makeup. That's fine. It gets you in the productive zone so dress for work and not for relaxation. That is one of the key things right then we want to something called a steam. He thinks now, this is a scenario where I'm talking about. You're not working as a solo. More from home, but you're actually working from home as in your you have an office, you know, you have actual company corporation. That is that you're working for right? So you try to have the things like a specific time. Like, you know have those morning team meetings try to have it via video zoom and Skype are my favorites Zoom, especially because you can do a lot of stuff like screen sharing and Stuff like that to try to help video many things other than just rather than just having a conference call. It just helps seeing faces all of the sudden the same situation will just feel that much more in it that if we do video quotes he's so that's about having with your girls and getting the sense of community. The next food and beverage guys. This is really important. Please ensure that you are maintaining your lunch snacks and dinner hours, you know about stocking a pantry with junk food, you know, you can finally kick off that biscuit habit. I know I used to have the biscuit Habit to and I used to work in an office but just keep good fruits handy invest in an electric kettle some tea bags, you know for the quick energy boost of a cup of tea that. And show that you know, you're not kind of playing around a lot with your food and beverage and show that you know, you have your lunch is at the proper time. Your dinner is at a proper time. He was this time to develop those good habits, which is what I come to next which is called exercise. See now that the commute time is out of the window. You can for sure had those with units on hand, right so indulge in those online workouts just put on a YouTube video. Just get in your heart pump a This could be that perfect time to inculcate the habit of adding say a 20 minute exercise and why I'm staying business, you know sooner or later this is going to end and we are going to go back to your office's right. You don't want to build on healthy habits and then suddenly let go of them. Once we start going to work a 20-minute window is kind of a healthy thing. You know, that is something that you'll be able to move the even after you start with office, right? So get into habits. Do you know who can sustain your not have the time to work on it? That's a different story but get into habits such sustained even after light goes back to know. Lastly and this I cannot stress enough is be balanced. You know, it is very tempting during work hours. You know, you might just see a pile of laundry lying around and you want to fold those clothes. It could be that you know, you see vessels in the sink and you want to clean them off but try to maintain your working hours and your house ours, right? So don't mix the two when it is time to do your housework do the housework when it's time to Your work as in your actual work work dude that I look at time slots and stick to that now that you have the freedom. Yes. Why not one out in the afternoon could be spent in vendors ensuring that you have your dinner threats, but then ensure that your blinked ain't that kind or don't be all over the place. It will just not help your productivity. So at the end of the day ensured that no matter what you're doing you are. Getting work done. That is the crucial thing. It is work from home. It is not a vacation from home right now. People are kind of behaving as a funeral. It's very patient. I'm and this I'm talking about a scenario. Where are you know, probably it's all adults in the house when you have kids in the house this scenario is going to change and I will be taking up some people to come on that. So yeah, so that's all I have to say. So when you're working from home and That you have food dying and maintain good kind discipline and Chiller to maintain good place discipline that is work from one case as far as possible. Try to dress for work and don't work for relaxation. That itself will put you in a good practice Soul has video team meetings and have them at regular times so that you know, everybody is there ensure that your food and beverage is off the best suitable for your health is what happens say, so Ensure that you know, you're having and maintaining good food and beverage habits get into the habit of exercise. If you have not today be balanced don't mix housework and your officer keep them separate and deal with it separately and last and most importantly follow the government guidelines. Be safe. Stay isolated maintain that social distance just because you're maintaining that distance socially you can still Ensure. That you're working as a team virtually check out the app such as zoom and Skype. They really help maintain that kind of community feeling. Okay, so, that's all I have to say, and I will see you maybe the after tomorrow with the different open talk here. Thank you. Bye.