Welcome to you. . Hey, can you hear me now? Just let me know if you can hear me. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? So hi guys, my name is Purti. I'm from Leverageedu. Today, I'll be talking about the IELTS test and we'll just be starting in a couple of seconds. Hi everybody. My name is Purti. I'm from Leverageedu. And today I'll be talking about IELTS test. I will tell you all the tests and what all information whatever information you need to know whenever speaking in the middle. You can comment any query that you have and I will make sure to answer it. Okay, so I'm going to start now. So the IELTS is The international English language testing system. So basically it's a test of your English skills. If you are non-native speaker of English, that is if your mother tongue is not English, then you have to take this test. If you are interested in going abroad this stack test is valid for countries like Australia or Canada UK America China Germany and so on and more than 8,000 organizations, are they recognized the IELTS test? And they use it for their select action versus so if you want to go abroad for higher studies, or if you want to immigrate live in another country, then it's important that you take the else test and you get a score which is called a band score between 1 to 9 and for every country the minimum requirement is different. So it depends on the University or the city that You're planning to go. You have to check the minimum requirements for the ice test. Okay. Now the aisles test basically is is it is of two types. Yes, as on it is mandatory. It is one of the many tests you can take so there are other tests as well. But yes in order to show your English proficiency or your standard of English, you have to take this test. All right, so there are two modules or two versions of it, which is general and academic as an like, I told you before every country or every university has a different requirement. So 6.5 would be enough in some of the countries of some of the universities for example in Canada. Yes, but in some other countries, it might Would be enough. Every college has a different requirement for it and you need to check their website to see the requirement. Okay, so there are two modules one is called academic and the other one is General training. If you want to go for higher studies in countries, like UK, Australia Canada Germany China and so on then you have to take the academic test and if you want to immigrate or to live abroad then you have to take the general training test, but in both the test the same for English skills are tested. Which is reading writing speaking and listening. Okay, there is some slight difference between the two tests which I am going to tell you in detail, but irrespective of the fact that you are taking which type of test you have to give the test in all four skills. Okay, and again, you will get a band score in each and every And you will get an overall band score which will be your final score. So for example in a university the minimum requirement for your overall score is 0.5. Then there also has to be a minimum in each individual skill that also you need to check. Okay. Alright, let's start with the first part or the first section of the test, which is the listening. So if you're taking academic or you're taking General test the listening test Remains the Same for it's a test of your skills whether you can listen for a particular information or not, because as you know when you go abroad you have to talk to people Whose native language is English. So you need to have a certain standard of your listening is so that you can easily communicate with them. So you're listening test is going to be at minutes and we're risk. You have to listen in to the conversation and answer different kinds of questions based on it. Okay. Now in total there are four parts in the listening section, but in every part have certain audio switch up late, so the test takers Are going to discuss only so you can listen to various extents like Canadian or American or British. And then you have to write answers to a series of questions. There are different kinds of questions that are asked. So number one type of question is summary completion to you. Okay. Yes, actually if you want to go abroad for higher studies, then the first step that you need to do is take the aisles test. Leverage edu. We also provide counseling. Career counseling and we will be able to help you choose the best university that you would like. Oh, so you can visit our website leverageedu.com and you can find out more about it. Handle, everything starting from your application to your is training and anything else that you would like to do. Okay. I shall and if you have any other question you could write here in the comments. All right. I'd like to move on and tell you about second skill. So I feel like I told before this test is about English. Okay, so if you want to go for higher studies in a country where English is the mother tongue, then you need to take this test because you need to stay there for a particular period of time and you need to interact with people who speak in English, right? So you have to take this test and it's just for checking your English skills. So all your skills in English, which is In writing listening and speaking are going to be checked. There are certain parameters which are used by the examiners. Okay, there are certain kinds of questions which come and we give training and all those here at leverageedu will tell you the tech tips and tricks that you can use and we help you to get the mum or desired scored whatever you want now like, I said before the minimum score is different for any free University. That won't go for. So if you want to go abroad for higher studies, you must first choose what country or what university would you like to go to? I should be provide demo classes as well. Okay, you can go to the website and check out the information leverageedu.com So we also provide a demo session and we take live online classes for this. And in the demo, I'm going to tell you the some of the tips and tricks that we use and of course, I'll tell you in more detail and everything there is to know in the live sessions. You are wind. Can you hear me? So guys I would like you if you want to ask more questions in detail. We can connect via the microphone. And right now I'm trying to connect with Urban with our wind am I audible to you? No, ok, so I'm going to continue with it. So there are four sections first is listening that I've told you about then second is reading now if you want to go for higher studies, I told you before you have to take the academic module of the Isles test now in academic dual, there's difference between the reading section. But basically what reading is all about is that that there are three passages which will be given to you and you have to answer certain questions based on it. Like you all must have done unseen passages in the school, right? So you get a passage and there are some questions that you're supposed to do on them. Similarly. When you take the aisles test you will get three passages and there are different kinds of questions that you can. Read and answer. So for example, there are true false questions or this table for completion or summary completion or matching The Heading questions. Okay, there are different kinds of variety of questions that is asked for every question. There is a different skill that they are trying to check. Okay, so you have to understand the tricks to solve those questions. Which we do, of course tell in detail in the classes. So in the academic module the difference is that there will be three long passages. And since it is academic. So the language is a little tougher than the general one. The general module is for those people who want to immigrate or settle down abroad. They don't want to go for jobs. They just want to go and live and shift to a the Okay, so even they have to take the ice test and they have to take the reading section for their reading section again, it is going to be of 33 Section 3 passage long only but they're the passages are slightly easier and less in length, but the kinds of questions which come is the same for academic and general training. Okay, and the passages are take in from books or magazines or newspapers? And you have 60 Minutes to attempt the reading section and there are also different two different ways now to take the ice test one is computer based and the second one is paper-based. Okay, traditionally the aisle started as a paper-based test only but since a few years now they have started with the computer-based test as well. So You have to do there is instead of taking the paper on booklet. You take it on the computer. So instead of marking answers on the paper you directly click and Mark your answers on the computer screen. Okay, so I'm going to come to the third section of I else which is writing now again writing the skill is test if you want to go abroad because if you want to go study, of course, you'll have to prepare papers and a lot of things you have to answer while you are studying that you can do if they know that you have this minimum requirement or standard that they are looking for and based on your total overall score. They are going to see whether they want to select you or not and writing plays a big role in it. There are also some universities that Say that particularly in the writing section or particularly in this speaking section. We want this smudge minimum score. So for example, they say that in speaking and writing we want a minimum six point five, whereas for reading and listening. It can also be 6 so for every University or every country, you have to check what the minimum requirement is. All right. So in your writing section, what you have to do is there are two tasks that you have to you have to attempt to questions. All right. Yes, I okay. So there are two questions that you need to answer. The first task is when you have to write a report on the data given to So in academic writing there will be a graph a bar chart or a pie chart which is given to you and based on it. You have to write a report sort of a summary. What do you understand by it? Because they want to check whether you are looking for the right information and whether you can give a gist of it or not. Okay, so you will get about 20 minutes to write that report or a summary. The and there is a word limit also that you need to follow. So for Task 1 you need to follow the word limit for 150 words. So a minimum of 150 words are supposed to be written. Yes. So I'm trying to connect to Akshay. Akshay, can you hear me and stay trying to connect Akshay can you hear me? I don't think so. Okay, I choked I can you hear me? Okay? Hi Ashoka. Yes, I'm fine. What about you Pootie? I'm good, too. Okay, so I show how old are you and how are you planning to take the idols test? Yeah now I am 25 years old. Okay. So do you want to take the else test I'll test Isles test but I don't know. What is this test. See that's what I'm telling you about. So OK I choked tell me what do you do? Actually now I am doing a job. There is a multinational company in that my responsibility as the computer operator there. And in which city are you actually now? I'm living in alwar District, you know. All right. It's so do you want to go abroad for higher studies or to settle down? Yeah. I want to I want to study for some related. Maybe maybe this this this study is the different but whatever I want to do, so that is the different. So could I tell you about that? Yes, please. Yeah. I want to I want to my become You have done your vehicle and you want to go for higher studies now Masters? No. No. First of all, I have need to then my be calm because I still I am standard. Okay, that's why I have need to graduation because if I have if I have to change my opportunities with this job, so I have to I have to have graduation otherwise no, no no chance to go any an opportunity no chance to take any opportunity. So even for graduation courses you can go abroad and for that you need to take the aisles text. Okay, so I'll see test which tests your English language skills. Okay, this is okay. Okay. So this is the short cut. Okay. Yeah. So the four skills in English Reading Writing speaking and listening are going to be tested. Okay because we're where are you? Where are you study? Where are you teaching this lesson? Okay, so we are based leverageedu is based in New Delhi, but we provide online classes to anyone in the world. Okay, so you can stay in Alvar and we can take live online sessions. That's not a problem. Okay. Okay. That is the good good thinking so. You let me do my entire talk and if you have any queries, you can write it in the comments. Okay? Okay, just just tell me please from when from when you will be start this study. The classes have already begun. You can visit the website and see the do you ever use your link about these disparate description? Yes, I will share the link. Okay? Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thanks. All right, so guys I'm going to continue with it. So in the writing test you will have two tasks that you have to do in the first one. Like I said, you have to write the report based on the bar graph or any diagram which is given to you because they want to see whether you can summarize the information or not. You will have about 20 minutes to do this. And then the second task is a bit longer. You have to write an essay in about 250 words and again, they will give you a tour. Big and you have about 40 minutes to do this. Well, so this task is it carries more weight age in your total band score. So about 2/3 of weight age is given to task two. So for instance if you get six in that individual Task 1 and a 7 score in task 2, so your final calculation for the writing part will be 6 Plus. Us 7 plus 7 divided by 3. So task to has more weighted. Okay, 2/3 of marks are calculating rid with task to that is why we give more time to toss to also because you need to write more words in it. Okay, so the task to which is the essay is same for both General and academic but Task 1 is different for General testicles. I'll tell you again General test takers are those who want to settle down abroad? Okay. Now what they get as a task is to write a letter. The letter can be either of the three. Formal informal or semi-formal now for the letter also, there are certain phrases that you need to use which we do provide in our live online classes. And you only get 60 Minutes to complete this task. And this is the last test that you take on the day. So listening reading and writing happens on the same day. And in the same order first, you will have your listening test then reading then writing and there is no Gap in between it is continuous one after the other. So while you are booking the test online, you will get to know your test center. You have to go there and take this test and in total it is going to be for about 2 hours 40 minutes. So for those two hours 40 minutes you it has to be a continuous test. There is no break in between. in your last section, which is your speaking part that is on a different day or it can also be on the same day but different from these so there's a seven day period in which the test can happen either seven days before seven days after on or the on same day as the other three the speaking test is also the same for academic as well as general test takers and it is a face-to-face interaction with the examiner. So you get to meet somebody from the Cambridge University who's going to assess this you Okay, and the time for the speaking section is 11 to 14 minutes. Again, they are trying to test different ability in your speaking whether you use grammar appropriately or whether you're using lexical resources, which is whether you're using different kinds of words or you're repeating yourself or what's your fluency like in English can use? Ich without stopping in between are you using idioms or are you using call? Okay sessions. What is your pronunciation egg are putting stress on it. Are you putting focus on intonation and one thing important to notice here is that you don't have to imitate the British assure the American accent especially for Indians. This is important because we tend to speak. Speak with the accent if we are conversing with people of the other language background, but the examiner is going to catch you with it. So don't try to imitate an accent or fake it use your natural tone and flow and that is more important to the examiner to see whether you can speak fluently with the native speaker or not. Okay. Now there are three parts in your speaking test in the first part The Examiner is going to ask you questions about yourself. Very personal questions. Okay. So the examiner can ask you questions, like where are you from or tell me about your hometown or? What about your family? Tell me something about your friends or about your likes and dislikes or preferences. Then in part two who the examiner is going to give you a question on a card which is called a cue card based on this cue card. You need to answer the question. There are also some sub points given to you on the cue card and you have to speak for about 2 minutes in this part. And then for the third part The Examiner again is going to ask you various questions based on the topic of part 2. And part three is usually longest and it falls under about 5 minutes. Okay, so if anybody has any questions about any of these skills, you can try to connect with me directly or post your comments. And then I'm going to move further. You can also tell me if you're planning to go for higher studies and which country or university. Are you going to choose? Or if you are still confused about it, then even I can help you with that. So for people who have just joined, I'm going to just reiterate what I said. The aisles is the test for testing your English abilities if you want to go abroad for higher studies or you want to Go settle down. Then you need to take this test. It's a very popular test and a lot of universities all countries except the score. There are four skills that are tested in Isles, which is reading re writing speaking and listening where is kinds of questions are to be dealt with in all these four parts. If you want to go for higher studies, then you have to take the academic module and if you want to go live abroad then you have to take the general training module. There are some slight differences between the two but overall the gist is that you need to be tested in all the four skills. And after you take the exam you will get a score between 1 to 9 and this is called a band score. So for example, you can get a band score of 6-4 band score of 7 or band score of 7.5 like that and every University or every country has a different minimum requirement for blood In schools. So for example, most of a lot of universities in Canada, they accept a score of 6.5. It also depends on whether you want to go for graduation or post-graduation then also you need to check the minimum requirement for your eyes and British Council and IDP are both responsible for conducting this test and the test papers are set by the Cambridge. t Okay, so when you booked this test you will be given. Okay. Now this is a very good thing in aisles that you don't have any fixed number of attempts or minimum or maximum attempt. You can take it as many times as you want. But the score once you get it is valid for two years. So for example, you take the test and you get a score of six, but you're not happy with it. So you can immediately take another test and if you get a score of 7 then for universities the you can send that score of seven only it's not like that. You have to send the score of your first test. You can have as many attempts as you want. There is no limit to it. Also, it is readily available online. There are many slots. So it's different in different cities. But if we talked about like in North India, New Delhi, so the test happens twice in a month. So after 15 days, you can take the test again and prepare well, Okay, so leverageedu, What we do is yes, we are connected with the University's directly and we provide a lot of services. Okay, we provide career counseling and we also choose which university is the best for you based on your qualifications and also your dreams. And what do you want? And we do have direct connections with many universities. So we start with the application process we help you with the test preparation. And we make sure that you reach your dream destination. This link that you have sent is for career counseling for professionals. Okay, so if you are a working professional and you want to change your career path or get growth in your particular field, then you can see what all options we provide. If anybody else also has any query related to the aisles test you could post comments and let me know. I'm going to try and address them. You can also tell me the university that you're planning to go to the course that you want to take up and study. Hello. Hello, how are you? Okay, where are you from? Well leverageedu is based in New Delhi. I am currently speaking from New Delhi. We all have different branches in Bangalore and Bombay as well. And we're also planning to open one in and the Bots and Hyderabad. Hello. Yeah, can you hear me? Because can you hear me? Yes I can. Hi Pablo, Hi, how are you? I'm good. How are you - good quite. Well, okay so far. When are you planning to the else test? No, I'm not as like hop in hop out approach. Just thinking about it. I recently done my masters and you know where I am right now in terms of my mindset. So yeah. So anyway, can you tell me something about this leverageedu, what is it all about? Alright, so we are an AI enabled Marketplace and we provide career counseling. Okay, and if you are a working professional or if you want to go study abroad then we help you with the application process that test prep and we make sure that you get admission in your dream University. Okay. Anyway rest of it I can find it out on you know your website as well. But the question is question. I have I Done my masters in history. Okay back in this 2019 June 2019. I was done with that. So now I'm planning for this ugc. Net. I am giving these exams to get into Indian universities. But at the same time I have other options also in my mind. So what would be best for me if I'm in fact thinking about going abroad? Keeping history in mind. All right so poor when I can do one thing for you. I will connect to a counselor that we have and he or she can tell you in detail about all the options that you could take you're talking about right now or on your website. I have to go. Yes right now is I can provide you with the number. Yeah, that's good then, please. Yeah, you can give me the number. All right, just a second. Yes, it's just hold on a second. All right, it's double eight to six no lead to 6 1 double 0 2 0 2 9 3 and 3. So it is double eight two six two double zero to nine three. Yes. You give us a call here and we'll help you out with everything in detail. yeah, yeah, surely I will do that and Yeah anyway, so so what is your purpose of like coming on this platform open Talk FM to like promote your business or what is it? Exactly? To make people Rafael's and yes to help them choose the country or university that they want to take up. Okay, and you guys are also making some podcast as well specific podcast like some episodes and all that stuff or you're only doing so Loop live broadcast. Right now it's this but you can get all the details on this number. Yeah. Hello. All right. Thanks for your voice is cutting actually. Hello disturbing here, but thanks for your help. And I appreciate that and thanks for the opportunity that you have given me to talk to you. So okay then see you. Okay? All right. Thank you. All right, because I'm trying to connect with you. I don't think I'm able to. If this is about the aisles test that you need to take if you want to go abroad for higher studies or to settle down. His eyes is the international English language testing system. It's basically a test to check your for skills in English, which is reading writing speaking and listening. No, I'm from New Delhi, but we provide online. This is so you can be anywhere in India. I hope you wish. Hello peevish. Can you hear me? I hope you wish can you hear me? Abused has a lot of disturbance from your end. Yeah, you wish now I can hear you. Hello Fusion table. Hello. I don't think so. He's able to connect. Hello. I'm Akash. Yeah. Hi the finally been able to connect. Yeah, finally, I think. All right. So because are you planning to take the idols test? Hello? Hello. Yeah, because are you planning to take the idols test right now? I'm thinking about that because selected for a job in Canada and I have to go there and I will prepare for the Arts exam. Well, that's great. So when exactly have to take the test I have to pay in june-july like that. I don't have okay. What time for the aisle six armed? No, actually you do have a lot of time. It's enough time to help you prepare. Don't you worry about cause I'll selected for the health for her company in dig that company is in Canada, and I don't think about that because if I have a lots of work who is senior than me and I feel if I talk with him English like that that income pair of him English is much more better than me. That's why I'll have your product good communication as well as good grooming. No, that's that of course is important that you need to learn how to communicate. Well, yeah, and also as I have to prepare for the else exam because I have to ask or a good band score the aisles. Right, right. Okay. So what is your targets called? Like what are you planning to achieve? I just go. I have a planning to first of all, I will achieve my Isis score then I'll thinking about my conversation and everything. So what band score are you planning to achieve like around sister found around 7:00. Nothing. Nothing is more than seven just around 7:00 if I will score to Stalin that is good for me. So if I go will Canada then minimum 6.5 Bandits code will necessary for them, right? Yes, it is. All right, so that's not a problem because you can take our classes. We provide live online classes so you can be anywhere in the country or for that matter in the world and take the classes. Okay, definitely. I will go there if I will improve my eyes and and yes, that's why you have to take it and we'll also give you particular words or phrases that you can use and classes are everyday from Monday to Friday in the evening in evening. So will you be available for that? Hello, can you hear me that the mean but what is happening in this app? Because when I talked with yersinia and isn't any good topic for that, I'll ask something that call will be automatically disconnected. Don't know what happening going on this app my right. No, but I can hear you very clearly. Hello, ma'am. Yes, because I can hear you very clearly. Can you hear me? Yes, I can going on this app because when I talk with you a necessity is a serious topic like that if that then called will be automatically disconnected and otherwise otherwise voice will be cut down in that moment. I don't know what's happening. You will quite audible to me. Hello. So yes, because you're quite audible to you can oh no, I I went and I didn't listen your voice clearly ma'am because your voice will cut down in such a moment. Okay, so what I'm saying, is that right now I can hear you. Yeah, so what I'm saying is that you can visit the website leverageedu.com and you can call the number that I've given you can find out the details of the test prep that we do and you can join at least where you are given that number. Okay. I'll give it to you again. Fine. Can you noted the way leave it right now? I didn't know what's where is number? I'll give it to you. Okay, it's double going to 6. No, I'm speaking. You are speaking right now. I'm telling you. Yes. It's double eight to six. Hello. Yeah, because it is double eight two six two double zero. double eight two six two double zero two nine three so you can call and find out more details. Okay guys, so I've posted the number for everybody and I'm going to end today's session here. And will be regularly conducting these sessions and giving you more details about the aisles test or the universities or courses that you would like to take up. So, please follow this page and I'll see you next time. Okay?