S end. I'm your host of dreamy and today's topic is I'll all you need to know about so this is going to be an in depth. Tutorial you can say so so I'll just comment section. eyes Okay. Today we will be learning about apps and procedure to have. Okay guys, so let's get into the topic because today's topic is a big one. So I won't be taking any calls until I get to the bottom of the topic and Yep, let's get going forward is I'll stands for international English language testing system. So, I believe that apps make learning more fun. So preparation for Ides. You don't become like more fun with introduction of like eyes preparation apps. So if you want to know the best as preparation app, and this is the police the podcast for you guys. But first, why do you need apps for Idols progression? You have to ask this question to yourself that why do you need apps for iOS cooperation and it is a very genuine question because you already have access to a world of infographics related to eyes tutorials your personal trainer. So these are the benefits. Which we can see that we can gain some using applications to learn and prepare for Isles. First of all, you will you will always have help at your fingertips that your mobile phone and the app use like simple user interface. So it's not that difficult to interact with and learn the things from applications and they get constantly updated. So these app get constantly updated with the latest information that will be helping you to learn to the best to help you stay in touch with your Practice, even when you're not at your preparation desk you study desk. But however the these also a bad news. So in this app market the apps of flooded by is preparation applique the different kind of odds while some are greatly commendable others, obviously lactic quit So I'm here with a list of like tried-and-tested apps that you must check if you are preparing for Isles. See just the beginning of the topic. So Let's have a word with more couple of minutes before we get into the conversation. Hello. Hello. Hello. Let's continue. First of all, I would like to tell you about the apps the first app which I would like to hide your for Gabby you is eyes prep app. So, let me type the name for you guys up. Number one is. eyes prep This guy's that is the name of the app eyes prep up. My Zulu. Yes, your wife. Your GF is definitely a gold digger. I have been seeing that comment everywhere. So first a picture was saying was I was prep app. This app is developed by like British Council itself and is available both in Android version and iOS version. It is a clear clever little tool that gives you an overview of all the components of idols and what are the components of Reading listening speaking and writing tests. Okay. So what are the benefits of the app instant access to All the Right tools? You need definitely T's and unlimited practice test grammar tapes and then exercises Quiz 3 have many things in this app and you can even find videos for I'll speaking interviews and with there are so many vocabulary exercises preparation checklist and the progress tracker to So guys this is a free app. And if you are preparing for else if you're an ideal candidate, then this is a must-have application. So the second application which I would like to suggest you is ice test, bro. the second app is it's Is the second? just throw Okay, so that is the second application which we want to discuss about is Alex that's from and you can also say that this is one of the another comprehensive apps that gives you access to free practice tests flash cards. It is also available both in Android and iOS. So one of the key features to have come up with this like this whole shoulder wonderful app, so it has like three thousand plus questions created by experts themselves. And the detailed statistics about your progress for every question and it also supports offline mode 2. That is a view calendar based on your studies. So this also free app and you should totally check it out. So the third app which I would like to suggest you. He's i'll skills third app is eyes skills okay guys, so that is the third app, which we want to discuss before we get into the different applications and Van to the procedure of the working and So if you are if you guys need help preparing for ice, then you would have definitely heard the name of Sam Carter. Okay. He's the author of the best-selling book like four eyes you please accept my call how to wait for sometime in the previously accepted your call, but it was not connecting but right now in the middle of our content so wait for some time. I'll explain a couple of apps and I'll get back to you. As I said this app is also available both on Android and iOS. It is a well-designed app guys focusing on all the skills. You need to score Valentine's. So what are the advantages of particularly this app? It has a wide range of innovative and interactive exercises back for sure. Then each skill is explained with example for Clear understanding then you have to score yourself on the interactive can't do statement sections. And again a full range of ice type questions to practice to guys this app is also free and is quite handy. Okay, so be able before we get into the next tablets have worked with more hit. Hello, can you hear me? Are you there? We are going to get more hide here. So am I horrible to you? I'm able to you. Can you hear me? Hello, can you hear me? If you are able clear? What how are you? Hi, I'm going to drag you. I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Very from yeah. I'm ready to convert you. I am from Hyderabad. Okay, that's good. So first of all, I would love to pay thanks that you will stir her children a very interesting topic to talk about and today. I just also want to know a lot about I'll centerfold make sure the thing is that I don't know anything. About it, but for sure I would love to know about it. Could you please just tell me like a minute how how to prepare for it? I mean and what's this process of like being in that how to take this examination could apply this information about it? Yeah. Definitely. First of all, as I said that we are discussing about the apps which are helpful for Preparation. Why am I going through the apps first so that you can have an idea about the apps which are helpful and these are all apps which I have tried personally and they're not just me. Okay, there are some other purposes. Those who have a walloping for ice for a long time. So they also have suggested these apps to me. So I came up with a list which is helpful for this then after this I'm going to go for the preparation tips for eyes. So this is going to be a big podcast so we can't just jump into the next section. So Muay Thai question and and I listened to the podcast. I'll try to put all the details possible in the in this podcast itself further. If you are finding any doubts, you can just connect back with me and I have a word with me. I thought you would I would love to know and thank you so much for getting this podcast. And for sure it's going to be helpful for me even and also for all the s parents who wants to go through the aisles. Thank you Maude. So what is a few and I would love to like be here and to listen it - early sure. Sure. Sure. Thanks for that. I have two distinct a call because we can't be Nicole while explaining the things. Okay. Okay, no problem. It's okay. Have a wonderful day. So okay guys, let's continue with the details as we were discussing a The next app which I would like to tell you is Isles WordPress. Okay eyes. Sorry word power my mistake. Let me type the name for you eyes word power. So I guess the next step is we need to discuss about this is arguably the best app available for vocabulary. I could say that and it is developed. It is also developed by the British Council. Okay, and this is a must to improve your English. Definitely you can just Star Market if you need it, but as word power is good for capillary good for your English development to so what are the advantages of this application? It is helpful in learning your English and improving your vocabulary. It is helpful for Operation of ice which other apps also do but still and it has more than hundred questions to test your word power. So as you progress you'll have to answer through these questions to progress to the next level and you can keep a track about how you're performing. Well, so the next application which I would like to discuss with you is BBC learning English. BBC learning English and this will be like number five if I'm not wrong. Yeah, there we go. So when it comes to English, we all know that what BBC can do isn't it? You simply cannot expect to learn English without baby. See I can simply State like that. Hye-jin urine, how are you? The most trusted organization the BBC Bill comes to anything about some AR anything in English then that is BBC by Rashid Khan and it is available both on Android iOS. You should install this app immediately if you want if you want my suggestion on this one immediately. So what are the benefits of this app strategic practice new lessons every day and notifications to help you continuously learning. like easy to find programs is to buy the series hyomin actually have a you so there is this app is also free. And I should try with the like a go-to guide in English. It's very very easy one. Hi, dr. Jimmy. Happy winning High Rocky. How are you? So the next one. Which I would like to tell you is is vocabulary practice tips. I'm a drummer you have to wait because this is a very big topic and I can't just keep it bid in you have to wait for some time if you want to have a word with me. Please cooperate. Miles can be Lurie practice. Tips so guys, this is the next app, which I was talking about. They have few more apps before we get into the discussion about like how to prepare for eyes. So this is our app is also available both in Android and iOS, and it also covers the most important words used in eyes. So make sure and what are the advantages of these app? It is also similar to the all the advantages which we have in other apps, which we are discussing. So content is created by the language experts and pro and also provides you like useful tip for Isles and it has four different categories to study easily more than 5,000 volts to learn and use from Okay guys, so let's get into the next application. And I think this is number seven. It is learn English. Podcast so this is the same app, which I also suggested when it came to like learning the vocabulary and English and I'm not suggesting the same app here too because it is a wonderful app. So it is all so guys this app is also developed with the British Consul and available both on Android and iOS, you can boost your listening skills with this entertaining podcast about like every day in your life. So what are the basic advantages you like 60 episodes over 20 hours of free listening is ammo Listen and read along with the movie like a moving audio clip and scripts. For example, the sound will be playing and you will be seeing the scripts and you have to read it along with it. And that's a wonderful way of practicing and the episodes are downloadable for offline used to and it has a quite wide range of different topics in English. So this is a free app. I'm doing fantastic summer. Thanks for asking. It provides a good balance of learning and entertainment. So the guys let's go to the next one. And I think this is will be the app number eight. I'm trying to keep as less apps as possible. But still this is a English radio. ice and toughen so that is the name of the application. And we were having basic details about that one too. So this app is available both on IOS and Android and it is a big platform for practicing your both speaking and listening. Okay. So what are the advantages of this one has like a good collection of radius from UK USA, Canada, Australia that again New Zealand and other countries. Yes, I'm a drummer but I don't see that I'll just for beginners it will it will be having you should have a basic understanding of English. Then you have to practice it to take you to the next level for eyes. So partially it's not for beginners but yes beginner with basic skills can do that with some more practice and easy to find and listen to popular radio stations. It has a rich and varied content guys. It's a wonderful one and so has like different levels of speaking listening skills, and it is totally available for free. Today's one more app. I would like to explain you before we get into the topic of like Alice preparation. And which app is this one before we get into the last app. Let's have a board with a much calmer. Hello. Hello was how are you? Calm welcome es Salaam. How are you? I'm hungry. You have you have mentioned that Isles is I have asked you if the aisles for beginners and you say no no, no, I didn't say no particularly because if you have some basic knowledge in English, then you can prepare for eyes, but if you are just there I'm giving me the ink it won't be helpful to get into the aisles that immediately So please II didn't have an attendee lecture from the from the beginning. So please tell me what are the steps that I can follow to reach for the ioc stage. Yeah. See, I'm a drummer. I can literally see that you have a very good command over English. So I'll be are already discussing so many applications. We are here which are helpful for developing your speaking English writing and other tests which are updated every single day in this applications and apart from that in the next say like in upcoming time. Register now once I have a conversation with you, I'll be discussing about the tips for the preparation of files and whatever that exam pattern and everything. I have a have a comment on something Mmm Yeah, you know memorizing vocabulary is not that easiness that you think, you know, we can talk we can absorb the recovery and can got it from Reading from mulching lectures attending seminars like this, but just did I say anything is easy in this podcast. I don't remember. Using the word easy. I remember the word using as learning. Yeah, I never said that anything is easy. Okay, really? I have came to this conversation or this small to get what are the steps that they have to follow to get get a step for practicing Isles were preparing preparing for Isles? Yeah, I might if you see my first comments that the water is was saying they're like today we will be learning about the apps and the procedures to prepare for Al. Yeah, and so now we are discussing about the apps and the once we are done with the apps, then I'll be discussing about the tips and the preparation guidelines for Ides. Okay fine, by the way, I'm so happy really to be alive on the podcast to get information and also to share my experience with English so Williams So I'm gonna just tell me one thing. How long has been using open job of until thoroughly. I think one year. Come again one year, no not open to bodytalk. I'm talking about open Talk FM. Open so quartz FM the application which are using right now now really it's sense and one week not too long. So have you started creating your own podcast here? No, really. It's the first time to be on lotted to be a live on broadcast like this the first time for me. Okay. So have you ever give a give a thought of like preparing for I mean like a starting a podcast here? Yeah. I'ma don't know why am I saying this because I can see that you have an excellent command or English and by creating podcast here. You can also help others by sharing your knowledge and your learning experience so they can be of some beneficial to yeah. Okay. I really I came here for a making a conversation or share my experience with you and make the other members to get benefit from all of us. Definitely. Yeah. So Angelo, you can limit a time or put a time of the next lecture and we're gonna to choose a topic. Maybe it's about Isles about reading how can you improve your English accent like this and show a lot more going on to store it give the members. How can they do well through through the their free time or even when they work at the same time. Hmm. So I'ma Do My let me tell you one thing. It just send me a pull request. Once we are done with the section. As you said we will come up with a podcast together if you're okay with it, because thing on the in-depth details of like I'll so maybe like for reading section may be like for preparation of files. Yes. Sorry, I didn't hear a question correctly. Please repeat your question again. I said let's do a podcast together so you can be like a cool app and we can come up with the topic which is related to I also related to English preparation or maybe the communication. So let's that's what I was saying. Yeah, that's what I think about before you go to the stiffness the step number 2 that is is you have to prepare yourself. Correctly you have to do hard on the basics as you mentioned before before I I go for miles directly. I have to improve and my my accent my listening neither the way the way of friend see Asian, all of these skills can help me on on the second step of Isles. Hi, Diane and how are you? Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. I'm not using I have said that before going to another step that is Step number two of Isles. You have to improve your Basics. You have to improve that the step number one the basics the grammar rules the pronunciation. You have to have a lot of imports of cabarets. Yeah like this. Definitely a majority. Absolutely. Alright, so that is what I said when you first asked me like can be a basic, you know, so like bigness can also do they're going for the eyes. It was the sword I said, right if you have a basic understanding about English, then you can prepare for rise against it and yeah get it to oils. I said you can start preparing because you have an understanding then only can get into preparation. I just have a comment for people who are still beginners and want to go to the Second Step Wiles because you are not still beginners. You don't have Good experience about the language. You don't know a lot about the idioms and the culture of the American or British people. So it will it will it will it will like be like you are drawing on the water will not be difficult for you to go this step and you still a beginner. You don't know even what is English is about grammar pronunciation like that. So I don't give advice for people to go to aisles and so the be Perfect, or be be good at Basics at first at the beginning Madam our I'm Adam. Our first of all I came up with this podcast because few prepared a few listeners who are preparing for adults going for coaching. They asked me to come up with the podcast where I can tell them about the applications where they can practice for the aisle, and I'm just adding a few more preparation tips just as like bonus to that and just select from Pakistan has Emma from like other countries to not I can't is on from Pakistan but some I don't know but still they asked me for a long time. So that is the reason I came up with this podcast of like as preparation applications, but I thought that won't be enough. So I'm just going through the preparation tips to so they're already going for the code. Isn't it? Really really? It's a really it's a really step but inshallah and the next seminars or lectures. We're going to approach something. That is a little Little progress a little difficult. Yeah, it's a good step. It's something that make members to be enthusiastic about what is going to practice or what to use to move their levels. But inshallah, I hope that and the next step there is more more sophisticated ways of practicing eyes. And my mother would you like to suggest I like the topic really so I got for this conversation. So I wanted to talk to you. The topic is wonderful. Thank you so much for joining with me. I'm gonna really appreciate it. And I would apologize to keep you wait for so long because I had to go on with the things which we have to finish your first application data. Okay? Okay fine. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day ever. Thank you so much. I'm so happy really. Yep. So if you guys let's continue with the discussion as we were discussing about I'm like what was ever left with the last application? I think yes, and so come on. Let's get on with what's happening in the comment section Destroyer. Give her my numbers. Hmm. Okay guys, so guys if you are loving the content, which you are we are having today here, which is our else all you need to know about then I do hit the heart icon which you can sing interesting column that will be motivating me to come up with some passes defended. Love you. So let's continue with the next application. I'll type the name. I think maybe it's the ninth one may be times when I'm not sure about that one. But anyway, I write Tang. test so this is one more app where you can just go on with I'm like guys these are the applications which not only just I tried myself but also the some of my friends who are preparing for Ali's for a long time. And I think these will be of some great help for you to for developing your practice and improvising yourself for the better performance in height. So it is also comprehensive guide to build your what do you say that band is also available in Android and iOS, it has like a lot of free test. And academic and general writing examples specific guidelines large number of topics to choose from so this is a free app and can become your best friend while preparing for the return obstructionism. Okay. So before we get into the topic of like what the preparation let's have a word with Lulu and his is a gold digger. That is like kinda break. So hello doctor Emmy back with a new Energy new content like as all you need to know about ha ha ha. Yeah. So your is a gold digger. Yeah. Now this is a benchmark for me. You can say that yeah. Well, dr. Amy today you came up with a brilliant idea like Isles all you need to know about. Okay, I think you are doing the same stuff. I'm right. Come again. You are doing a same step. I am I right like to be seems yeah, you also doing a house you are preparing for a test. No, I don't. I'm not okay. You are just giving you opinion regarding this topic. I'm okay fine. Yes. I was wondering if you all do use the apps which are the specs with Idols because they have some excellent English content, but I'm nowhere near as far as preparation. Let them let it be for the person who want to go for foreign countries and other purpose. I'm happy with the kind of thing. Down speaking right now and I'm learning so I'll be still learning a lot before getting into the preparation for eyes. All right, so mr. Amy, would you can you just do me a favor? Let me know if there is something like there's any app to boost up the level of your pronunciation person like apart from that the potion. I mean like if you do want to improve I'm going to do want to boost up the level of your like sounds, you know, snake sounds. Mhm. They have several. No julu. Not just one app not just one app. I have given like a list of different apps which can be helpful for the developing of your vocabulary. You can just go to my profile and look in my other podcast to so today. We are completely focused towards the eyelids and the preparation of the aisles because this has been requested to be to me for like many times so it took me so long to come up if you like this content. Yeah. Mr. Dr. Amy, you know with much gratitude. Thank you so much that you come up with such a brilliant idea. I'm not denying that I'm saying just let me know if you have any like any app through which I can boost up the level of my / pronunciation part lately. I'm facing a hard time in pronouncing the word like which is Zuzu. And Zaza found is you know what little I am facing hard time, man. Definitely Zulu also, as I said, you just have to go to the podcast which we had the other one because I just don't want to confuse the other apps with these apps that's completely folk a blurry and this completes or else one and you can use the same Isles one also for the vocabulary one. So don't have enough vocabulary. Oh my God. What happened? Just a second guys. My battery is a blow take your time. Dr. Amy. I just plugged in my mobile for charge, but I forgot to turn on the button how it happens. Yeah, you know when you go to when you go to friend like when you got a friend like Zulu in comment section, it happens. No, no when you have your girl. In your comment section it happens. Okay, Zara is your Am I right any doubt? Okay. Will you find that is the reason she kept on laughing the moment when I you know, when I was commenting like my goal when is a gold digger? Yeah before passing. I'll just a second before passing Isles exam. You need to pass coroner test. How you gonna do that? Dr. Amy it home. Don't go out eat your food. That's it. I like yeah, you know what? This is. I would recommend you guys those were prepping for Alex exam. Especially you should go through coronavirus, you know, a kind of topic definitely they're going to ask you this question, you know. Dr. Amy. Yeah, you're sure now literally they're going to ask you this question. in writing sections Maybe Definitely they would be asking I'm not sure about they would be asking about coroner. But just to make you a bit of fun about like how you're having knowledge about the things which are happening around so they might be asking but I think that will be specifically a part of the content exactly. So I was looking for there was an exclusive interview. Okay, then again, you will say that like be contended. Okay, that is saying hi Zoe ajar. Hannah me Zulu. Yeah. Yeah. I was in a podcast. Did you remember that? Hi Zoey has a Jaime and Zulu. So yes, I is is basically you know, it is I think it is divided into four modules. Am I right? Yes. Yeah. I'm not very sure about okay. I'm also you know, I I was the one to go abroad man. Dr. Amy. Yeah, definitely go to abroad. I hope you won't find a who's a gold digger in abroad. Let's see. That's the old happen. I'm looking for a kind of girl like you might like zaha, you know, no no, I'm also looking for social media love man. No you can I can let's see what happened because what do you say that Jehan is only one and she's mine. Oh, I'm not taking her away from you man. Okay, you got don't be insecure not insecure. I'm highly positive all Isaiah. Come on. You're only worried. No, I'm not. How could you yeah, come on, you're already married and come on also heard that you have two kids that is that true. Is that true? I heard that in some other podcast. Literally, dr. Amy right now. I'm 30 31 year-old and I do have two kids but then to my is gold digger. What is going on here is like that. Yeah, I know I didn't I think you forgot my Johan Johan. Yes - yeah. What is going on here? I think it's good stock going on there in comment section. Exactly. No is pay attention at our dogs. Yeah. They want they want one. Once three girls comes together. They won't listen to anyone. Yeah. They might be talking about the doctor. He me. They won't be talking about me when John is at home know what you you know, that girls are crazy about. Dr. Amy there. I can see the comment section is full of girls. Zahana is there yeah Zoe. Yeah, you know, I know Destroyer every single guy was commenting over here right now. They all are female genders. Yeah, so I can see man you are getting a you know, I'm getting a kind of wipes right now. Okay, so if you will get a chance to be at a broad like so you would like to be I mean you would like to go abroad or not. You're definitely like in which country. That is definitely no doubt and which country? Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris bad. It's you heard me Paris. Yeah, you know what? I love when a tire but my maternal uncle is in Russia. So he told me once you once you are done with your I mean the course which I'm doing right now once I was done with that, I'll be having couple of your experience in that field then the for me over there. Let's see what happened. Okay. So after the standard label like yours like You are doing PhD and all I'm right. I have done my PhD or you are done. You're okay Dad. I said Paris. You can't change it to Switzerland. That is much better. Trust me and I liked your sitters as well. You know, you know me the author of understanding women is using so I made the right choice, but it is good job, you will love it. No way. I'm crazy about you coming. Hmm. Literally literally. Yeah. Come on himself is also crazy about them. Yeah. That's I'm one literally I was I was a kind of guy like I used to believe in unconditional love but the moment when he left me everything had changed things got changed man. Yeah things will change one day. But for me first thing since then my love give it to my life. Oh man, the captain saying this stuff, you know since the day, you know what I join this podcast. I'm listening to say like even you know what every single individual who is listening to this podcast is much available when the ha No, no come again. Every single individual are much of it about you and is ahan relationship, you know? Yes, they should be hmm. Yeah, we are man. Yeah, everyone have been that that that's how that's how everyone will be staying away from her. After Paris move to suture lines sahai is requesting you as though you already got unconditional love today. You have to get. Oh, I got I have time because of you. You know it just because of you. I'm kidding. I'm 21 year old right now, but I heard you are 48. I mean it is so much of like gossip going around in opened up. We can't just believe that under the someone came and she like to know is who is 48 and he's about to retire. So he's using his rewrite time to come up here in the podcast and telling about his crazy love stories. So I thought okay, I think my iPad now, but literally when you are when you are in love with someone I can feel that you know, I the moment when I kept loving him inspect the fact that she did to be a terrible things literally. But I was like still I was loving that loving her and doodle. I have no feelings toward that girl. But now I know in spite the fact that she is egregious bigger bigger bigger hole digger, who knows, you know, listen to me and today we are going on the aisles. And as I said, we began our discussion with a break and now the break is done do one thing send me a request. We'll do our Geo together and we'll discuss about your gold digger - how she detected you and the doctor. How about tomorrow if we have a time? Yeah, but not but eight to ten leave that time anytime. I will be. All right eight to ten. Yeah apart from that anytime. I'm available but after a to tell my time is John's time. I do understand man. You know what you just said you you have scheduled your timing such a manner like, you know, use your doctor Aimee Mann, you know, people are like about you. Thanks, especially if I would say about girls girls has been crazy about you. Yeah, I can see if you have the extension is gets it as burned when they speak about me. Alright, so to tomorrow we will come up with the like a kind of content like jazz. Use the word do it. Yeah. I said do it. It's a Duo how exactly we will do that. This Duo is do over here 0 send me a request with the time schedule for tomorrow and I will want to will do one together. Okay? That's okay for sure man. I'll be doing it right away. Okay, right after this call. I'll be doing that. Yep. Have a wonderful day check edu low, and your is a gold digger. We are thank you so much for your money. Have a nice day. Ahead and take care as well. Take care. And okay guys. Thank you so much for 793 listeners in just 40 minutes. Wow. That's wonderful. I think many of you would like to learn about Isles. Let's really get great and guys, if you are loving this stunt if you're loving this podcast, if you are loving me then please do hit the heart icon which you can see in your testing column that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating that every single day. So guys it now once that we have finished about a discussing about the applications, which can be used for preparation of eyes now. Let's get into the aisles preparation tips. Some oh, wow. 800 what it is? Okay 812. Thank you. Yes, and thank you. The area is saying John. How could you say that? I forgot about you. Okay, guys, let the comment section gone into its own base and let's let us continue on with our own topic as preparation tips. Now this is what I have to discuss about I'll stress is one of the most renowned English language proficiency test required for like pursuing abroad studies is course on accepted by like over ten thousand organizations in a 140 countries worldwide schools universities government. And employees and immigration authorities and many more. So now the question is that what are the key components of our preparation, isn't it? And how should one be prepared for like the separation of the eyes and how can one boost the overall score in the exam or maybe like how can you crack ICE exam to fetch entry into different countries. They will first study maybe for work. So how to score vallon eyes. So these are all the questions which will be having buzzing around in our heads. So I am going to give you you can literally says exclusive tips because I got this tip from like some experts and to crack the aisles with like flying colors which includes like sectional tips. and it's like ice preparation as well as the overall guidance. So after goal, will you have to wait for some more time? My dear friend because just now I had a conversation and today's topic is a bit really big one so I won't be having enough time to get on with so just wait for some time. I'll go on with some more details before I get out with you. So yes guys as is divided into two versions We have to understand this one very very first choice academics and second one is General training academics is always term with a and gender term training is termed with GT. I'm going to all the sessions of like all the four parts of Isles preparation, which is Reading Writing listening and expanding. So, please stay here and you will be getting to know that if you still have any doubts about officer that you can ask me but right now I have to get to the content one. So it is considered as a basic yardstick for admissions to many industry universities across the globe. So the big question, is that what does it take to crack Isles exam? and yes, let's get into that. What are the components of the eye exam have to remember these things again. And again because many of the things escaping my head, but still I'll try my level best. So I would tell you I would like to tell you the pattern this pattern of is exam which is divided into three sections. You getting three or four sections, there are four sections of s so the first one is listening. And it is the duration is 30 minutes and it is divided into four sections 40 items. While you are attending the test, that is the test pattern. The second one is reading and the duration is 60 minutes. And it is divided into three sections and 40 items. The third one is writing. Duration for this is also 60 minutes and we'll be having two tasks to finish and the fourth one is speak it. So speaking has 11 to 14 minutes depending upon the kind of topic will be receiving and has three parts one on one conversations. So this is the pattern of ice. So one of the interesting factors of Isles preparation is that candidate can seamlessly incorporate their eyes practice into their own respective daily routines reading an English storybook. It could be like a fiction nonfiction. I information in formal informal chat with like a friend or even watching television this can also help you for like preparing of the eyes. So as as we have discussed about like the parts and the segment's in Alta examination and let's go in depth with like how can you prepare for each of the section? So let's go first with the listening pattern and the listening section. The listening section is first and the most important parts of part of the else does we can say this this section of I'd has four sections and 40 items as we have previously told you and in terms of our preparation it is the best to take easy section like each searching easily. And separately, but you have to take it easy while you're doing this and make sure that you have your you're doing well on this one because it is just about listening. So I won't be going in further intellect in-depth. I'll just be going with point-to-point. Like first of all, like one-on-one interaction. Yes, as a name sensation. The one-on-one section is an interaction between two people. It could be like a telephonic conversation or a general conversation or candidate will be asked to note on specific information from the conversation. So the this is the the first section which we want to discuss it and we expend which one is the best Al's computer-based or traditional one. I am not according to me computer-based. What is a best one but compared to the traditional one because somehow I feel it much more comfortable, but I don't have any specific reasons to just a significant both of them from each other. I think the tradition why is good for some aspects and the computer which is good for some aspect, but I prefer here for the computer one. So the best way to prefer for I'll section by listening is to as many as to have like as many as conversation possible very easy method is to like practice Listening to English pretty regular. So the next one speech as I said, this is the second section of listening second part, which is what into form. So in the in this section, the test taker are made to listen to a speech. They will listen to a speech in a social or academic context and answer series of questions. That is it. So the third is monologue similar to speech the section involves a monologue that passed out preparation tips to prepare for this is by mainly listening to the description of the television. Now the fourth one which we are the fourth part of listening is group discussion. This involves interaction between a maximum of four members. So it is important that candidate can ensure to make their own selves feel comfortable catching up with like more than one speech blue. You shouldn't get confused while you're listening to one or more people and again attending and listening to these questions are the best way to prepare for this section to I a Concha. Okay guys now let's continue to the next section, which is the reading one. I'm trying to make it as less as possible. That guy's just give me one second. Let me have a sip of water. I'll be back in a couple of minutes. Okay, guys, sorry for giving you 8 I'm back again here. So let's get into the topic which is the second part of the aisles exam test pattern second one is reading and so as the name suggests itself, the section evaluates candidates reading skills. Basically test takers are given a long article to read followed by that step of the step-by-step on steps of questions, like multiple choice sentence completion, maybe like somebody writing matching. Formation short answers the reading passage for both arts academy and general tests are different. Note this point and since one is required to sit for the academic test for the purpose of admission. The content of the test is typically heavier and tougher in terms of our topics and language and I have already told you there are two one for first one is academic and second one is General training. So it comes to academics the reading session is a bit difficult when compared to the general training one. So read as much as possible to divert to prepare for this section of eyes, you have to read and read as much as possible. This might seem tedious in the beginning. Okay, therefore therefore the easiest way to do is by reading whatever interest the candidates in the beginning. It might be like of some sort paragraphs and advertisement even use paper or like the primary phase is over then and then then then then then the might you have to ship to the higher rating materials like long essays edited. Real short stories. So this is how you can start preparing for your reading section of eyes exams. Making notes this one more chip, which I can give you and this is one more tip, which I receive to it is advisable to make notes while reading. definitely and this will be helping you to sharpen the ability to search for details. It is vital to understand what to highlight and what to not. So the next step is repeat the exercise again. And again reputation is my favorite process while we are learning something during a note once will not help. That's for sure. Sometimes it helps to go through the whole process operating maybe the text the paragraph and helps you can do to keep themselves updated and remember because what they had earlier taken note socks. practice comprehension practice comprehension will be helping you a lot. So the preparation process itself the question the tests are based on the style of their comprehension. So it always helps to sharpen comprehension skills. So some other tips, which can be have for like reading session is the read the entire passage carefully. Just tell me how to improve writing skills and prepare. Please don't beat around the bush Swift Arthur Lovelace. I have to explain Swiftwater. If you want to just give me one second improve writing skills. So Swiftwater, let me tell you one thing straight. Let's put else aside. I will tell you straight forward answer only one thing take any session from any newspaper. Copy it in an another book another paper on the sheet where we want to now try to write the information which you have gained by copying the information from the newspaper. And keep decision going on and that will be the best writing tool writing skill Improvement, which you can get for. I'm repeating once again, it could be newspaper magazine. Whatever it is take any of the content copy it write it down and then try to remember the points from those topic and try to write it down in your own words and that will be helping you to develop your writing skills. And how is that possible while writing your literally practicing all the vocab and all the grammar dramatic? Way with your in which the paragraph the article was published it and while you are trying to write in your own words at that time. Your brain will be helping you to consciously remember the Linings which you have read. So by doing so again and again repetition by repeating the process you will be developing your writing skills and just be nothing can be learned fast. The only thing which can be here and fast is fast food. So have patience and keep practicing and you'll be definitely improving your writing skills. This is what I have done to improve my radical and you can even find some better tips, too. One simple tip won't be enough. Then that is what all I have to tell you. And enemy the next one is writing section. That is for adults one. If you don't feel that I am good beating around the bush. You can still stick around. And that might be giving you some point to towards writing skills to because you'll be having a few tips for Iris. Today's going to be a long day. General idea about you. Would you mind if I write about you know, I don't mind if you write about me can write good about me bad about me. Whatever you feel. You can write about me. I don't mind about so after you are welcome and thank you for adding about me can write about so we were discussing about the reading section, right? Yes. Read the entire passage carefully and take an overview of the Crux of the passage be careful of the time limits. You will not be given any extra seconds to finish the reading patient and do not leave any questions unanswered guys. Even if you're not sure of the answer there are no negative marks. So you just answer the question. Swifter that I want to write about hypocrisy gift editor. I would like to tell you one thing. I love you and write me a write about my hypocrisy. I welcome you to do that. Now, let's see what you want to write about me. So to say few seconds, right in the response directly on sheets, you will not be given enough extra time to write it again. Keep this in mind. So now let's get into the next section. Which is a writing section a part of for the test one of as preparation. Swift author. I'm still waiting for you to write about me as you asked that you want to write about me. Swift Arthur I love everyone. Sister if you are girl, I'm really sorry. I don't mean it that way. Oh my God, this is something interesting. Okay, 990 people listening guys. Thank you so much for your support for your love guys. If you're loving the content, if your loving swifter the please hit the heart icon, which you can see neither decks are testing column. That was the motivating me to come up with some fascinating content every single day. So guys hit the hot button. Let me know that you love me. So if dearth of Hit the hot button. Hypocrite, is that all what you have to you have to write about me Swift Earth then fine with me. Okay guys, so let's get on to the next section which is writing section. I want to hit you sifter. Do you mean hit on? You or hit you? Rousing based a doctoral me sir. Hi, Rahul and Doctor Miss fine. I can write one book about Jahan and Amy. Zulu now that you have gave you a word I'm expecting for you to write the book. I'm waiting for it. So let's get with the writing section guys. Let's not we should be having a little bit fun too. I don't want to make it boring. So the writing section is each version of iOS has two subsections. Remember this very careful in the academic text. You are required to describe a chart maybe a graph maybe a diagram and in addition write an essay expressing your point of view or the argument. Yeah, one word is enough for you, you know very well hypocrite. So it's ripped out that I have one question for you. Do you know the meaning of word hypocrite? So and in when it comes to gender test the test takers presented with the situation and asked to write a letter explaining the situation along with this. So this is both different for the one which told above was like for academic under the one which I said now is correct generate Sgt, which have already explained in the beginning of the content. So here I'll be giving you a few more tips for preparing for your writing skills. I'm still waiting for you to answer to the word hypocrite meaning. I think you can Google it. Till then just guys. Just give me a couple of minutes. Hippocrates the says say one thing and do another no that's not true sister though. And anyway, thanks for trying it out. I love you. And now let's get back to the writing test. Now. I will give you some tips on the writing test. First of all rating simple SS is a wonderful thing to prepare for writing test. It is always helpful helpful for you to read as many as simple as as possible. Analysis the SS carefully and write down relevant points plan important prominent role to structure the essay. So that will be helping you to come up with like Oh my God, this is this is one Suitor. This is fun. So you should have an understanding about the essay with your reading. clarification Reared means like keeping yourself fullback rousing based. So clarification which would be like much more easy for the first of all the topic of the essay as parents can both the following terms when comes like understanding about the writing session. First of all, you have to have these questions in your mind while you're preparing for your writing skills. The first question which would be like there's the first paragraph make the topic ideal clear then again, there's Headland reflects the subject of the essay observe how the writer flows the vital points of the essay Guys these s is our very complicated so you should have an understanding about these three points carefully before you get into writing about the essay or answering the questions regarding the essay. These are bit tricky. So make sure you you understand that. Okay, so write down all the points that comes to your mind one after another. I know you are doing all these things for fun eyes all you need to know about. He's not a fun content. So after the this is a requested podcast from many of my listeners. That is why I'm doing this is not for fun. This is for educational content. So once you're done with writing down all the important points filter the relevant points, which should be like of this from the same list. Then you should you need to go to say that any to which direction they want. Their is agitated. So depends upon like the topic is relevant to one thing, but the questions might be referring to some other situation. And grammar practice is very very important when it comes to writing skill practice. So practice grammar help test takers in that making their essay and summaries devoid of any mistakes since it is an English level exam grammar is one of the very vital and that will be checked for sure. So it is important that all articles and grammatically, correct. I'm not talking about eyes. Oh my god sister in that case. You should talk about night. Zulu are you still here? So let me give you a few more tips on writing. So I would like to advise you to commas with like task to first as it will be like both more marks and easily and Candidates should underline important words in the task to focus on the what they have to do when they start answering it works as a reminder. So after the 1K Congress, dr. Amy. Thank you sister. Keep supporting the subtotal. Please. Hit the heart icon. In fact, you should hit the heart icon first. Swiftwater you're listening to me. Hit the heart icon. haha Okay guys, so as we have discussed that would be like parts and examination. So let's get to the part 1 in the part 1 The Examiner asks some general questions that test they go that means you if you're taking the test about their personal interest academic background family, etc. Etc. Blah blah blah blah blah. So I will just give you a few tips on like how to practice this section 2. So you should add value to your replies. Okay, it is good to be specific with the response but candidates can always add some interesting facts in the replies how to say that Vera if you're asking me like, where are you from beside answer in the usual you can add some details about the place you are from husband. So if I was asked the question, like, where are you from? It's like and I would be saying that I would like to say that I'm from a place where the began is world famous. I am from Hyderabad see I'm just adding a bit of March into that one. First order the conversation is going good. Why are you going by TC? Take care? Swiftwater you didn't give you a hard yet. I mean to say the heart near the text in column. Okay guys, if you're loving the content, please hit the heart icon which you can see in your text column that will be motivated me to come up with some interesting content and fast indicated everyday. I love you all. So the second thing which you can do to attend the first part in an effective way is you should be responsive candidate must responds promptly. Okay, they should be quick and responsive toward the speaking section. You should be quick and responsive now. Let's get to the second part. But with my content does not need your heart that will be supporting me. Isn't it? Don't you want to support me? So as the second part suggests test takers are given a topic and ask to speak uninterrupted on the topic for at least two to three minutes The Examiner test both speaking skills and our knowledge of the examining and I always used to used to tell my listeners when they are practicing for English go to mirror and do the mirror practice and try to speak about a topic and the make sure that your content full and you are not getting interrupted while you're speaking so that will be developing your skills. So guys, you can see that my tips for preparing English is also good. Thanks for sharing your waves. I want to teach you a lesson it is correct or to call somebody my ma. Some Mexicana Chatham am I right? Housing Bishop I want to teach you a lesson. Is it correct for to call somebody? Am I right? Yeah, it is right to housing Bishop. But why do you want to teach anyone any lessons in the life? Hi doctors. Hey orator, wow, man, you came out of the right time. I was just about to finish the topic and I was about to start some chitchat. So do send me a request and we'll be having a word on that one for sure. Mr. Later and still you didn't send me the things which you said you'd be sending me not fair. It's really not fair. So guys while you're doing attending the second part, you should be very careful because you have to be thinking before speaking. Okay, though. It is important to be responsive still it is to be ideal to take at least a minute before you start speaking. Okay? - because of the home but security name. Oh my God Swiftwater. Are you a girl? I'm sorry. If I if my words hurt you I didn't mean it in a bad way. So let's bring it to the clarity to that the point the points candidates are going to make and most importantly the manner they would be giving the speech. I was able to send you the message. So the second thing knowledge examinee should ensure that they have knowledge about what they're speaking about, isn't it? They should be able to communicate the key points of the topic to the interview later in his Villa to that's for sure. I was not able to send you the message orator for that. You have to send me a request then the texting column will be open for both of us. Then you can send me the message. So now let's go to the third part of the test of Isles and this part is important as here. The examiner asks questions about the topics on the second part The Examiner can put forward some arguments taken from the candidate speech or he/she. Might ask to elaborate you on a specific point of the view of the candidate how previously previously been shared by because I'm extremely irritated by some of cheap one. Rahul think we should let me tell you one thing if you are irritated by some other person on the podcast, I would suggest you to ignore them. I know it is not quite possible to ignore them because sometimes I too lost my temper but still I suggest to you that you should ignore them and do the thing for which you are here online practicing and learning. Doesn't it? Just a second guys. I'm trying to view a profile here. Yeah as expected. Okay, guys, come on. Let's continue the topic. So what do you have to do is? Yeah. I'm a girl and you know me very well. Do I know you? I'm not sure about it. You might be presenting yourself as a girl because I was trying to be friendly with everyone who knows you might not be good to isn't it? So arguments to be remembered guys arguments from the previous test Parts should be kept in your EIN and you should not look surprised or taken off guard. When asked a question. You should be confident about it. Yes swifter. That's what I said to Rahul Singh Bishop. And there should not be any room for confusion. The answer should not reflect confusion. Okay. It is important to project confident and willingness to respond. So I'll tell you just a few more tips before I end the conversation here today and we have 1047 listens today. Wow, that's wonderful guys. Thank you so much. I love you all and please do hit the heart icon which you can see your testicle that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating content every single day. I love you all. Yeah, so let's get some more tips. So like this third part is a session where one can enjoy speaking English does it is vital to sound confident and take as fluency as possible and the talk as soon as possible. Okay, so you absolutely correct. I respect you too much. Thank you for taking my word browsing Vision. You are here for Learning and I have had about the too many times. So focus on learning don't let others disturb you from the thing which you want to do. Okay, guys. I'm not able to ignore them, even though they are very cheap. So that means Swift water. You might have a very special connection with them. That is the reason you are not able to ignore them. Try to be practical shifter though. Sometimes Hearts get broken sometimes friends get cheated. It's very hard to bear. So you can practice by recording your responses on tape at home and listen to them again. And again, this is what I always used to tell for English practice to and it will be easier to focus on individual mistakes and pronunciations isn't it? So I would like to advise you not to prepare the answers as the examiner May spot the same so they would never prepare for answers try to prepare on your own like have you will be answering? And the best way to response is to present one's opinion. As that will help them assess his or his or her English communication skills. So this is a wonderful point which I would like to tell you and this I always used to tell to all my listeners and still have this like Phyllis effect in me too. Hi doc. Hi background examining should avoid using fillers while responding as it reflects hesitation, wheelers are the words which in English, which I like Like okay, right, you know these kind of words we use before we complete the sentence sentence and these are called as fillers and we should not use this fillers try to avoid failures as much as possible because that will be helping you too. Predominantly showcased your skill and grip on the English language and how you admit the test. So guys Ramirez. If you would like to send you a request, please send it to me. Now. I had to finish the content before I get into any phone. So I'm sorry for keeping you on hold. You can just send your request we can have a vote on that one. I'm doing fantastic with Ron. Thanks for asking. And how are you? Well, I got it. Swift other if you are really girl then let me tell you one thing heartbroken is not an easy thing to deal with if you can understand. Get a life. Yes re-enter send me a request. So so after that, I thought you'll be saying bye forever. Thank you. Swift turn would you like to tell your name? Graham suryavanshi. I am your fan, sir. Oh Ram. Thank you so much. Greater finally we have later now. It's time for chitchat guys. The topic is all you need to know is officially ended now now we having some chitchat. I already ate your doctor. How are you? How is Alice going on? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello hello. Hello, how are you? I'm good. I'm good. What about you? I'm doing fantastic as usual. And what was about all the things is, I mean the all the things are going good or not. Excellent. That's good. I thought that I should text. I mean I should ask you for a call or not. I mean you working again such an interview. I mean very informative informative topic. You're discussing right hard, right? Okay should Disturb your not like literally no, you didn't disturb. Do you know I had a word with Zulu to he's been going to all the podcasts a my is a voltage of my a gold digger. So I took him in the middle of the conversation so that all my listeners can have a break I shouldn't be continuously talking about oils that might make them feel sleepy. So thought to add a bit of entertainment that's even true gold digger. Is it some no, no pause now here, I don't think so, but he just Saying that everywhere. So I use that as like part of some bit Comics to add a pinch of comic in my topic here. I do that every time because my topics are bit lengthy I try to just like explain everything in detail. So my topic is go on lengthen, even though the people listening has I believe it's around 1 Point 1 K like so and people are so much used followers of yours right because of Sigrid topic that you have chosen eyelets. I mean, yeah, it's just I've been I've been asked about this topic like from many times from Amelia many of my listeners put I was not sure how to put the content I Was preparing on it. So for when someone asked for like something I should be prepared myself before question. The through like we should not have a half knowledge of something it can create something misunderstanding when you know, yeah not it's not just about misunderstanding if off knowledge is getting a misunderstanding towards me. That's fine. But having a half knowledge is as dangerous as having the knowledge. Not at all. That's true. This is one that might be dating someone to do a wrong steps. I don't want be the reasons to make someone take a wrong step. That's for the street even Okay, so I don't like is not here to have information and when I watch it I want about I let someone like I don't know we can chat about anything. As I said Alice topic is officially done and we can have chatted about anything because it was like this won't just want to be in this country and I just want to whatever I can do. I don't want to go abroad or something for any reason. I'm not leaving India right now until I get married. Married, maybe then I'll be going to Paris. When was it? Okay, and what was what the situation I mean is it appropriate time at any rate something or it's not regarding which situations I went about that the thing which you were going to your hometown, so it is done it is done. Well at my home now. Let's see what's going to happen. At sides. Okay, so I want you to speak in Hindi man. I love you. Hindi English. That's fine with me even like what it feel like there is some sort of misunderstanding in my even my wish language. Okay. I know that I'm good in Hindi, but I just want to be even good in English because English and some other time. We'll be speaking in Hindi of course, of course. Hey, what's up now to speak in Hindi few minutes ago. Yeah before that. I just want to ask that any evaluate conversation in English. That's how much good or bad. I am. I just want to know from your side come again. I would have a machine that can you evaluate my communication skills at how I'm delivering my sentence. What about my sentence formation? Am I stumbling? are they getting fumbling on some sort of issues and No, no, no. All right, you're doing pretty well and I can see like a u.s. Being like kind of expertise to while you're speaking English. So I don't think that you need anything else apart from the way you are learning. That's excellent. Keep on learning you are doing excellent. You don't need any other tips or like any suggestions from a kiss from my side. I'm not that proficient to give any tips to you you're doing excellent. Thank you. Thank you so much now not now I can just prefer myself to look another comfort zone or something. Well, I just want to ask you something. Okay. I don't know what I'd Not at whether it's personal or else apart, even I have bad in mathematics has something from mathematics. I hate. You know, what like just now I was reading what book it was leaked like the body shop to sell the book me was Irish of the cell again it was I want a situation. What is the situation yesterday to please continue look too harsh of the solid ski table with a very product to Meridian. Okay. I was wondering about this this platform this openly talk. No, I'm not so much not so much all enough in this application are not so much used to this application area. I'm using from last week perhaps on before that. But what I was observing this is there some sort of miscommunication is going on and then some sort of groups and all I like I mean I'm finna go get there is some sort of partitions are going on in the septic. Not one thing in Italy one thing. It's not about miscommunication. It is all about jealousy and felony. There is no miscommunication. That's what I was trying to cover up another so I have said miscommunication. Let's be straight. Before word and that's what I'm saying. It's all about jealousy and colony because if you are here to deliver a Content you not be jealous of anyone you won't be having any regret with anyone because we are all doing our own thing. But even though if you're having a problem with someone and that is definitely because of jealousy, that's even true. You know, what's like, I was you know, what I was not able to like calculate myself that weather like in this application. I'm getting good performance or not, but after getting so much mean comment from the people and The stupid like okay now I'm getting developed literally double in size is hunky right away. Meg Broderick a civilization trick Jamaica Raza Wanting you regardless of what you are saying, you can't change them. So the only thing which we can do, is that when they say logo. Liquid air America. So when it dries a Scottish accent Garden, you know, what like I prefer one of my philosophy in my life, which I always used to follow like if someone is good to me, I'm better to him and if someone is better to me, I'm gonna burst to him, but believe me if someone is bad to me, I'm gonna be worse to that first. Yes. That is what I truly believe that is what a truly believe and I used to say this if you're if you're good to me, I'll be the best for You if you're bad to me, trust me. I'm the worst nightmare you can face. She wanted that's true. That's true. That's true. And it is not a philosophy or something it is it comes from my soul mate or something? Yeah. It's true. Even if this comes from my soul like okay, I have to say to this thing to the people. I will show the action that okay don't ever try that. Okay, you you whatever you will do. The people will be like, okay, he will be like a street tree. We'll listen all the things from you because even the science doesn't exist. Like it can't be like, okay, you will throw the And it doesn't like it will be in a bit apart. It will completely it had every action has an equal and opposite reaction if my listeners are also listening every action has equal and opposite reaction. Definitely. That's for sure DNA charge that kind of garbage in a bowl Lucky Gal crackers. Asia because of the political career That's it. I mean she won't she or he had you know, whether it is he or she what is the subject over there? No, I didn't understand. Okay, so whatever selling like in some gold change, but love coffee. Change is something which is actually very necessary. This is a pathway to the success. Okay, like I don't want to give the philosophy to other people people will feel like okay again here started to say something. So and so if I will have a conversation with you in a person, I'm gonna definitely how many units was Nike listeners Castle today Ahmedabad important, okay? Something which is very important and I don't want hey. Hey waiter. Hey China volunteer committee. Hey Daniel education budget. Okay gold digger. What is the loot? Who is the little girl who come on hand is a poem for you. I'm lucky. My is pregnant and so give us Zulu is laughing and whoever he is. He is one of the finest guy in this application because he's getting Famous by his comment and well only one comment for your comment a girly girl. Yeah, you know who is a person who can sell cables everything. Is that merit-based know about now? Something like that. So like although it feels so I mean, I don't know I should I say or not but I would love to listen something. I can you give me a brief knowledge about the stylus and all if you don't mind. So, yeah, let's put we know that it's like an entrance test exam just out that International English language testing towards testing system we have but cannot again they will test your English efficiency. KO Mahal country major caramba communicate. Carfagna Pacheco give up. Um, you can just mingle around with the things which are happening in that system. Okay, so it's like procedure Hood Ikea desk or pass gonna put a video together our country my education clap like a real general duty scale up like a row. So these things are very important becomes like a child's. So yeah her country equally eligible Hotel qk you should have a common language of understanding because of the language. The language is like a conduit for updated information was accounted to through a process of understanding of carbon-based language in English. So is it like is it necessary to everyone to whoever want to go for higher studies to foreign or something? So they have to prepare appear in this examination, right? Well, let's no I don't feel that it is completely necessary, but It is of some Advantage for sure and what if you want more education than I believe that I will be helping you more to have a standing about your education and your surroundings and what can access communication is the key to get yourself into the understanding and comfort. Okay elected me. One more thing that what is the list called effective? I mean, what is the list qualification need? In this for preparing in this eyelets, so it depends upon like what kind of course you're replying in foreign countries. So she's upset could be like a normal healthy occur. They have more graduation each other for any act like you go for Bachelors you go for like a ba and so these things to offer what are your degree or holding right now? That will be the camera you can say that's like this is good for a eyes because I'm going to some name of the college before you come to your college major job key now qualification degree J. OC sub say It will be decided as yeah, but I'll still have been able to get this is your H qualification but eyes for stand for like your admission process so 6 .5 k / as for other so that you're doing very well. Okay, 6.5 you see oppa just to put this one pie is basic. Okay, it really might be my distributor 611 information. He looks on successfully you need to know what on teacher observations. I would love to get married. Yes, I thank you John Carter Joe on 88 or yes, just me. Connie kumanyika How many shops yeah, I can understand the meaning of what you're trying to say, but Cody words those also Arab neighbors, so I don't suppose you get out. Scale up your keyboard. Just kop Olga Kay bad Junta with Raja. Wow. So now I want you can check that. It's more. Wow. Can you please hi everybody? Mun sik of rest on Margarita cocktail at a high school method of covert. Omaha's gentleman cake are based on meritocracy. Aha. It is sabbatical DeMarco Kabuki chat culture here in such. An he is such a nice young girl named Amy Schumer is now you can too. Of just five Donahue's I was like, what am I some tiny? Please guys don't yeah, I understood the few warnings were still flying off of my head. Okay, the first stanza is like gels or Jewel. So me up literary cooker. Look at Ashok nagar. They bottom needed a popular in son quick coffee for operating son coach Bartow Kennedy to look up any ideological pocket miraculous own keywords on taken a year ago Carousel sceeto. Bachcha Hai ji nagisa-chan. Yes. Majority party. Wow, that's that's way too deep. Yeah. Okay, as I like in the classroom. Okay, let's keep at it. Let's give our take a little shaky can get them to me that much the Marshal. You don't I send anybody here key job example. He on the model the leader Hotel Jakarta Joko Widodo people Hotel. They key. I'll go to the Hamilton may happen middle-aged matter most furnaces completely shut down. So we'll just reading one of the books from in fermilab from a library and I just thought that okay, I should read this book to my ratio of those Sellers and I just found this poem and all the thing. We're getting imagine an imaginary 800. Okay, it's time to narrate this for him to dr. Seibel here. It's better on the bus up with your buddy up with some jack easy. Okay, push up the melody monster because it has the case. Amo hood hood is she John? Oh, I don't know but the SEO really can bold Rikishi. Is she I'm not sure. So like would you like to join her? Should I cut the call? Jano? Send me the request and already please continue for like four five minutes more because John will always connected the last of the time. Okay. Sure. So it go with them any question for liquidity Valentine key that hmm, let's go. I have some question today. Okay, is he from me? Are you asking to mr. Waiter? Are you asking to me? Mr. Brightside? Put them don't use hindi-language put them up now. Could you tell me kind of discussing in Hindi? And I think I have spoken in even in English. Yeah. Yes already spoken English to English to so Sookie. Did I ask to whom a bright side would you like to ask me or lanthanum? What is that? Are you coming here to challenge award? So in that case, I'm not interested because I have some other things to carry on with both of you guys are opened up about Kayla de Graaff generator. I would like to come on Mike's and then man to man. What is momentum and I mean, is he challenging me or something about some questions as it so? hmm Basically, I'm at a loss so bright side, hahaha. Right side. We are just having that getting word. You don't have to take it. Seriously. I just put it like that. You have a curiosity curiosity about what Jonathan me the request is about like last 10 minutes left. Abdullah I had the whole okay. Well the doctor thank you so much. Once again that yeah, you have given me the opportunity to once again to narrate something in front of you and of course to all the people who have listened to me and I would love to join once again, if you will give me the chance. I know yeah, and of course literally, I'm actually I'm looking forward to have a collab with you regarding this issue. I mean, I meant it's not an issue. I mean they got this they are in this topic which will be like a hint. And all right, and I believe we can have a collab on this topic and the people who will be listed. Of course, they will come over there and they will listen that because I have thousands of things everybody Hindi and of course because I would like to make a call to all the I mean I would like to tell to all the people like, okay and this is something which I speak from my heart. It's something like I literally love the speaking Hindi. That's why I speak Hindi but it doesn't mean like I'm demoralizing English or something. It's a survival like I wish for my sake of course, I believe a doctor like English is something which is a Survivor language from my side. I have to stream to show that I can have a I can survive myself in front of the so-called society and all so this is something where this is something why I'm learning English and what I have learned in even am I like I'm a teacher of communication skill training so break from few years like more than three or four hours. I'm teaching English, but when it comes to Hindi I literally like yeah. Onto going more and more deep to the Hindi language because I feel like okay. I'm I'm just having a nap in my mother's lap something name is I loved it. But I love you Heaney man. I love you Hindi. Yeah, it's all my pleasure. Dr. I mean literally I'm so happy for this. Well, so it's time to say bye-bye to you. But yeah, I will be waiting for you to have a collab and only thank you so much once again. Then they have a good night and have your dinner. All right. Take care. Okay. Mr. Brightside. Let's have a word. Hello. Thanks for taking my call. Hello more able to you sir. Hello. I'm inaudible to you sir. Yes, you're able to me and please don't call me sir. You can just call me. Dr. Simeone me? Okay, so you are a doctor. You have a PhD. Yes, I do. Okay Doctor the thing I want to ask you like you're saying you have written a book or author of a book, right? Yes how to understand a woman's on the like that. Yes, I did. Mmm. So how one could publish a book in India if it's already published in the United Kingdom? What? Yep? It's already published by me and United Kingdom. So one how one can I mean do you know any Publishers who can do that? I have the copyright of that book. But yeah, yeah. Yeah, like if I care because when I submitted the details it was all clear. Yeah, this is what I was I was needing to help from you. Yep. See the most of the thing what what I did was like I just wrote the book and I approached the Publishers. They went to the details and they gave me an ISBN number two. Hidden Road. Okay to read the book. That is well you doing across the steak you've written the book. You didn't wrote the book. You've written the book. Hmm. Okay. You've written that after you do it a mistake a grammar. I think your book is also full of mistakes. Like you are you only taking the calls from the loser. Okay. So now I can see that and I've got here. Yeah, I do but the thing is look a lot of people are looking to you right now. If you just made the call, it's going to impact on your image here in this application. So don't you dare do that? Don't you dare and feel the mountain man? Let me just measure and let me tell you one thing very clearly. Yes. I have written a book and do the wall is because now you are. So Guys, these are the dogs who come from the same team. I just don't want to discuss with them as I don't want to fall my podcast so bright side. You are very dark in your up asshole. Yeah, I know. No, no, come on. Let's have a word. It's about to end in like ten minutes. Yeah, I Am Legend. So now you better. I have my Johnny. Otherwise, I show you the head. You need to know a lot about me. Mr. Brightside. You don't know that. mmm Yeah, me too. Me too. I love raging. Why do you always have to bump into my podcast so that you can have some bright light go get a life. Hello. well Hello. Hello Johnny nothing else listening Let me let me let them commenting. Hello, I don't know. What happened? Nothing? Nothing? He's fine. Everything is fine. I know where these dogs are coming from so it's okay. It's fine occasional. Any is a token don't exist or if no self-respect Bogota VIP Club is broadcast it because I got it Ma - Eddie is Hogarth. Oh Fionna. You're right. boom Regina order the Iana to go to Coachella and Jenna. No, literally he was pointing at my hard work the way we communicate book Konami data or guy. He believed that love like my language Go to Jacob Rodney, Margot. Oh my neck. I'm talking so gonna do ignore ignore ignore. Opened up Vera Vera. Hey Sheriff profile profile or not or or do you know bright side I think is a pagina. No, I don't know who the is bright side. Maybe right side in Monte. Carlo makes your combat career. Number one without you life Sandrina. I mean, I'm lonely poor Charlie. Je t'ai Chi life, but you can imagine a kind of Bad Manners. Yes, John. easy I can limited market. I think it's like 4 minutes left occasional. Let's end the podcast. I'll be calling in couple of minutes. All right, bye-bye. So guys. Thank you so much for joining with me here on Street podcast. hmm Thank you so much for joining guys. Love you all check out. Have a wonderful day. signing off Dr. Amy sayonara