Yes, yes. Yes. So good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Thank you very much for taking time on a Saturday morning. I was very excited looking forward to this call conversation with you today, right? There are many listeners for there are many listeners who are also eagerly looking forward to hearing from you up. Kabara many both coach, but I have been following you on LinkedIn and other places for quite some time after organization a barmaid. Whatever I whatever was available online many products, but definitely I want to hear more from you and even our listeners want to hear more from you about the great work that you've been doing. So if you permit shall we start off the discussion for today? Yes. Yes. Yes absolute concept or serviço the Nevada Thomas of Sevilla mooji tomatoes The SS Gotham City pssst voltage some sort where the key International level be low so much that you keep up with receiver Southern it Hindi numb him. So if consort my PSS can say the locusts America or yippee-ki-yay Jessica a gorilla charges are who tear her coma due to eat milk. We need about the Kobe Kobe. That's a secure some other to go harder Chadha misfortunate Abominations. Go to Hajj are autonomous. 2018 March Mayhem is for the registered via the organization Cove Mission Vision or ache Jun Kazama sugata Mitra cases organization. Paris alkaviva Jupiter will come cash or bonds are a national International cases: is all skier. This can I hear you know, how do you feel good Pierce's my yoga and go save my pay support milta Hai EK 2 pieces a month ago GB threatened. Eliza major Mount this decision to get into this field Jean the kids up coax of all hota Hai. How about the job market is a logo being a cop? You're going to get some gets out. Okay, how about how many cathodic ihum investigation Company College RFA or sera sera sera sera sera Dothan Salve on the balls are itchy Joe. Go ahead. rescue rehab Another case of cobby President will hold better for our schedule challenge because they say is Co-op program 311 hokitika. Look at home. Everyone makes all commodity in Des Moines, Iowa Muhammad So I'll give you some budget approximately. Thus the slab will be reticle Lincoln who said other Chandler Kiko humble as an organization. Timothy hit some home deep in Calabria Nikki experience of the hemispherical receptor or hunger a logo or the other train correct talking will be is time kill yet. They are Jose Hig. But yeah, so so growth is happening initiatively a key finances or monetary gains of core priority Neoga and you will be focused more on the child and the victim whom you only skewing from Delhi G. TG will cool be cool. So the other day when we think about human trafficking memory than me paliotta key prostitution prostitution rackets x-ray Quiet he Hammer is the magma paliotta. Do you say I like type cake are trafficking or thing begging begging Syndicate will be kind of trafficking, right? Organ collegia jata, today's clip trafficking order or scuba the drug traffic drug Supply kill every goon cobalt-60. Rosetta will be supplied. Finally taking Bogota ticket in defilement comfy logo was really make you can file the case current Paris. Are they grounded? Did you know that Forest Park Medical hobby they can get Mumbai Mumbai Serie buddy-buddies Aroma of they can get it shorty shorty, but she's over there Josh would they handle? Licking other apis. Konasana or go to work because we were from the military to in Pune sadaqah comes our way Outta the cage. Is it Bob became the mirror research met many Bombay. They can zoom tourism Gonzaga Jovita schedule. I don't got a planning model woke his pants down. It's got lucky and cookie dough file case delay is the market or it may be a porn film Kalihi in pachucos. Kemal gotta figure or is Mystery mail. He female his involvement they get in but you're gonna say later lenok about whoa, chill out of this other boy who say bomb bomb bomb basin. Go about give the other often, but Chipotle K other. Whoa sex trafficking of the Pluto file case. Medalta had to sneak out of a cake will be accused of tone came on with another important. Still Barton Hotel just over policy. I got ahead H the importance of the Polish Constitution a powder balloon another banana powder. You know the city biblical banana Hotel focus of those it he can you see the twitch logo tension, but Trooper who study case. Come on the other input to group G GG to lose. Happy with that. If you want to tell us that will go to the police academy. So for their traffic assessment is my age group both accommodation in car traffic mortgage. Uh Grupo de is Grupo de Inca circus all at Sarah Sol G Sol bi axial cortisol, kindergarten age group or the yeah, they can amend some Reggae are trying to go legit nearing a photo booth. We don't have all day now. It's not safe. Look at this take a bicycle or Java. Other Queen a low Gaia grandparent the opposite. Hello. They can you see open a lot of yoga stance on gay parents. Room who got over there? I could use the business. Okay, Maura. So what? Those type of jacket but does not create a sonic you documents are the other Cordelia passport. They were awesome career. Cello home security Gibbon de Madrid of America or certificate is give us PSI n a wolf hee hee. Do you know what hump a lace is? So cheap I let's apply our ham hooligan. Gee. 200 yeah Herbert Herbert kernel K of K Sub C musquin yoga. This is you. A pajama he because it would it'll work now be mentality go but the ticket to Harbor carnivores are you dear Hannah Rosie? Go Rosie Corner frequency theory is correct. So according to use of root of G, which are the locations in India, which are the hot spots for trafficking for sourcing destination Transit. We've gathered oh Isabel India Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Or Africa because these are the cases with a licking and licking. Policy like a destination hard Dakota India candle. Yay a kissy be exact a pinata AAC The Bracero. Malaekahana Hotel leukemia directly about its Aroma. Basically a trafficking jota Bangladesh Bangladeshi trafficking, Khana, Kaaba. Johnny Depp LMAO for Dominic advantage of these are parents green signal. They just like green signal next day. Let's make a guy with a guy with a mob. Workaholic ajara brothel tablet is a little glitchy could potentially give you a licking boots. Do we have the name on it? So say the community of The Hiding Place Ottawa half full. Noob on the way to level can be related to mental health here training habits in her parlor kubilay kok hop or stripped or C kill'uh guys are terrible but abdul-hakeem under yes, and he didn't deliver be high as a kite. Education delivery Kenai a raccoon. He Musa Moses. So I think for the listeners what super ethology said was deliberate is the single most factor in taking advantage of parents unsuspecting parents uneducated parents or parents who think that their children are going to get a better future much brighter future maybe jobs in big cities with that hope that aspiration they send their children away from home. And I think people have to be very cautious people should not fall into traps traps of jobs traps of love. This eventually leads to trafficking as the Subaru G just said so so Brother G of K of K Sub C Public public cockers occasional public arms and gentle Fukushima that perfectly in reducing such crimes, okay? As a Nikki harmless eager to how many potentially also Brooklyn. Research group you work with my however, that's up there. They can hum Joe Amato Juniata bun. Basically one regular one and a half prepares a low put take a look in our pasta or pushka inquiry Group after another door. There's a clinic in up on CO as a couch amount later. We have persecuted Gilligan. Why amount then Ikebana show then a separate CK paperwork. Which should not grow but it is still growing here on year and as who brutally suggested we can help in multiple ways. We can participate in forums. We can fight against them. We can financially contribute and we can also make sure that we don't allow people such people to stay within our communities be alert. And if you find anything suspicious bring it to the notice of such organizations, like permit receive a sudden PSS or maybe to the local police immediately. So that we can avert any such trafficking that may happen within our communities. So with this I would like to end today's conversation with the mr. Subrata. Mukherjee of pavitra save a sudden PSS so grouchy. Thank you very much. Only of now keep this family color Saturday. And I think this this was a very useful conversation and I hope that people will take this fight forward just like all of you have done till now my some people ask me about the carrot our sorry sure my last week, but we are gonna chime work. You up local people the other like the hockey coach garbage. God promised he needs an evening. Hello again. I'm not gonna be real come correct Sabina. Have a good day.