Hello, Krishna. Yes. Yes, I can hear you now. I think this is much better. Now. You can hear me. Yes, I think of vodka time because there's so many people online. I think because of that there was a problem with the network. Yeah. I think I think so many people are doing the open talk, right? Yes. Okay, so I'm not sure from what where did we have started having the distorted or the distorted? The distorted voice was when you asked me the last question like Elizabeth, please generation. Yeah. Yes. So yeah, so to continue through to continue my answer today's generation. We mental health has been a taboo in the society. Nobody talks about 8 but earlier we did not feel the need so much because stress and stress was not a regular feature in our daily life. But now with the with the nuclear system lack of communication between family strained families. I think the level of stress has increased in as a whole in the society and I think today's generation. We are moving towards the problem of loneliness and I think somewhere or the other social media is also contributing to this loneliness because what has happening is we are we are seeking validation and this need of validation of validation for each and every activity of hours has increased now, Earlier, I think it was a little subdued because we were more bothered about making two ends meet but now I think because we don't have that much of financial pressure and I think I think the societal needs human needs have evolved changed. I don't know whether it is for the better or worse, but I think we are slowly moving towards loneliness. Which is which has an unseen problem nowadays. So in that case, you know, what as per you are. What would you suggest to be? You know that what should today's generation or us or are you know what what all of us should do to avoid that stress and loneliness, I think most of all we should engage in real conversations meet people because obviously families families nowadays don't have more than Three to four members Grand and I think even in I think school college as a student you are much more lively ER than a working professional manner working professional. I think more so for working professionals, I would suggest that try to engage with your colleagues make make your workplace a happy workplace. So in order to reduce the stress because you are ending eight to nine hours at a place. If you are not happy if that atmosphere is not happy. Obviously you will have dress. Okay, and I know you have you already written the book on how to deal with mental. I mean how to deal with mental health. How would you have any tips, you know any any general tips or Mantra that you follow for yourself? For me. First of all, I have been practicing the art of self love for the last six to seven years. So self-love many people confuse self-love with ego but self-love is basically you keep your happiness, and you should be happy and only then people around you will be happy. But as they say the Law of Attraction works, if you are happy positive things will be attracted towards you if you are sad negative things will be attracted towards you. So why why do you want to attract negative energy instead of that attract positive energy and see see how the world will become a beautiful place to live in so now see that's a very valid point and a very good point that you know, I mean we have been learning about, you know, we should always Have a positive outlook since our childhood and somewhere as we grow up. We forget that so yes, then at times, you know based on scenarios situations. It is little difficult to be positive and sometimes we go very negative. So at that point the the taboo the present taboo as per me you would be that you know, we we we feel afraid to that, you know counseling is is is like it is a taboo if you if you say if you tell anyone that, you know going for counseling Link your entire diet, you know Social Circle will will be will get greet you as you know, you have a mental disease. Yes. Well that is that is that is a sad reality now because what happens is yeah, I'm sorry. I interrupted you please complete the questionnaire. So I was getting at that you know, so, how do we first question? Is that how do we deal with that taboo and apart from that how how as a generation or a how as a person? Do we convince them? It's because even we are hardwired or programmed with the same stereotype that you know, I mean we were all the little but then most of us are still have we still have the same stereotype? So how do we convince ourselves that talking about counseling is just talking about the problem because ideally that's what it is, right? Yes and just talking about our problems. So how do we convince ourselves for the society? And I mean rather I think first ourselves and then the society so how does So I think first to answer your first question, it will be like as a child. We are innocent and we keep asking questions. Okay, whatever. We have the art of questioning when we are the child. We are curious to know about some about things. But what happens is as we are growing up. We we tend to we are forced to accept we are forced to accept that. Okay, whatever is being shown to us the picture that Being shown to us is right and we cannot question because questioning is bad. So I think I think today's generation of parents are evolving parenting is evolving. I think as parents it is our duty to at least they'll give that Liberty to the child that okay, you can you can question whatever I am teaching you you can question whether it is right or wrong. It is not Not like okay my parents taught me that this thing so that is right. Why why should the wave if the question If the child questions if the child questions or if you also feel like you will as an adult, you will question your parents that what you taught me is wrong. If you have to stand up against what if it is not always that the parents teach you the right thing. Sometimes they are also under under the pressure of the society under under the society's pressure. they are bottom to take some steps with for not right, but What is right and what is wrong for you? Think you should that you should take some steps towards developing if to have identified then draw will be people wait for long time and people sometimes don't realize what is right and wrong. Sometimes they are blinded by they are blinded by faith and trust so the and and are they forget it. slowly lose the power of questioning and then the fear of the unknown comes that okay, if I challenge if I challenge the society what will happen that Society will that risk taking ability dies because as I said earlier also as a child we are never taught to take risks never and I think that is where if we want people to become mentally stronger, I think we have To mold our mold our future generations to take risks with the ability to take risk. It's okay that security you as a parent. You will feel sick. You will feel a little insecure letting your child if you don't let them see that and will never become mentally strong. And as far as counseling is concerned, I will after a certain age. Like I think after 18 years of age you are an adult you can take you can decide for yourself the decision whether you want to employ your life or not. And I and now I'm going to see that people are opening up to the idea of counseling. They are many friends of mine who are doing counseling even. The mail for counseling sessions, I offer free counseling to anybody who is in need because I think nowadays. We are you sure. List because there is a difference between and listening. We people who empathize the there is a lack of empathy in the society and we require more listeners. We require more richness. That's why I think considering there's more a necessity nowadays. And yeah. Parents open up to the idea quickly even moves have a down since nowadays schools educational institutes have a have appointed a counselor nowadays. So I India is India is developing this law only after a long time. It is taking some good points from You Gotta Wear, which is a Liquidation on that that now see now we talked about really you spoke about that. You know, we should we should let the children decide we Let's be should inculcate the risk taking or you know arriving on a decision ability in the generation. Now don't you think that the West can impact their and you know our value system if it's not very strong as a family then in that case there is a very high possibility that the the child or the person might go in the wrong track. That is that is a risk as a parent. You have to take that risk because you could you have to first of all II feel as a parent. We have to we have to mold the child in such a way and the trust the trust is not blind trust. The trust is out of respect the what I say is the child should follow your You system out of respect not because you have you have said and it is a Doctrine. It is not a Doctrine C value system is something like respecting Elders morals values becoming a human being is something something which is which is taught in school as well. The basic models the basic models are taught in school as well. But if you if you if a child does not see that being practiced in the house or in the school or And around the child the child will never realize so I think I think we as adults have more responsibility for what is right, and also give them the freedom to decide whether it is right or wrong the like what happens is there are there are a lot of social evils that have already been eradicated from the society, but there are many social evils which still exist we might be thinking. That it is a it is a thing to do because we are preserving the culture but it is not the right thing to do for for example, for example, Dowry system still exists. Now this is from still exist in the society female infanticide still exist. So it is not a right thing to do, but you will not argue with you will not even get a if you don't get a chance to raise your voice against it then I don't Don't think so. We are developing as a okay. So so in short, you know as I mean if I get Ahmedabad can get would you say that, you know, we should treat irrespective of age or you know level we should treat others as how we would want to be treated and as absolutely because he what what they say is a such a society is formed out of human beings. If uman beings themselves don't respect other human beings. What are we why have we evolved so much. What is the evolution of the human civilization? Then we were better the the animal preterite. He's more united than So there should be some there should be some difference between the animal community the humans right? Hell, yeah. Yes, totally. Okay. So now I think we can we can ask someone did have a question or someone wanted to join the colon between yes. Yes. Yes. So if anyone has any question or anyone wants to join and have a conversation with yes, we will wait for people will wait for people to Request to join the call. Otherwise, if you have more questions, you can ask until I until someone wants to join. So I would like to I would like to know why would like to know you have written a thriller fiction, right? So, what was your mindset? Like, how did you device the character? And what was your emotional Journey while writing the Thriller now? I know this would become my interview. Okay, but then I think for me the since it was my first book my emotion jury was seriously a roller coaster because I think when when when when I'm writing fiction or door at that point it so happens that I get involved a lot in the character and the story it is more like, you know, the story starts living in me and around me. So it is very important to switch and Come back to normalcy and that I think was was a bit of challenge. So for that it requires practice, but no writing. It was easy. I mean for me because for me it was a because I love telling the story and so that way it was just that, you know story. Okay. This is my character and visualization, I think four characters and all I would say that you know, observing is very important if we cannot observe people then I I think without observation skills writer can never be a good writer or even call himself or herself a writer unless you're a good or bad word courage like you also explain how I choose to write nonfiction. My I think I had I have I have recorded my observations about human behavior in my book The Mind Game because he and psychology and human ABR since the age of 15 so it has been too much of exposure to human behavior and I have growing up in the 90s. I think I have seen the society evolve and what we have become now, I am very I don't like the picture in picture of the society, you know are what what should we change in the current picture? I mean should we go back to how our parents lived? I don't know whether that was right or wrong. I don't know. I don't know about the right or wrong. But I think we have become like I had I was sharing an example with with my friends that we are we are finding happiness and solace in materialistic stuff done now rather than human relationships. I think that is something which needs to change money car money. Yes money gives you the Purchasing power but I don't think I think man is still a social animal and relationships matter most more than more than money. Also. Yes money. You can you can have a 3 bhk house with four members with each member living in in a separate room. Are you in trouble Sonny wants to join so let me guess. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I'll just finish the example before you like it. Yeah, so it is like it is like I have visited the some areas also there in one room seven people used to stay and hear in a 3 bhk three members stay with we one person in one room. So I think that that itself shows the disparity. Yeah - e how are you? Yeah, I'm fine. So Sonny, do you have a question for David Cobb? Okay, so you are layer also. Did the same session I think but some problem that is the problem in the connection. I think yeah, so that's why we had to start again. Yeah, yeah. So Sonny you can you can ask your question today we go. Hi Sunny. Yeah. Hello. So like I descending join in session. So what are you discussing now? Can you tell me? Yeah, Krishna Krishna will be better to you know, how to write a self-help book and what were her challenges and what is the need for mental awareness and mental health? Okay, okay. So, do you have a question? Like which which type of question like, do you have a question about mental health mental awareness? Okay. Okay. Yeah, you you are of truffle. You told me like a some you are mentioning some book while mind master is you have told me earlier the Mind Game the Mind Game mind game. Yeah. Okay. Okay, okay. Okay, sonny. If you don't have a question then wow. Should we maybe he can hang up the call will take my hello? Yes. Do you have a question sunny? I like tell me now. Which topic then I will ask some questions already told you the topics honey. Do you have a question? We have minor who has a question. Can we take manner on the call, please? Okay. Okay. Definitely. I will go no problem. Thank you. Okay. How are you? I have a question. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do? Okay, I work as property isn't I work for communication and please go ahead with your question. Okay, so I just joined in so from the title itself, I got an idea. So I have one question that before writing a self-help book because my Your voice is breaking my work or not. For example, I've heard about one book like how to win friends. Yes. So what's your question? I think it got dropped with this one. So we have such that you can you type your question, please. Okay. Mana was coming. Hello. Yeah, my nerves I think you were facing network issues. Can you ask your question? Yeah, come by. My question was ma'am how to be sure that self maybe for writing a self-help book daughter should tackle that problem. I think what is science experiment. Yeah, so basically so basically it is non fiction non-fiction books up based on Research your research ability should be good ask questions and also record your own observations about the topic So I think I think that you wanted to know does the author also have to go through go through not feeling or can we just do the research and write a self-help book? I think for any writing as Krishna you are also a writer. I think some part of you is a reflected in the book if you want to make it authentic and genuine, right? So, I think I think for writing is self-help book you might not Like I have written mind game that does not mean I was under stress or depression or anything, but I have read so much about psychology and human behavior that I have my own now. I have my own Viewpoint about the subject but I think it involves extensive research extensive research with your own Viewpoint. Yes. Perfect. Hutchins wants to join and there's no question would you? Okay Bible question, please? Okay, let's see. Let's see. What does he have to say? Okay, so we are taking such an on-call. Yes. Let's it's connected. Yeah, let's see. I'll be shake it shake it like in our conversation. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. Appreciate if you can join the call, it would be great if you have questions. - question was the tools available in self-help book should be experimented with to know its efficiency. I I think not really not really because then it will become an academic book. It depends on what is the purpose of writing a self-help book. Do you want? Do you want it to be supplied to schools colleges and become a like a book? Our psychology students who are studying psychology. Then you have to include then you have to include a lot of research and all but I don't think so. You have to undergo all the situations that you that you write about and also I think because this is about mental health everyone everyone goes through different emotions at different times. It's not exactly possible to agree to try out the methods on I mean, Here then it would become a research completely. You know where in we have human subjects and we are experimenting and not correct and it will be a research paper. It will not be a book. Yes. okay, and Hutchins is such an do you have a question or can you please type the question? No, no, he's just presenting his Viewpoint that we should not discuss writing writing here. Okay. All right now so mono. Did you get that prompted Mana? Wanted to join ya. Okay, we have one of again hi - hi. My question was sorry for the poor Network suppose if someone writes a book how to win friends. So if there is an introvert person he's not able to win the friends. So the writer it isn't it good that writer should try to implement at least one case studies that okay by this tool he is now able to win the friends and he has shown the result then the they can include that case. Eddie that they are these tools work. It's not just work of fantasy or imagination CC non fiction. Nonfiction is never a work of fantasy. It is always the research is richer research is very important to write a nonfiction book. Like for me also all the topics that I have written in the mind game all have been well researched. Like I have I have I have met counselors psychologists practitioners and I have So the recorded my observations through my lessons that I have learned so I think so. I think before writing a book when you write a book when you write fiction, you can write imaginary but when you write nonfiction, I think if not, the difference mean difference here is nonfiction is research-based. Yeah, it is research. It involves a lot of research I did about I engaged in about one and a half years. Search to write the mind game. Yeah, that's that's very nice. I just want to give one example. So to make what I wanted to say, like the famous writer who has written how to win friends. He has committed suicide you might might be knowing and famous writer of India. Mr. Shiv. Khera who has written. You can be in he himself has lost the election. He was contesting the election. So it means Yeah, let's see what you write. See these kind of self-help books when you write self-help books. It is it is not it is not a tried and tested thing. Nobody's nobody's telling you that this is the this is the most accurate method of leading your life. First of all, first of all, if you are if you see what what motivational books do is basically If you are facing a problem, if you are facing a problem and you want to vent it out motivational books give you that opportunity to vent out your problem and sometimes sometimes you might find a solution. I'm not saying we're all all my all self-help books are correct, or they are like you should follow blindly. Obviously you can you can see you can add life is all about learning, right? That is all about trying trying and learning so you can try out some of the tips and see whether it works for you or not. Yes. That's very good. My only point was that it would be good if the writer admit one or two case studies with that book. Okay. I have tried these tools it works. So it will be good for readers. It will generate confidence in leaders that this tool Works II can tell you I can tell you have the Krishna can tell you what was her. Experience reading the mind game. Yeah. Now C mon of I have read the book and personally from whatever points which I mentioned if you try to implement that your life becomes better. So for you to I mean see this is this the game the book itself is on mind game. It is on Mental Health now for a mental health finding out that you know the author obviously she has tried all the methods, but she does not need to quote her example or her friends example there she has given an examples of how to deal with the situation in a better way and for that we have been see what you are saying is that I have tried and tested this method and it works that this is not I mean see mental health and mental awareness. This is this the topic it's other the the subject itself is not such wherein you know, it is not like a brain disease that you know, you can actually it's not a medicine that you can try and test it out. It also depends on the individuals approach towards it. So it's not just me telling you that you need to do this. It's also your for me to tell you who this is. What you need to do is very easy, but for you to do it that is the challenge and many people give up in the challenge itself to do it. And that is the reason why a, you know, a self-help book in never ever put that, you know, okay. Okay study because it is not a tried-and-tested method. These are just additional things which you can try to incorporate in your life as a practice and you would lead a better life. life Yes, that's right. Any self-help book would not give you a tried and tested method never. I mean you can you you talking about how to win friends. He has written the book, but he cannot say that, you know, I have tried and tested all the methods. I mean, he would have tried it. But still he cannot say that all the methods would work on our individual. And one of one other thing is another thing is human being evolves with age and experience is the best teacher of a person best teacher best teacher. So as you said as you said the author of the The demise of the author of how to win friends the Pearl he committed suicide so basically nobody knows nobody knows what was the background because because suicide is not because suicide is not something which is which is the is a decision taken her taken in a in a polite manner or in one day it is it is days here's of suppressing your emotions, which leads you to commit suicide when you are not when you are not when you don't have any hope to live that is time you commit suicide Correct. And and and and and that is of I mean, I think any person who commits suicide it's not just his or her failure. It's also the failure of people around that person because they wouldn't know that they did not observe the symptoms. Such an want to join sure. There's no question mentioned. They were to take the call or We'll take it further if he has a question then it's fine. Okay connecting bhagat wants to bhagat wants to join will take buggers. Such enjoyment - can you hear me? Hello? Hello? Yes. Can you hear such an hello? Good evening, ma'am. Both of you. So I have noticed studied your book. But as the name that title is resting. Hello. Yes. Yes. Yes, you are as the name suggests. So it is the best. Okay. Okay, the court is a question. I'd got drop bhagat has a question overthinking effects. He's joining me. Hi brother. How are you? - hello. Hello, I'm a good man. What about you? We are doing fine, too. I'll please go ahead with your question. I just want to know about the over thinking what is its. First of all, first of all, tell C extreme extreme extreme Action Extreme Action of any kind is bad whether it is happy. Happiness sadness Joy have extreme extreme ability is is bad in any case Okay, whether it is positive or negative. Okay, so over thinking over thinking the effect of overthinking is you sometimes you sometimes assume a lot of stuff which might not be true and and you get trapped you get trapped in assumptions because of which your sense of logic and rationality The rationality stops working that is the effect of overthinking. Okay. So how we can overcome this disorder or the disease? It is not a disorder. Overthinking is not a disorder. It is something which is well accepted well accepted in the society but it is it is not a normal condition because because it is not healthy. I will I will not say it is a disorder. It is not healthy if you if you keep overthinking it is not healthy. So in order to in order To beat overthinking in order to overcome this challenge you can you can be kind you can be kind to yourself and accept sometimes when when something goes wrong in your life. You do not should not be very harsh on yourself. You accept that. Okay, if good times have bad times will also come because one thing I met over thinking is because of fear overthinking it because of fear and how he argued that have how it affects to over kindness because I the I could not relate this to things that my if I ever kindness be kind to yourself be kind to yourself means means first of all try to find out what is your fear. Why are you lying? What is your fear first to try to identify? Define what is your fear, then you will try you'll understand how to overcome the fear and and stop overthinking. Many a times many attire. We are not ready to acknowledge that we believe we are scared of something. Okay, but remember sometimes it might be that you have overthinking do without any reason because I feel this thing an example. Give me an example over thinking about what member sometimes I feel loads of burden of my works and these burden I can over thinking and thinking and it might be when I came home then. I also thinking about that things then I have to do these things tomorrow. I have to do this thing. So for that for that you can you can you can follow follow a schedule. You can draft the time time time table that work all tasks will be your evil you do at what time in that way. All your task will be completed and you will not overthink. And also in case if you cannot finish your task because most corporate three count. So in that case, you know, I think maybe a stress Buster would help divert the attention from thinking on that topic no and and many a times many a times what happens is we reset reset unrealistic deadlines for ourselves if the task if analyze analyze how much time the task will take to complete to be completed. Be real. Stick see like if you have if you are working eight hours in a day in an office and your task demands your task demands 16 hours. Obviously, then it will it will be today then how can you expect that then, how can you expect you will complete it in one day that is an unrealistic expectation. Okay, but okay. Yes, or burden might do to the overburden is because overburden is because you you fear failure overburden is because you fear failure if I'm not able to have complete the task what will happen. Okay, so you will so so instead of 60 instead of 16 hours. You will be you will be pushing yourself to complete it in 10 hours, which will overburden you. Okay, I think he's called God drop, but I think you have answered pretty much all the questions. So please. I think he will be the last column for the PS3. It is connecting we are it is connecting. Because I think you are facing an Network or network issue. It is not connecting. The call is not connecting. Can you type your question please in the comments? Ashwini thank you for your comments you can ask your question. Also, I think pretty much we don't have I think there's too much of it but you don't hello. Yeah, I don't think so. There is more there are more questions for now or maybe network problems. But yeah, thank you so much for doing this. I'm sure we have an audio question still and maybe Definitely. Definitely we have it will be nice talking to people about and making them aware about mental health and spread this awareness as far as possible. Yeah, finally so much Krishna for doing this and helping me spread the message. Thank you so much Debbie go for being here and all the audience. So please go ahead on Amazon and Flipkart and check out a book. It is a wonderful book. So please go ahead and do give it her dude. Do give it a read so the book is the book is available on Amazon and Flipkart and it the link is given on my profile as well. So please do please do see see the reviews at least. Yeah. Yes. All right. Okay. Thank you so much Teresa, and thank you all the listeners. Have a good night. Good night, bye-bye.