Good morning - welcome to the show. Thank you for taking time. Thank you for taking time on a Sunday morning for all of our listeners. So people we have greased Journey with us a well-known Stress Management coach or hypnotherapist and a Healer. I'm sure all of you are equally excited to know more about hypnotherapy and it's applications so I won't keep you all waiting. So let's start off so garish welcome to the show again, and would you like To start off with a very simple definition of hypnotherapy. We have come across so many, you know textbook definitions that we see on the web, but would you like to throw some light on? What is this new therapy in a layman's terms before we get into details first and foremost. Thank you. There are many definitions that are many technical definitions in terms of what authorities and various things and some might be a little overwhelming and confusing also but to put it in very simple words, it is basically hypnosis, which is used for therapeutic purposes as in the therapy which helps person become emotionally or reduce their emotional burdens and sympathetic. Okay, so it is some kind of a treatment you're saying just like any other methods of treatment that we lines of treatments that we get. Is that what we understand? Yes, this relates primarily with emotions subconscious emotions will find it difficult to open up in a conversation in a normal conversation with people which they might have suppressed for various reasons or this other situations. Opportunity around may not be available or something like that. Are you too intense situations where they wouldn't know how to handle or they wouldn't know whom to talk to so gets suppressed for a long period of time altering some bit of their behavior or altering their normal life. They do is make it altar. So these kinds of emotions which are deeply embedded in them. So these Are the kind of emotions that are dealt with you know, hypnotherapy session where in the person whom get into a complete relaxed State? No bias is no judgments. No fear. No anxiety. They completely free completely free to explore their emotions and they know that the therapist is supporting them and they are safe. They're safe an experience. They also are they are also Comfortable because so of feeling that nobody else would know some of these emotions. Hmm. It is in a complete private and personal space that the equation would happen because many of them wouldn't want another person to know what they're going through or what they have gone through in life with privacy becomes a very important issue here. So they find hypnotherapy to be very helpful. When exploring such deep emotional and situations of life, so it's essentially a branch of psychology. Yes. Okay. Okay. So what's the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis are the somewhere closely interlinked or is it a part of hypnotherapy hypnosis is a part of hypnotherapy or how is it they are interlinked primarily hypnosis is used so it could be used for. Entertainment, it could be used for short term behavioral changes and other things but in a person is hypnotized and they are there their mind is told what needs to be done. So there's no therapy as such the in hypnosis, okay for it treatment of an issue or it's not into exploring their emotional states and things like that. They are they're just subconsciously guided to behave in a certain pattern. Hmm, so He can be one application of hypnosis. Is it can I put it that way now in this case hypnotherapy does use hypnosis. We're in the person is taken into a trance state but then instead of asking the client to behave in a certain place. Hmm. They're Deep Emotions are explored. Hmm. If one a complete exploration mode you understand why a certain behavior of why a certain pattern of activity. Later, when you get to the root cause of the issue that they're facing hmm, like as in plus if you take smoking smoking cessation in hypnosis. You cannot stop a person from smoking even if you try to do that. That would be a very short impacts. Mm-hmm, but us in terms of hypnotherapy you get into understanding why the smoking began in the first place place. Hmm and the causes it could be peer pressure. It could be various other things paint. And you deal with that root cause and you eliminate the need for smoking or any kind of an abuser. I think that he automatically the okay, so you're not literally stopping a person from smoking a different literary stopping a person from a certain Behavior dealing with the root cause of the issue. So they'll be primary difference between hypnotherapy and the hypnosis. Okay. So now most people most common lemon would confuse hypnosis and hypnotherapy. So saying that okay, and now I will you know, hypnotherapy a person is taken through hypnosis. And then these Corrections are done. So now as a specialist if if not hypnosis, what else would you do in a polarity? What are the other options if not hypnosis? If not hypnosis is not there because if not his Pharmacy primary the initial stage, okay, as in the process of getting into the trans is what I mean. Okay, so getting into a trance is a must for hypnotherapy because the translators translate is where the conscious mind is put to sleep. Hmm because it is a conscious mind that forms lots of filters and various other barriers. When the conscious mind is put into trance the subconscious mind has more freedom to explore and communicate and things like that. Okay, so the initial process of getting into trance, which is exactly the same thing done in hypnosis also, so that similarity that Parker Center otherwise in terms of when it comes to hypnotherapy. It is completely for curing a certain issue. Okay, nothing to do with changing a person's Behavior, which they are not open to hearing like whereas in hypnosis. The person may not even be aware of what changes may be brought. Mm-hmm and the completely the control of the hikmah the hottest place in this is a therapist complete. We have a complete our discussion with the key understand what they want to change understand why they want such a change in case they are not aware of why such a Then be the during the subconscious thing that is a try and state. It is like a normal conversation just like you and I communicating right now talking to each other. Yes, very similar thing. But without the conscious mind involving always it is completely the subconscious mind. Okay, like you're a dream state you're watching some you're experiencing a dream missing some things in a dream. And of course there is somebody communicating with you in your drink. That's exactly how hypnotherapy is. So when a person reaches that trance does he lose complete sense of himself? If it's a complete translate, yes, they are not aware of something anything at all. Okay, but in certain cases some of the clients do get into a semi transitive. Okay, we're and they are aware of the noises around other people around and they are also witnessing what is happening in their subconscious mind. Okay? Okay. So all these Corrections in Hypno hip getting the person into a hypnotic trance films depict that you know, the people are taken to a page. U.s. Life for doing these Corrections the underlying problems. Is it first of all possible? And secondly, do you do it? What happens is what we see in films any movie Beat western or Indian or any certain way like there's a lot of dramatization around it. Correct? It is not a simple straight therapy it. A lot of drama a lot of special effects include. Mm-hmm now in real scenarios, we wouldn't have such flashes and all those things. It is a simple straightforward experience where a person is lying translate. Yes. They do go through various emotional support. He may be certain physical jerks and Disturbed Behavior. They may cry they met They may be very physically very fitting and all those things can happen. But what happens in the film in the film is totally different when it comes to this past thing that you're talking about now when it is in hypnotherapy, it could be passed of this Lifeline, which is mostly treated what is called as in hypnotherapy in certain cases. We do experience a complete previous life experience. Hmm. We're in the client Witnesses the plays the day XD three other people around and based on the time period and the things you do understand different same and it's completely because this client they wouldn't have experienced in the present life any of these things. They wouldn't have witnessed or they wouldn't have been to such places. Hmm But when they give very clear details about a certain place or certain people or certain Instances are the batter the series of activities happening which they have never never ever been across then definitely we understand it is from a completely different life span than about it. So it's more of a coincidence rather than deliberately taking then them to to the previous birth. Is that what you mean? I wouldn't say it's a coincidence. There is a process where you do deliberately switch time frames, okay. It's like watching a movie in the reverse order. Hmm, like you go backward and then you reach a point where the movie began that is where the remember as a child at a certain age around two or three of them with most children wouldn't remember before that. Most of us wouldn't remember. Hmm. And then there is a certain another episode which they talk about where they feel it is the last stages of another life. And then as you move backward you see them at a younger age. You see them at various areas. So depends on what time frame you switch their mind. Okay, in fact our subconscious mind now scientifically how much this may be accepted is a different thing but our subconscious mind has so many memories. So was so very deep and infinite Can it can share so much which a normal person Within? Lifespan will not be able to understand or accept. There is so much of information in the subconscious mind. Okay. So how does this past life traveling to past life help in correcting problems in this life. Now if you might have observed there are certain children who are quite talented and very very unusually talented very unusually special. Very obvious that very young child who wouldn't have had any kind of formal training or you know, even as young as two years one who fear you find them very specially talented right now. This is not a normal thing like where the normal learning process involves a child understanding and then practicing and the learning process goes on. There is a certain timeframe needed to learn certain things certain special children have special. Which is very spontaneous with a very little tweaking and support they instantly pick up something now when we think about these kinds of behaviors or when they when we see these can see these and compassion definitely it is something not normal. Hmm. So when we look at these kinds of behaviors or any such behaviors now what I told you about is it positive side of it. Hmm now there are certain Other behaviors like phobias or fast certain fears and anxiety or site even shiniest. These are behaviors which I would say child is not thought the person I'm not kott during an early stage the naturally Adam, but if you go back in time, if you switch thanking then go back and see there is a certain instance or event related to their past life. He which they very clearly witness and from then on. certain behavioral Concepts into their life So it is it is like watching series a television series. Hmm you find in one episode a certain event happening which continued in the next episode. Hmm from our life is also quite similar. Hmm what we witness in this life is very little right now the behaviors many of the time and the inhibitions or anything that we have all of this drama series of life that we have lived. Hmm. Okay, so so the problem areas could be somewhere even in the past episodes. And so that is where we do the corrections and come back come back to the present. When you do find a beginning point you do find one of the lies like it couldn't be just once like in the past. It could be a series of three four. Sometimes it continues sometimes it is one particular life and then if the behavior continues in all the other life, but he has there is some beginning somewhere. Okay. So what happens to the person once he comes back from the trance after this correction or after traveling back in time happens does he remember any of these episodes that have gone through has been in a deep trance State? They wouldn't remember most of it. Hmm. It would be hardly about 5 to 10% of what they might vaguely remember. Okay, whereas the remaining 90 95 percent is something which they wouldn't even remember unless Tell them or even if you tell them this is what you spoke with is what you told it would be two very vague for them or they wouldn't even understand or relate with it. Hmm. So that is the advantage with the complete deep State trance. Hmm. We're in in case the client has a very severe past hmm solving such issues without disturbing the day-to-day life becomes very easy. Hmm because in most cases where if we which could be um, I could be something very extremely disturbing. Hmm because that thing's clients are not open to speaking or discussing or in during a counseling session. They're not open to talk about the emotional breakdown or they totally abstain from such conversations. Hmm But as you know, hypnotherapy that that part of the discomfort is not there. Hmm before they get to the therapy. They are just it's like a normal When you explain to them what the therapy is going to be an obvious things, we just a simple normal conversation and once they're out of the trance, they may feel a little Disturbed in terms of where they were and what they were doing all the signals right to be a certain wide that they might have experience. But other than the odd part they wouldn't even know how long the therapy has been rather than the void which they are not aware of as to what happened. Other than that when they come back to the normal conscious state, so maybe except for the initial A few may be about about 15 to 20 minutes. They might be a little silent or they might just want to relax because a very very calm and very deeply it's like a very deep sleep and your once you wake up. It takes some time for you to connect back to the world around you right right first thing this experience, right? So, yeah. So what is the prescription after that once you identify the problem area, they've been through the trance and gone through series of episodes and you identify What is actually the problem? So what do you prescribe after that? What is the line of treatment? Fortunately, there is no treatment needed after that. Okay, what happens is the opening up of the incident and the sharing of the emotional thing see what happens is these behaviors of these problems that they go through is because of a past memory that you're holding on. Hmm. It has nothing to do with the present problem. Hmm. So once the past memory is dealt with the incentive that they become emotionally free. Okay, Larry like the feel very joyful. They feel very they feel like kind of a different kind of Freedom. So they're more happy. They're more lively. They're more free in their behavior. Hmm. So there's no treatment needed that after okay. In fact, the only thing that we suggest after the therapies for them to spend the rest of the day doing some activities. It's a very relaxing listening. Just sitting sitting in a park something which completely relaxed if it sustains relaxed a right. So as treatment nothing is necessary after rape know that be okay. Okay, so and how many settings does this entail for a person? Is it one sitting or you do recommend multiple settings? How does how does it happen? We are completely open in terms of the number of settings. We cannot Define the number of syllables in he directly, okay. It depends on the client as to how open they are how free they are to share and how much the people get if they are able to sustain and completely process one sitting is sufficient. If the incident are the trauma is too much as four important to begin. We will probably split across an average of about five seconds Okay, so I've seen is a maximum of six settings should solve most efficient and hitting would be how many hours if there are defined the number of hours or it depends from person to person definitely depends from person to person but an average of two to three hours or two to four hours is what we have seen, right? So from the general pattern if you look at it complete change over takes about One and the most common averages about to sitting to settings and the most common duration is about the three asked three of us. Okay two sessions of three hours or sometimes if it is just two other one and a half hour. Then we'll have to extend the number of sitting he goes on top of three Stinger for settings like that depends on how much they are willing to hand. He we need to make sure as therapist is that the client doesn't get into too much of Discomfort or too much of a disturbed state, right? So as long as they are able to comfortably handle the situation we take the root. Right? Right. So greased is one more interesting point that has been crossing my mind regarding paranormal Behavior. We read so much about paranormal activities happening a lot of stuff going on on the web also and a lot of TV serials also show Paranormal Behavior. And do you think there is some correlation between hypnosis hypnotherapy paranormal Behavior? Would you like to throw some light on that now? All of these are completely independent? Yes on TV. We do see some videos where you see a kind of a light or some kind of a wave, but when it comes to the real life experience, which is not on TV what you see in him. So real life there are cases which I work with. Many cases where it has nothing to do with the person's personal life or anything to do with what they have gone through in life. There's a certain Behavior which is completely strange completely new to them has no relationship with anything that they have gone through in their life. Hmm. So that's when you find that the hypnotherapy doesn't help them he because when there's a problem there's nothing that you can cure. He you see a certain Behavior, which is Is completely different and then there are instances we see where there is another form or individual or what we call as a spirit or ghost. Hmm the existence of such a thing in people e and that is a complete different personality. That is a complete different life. I named that the talk based data about the their name their life their experience in all these things. So those paranormal The answers in terms of position that has happened that story is completely different and when we find a solution for that soul that Spirit of this 99% of what I have experienced good Souls they don't they don't mean to have Harmony. Okay there are they only seek help hmm 99% of most of the cases that I've seen. These positions they seek help they need help or they find the companionship with this person who the process hmm, and once you get into conversation with them and find a solution for room they face ago. Hmm. I've been in the solution they are willing to move out and stop assessing the climate data processing. Okay. So that resolution is completely different from hypnosis or a promoter between what happens in here. Once that Spirit position is released. Then this person switches back to their normal original Behavior the client who doesn't see the doesn't behave in the abnormal way that they used to behave earlier during the position phase. Okay. So the the therapy as such for the client is very minimal, but is it possible to detect using your techniques whether it is to do something with the clients past life or is it something to do with the Paranormal, you know activity or a position definitely definitely because in case As in case of a paranormal Behavior the names are different the people the people the surroundings and everything and everything insisted. He was don't have anything to do with the surroundings of this person or this this clients, like totally two different lives and two different solutions. So we do see clearly each one bring the fence. Hmm. Okay, interesting. Very interesting. So Grisha whoo-hoo. Is your right client? I mean who's your typical client? And why do they come to you? What are the most common reasons? If I go by the patterns that I have dealt with in the last 10 years earlier, the most lines are youngsters young adults between the age of 20 to 40 45. Okay, some call it as midlife crisis, which is the normal terminology people. Bring some career early adult life issues knowledge, but then see Is this is certain Freedom that these youngsters have wanting to explore wanting to correct wanting to change their life and things like that? I haven't accepted. I mean most others who do not take this therapy. He don't want to change anything they say, okay. So many years have gone by let me just continue right? Where are these youngsters between the age of 20 to 45? They want to change they want to bring in a positive. Life they want to they want to be liberated from the mess and the pressure of the past. Great. We do find both gents and ladies ladies. There's no particular. There's no particular ratio assets. It's like I think it's more or less is more or less equal age is what we see. Okay. So basically youngsters coming in more because they want to do the corrections and move on with life by whereas the I think the older guys they think anyway, it's done and let's just get ahead with life. Yeah. They the older generation is little more skeptical. They are no little more. Are they skeptical skeptical about Therapy or are the not now bothered they have cross that stage in life that they've just given up on those areas. So what has happened is happened. Let's move on but they're skeptical about how they're going to behave and what they're going to do after this change. Okay? Okay, because at an age where everything is almost like they've already experienced life and children have grown up and all these things and they're very vocal pattern of behavior. How am I going to deal? Before be related with people's acceptance people's acceptance people's acceptance is what they hesitate about. That's one of the primary reasons. They don't take up not all of them whew Tilton we do see such decisions. Right? Right, but it is always possible to do corrections at any stage, right anything. Whatever is the youngsters that is below 20. People about 4045 he is the half am I supposed to do they have a friend who is very supportive then they do take up the characters. They don't hesitate right time. Will it is a support which is more important for such people. Whereas with middle-aged that is 22:45 that kind of an edge and it most people independent. They are willing to take the risk, even without anybody being with them or the some many of them don't want their family members to to know about these things. Know about it, okay. Great. So guess what triggered you to take up this profession? And when did this happen? When did you start off? What excited you this happened about 20 yards back when I was practicing the healing and also teaching meditation. Yeah while healing one of a client's. Well, I want to interrupt you here. I think this is an interesting comment on you. Nazmul Hasan says, you look like a Tamil hero. Give it Yeah, sure go on P 20 years back when I had started. I was healing a particular Klein. Hmm, and there was another friend involved who was a past life regression therapist and a team and he wasn't able to crack this case. So he wanted my help in terms of healing. Hmm. That's when I witnessed the first of these instances and this particular client and little a lady should be about in her 60s. Hmm who used to have severe headaches. It's hmm. None of the Medical Treatments would help her neither migraine or any any kind of painkillers or anything wouldn't help. This lady was 2x experience such Extreme More Pain, or you can the head the only way she would relieve herself is by pulling off her hair and this was two very difficult and Strange for me to witness and seeing that somebody has to their head on the wall to hold leave ahead to the extent where there would be patches on the forehead and the hair on the head had various patches like you pull out a handful then you get a headache and that was very traumatic. Hmm. And medically there was nothing that had to be done because they had done the CT scan and various other MRI scans and things like that and medically she was completely fit he so this was my first instance of witnessing something like this where it my turkey was needed and then spiritually therapy was needed right right soon after the therapy. The lady went into sleep completely. She slept that night very peacefully and then I met her again after two days and completely free no headache and it was the first two days of her life after about 15 years, right? Not really. Well, I'm cutting a headache for 15 years and banging the head every day. And the first two days of their life after such a long time not having a headache was such an important my guards really traumatic for 15 years and unfortunately medically there's nothing that can be treated treated. Yeah, hehe, so in such cases these especially the clients go through a different kind of a trauma one is one is better. Ali nothing can be proved the other the family doesn't want to support mu not just the family people around get fed that how long you say the same problem or how long you keep one will and people think the problem does not exist in the first place, which is not correct to instruments of gadgets. But there is a problem there is a solution they cannot behave normal. He is only 10 to irritate the client completely and the kind of isolate themselves. Right right, which aggravates the problem further actually this particular client after 15 years when I saw that she was so peaceful and happy in just about two or three days. He completely transformed my life and I kind of felt that more people need this at least there are people who if there are people who are aware great. Most people are not aware that such a therapy can help them e most people just pop in pill and relief from the pain, right if it is a physical experience pain, but like to do with the emotional experience that they can only suppress it to a large extent nothing more than that. Great comes to emotional pain releasing it to very difficult good. So there's no medication to it. I think the the that's a perception that you know an emotional problem is something to do with Mental imbalances and psychology and stuff so people are maybe shy to approach a therapy therapist for this true true true because they go to lots of stigma they go to lots of different way. And unfortunately, I'm not blaming the medical system. But unfortunately when it comes to Psychiatry and resting there is only antidepressants or pills which put them into sleep right only a physical control. It doesn't It doesn't solve the emotional trauma. Hmm. So in such cases hypnotherapy plays a very important role and the the success rate becomes very high, right? So so garish how does one get trained as a hypnotherapist and what is your advice for aspiring? Hypnotherapists? The books where people can explore and understand most important but more than the training. It is the person that matters right? They're willing to get well into the pain of another person stay and solve the solve the issue of getting addicted themselves, right the very critical because being a therapist you deal with deep psychological issues of people day in and day out he sometimes if you handle about three to four times in a day, some of them are extremes. Hmm, so not getting affected by those stories or what you witness. That is very important you maintaining your come you maintaining your peace of mind is very very important. Hmm. The one of the most important factors the other is wanting to be helpful or wanting to resolve these issues that kind of That kind of a need within oneself is impossible. So when these two things are there the technique becomes very easy easy the technique of hypnotherapy is very easy. It's not complex at all. It's very easy for a person to learn. Okay, but some personality characteristics like being emotionally strong not to get carried away with the clients problems. So I think these are some basic traits that are needed in the sensitive sensitive or not be insensitive and say no no, I will not even get into a hammock. I'm not interested in something, you know, you need to be open to complete emotional variations that happened during that time. We also need to be very positive and very cautious with your communication and everything is in because when a person is getting into extreme emotions actions, some of these times there is a tendency of wanting to discontinue their life and things like that. Okay, they talked about wanting to commit suicide or wanting to do various theories, right? That you need to be able to positively handle and the compassion that you carry which is extremely important not panicking not getting scared or not getting worried about all these things is also very important grease there is a listener relative. Ah, she wants to join the call. Shall I take her on? one second Hello. Hi. Latika. Welcome Hi, how are you? Doing? Good. Thank you. Hello. Yes, please. Can you speak a little bit louder? I'm not getting you properly. I'm inaudible know. Hello little guy my Audible. We can hear you latika. So what is the topic today? You are discussing about that hypnotherapy. Yes, you have some questions migration is education higher education is very important for for only for women. I'm not talking about man right now. What is the question? This is the question how important education for the girls Okay, I think the topic is on hypnotherapy or latika. You have any question related to hypnotherapy? I don't know you I don't know about your topic. Okay, I think said yeah, you can continue Girish. I think we have lost her. Okay. Yeah, you can continue right? Right right these basic traits that have shared. These are very important as a person hmm ladies or gents who want to take it up beyond that the technique part of hypnotherapy learning the techniques involved in at the steps to be followed. It's easier to learn and can be learned over a period of time. He some some institute's offer different levels in this it goes onto Route five stages of seven stages and things like that. Right some of it some in some institute's they do it in three levels. Hmm the basic Advanced and all these things irrespective of what the techniques are irrespective which technique of person follows. He most important is to be able to easily get into becoming a hypnotherapist. The basic qualities we need to carry out right positive willing to be supportive and willing to be motivating all those things are very important. And also to remember that this taking taking another piece of prime proficient or the main profession. Hmm. Would you your whole day would be involved in such activities? Hmm. So the person needs to maintain their calm and peace of mind which is Of the most critical and important thing to be writing right brilliant. So when we manage our stress when we manage our state of mind, then definitely success happens to both the client and to us, right right. I think that was very useful. So people who want to become hypnotherapist the training is available, but I think more than the training what is required is our personality traits being emotionally strong getting Sizing with the client but still staying away to find the right solution for the client. Yes and great. So before we go sure sure sure right direction without any prizes or anything like that. Then you also need to remember where the solution needs to or need to lead. What do you want to lead the client into hmm being focus on the solution and the end result. That is also very important. Right cause if suppose you take a client into a hypnotic State and then explore all the emotions and then finally once the back into the normal state if you haven't resolved or if there's no solution to it, they become more traumatized. Right? Right. So the objective should be very clear what what needs to be done and it can definitely the therapy becomes x axis super so Gary's before we close one last question. I won't take more of your time now. How can people get in touch with you? I'm sure many of our listeners want to get in touch with you and we also know so many cases in our cone communities who requires help in dealing with their emotional problems, but they might be hesitating for the social stigma that you just mentioned some time ago. So if they if anybody wants to get in touch with you, how should they do to get connected through our website the company website, which is Wellness ever. Dot-com wel L. NES is PVE our Wellness ever.com. Otherwise, they can get in touch directly with me on column WhatsApp. My number is nine five nine one nine days nine to one eight, or they can get to get in touch with me on Facebook or LinkedIn or any of these sites great. Fantastic. I think that's very useful. So greasy. I Summarize it was a very interesting conversation. We got to know what is hypnotherapy and in a sin a layman's term and you also could clarify or differentiate between what is shown in films and what really hypnosis if and how it can help in solving emotional problems. And you also realize that traveling to past life is very much possible, but although not in a dramatic fashion as shown in in the movies. Yeah and great. I think I'm sure many of us. Will find it useful and some of our listeners may get in touch with you also. So, thank you so much for your time today, and I wish you a great weekend ahead. Thank you.